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September 24, 2017 | Author: shado94 | Category: Numerical Control, Machining, Crafts, Metalworking, Industries
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CNC Milling is the most common form of machining, a material removal process, which can create a variety of features on a part by cutting away the unwanted material. The CNC Milling operations are classified according to the position of the milling axis towards the work part. the work part surface is machined by the main cutting edges. Also, the work part surface is further finished with auxiliary cutting edge

Objectives:    

To develop more understanding about development and principle of CNC milling machine. To learn modes of operations. To learn how to design and process it in the machine To understand the advantages and disadvantages of CNC milling machines and their applications.

Q1) list and describe in sequence the operation process steps for Boxford CNC milling machine? 

 

We started with drawing the design and inserting the settings and setups as the depth of cut of each part of the drawing by setting a specific color for each area that represents a specific depth of cut using Boxford CAD/CAM software We checked our work and design by using the software’s simulator, which shows us the final shape of the design To implement the work we sent the design to the milling machine after fixing the work part in the right position

Q2) how many zero points in Boxford CNC milling machine and explain them?   

The CNC Milling machine default position or When its idle which is set to zero After positioning the tool start point is set to zero As well as the Zero points which are used to reposition the origin point in a CNC program

Q3) list and describe the parts of Boxford CNC Milling machine with pictures

Control panel: contains all the controls and allows manual and automatic controls Cutter: cuts the work piece or the material Guard: protects the person operating the CNC and the process doesn’t start until it’s closed Work table: the material to be worked on is placed on the work table Stop button: it stops the machine or the process

Q4) list and describe the attached tools in Boxford CNC Milling machine? And how many tools were used in your project explain them? 

 

Air nozzle which blows off dirt for example it blows off dust from the work piece It also reduces the heat form the cutting tool as it contacts the work piece Cutting bit which works the piece to the desire shape End Mills: End mills are tools which have cutting teeth at one end, as well as on the sides, they are used for a variety of things including facing an edge, and cutting slots or channels - Ball End Mills: Machine rounded details into your stock


drilling End Mill: A 90° point angle turns these end mills into drills for slotting, side milling, beveling, and profiling there are many types of end mills it all depends on the design and the kind of work to be done

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