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August 1, 2017 | Author: Wendy Escalante | Category: Public Health, Infection, Virus, Epidemiology, Diseases And Disorders
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MICROBIOLOGY REVIEWER Necator americanus Opistorchis vivirini Schistosoma mansoni Fasciolopsis buski Chlonorchis sinensis Schistosoma japonicum Schistosoma haemotobium Plasmodium falciparum Hymenolepis nana Paragonimus westermani Diphylidium caninum Ascaris lumricoides Naegleria fowleri Acanthoamoeba specie Hymenolepsis diminuta Strongyloides stercoralis Enterobius vermincularis Diphyllobothrium latum Echinococcus granulosus Capillaria philipinensis Trypanosome brucei gambiensie Trypanosoma brucei rhodesensie Taenia solium

New world hookworm South east Asian liver fluke Intestinal schistosoma Giant intestinal fluke Chinese liver fluke Oriental blood fluke Urinary schistosome Malignant tertian malaria Dwarf tapeworm Lung fluke Dog tapeworm Giant intestinal roundworm Primary amoebic meningo- encephalitis Contact lenses associated Rat tapeworm Thread worm Pinworm Fish tapeworm Hydatid worm Pudoc worm West African sleeping sickness Acute form of African sleeping sickness Pork tapeworm

Trypanosome cruzi Trichuris trichiuria Taenia saginata Wuchecheria bancrofti Dracunculos medinensis Trichenella spiralis Brugia malayi

American trypanosomiasis Whipworm Beef tapeworm Bancroftian filarial

Entamoeba hystolytica Loffler’s syndrome Anopheles mosquito Drug of choice of filariasis Causes anaphylactic shock Inflammation at the site of inoculation Cervical lymphadenopathy Trichomonas vaginalis Schistosoma Leishmania donovani Trichuris trichuria Gardia lamblia Series of proglottids Strongyloides stercoralis Ancyclostoma braziliensis Enterobiasis Bancroftian filariasis Head of the tapeworm

Flask shaped intestinal ulcer

Fiery serpent of the Israelites Muscle worm Malayan filariasis

Ascaris pneumonitis Malaria Diethylcarbamazine Ruptured Hydatid cyst Changoma

Winterbottoms sign Strawberry cervix Onchomelania quadrasi Visceral leishmaniasis/ kala-azar Associated with rectal prolapse Falling leaf motility Strobila Chochin china diarrhea Cutaneous larvae migrans Associated with pruritis ani Elephanthiasis Scolex

Toxocara canis infection HIV virus Hydrophobia in rabies infection Mumps Rabies virus Hermann’s rash Herpes zoster Varicella Roseola Measles Rubella Coxsackie virus A16 Paul Bunnel antibodies Splenic rupture Fifth disease Coxsackie virus A Epstein barr virus Cytomegalovirus Hermoconcentration thrombocytopenia

Visceral larvae migrans

Retroviridae virus Infection is contained by CD8+ cells Inspiratory muscle spasm Causes parotitis Causes pain Pruritis and paresthesia at the site of wound Dengue fever rash Causes shingles Chicken pox Nagayama spots Kopliks spots Forscheimer spots Hand-foot and mouth disease Known as heterophil antibodies Dreaded complication of kissing disease Erythema infecctiosum Herpangina Causes infectious mononucleosis Most common cause of congenital infection Increasing hematocrit count Decreasing platelet count

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