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August 9, 2017 | Author: prakash | Category: Miracle, Influenza, Cancer, Epidemiology, Diseases And Disorders
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Miracles From the Vault...More Than 90 Life Saving, Award Winning 'Underground Cures....


Miracles from the Vault: More than 90 life-saving, award-winning “underground cures” Dear HSI Member, As a loyal HSI Member, I need to reveal to you an important decision recently made by our board. We’ve decided to open HSI’s famous vault – our internal treasure trove of disease-curing miracles – to a small group of private citizens. For the first time, HSI is sharing every single one of our most vital lost cures with members like you who support our mission. That’s more than 15 years of research... more than 90 natural disease cures (most unknown to your doctor)... available for the first time. ... revealing true miracles that could heal your loved ones’ worst health nightmares right now. In nearly all cases, you haven’t seen these award-winning, life-saving “underground cures” mentioned anywhere else... But because our mission is so vitally important, we are reaching out today to a few strong supporters of the Health Sciences Institute... like you. So you and your loved ones to start sharing in these miracles... Learn how you could get access to the most generous FREE GIFT OFFER in HSI history... HSI’s revolutionary, uncensored, 574-PAGE ENCYCLOPEDIA...

Miracles from the Vault: Anthology of Underground Cures... FREE! It contains full details about every one of HSI’s lost cures... Every miraculous discovery... How they work.... Recommended

dosages... Where to get them... You’ll get access to full information on more than 90 of natural medicines’ best kept healing secrets... like this shocker: A forbidden PAIN CUREthat proved so powerful, the FDA rescinded its ban... And if you want miracle relief for... Degenerated knees... Muscle sprains... Stiff necks... Aging hips... And even bad backs... ...that’s as easy as slipping on a pair of socks, then you need to learn all about it on page 27 of our massive new encyclopedia. Fact is, we’ve learned that if you look hard enough, there are TRUE LOST CURES for most of the deadliest diseases known to man. Like the tribal remedy honored in ancient Orient texts... now rediscovered and studiedby modern science. In animal testing, the tribal wonder sent LDL cholesterol plummeting 25.6% in just a month! And just wait until you learn what it did against bone cancer and dangerous bacterial infections. You’ll find every detail on page 156. There’s so much more. Like the herbal diabetes crusher that was the surprise winner of a gold-standard research study... In fact, scientists were GOB-SMACKED when fasting blood sugar dropped a shocking 107 points! (Want the details? They’re on page 298.) Or the memory-restoring miracle that proved mainstream science all wrong... by RE-GROWING dead brain cells. (Amazing but true! The full story is on page 348.) Or how this “fish food” could save you from the leading cause of blindness! (The surprising details are clear as day on page 523.) And, today, you’ll get full details on how to obtain and employ these still-hushed-up breakthroughs in your... massive 574-page encyclopedia Miracles from the Vault. And it’s yours FREE when you continue your support of Health Sciences Institute by renewing your membership today... Renew now, because Miracles from the Vault is where you’ll also learn about... The Amazonian “macho man’s” steamy bedroom secret.

Let me explain... For incredibly potent sexual performance, HSI Research Panelist Leslie Taylor has discovered a South American shrub extract with MASSIVE and ROCK-SOLID results. I think you’re probably catching my drift. (This is REALLY BIG news and it’s on page 446.) Or how about this one: Got a painful migraine? What if you could just squirt it gone?! HSI Panelist Dr. Linda Page gave us early word about this powerful natural pain buster that you simply spray under your tongue... An August 2001 study shows it relieves an amazing 88% of migraine sufferers in just 6 1/2 minutes! (Wow! Find full details on page 36.) Or how about this miracle... Do you suffer from COPD? Prepare to say goodbye to clogged lungs! Just one single drop of this strange “DNA potion” starts the process of clearing out those strangled air pipes... letting air flow and helping you breathe easy! BUT PLEASE NOTE: This is a very serious condition. Don’t act before consulting page 175 of your FREE encyclopedia... And then, thanks to your free gift, you’ll learn some even more exciting news about cancer treatment, because... It’s all but unknown to your doctor, but it...seeks and destroys breast cancer tumors four powerful ways! But this natural cancer powerhouse grows only one place... a tiny island off the coast of the Japanese mainland. And you’ll only hear about it through HSI... Every detail you need... How it works... Where to get your own supply... is on page 91 of your brand-new renewal gift. So don’t you owe it to your loved ones to RSVP today and get the details? We share more than 90 complete treatment protocols in your 574-page Miracles from the Vault encyclopedia... This is where you’ll also get the full story behind HSI’s other top cancer discoveries, including...

The prostate cancer “magic bullet” that actually stops malignant cells from dividing... meaning tumors shrink away to nothing! (Check out page 100.) You won’t find out about these breakthroughs anywhere else, so why not renew your membership immediately? Remember, you’ll continue to get all our latest breakthroughs AS THEY HAPPEN in your monthly Members Alert reports. And a portion of your dues goes directly to supporting our research. Plus, of course, you’ll get your 574-page FREE bonus encyclopedia... Your free book is also where you’ll learn what they’re not telling you about today’s most talked about natural cholesterol buster... You’ll need to make sure that yours comes only from our approved source. We share full details on page 139 and our recommended source... for this Members’ Choice Award-winner in your FREE gift: Miracles from the Vault. So doesn’t it make sense to renew your membership now? Another full year of HSI’s latest underground cures. And your bonus gift... In your FREE encyclopedia, we’ll also share details about how to...Repair clogged arteries even after a stroke? Yes, this powerful palm tree extract is helping stroke victims “turn back the clock.” (page 143) Your free encyclopedia of cures will also tell you how to neutralize the artery-hardenerthat’s 10 times deadlier than LDL cholesterol... There’s so much more... Our international research network has made natural germ fighters a #1 priority since our founding. We’ve discovered dozens in the past 15 years... And your FREE gift encyclopedia will include full details about the best – PLUS a shocking new revelation from HSI’s vault that could dwarf them all... It was developed in secret labs by the Russian military to treat... Anthrax! But a modified version has shown remarkable effectiveness against flu... and even the “incurable” Hepatitis C virus...

More than 50,000 doses of this remarkably safe anti-germ agent have been evaluated on human subjects, and the results couldn’t be more encouraging... Users confirm it’s effective against... flu colds coughs certain skin infections and more... And it’s just been made available in the U.S. Research is still ongoing, but in view of the previous flu epidemics, we believe it would be a crime against humanity not to publish the news... You’ll find full details about this discovery, how to obtain it and how to use it on page 415 of your FREE BONUS gift, Miracles from the Vault. This just-published book is yours FREE when you renew your membership today. So do click on the button below. RSVP for your FREE gift today! The vault has now been opened for a select few of our members. This is your chance to feel stronger, healthier, happier and... even safer against the threat of lurking disease. That’s the benefit of HSI’s 123,000 member network of doctors, researchers and concerned citizens. And now, you can access our most important breakthroughs and miracle treatments... for the first time... in your FREE 574-page encyclopedia... And today I’ve told you about just a few of these life-saving underground cures... More than 90 hushed-up new breakthroughs await you in your FREE gift encyclopedia... Others will have to wait years or even decades for these late-breaking, life-saving medicines... But by continuing as an honored HSI member, you’ll always be first to learn about them, how to use them and where to get them... Just in time to help a friend battling cancer, or save your spouse from heart disease... or counsel a cousin with diabetes, or rescue a parent who’s terrified about memory loss... Just accept our invitation to continue as a member in good standing of HSI... You couldn’t have picked a better time, because you’ll be thanked with the greatest FREE gift bonanza in

HSI history... Simply click the button below, and very soon, you’ll receive a powerful package of healing benefits... Your FREE 574-page encyclopedia of today’s greatest alternative medicines. That’s more than 90 individual reports bound together in one massive volume... Cutting edge, uncensored and jam-packed with over 90 powerful new healing breakthroughs... including full details about everything mentioned here. As always, your satisfaction with HSI is GUARANTEED. If at any time you are unhappy with your membership or your benefits... for any reason at all... We will gladly issue you an immediate refund for the months remaining on your membership. And your FREE encyclopedia Miracles from the Vault? With over 90 cures? Well, that’s yours to keep, EVEN IF YOU CANCEL. Please, renew your HSI Membership now – and claim your free gift... To your good health,

Jenny Thompson Director, Health Sciences Institute

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