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Rep etiti Roman on 29 sen, saki

Kanji 先


27 sei


21 nani, nan


16 ko, shi, ga

child, first sign of Chinese zodiac, sign of the rat

14 gaku, ji

study, science, learning

11 nin, ima, ki

学 人 日 今

10 kyou, oshi

teach, faith, doctrine

13 dai, tai

large, big

8 kun, ki, kimi

old boy, name-suffix

7 en, ji

園 本 校 女 出 長


11 hito, ji, ri 11 nichi, u, nip, you

7 hon, pon 6 kou 9 sho, jo, onna 8 de, da, te 6 chou, i

before, ahead, previous, future, precedence, anymore

human, people day, sun now

main, real school, exam woman, female exit, leave, -out, appear, graduate long, leader

6 a, tou

hit, right, appropiate, himself

5 ichi, hito, itsu


5 na, mei

name, note, reputation

5 tachi

accomplished, reach, arrive, attain

4 haya, sa

達 業 員 体 良 早

4 mae

in front, before

4 shitsu

lose, error, fault, disadvantage, loss

4 nin

responsibility, entrust to, term, appoint

8 gyou, waza 5 in 5 kai, tai 4 ra, yo

bussines, vocation, arts member, employee body, substance, object, reality, counter for images good, pleasing, skilled early, fast

submit, offer, present, serve (meal), accompany


供 高 畑 間 委



3 kai, a

会 週 遅 刻

meeting, party

4 domo, ki 5 taka 5 hata 4 kan, aida

3 shuu 3 chi, oku 3 koku

tall, high, expensive field, area interval, space, term committee, leave to, entrust to

week slow, late engrave, chop, time

3 sou, oi

inter-, mutual, together, each other, minister of state, councillor, aspect, phase, physiognomy

5 sho, hatsu

first time, beginning

3 urana

3 ren

恋 切 僕 私

3 ki 3 boku 3 watashi 3 fu, he

4 hou, kata

方 彼 新

3 kare, kano 3 shin, atara 4 jou

5 bu 4 ryoku

夫 力

3 shi

fortune telling, divine, forecast, occupy, hold, have, get, take romance, in love, yearn for, miss, darling cut, be sharp, limit me, I (male) private, I, me section, bureau, dept, class, copy, part, portion, counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine direction, person, alternative he, that, the new length, 10feet, measure, Mr., Ms., height, stature, all (one has), only, that's all, merely husband, man power, strong, strain, bear up, exert expert, teacher, master, war, army

3 chi, shi 3 ki 4 kun, hen 3 ke 3 ki 3 go 3 gai, nega 3 te 2 na

知 聞 変 消 来 語 願 手 鳴

know, wisdom hear, ask, listen unusual, change, strange extinguish, blow out, turn off, neutralize, cancel, back come, due, next, cause, become word, speech, language petition, request, vow, wish, hope hand (treat him…) chirp, cry, bark, sound, ring, echo, honk etc., and so forth, class (1st), quality, equal, similar

2 rei

等 所 麻 帆 親 孫 娘 待 指 導 決 上 修 簿 英 礼

2 shou

introduce, inherit, help

2 kai

介 持 時

jammed/between in, shellfish, mediate, concern oneself with

2 tou 2 toko, tokoro 2 ma 2 ho 2 shin 2 mago, kono 2 musume, ka 2 ma 2 shi 2 dou 2 ki 2 ue 2 shu 2 ba 2 ei

2 mo, ji 2 ji

place (nice), location, position hemp, flax (blue flower) sail parent, intimacy, relative, familiarity, dealer (cards) grandchild, descendants daugther, girl wait, depend on point to, indicate lean, guide decide, fix(sure), appoint, agree upon above, up discipline, conduct oneself well, study, master register, record book England, English salute, bow, ceremony, thanks, remuneration

hold, have time, hour

2 muka, gei 2 ka, shita 2 hana

迎 下 放

2 sai

暴 合 頭 担 度 授 年 姉 黒 板 歳

2 mi

2 ni

似 徒 活 者 始 分 急 余 裕 登 進 呈 友 運

5 bou 3a 2 atama 2 tan 2 do 4 ju 2 toshi, nen 2 nee 2 koku 2 ban

1 to 1 katsu 2 sha 1 shi 1 bun 1 iso 2 yo, ama 1 yuu 1 tou 1 shin 1 tei 1 yuu 1 un

welcome, meet, greet under, below, beneath set free, release, fire, shoot, emit, banish, liberate outburst, rave, fret, force, violence, cruelty, outrage fit, suit, join, eachother 0.1 head (intelligence), counter for large animals shouldering, carry, raise, bear degrees, occurrence, time, counter for occurrences impart, instruct, grant, confer year, senior, mayority elder sister black plank, board, plate, stage year-end, age, occasion, opportunity see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible similarity, likeness, resemblance, similitude group lively someone start, commence part, minute, segment suddeness, emergency, hurry too much, myself, other, remainder abundant, rich, fertile ascend, climb up advance, progress, promote offer, present, send, exhibit friend luck, destiny, fate, transport, progress

fate, command, decree, life, appoint

1 kou

命 書 好 回 効

1 ka


1 ryaku

1 koro

1 hanashi

殺 次 逆 立 開 脚 全 疾 走 足 速 悪 話

1 shou

aquiesce, hear, listen to, be informed, receive

1 chiga

違 取 坊 都 市

difference, differ

1 mei 1 ka 1 su 1 kai

1 tsugi 1 chica 1 ta 1 kai 1 kyaku 1 sen 1 shitsu 1 sou 1 ashi 1 haya, ssoku 1 waru

1 to 1 bouyo 1 to 1 shi

write good, pleasing times… like 4 times before. merit, efficacy, efficiency, benefit fruit, reward, carry out, achieve, complete, end, finish, succeed by means of, because, in view of, compared with abbreviation, omission, outline, shorten, capture, plunder kill, murder, butcher, slice off, split, diminish, reduce, spoil next, order, sequence inverted, reverse, opposite, wicked standup open, unfold, unseal skids, leg, undercarriage whole, entire, all, complete, fulfill rapidly run leg, foot, be sufficient, counter for pairs of footwear quick, fast evil, wickedness, malevolence, bad person tale, talk

take, fetch, take up boy, priest's residence, priest metropolis, capital market, fair

1 yasa

中 番 奧 駅 入 乱 優

1 you

1 ji

1 kae

帰 久 度 

1 naka 1 ban 1 oku 1 eki 1 hai 2 ran

1 hisa 1 tabi 1 an 1 shin

安 心

1 ka

1 gumi

1 nin

1 ba

1 mu

1 kei

無 神 経

1 ka

1 dai

題 育 実 習

1 shin

1 iku 1 jitsu 1 shuu

in, inside, middle, mean, center turn, number in a series heart, interior station enter, insert riot, war, disorder, disturb tenderness, excel, surpass, actor, superiority, gentleness utilize, business, service, use, employ matter, thing, fact, business, reason, possibly homecoming, arrive at, lead to, result in long time, old story degrees, occurrence, time, counter for occurrences relax, cheap, low, quiet, rested, contented, peaceful heart, mind, spirit substitute, change, convert, replace, period, age, generation, charge, rate, fee association, braid, plait, construct, assemble, unite, cooperate, grapple, class level, wide, grade leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece nothingness, none, ain't, nothing, nil, not gods, mind, soul sutra, longitude, pass thru, expire, warp chapter, lesson, section, department, division, counter for chapters (of a book) topic, subject bring up, grow up, raise, rear reality, truth learn

1 katsu

1 ku

1 ni

郷 二 覚

1 ni 1 kaku, obo

1 naka

悟 屋 泊 住 仲

1 sho

1 ku

1 kotowa


2 ki

行 元 気

1 kao


1 koku

国 地 有 思 自 己 期 山

1 go 1 he 1 to 1 juu, su

2 gen

1 chi 1 you 1 omo 1 shi 1 ko 1 ki 1 yama

month, moon happenstance, especially, intentionally, reason, cause, circumstances, the late, therefore, consequently home town, village, native place, district two memorize, learn, remember, awake, sober up enlightenment, perceive, discern, realize, understand roof, house, shop, dealer, seller overnight, put up at, ride at anchor, 3-day stay dwell, reside, live, inhabit go-between, relationship thong, beginning, inception, end, cord, strap livelihood, make a living, spend time severance/decline/refuse/ apologize/warn/dismiss/prohib it/ decision/judgement/cutting line, row; verse, stanza beginning, former time, origin spirit, mind face, front part of the head with the eyes nose and mouth, features; look uncommon, queerness, strangeness, wonderful, curious, unusual country; nation; one's homeland ground, earth, place possess, have, exist, happen, occur, approx think oneself self, snake, serpent period, time, date, term mountain

heart, interior

1 ou

奥 食 応

1 sotsu

graduate, soldier, private, die

1 tei

extent, degree, law, formula, distance, limits, amount

1 kan

delight, joy

1 abu

歓 危

1 shi

1 kaku

1 setsu

説 明 皆 席 戻

1 oku 1 ta

1 mei 1 mina 1 seki 1 modo 1 koma 1 kyou 1 ten 1 sai 1 rei 1 kan

困 凶 天 才 齢 関

eat, food apply, answer, yes, OK, reply, accept

dangerous, fear, uneasy assets, resources, capital, funds, data, be conducive to, contribute to status, rank, capacity, character, case (law, grammar) rumor, opinion, theory bright, light all, everything seat, mat, occasion, place re-, return, revert, resume, restore, go backwards quandary, become distressed, annoyed villain, evil, bad luck, disaster heavens, sky, imperial genius, years old, cubic shaku age connection, barrier, gateway, involve, concerning person in charge, connection, duty, concern oneself

1 zen

係 続 然

1 shu

gist, proceed to, tend, become

1 mi

味 笑

flavor, taste

1 kei 1 tsuzu

1 wara

continue, series, sequel sort of thing, so, if so, in that case, well


1 todo

1 fu

1 dai

台 支

1 sasa

deliver, reach, arrive, report, notify, forward

step, trample, carry through, appraise, evade payment pedestal, a stand, counter for machines and vehicles branch, support, sustain

1 sa

1 zet

1 tai

distinction, difference, variation, discrepancy, margin, balance discontinue, beyond, sever, cut off, abstain, interrupt, suppress vis-a-vis, opposite, even, equal, versus, anti-, compare

1 aya

design, figured cloth, twill

1 tashi


assurance, firm, tight, hard, solid, confirm, clear, evident attach, join; stick, glue; sew on; furnish, wear; appraise; apply; follow

1 to

fly, skip (pages), scatter

1 ji

飛 仕 近 虐 限 尽 粗 問 題 児


end, finish

2 ka


1 shi 1 chika 1 gyoku 1 kagi 1 tsu 1 so 1 mon 1 dai

attend, doing, official, serve near, early, akin, tantamount tyrannize, oppress limit, restrict, to best of ability exhaust, use up, run out of, befriend, serve coarse, rough, rugged question, ask, problem topic, subject newborn babe, child, young of animals

1 tsu

adhere, attach, refer to, append

1 sei

1 kou

turn into, become, get, grow, elapse, reach achievement, merits, success, honor, credit


Kanji Union 先生,先行

seito, seikatsushidou


nanisai, nanshin




gakuen, gakkou, jijii/gakuenchou, gakki

konshuu, ninshuu/kyou

学園,学校,学園長,学期 人達 日本 今週、今日

kyoushi, kyouikujitsushuu


daitai, taikun, daijoubu, daigaku, taihen, daiseikou

大体,大変,大丈夫,大学, 大変,大成功






女子校 出会い, お出になった

Romanji Union

hitotara/hitotachi nippon

deai, odeninatta

ichiban, ichibanoku, hitori, itsusho

一番,一番奧,一人, 一体, 一緒,一応

namae, meiba

名前, 名簿







shitsuren, shitsurei




kotoba, iigakari


juukan chikoku,chikokuja

週間 遅刻、遅刻者



shotoufu, hatsujugyou





彼女 新任








shinsetsu magomusume/konoka

親切 孫娘

















jugyou toshiue, toshishita, nenrei

授業 年上,年下,年齢










登校 進呈


yuujin unmei

友人 運命















ranbou, ranboumono










nido kakugo

二度 覚悟



























お困り 凶暴な 天才
















sobou mondaiji

祖暴 問題児





Meaning master, preceding/going first/coming before/previous/prior student, educational guidance/discipline comitte how old… ?, anybody?/someone?/anyone?/somebody ? child, children, kid, tot, infant, son; daughter secondary school/academy, school, school director, semester/school year

One kanji word romanji

people, human beings, persons japan this week, this day teacher, teaching practice/practical experience, teaching staff/group of teachers in a particular school/faculty generally/on the whole/in a general manner/substantially/considerably/ mostly/at large, very/extremely/in an emphasized manner, all right/O.K/fine/ good/safe/secure, university/educational institution/institution of higher learning authorized to grant academic degrees, very/ extremely/in an emphasized manner, huge success you, pronoun which replaces the name of the person or persons being addressed really!

girls' school meeting/rendezvous/encounter/chance meeting, graduated


atatta best/number one/unmatched/cream of the crop, deepest part(interior), one person, ...the heck (e.g. "what the heck?")/ the world (e.g. "why in the world?")/ ...on earth (e.g. "who on earth?")/one object/one body/unity/one form/one style/one Buddhist image (or carving, etc.)/generally/in general, company/corporation/together, once/one time/at least/not less than/in outline name/word or phrase by which someone or something is called or identified, register of names

physical strenght

at once, immediately, promptly, without delay, right now you (tú), pronoun which replaces the name of the person or persons being addressed (2nd person, singular and plural) broken heart/unrequited/love/ disappointed love, excuse me/pardon me!, randy/lustful/discourteous/ impolite/rude

comittee, committee meeting word/unit of language with meaning/language/specialized vocabulary/speech, false accusation/pretext/commitment weekly/week late, late arriving person

companion, partner, company; opponent, rival elementary school, first class

room, space

hougaii girlfriend, her(refering to a woman) refrescador, inagural, new


language ability

mahora (academy) kindness, gentleness, geniality, kindheartedness, warmheartedness granddaughter

guidance/coaching/leadership, staff guidance teacher

studying, learning, pursuit of knowledge, pursuing knowledge in a certain field english languaje

introduction, act of acquainting one person with another; act of introducing

time, hours

the rest is omitted

tyranny; outrage, atrocity

being in charge of a class; teacher in charge

lesson, study session, classwork senior/older person, junior/younger person, age black board eraser

suitableness (Conveniencia)

start of work, opening

surplus, amount in excess of what is needed, margin, room, allowance attendance/act of attending school present, gift

friend (person) fate, destiny, fortune, person-s lot in life, destruction


result, effect, effectiveness, efficiency

stand on one's hands [head], do a handstand stretching one's legs wide apart

swift-footed, light-footed, faster

acknowledgment, acknowledgement, admitting, consent, acceptance, assent, compliance, agreement take back town, populated area that is smaller than a city; city, municipal, urban

rudeness/violence, violent person

tasks, things to do

insensibility, lack of physical sensation; insensitivity, coldness

subject, theme, topic; task

hometown, town where one was born or grew up; birthplace; old village; historic village

two times, twice, on two different occasions resolution, decision; readiness, preparedness

making friends with; getting along well with; on cordial terms

declining; nonacceptance; declination; refusal; rejection; turndown

vitality, vigor, power to live, energy, liveliness

foreign country, different country

fame, notoriety, renown

self, one's own person

mountain recesses

graduation, completion of a course of study (in a school, etc.) degree, amount; grade, standard welcome, reception, acceptance, act of receiving

qualification, capabilities, license

explanation, exposition, interpretation

trouble cruel, heartless genius, prodigy; natural gift

relation, connection; rapport

naturally, in a natural manner, unaffectedly hobby, pastime, taste, preference, disposition, liking, fondness, predilection, predisposition, fetish


stool, springboard; step

unconditional, absolute

ayashii tashikameru going(yaru) to bring(oi) out(dashite)

oi tonde

deed, action, act chikazukanai

tsukushi rough(father) violence problem child

awacchatta purchase; buying in quantity; shooping

te form of tsukiau 1: to associate with; to keep company with; to go out with; to go steady with; to get on with; 2: to go along with; to follow someone's lead; to accompany someone; to compromise

One Word Kanji






怪しい 確かめて 追い 飛んでまて 近づかない




te form of dazu (to extract, to take out)

1: to be hit; to strike; 2: to touch; to be in contact; to be affixed; 3: to be equivalent to; to be applicable; to apply to; 4: to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.); 5: to be selected (in a lottery, etc.); to win; 6: to be successful; to go well; to be a hit; 7: to face; to confront; 8: to lie (in the direction of); 9: to undertake; to be assigned; 10: to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.); to be afflicted; 11: to be called upon (by the teacher); 12: to treat (esp. harshly); to lash out at; 13: to be unnecessary; 14: (in baseball) to be hitting well; to be on a hitting streak; 15: (in fishing) to feel a bite; 16: (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised; to spoil; () 17: to feel (something) out; to probe into; to check (i.e. by comparison); 18: to shave

(after past tense verb) had better (verb); (after negative verb) is better not (verb)

te form of amaru wich means to remain; to be left over; to be in excess; to be too many; to surpass

laugh, smile (at us, at me)

1: suspicious; dubious; doubtful; dodgy; suspicious (referring to a potential amorous relation); dangerous (e.g. financial situation); ominous (e.g. weather); strange; shady; fishy; 2: charming; bewitching; mysterious te form of tashikameru, means "I will confirm…" removing confirm with any other verb but assuring the action of the following verb

chase, run after, pursue (infinitive of ou) te form of tobu (to fly), something (form te) flies…

negative form of chikazuku (to aproach)

all sorts of; all kinds of

comes from awaru that means to end. The ccha adds acertive meaning, making it more aggressive (like adding 2 !!), tta adds past form making the meaning "ended" (in a crude way)

~nakereba naranai > ~nakuchacolloquial naranai >ending ~nakya nannai example > ~nakya ima kara > ~nya koso ganbannakya (ganbara abunakatta weird word abunakatta kedo (it's dangerous though) age particle to give (to you), miseteageru (to show you)

1: to raise; to elevate; 2: to do up (one's hair); 3: to fly (a kite, etc.); to launch (fireworks, etc.); to surface (a submarine, etc.); 4: to land (a boat); 5: to show someone (into a room); 6: to send someone (away); 7: to enrol (one's child in school) (enroll); 8: to increase (price, quality, status, etc.); 9: to make (a loud sound); to raise (one's voice); 10: to earn (something desirable); 11: to praise; 12: to give (an example, etc.); to cite; 13: to summon up (all of one's energy, etc.); 14: (Polite language) to give; 15: to offer up (incense, a prayer, etc.) to the gods (or Buddha, etc.); 16: to bear (a child); 17: to conduct (a ceremony, esp. a wedding); () 18: (of the tide) to come in; () 19: to vomit; (Auxillary verb) 20: (Usually

aita aitsu

anata ano anta antara

expresion common word

ouch! he; she; that guy

adjective adjective common word common word

1: (Usually written using kana alone) (Polite language) you (referring to someone of equal or lower status, followed by tachi means you guys); 2: dear (what a wife calls a husband)/beyon d; across; the other side; the distance that (someone or something distant from both you (informal of anata) you guys



common word

1: that (indicating something distant from both speaker and listener (in space, time or psychologically), or something understood without naming it directly); 2: that person (used to refer to one's equals or inferiors); 3: (Archaism) over there; 4: (Noun) (Colloquialism) down there (i.e. one's genitals); 5: (Colloquialism) period; menses; (Interjection) 6: hey (expression of surprise or suspicion); eh?; 7: (Noun) that (something mentioned before which is distant psychologically or in terms of time)

particle end

and the same : "aimasu"(polite form) originally from "aru" (the existion of inanimate object) like the first answer. Ex: koko ni hon ga arimasu = there has a book (literally : the book exists in here)



aru arunojana atta attara

verb weird word ending common word


common word

bakka boku butten

comon word common word weird word

IS (like desu) 1: (Usually written using kana alone) to be (usu. of inanimate objects); to exist; to live; 2: to have; 3: to be located; 4: to be equipped with; 5: to happen; to come about will you accept? informal past for I ending adjectives (koto ga attara) if there is anything… 1: fool; idiot; trivial matter; folly; absurdity; (Na-adjective) 2: foolish; stupid; dull; absurd; ridiculous 1: (Usually written using kana alone) approximately; about; 2: only; merely; nothing but; 3: (after the -ta form of a verb) just (finished, etc.): seem brat, kid Budist Scriptures, acting

ccha chansu chanto chau chon chottooooootsu da dakara (jakara) dakedesu dakedesukedo dame

particle end foreign word common word particle end sound common word particle end conjunction common word common word common word

The particle -ccha is used to make a statement sound more assertive: Miyagi-ben Standard English N'daccha na! Sou da yo ne! "Isn't that the truth." Dame daccha! Dame da! "Forget it!"/"It's no good!" Hon de iccha. Sore de ii yo. "That'll do just fine." Yappeccha! Yarou yo! "Let's do it!" Mada aisu peccha! Mada aimashou! "Let's get together again sometime!" chance perfectly; properly; exactly Finally, I guess I'll mention that in everyday, fa tin….! wait a minute here plain copula so; therefore there is only but there is only useless; no good; hopeless; hard

(2) To bring up something unexpected or to re-quote what you have found out with surprise. (Like adding caps lock to something said)


common word end

darou datta dattara

common word common word common word



Although there is a slight nuance difference, なん て(=nante) and だなんて (=danante) are exchangeable in many cases. (Usually we use だなんて (=danante) when we quote what someone has said and we use なんて(=nanate) to refer just the fact you have found out. 1: seems; I think; I guess; I wonder; I hope; 2: don't you agree?; I thought you'd say that! 'datta' is the same as 'deshita'. It is just past t if it's the case 1: but; however; still; yet; although; even though; (Suffix) 2: even; even if; 3: or something

de deha

particle interjection


common word


common word



1: indicates location of action; at; in; 2: indicates time of action; 3: indicates means of action; cause of effect; by; (Conjunction) 4: and then; so: as a.. (school teacher) then; well; so; well then (sounds like deba) 1: (Usually written using kana alone) to be able (in a position) to do; to be up to the task; 2: to be ready; to be completed; 3: to be made; to be built; 4: to be good at; to be permitted (to do); 5: to become intimate; to take up (with somebody); 6: to grow; to be raised 1: but; however; still; yet; although; even though; (Suffix) 2: even; even if; 3: or something 1: (Colloquialism) unless one ...; if one does not ...; 2: (Colloquialism) (Abbreviation) cannot do without something; 3: (after negative base of verb) have to do


particle end

deshou desuno…?

common word ending

do dogitsui doiukoto/doyukoto dokidoki

particle begin common word common word common word


common word

dokonimo dou douiu doujana doushitan

common word particle end common word common word adjective

1: (Polite language) seems; I think; I guess; I wonder; I hope; 2: don't you agree?; I thought you'd say that! 1: (Polite language) seems; I think; I guess; I wonder; I hope; 2: don't you agree?; I thought you'd say that! is…. ? 1: (Kansai dialect) precisely; exactly; plumb; totally; very; 2: derogatory prefix used before nouns & adjectives (adj-i) gaudy; loud; garish; violent; harsh what do you mean? (with that) (on-mim) throb; beat (fast) 1: (Usually written using kana alone) where; what place; 2: how much (long, far); what extent 1: (Usually written using kana alone) nowhere (with neg. verb); not anywhere; 2: everywhere; anywhere; anyplace how about… (releasing him?) somehow; how; in what way; why; what kind o what do you think about it? (adj-f) what's the matter?; what's wrong?

e(え) erea ga

particle end common word particle

ga gaki/gakincho gakirai ganbaru gi he hidoi hikkakaccha(small tsu) hona hora

particle common word common word verb particle end interjection common word weird word common word common word

1: eh? (surprise); 2: eh (agreement); (Particle) 3: (Archaism) strengthens a question, assertion, etc.; 4: (after a noun) used when calling out to someone area O_O like wa but when responds to something {unle 1: indicates sentence subject (occasionally object); 2: indicates possessive (esp. in literary expressions); 3: but; however; still; and brat, kid hate/don't like to persist; to insist on; to stand firm; to try one adjective indicates direction or goal (e.g. "to") (adj-i)cruel; awful; severe; very bad; serious; t hikkakaru -> to be caught in; to be stuck in; well then… see? Look!

common word coloquial ending

1: (Usually written using kana alone) good; excellent; fine; nice; pleasant; agreeable; 2: sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer); ready; prepared; 3: profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.); beneficial; 4: OK I have a/you have a

ii ii (xixi)

iie iikagenninasai iindayo ikenai ikinari

common common common common common

word word word word word


common word

itsumo iware iya

adverb common word common word

jaa jan jane jii jijii jo

interjection colloquial ending particle end common word comon word common word

no; nay; well cut that out in this instand! that's enough… (asuna, stop it) wrong, no use abruptly; suddenly; all of a sudden; without wa 1: amount necessary to fill a container (e.g. a cupful, spoonful, etc.); a drink (i.e. an alcoholic beverage); 2: full; 3: one squid, octopus, crab, etc.; one boat; () 4: (Usually written using kana alone) fully; to capacity; 5: a lot; much; () 6: all of ...; the entire 1: (Usually written using kana alone) always; usually; every time; 2: never (with neg. verb) being said no (negating something)/ah… 1: then; well; so; well then; 2: combination of 'de' and 'wa' particles isn't, for sure. dare (don't dare to say that anymore) grandpa old man Difficult; help; rescue; assistant,


particle end

kana kanari kano kara kashira

particle end common word common word interjection particle end

kato kawaee (kawaii) kedo kenka kinchou kirai kitan kochira koitsu

particle end expresion particle end common word common word common word common word common word common word

1: indicates question (sentence end); 2: indicates choice, doubt, etc. …huh? (I-m gonna teach this persons… huh?) 1: I wonder (sentence ending prt); 2: should I? (question prt when thinking out loud); is it?; 3: I wish that (with a negative); I hope that considerably; fairly; quite that (someone or something distant from both Translates to: "from, after, because" Kara may certainly 1: crossing; ferry; 2: transient; 3: changing old to new when something is to cute… (don't wou feel so but; however; although; though quarrel; brawl; fight; squabble; scuffle tension; mental strain; nervousness hate come here this/this way addresses oneself or shows a wa this fellow…

koko kokoga kongakya konna kono kora kore korega korekara koto koto kotoni kotoninaru ku kunai kureguremo kusei kuseni ma/shou

common word common word common word particle begin particle begin common word common word common word common word common word interjection adverb common word particle end particle end common word common word common word ending

1: (Usually written using kana alone) here (place physically close to the speaker, place pointed by the speaker while explaining); this place; 2: these last (followed by a duration noun and a past sentence: time period before the present time of the speaker); 3: these next ... (followed by a duration noun and a non past sentence: time period after the present time of the speaker); the next ... this is… brat, kid such (about something; someone close to the this (something or someone close to the speak hey hey this… this is… after this thing; matter; fact; circumstances; business; r also known as specially it has been decided (so) that; it has been arra verb+ku to hurry, to run… didn't you? repeatedly; sincerely; earnestly and yet; though; when; in spite of and yet; though; when; in spite of; although It's a form of the verb "suru" which means "to


particle end

mada made

adverb interjection

maji mashita

common word ending



The form てしま う te shimau is shortened to the very very commonly used and casual ちま う chimau or ちゃう chau with the same consonant doubling as the te form. For example, "I forgot my mobile phone!": "keitai wasurechatta!" "携帯忘れちゃっ た!" The de shimau form is shortened to じゃう jau or じま う jimau in colloquial speech. 1: (Usually written using kana alone) since; as yet; hitherto; still; 2: not yet (with negative verb) Translates to: "up to, until, as far as" Indicates 1: (Slang) serious (not capricious or flirtatious); (Auxillary verb) 2: cannot; should not; will not; must not polite perfect 1: shall I?; 2: shall we?

masu mata mate

ending adverb particle ending

mazu mazui mitai mitari mitenotoori mo moarunda moracchatte

adverb common word particle end common word common word interjection common word weird word

morae morau / moraou moroutano mottomo mou

common common common common common

word word word word word

1: (Polite language) used to indicate respect for the listener (or reader); 2: (Archaism) (Humble (kenjougo) language) used to indicate respect for those affected by the action again; and; also; still (doing something) tonde/mate, tonde is the te form of tobu wich 1: first (of all); to start with; about; almost; anyway; well; now; 2: hardly (with neg. verb) poor quality, shoddy, crude/unappetising; una ~-like; sort of; similar to; resembling like (like you!?) as you see also (I, him, they… etc) have also Can we really have… 1: (Usually written using kana alone) to receive; to take; to accept; 2: to get somebody to do something (follows a verb in "te" form) to receive; preceded by yatte could mean "let 1: already, another, just; anymore; they've you…) 2: soon; (given shortly; quite right; plausible; natural; 3: more; further; other; again; but () then; althou 4: interjection used to strengthen expression o


na naanaa

particle end

1: (Abbreviation) used to express approval, especially in slurred or unclear speech (abbr. of interjection "un"); 2: negative verb ending used in informal speech (abbr. of negative verb ending "nu"); 3: abbr. of particle "no"; 4: abbr. of particle "ni" (used especially when it precedes the verb "naru")

particle end common word

1: (sentence end, mainly masc.) indicates emotion or emphasis; 2: (Abbreviation) (used with masu stem verb) command; 3: (used with dictionary form verb) prohibition, negative afirmative enphatizer (don't you look like an animal?) complice/ also nee nee


common word

nakademo nakatta nanda nandaka nandakara

common word particle end word end adverb emphasizer


common word

1: not (verbnegating suffix; may indicate question or invitation with rising intonation); 2: emphatic suffix (used after the root of an adjective); 1: (Usually written using kana alone) nonexistent; not being (there); 2: unpossessed; unowned; not had; 3: unique; 4: indicates negation, inexperience, unnecessariness or impossibility; (aux-adj) 5: (after the ren'youkei form of an adjective) not ...; 6: (after the -te form of a verb) to not be...; to have not ... 1: among (other things); inter alia; 2: above all (else) there is/are (it was) not something it is assuredly that ...; can say with confidence (a) little; somewhat; somehow; although it is… (A good child… it is, he is, she is...) 1: (Usually written using kana alone) What?! (are you impliying/saying ?); 2: Why?; Come again?; 3: anyone; anything

nande nandemo nandesu nandesutte nanika nanikarananimade naniyatton

adverb common word common word expresion expresion expresion common word

1: why?; what for? 2: how?; by what means? any; whatever that one ...; likes; allwith means; anythin it is assuredly canby say confidence what do you want? Polite form of what What did you say? something anything and everything; from top to toe; from terminacion -ten, -ton: the verb endings ten an

At the beginning of a sentence or in front of a descriptive word, nanka means "kinda" or "somewhat." The speaker is being tentative or vague about whatever description or statement is being offered. It can also be used as a filler word when the speaker is struggling to think of exactly what to say, in the sense of, "It's kinda, like, you know, sorta..." Kanojo no kyou no koudou'tte ieba...nanka, hen da to omowanai? Speaking of her actions today...don't you think it's kinda strange? As a suffix, -nanka expresses distaste for or disparagement of whatever word it is attached to. This is extremely hard to translate into English. The phrase "such a [negative] thing as ~ " comes closest, but that's awkward to say.

nankashinakatta nano

common word particle end


common word


common word

what did… (you do) feminine copula 1: such as; (things) like; 2: exclamation 1: something; something or other; so-and-so; 2: somehow; anyhow; one way or another

ending particle

… right? /if (atsui nara -> if you re hot) 1: if; in case; if it is the case that; if it is true that; 2: as for; on the topic of; (Conjunction) 3: (Colloquialism) (Abbreviation) if that's the case (how about...); if so; that being the case

verb common word expresion common word

1: (Usually written using kana alone) to become; to get; to grow; to be; to reach; to attain; 2: to result in; to prove to be; 3: to consist of; to be composed of; 4: to succeed; to be complete; 5: to change into; to be exchanged for; 6: to play a role; 7: to be promoted (shogi) become will become I see; That's right!; Indeed


naru naru naru daroo/deshoo naruhodo

nashi natta natta daroo/deshoo natte shimatta natte shimatte iru natte shimatte ita natteru nazo nda ne neba

common word common word expresion expresion expresion expresion common word common word interjection particle common word

nee ni ni natte niha (niwa) nishitemo no

particle end interjection particle end particle common word particle end

1: not (verbnegating suffix; may indicate question or invitation with rising intonation); 2: emphatic suffix (used after the root of an adjective) became would become (but not) has or had become has been becoming had been becoming "Natteru (鳴ってる)" is an informal way of sa mine (used with uchi) the expectation is that ...; the reason is that .. you know what?, you know… (reafirmando alg if not ... (negative conditional) 1: (sentence end) indicates emphasis, agreement, request for confirmation, etc.; is it so; (Interjection) 2: hey; come on Translates to: "to, in, at, by"; indirect object, d to become, been (assigned) for, in, to (also emphasis for negative ending); anyway, however, in any event, whether or no used more in femenine speech to mark statem

no node

nominalizer particle

Not "noha" but "no" is the same as "koto" which nominalizes a verb. "no" and "koto" correspondend to "(verb)-ing" or "to (verb)" in English. EX: "Nerukoto ha(/wa) kinshi sareteiru."(Sleep ing is forbidden.) = "Neruno ha(/wa) kinshi sareteiru. that being the case; because of ...; the reason

By the way, just for reference, here are a few examples where you have the の for making a noun phrase combined with は. If you want to say "something" is difficult, then it's simply: [ ] ha muzukashii。wit h a noun or a noun phrase in [ ]. If it's a noun, then for example, [nippon go]ha muzukashii。 (The Japanese language is difficult.) If you want to say "doing something" is difficult, you have to turn the verb into a noun phrase. So if you want to say it's difficult to memorize kanji (kanji wo oboeru), then you use "no" to make a noun phrase (or "koto"). So as noun phrase, you will get kanji wo oboeru no -or- kanji wo oboeru koto


combined particle

[kanji wo oboeru no]ha  muzukashii。 (Memorizing kanji is difficult.)

noja noka noni

o o/mukae ohisashiburi okashii okerusan okkusufuo-do orimasu oru oshiteru osoraku oyaji oyamenasai peeji

particle end particle end ending

used mainly by elders (washi = I for elders) yet (like… do you have… yet?), endorsing and and yet; despite this; even though; but even s

prefix common word common word common word noun foreign word polite word verb common word adverb common word common word foreign word

o-ko-san, お子さ ん, translates idiomatically as "your dear child", a similar sentiment is expressed in such English expressions as "Would you like a spot of tea?" or "Would you like a little tea?" For example, when referring to one's own order at a restaurant, one would use chūmon, but when referring to a customer's order, the restaurant staff would use gochūmon. Similarly, kazoku means "my family," while go-kazoku means "your family" (or, broadly speaking, someone else's family). お迎え o is a honorific prefix, mukae refers to m has been a while extrange/funny monkey oxford I have … in a very polite way. Used to talk abo have (do yo have…) dumb perhaps; likely; probably; I dare say old man/old woman/dad stop it (formal) Page


foreign word

sa sakki sakkidatte saremasu sareteru sense shi

particle common word common word ending particle end common word particle

shibaraku shikamo shikashi shikkari shima

common word common word interjection adverb particle end


1: -ness (nominalizing suffix indicating degree or condition); (Particle) 2: (sentence end, mainly masc.) indicates assertion; (Interjection) 3: come; come now (just meet) a while ago... just…. (now…) レシートはどうされますか? What about your re I was/he was… (auxiliar for past) sensei 1: (at the end of a phrase) notes one (of sever 1: (Usually written using kana alone) little while; short while; mean while; moment; instant; 2: a while; quite a time; (Interjection) 3: it's been a long time furthermore, and yet, moreover however; but firmly; tightly; reliable; level-headed; steady しまう shimau: This implies something is comp

shimasu shimau shimau shimau shimau shinasai shini

shite shitekita shotakon shou shouka soitsu sonna

particle end common word verb particle end particle end verb ending common word

shimasu = todo ( polite form) . Originally from "suru" ~masu (polite form) "masu " dont have meaning, it is the way express the polite. Ex: nihongo wo benkyou shimasu = i study japanese -benkyo shimasu = to study to finish; to close; to do something (that "to do Shimau alone means "to finish" or "put away ( One other role that this Te Form + shimau pla And that's not all. Shimau is also used for expr please do… (insert verb) must (you), are (you) , have(you), followed by

particle modifier expresion common word common word colloquial word common word

1: by (indicating means of action); as (a group, etc.); 2: indicates patient of a causative expression; 3: (after the ren'youkei form of an adjective) acts as a connective; 4: (after an adverb or a particle) adds emphasis; (Conjunction) 5: and then I'm confused. Konran shiteru. I'm /getting/ con Shoutarou complex (obsession with young boy like deshou, indicates probability (shall we/ we alone = we should hurry / quiestion = shouka that person such (about the actions of the listener, or abou



soreha (wa) soreyori

common word Conjunction

sorya sou

adverb common word

1: (Usually written using kana alone) that (something or someone distant from the speaker, close to the listener; actions of the listener, or ideas expressed or understood by the listener); the; (Interjection) 2: um...; er...; uh.. 1: very; extremely; (Expression) 2: that is apart from that; other than that; leaving that a 1: very; extremely; (Expression) 2: that is really, so

common word common word common word expresion interjection common word particle end common word adjective particle end for (you)

1: that is so; that is right; it looks to me; I am of the impression; 2: people say that () ; it is said that; I hear that it is so head of… (school) is that so? other thing sorry, excuse me I (do) study, do cook… for verbs, dousuruka -> to do many; a lot; much please (imperative form of an auxiliary verb, s kimi (this person) no tame nara (for you) nand

souda soudesu souke sounandesuka? sousou suman suru suru takusan tamae tamenara

tameni tanaa tano tara te

common word particle end particle end particle end weird particle

tekito tekkiri

common word adverb

1: (Usually written using kana alone) for; for the sake of; to one's advantage; in favor of; in favour of; on behalf of; 2: because of; as a result of It seems that really… (usu. sentence end) indicates emotion, admira (if in its literal form, how about if… ) okane ga seems to be "to" amatte (surprass, exceed, be 1: suitable; adequate; relevant; appropriate; fit; 2: random; halfhearted; on the spot; whatever works surely; certainly; beyond doubt

interjection particle end

1: if (at the end); when; 2: and (conjuction); 3: with; 4: particle used for quoting (with speech, thoughts, etc.); 5: (Noun) (Abbreviation) promoted pawn (shogi) good (listen her well, listen her good, shpuld li

to toii


common word



1: place; spot; scene; site; 2: address; 3: district; area; locality; 4: one's house; 5: point; 6: part; 7: space; room; 8: (Usually written using kana alone) whereupon; as a result; 9: (after present form of a verb) about to; on the verge of 1: (Usually written using kana alone) by the way; incidentally; 2: even if; no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how)

expresion complement particle end common word common word

1: as (i.e. in the role of); for (i.e. from the viewpoint of); 2: apart from... (used to change the topic); 3: (before a negative form) even (e.g. "not even a single person"); 4: (after a volitional form) thinking that...; trying to… that, must (you must) same as ku in short; in brief; in other words; that is to say; while/whough +verb = being

toshite toyuu tsu tsumari tsutsu

tteba ttoran ?

uchi/no uchira ueru umu wa (わ) wane warui wayo

particle end particle end

1: indicates emotional closeness or annoyance with someone; 2: indicates a indirect command by expressing annoyance (in sentence-final position) we haven't

common word common word common word interjection particle end particle end common word particle end

(of/our/mine) 1: inside; within; 2: while; 3: among; amongst; between; () 4: we (referring to one's ingroup, i.e. company, etc.); our; () 5: my spouse; 6: (Noun) (Archaism) imperial palace grounds; 7: (Archaism) emperor; () 8: (Kansai dialect) I (primarily used by women and children); me we… welcome yeah, uh huh (sentence end, mainly fem.) indicates emotion expresses depth of feeling or emphasism (sen sorry/ excuse me really!

wo (o)


indicates direct object, when it's at the end the person reading has to fill in something (like for example the person that is indirectly mentioned but not literally mentioned, to whom the action recays) 1: indicates direct object of action; 2: indicates subject of causative expression; 3: indicates an area traversed; 4: indicates time (period) over which action takes place; 5: indicates point of departure or separation of action; 6: indicates object of desire, like, hate, etc.

ya ya yadana Yannakya nan nai (koto) yappari yara yarasete (kudasai) yarou

interjection particle end sentence end colloquial ending expresion common word common word common word

1: such things as (non-exhaustive list related to a specific time and place) like this… and this… and this...; and ... and; 2: (after the dictionary form of a verb) the minute (that) ...; no sooner than ...; (Interjection) 3: punctuational exclamation in haiku, renga, etc.; (Auxillary) 4: (Kansai dialect) plain copula if it isn't…. (asuna chan) Oh man… (things) which you just got(have) to do also; as I thought; still; in spite of; absolutely; uncertainty/word listing let me do it (please) I guess

yaru yatte

common word suffix

yau yawarakani

expression common word

1: (Usually written using kana alone) (Colloquialism) to do; 2: to have sexual intercourse; 3: to kill; 4: to give (to inferiors, animals, etc.); (Auxillary verb) 5: to do for (inferiors); 6: to send (e.g. somebody somewhere); to dispatch (e.g. letter) (despatch); 7: to move (something to); to row (a boat); 8: (used in place of other verb) to have (eat, drink, smoke); to study; to run or operate (a restaurant) to do or to give (te for of yaru) or Let's... 1: in order to (e.g. meet goal); so that; take care (so as); 2: hoping or wishing for something nicely

yo yokatta

particle common word



1: (at sentence end) indicates indicates certainty, emphasis, contempt, request, etc.; 2: (after a noun) used when calling out to someone; 3: (in midsentence) used to catch one's breath or get someone's attention; (Interjection) 4: yo! ah~ good. Ah that relieves me… from, since, at (comparative mode, than, other than, but) 1: from; out of; since; at; 2: than; 3: other than; except; but; 4: more

common word particle end particle end common word expression expression

1: (Usually written using kana alone) well; properly; suitably; 2: best regards; please remember me; please treat me favorably (favourably); please take care of indicates end of sentence, command (mainly m isn't so?; as usual. (adj-f) what kind; what sort how was it? hmmmm well......; I'm afraid to say....but.... (si

yoroshiku zo yana nanno doudeshtaka sorega



tsuiteru dattandesuyo

verb expression

The German Mode/ commonly used words Meanings

1: (Usually written using kana alone) remainder; rest; balance; remains; scraps; residue; remnant; (Adverb) 2: not very (with negative sentence); not much; 3: surplus; excess; fullness; too much; 4: overjoyed; overwhelmed; (Noun suffix) 5: more than; over 1: (Usually written using kana alone) to be attached; to have; to be in a state; (Ichidan verb) 2: to be lucky; to be in luck it was/were (dattandesu) like that (yo)

Last minute in the anime-> 1 prep. preposition. ANYTHING that g pro, t, l pronombre, tiempo, lugar werden + past verb -> continous action in all past + ist -> has + past

oso ganbannakya (ganbaranakereba naranai) There's "ganbatte!" for a start. Used as "Good luck!" but literally 's dangerous though) seteageru (to show you)

omething distant from both speaker and listener, or situation unfamiliar to both speaker and listener)

nding adjectives here is anything…

mention that in everyday, familiar settings a "slang" form of shimau is often used. At first I decided to leave this

opeless; hard

as 'deshita'. It is just past tense. I means 'was'.

then (sounds like deba)

garish; violent; harsh (with that)

sing him?) what way; why; what kind of

atter?; what's wrong?

sponds to something {unless is not defined}, points to the active subject in the sentence, at the end is [but]/ re

on; to stand firm; to try one's best

or goal (e.g. "to") severe; very bad; serious; terrible; heavy; violent e caught in; to be stuck in; to be cheated; hikkakaccha(small tsu) -> I got caught

una, stop it) all of a sudden; without warning


say that anymore)

ue; assistant,

omething distant from both speaker and listener, or situation unfamiliar to both speaker and listener) m, after, because" Kara may be followed by no to link two nouns; About, as for… (from someone, as for me...)

to cute… (don't wou feel sorry for...) ugh; though t; squabble; scuffle ain; nervousness

sses oneself or shows a way

hing; someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or about ideas expressed by the speaker); like this someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or ideas expressed by the speaker), you… (woman... in a

circumstances; business; reason; experience

(so) that; it has been arranged (so) that

ly; earnestly hen; in spite of hen; in spite of; although rb "suru" which means "to play", "to do", "to act", "to feel", "to perform", etc.,etc. alone = we should hurry / qu

o, until, as far as" Indicates a time or place as a limit.

ll (doing something) is the te form of tobu wich means fly. Te indicates that is related to something the verb and mate indicates that

y, crude/unappetising; unappetizing; unpleasant (taste, appearance, situation); ar to; resembling

have also

d by yatte could mean "let's give it/see it/show it/begin"/ after -te form its could you please+verb just; anymore;

e; natural; her; again; but () then; although to strengthen expression of an emotion (often exasperation)

not something ..; can say with confidence that ..; denotes question (hontoni sensei nanda!?) ; somehow; although … it is, he is, she is...)

likes; allwith means; anything; everything ..; canby say confidence that … waht is this? what is this box? what did you say? Polite form of what

thing; from top to toe; from A to Z on: the verb endings ten and ton, in order of decreasing politeness are Western Japanese abbreviations for the

)" is an informal way of saying "natteiru (鳴っている)." When "iru (いる)" is used with the te-form of a verb,

hat ...; the reason is that ...; the fact is that ...; it is that ... u know… (reafirmando algo que ya se sabia) onditional)

n, at, by"; indirect object, direction, also emphaziser, anta ni (YOU!)

hasis for negative ending); for (in regard to); in order to, alternatively, on the other hand (at the end of senten n any event, whether or no, no matter what nine speech to mark statements

; because of ...; the reason is ....; given that...

ers (washi = I for elders) ave… yet?), endorsing and questioning the preceding statement (sentence ending particle); lamenting reflectio s; even though; but even so; but even then; however; nevertheless; for all that; notwithstanding that

ic prefix, mukae refers to meeting; greeting; welcome. Omukae is trancitive verb, receiving, welcome

polite way. Used to talk about ones actions as humble ones, not used to talk about others because is disrespectf

bably; I dare say

ますか? What about your receipt? (lit: How will you do receipt?) the less direct the more polite, applied to verbs xiliar for past)

phrase) notes one (of several) reasons// Translates to: "and what's more" (conjunction)

et, moreover

ble; level-headed; steady implies something is completed or done, usually unintentionally or accidentally or unexpectedly and sometime

o do something (that "to do something" is remplaced by the verb) completely; to put away; to put an end to ns "to finish" or "put away (something)," and it retains the same general meaning when combined with a verb in this Te Form + shimau plays is to express the doing of something which was hard to decide to do, doing somet himau is also used for expressing concern about the possibility of something negative happening and/or the dis

u) , have(you), followed by doing… come…

an shiteru. I'm /getting/ confused. Konran shitekita. (obsession with young boys) es probability (shall we/ we should probably…) hurry / quiestion = shouka shall we hurry?

ions of the listener, or about ideas expressed or understood by the listener); like that; that sort of

her than that; leaving that aside; more ... than that; but; however

k… for verbs, dousuruka -> what would (you) do?

form of an auxiliary verb, suffixed to the -masu stem of another verb) o tame nara (for you) nandemo (anything) suru (do/will do)

) indicates emotion, admiration, emphasis, etc. , how about if… ) okane ga areba, eiga wo mi ni ikimasu-if I have money, i'll go to see a movie. okane ga attara matte (surprass, exceed, be too much) -> amattete (to be too much, to surpass), also "that" -> that surpasses

eyond doubt

ll, listen her good, shpuld listen to her)

other words; that is to say; in the long run; after all; blockade; stuffing; ultimate b = being

nly fem.) indicates emotion or admiration feeling or emphasism (sentence end); adds ? To the ok, emphatizing it

ust got(have) to do till; in spite of; absolutely; of course; maybe after all (beginning of the sentence)

for of yaru) or Let's...

elieves me…

ntence, command (mainly masculine), adds force; indicates command

'm afraid to say....but.... (signals that you are going to say something contrary to what is expected)

desu) like that (yo)

ast minute in the anime-> 17:59 chapter 11 eposition. ANYTHING that goes BEFORE the subject. onombre, tiempo, lugar -> continous action in all the time

ed as "Good luck!" but literally meaning something like Fight! or Struggle! 惑乱 分からんIt has lots of grammatica

peaker and listener)

At first I decided to leave this point out because I felt that it would just complicate things, but then one of my r

sentence, at the end is [but]/ remarks that the subject IS something

peaker and listener) from someone, as for me...)

ssed by the speaker); like this speaker), you… (woman... in a despective way)

. alone = we should hurry / quiestion = shouka shall we hurry?

e verb and mate indicates that keeps going /tondemate means "something (from te form) keeps fliying (from to

you please+verb

apanese abbreviations for the standard -te iru or -teru. Nani yatton/yatten? -> What are you doing?

sed with the te-form of a verb, it expresses the continuation of an action. (sensei is getting… troubled)

her hand (at the end of sentence).

ng particle); lamenting reflections on the preceding statement (sentence ending particle) notwithstanding that

, receiving, welcome

t others because is disrespectful.

more polite, applied to verbs

or unexpectedly and sometimes expressing that the action is contrary to right or correct action: 片付けてしまった

put away; to put an end to when combined with a verb in the Te Form, pointing towards the completion of a task. Since shimau is a stand d to decide to do, doing something unexpected, or the happening of something unexpected (would): Kuruma o ative happening and/or the dismay at finding out that something negative happened: Watashi no fuku ga yogo

that; that sort of

o see a movie. okane ga attara, eiga wo mi ni ikimasu-if I had money I would go to see a movie. also "that" -> that surpasses

what is expected)

からんIt has lots of grammatical variations too, like ganbarimasu “I shall try hard” and ganbaranakutcha (< gan

te things, but then one of my readers mentioned it, which made me think it over again. And, since it is used a l

m te form) keeps fliying (from tobu and mate)"

hat are you doing?

is getting… troubled)

correct action: 片付けてしまった katazukete shimatta: "I have finished tidying". It can also suggest a regrettable

a task. Since shimau is a standard verb, you can also conjugate it in a dozen different ways. A few examples are unexpected (would): Kuruma o katte shimaimashita. (I bought a car.) Bob wa ude no hone o orete shimaimashit ened: Watashi no fuku ga yogorete shimau! (My clothes'll get dirty!) Ah! Fuku ga yogorete shimaimashita. (Oh,

o see a movie.

” and ganbaranakutcha (< ganbaranakereba naranai) “hang in there, keep going, stick it out”.

again. And, since it is used a lot, I've decided to go ahead with it. It's "chau," and, borrowing two examples from

can also suggest a regrettable situation: 私の鍵が消えてしまった watashi no kagi ga kiete shimatta: "My keys hav

erent ways. A few examples are: Shukudai o shite shimaimashou. (Let's finish up our homework.) Choushoku o t no hone o orete shimaimashita. (Bob broke his arm.) 1 Kanojo wa Osaka ni itte shimaimashita. (She [up and] w yogorete shimaimashita. (Oh, no! My clothes got dirty.) Densha ni noriokurete shimau yo! (We'll miss the train!

, stick it out”.

d, borrowing two examples from above, it sounds like this: Densha ni noriokurechau yo! (We'll miss the train!) A

a kiete shimatta: "My keys have disappeared".

our homework.) Choushoku o tabete shimaimashita. (I've finished eating breakfast.) Heya o souji shite shimau h himaimashita. (She [up and] went to Osaka.) imau yo! (We'll miss the train!) Ah! Kippu o nakushite shimaimashita! (Oh, no! I lost my ticket!)

au yo! (We'll miss the train!) Ah! Kippu o nakuschaimashita! (Oh, no! I lost my ticket!)

st.) Heya o souji shite shimau hou ga ii yo. (You should finish cleaning up your room.)

ost my ticket!)

1 abbekommen 1 Aber das ist doch… 1 abfärbt 1 abgeben 1 abgefahrene 1 abgelaufen 1 abhängt 1 abholen 1 abkühlt 2 abläuft 1 abschliesst 1 abschottet 1 Abshied 2 Absicht 1 abspielt 1 Ach 1 ach 1 Acht geben 1 ähnliches 1 albern 1 Albtraum 1 Alibi 1 allererste 1 allerseits 1 alles nichts 1 also 1 also 1 also doch 1 am besten 1 am nächsten 1 an dem 1 anbieten 1 anbietest 1 andermal 1 ändert 1 angedichtet 3 angehen 1 angerichtet 1 angeritten 1 angeschrieen 1 angesprochen 2 angestellt 1 angetan 2 Angriff 1 Angst 1 anherangekommen 1 anhören

v. obtain (receive) exp. Pero si (doch) esto es…. v. influences/affects (other things, from es) v. render, deliver adj. Excellent adj. Expires v. supports/hangs v. pick up v. turn cold (enfria… la sopa) v. expires v. lock (the door, from yourselves) v. shut himself out (isolate himself) n. Good bye. n. Intention/ on purpose n. happen interj. dear, my, oh my!, goodness!, oi! (expression of surprise or dis int. Ah...! exp. Ignore, exclude adj. similar adj. Foolish n. Nightmare n. Alibi (excuse) adj. The very first exp. Everybody, all the sides exp. Not help adv. So! (enphatizer) adv. How exp. As after all exp. Lo más (que se pueda) exp. Closest exp. AFTER A COMA, on which…. v. offer v. offer (from du) t. some other ocation v. change (from er) v. imputed (attribute) v. concern (you) v. set, (put) v. cabalgó v. to shout at v. addresed (to, to address to someone) v. made (figurativo) v. done n. Attack n. Worry, concern v. come closer v. listen, hear

1 ankämpfen 2 anklopfen 1 ankommen 1 Anlass 1 annäh 1 annehmen 1 anpasse 1 ans 3 ansehen 1 anspucken 1 anstarrst 1 anstrengen 1 anstrengend 1 anstrengst 1 antrittst 1 Anweisungen 1 anwenden 1 Anwesenheit 1 anzulegen 1 anzunehmen 1 anzupusten 1 anzuwenden 1 Arbeitsblätter 1 Ärger 1 ärgern 2 Arme 1 Arten 1 Ast 1 Atmen 1 Ätzend! 1 auch noch 1 auch nur 1 auch schon alles! 1 auch wieder 1 auf 1 Auf 1 auf das gleiche 1 auf die Dauer 1 Auf gar keinen Fall! 1 auf gar nichts. 1 auffordere 2 aufgefallen 1 aufgegangen 1 aufgegessen 1 aufgetaucht 2 aufgezogen 1 aufhört

v. strive/contend v. tinkle, ring v. arrive n. Occassion, time, oportunity n. mend (coser tela) v. accept v. adjust prep. to, towards / for v. watch (pay attention) v. spit on v. stare v. strain/work hard adj. Hard v. force (to think) v. begin n. orders, instructions v. apply n. Prescence v. intention v. to accept v. to blow (some soap bubbles) v. to apply n. worksheets n. anger v. bother n. poor people n. ways n. Branch n. Breathing exp. It sucks! exp. Too (of also) only exp. That's about it. exp. AGAIN (emphazising) by adv. AT THE BEGINNING OF SENTENCE, Suddenly exp. The same… (objective) exp. In the long run… exp. De ninguna manera/en ningun caso del todo exp. To nothing at all v. challenge v. attracted (your) attention v. opened (of petals and things that open) v. eaten up v. appeared v. winded up v. halted

1 Auflösung n. Cancelation, Resolution 1 aufmachen v. open (the mouth) 2 aufpassen v. look out (watch for yourselves) 1 aufregen v. get excited 3 aufregend adj. Exciting 1 aufrichtig adj. Honest 1 aufs exp. Auf das 1 Aufschwung n. Impulso/Impetú/optimismo 1 aufspielen v. give oneself airs 1 Aufständischen n. rebels 1 aufstehen v. get up 1 Auftrag n. Task 1 Auftritt n. performance 2 aufziehen v. wind up, pull toward, draw inward 1 aufzieht v. stretch (fixes the stiff joints) 1 aufzuführen n. play a role (in a theather play) 1 Aufzug n. Elevator 1 aufzuwachen v. TO grow up 1 Augenblick n. Moment (very short moment) 1 ausbaden v. pay for 1 Ausdauer n. Stamina 1 Ausdruck n. expression (Gesichtausdruck - expresion of the face) 1 ausdrücken v. express (of easyness of speech) 1 ausgehen v. ausgehen 1 ausgehungert v. starve to dead (figurately) 1 ausgerechnet v. planned 1 ausgerechnet exp. Of all the… (people) 1 ausgerechnet exp. Of all the times… 1 ausgesetzt v. exposed. 1 ausgetrocknet v. dried out 1 ausgewählt adj. picked, chosen 1 ausgleichende gerechtigkeit expresion 3 aushalten v. endure\withstand 1 aushalten withstand 1 auskennen v. be familiar with something 1 auskommen v. to agree with other 1 ausleihen v. borrow 2 ausmacht fig. provoques/causes something, minds 1 Ausnahme n. Exception 1 Ausrede n. Excuse 1 Ausreden n. Excuses 2 ausrichten v. align, enderezar, fig. do something to stop somebody/correct 1 außerdem adv. Besides, furthermore 1 austragen v. celebrate, dispute 1 austrocknen v. dry 1 ausverkauft v. sold 1 auszugehen v. to go out (with friends)

1 autauchen 1 bat 1 Baum 1 bedauerlich 1 bedingungslos 1 Bedroht 1 Beeil 1 beeilen 1 beeindruckend 1 befleckt 1 befreien 1 begabt 1 begießen 1 begleichen 1 begleiten 1 begrapscht 1 begreifen 2 begriffen 1 begrüssen 1 behalten 1 behältst 1 behandelt 1 behütest 1 Bein 1 bekämpft 1 bekommen 1 bekommt 1 belasten 1 belegt 1 beleidigt 1 beliebt 1 beliebten 2 bemerkt 1 bemüht 1 benehmen 1 bereits 1 bereuen 1 Beruhige 1 beruhigter 1 berühren 1 beschädigt 2 Bescheid 1 bescheuert 1 bescheuerte 1 beschneiden 1 beschuldigt 2 beschützen

v. appear v. asked (bitten) n. Tree adj. Regrettable adv. Unconditionally n. threatened imp. Hurry! v. hurry adj. Impressive (imponent) v. stained (not followed) v. set free adj. Talented v. trow water on v. settle (adjust) v. acompanny v. groped v. comprehend adj. Comprehend v. greet (saludar) v. keep v. keep v. treated v. care for/watch over n. Leg v. combats, oppose v. received v. received v. burden v. conquered v. insulted adj. Apreciated adj. Beloved. v. notice v. effort v. behave adv. Already v. regret imp. Calm adj. Calmed v. touch v. damaged n. let know adj. Idiots adj. Crazy (nuissance) v. cortar (un arbol…) v. accused v. cover

1 besessen 3 besiegen 2 besitzt 1 Besondere 1 besorgt 1 besorgt 1 besprechen 1 besteht 1 bestellt 2 bestimmen 1 bestimmt 2 bestimmt 1 bestraft 1 betreten 1 Betrüger 1 bettlägerig 1 Bevölkerungsdichte 1 bewährte 2 beweg 1 bewegen 3 bewegt 4 Beweis 1 bewundere 1 Bewusstsein 1 Biest 1 Bisher 1 bislang 3 Blätter 1 blöd 1 blöde 1 Blödsinn 2 bloss 1 Blumenwiese 1 Blüte 1 Bock 3 bösartige 1 böse 1 Bösen 1 brachte 1 brav 1 brechen auf 1 brehe 2 Brüderchen 1 Bruhe 1 Brustumfang 1 bürstest 1 bürstet

adj. Possesed/insane v. win, vanquish, break, defeat. v. possess adj. Special v. gotten (purchased) adj. Worried v. discuss v. exists v. ordered v. determine v. decide adv. Definitely, surely adj. Punished v. go into n. defrauder adj. Bedridden (can't leave bed), confined n. Population density v. proven imp. Move v. move v. moved, ajitado n. Proof v. admire n. conciousness n. Bestia adv. So far… t. so far n. leaf adj. stupid adj. stupid n. No sense! adv. Just, just don't be n. Field of fowers n. Blossom n. Remorse (Figurately) adj. evil adj. Evil v. evil (ones) v. brought adj. "like good boy" -> schön brav v. rush fordward v. break n. Small brother n. Can mean Tee, but also soup or sweat n. bust measurement. v. comb (peinar) v. brushes

1 Dabei 1 Dadurch 1 dadurch 1 Dafür 1 dafür 1 dagegen 2 daher 1 damals 1 damit 1 dämliche 1 dankbar 1 daran 2 daran 1 darauf 1 Darauf 1 Darauf 1 darauf herein 1 daraus 2 darf 1 darfst 2 darüber 1 Darum 1 darum 1 das für ein 1 das ist das Allerletzte! 1 das steht fest. 1 dasselbe 1 dasselve 2 Davon 1 davon 1 davon 1 dazu 1 dazu 2 dazu 1 dem 1 den Laufpass geben 1 denen 1 denn 1 denn 1 dennoch 1 deren 1 dessen 2 deutlich 1 Dicker 1 die Form wahren 1 die Hosen voll 1 die Nase von

conj. Whereas, since adv. Because of this adv. With that adv. For the fact adv. For it (AT THE END of sentence) adv. Against it adv. Hence n. then, during that period, back then. conj. For it adj. Stupid adv. thankful v. to them/for them/with them v. on it exp. To it! (only in reactions!) conj. For (fall for (it), work for…) exp. On it (at the beginning, conjuction exp. Fall for it, fooled adv. From it v. must allow (one of them) v. allowed prep. "about of it" adj. Therefore, That is why adv. For it (about it). exp. That for one exp. That's the limit! (of your egoism!) exp. That's for süre. pron. The same (said before) pron. The same adv. De lo cual… (Of which…) adv. From that adv. Of that, about that, for that adv. Over/in there (refering to past action or something understood b exp. To that adv. With it/for it. union. A la (naturaleza dejar) exp. Darle el avion pron. Those (the ones indicated) adv. Actually, Supposedly, Then, conj. Because adv. Yet (no obstante) pron. Whose (the ones that belong to) pron. Which belongs to adj. Precisely adj. Fat. exp. the mood continue exp. The pants full (of that) exp. Feed up

1 dienen v. serve 1 Diener n. servant 1 Dienstbote n. servant, attendant 1 dir zeig ich es exp. I will show it 2 doch conj. Please (at end also) 1 doch adv. After all 1 doch adv. Surely/wont you?/can't you? AT THE END 1 doch adv. Still (before bei) 1 doch adv. Already (emphazising) 1 doch at the end of a command, NOW 1 doch mal interj. Still sometimes 1 doch noch exp. Yet… (he is still yet one kid) 1 doch nur exp. Only 1 doch wohl exp. Surely 1 Doofi slg. Idiot 1 dort hin exp. Go there 1 dran adv. On it, on them, to it, to them 1 drauf adv. on it, on top of it; hereon, hereupon, thereon 1 draussen adj. Outside (to the exterior) 1 Dreck n. crap 1 drehen v. twist/turn 3 drin adv. Within, in, inside 1 dringend adj. Urgently 1 dröhnt v. reverberate (echoes) 1 drüben adv. On the other side 1 drüber adv. In that place (over there) 1 drum herum exp. Everything around of it 1 Du trägst den passenden Aufzug exp. You took the right lift 1 Duft n. Aroma 1 dulden v. tolerate 1 Dummes adj. Stupid 1 Dunkeltrip n. way to the darkness 1 durch prep. To the end. At the end. 2 durchgefallen v. failed (an examination) 1 durchgeknallten adj. Crazy 2 durchhalten v. persist 1 durchleben v. live through 1 Düsternis n. Darkness 3 eben adj. Just (a moment, a while) adj. real, genuine, sincere, unposed, natural; typical, characteristic adv. really, genuinely, sincerely, honestly, seriously 1 echt 1 edle adj. Noble 2 edler adj. Noble 1 eher adv. Before (as first impresión) 1 Ehre n. Honor

1 ehrwürdiger 1 eigenartige 3 eigensinnig 3 Eigentlich 2 einbildest 1 Einbrecher 1 eindeutig 1 eine Frage der Zeit 1 einer unserer 2 einfallen 2 einfällt 1 einfältig 1 eingefallen 1 eingerichtet 1 eingesperrt 1 einlassen 1 einsam 1 einsamer 1 Einsamkeit 1 einschenken 2 einsetzen 1 einsieht 1 einsperren 1 Einzeilteilen 1 einzige 1 Einzige 1 einzigen 1 Ekel 1 Ekelhaft 2 Eklig 1 elend 1 empfinde 1 eng 1 enrregend 1 ensetzlich 1 Ente 1 Entfalte 1 entfalten 1 entfernt 1 entsprechend 1 enttäuscht 2 entwickelt 1 erbärmlicher 1 erbarmt 1 Erdgeister 1 erfahrt 1 erfrieren

adj. Venerable/honorable adj. Peculiar, strange adj. Stubborn adv. Certainly, Actually, Normally v. imagine n. Ladron adv. clearly v. a question of time exp. One of our v. believe to be something v. Idealize/imagine (to get an idea) adj. Naive fig. fitted (into the role), fallen v. amueblado adj. Imprisioned v. involved adj. Lonely adj, isolated n. Loneliness v. pour (heat some tea) v. put in v. recognize v. lock up n. Componentes/pieces adj. Unique, n. The only one adv. Only one n. A disgust adj. Disgusting n. asqueroso/repulsivo adj. Miserably v. feel, sense (emotional) adj. Narrow v. enrage adj. Dreadful n. Duck v. unfold v. unfold v. removed adj. Appropiately adj. Disappointed v. develop adj. Pitiful v. to pity n. Earth spirit n. know (of knowledge) v. freeze to dead

1 erfunden 2 erfunden 1 ergeht 1 erkläre 1 erkunden 1 erlangen 1 erlaube 1 Erlaubniss 2 erledigen 1 Ermahnungen 1 Ermittlungen 1 ernährt 1 ernst 1 erobert 1 erregend 1 erreichen 1 erscheint 1 erschienen 1 erschöpfter 1 erschrecken 2 erschreckt 1 Ersetzt 1 erst 1 erst mal 1 erst nach dem 1 Ertrag 1 ertrinken 1 erwecken 1 erweckt 1 erwischen 1 erwürgt 1 Erzähl 1 Erzählerin 1 erzeugen 1 Es geht darum 1 Es kann los gehen 1 Es kommt nie vor 1 es sich 1 Essbare 1 etwa 1 etwa 1 etwas 1 Evolutionsstufe 1 ewigen 1 exp. Ist das für ein 1 fabelhaft 1 Fach

v. created adj. Fictional v. vá (o nos va… a llevar) v. declarar (la guerra) v. explore v. attain, achieve (goal) v. allow n. Permission v. accomplish/deal with/handle/tace care of/ n. Advertencia n. Investigation v. feed (of food) adj. Seriously v. conquered v. exciting v. reach v. appear v. appeared adj. Exhausted v. frighten v. frighten v. replace adv. Not until (at end) exp. For the moment exp. Only after v. endure v. drown v. awake (force to) v. resusitado v. catch v. estrangulated imp. Cuentame… (como te fue) n. Narrator v. generate exp. The idea is… The point is… exp. It can start/begin exp. It never seems exp. it by itself n. Eatable (food) adv. Around adv. A bit pron. Slightly n. evolution level adv. Eternal exp. Kind of a… adj. fabulously n. cajon

1 fähig 1 Fahne 2 Falle 1 fällst 1 fang 2 Fangen 2 Fass an 1 Fasse 2 Feder 1 Fehlt 1 fein 1 Feind 1 Feinden 1 Fernsteuerung 1 Fesseln 1 fest 1 festhalten 1 fiel 1 finstere 1 Finsternis 1 fleissig 1 flennen 1 flicke 1 Flieh 1 fliehen 1 Fluch 1 flüchten 1 Flur 1 Forderung 2 frech 2 freiwillig 1 Fresse 1 Freude 2 Frieden 2 froh 1 früher 2 Furcht 5 furchtbar 1 gäbe 1 gähnende Leere 1 ganz so 1 ganz weit 1 garstiges 1 Gartenschere 1 Gast 1 gastfreundlich 1 gebastelt

adj. Capable n. Flag n. Trap (red) v. drop v. capture (catch) v. Fish/to play capture i. finger (touch) imp. Grasp n. Pluma (la cosa que va detrás de los muñecos para dar cuerda) n. Faltó (absent) fine (delicate) n. Enemy n. Enemies n. remote control n. Bond, link adj. Strongly v. grasp v. felt (she felt) adj. Dim (dim light) n. eclipse/darkness adj. Extrictly, applicadamente v. about to burst in tears v. patch/fix imp. Escape v. escape n. curse v. flee n. corridor n. Demand adj. Bold, impudent adj. Voluntarily exp. Face (long face) n. Greetings/pleassures n. las paces, peace adj. Happy adj. Before n. Terror adj. Awfully, Dreadfully v. gave (up, surrender) exp. Gaping void exp. Quite as exp. Quite much adj. Nasty n. garden scissors. n. Invitado adj. Hospitalaria v. handycrafted (created by hand)

1 Gebäude 1 gebaut 1 gebeten 1 Gebieter 1 geboren 1 gebrochen 1 Gedächtnis 1 Gedanken 1 geehrt 2 Gefahr 1 gefallen 1 gefälligst 1 gefälligst 1 gefangen 1 Gefängnis 1 gefasst 1 gefordert 1 gefrässig 1 gefrässiges 1 Gefühle 1 gegenseitig 1 Gegenstand 2 gegenüber 1 Gegenwart 1 geglaubt 1 gegossen 1 Geh rauf! 1 gehässig 1 Geheimnis 1 gehöre 1 Gehorsam 1 geht … vor sich. 1 geht an 1 Geht auf 1 geistig 1 gekehrt 1 geklappert 1 gekostet 1 Gekritzel 1 gelassen 1 gelästert 1 gelaufen 1 geliebte 1 gelogen 2 gelungen 1 Gemächer 1 gemein

n. Building v. build (of ihr) v. ask for, request (one tee) n. master v. born v. broken. n. memory n. Ideas adj. Honored v. Danger v. gustar adj. Kindly imp. Please (begging) v. captured n. Prision adj. Calm. v. exigido adj. Voracious adj. Voracious, greedy n. Feelings adv. Each other. n. Object. adv. Towards n. Present, current time v. believed v. poured imp. Go up! (in the stairs) adj. Arrogant, malicious n. secret v. belong n. obedience exp. Going on. v. meddle v. swell up (manija de baño) adv. Mentally v. turned v. to make a "clack" sound v. taken (from somebody) n. scrabble v. past from let v. blaspheme v. ran adj. Beloved. v. lie (tell a lie) adj. Logrados (hechos), succeded n. Chamber, room v. despicable

1 gemeint 1 gemeldet 1 Gemütszustand 1 geniessen 1 genommen 1 Gequengel 1 Gerade noch geschafft 1 gerät 2 Geräusch 1 gerechnet 1 gerettet 2 geschafft 1 Geschäft 1 geschäftlich 1 geschah 1 geschieht 1 geschmeckt 1 geschmückt 1 Geschwister 1 Gesetz 2 Gesicht 1 Gesindes 1 gespannt 1 gestaunt 1 Geste 2 gestellt 1 gesteuert 1 gestossen 1 gesunken 1 getragen 1 geträumt 1 getrennt 1 Getue 1 gewachsen 1 gewählt 1 Gewand 1 geweckt 1 gewehrt 1 geweint 3 gewesen 1 gewonnen 3 geworden 1 gewordenen 1 geworfen 1 gewundert 1 Gezets 1 gezweifelt

v. said, expressed, meant v. registered n. Mood v. enjoy adj. Taken n. Whinning (crying) exp. Just in time. v. gets n. Noise v. expected adj. Saved v. aproved (an examination)/managed n. Bussiness (also coliquial dirt) adj. Related to bussiness v. befall (happened) v. befall (on you) v. tasted v. decorated n. Brothers v. Rule (of law) n. face n. Servant (after dativ des) v. nervous, tensed v. amazed n. Gesture v. puesto (de su lado, en un lugar) v. manipulated v. pushed/trown/pulled v. sunk v. endure (to carry something), fig. continue sleeping v. dreamnt (past of dream) adv. Separately n. Fuss adj. Elevated. adv. (talk well) n. Garment n. awaken v. defend (myself) v. cried v. been. v. gained v. turn out/become adj. Grown (crecido, aumentado) v. trown v. wondered n. Law (in physics or similar) v. doubted

1 Gib her 1 giesse 1 Giesskanne 1 giesst 1 Gift 1 ging 1 Glanz 1 glatt 1 gleich 1 gleich 1 glitzernd 2 glotzt 1 glücklich 1 gnädige 1 gönnen 1 Göre 1 Grapscher 1 Grauenhaft 1 greift zu! 1 Grenzen 1 grimmig 1 grob 1 Grund 1 gründlich 1 gruseligen 1 Hals 1 halt zu! 1 Haltet fest 1 Hältst 1 hässlicher 1 hat dich gern 2 hatte 2 hätte 1 hau ab! 1 Hau rein 1 hau... ab 1 Haufen 1 haut rein 1 heben 1 heil 1 heilende 2 heilig 1 heimgesucht 1 heimtückischer 2 heißt 1 heiteren 1 her

imp. Give away v. pour (water, let flow) n. Watering can v. pour (pour care, love) n. Poison v. prateritum de gehen n. brilliance v. smooth adv. In a short time, right now adv. Shortly adj. Brillosamente v. gaze (look at) adj. Joyful adj. Gracious v. to be glad, to allow oneself n. Saucy little miss (Criatura) n. grabber adj. Terrible imp. Grab n. Boundaries adj. Ferocious adj. Rude n. razón (pero si esa no es la razón!) n. throughly adj. Creepy n. neck imp. Keep closed imp. Hold tight v. think (to be) adj. Mean (nasty) exp. Like you v. past of haven. Had v. have (used with main verbs to form konjuctive II exp. Get out! imp. Dig in expresion n. Pile imp. Plural, dig in! v. lift adj. Unhurt v. healing adj. Sacred v. haunts (haunted) adj. Malicious v. call/mean (corresponds) adj. cheerising adv. Come from

1 herein adv. Into 1 herkam v. come here 1 herkommen v. come over 1 Herrin n. Mistress (of the house) 2 herrscht v. prevails 2 herum adv. Around 1 herunter l. down (can be combined) 1 herunterschleifen v. drag down 1 heult v. howl 1 hier her exp. Venir aquí, adv. To this place 1 hieraus adv. Out (From this place) 2 hiermit l. con esto 1 hilflose adj. Helpless 1 hin adv. To, towards 1 hin gucken exp. Look back 1 hinein l. into 1 hingegangen v. past of hingehen, (just) go, went to 1 hinsehen v. look, watch 1 hinüber adv. There, to that place in front. 1 hinweg adv. Away 1 hissen v. raise 1 hoffnungsloser adj. Hopeless 1 höflicher adj. Polite 1 holt v. picked up 1 Holz n. Wood 1 Hör auf zu fressen! exp. Stop eating! (zu +v, nominalization) 2 hör zu imp. Listen 1 hörig adj. Slaved 1 Hört… auf imp. Stop that behaviour 1 Hose n. Calzones, truzas 1 Hülle n. Cover (envoltura) 1 Ich bekomme keine Luft mehr. exp. I cannot breath anymore 1 Ich bin gleich da. exp. I'm almost there (right there) 1 Ich traue ihr alles zu. exp. I account her for everything 1 Igitt exp. yuck! 1 ihr euch exp. Ustedes (yourselves) 1 im Stich lassen exp. Abandon, desert 1 immer herum exp. Always around 1 In Deckung exp. Take cover 1 Indianerehrenwort n. Indian sacred word of honor. 1 innere adj. Inside of the (has dativ inklusiv) 1 Insel n. Island 1 Irgendetwas pron. Everything 1 irgendwo adv. Somewhere 1 irre adj. Amazing (crazy) 1 Irre n. Crazyness 1 Irrenhaus n. lunatic asylum

1 irrst adj. Wrong 1 irrt v. wander 1 ist das hier exp. Is here 1 ist es nicht vorbei exp. Is not over yet. 1 ist Hopfen und Malz verloren exp. Es u caso perdido 1 ja int. Ni 1 jämmerliches adj. Pitiful 1 je adv. Ever 1 Jeder n. Everyone 1 jenseits pron. Beyond 1 jetzt t. inmediately (at end) 1 jetzt adv. Even 1 Jetzt reicht es mir aber! exp. Ahora es el colmo!!!!!! (extreme furiousity!) 1 Jetzt setzt es was!? exp. Now what it is!? 2 kam v. came 1 Kamm n. Comb (de peine) 1 Kanne n. Can (of water) 1 kapitulieren v. give up. 1 kehren v. turn (back) 1 Keine Aufregung exp. Don't panic 1 Keiner n. nobody, no one 1 Kerl n. wicked or malicious person 1 Kindereien n. Chiquilladas 1 Kinderkram n. Kid's stuff 1 Kindheit n. childhood 2 klappt v. flap; come off; go over, work out 1 Kleidchen n. little dress 1 Kleinmütigen n. Coward, Pusilanime 1 Klo n. Toilete 1 Kloss n. Bola hecha de papa 1 Klotz n. Bulto/lastre 2 kluges adj. Intelligent 1 knabenhaft adj. boyish 1 Knirps n. chaval enano 1 knurrt v. growl (stomach sounds when one has apettite) 1 Kohle n. Carbon 1 Kohle fig. Cash 1 komme noch v. iré 1 kommen ran v. reach 1 Königin n. Queen 1 Körbchen n. Basket 1 Körperlich adv. Corporally (from body) 1 kostbaren adj. Preciouss 1 Kotzen n. Vomit 1 kotzt an v. puke over (be sick over) 1 Kraft n. Energy 1 Kram n. junk/mess

1 Kreischnatter 1 Kreischnudel 2 kriege 1 Krimi 1 kritzel 1 Krönung 1 Kröte 1 Kugelgelenke 3 Kuh 1 kühlt ab 1 kümmere 1 kümmern 1 kümmern 1 künstlerischen 1 kuscheltier 1 lach! 2 lächerlich 1 lachhaft 1 Laden 1 Lage 1 lahme 1 landen 1 langem 1 längst 6 Lärm 2 lasst 1 lässt 1 lästig 1 lästigen 2 Laune 1 lauter 1 lauwarm 1 lauwarme 2 leb wohl 1 Lebewohl 1 lebhaft zugeht 1 lebst 1 leg 1 legen 1 Leichnam 2 leiden 1 leih 2 leise 1 Leistung 1 Leopardenmuster 1 Lern kennen 1 lieber

n. Culebra gritante (yeah… try to put that in english and doesn't hav n. screaming nudeln (fig. screaming crazy person) v. catch/get n. Detective Story v. scribble (draw) n. Climax, coronation n. rana n. ball joint n. Cow v. (begin to) become cold n. look after v. to look [after] v. concern adj. Artistic n. muñeco de peluche imp. Laught adj. Ridiculous adj. Laughable n. Store n. Site adj. Lame v. land adj. Long adv. Long ago n. Noise imp. Plural, let (us) v. let, remain adj. Bothersome adj. Annoying n. mood adj. Loud v. tepid (not done with effort) adj. Tibio exp. Farewell n. farewell exp. Lively v. live (from du) imp. Lay v. lay, put, set, place, insert, fix in place, locate; sow, plant seeds; de n. Corpse v. bear (cannot bear it anymore) imp. Lend adj. Peaceful, quiet n. Archievement n. estampado de leopardo n. announce, present (yourself) adv. Better, rather

1 Liebhaber 2 Loch 1 lohnt 1 losgegangen 2 Lösung 1 Luft 1 Lügnern 2 lügst

n. Lover n. Hole v. worth v. turned on like crazy n. the key (solution to a problem) n. Air n. Liars v. lie v. laugh at, ridicule, make game of, make fun of -, joke at -, mock 1 lustig machen 1 Mach dir auf! exp. Get yourself 1 macht fertig v. exasperate. 1 Magen n. Stomach 1 Mahlzeiten n. Meal 1 mal adj. Once 1 mal adv. even (once) 1 male v. paint 1 Man kommt ja gar nicht zurexp. Ruhe. One does not settle down at all. 1 Manche pro. Many 1 Mangel beseitigen exp. Fix the damage. 1 Massstäben n. stadarts, models 1 Mäulchen n. Little mount (boquita) 1 Mäumschen n. arbolito 1 meckert v. (cry, from Ihr) 1 mehr geben exp. Anymore 1 Mensch n. human 1 Menschenmännchen n. human males 3 Menschlein n. Little man 1 menschlich adj. human 1 merkt v. to realize 2 merkwürdig adj. Extrange! 1 merkwürdige adj. Extrange 2 misch ein v. entrometer (en asuntos que no le importan), meddle 1 Mist n. Wortless item (Slang) Crap 1 mit pro. With (me) 1 miteinander adv. Together, mutual 1 mitgegeben v. give to bring along 1 mitgekommen v. join (us) 2 mitmachen v. participate 2 Mittel n. Methods 1 Mittelstufe n. School with years 7 to 9 1 Möhre n. Carrot 1 Mordshunger n. a big hunger! 1 Mühe n. Trouble/effort 1 Mund n. Mouth 1 mürrisches adj. Ill tempered 1 Mut n. Courage

1 Na schön exp. Fine, Allright! 1 Na so was? exp. Oh… I never [did expect]? 1 nach adv. After, by 1 nach und nach immer exp. Gradually 1 nachgeben v. surrender to (the other) 2 nachher t. later, hereafter, from here on 1 Nachmittag n. afternoon 1 Nachteil n. Disadvantage 1 nachtragend adj. Recentful. 1 nähen v. sew 1 nämlich exp. In other words… 1 Nass n. Liquid 1 Nebels n. Fog 1 nenn imp. Call (me) 1 nennen v. nominate/call 1 Nervenkitzel n. sensation 1 Nervensäge n. pest 1 nervst v. irritate 2 neulich t. recently\lately 1 nicht einmal exp. Not anymore 2 nicht mal exp. (do)Not even. 1 nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank exp. He has not all the screws on his head anymore 1 nicht wahr? exp. No es verdad? 1 Nicht zu fassen! exp. It's incredible 1 nicht zu helfen exp. It can't be helped 1 Nichts wie weg exp. Let's make ourselves scarce, let's go quickly 1 nichts zu gebrauchen. exp. Not useful (a person is nor useful) 1 Nichtsnutz n. Good for nothing 1 nieder adj. Low 1 niedlich adj. Cute 1 Niete n. Huge faliure 1 Nilpferd n. hippopotamus 1 Nimm v. take 1 noch adv. However 1 Noch adv. More (one more, even more) 1 noch adv. Still (before a quantity) 1 noch eine exp. Another 1 noch etwas exp. Something else 1 noch nie exp. Never 1 noch was exp. Noch etwas 1 Nörgeltante n. moaning aunt 1 nötig adv. Necessary (necesariamente) 1 Notlage n. constrainment, force (opposing) 3 nun adv. Now, Well, So 1 nun adv. Pues 1 nun wieder exp. Now again 1 nur I wonder…. AT THE END!

1 nur noch 1 Nutzen 1 Oberdummkopf 1 Obwohl 3 Offenbar 1 offensichtlich 1 Oh je… 1 ohne dass 1 ohnmächtig 1 Opfers 1 ordentlich 1 Packetbote 1 Papierkram 1 pass auf 1 Pass gut auf 2 peinlich 1 Pflanze 1 pflanzen 2 Pflicht 1 pflückt 1 Pforten 1 platt 2 plötzlich 1 plötzlichen 1 Probe 1 Profi 1 prügeln 1 Püppchen 1 Puste 2 quälen 1 Quälgeist 1 quält 5 Quatsch 1 Quengel tante 1 quengelst 1 quietscht 1 Rächerin 1 Rätsels 1 rauben 1 raus hängt 1 rausgekriegt 1 reagieren 1 reagiert 1 Reck 1 reden 1 regst auf 2 reicht

exp. Sólo n. Benefit n. Upper fool conj. Despite, although adv. Evidently, apparently adj. Evident exp. Madre mia! exp. Withouth adj. Unconscious n. victim adj. Neat (in a neat way) n. delivery messenger (person) n. paperwork imp. Look out! expre. Pay good attention adj. Painful/apenado n. Flower v. Plantar (de flores) n.obligation (deber) v. gather (tear them out and gather) n. Puertas adj. Flat adv. Suddenly adv. Suddenly n. Trial n. Professional v. beat n. moppet n. breath v. torment n. Pelmazo v. tortures (me) n. Nosense n. Nagging aunt v. wine v. screams n. woman avenger n. puzzles v. to rob. v. hang out v. discovered v. react v. responds n. Barra horizontal v. speak n. get (you) upset v. be enough

1 reine 1 reinreden 1 Reiz 1 Riss 1 Ritter 1 rotzfreche 1 rüber 1 rüber 1 Ruck 1 Rücken 1 Rückgabefrist 1 Rumpelkammer 1 Rumpf 1 runter 1 Samen 1 Sammlung 1 sanftere 1 satt 1 schaden 1 schaffen 2 schaffst 1 schafft 1 schafft mich 1 schaffte 1 Schämst 1 Schande 1 schändlich 1 Schaum 1 Scheibe 1 scheinheilig 1 Schere 1 scheren 1 scheussliche 2 Schicksal 1 schief 1 schief 1 Schienbein 1 Schimmel 1 schimpfst 1 Schlaf 1 Schlafmütze 1 schlagen 1 Schlamassel 1 Schlange 1 schlapp 1 schlau 2 Schleife

adj. Pure v. entrometer n. Interest n. scratch n. Knights (archaic) adj. Sinverguenza v. cross (to a place) adj. across n. Tug (struggle, pull) n. back (la espalda) n. limit time for sending back a delivery (trial period) n. lumber room (where some things are stored) n. vientre l. down (place) v. seeds n. collection adj. Gentle v. replentished v. injury, cause damage v. make it (happen) v. make/do (happen) v. can make exp. It ends me, it wears out me v. manage v. feel shame n. shame adj. Despicable. n. soap bubbles n. sheet (of glass) adj. hypocrital n. Scissors v. shear (trim de pelo) adj. Terrible n. Destiny adj. Oblique exp. All wrong n. espinilla n. white rose v. insult (from du) n. sleep adj. Dormilon v. hit n. mess n. snake adj. worn out adj. clever n. Ribbon

1 schlief 1 Schliess 2 schliesslich 1 schlimm 1 Schlimmes 1 Schlimmste 1 schlummert 1 Schmerzen 1 Schmetterling 1 Schmollen 1 schmucke 1 Schneewittchen 1 schnüffel 1 schön 1 schon gut 1 schon immer 1 schon mal 2 schon wieder 1 Schönheit 1 Schrägstrich 3 schrecklich 2 schreckliche 2 Schrei 2 Schrott 2 Schrotthaufen 3 Schuld 1 Schutz 1 schwach 1 Schweinerei 1 schwer 1 schwermütige 1 Schwierischkeit 1 schwindelig 1 Seehund 1 Seele 1 Seelenlandschaft 1 sehnt 1 seht 1 Selbst 2 Selbstverständlich 2 seltsam 1 seltsamen 1 Sendung 1 Setz auf! 1 sich 1 Sieg 1 Siegelstempel

sleep i. close adv. After all adj. Bad n. Bad (something bad happened) n. the worst v. slumbers n. Pain n. Mariposa n. Hacer caras (estar de malas) adj. Clever n. beautiful young woman as pure as snow v. sniff (husmea) adj. Pretty exp. ALRIGHT (it is alright. Forget it) exp. Always exp. Right now! exp. Once again n. Beauty n. Barra adj. Awful, Awfully adj. Dreadful, terrible, horrible, awful imp. Shout\cry n. Junk n. Scrapheap (monton de chatarra) n. blame, adj. to owe n. Protection adj. Weak n. cochinadero (mess) adj. Heavy adj. Melancholyc n. Dificulty (dificulties) adj. Dizzy n. Foca n. Spirit n. complete mindset (mood) v. yearn, long for imp. Sehen v. even adv. of course, evidently, naturally adj. Weird. adj. extrange n. Broadcast imp. Put on pro. Is n. Victory n. seal

1 siegen 1 Siegerin 1 Sieh 1 Sieh her 2 Sieh zu 1 siehst aus 1 Sinn 1 so 1 so 1 so 1 so 1 so 1 So 1 So (et)was 1 So ein… 1 So eine… 1 So etwas 1 so liebt gehabt 1 So sei es! 1 so ungefähr 1 so viel ich will 1 so was 1 So wie 1 so wie es ist 1 Sogar 1 Sohn 1 Solange 4 solche 2 solchen 1 soll 1 soltzen 1 somit 1 sonst 2 sonst 1 sonst niemand 1 Sorte 3 soweit 1 sowieso 1 sozusagen 1 spannende 1 spannenden 1 Spannendes 1 Spar 1 sperrte 1 Spiegel 1 Spiegelbild 1 Spiegeleier

v. win n. winner (female) imp. Look (what have you done) exp. See here imp. Make sure v. look (of looks, how do you look?) n. meaning adv. Such (quantity) adv. Así (al final de la oracion) adj. Too adv. So much (before a verb!! Middle sentence) adv, AFTER UND, therefore, hence. interj. Therefore exp. Such a thing exp What a…. (error, mistake) exp. Such a…. exp. Something like that exp. AL FINAL, THUS (AL FINAL TANTO) exp. So Be it! exp. More or less. exp. As much (as) I want exp. So etwas! (such a thing/que cosa!) exp. Tal como… exp. As is it. adv. Even conj. As long as pro. Such adj. Such fig. is adj. Proud adv. Therefore conj. Otherwise adv. Usual exp. Nobody else n. Kind v. fig. finished adv. Anyway exp. So to speak adj. Exciting adj. Exciting n. Exciting imp. Save (ahorrate) lock n. Mirror n. Reflection n. Egg sunny side

1 spinne 1 Spinnst du 1 sprachloss 1 Sprüchen 1 spuckende 1 spült 1 Spuren 1 spürst 1 Stadien 1 Stand 1 Standpauke halten 1 starrst 1 staunst 1 steckst 1 steckt 1 stehlen 1 stell 1 Stellung 1 Sternschnuppe 1 Stich 1 still 2 Stimme 1 Stofftier 1 stopfen 1 störst 2 strahlende 1 strebt 1 streikt 2 streng 1 stumm 1 stürmen 1 Styroporgequietsche 1 tagelang 1 Täter 1 Tatort 2 tatsächlich 1 Tattergreis 1 Taugenichts 1 Teufel 1 tief 1 tiefel 1 tiefen 1 tolle Teil 1 törnt 1 total daneben 1 Trage 1 Tränen

fig. I'm crazy. fig. are you crazy? adj. speechless n. big Talk/mouth v. spiting v. wash with water n. Tracks (hints) v. feel, perceive (emotional) n. Stages n. where one place his feet exp. Lecture-off v. stare (from du) v. amazed v. stick around v. meter (go into) v. stole imp. Stay n. Position, Post n. Estrella fugaz n. Shade n. calm, still n. Voice, sound, tone n. toy v. fill (of food) v. estorbas! adj. Beaming (light) v. strived (past of strive for er) v. protest adj. Strict adj. Mute (silenciado) v. storm n. Foam (unicell) adj. For days n. Culprit n. Place (of a crime) adv. Actually adj. Weakling n. Good for nothing n. devil adj. Deep (abyss) adj. Deep (deep sleep) adj. Deep (deep sleep) exp. The complete part v. turns exp. Totalmente atontado imp. Wear (of clothes) n. Tears

1 traue v. dare 1 träumt v. dreamt 1 traut v. trust (in her) 1 treiben v. traen 1 trennen v. separate 1 treu adj. Faithfully 1 tritt v. step (a bit back) 1 trösten v. comfort (consolar) 1 trostlos adj. Unhappy (sad) 1 Trottel n. Stupidly 1 Trüffelschwein n. Cerdo trucha 1 Tu bloss nicht so unschuldig! adv. Just, very, mere… 2 tüchtig adj. Heartily (to your hearts content) 1 tue v. do (of Ich) 2 tust v. do (tust is third form of tun) 1 übel adj. Evil. 1 üben v. excercise (or practice something) 1 überdüngt v. overfertilized 1 übergebe v. hand over 1 übergelaufen v. overflowed 1 Übergriffe n. intrusion 1 überhaupt adv. Nada de nada (en negacion) 1 überhaupt adv. Alltogether (sobretodo) 2 überlassen v. abandon 1 überlässt v. leave (a person or trust a person) 1 überleg imp. Think about 1 überlege v. think about it 1 überlegt v. change one's idea () 1 übermorgen adv. The day after tomorrow (pasadomañana) 1 übernommen v. assumed. 1 übers prep. Over the 1 übers Herz gebracht. exp. The heart (to do it) 1 überschreiten v. cross a limit 1 Übersetzung n. Translation 1 übersteigt v. exceeds 1 übertragen v. transfer 1 überträgst v. transfer 2 übertreib v. exaggerate 2 übrig adj. Left over, second option 1 um prep. after 1 um adv. Around (AT THE END OF SENTENCE!) 1 umbringen v. kill (a person) 1 umgebaut v. remodeled 1 Umhang n. cape 2 umher adv. Around (sinonim herum) 1 umringt v. surrounded 1 Umschlag n. envelope, paper wrapper in which letters are sealed and sent; cov

1 Umschweife 1 umständlich 1 Umtände 1 unangenehm 1 unartige 1 unaustehlich 4 unbedingt 1 unbefangen 2 unbefleckt 1 Und zwar 1 unendlich 2 unfähig 1 ungebeten 1 ungestraft 1 ungewöhnlich 2 ungewöhnlicher 1 unheimlich 2 unhöflich 1 Unhold 2 Unkraut 2 Unrecht 2 unschuldig 1 Unsinn 1 unterhalten 2 unternehmen 1 Unternimm 1 unterscheiden 1 Unterschied 1 untersten 2 unterstützt 1 unverschämte 1 unverzeihlich 1 Unvollkommene 1 unwichtig 1 unzertrennlich 1 verbarrikadiert 1 verbirgt 1 verbrachte 1 verbraucht 1 verbündet 1 verdanken 1 verdorben 1 vereinbart 1 verfluchen 1 Verfluchtes 1 verfolgt 1 Vergangenheit

n. Rodeos adj. Ankward n. Trouble adj. Desagradable adj. Uneducated (puppet) adj. Unbearable adv. Absolutely adj. Desinhibido adj. Unstained, flawless adv. And it means/in fact/that's to say adj. Eternally adj. unCapable v. uninvited adj. Unpunished adj. unusual adj. Unusual v. scary adj. Inpolite n. Fiend n. hierva mala n. Injustice/not right not guilty, inocently n. Nosense v. talk v. do, undertake, perform imp. Do/perform/undertake v. to distiguish n. Difference (THE difference) adj. lowest v. support adj. Insolent adj. Unforgivable n. imperfect adj. Irrelevant adj. Inseparable v. barricated (himself) v. hide (a secret) v. spend (his time in good manner) v. consumed v. allied v. owe n. ruined v. agreed v. curse adj. Damned…. (medium) v. follows n. Past, history

1 vergeudete 1 vergflogen 2 Vergnügen 1 Verhalten 1 verheimlicht 2 verhindern 1 Verkehrsunfall 1 verkriecht 1 verkrüppelten 1 verkümmert 2 verlassen 1 verlaufen 1 verletzen 1 verlieren 1 Verliererin 1 vermeiden 1 vermischt 2 vermisst 1 vermutlich 1 vernichte 1 Vernügungsfahrt 1 vernünftig 2 verrate 1 Versandanbietern 1 verschiedene 1 verschlingen 1 verschlossen 1 verschwinde 2 verschwinden 2 verschwindet 1 verschwunden 1 versöhnt 1 verstößt gegen 1 Versuchung 1 verteidigen 3 vertragen 1 vertrauen 1 Vertretern 2 vertrocknet 1 verwandeln 1 verwirrt 1 verwöhnter 1 verzeige 1 verzeihen 1 verzeihung 1 verzichte 1 verzweifelt

v. wasted (time) v. vanish n. Pleasure, fun n. Behaviour v. hidden v. prevent n. road accident v. hide (in his room) adj. Crippled/handycaped adj. Descuidado, marchitado v. abandon/rely v. lost (from the way) v. hurt v. lose n. La perdedora v. avoid v. merges v. missed ( you so much) adv. Presumably v. anihilate n. Pleasure trip n. Rational v. reveal a secret (also betray) n. providers adj. Different v. devour v. locked imp. Dissapear! v. dissapear v. gone v. dissapeared v. reconciliate exp. Offend against n. Temtation v. protect v. tolerate v. trust n. Vendedor/representante en puerta adj. Dried up v. transform (change to, convert) adj. Confused. v. spoiled v. forgive v. forgive interj. Pardon me! v. refuse adj. Desperately

1 Verzweiflung n. Desperation 1 Viertels n. fig. Neighbohrhood 1 viorsichtig adj. Careful 2 vollbracht v. realized/performed 2 vollkommen adv. completely 1 vollkommene adj. Ideal 1 Vollkommenheit n. perfection 1 von Anfang an exp. From he beginning. 1 Von wegen…! exp. No way…! 1 vor v. planned 1 vorbei adv. Past, finished 1 vorbei adv. Finished. 1 vorbereitet v. prepared 1 vorbey adv. By, over (come by, over) 1 Vorbild n. model 1 voreilig adj. Rash, precipitate 1 vorgefalen v. ocurred 1 vorgewärmt n. prewarm 1 vorhaben v. intend 1 vorher adv. Before, previously 1 vorhin adv. Just this moment, 1 vorkommen v. seem, happens 1 Vorlieben n. preferencias 1 Vorstellung n. Imagination/idea 1 vorübergehend adj. Temporary 1 wächst v. grows 1 wackelt v. sway (tremble) 1 wagst v. dare 1 wagt v. dare (risk) 1 wahl n. Choice 1 wahlerisch adj. Selective 6 wahnsinnig adj. Lunatic, insanely, insane 1 Wahrheit n. truth 1 Wald n. forest 1 Wandlung n. Transformation 1 warst v. were (where where you?) 1 Wärst v. would (du) 1 Warum ausgerechnet ich? exp. Why me? 1 was pron. Something 1 was für mich exp. Something for me 1 was soll das exp. A que viene eso? 2 weder… noch conj. Neither… nor 1 wegen prep. Beucause of 1 weggenschickt v. send away 1 weglaufen v. run away(huir) 1 wegwerfen v. discard 1 Weiber n. Woman

1 weiblich 3 weich 1 weichst 1 Weile 1 weinst 2 weit 1 weit weg 1 weiter 1 weiterentwickelt 1 welche 1 welche 1 welchen 3 wenigstens 1 Werde bloss nicht frech! 1 werdet 1 werfe 1 werfen 1 wertlosen 2 Wesen 1 wessen 1 wette 1 wie es gelaufen ist! 1 wieder 1 wieder 1 wieder weg 1 will….. Mit 2 Windbeutel 1 wirksam 1 wirkt 1 Wirkung 1 wirst 1 wo anders 1 Wo gehtst du hin? 1 Wofür 1 woher 1 Wohin 1 wohl 1 Wohlgeschmack 1 Wohnstatt 1 wollten 1 wolltest 1 Womit 1 wonach 1 wovon 1 Wozu 1 wunderschön 1 wurde

adj. Feminine adj. Soft v. move (retreat, windraw) n. short time (a while) v. cry adj. Wide, broad, open exp. Far away adv. Further. v. develop further v. some pron. Some exp. Some. adv. At least exp. Don't just be impudent! v. will (will see, to more than one person) v. throw v. trown adj. Worthless n. Creature, Human pron. Whose v. bet exp. How did it go?! adv. Again adv. Another time exp. Gone v. wan't (to go) with (you) n. Cream puff adj. Efficiently v. acts v. Result v. werden para DU, have become exp. Where else, another place exp. Where are you going? adv. What for? Why? conj. From which, how come…? adv. Where are you off to (now) adj. probably n. savoriness n. place (to stay) v. want v. wanted adv. What (reflexibe…) adv. Whereto (to where) conj. Of what/of which adv. For what (in meaningless manner) adj. Lovely v. has been

1 Würdest 1 wütend 1 Zauberfinger 1 zaubern 1 Zeichen 1 Zeig 2 zeige 1 Zeigen 1 zeihen 1 zerfleischt 1 Zerreißprobe 3 zerstören 1 Zeug 1 Zicken 1 Ziegen 1 ziehen 2 Ziel 1 ziemlich 1 ziemlicht 1 Zipfel 1 zittern 1 zu 1 Zu Befehl 1 zu gebrauchen 1 zu Hilfe 1 zu nichts nutz 1 zu nichts zu gebrauchen 1 zu Unrecht 1 zu zweit 1 zubereiten 1 zuerst 1 Zufälligerweise 1 zufügt 1 zugeteilt 1 zugrunde 1 zum Anziehen 1 zur Last fallen 1 zur Seite 1 zur Verfügung 1 zurücklegen 1 züruckziehen 1 zusteht 1 zutrauen 1 zuzufügen 1 zwar 1 zwar 1 Zwerg

v. would (du) adj. Angry n. magic finger v. perform magic n. sign imp. Show (yourself) v. show n. Display (as a view…) v. show v. torn appart n. test of endurance v. destroy n. stuff n. silly women n. goats v. pull n. objective, destination adj. Pretty, quite (surprissed) adj. Pretty, quite (surprissed) n. Corner/Small piece v. trembling adv. Too exp. A la orden exp. Of use. exp. Help! exp. For nothing useful exp. Good for nothing! adj. Injustly exp. Two of us/two of you v. prepared adv. First of all adv. Casualmente v. causes v. alloted (permited portion) v. perish (needs gehen) v. to wear exp. Be a burden exp. Al lado (soporte) exp. Of disposition (availabilibty, capability) v. put aside v. pull out, leave v. entitled (reserved) v. account (exp. Hechar la culpa), trust v. to cause (pain) old ver. adv. That is to say adv. Althought n. midget

1 Zwerge 1 Zwillings 1 Zwischen

n. Dwarfs n. geelo prep. Between

hings, from es)

Es war keine böse Absicht

It was not a bad intention.

odness!, oi! (expression of surprise or dismay); uhf, ugh!; oh, ouch!; ah!; wow!; really! (expression of surprise, p

oder (so was)etwas ähnliches?

or something similar?

Sie war schon in diesem Zustand, als ich das allererste Mal herkam She was alr Guten Morgen, allerseits! Good day everyone! Es bringt doch alles nichts It doesn't matter, it does(bringt) not help Es gibt also noch mehr! So! There is still more! So sieht es also in deiner Traumweilt aus… Like this it (is) how looks like in your drea Man lässt ihn dann am besten eine Weile in Ruhe Du stehst Jun am näachsten un des ist sehr wahrscheinlich, Dein Herz sucht den Platz, an dem es sein sollte

Wir können ein andermal miteinander reden?

Uno entonces debe dejarlo lo má You stay closest to jun and it is very Your heart search for its place, on wh

We we could one other ocation speak toge

Das böse Herz, das ihr angedictet wurde, quält mich. Sie hat den Schlamassel angerichtet

Der Knirps hat mich angeschrieen o someone) was Sui bislang angestellt hat

The evil heart, that has been

She has the mess set the chibi had shout at me What Suiseiseki so far has done (made)

Keine von uns ist je an Alice heran gekommmen.

None of us has ever come closer to alice

Ob dich das ans Ziel bringt?

do you think that this brings you to the goal?

Dasist mir zu anstrengend That's for me too hard. Vielleicht strengst du endlich mal dein Miniknirpshirn an! Perhaps if you force finally y Ich erwarte nicht, dass du sofort zum Kampf antrittst… I don't expect that you begin soon to Merkwürdig! Dann müssen wir härtere Mittel anwenden. Ich wagt es, euch mit mir anzulegen.

Poor Nori

Extrange! Then we m I dare it, to you with my intention.

Arme Nori

Ich möchte nicht auch noch dich verlieren. So etwas machst auch nur du!

I don't want to lose you too Only you do something like that!

Nein, ganz so knabenhaft bin ich nun auch wieder nicht. No, now AGAIN I'm not as q Traurig ist es für die Kinder, die auf sich allein gestellt sind. Sad is for the ch Auf einmal war sie da Suddently, one time she was there Sie sind lecker, aber auf die Dauer ist das ein bisschen langweilig. ningun caso del todo Dann schottet er sich ab und reagiert tagelang auf gar nichts.

Das ist mir gar nicht aufgefallen ngs that open)

They are yummi, b

That doesn't attracts my attention (surprises) at all

Er ist wirklich unfähig und schafft keinen einzigen Auftrag

He is really uncapabl

Einen Augenblick, bitte! One short moment please! Warum muss immer ich allles ausbaden? Why I always have to pay for everything.

uck - expresion of the face)

Das sagst ausgerechnet du! You of all the people says that! Dieser Knirps ist ein Taugenichts, ausgerechnet jetzt!

This chibi it's good for nothing

poetic justice Ich kann es nicht mehr aushalten.

Shinku, macht dir das nichts aus?

That provokes in you nothing? (don't you mind th

Bildest du dir ein, dass du hier etwas gegen mich ausrichten kannst?

Do you imagine yourself t

Zufälligerweise bat mich ein Lehrer, etwas aus diesem Raum zu holen.

Es gibt noch eine Rechnung, die ich mit dir zu begleichen habe.

Lärm bekämmft man mit Lärm!

Jetzt bin ich etwas beruhigter

There is one debt th

Noise combats one with noise!

Seht ihr! Man kann alles erreichen, wenn man sich nur richtig bemüht. Der Kampf ist bereits entschieden

Casually asked

Look him! One can

The fight is already decided.

Now I'm a bit calm

Vielleicht wurde sie beim Kampf mit Suigintou doch beschädigt Hast du Jun Bescheid gesagt? Have you let know Jun?

Perhaps sh

bed), confined Eine andere bewährte Methode die Puppen zu reparieren ist,

Bisher hast du uns doch auch mit deinem Kram belastet?

Tu bloss nicht so unschuldig!

One another p

But! So far you have us BURD

Don't just do so hypocrital!

Ich habe keinen Bock (more like, I don't like…), dass… (that)

Du stehst auf der Seite des Bösen Die nette Frau Kato brachte sie. Nimmst du auch brav deine Medizin?

oup or sweat

You stay at the side of the evil ones The nice lady Kato brought it Did you take as good boy your medicine?

Dabei liebe ich Euch so sehr

Whereas I love you so much

Vielleicht verstehe ich Juns Herz dadurch ein kleines bisschen besser Aber das ist kein Grund dafür, in eine Traumwelt zu flüchten

und daher will ich dir danken back then. Damit hatte ich nicht gerechnet

Perhaps I unde

But that is not reason fo

And hence, I will thank you. For it (damit) I had not expected.

was ist so lustig daran, what is too funny to them Dir liegt nichts daran, There lays (liegt) nothing for you (dir) on it (daran) Ich verzichte darauf. I abstain(refuse) to it Darauf fallen wir nicht herein. We don't fall for(darauf) herein (into it) Darauf kannst du dich verlassen! You can count (verlassen=rely) on it (darauf)! Das war nur ein Trick und du bist darauf herein gefallen That was just one trick and you hav Halt dich daraus! Stop it from there. und darf nicht gebrochen werden and must not become broken Du darfst nicht weg laufen! You are not allowed to run! ich mache mich darüber lustig I make(have) fun of it (dafür-> of it / for it) Darum geht es doch gar nicht pero si (doch) por eso (darum) es que no va! , dich darum zu bitten, aber dennoch… , ask to you for it, but was ist denn das für ein Zimmer? What's then that for a room? r egoism!)

Davon habe ich nichts bemerkt! Ihr werdet sehen, was ihr davon habt.

De lo cual nada habia notado! You will see what of that you have (you get)

Was hattest du dazu suchen? What had you (in there *one of many interpretations of the p Wie ist es dazu gekommen? How it HAS (ist +gekommen = has come) come to that? Wenn man eine Nupopo Puppe kauft, bekommt man eine zweite gratis dazu If one pers

Manchmal soll man ihm also einfach den Laufpass geben Sometimes one should Die Träume verbinden sich bei denen, deren Herzen einander zugewandt sind. The drean

belong to) Es ist ein Spiegelbild dessen, was sich in deinem Herzen abspielt

Ich werde die Form wahren.

It's one reflection wh

I will continue the mood

Du hast dock längst die Nase von so einem lästigen Bruder voll.

You have lo

Nimm doch wenigstens die Mahlzeiten wieder mit mir ein, Brüderchen! ----Please---- Take at le Es lohnt sich offensichtlich doch, and dir zu arbeiten. It is(sich) worth evidently after all(do Aber du weisst doch……………… but you know!… do you? Hina ist doch bei dir! hina is still with you! Ich meine, sein Sohn ist doch tot. I mean, his son is ALREADY dead. Beruhige dich doch, Suiseiseki Calm yourself down NOW, Suiseiseki, , dass ich doch mal einen totalen Mist kaufe… That I still sometimes buy a total crap... Ich bin es doch nur, Hinaichigo… Es wird ihm soch wohl nichts passiert sein?

I'm only Hinaichigo. It will surely nothing happen to him?

Wir müssen sofort dort hin, We must soon go there Lass uns gar nicht dran machen! Let's nothing at all do on it to be in a good mood gut drauf sein

Sakurada, bist du da drin?

Da drüben hat es geklappert

Sakurada, are you inside?

There on the other side has claked.

Die Pflanzen drum herum (la mala hierva alrededor) stören seine Entfaltung.

Halt noch ein bisschen durch, Hina!

Du siehst eher wie die scharlachrote Rächerin aus

The flower tra

Keep (noch) holding one little more to the end, h

You look before (first) like the scarlet wo

Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit It is just (one) question of time Das ist einer unserer Erdgeister That's one of our earth spirits. Was fällt ihr ein? What is she thinking? Da fällt mir etwas sein! There I idealize something!

Wenn du dich nicht einlassen willst, dann wirst du es auch nie verstehen.

Spürst du nicht, was ich empfinde?

If you don

Don't you feel, what I feel? (loooooove)

Wenn sie richtig ärgerlich wird, ist sie wirklich Furcht_erregend.

If it gets really upset, it

Gut, dass ich mich erbarmt habe und dich zu meinem Diener gemacht habe. Und die Auflösung erfahrt ihr nächste Woche.

And you learn the resolution next week


Oder uns ergeht es wie ihr.

O nos vá como a ella.

Jun ich erlaube dir , Jun I allow you, Nicht zu fassen! Verschwindet, ohne mich um Erlaubnis zu fragen! Inccredible! Gone!, Ich muss noch etwas erledigen I must now/yet/still take care of something

Sie muss der Siegerin ihre Rosa Mystuca geben, die diese ernährt.

She oucht to give th

Hina verzeiht ihr erst Hina virgive her not until… Es ist whohl am besten, wenn wir hier erst mal verschwinden. It is probably the best if w Eigentlich, gibt es das erst nach dem Essen. Actually(normaly) there is "that" after eating

Es macht echt viel Spaß sich um die Kleinen zu kümmern Oder war es etwa die Leiche?

was ist das für ein Fall?

Or was it around the corpse?

What is this kind of a case?

It does make really a lot of fu

Ich glaube, sie ist zu allem fähig

Warum fällst du mir in den Rücken?

anfassen Fasse dich kürzer! rás de los muñecos para dar cuerda)

I think, she is capable of doing everything.

Why dro you to me in the back (espalda)?

Grasp yourself short! (do it short)

Eine Prinzessin, das bin ich fein.

One fine princess, that I'm.

Diese Forderung ist idiotish

That demmand is idiotic

Sie heult un zieht eine Fresse

they howl un pull one long face

wie früher

like before

Du bist viel zu gastfreundlich

Tu eres muy hospitalaria

Was ist aus diesem "beso

Das würde mir gefallen. Unternimm gefälligst etwas!

I would like that Do please something!

Dein Verhalten einer Dame gegenüber war aber sehr unhöflich.

Ich glaube, in Juns Herzen geht eine Wandlung vor sich.

Körperlich wie geistig

Er ist Shinku nach gelaufen

Your behavior towa

I think there is a transformation

Corporalmente y Mentalmente

He has (ist + past) RUN (the past ist put into has) aft

Da für, dass du mein Diener bist, ist dir diese Arbeit gelungen.

For the fact, that you are my

Sonst werden sie nicht mehr zurück genommen.

Du hast uns doch hier he Otherwise they will not anymore be taken back.

Wenn das Medium ihrer Wahl in Gefahr gerät

If the Medium of her (ihrer) choice gets in


Hat er dir denn geschmeckt?

Da habe ich gestaunt

Has it tasted to you then (emphasizing that it real

There I was amazed

ng), fig. continue sleeping

sich gewählt ausdrücken

to speak well oneself.

Deine Augen sehen aus, als ob du geweint hättest, Jun. Es ist nicht gewesen. It has not been. Aber eines ist mir klar geworden

An ihrer Existenz wird gezweifelt.

Your eyes look like, as if you -had b

But something has become clear to me

Their existence is doubted

Gib sofort der Hund her!

Give soon(now) the dog away!

Weißt du was, Menshlein, leider wirst du jetzt gleich sterben Dass du gleich so schlapp machst, ist nicht zu fassen!

You know what, litt That you shortly like that make(bec

Gut, dann werde ich mir jetzt das Vergnügen deines Todes gönnen

Ihr müsst eure Grenzen kennen!

Halt dir jetzt die Ohren zu!

they must know their limmits!

Keep closed the ears!

Hältst dich wohl für Pamela Anderson!!! Shinku hat dich gern! Ich hätte nicht rausgehen sollen! Hau nur tüchtig rein get… off

Das heisst übermorgen! wo kommt das her

Good then I will allow (g

Do you think probably for pamela anderson!!!!

Shinku likes you! I shouldn't have (probably) gone out! Just dig in to your heart content

That is(corresponds, it's called) the day after tomorrow! where does it come from

Ich weiss nicht, was die Puppen sind, wo sie herkommen

I don't know, what are the dools,

Es herrscht Krieg it prevails war Du bist ein Suchender, der herum irrt. You are a searcher, who wanders around. Die treppe herunter Down the stairs, downstairs.

hier her zu kommen venir(zu kommen) hacía aquí (hier her) Nein, du würdest auch nicht mehr aus diesem Traum heraus finden.

Du weisst doch, dass wir beide auf das gleiche Ziel hin arbeiten. Nicht hin gucken! don't look back! Steck die Hand hinein! Stick the hand into (it)! Und wo ist sie hingegangen? And where she just went? Bring uns hinüber!

No, you wouldn't find out

You really know, that we bot

Levanos hacía alla enfrente!

Es ist Jun sicher lieber, we

minalization) Aber hör zu!

But listen!

Ich besuche euch mal, weil ihr euch ganz sicher langweilt. I visit you once (in a while), because you ( … als das ich dich in dieser Notlage im Stich lasse. … as in this force abandon you. Ihr meckert aber auch immer herum but you also complain always around!

Wir gehen in die innere Traumwelt

Du irrst dich!

You're wrong!

Nicht wahr, Shinku, so einfach ist es nicht vorbei. Beweg dich ja nicht!

Isn't true Shinku? That simply is not ove

Ni te muevas! (only for amenazas)

Ich bin deine Schwester und helfe dir jetzt gegen deinen Willen (extreme furiousity!)

Es klappt nicht richtig

I'm your sister and (will)

It doesn't come of right

hen one has apettite)

Ich komme noch zu spät zur Schule

Kinder sind echt zum Kotzen

yo iré muy tarde a la escuela

Kids are really something that leads (zum) to vo

try to put that in english and doesn't have sense at all) reaming crazy person) Dich kriege ich gleich! I (will) catch you the same!

Kümmere dich um sie!!!

Look (you) after her!!!

Ich werde noch wahnsinn

Sein Herz ist seit langem gebrohen

His heart is since long broken.

Es ist doch nicht schlecht, wenn es mal lebhaft zugeht.

It is really not bad, if it(is) sometime

dann leg dich in deinen Koffer! Then lay yourself in your birefcase! , fix in place, locate; sow, plant seeds; deposit, put a sum of money in a bank for safekeeping

Warte lieber hier!

Better wait here!

Du lügst!

You lie!

Mach dir auf etwas gefasst! Die macht mich fertig!

Get yourself a bit calmed! She exasperates me!

mal wieder once again Kein Winder! Sie hat ja nicht mal ihren Kuchen gegessen

Weißt du, bald wird es mich nicht mehr geben

Wenn man genau hinzieht, markt man, es ist eine Puppe.

She has really not even (once

Do you know? Soon there (es)will not be m

If one looks exactly (g

ue no le importan), meddle

komm erst mal mit rein! Come with (me) inside! (careful with ers mal, mal is for the verb Ich frage mich, ob sie wohl gut miteinander auskommen I ask myself if they got togeth Weil Nori mir so viel mitgegeben hat Why nori had to me give to much t

einem fliegenden Auto nach zu lafuen

to run after flying cars.

Eine von euch beiden muss nachgeben. One of you two must surrender to (the Prima! Dann seid ihr nicht mehr da! Wenn ich nachher aufwache Yeah! Then you are In diesem Krieg sind wir eindeutig im Nachteil

Ich habe nämlich einen Mordshunger

In this war we are clearly in disadvanta

I habe in other words a BIG HUNGER.

Ein Engländer würde das niemals Tee nennen.

Sie darf nicht einmal in ihrem Koffer schlafen.

One English person would never (würde niem

She may not anymore in her briefcase sleep

ws on his head anymore

Dem Menschlein ist nicht zu helfen carce, let's go quickly nor useful)

The little man can't be helped.

from Nehmen also einnehmen Möchtest du noch einen Tee? …………….. Hmmm…. Nevermind/however would you like some tea!? Noch eine Puppe! One more doll! Es gibt also noch mehr! So! There is still more! Ich habe noch etwas vor. Hier noch was und da is noch was!

Ich habe (to do) something else before

Hier noch etwas und da noch etwas, here's something an

Deine Anwesenheit wäre nicht nötig gewesen Nun, ich habe mich nicht selbst aufgezohen… Er hat Gehler, aber so übel ist er nun auch nicht. Was mache ich nur?

Your prescense was not necessary (please note

Now/well/so, I haven't presented myself... El tiene errores, pero úes muy endem I wonder what I have to do

Er besteht nur noch aus Einzelteilen

He exists just in pieces.

Obwohl sie sich für ohren Meister und gegen dich entscheiden hat.

Hier können wir zusammen sein, ohne dass uns jemand Schmerzen zufügt

Ich werde dich richtig wach prügeln.

Was soll der Quatsch?

I'll beat you awake.

What is (supposed to mean) the nosense?

Der Stress hängt mir zum Hals raus.

Das reicht erst mal

That (would be) enough for the first time.

Although she decided he

Here we ca

Du musst zur Insel rüber, Jun. Kann man da wirklich rüber laufen?

You should cross to the island, Jun. Can one there really across run?

k a delivery (trial period) e things are stored) Hina, komm doch bitte runter!

Hina, please come down!

Wird es ihm sicher nicht schanden? Du schasffst es! Diese Frau schafft mich

Wie schändlich, Sui!

Will it surely not harm him?

You (can) make it hapen! That lady ends me/esa mujer me acaba

How despicable suiseiseki.

, während sie schlief

while she slept.

um das Schlimmste zu verhindern. In order to prevent the worst. Und tief in uns schlummert die Erinnerung an unseren Vater. And deep in us sleeps the me

Sie ist echt ein Profi im Schmollen

She is really a professional in the "hacer caras"

s pure as snow Du hast es ganz schön schwer

Ich fange dannn schon mal an! Das gibt sich schon wieder.

Schrei nicht so!

Er ist schuld

You have it completely dificult.

I begin then right now! That gives you(sich) once again.

Don't shout like that!

Se debe a él

Selbst wenn ich dich zerbreche, gibst du sie nicht her!

das lohnt sich

that (is) worthy.

Even if I breack you, you will n

Das bedeutet, dass du gar kein so schlechter Mensch bist. That means, that you Nun, hab dich nicht so! Well, you haven't like that (done it) Das ist irgendwie so wie bei Hina That's somehow too like with Hina Ich habe dich auch so vermisst. I also have missed you so much! und so irrst du umher. And hence you err (wander, stray) around An dem sie sein sollte, so hört sie auf zu existieren. En el cual la (el muñeco)

So eine Schweinerei!

Such a mess!

Der alte Mann hat Souseiseki doch so lieb gehabt. Ja, so ungefähr

Pero sí el viejo hombre ha amado ta

yeah, more or less.

/que cosa!)

Mach am frühen Morgen nicht solchen Lärm Was soll eigentlich das ganze Theater?

Er war viel besser als sonst!

Don't do in the morning SUCH noise What IS(soll, also SHOULD MEAN) exactly th

It was much better like usual!

Wenn die anderen soweit sind, waschen wir dein Kleid. Wenn Shinku sozusagen nicht da ist... Das ist gerade eine spannende Szene

Spar dir deine Ausreden, Suigintou!

When the others are finished we was

If Shinku so to say it is not here... this is right now an exciting scene

Save yourself your excuses, Suigintou

Dieser spuckende Knirps……… that spitting chibi guy….

Ich werde sie herunterschleifen und ihr eine Standpauke halten

Hier scteckt ihr also!

I will drag down her and

Aquí se metieron!

Jetzt müssen wir auch noch ein hungriges Mäulchen mehr stopfen

Now we oucht to fill o

das turnt/törnt mich an ist offenbar "this/that's turning me on" and ab instead of ab it's "this turn me o ging Mein Auftritt total daneben fue mi paso totalmente confundido/atolondra

Ich traue mich nicht mal, die Schule zu betreten I don't even (nicht mal) dare (traue) go i Meine Güte, haben die eie Ausdauer! Davon träumt ein Marathinläufer nur. My godness, the Was treiben Shinku und Jun Bloss?

Pero justo Que se traen Shinku y Jun?

Tu bloss nicht so unschuldig! Don't just do so inocently! Na kommt, greift tüchtig zu! Well come!, grab to your hearts content! Was ich hier tue, ist doch völlig uninteressant. That I do here is completely uninteresant

Er ist zum Feind übergelaufen

He has to the enemy overflowed (escaped)

Das geht eine Puppe wie dich eigentlich überhaupt nichts an! Schön? Diese bescheuerte Werlt ist überhaupt nicht schön. Suiseiseki, überlass Suigintou mir und Hina

Wenn ich es mir so überlege, Hast du es dir anders überlegt? w (pasadomañana) Es wird keine Garantie übernommen

Eso a un titere como tu realme Beautiful? This crazy world is not

Suiseiseki, leave us Suigintou to me and hina

If myself think too much about it, Have you differently considered it?/Have you changed yo

Aber ich habe es nicht übers Herz gebracht

It will be no garantee assumed But I didn't have the heart to do it

Mir bleibt nichts anderes übrig. I have no other choice. Es macht echt viel Spaß sich um die Kleinen zu kümmern Unsere Zeit ist bald um. Our time is soon around.

in which letters are sealed and sent; cover, casing; compress, poultice

It does make really a lot of fu

Ich sage es ohne Umschweife

Lo digo sin rodeos

Mach dir nicht solche Umstände!

Don't go for the trouble trouble! (positive way)

Wir müssen umbedingt beim Alice-Spiel gewinnen

Und zwar schnell!

Ich muss etwas unternehmen

We should absolutely won in th

And I mean faster!, and that's to say faster!

I must do something.

sie verbirgt etwas She hided something Und so, umringt von heiteren Zwergen, verbrachte Schneewittchen. And like that surrounded by chee

Ich glaube, dass Suiseiseko uns etwas verheimlicht

Hina, wir verlassen uns auf dich!

Du musst verschivinden!

dich mit ihr richtig zu vertragen.

I think, that Suiseiseki has h

Hina we rely ourselves in you!

You must dissapear (be gone)!

You (have) with her to tolerate (llevarse bien) correct

Was habt ihr mit mir vor? Dreissig Minuten sind vorbei

Komm bald mal wieder vorbei!

Du wagst, mich anzupusten?

What habe you planned with me? 30 minutes have passed

Come soon by (over) again!

You dare to blow me (some buubles)?

Warum auscgerechnet ich? Why (happen to be, planned) me? Sie scheint ja was ganz Besonderes zu sein! She seems to be really something special Du musst was fúr mich erledigen You have to accomplish something for me.

Weder den Wohlgeschmack des tees, noch die Freundlichkeit der Puppen Neither Glaub nicht, ich gehe wegen neuer Schulhausschuhe wieder in die Schule! Don't think, I w Die Pakete im Wohnzimmer müssen heute weggeschickt werden. Wie sehr du sie auch behütest, irgendwann wird sie dir weglaufen. Too (auch) As much as you car

Du weichst mir nicht von der Seite!

You don't move from my side!

Während der Baum wächst, entwickelt sich das Herz des Träumers weiter.

Lecker! Ich will auch welche essen. Du bekommst später welchen

While the

Tasty! I want also eat some You receive later some.

Werde indicates future action. n one person)

Ein kluges Wesen wie du sollte die Wahrheit erkennen Auf wessen Seiten bist du, Jun?

One intelligent creature like you Over which side are you Jun?

Du wirst wie ein Dienstbote behandelt un willst dem Alten dennoch helfen? You have becom Die Bücher sind vorübergehend wo anders The books are temporary in anoth

Woher weisst du, was Hina gerne isst? How come that you know, what hina likes to e überleg dir endlich, wohin du willst! Think about it seriously, where off to do you want! heisst das wohl…………… that probably means…. Du schläfst wohl noch immer Y

Danke, dass du mich warnen wolltest! Thanks, because you wanted to warn me Womit have ich diesen unfähigen Diener verdient? What have I (for) these inapt se

Wozu soll ich das erklären

For what purpose should i explain that?

Sie wurde mit ihrer eigenen Unterwäsche erwügt

She has been extrangulated with her o

Ich zeige ihn dir.

I show him to you

Er zerfleischt Lügnern die Hand

Was redest du für Zeug?

he torns apart the hand (of) liars.

What stuff are you talking about? (Idiomatic expresion)

Das Ziel ist, unseren Vater zu treffen. Sie sind ziemlich ruhig geworden

The objective is to meet our father. They have quite quiet become.

Er ist zu einer verlorenen Seele geworden. He HAS become one lost spirit too. Zu Befehl, Herr General! A la orden señor general! Ja, der müsste zu gebrauchen sein Yeah, that(o ese in spanish) should be of use Ich bin wirklich zu nichts nutz Ich werde zu Unrecht beschuldigt

I'm really not useful for nothing. I will (be) injustly accused.

Hina bekommt ihre kraft von Shinku zugeteilt Hina received her alloted power from s Er kommt aus dem Traum nicht raus und wird elend daran zugrunde gehen… He can

Ihr müsst uns jetzt zur Seite stehen. You must stay now in(zur) our Side Ohne Medium stehen mir nur dreissig Minuten zur Verfügung Without medium stay Ich kann dir welche zurücklegen I can put aside some for you

Ich weiss, dass es mir nicht zusteht… ulpa), trust Er ist zwar nur eine Puppe

I know that I'm not entitled….

He is… that is to say just one doll

Zwischen Tomoe und Hina!

Between Tomoe and hina!

xpression of surprise, pain, pleasure, confusion)

She was already in this state, as when I came the very first time

looks like in your dream world

nces debe dejarlo lo más que se pueda un tiempo en silencio. est to jun and it is very probably arch for its place, on which it should be.

ther ocation speak together?

vil heart, that has been (wurde) imputed to her, tortures me

r come closer to alice

aps if you force finally your minichibibrain! that you begin soon to fight, Extrange! Then we must apply hard methods

my intention.

want to lose you too

now AGAIN I'm not as quite boyish. Sad is for the children, whom by themselves are put alone.

They are yummi, but in the long run that is one bit boring.

(surprises) at all

He is really uncapable and cannot make just one task

y for everything.

hibi it's good for nothing of all the times now! (or, Now, of all the times!)

ing? (don't you mind that?)

o you imagine yourself that you here something can do (ausrichten) against me?

Casually asked me one teacher, something from this room to pick.

There is one debt that I with you have to settle.

Look him! One can reach everything, if one efforts himself in the right way.

Perhaps she become in the fight with suigintou really damaged

One another proven method to repair the dolls is…

So far you have us BURDENED with your mess?

ur medicine?

Perhaps I understand jun's heart with that one bit better.

But that is not reason for… (it) to flee in one world of dreams

rely) on it (darauf)! t one trick and you have falled for it

arum) es que no va!

have (you get)

interpretations of the past*) search for? me) come to that? If one person one doll Nupopo buys, receives that person one second with it for free Sometimes one should him, well…. Simply mandarlo al carajo (lol) The dreans connect themselves with those, whose heart is faced (facing) eachother

It's one reflection which belongs to what you in your heart happens.

You have long been (längst) feed up (die nase … voll) von from such annoying brother?

----Please---- Take at least the meal again with me, brother! (they don't use bitte Nimm….) th evidently after all(doch), to work on you.

W, Suiseiseki, total crap...

g happen to him?

The flower trappings disturb the unfolding

ittle more to the end, hina!

(first) like the scarlet woman avenger.

If you don't want (willst) to get (dich, puts the action of the verb into him) involved, then you will (

f it gets really upset, it really is frightening.

ution next week

Good thing (Gut, dass) I have pity on me (ich mich erbamt habe) and I made ​you my servant

Inccredible! Gone!, without asking to me for permission. e of something

She oucht to give the winner the rosa mystica, which feds them

s probably the best if we for now from here disappear. is "that" after eating

s make really a lot of fun by itself (sich) to look(kümmenr) after (um) die Kleinen (little ones)


ack (espalda)?

as ist aus diesem "besonderen Kind" geworden?

What HAS (ist) become (geworden) from this

Your behavior towards(gegenüber) a lady was but very rude.

here is a transformation in jun's heart going on.

past ist put into has) after Shinku

he fact, that you are my servant, you have succeded (ist dir… gelungen) in this work.

u hast uns doch hier her gebracht! nymore be taken back.

er (ihrer) choice gets in Danger.

emphasizing that it really tasted gut)?

ook like, as if you -had been- (hättest) crying.

But (doch) you have brought us to tthis place!

You know what, little man, lamentably you're going to die now(jetzt) shortly(gleich) ortly like that make(become) worn out(schlapp), it's unbelievable!

Good then I will allow (gönnen) myself the pleasure of your dead.

amela anderson!!!!

y) gone out!

e day after tomorrow!

ow, what are the dools, where they come over….

o, you wouldn't find out of this place (heraus, like hierher) also from this dream

really know, that we both towards the same objective work.

s ist Jun sicher lieber, wenn du das hier nicht siehst

a while), because you (ustedes) for sure (ganz sicher) get bored. bandon you. ways around!

Jun is rather safe, if you don't see h

? That simply is not over yet.

m your sister and (will) help you even agains your will.

g that leads (zum) to vomit

h werde noch wahnsinnig

ot bad, if it(is) sometimes lively.

I will be even more lunatic

s really not even (once) her cake eaten.

there (es)will not be me anymore.

If one looks exactly (genau/closely), merkt man (one realices), it is one doll.

mal, mal is for the verb, komm mal rein… come inside! Not for erstmal) myself if they got together to a probably gut agreement d to me give to much to bring along

o must surrender to (the other) Yeah! Then you are not anymore there (with me) when I leter awake

re clearly in disadvantage


would never (würde niemals) call (nennen) it (das) Tea

n her briefcase sleep

d you like some tea!?

as, here's something and there is something! necessary (please note wäre+gewesen…. War, pero en modo probabilidad)

en't presented myself... s, pero úes muy endemoniado no es.

Although she decided herself for her master and against(instead of) you.

Here we can be together, withouth somebody that causes us harm

eep in us sleeps the memory of our father.

in the "hacer caras"

I breack you, you will not give it!

That means, that you are no(kein) such(so) a bad person at all(gar).

o like with Hina

n el cual la (el muñeco) debe de estar, entonces (therefore) la (el muñeco) stops to exist.

ejo hombre ha amado tanto(so liebt gehabt) a Souseiseki.

rning SUCH noise HOULD MEAN) exactly this theater?

ers are finished we wash your clothes

is not here...

But if the olf man has loved souseiseki

will drag down her and give to her a lecture-off

Now we oucht to fill one more little mount.

of ab it's "this turn me off" e confundido/atolondrado

t mal) dare (traue) go into (betreten) the school My godness, they habe one stamina!!!! Of which a marathon runner only dreamt!

letely uninteresant

owed (escaped)

un titere como tu realmente (eigentlich) no le concierne nada de nada(überhaupt)! ? This crazy world is not beautiful alltogether.

ntou to me and hina

t?/Have you changed your mind?

heart to do it

s make really a lot of fun by itself (sich) to look(kümmenr) after (um) die Kleinen (little ones)

itive way)

uld absolutely won in the Alice-Game

hat surrounded by cheerising dwarfs spend (her time) the snow white

nk, that Suiseiseki has hidden something to us.

e (llevarse bien) correctly

omething special mething for me. Neither the savoriness of the tea, nor the friendship of the dolls Don't think, I will(wieder) go again(wieder) because of(wegen) new slippers in the school!

ch) As much as you care about her, anytime she will run away from you.

While the three grows, continues (or further) develops the heart's dreamer.

lligent creature like you should the truth recognize. e you Jun?

You have become treated like one servant and do you want to the old man yet help? // Te tratan como a are temporary in another place

ow, what hina likes to eat?

ch immer

You probably still sleep

to warn me ave I (for) these inapt servants deserved?

extrangulated with her own intimal clothes

atic expresion)

lost spirit too.

nish) should be of use

er alloted power from shinku. He can't come out of the dream and will perish miserably(zugrunde +gehen) in it (daran).

Without medium stay to me only 30 min of availability

not entitled….

d with it for free

cing) eachother

annoying brother?

e Nimm….)

o him) involved, then you will (wirst) never (nie) also understand it(es)

be) and I made ​you my servant.

(little ones)

become (geworden) from this special child?


s to tthis place!

s rather safe, if you don't see here.

e olf man has loved souseiseki thus(so fond)

(little ones)

ers in the school!

n yet help? // Te tratan como a una sirvienta y no obstante quieres ayudar al viejo???????

nde +gehen) in it (daran).

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