Midterm Exam in Philippine Literature

August 10, 2017 | Author: Marco Meduranda | Category: Essays, Plot (Narrative), Argument, Poetry, Philosophical Science
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MIDTERM EXAM IN PHILIPPINE LITERATURE NAVOTAS POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE NAME: _____________________ Course/Year/Sec: __________ DATE: ___________ SCORE: ______ I. IDENTIFICATION: Write the term being defined or described by each item. __________________ 1. A prose composition aimed to explain or elucidate a thought, theory, an inkling or a standpoint. __________________ 2. A prose composition intended to be performed before an audience. __________________ 3. Type of plot where actions are arranged in chronological sequence. __________________ 4. Part of the plot where the playwright commences the story. __________________ 5. Element of drama that identifies the time and place in which the events occur. __________________ 6. Type of essay that deals with light, ordinary and even common place subjects. __________________ 7. Type of drama in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers a great sorrow. __________________ 8. Type of drama that deals with stern feat and concludes in a happy resolution. __________________ 9. A play that brings laughter for the sake of laughter. __________________ 10. An accurate, detailed and life-like description in a play __________________ 11. Refers to the mode of expression or presentation of the play. __________________ 12. Refers to the unifying element that defines the dramatized idea of the play. __________________ 13. Character aspect that embraces all feature that can be gleaned from the characters world or environment. __________________ 14. Element of drama that lays out the series of events. __________________ 15. Included in the middle part of the plot that reveals the peak of anticipation in the series of events. II. Matching Type: Elements of Essay A.


_____ 16. explores the general proposition or thesis that the essay a. implication argues about b. presence _____ 17. identifies the reason for writing c. coherence _____ 18. points out the sensation of life in writing d. explanations _____ 19. places speculation on the general significance of the e. structure particular analysis of a particular text. f. idea _____ 20. shapes the smooth flow of argument _____ 21. bits of background information, summary, context to orient g. motive the reader/s who are not familiar with the text being discussed h. evidences i. condition _____ 22. identify the facts or details, summarized or quoted, that one uses to support, demonstrate, and prove the main idea and sub ideas _____ 23. forms the shape of the ideas, the sequence of sub-topics and sections through which the ideas are unfolded and developed. III. True or False: Write VALID if the statement is true and INVALID if the statement is false. ________ 24. Drama has two fold nature; that of literature and theater. ________ 25. Deductive pattern develops idea from specific to general. ________ 26. Moral aspect of the character discloses the inner mechanism of the mind. ________ 27. The principal material in the drama is the setting. ________ 28. Unfolding plot begins narration from the very first incident to its peak. ________ 29. Obligatory scene identifies the open collision between two opposing characters or forces. ________ 30. The style is the over-all sense or implication of action.

________ 31. The happy resolution in a melodrama is achieved when the power of the villain is neutralized. ________ 32. The impersonal essay is casual, conversational, friendly and often humorous. ________ 33. The conclusion of the essay presents the generalization or insight of the essay. ________ 34. The setting of a drama includes the historical period and season when incidents take place. ________ 35. Non-realism is something stylized or theatricalized using the artist’s imagination.

IV. POETRY INTERPRETATION: Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow. BECAUSE I LOVE Jose M . Lansang everything exist for me because I love a trotting dog healthy as a healthy pigeons wheeling white against the sky a hull-naked strutting pigeon grunting before its mate who leaves him to fly the air and glide in a long glide coming down before me spectacularly fluttering visibly the show-off because I love exist for everything me

1. What is the meaning of the first two lines?

2. What images are represented by the poet? Why?

3. Look at the last two lines. Why is there a change in the order of words? What does the poet mean?

I. Poetry interpretation. Read the poem below, and answer the questions that follow. TO A LOST ONE Angela Manalang Gloria I shall haunt you, O my lost one, as the twilight Haunts a reed-entangled trail And your dreams will linger strangely with the music of a phantom lover’s tale. You shall not forget, for I am past forgetting. I shall come to you again With the starlight, and the scent of wild champacas, And the melody of rain You shall not forget. Dusk will peer into your Window, tragic-eyed and still; And unbidden, startle you into remembrance With its hand upon the sill II.

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