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1 Strange Oblique Introduction Many thanks for purchasing this booklet. The effect and method it explains falls  into the propless mentalism mentalism  category which is currently (here in 2016) so popular  amongst mentalism fans. However, much like my CAM  material and my other recent release Tequila Hustler , the different between this and most of the other propless propless material I I ve seen is th at Strange Oblique  has an actual  method, that actually works  all of the time. That That s not to say that there isn isn t a place for some of the riskier , wing-it-and-hope-that-it-hits methodology, but for me personally, if I m going t o perform just one effect for a group of people in a casual environment, I need to know that it is definitely going to work. Effect The performer asks someone to remove a bunch of pocket change and then select fi ve of the coins to use. The rest of the change is put away and the five chosen c oins are dropped into the participant s empty pocket. One by one four other partic ipants each remove a coin, leaving the final, random one for the person who volu nteered the coins. And if they choose, some or all of them may swap coins at thi s point. The performer performer s back is turned during this entire process (in fact, he ca n be out of the room if so desired). The performer explains that the largest den omination coin (the £2 coin) is the target target coin and that the person who ended up hol ding it will play the role of a truth-teller, whilst everyone else will play the  role of a liar. All of them are to keep their coin hidden inside their hand, so  that the performer can have no clue as to who has what. The performer now turns  back around and asks a bunch of random questions. One or two of them are about lying and truth-telling, but most are about seemingly meaningless nonsense, albe it absurd, funny nonsense! The performer doesn t need to ask questions of all the participants, or maybe he

2 asks one or two of them to answer him just silently, inside their head. Despite the confusing and contradictory answers he has heard, he is now able to immediat ely identify who is lying, who is telling the truth and exactly who is holding t he target coin! Background Lets talk about the effect first. The traditional method is to use a bag containi ng five coloured balls (often four white balls and one black one), with the part icipants secretly taking one each and the performer identifying who has the targe t ball. The first version I ever saw (in the early 1980s, although it was created  and released at least a decade earlier) was Syd Bergson s Sixth Sense  (hence the title of this booklet) which was a particularly ingenious method, ty pical of the brilliant Mr Bergson. The effect didn t become popular though until M ax Maven released his seminal handling Kurotsuke (Videomind Vol. 1. L&L, 1997) w hich caught the attention of mentalists everywhere. It was a typically crafty Ma ven creation, and ended up in the repertoires of countless performers. Subsequen t versions were released by Marc Oberon, Mark Thorold, Charles Gauci, Christophe r Taylor, Tony Chris and others. Although I really liked the effect, there were always things about each of these methods I didn t like. Many of them use gaffs: g affed bags, gaffed balls, magnets, electronics etc. Others require the performer  to hold the bag whilst the objects are chosen, or other handling procedures tha t I didnt like. Shortly after re-visiting the coin-in-hand plot last year ( Tequila Hustler ), I decided to see if a similar simplified logic structure could be applied to this effect. Strange Oblique  is the outcome. Which brings me to the background of the method: Raymond Smully ans wonderful book What Is The Name Of This Book (Prentice-Hall, 1978). It is a head-spinning examination of logic, puzzles, log ic puzzles and the ways they can be extended and extrapolated into some incredib le (and sometimes incredibly torturous!) configurations. Conditional statements with causal modifiers anyone? No, I thought not! Books similar to Mark Elsdon - Strange Oblique

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