Module 06 Part 3

April 22, 2018 | Author: Aviation World | Category: Wood, Seam (Sewing), Manmade Materials, Materials, Clothing
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Module 06 Part 3...

Description 03.2. Aircraft Materials - Wooden Structures.

Ques Questi tion on Num Number. er. 1. With what what would ould you chec check k the the bond bonded ed join joints ts of a woo wooden den aircraft structure?. Option A. A feeler gauge. Option . A plastic strip. Option !. A screwdri"er. !orr !orrec ectt Ans Answe werr is. is. A feel feeler er gaug auge. #$planation #$planation.. A!%& !hapter !hapter 1 'ection 'ection & (ara 1)*+.,! 1)*+.,!AA-(s AA-(s eaflet eaflet /)1 /)1 0igure 0igure &.

Question Number. *. What is an open assembly time?. Opti Option on A. A. he he time time elaps elapsin ing g betwe between en the the applic applicati ation on of of the adh adhes esi" i"ee and the the assem assembly bly of  the joint components. Opti Option on . . he he time time betw betwee een n the the adhe adhesi si"e "e bei being ng app appli lied ed to to the the join jointt surfa surfaces ces and and the their ir assembly. Opti Option on !. !. he he time time elap elapsed sed fro from m the the adhesi adhesi"e "e bein being g appl applie ied d to the the joi joint nt sur surfa faces ces to to them them  being clamped. !orrect !orrect Answe Answerr is. he he time time between between the the adhes adhesi"e i"e bein being g applied applied to to the the joint joint surfac surfaces es and and their assembly. O2 he time elapsing between the application of the adhesi"e and the assembly of the joint components. #$plana #$planatio tion. n. !AA-(s !AA-(s eaflet eaflet *)% (age (age 3. 3.

Quest estion Nu Number. er. &. he def defeects no not al allowed at at al all on on wo wooden st structures are are.. Option A. mineral streaks. Option . pitch pockets. Option !. check ecks, shake akes and split lits. !orr !orrec ectt Ans Answe werr is. is. chec checks ks,, shak shakes es and and spl split its. s. #$planation #$planation.. A4( echnician echnician Airframe Airframe e$tbook e$tbook &)5.

Quest estion Nu Number. er. %. he bas basiic st structu cture of an an ai aircra rcrafft mad madee of of wo wood can can be. Option A. A. monoco6ue. Option . . non)monoco6ue. Opti Option on !. !. non) non)mo mono noco co6u 6ue, e, mono monoco co6u 6ue, e, sem semi) i)m monoc onoco6 o6ue ue.. !orrect !orrect Answe Answerr is. is. non)mo non)monoc noco6u o6ue, e, monoco monoco6ue 6ue,, semi)m semi)mono onoco6 co6ue. ue. #$pla $plana nati tion on.. N- N-.

Ques Questi tion on Num Number. er. 5. When hen a full full insp inspec ecti tio on for for coro corosi sio on is to be carr carrie ied d out out on a wooden aircraft you would. Opti Option on A. rin ring g the the aircr aircraft aft into into the the han hanga garr for for * to & day dayss prio priorr to the the ins inspe pecti ction on.. Opti Option on . . 7ack 7ack and and tre trest stle le the the air aircr craf aftt to the the rigg riggin ing g pos posit itio ion. n. Opti Option on !. 2emo 2emo"e "e all all the the fabr fabric ic8c 8clo loth th prio priorr to to ins inspe pect ctio ion. n. !orrect !orrect Answe Answerr is. is. 2emo"e 2emo"e all the fabric8 fabric8clo cloth th prior prior to inspect inspection ion.. #$pl #$plan anat atio ion. n. A!%& A!%& (ara (ara 1)*+ 1)*+..

Share your documents with us at ([email protected] ( [email protected])) DownloadOur Mobile pp !or "ecent #apers Quest estion Nu Number. er. /. 0or fu fungus to to ca cause wood dec decay ay in a wood st structu cture, the moisture content in the wood must be at least. Option A. *9:. Option . ;5:. Option !. 5:. !orrect Answer is. *9:. #$pl #$plan anat atio ion. n. A!%& A!%& (ara (ara 1)*; 1)*; a.

Ques Questi tion on Num Number. er. 3. he nor norma mall moi moist stu ure con content tent in the the wo wood of a woode ooden n air aircr craf aftt structure is. Option A. 19)1*:. Option . *9)&9:. Option !. 9)*:. !orrect rect Answer is. is. 19)1*:. #$pl #$plan anat atio ion. n. A!%& A!%& (ara (ara.. 1)* 1)*+ + g. g.

Ques Questi tion on Num Number. er. ;.
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