Modern Design October 2008

August 16, 2017 | Author: Katerina Metz | Category: Bathroom, Punk Rock, Leisure, Nature
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Maleonn photography Shanghai Fabulist

MVRDV Architecture

+ Bizarre Hotel Tour + Chevy Volt on charge + Paramita Fashion

CONTEMPORARY RE-DESIGN With our vision your conventional property can be transformed into the perfect Mediterranean residence. Our comprehensive architectural services use the latest visualisation techniques to show you exactly how we will reconstruct your home. Our fixed-price contracts state completion times with compensation for delays and a 10 year build guarantee.

To discuss the possibilities call us on +34 951 260 041

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Defining modern architecture and construction

SUPERIOR BUILD Good communication and construction expertise are the keys to successful build projects. Our multi-cultural team led by a dedicated Project Manager will keep you updated with regular photographic reports. Our fixed-price contracts state completion times with a minimum €10,000 compensation and a 10 year build guarantee.

If your design is ready and you would like a quote in 24 hours call us on +34 951 260 041

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Defining modern architecture and construction

MODERN DESIGN AND BUILD Our in-house architects, project managers and construction teams work together to design, manage and complete your property within budget and on time. Relax, safe in the knowledge that your project is in expert hands. Our fixed-price contracts state completion times with a minimum €10,000 compensation and a 10 year build guarantee.

For more information on our integrated services call us on +34 951 260 041

DISEÑO EARLE www. d - earl e. co m

Defining modern architecture and construction


M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8


M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8

M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8




ar c h i t e c t u r e . D i s a s t e r . H o m e


ar c h i t e c t u r e . D E C O N STR U C TI V IST . G U R U




M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8





ar t . p r o f i l e







ar c h i t e c t u r e . U r b a n i s m . M o d e r n i s m



M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8


Images courtesy of Thijs Wolzak

x 26

M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8




ar c h i t e c t u r e . e c o . m o du l a r




ar c h i t e c t u r e . V IS U AL . I D E N TITY












d e s i g n . An t i . c o r r o s i v e







Lend A Helping Hand PAD

(Protección de Animales Domésticos)

PAD is a rehoming shelter for abandoned dogs and cats. Since we opened our shelter in December 1998 we have found loving homes for more than 6000 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Our placement rate is exceptional and in 2007 alone we rehomed well over 1000 animals. So the next time you worry that all your efforts may not be making a difference, you only have to remember the 6000 lives that have ALREADY been saved. TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You can help by becoming a member (just €35/year), adopting or fostering a cat or dog, making a donation, dog walking, grooming and cleaning the cats, helping at our fund raising events, collecting bric-a-brac, displaying a collecting tin, or finding new members . The shelter is open 365 days of the year from 11am to 2pm and Monday-Friday (working days) from 4pm to 7pm. Tel: 952 48 60 84 | PAD, Apartado 170, Mijas 29650 | website: | e-mail [email protected] Donations accepted through: Bankinter, Ramon y Cajal 9, Fuengirola 29640, A/C Nº 0128 0796 13 0102677405


i n t e r i o r . d e s i g n . H EA V E N . S C E N T







M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8




ar t . t h e . i c o n


M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8




M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8

x 58

M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8




fa s h i o n . a b l e




fa s h i o n . p r o f i l e




g a s t r o n o m y . TABLE . TALK


x M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8



p e o p l e . & . P l a c e s . h o s p i t a l . ch i c







MD: Who’s he? TV: The sound engineer, yeah he’s cool. MD: And what about groupies? I noticed your facebooks are full of babes, whereas mine’s full of old reprobates.

Baptising Thee Vicars

TV: No one would get in this van after a gig, trust me. The drummer gets millions though, I got 5 or 6 but we’re usually just buzzing after a gig and it’s just not on our minds.

Getting to grips with Garage - on the A11 eastbound Recently, our music section has embarked upon a deafeningly rowdy journey through the domain of the proficiently accomplished musician; from the fury-furrowed brow of vintage punk rock, to the sensitised beats of a crowdresponsive dance revolution. However, a modernist viewpoint by definition must routinely investigate the brand-new; approach the embryonic status of what could truly be the cultural hub of the forthcoming decade. And besides all that, if we don’t occasionally stick our necks out and try to predict an uprising, we’d just join the lengthy procession of afterthe-fact reportages that fatten the world’s mainstream press. Wo r ds: D ave V i c ker s im a g es: C o u r t es y o f the e V i c ar s

‘I predict a riot’ is a familiar theme from a recently structured sub-genre known as new-wave punk rock, a melodious take on our snarling DIY heroes from the late 70’s (“Oh here he goes again, punks!” Bear with me…), and despite its mainstream acceptance - and the fact that we all have a couple of tracks tucked away somewhere in a party playlist – let’s face it, it’s crap. About as close to a riot as Tai Chi, a foot-tapping forage into metro-sexual rebellion, “sometimes I actually sprinkle non-organic pumpkin seeds on my watercress and drink Coke zero – and my parents love meeee…” Enough is enough, so without further ado, I introduce a bunch of teenagers who’ve stolen our hearts here at MD. At the almost pre-pubescent age of 16ish, the core of garage-punk rock band Thee Vicars (check MD issue no.3 for garage rock feature) is at the centre of something truly revolutionary. By throwing off the sticky-sweet coating of an image-conscious permutation of the genus, and at the incredible risk of repetition on our part, Punk is back – but this time with the kids, and that means it might not die out when the old-wave of narco-addled punk pioneers finally give up the ghost. 7:30 on a Friday night, we take a recess from Friday recess in the bar next door, stumble back into the office, shorthand capabilities severely annulled (how rock ‘n’ roll), and dial the mobile number kindly provided by Lee, the band’s


M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8

manager. Fortunately for us, as far as scoops go, Lee’s phone rings in the tour bus somewhere on the A11 in Suffolk, the whole band are present and moving at the hurtling vantypical speed of 65mph - not quick enough to get away from Bury St Edmunds apparently – and certainly none of them could get away from us now, even if they wanted to. MD: Firstly, where are you headed, and please tell us you’re in a Transit Van? TV: (Mike - bass and vocals - answers Lee’s phone). We just left Bury thankfully and no, it isn’t a Transit (Someone in the back shouts out), “It’s a big Bluey, a Leyland cruiser– second best but it works.” Mike continues, “We’re on our way to Norwich, a wicked club called P2 to play a gig.”

favourite bands and planned out our own version of things. It works for us. MD: Us too; it says on your website that Jasper (the drummer) smashes things up... like what? TV: Well, collectively only our own stuff, but I did blow up an old valve amp once that wasn’t mine – but it was accidental. MD: So is the controversial punk compliment of crowd-spitting coming back? TV: No way, Some guy threw a glass at us once and I chucked my guitar at him, NO WAY would we be egged-on by a load of spitting, totally unacceptable! (Admittedly there are more virally transmitted diseases these days, so we let them off this one)

MD: Do you get nervous before a gig? TV: Never get nerves, we love it. MD: We can hear a lot of influences in your music, but admittedly we are old – which bands really drive you on?

MD: What time do the younger members have to go to bed? TV: Ha ha (sarcastically) 6:30 on a nongig night before the pub opens, and 2:30 on a gig night (I guessed they’d answered that one before).

MD: How did it feel winning Best Punk Act at the Indy Music Awards in London this year and then playing in front of 1,500 people? TV: Just amazing, your mate Pete Shelly presented us with the award (sarcastic), but then we weren’t used to the big stage at The Forum, it felt big, we’re just used to bumping into each other on stage – but it was pretty amazing.

went for a Kebab with Pete Shelly in Amsterdam (well, he had a falafel – vegan punk). If you could go for a Kebab with anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be?

MD: What did you do after? TV: We just went home from London, ah no, a few of us went out with Shane McGowen. (Like you do)

TV: (Reuben the guitarist grabs the mic) Oooh that’s a really tough question… Steve Marriott from The Small Faces, but I dunno what he’d be like, maybe not so cool so I might not like him. (Marcus the other guitarist pitches in) Maybe someone fat, like the woman from Gossip…mind you she’d just eat everything (everyone laughs then Lee has a turn). I reckon Bjork’d do something nice ‘n’ weird with a Kebab (he’s got a point).

MD: What’s he like? TV: He’s alright; he’s done a lot for us, top bloke. MD: We’re loving the vinyl releases, why are you doing it, is it worth me investing in a turntable? TV: Yeah, we love vinyl, most of our collections are on vinyl – we are heavily influenced by the 60’s music in our collections – You can’t be punk without a bit of vinyl and basically, CDs are for soft Indy kids (I guess that means yes, you better buy a turntable).

MD: So what’s up with Bury St Edmunds? TV: (still Reuben) Ah, it’s okay, but there’s a very small mentality there, no decent music, just copy-cringe Indy and…Metal, we can’t stand metal or metallers. It’s obsessed with religion as well but it is on ley line with Glastonbury and Stonehenge – that’s how we came to the band name.

MD: In all honesty, do you think you were born 20 years too late? TV: Definitely, we all wish we’d lived in the 60’s (someone in the background says no and an argument sparks up… in the end the decade-defector comes round to peer pressure and starts agreeing with the others).

TV: The Remains. MD: What, the Ramones? (one of our main, guessed influences) TV: Naaaaaa, The Remains….. and The Seeds, 13th Floor Elevators, The Kinks and The Mummies. We’ve taken all our

MD: Do you like the Buzzcocks? Your lead singer Mike sounds a bit like Pete Shelly on steroids. TV: Deffo. MD: My claim to fame is that I once

MD: So where’s your favourite Venue? TV: We’ve played the Dirty Water Club in London 4 times, we love it there, it’s got a great sound, good groove and Professor Blindin’ is wicked. >

MD: Punk has been something else >

M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8


TV: We are revivalists for sure, but we’re part of a new sort of strand of punk. MD: How are the parents of the younger members handling things?

what we play the way we want to. MD: Who writes the songs then? TV: Mike, he had a troubled childhood in a small town. (Lots of laughter) MD: Have you got any advice for our younger readers who see music as the way forward?

TV: (Reuben) Well I’m sixteen, but my parents are punks, they’ve been there and done that. They come to the gigs in Bury St Edmunds and London so it’s no sweat. (I bet they are younger than me, but I daren’t ask)

TV: Go to charity shops and buy vinyl, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music – it’s a cheap way to do it – and read about bands.

MD: You’re taking part in some amazing garage festivals, Rotterdam, Valencia, New York. How does that feel?

TV: Dunno, we are planning to see who approaches us in New York, apart from that we just want to live off playing and see where we end up.

TV: It spurs us along no end, but we’re just part of that scene – we get a pretty good reception though. MD: We also love your label Dirty Water Records; are they influential in what you play or are you pretty free spirited? TV: No, they are cool and they sign garage bands, that’s what they do – they push to release vinyl as well. But we play


M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8

MD: Where do you think Thee Vicars are heading?

MD: So have you got jobs right now? TV: Well 3 of us are working on our ‘A’ levels, and a couple of us have parttime jobs too. (‘A’ levels? I doubt Sid had any of them!) MD: Like what? TV: One cleans at a school, two of us

wash Lorries outside Bury and Mike works at Home Base. (More Mike-bound taunting laughter). MD: Nice one, so what about the drummer, we heard he’s leaving the band to go to Uni, that’s not very punk rock is it? TV: He loves music, but he wants to do what he wants to do, there’s no pressure. We wanna wash Lorries and play, he wants to go to University – that’s just the way it goes. MD: When’s he leaving? TV: He left last weekend, Will’s our new drummer. MD: So one week with you and he’s already gigging? TV: Just a few hours’ practice to be honest, but he’s shit hot – we are well happy.

them I really don’t imagine they care what anyone else thinks about it. In true punk fashion, they improvise, the way punks should – and it’s an integral part of their resonance. And though perhaps the fuzz that these retro vinyl-bashing teenagers discharge may be a touch short on the melodic for many, it is a truly accomplished sound. Like the UK Subs, The Buzzcocks and a subtle background seasoning of the 60’s all whisked up in a pogo-processor (ach, just go to the website and listen to ‘Don’t wanna be like you’). It seems like this bunch of affable young punk rockers, veritable angelic upstarts who honestly made my jaw ache with laughter at some of their daft comments about kebabs and Lorries, are on their way to something special. Thee Vicars are kneeling at the gaping font of international recognition, poised to altar the opinion of a generation, and if anyone is going to predict a riot – it’s got to be them. Thee Vicars are; Mike Whittaker 18; Reuben

We could only wish them the very best for their upcoming gig, and the boys politely invited us to come and watch them play whenever we liked – and we’ll take them up on it. Their sound is unique for today, and after talking to

Kemp 16; Marcus Volkert 16 and Jasper Kemp 17 who has given way to Will, the new drummer. x


................. > .....for years now, do you see yourselves as rescuers or revolutionaries, or am I just reading too much into all this in the hope that it is well and truly back?




M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8



M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8

M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8





t e c h n o l o g y . l e nd s . a . h a nd



M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8











m o t o r s . p l ug . a nd . p l a y


x M O D E R N D E S I G N O C TO B E R 2 0 0 8


Directory Promote your business with MODERN DESIGN for 100 euros. For more information call 951 26 00 41 or email at: [email protected]

jeff couch

design & construction

interior architect

tel: 689 21 79 77

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UÊ"˜ˆ˜iÊ*œÀÌvœˆœ\ÊÜÜÜ°V…>Ã>˜°Vœ“ÊÊ UÊ ˆÀiVÌÊi‡“>ˆ\ÊÜ>ޘiJV…>Ã>˜°Vœ“ UÊ"vwViÊi‡“>ˆ\ʈ˜vœJV…>Ã>˜°Vœ“Ê Ê Ê

/i\Ê­³Î{®Ê™xÓÊn£ÓÊän{ÊÊÊ Ûi˜ˆ`>Ê`iÊœÃʈÀ>܏iÃʛ™{ÊÊ ÕiÛ>ʘ`>ÕV‰>ÊUÊ>ÀLi>ÊUÊәÈÈäÊÊ ?>}>ÊUÊ-«>ˆ˜

KEY ESTATES is an established estate agent based in Calahonda on the Costa del Sol. We also sell properties in all emerging markets. Tel. (0034) 952 939 441



pr o p e r t y . s e c t i o n

Oct 2008 MD



Oct 2008 MD

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Página 2

EXCLUSIVE CONTEMPORARY RESIDENCE, BENAHAVÍS Within a gated estate, south facing villa located in Los Altos de Los Flamencos. Close to two golf courses and Ritz-Carlton “Villa Padierna” 5-star hotel. Excellent sea views. Living room with fireplace, separate dining. Spacious lower level finished to the same high standards as the main floors. Staff accommodation. 2 car garage. Under floor heating throughout. Exquisite choice of material and attention to details. DMD1207-03 :: Bedrooms 5 :: Bathrooms 5 :: Built 649 m2 :: Plot 1.466 m2 :: Price � 2.100.000

QUALITY CONTEMPORARY DESIGN, BENAHAVÍS Beautiful villa located in Los Altos de Los Flamencos. Close to golf courses, short drive to the beach. Panoramic sea views. Covered terrace, private pool and garden. Entrance hall with double staircase, drawing room with fireplace, separate dining room. Large extra room with fireplace suitable for games room. Guest suite, staff accommodation and study. 2 car garage. Under floor heating throughout. Built to high standard. DM1207-02 :: Bedrooms 5 :: Bathrooms 5 :: Built 681 m2 :: Plot 1.449 m2 :: Price �1.900.000

LA QUINTA, BENAHAVÍS Strategically positioned and very comfortable villa with fantastic views from all terraces. South facing with nice garden and swimming pool. Short stroll to the golf course. Huge play room, which could be changed into a separate (guest) apartment with direct access to the garden. Two spacious master suites, one with a dressing room. 2-car garage. DM2023 :: Bedrooms/ Dormitorios 4 :: Bathrooms/ Baños 3 :: Built/ Construido :: 449.7 m2 :: Plot/ Parcela 1200 m2 :: Price/ Precio: � 1.950.000

Av. Ricardo Soriano 72, B 1º. 29601 Marbella. Málaga. Spain. Tel.: +34 952 76 51 38. [email protected]



Villa Vista de Aguila

Villa Vista de Aguila is situated on one of the finest original plots on the prestigious Monte Mayor Golf and Country Club near Marbella. The 900 acre private estate includes a golf course, clubhouse, equestrian centre, tennis club and spa facilities all surrounded by a protected natural biosphere. The position is idyllic and the views breathtaking, overlooking the mountains surrounding Marbella, over the golf course and out to the Mediterranean. The villa of two wings is connected via a triple height atrium where the enormous window frames wide-reaching views and creates an impressive entrance. Villa Vista de Aguila is a contemporary take on Balinese styling. The open plan living areas with their high ceilings and huge wooden windows, a unique feature of the house, throw light patterns into each room and enjoy fantastic views.

Las Olas

A living room, a kitchen linked to an open dining area and a guest suite are all located at entry level. The first floor comprises the master suite with dressing room, bathroom and private lounge plus an additional two bedroom suites. An impressive pergola with inset wood detailing sits with its columns in the infinity pool, linking external with internal. Various terrace areas provide changing views and shade. The basement houses a media room and study also with its own terrace. This villa will provide a modern lifestyle far enough from the crowds to relax but close enough to enjoy fine dining, beach life and local culture, with just a ten minute drive down to the main coastal road.

Build 359 m² on a 2,946 m² plot For more information call Amanda Fisher on +34 951 260 041


Situated in La Panera, an exclusive private development of just 28 individual villas near Estepona, Las Olas sits in a commanding position overlooking the Selwo Wildlife Park. La Panera is a protected area due to its proximity to the Park. Extensive glazing affords spectacular panoramic sea views to the south over to Gibraltar and North Africa. The Sierra Bermeja mountains frame views to the west and to the northeast the La Concha mountain forms the backdrop to views over Marbella. The unique roofline of the hill-top villa caps an L-shaped series of cubes, which defines the living spaces and incorporates solar panels. Electricity-generating photovoltaic panels are used as shaded canopies over the glazing. Pivoting decorative wood panels provide adjustable

shade to the dining and kitchen area. The villa is surrounded by various terraces and balconies. The impressive entrance to Las Olas is via a cube ´floating on a water bed’, which leads into a double height atrium, from where the openplan living area is accessed. In addition, the ground and basement floors comprise a kitchen, media room, games room, guest apartment and plant room. A cantilevered staircase leads to the first floor with three en suite bedrooms. A modern take on the galleried landing leads you across a bridge to an impressive master suite with a wrap around cantilevered terrace. Las Olas, a unique contemporary villa, is set in stunning countryside but just 2.5kms from the cosmopolitan New Golden Mile.

Build 492 m² on a 2,373 m² plot

For more information call Amanda Fisher on +34 951 260 041


Los Canales

Magnificently positioned at the highest point in La Panera sits Los Canales. La Panera is an exclusive private development of just 28 individual villas near Estepona. Protected by its proximity to the Selwo National Park, La Panera is situated amidst beautiful natural countryside just 2.5kms from the cosmopolitan New Golden Mile. Los Canales has the finest position within the development, with superlative 360° views over the Mediterranean to Gibraltar and North Africa, west to the Sierra Bermeja mountains and northeast to La Concha and Marbella. A 60 metre drive leads to the front of the villa. Steps bordered by a ‘water canal’ feature lead to the glass-fronted entrance. The ‘water canal’ follows the entire rear contour of the villa and at one point passes under a glass wall and through the entrance hall contextualising interior with exterior. The open plan living areas are defined by a central

Villa Infinidad

cube with fireplace. This level also comprises the kitchen, breakfast area, bar, study/TV room and the dining room, a glazed cube which partly ‘floats’ above the swimming pool at which point the floor is also glazed. A semi-circular staircase leads to the first floor galleried landing with seating area opening out onto a balcony. From here a bridge leads to the master suite situated in its own wing. Mostly glazed walls afford the bedroom panoramic views and the entire wall behind the double whirlpool bath is also glazed. The wrap around balcony is cantilevered over the swimming pool. Three further bedroom suites with balconies are in the opposite wing on this level. Numerous additional features also include concealed solar and photovoltaic panels to heat water and provide electricity. Los Canales is an exceptional villa.


The most unusual feature of this modern villa is the structure housing the main living area which hangs mid-air looking out to sea. The cube’s front wall is fully glazed giving the impression of an ‘infinity room’ compelling you towards the view.

area of the lower level. On this level is the open plan living area and staircase down to the lower level. The heart of this level is the central kitchen which defines the whole space. Two terraced areas with pergolas face east and west catching the morning and evening sun. The infinity pool with adjacent pergola is also on this level. Every room has spectacular views. The lower level comprises an enormous master suite with spa bath and dressing room and a further two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms all accessing a large terrace. Villa Infinidad – an infinite range of possibilities.

Accessing Villa Infinidad is via a bridge suspended over the outside

Build 398 m² on a 3,337 m² plot

Build 500 m² on a 2,733 m² plot For more information call Amanda Fisher on +34 951 260 041

The prestigious Monte Mayor Golf and Country Club, situated near Marbella, is home to Villa Infinidad, located on one of the finest plots. The position is idyllic and the views breathtaking, overlooking the mountains surrounding Marbella, over the golf course and out to the Mediterranean. The 900 acre private estate includes a golf course, clubhouse, equestrian centre, tennis club and spa facilities, all surrounded by a protected natural biosphere.

For more information call Amanda Fisher on +34 951 260 041



For more information call Amanda Fisher on +34 951 260 041


Build 650 m² on a 3125 m² plot


Stairs lead down to a lower level housing three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a master suite, TV room, family living room and an en suite study. This is a strikingly original home packed with a wealth of design and sustainability features epitomising 21st century luxury living.


Upon approach, a ‘floating’ glass walkway runs to the entrance of a double height glass atrium enjoying stunning 180º views and comprising the main living room, dining room and kitchen, two terraces, swimming pool plus separate guest accommodation situated at the far end of the plot.


State-of-the-art design incorporates sustainability features that reduce the carbon footprint to practically zero, but by no means has the design element of the building been forfeited over ecological function.

The luminous main living area hovers above a ‘mirage’ of water which appears to merge with the swimming pool but is in fact part of the cooling system. Complemented by solar panelling, smart glass technology, geo-thermal heating systems and water management processes, waste and running costs are reduced to an almost selfsufficient level.

A highly unique, contemporary villa to be built in La Quinta with fabulous views over the golf course and towards the La Concha mountain.


The Mirage

The sixth element

L ü r s s e n Ya c h t s · Te l . : + 4 9 4 2 1 6 6 0 4 1 6 6 · e m a i l : y a c h t s @ l u r s s e n . c o m · w w w. l u r s s e n . c o m 98

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