Midwifery Final(Test 1)

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Professional Growth & Development (test 1) Prepared by: Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN NAME: INSTRUCTIONS:





1. A midwife desiring to work abroad may be allowed to register in a foreign country based on reciprocity which means the following except: a. The Philippine grants the citizens of that country the same privilege b. The proof of reciprocity must be confirmed by the DFA c. Both countries have the same registration requirements for midwife d. None of these 2. A person who practices midwifery without license is guilty of: a. May be imprisoned for 2 to 7 years b. May be fined of P10,000 to P30,000 c. May be both fined and imprisoned d. Misdemeanor 3. A newly registered midwife inquired from the PRC when she must renew her professional license. She was told that she have to renew her registration’? a. After three years b. On her birthday next year c. Every couple of years d. Anytime within the next 3 years 4. The following are crimes involving destruction of the life of fellowmen except: a. Abortion b. Parricide c. Infanticide d. Suicide 5.Which is not a prerequisite for licensing as R.M.? a. Must pass the Midwifery Licensure b. Must be at least 21 years old c. Payment of required dues d. Must be citizen of the Philippines 6. When a midwife and a patient verbally agrees that the midwife will attend the home delivery for a fee, this kind of contract is called: a. Implied b. Informal c. Formal d. Expressed






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7. A newly registered midwife is qualified to work as a: a. Staff midwife of any lying—in center b. Private duty nurse c. Clinical instructor of a midwifery school d. Nursing attendant in Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital 8. A marriage contract is an example of: a. Formal contract b. Expressed contract c. Implied contract d. Void contract 9. A professional midwife should be knowledgeable with the current events happening in the country that was the holding of the ASEAN GAMES. ASEAN means: a. Association of Sports Enthusiast of All Nations b. Association of South East Asian Nation c. Asia Sports Excellent Association of Nations d. None of these 10. A midwife working in a private clinic assisted the physician in performing induced abortion. She is considered as: a. Accomplice b. Accessory after the fact c. Accessory before the fact d. Principal 11. An old concept of maternal and child care which is being revived and encouraged to improve the health of the population is: a. Immunization b. Medical research c. Breastfeeding d. Rooming in 12. Basic education starts at: a. Church b. Home c. Association with peers d. School

Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. – MIDWIFERY REVIEW Professional Growth & Development (test 1) – Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

13. The minimum ratio of a C.I. to student midwives in the hospital or in the community is: a. 1 CI to 12 students b. 1 CI to 10 students c. 1 CI to 6 students d. 1 CI to 5 students 14. The 1997 Phil. Constitution guarantees the right to life of an unborn child. This means the midwife should protect the life of unborn from the time of: a. Quickening c. Ovulation b. Conception d. Implantation 15. A registered midwife who wishes to stop practicing her profession and wants exemption in paying the annual registration fee should inform the: a. Board of Midwifery b. BIR c. PRC d. Immediate supervisor 16. Killing of the fetus inside the uterus before the age of viability is: a. Abortion b. Murder c. Homicide d. Parricide 17. The midwife must be transparent in the practice of her profession when her patients are informed about the benefits and risks regarding their care. This is called: a. Informed consent b. Responsibility c. Authority d. Duty 18. Which of the following statements is not true regarding the replacement of lost certificate? a. Applicant should retake the examination b. There is a need to present a notarized certificate of loss c. Should pay for the new certificate d. Must be approved by the Board 19. Based on the Phil. Cancer Society statistics, which of the following cancers is the number one cause of cancer among Filipino women? a. Breast cancer b. Leukemia c. Cervical cancer d. Lymphoma 20. A midwife has a pleasing personality if she has the following characteristic sexcept: a. Talk in clear voice b. Language in bad taste c. ln proper attire while on duty d. Carries self in professional way


21. A rural health midwife should always remember that she can only perform her expanded role stipulated under the law when she: a. Was authorized by her immediate superior b. Has undergone the training for that purpose c. Already a registered midwife and has been in service for many years d. Has been doing it for many years without complication 22. In order to pursue and maintain high level of ethical midwifery practice, the midwife is guided by: a. Constitution b. Midwifery education c. Common sense d. Code of Ethics for midwives 23. Which of the following laws refers to the first Rural Health Act implemented in 1954 that provides the employment of more health workers in the rural areas? a. RA 2382 c. RA 6713 b. RA 7305 d. RA 1082 24. Which of the following situations illustrates clear negligence on the part of the midwife? a. A midwife was not able to monitor FHT during labor which resulted in stillbirth b. A graduate midwife operating a lying-in clinic c. Midwife recorded inaccurate entries in the patient chart d. Midwife performs episiorraphy to a primipara 25. The international Women's Day is celebrated each: a. March 8 b. April 7 c. May 7 d. August 1 26. You are called to a home in a squatter area. You found out that the patient is a G7P5 with regular prenatal check up in the health center. You decided to refer her to the hospital for delivery. You made use of what skill? a. Supervisory b. Technical c. Communication d. Analytical 27. A midwife provides first aid to a victim of a vehicular accident that she passed by on her way home after duty. Her action is considered: a. Professional duty b. Moral obligation c. Responsibility d. Not necessary

Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. – MIDWIFERY REVIEW Professional Growth & Development (test 1) – Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

28. Which of the following is an example of exempting circumstances? a. Husband surrenders after killing his wife b. Kidnapping for ransom c. 14 years old is an accessory in conspiracy d. A 17 year old snatched the bag of a lady

35. After passing the licensure examination, a midwife can choose to work in any of the following areas and can be considered practicing midwifery except in: a.Staff midwife in maternity clinic b.Operate her own lying—in clinic c.Employed by DOH d.Works as nursing assistant in delivery room

29. Ms. Cruz is a registered midwife who filed a case against Ms. Javier an undergraduate midwife who attends a delivery call in their community. Ms. Cruz is the: a. Plaintiff b. Victim c. Respondent d. Witness

36. The law which provides Day Care Centers in every Barangay: a. RA 6727 c. RA 7277 b. RA 349 d. RA 7641

30. A professional midwife should maintain a pleasing personality because of the following reasons: a. It wins appreciation, admiration & recognition b. All of these c. It comforts patients d. lt commands respect 31. The Midwifery Week is celebrated every: a. First week of November b. Third week of October c. First week of December d. Third week of November 32. Which of the following offices has the custody of records of administrative cases and investigations handled by the Board of Midwifery? a. IMAP b. Professional Regulation Commission c. Civil Service Commission d. Court of Justice 33. Which of the following is the most important purpose of the Midwifery Act? a. Provide punishment for the violators of the law b. Ensure public safety and welfare c.Act as a guide in the practice of midwifery d.Clarify the legal responsibilities of a midwife 34. Which of the following actions is an example of a professional conduct of a midwife? a.Charging exorbitant fees b.Back fighting a co-worker c.Calling the attention of a colleague in a private room when the latter committed a mistake d.Refer a friend who is 3 months pregnant for abortion


37. Which of the following diseases have been declared by international Experts as a global pandemic disease because of the rapidly increasing number of people affected by it? a. Tuberculosis c. SARS b. Bird flu d. AlDS 38. The letters R.M. can be affixed to a midwife's name if she has: a. Already taken the board examination b. Passed the board examination and has taken the oath of professionals c. Submitted her application for the licensure examination d. Passed the board exam 39. A person called to the succession either by provision of a will or by operation of law is called: a. Decedent b. Testator c. Heir d. Witness 40. As a trained midwife in family planning which of the following best describes your action when a patient comes to you for a family planning method? a. Explain the different methods and let them choose the method they prefer b. Motivate the couple to use natural family planning method so they will experience no side effects c. Advise the couple the ideal method that they should use after performing thorough assessment d. Encourage the couple to use only the method approved by their religious affiliation 41. A professional midwife's duties toward her patient are the following except: a. Render care to the best of her ability b. Render care commensurate to the ability of the patient to pay c. To keep updated with the latest trends in health care d. Charge fees which is commensurate to the services rendered

Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. – MIDWIFERY REVIEW Professional Growth & Development (test 1) – Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

42. correct a. b. c. d.

Which of the following actions is when following orders? Ignore doubtful orders ’ Follow orders without questioning Obey first before complaining Clarify doubtful orders.

43. Which of the following personnel in the rural health unit is considered as the frontline health worker? a. Physician b. Nurse c. Dentist d. Midwife 44. The Code of Ethics for Midwives is: a. A regulatory law passed last April 1992 b. A law passed by congress in 1988 c. A set of guideline to guide the behavior of professional midwives d. Norms of conduct for the public health midwife 45. The most significant reason for joining professional organizations is: a. Provide a venue for job hunting b. Helps to raise funds for midwifery projects c. Way of meeting new friends d. Promote professional growth of members 46. Which of the following actions of a midwife is considered professional behavior? a. Reprimanding student midwife in private b. Criticizing colleague as soon as an error is committed c. Reprimanding and praising a comidwife in public d. Immediately reporting to the supervisor the complaint of a patient 47. The right to life, property and marriage is expressed in what kind of special ethics? a. Political b. Social c. Individual d. Professional 48. On April 10, 1992, a very important event for midwives happened and it was the: a. Appointment of the new member of the board b. Proclamation of the midwifery week c. Signing into law of the Midwifery Bill d. Recognition of the important role of the midwife in the delivery of health services 49. Under the Magna Carla of Public Health Workers, an additional pay of is given to a midwife who works overtime on a legal holiday? a. 25% c. 40% b. 30% d. 50%


50. Which of the following functions of the midwife is not considered traditional? a. Attends to a normal delivery b. Performs Leopold's maneuver to a prenatal patient c. Sutures laceration of a newly delivered mother d. Instructs a new mother on proper breastfeeding techniques 51. As a midwife employed in a private hospital, you are legally qualified to receive the following benefits, except? a. Phil Health insurance b. Sick leave c. Overtime pay d. GSIS membership and benefits 52. A midwife operating her own lying in clinic prescribed antibiotic to a newly delivered woman who developed fever immediately after delivery. The midwife: a. ls doing what is best for the mother b. Can be charged of malpractice c. ls performing a legal duty to her patient d. Should refer the patient to a doctor if the fever does not subside after 4 days 53. The following circumstances can exempt one from fulfilling her duty except: a. Flood b. Strong typhoon c. Traffic d. Sickness 54. Which of the following does not govern the practice of a midwife working in the DOH? a. Code of Ethics for Midwives b. Republic Act 7305 c. Republic Act 7392 d. Republic Act 2644 55. The Father of Sanitation is: a. Hippocrates b. Moses c. St. Elizabeth of Hungary d. St. Catherine of Sienna 56. APSOM is an organization of: a. Midwifery schools b. Principals and clinical instructors c. Registered midwives d. Midwifery reviewers and past board members 57. Which of the following means libel? a. False accusations of a person in public b. Filing a criminal case that caused the suspension of the license of another midwife c. Reporting the offenses of a coworker to a superior d. Sending an open letter to a newspaper defaming another person’s character

Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. – MIDWIFERY REVIEW Professional Growth & Development (test 1) – Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

58. Which is the most important role of a health center midwife in Primary Health Care approach? a. Researcher b. Evaluator c. Community organizer d. implementer 59. The original objective of the Expanded Program of immunization was to: a. Eradicate all communicable diseases b. Reduce mortality and morbidity of infants and children from the six immunizable diseases c. lmmunize as many Filipino children as possible d. To make all Filipino immune to communicable diseases 60. The ethical responsibility of a midwife when offering to render services to a postpartum mother is: a. lnform the patient that your fee is lower than the other midwives in your community b. Charge a professional fee that is commensurate with the services to be rendered c. Tell the mother that you are the best known midwife in the community d. lnform the mother that a midwife is trained better in giving postpartum care than a nurse or a physician 61. When informing a mother that her baby is stillborn, thetrait that would be very helpful for the midwife in order to help the mother accept the situation would be: a. Sympathy b. Pity c. Empathy d. Honesty 62. World AIDS Day is celebrated yearly on what date and month? a. Dec. 5 c. Dec. 1 b. Dec. 10 d. Dec. 8 63. A clinical instructor of a school of midwifery should be knowledgeable in making a lesson plan. The contents of the lesson plan do not include: a. Professional fee of the instructor b. Amount of time needed c. Objectives of the lesson d. Methodology to be used 64. A registered midwife wants to be a member of the IMAP. Membership in a professional organization is an ethical obligation stipulated in the: a. School curriculum b. Phil. Midwifery Act of 1992 c. Code of Ethics of Midwives d. Rules and Regulations governing the practice of Midwifery


65. The Board of Midwifery required a midwife to appear in an investigation and to bring her certificate of registration during the hearing. The Board will send the midwife a: a. Pleading b. Appeal c. Subpoena d. Subpoena duces tecum 66. The primary reason in the suspension of the midwife's license is: a. To punish the midwife b. Deprive her of her job c. To protect the public d. Impose the law 67. The following statements are true regarding CPE except: a. A midwife should keep abreast with the latest trends in midwifery to improve her knowledge and skills b. Updating professional knowledge and skills help ensure public welfare and safety c. Continuing education credit units can only be obtained by attending conventions d. The midwife can choose what kind of continuing education to attend 68. Which of the following laws require that all couples intending to get married must first undergo family planning and responsible parenthood instructions before a marriage license can be issued to them: a. PD 7883 b. PD 965 c. PD 69 d. PD 7305 69. Which of the following cases may cause a midwife to be imprisoned in the Correctional institute for Women? a. Accused of estafa b. Sued for the substitution of babies c. Acquitted from the crime of abortion d. Convicted of physical injuries 70. A court issues a summon to a person to defend herself. She is called the: a. Plaintiff b. Respondent c. Complainant d. Witness 71. When the Board prepares examination questions, it is exercising its: a. Discretionary power b. Ministerial Power c. Dispensing Power d. Corrective Power

Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. – MIDWIFERY REVIEW Professional Growth & Development (test 1) – Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

72. The proper action of a midwife if in doubt of the doctor's order is to: a. Do not carry out an order that is not clear b. Clarify the order with her co-workers c. Follow the doctor's orders as long as it is written & signed d. Ask a new order from another doctor 73. This word means the training to act in accordance with rules: a. Authority c. Good breeding b. Duty d. Discipline 74. Which of the following laws provides for Compulsory Basic Immunization? a. RA 6713 c. RA 7160 b. RA 996 d. RA6675 75. Which is considered as illegal action? a. Midwife divulges privilege communication b. Having a live-in relationship c. Reports to duty not properly groomed d. Receiving commission for referred patients 76. Which of the following is not a legitimate practice? a. High-risk pregnant women after attending continuing education in caring for high risk patients b. Normal pregnant women and normal unborn infant c. Care of children below five years old d. Giving immunization to well babies 77. Who among the following midwives is qualified to become a member of the Board of Midwifery’? a. Midwife supervisor in a lying in center b. Principal of school of midwifery c. A lecturer of a review center d. Midwife employed as a clinical instructor of a school of midwifery 78. The PRC Modernization Act of 2000 pertains to: a. Republic Act 8981 b. Executive Order 496 c. Republic Act 9173 d. Presidential Decree No. 541 79. You retired from the rural health unit as a midwife supervisor. As a reward for your outstanding performance, the mayor is sending you to have a one week vacation in Hong Kong. You need a passport and the most important document needed to secure one is: a. Diploma b. Professional license c. Birth certificate d. Reference letter from Mayor


80. You applied for a staff position in the district hospital and were notified for an interview. Which of the following best describes your proper action? a. Wear a heavy make up to look glamorous b. Be punctual for the interview c. Take a seat as soon as you arrive in the room d. Wear your most expensive dress 81. Persons who must teach in a review course for midwifery must have which qualification except: ' a. Have passed the licensure exam for midwives b. Must be holder of valid certificate c. Comply with CHED requirements d. Owner of a review center 82. Which of the following statements is not true about the Board of Midwifery? a. lt is under the supervision of the PRC b. The chairman is either a physician or'a nurse-midwife c. It is composed of chairman and members d. The chairman and the members are appointed by the President of the Philippines 83. You are a staff midwife employed in a private hospital. While following a legal doctor’s order an injury was sustained by the patient. As a midwife you can defend yourself from liability by invoking which doctrine? a. Force majeure b. Respondeat superior c. Reckless imprudence d. Res ipsa loquitor 84. A private practicing midwife married to an obstetrician would like to open a birthing home. She needs to get business permit from what office? a. Health center b. Mayor's office c. Board of Midwifery d. DOH 85. According to the Midwives’ Code of Ethics, a midwife can reveal confidential information given by a patient: a. After the patient’s death b. If the patient’s relatives ask for the information c. If the information will benefit the public in general d. If the midwife is no longer providing service to patient

Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. – MIDWIFERY REVIEW Professional Growth & Development (test 1) – Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

86. Which of the following actions is appropriate for a midwife to do when she has a problem in her working relationship with a colleague? a. Talk it over with the concerned person b. File a complaint to the personnel division c. Discuss the matter with the supervisor d. Ignore the co-worker 87. The term of office of PRC commissioners is: a. 7 years b. 5 years c. 3 years d. 2 years 88. A midwife working under the DOH, is exempted from paying which tax? a. Professional tax b. Community tax c. Realty tax d. Value added tax 89. To take the Licensure, the requirement is: a. 20 actual deliveries handled b. 15 actual and 5 assisted deliveries c. 25 actual deliveries handled d. 20 actual deliveries and 5 assisted

94. When the lawyer of the plaintiff questions the witness of the accused, it is called: a. Direct examination b. Cross examination c. Perjury d. Preliminary investigation 95. The virtue that allows man to give to his neighbor what rightfully belongs to him is: a. Charity b. Justice c. Temperance d. Fortitude 96. This law acknowledges the benefits of traditional remedies such as acupressure: a. Republic Act 6675 b. Republic Act 6713 c. Republic Act 8423 d. Republic Act 7305 97. According to the Midwifery Act, the deliveries handled by the graduate midwife applying for licensure examination must be signed by the: a. Chief of hospital or municipal health officer b. Assisting clinical instructor c. Principal d. Rural Health Midwife

90. If a midwife working in a foreign country encounters problems concerning her employment, it is best that she first: a. Get a lawyer and file a case in the court of that country b. Contact the nearest Philippine embassy c. Go home to the Philippines at once d. Transfer to another employer

98. The first Midwifery Week celebration which was on October 22-28, 1974 was under the sponsorship of: a. APSOM b. lMAP c. NFM d. PMA

91. The proof of one’s citizenship when traveling abroad is the: a. Working visa b. Birth certificate c. Certificate of employment d. Passport

99. You are a supervisor of a health facility. Which of the following ways will help you in assessing the quality of care rendered by your staff? a. Statistical record review b. Review of clinical records c. Use of checklist d. Staff appraisal

92. school a. b. c. d.

The teaching load of a principal of a of midwifery should be: Not more than 12 units Not to exceed 9 units Not more than 15 units Not to exceed 32 units

93. A registered midwife can teach in a school of midwifery except when she is a: a. Registered nurse-midwife b. Graduate midwife with 5 years experience c. Registered midwife with a bachelor’s degree d. She is a doctor of medicine


100. A midwife who understands how procedures and protocols should be done rightly and well is exercising which virtue? a. Justice b. Temperance c. Fortitude d. Prudence

Top Rank Review Academy, Inc. – MIDWIFERY REVIEW Professional Growth & Development (test 1) – Prepared by: Mr. Angelo Marc S. Rio, RN

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