Mga Gamit at Lugar Sa Simbahan 1

December 4, 2017 | Author: Jan Pierre Pizarro | Category: Altar, Mass (Liturgy), Ceremonies, Eucharist, Christian Worship And Liturgy
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- a portable cruxifix mounted on a staff, which is used in liturgical

processions at the head of the vested members of the liturgy


- it represents Christ as the light of the world. It is a sign of Joy.


- also known as sanctus bells or sacring bells. It is rung by the server at the mass or celebration to

draw attention to the most sacred moments of the liturgy. It is als used in processions to draw the attention of the crowd.



vessels or bottles, ususally in the form of jugs having a handle and a beak, made of glass or metal

intended to contain the wine and water for the mass.


- used for washing the priests hands befor praying over the gifts.


- this is a sacred vessel, a container that is covered in which the small host are placed during

the distribution of the Holy Communion.


- a sacred vessel in which the Eucharistic wine is consecrated at the mass.


- a round thin convex plate, with the same material as the chalice, large enopugh to wxtend over the lip

of the chalice. the Bread to be consecrated would be placed upon it.


- a small piece of white absorbent linen, appriximately 8x16, folded lengthwise, and

marked with a cross in the center. Used by the priest to wipe the mouth of the chalice.


- a square of linen, stiffened with starch, cardboard, or plastic set on the chalice to prevent dirt or

insects from falling into it.


- a sacred cloth white linen around 20 inches square upon which the cahlice, paten, and ciborium

are placed during the mass. When not in use, it is folded 3 times each way so as to form 9 equal squares.



a plate used by the server at the mass to catch any fragment of the Sacred

host that might fall from the communicant while recieveing communion.

CHRISM OIL - a blend of olive oil and balsam blessed during the morning mass of the Chrism on Holy thursday by the bishop and used a the liturgical anointings of persons and of things.


SACRISTY - a room or annex in the church, commonly near the altar where fuernishings for the altar are kept and where the minister vests and prepare themselves for Divine worship.

THURIBLE - a vessel wherein mixtures of various aromatics and incencse are burned over lighted charcoal. INCENSE BOAT - it is shaped like a boat and holds the incenses grains to be spooned and placed onto the thurible.

BAPTISMAL FONT - a water basin placed on a pedestal containing baptismal water for the administartion of baptism.

ASPERGILL - a ritual object used to sprinkle the Holy Water.

SANCTUARY - a holy place which refers to the worship area in the church particularly around the altar, the center of liturgical ceremony.

TABERNACLE - it refers to the shrine or receptacle either round or rectangular that serves as a place for the exclusive reservation of the blessed sacrament.

ALTAR TABLE - a table used in offering sacrifices, usually loated in the middle of the sactuary ALTAR CLOTH - these are linens that cover the altar. It provides clean and absorbent material to be used if the consecrated wine is spilled.

PEWS - fixed benches usually with backs and kneelers, to serve as seats for worshippers in the church.

CATHEDRA - a seat reserved for the presider of the mass.

LECTERN - is a reading desk with a slanted top, usually placed on a stand or affixed to a some other form of support, on which documents or books are placed as support for reading aloud, as in a scripture reading, or sermon.

BOOK STAND - a stand in which the sacramentary rests when placed in the altar.

LECTIONARY - a scriptural book that holds the readings during the liturgy of the word in the mass. Includes the first reading, second reading, responsorial psalm, and the gospels.

GOSPEL BOOK - a liturgical book that contains gospel readings only.

ORDO - a guide for clergy It contains a calendar of final day before the next concerning the Office and

to aid in preparation of the liturgy. the Liturgical year (Advent to the Advent) and contains directions Mass to be said for each day. It

includes some indication of fast days, special feasts, special devotions, and devotions and feasts of particular importance to certain dioceses.

SACRAMENTARY - a book which contains all the presidential prayers for the presider of the eucharist and for any rites connected with the mass

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