Module 05 Part 1

April 22, 2018 | Author: Aviation World | Category: Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft, Aviation, Aeronautics, Aerospace
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Module 05 Part 1...

Description Module 05.Digital Techniques 05.01. Electronic Instrument Systems.

Question Number. 1. What ar are th the ba basic elements fo for 'C 'Classic T' T' format?. Option A. Directio tion, al altitud tude and he heiht. Option !. Airspeed, pitch and roll. Opti Option on C. Airs Airspe peed ed,, att attit itud ude, e, alti altitu tud de and and dir directi ectio on. Corr Correc ectt Ans Ans"e "err is. is. Airs Airspe peed ed,, atti attitu tude de,, alti altitu tude de and and dir direc ecti tion on.. #$planation. N%&.

Question Number. . T(pical displa(s on an #)*% are. Option A. A. #nine in indications. Option !. +O, -ap, lan and and "eathe ther radar. Option C. +O, lan, -ap and Attitude. Corr Correc ectt Ans"e ns"err is. is. +O, +O, -ap, -ap, lan lan and and "ea "eath ther er rada radarr. #$pla #$plana natio tion. n. all allet ettt / Aircr ircraf aftt %nstr %nstrum umen ents. ts.

Questio tion Number. 0. An #A #AD% dis disp pla( la( sho"in in a mo moin ru run"a( moes es do do"n du durin the the final staes of an approach. The aircraft must. Option A. fl( do"n. Option !. fl( up. Option C. hold descent path. Correct Ans"er is. fl( do"n. #$planation #$planation.. At 22ft, 22ft, durin durin Approa Approach, ch, the isin isin un"a( starts to moe moe up up the the #AD% #AD% displa( displa( until, at touch do"n, it touches the bottom of the aircraft s (mbol. %f the isin un"a( start to moe do"n aain it means that the aircraft is climbin and should 3&4 DOWN.

Ques Questi tion on Num Number. er. 5. Durin urin  an inst instru rum ment ent app approac roach, h, the the lid lides eslo lope pe pointe interr efle efleccts belo" elo" the lideslope centre mar6. This means the aircraft is positioned. Option A. aboe the lideslope. Option !. belo" the lideslope. Option C. to the left of the localiser. Correct An Ans"er is is. aboe th the li lid deslo slope. #$planation #$planation.. Consider Consider the the centre centre of the the 78* 78* scale scale as the aircraft aircraft positio position n and and the pointer pointer as the centre of the 78* beam.

Question Number. 9. #nine parameters ar are displa(ed on on. Option A. #CA-. Option !. #)*%. Option C. 3-*CD:. Correct Ans"er is is. #CA-. #$plan #$planatio ation. n. #nine #nine param paramete eters rs can be displ displa(e a(ed d on #CA- b( selec selectin tin the the #nine #nine ae. ae. *ee *ee allett / Aircraft %nstrumnets and %nterated *(stems ae 0;1.

Question Number. on onta tall *it *itua uati tion on %ndi %ndica cato torr. Opti Option on !. on the the #le #lect ctro roni nicc Attit ttitud udee Dir Direc ecti tion on %nd %ndicat icator or.. Option C. on the -%. Corr Correc ectt Ans Ans"e "err is. is. on the the #le #lect ctro roni nicc Atti Attitu tude de Dire Direct ctio ion n %nd %ndica icato tor. r. #$planation. N%&.

Question Number. 1. An #3%* s(s s(stem AD% displa(s a(s pitch, roll. Opti Option on A. auto autola land nd,, alti altitu tude de,, com compass pass ros rosee and and fli fliht ht dir direc ecto torr bars bars.. Option Option !. autola autoland, nd, decisio decision n hei heiht, ht, rane rane to altitu altitude de and fliht fliht directo directorr bars bars and slip indica indicator tor.. Opti Option on C. auto autola land nd,, rad rad alt, alt, deci decisi sion on hei heiht ht and and sli slip p ind indic icat ator or.. Correc Correctt Ans" Ans"er er is. is. autola autoland, nd, decisio decision n hei heiht, ht, rane rane to alti altitud tudee and and fli fliht ht dire directo ctorr bars bars and and slip indicator. #$planation. N%&.

Questio tion Nu Number. . An el electronic fl fliht in instru trument di displ spla( consists ists of. Opti Option on A. A. -ode -ode con contro troll panel panel,, aste asterr and and *tro6 *tro6ee ene enera rato torr displ displa( a(,, micr microp opro roce cesso ssorr and and Data Data inputs. Option !. !. ADC, Altimeter, +*% an and A*%. Option C. AD%, )*% and *(m *(mbol enerator. Correc Correctt Ans" Ans"er er is. is. -ode -ode contr control ol pane panel, l, ast aster er and and *tro6e *tro6e enera enerator tor displa( displa(,, micro micropro process cessor or and Data inputs. #$plan #$planatio ation. n. Automa Automatic tic 3li 3liht ht Contr Control ol b( #) #) alle allett tt and and *ha"n *ha"n Co(l Co(lee pae pae 
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