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MF970 User Guide

ZTE C ORPO RP OR ATIO TION NO. 55 55 , Hi-t Hi -t ech Roa Ro a d So So ut h, Sh S he nz he n, P.R P.R .Chi Chi na Postcode: 518057 1

Getting to Know Your Device Appearance The The f ollow llo wing ing figu ig ure is i s f or you your r ef eren re nc e on onl y.

Le ft Side id e

Fron Fro nt

1. microicro- SIM C ard Slo Slott Cove Cover

an d


R eset

Righ Rig ht Si de Ins Ins ert

you yo ur

micr o-SIM o-SIM

card. 

Restore Restore you your de d e vic e t o facto ct or y d ef ault set se tti ng s.

2. FUNC K e y

Press ress

t he


Key t o

access the options menu. 3. Po wer wer K e y

Press ress

t he


Key t o

po wer wer on /of f you your d e vic e. 4.

Scree n

ind indic at es 2

t he

sign al

t ype ype ,

sign sig nal str str eng t h, bat bat ter y, Wi-Fi, Wi- Fi, etc. 5. Cha Chargin rg ing g / micro-U icro-U SB Jack

Cha Charge rg e yo ur de vi ce.

Con Con n ect t he cli en t t o you yo ur de vic e vi vi a the U SB c abl e.

6. E xt erna rn al

A nt en n a


It is

used se d

to to

con co n nec t


external antenna to enhance th e sign sig n al str str e ng th.

Getttin g to Know Yo Ge Your Dev ice Indicators Wh e n t he de d e vic e is p o were were d o n, the th e f ollo wi ng icon ico ns ma y be displ ispl a yed yed on t h e LCD scr ee n. F or a des des cripti cripti on of t h e icon ico ns, ref refer to t he f ollo wing ing ta ble. le . Icon

Des Des cription ri ption Net Net wor wor k sign al str str eng t h


Net wor k t yp e The The us er is in r oa mi ng st at us. Con Con n ected cted t o t he I nt erne rn et. Conn Conn ected cted t o t he Int er net i n t he I nt erne rn et Wi -Fi 3

mode. New Ne w mess mess ag e (s) Wi-Fi sta st at us a nd th th e nu n u mb er of c o nn ecte ct e d use users rs Ba tter y leve le vell

Inst In stal alli lin n g the micromicro -SI SIM M Card 1. Ope Op en the micr micr o-SIM -SIM c ard slo sl o t c o ver, an d i nsert sert a micr micr o-SIM -SIM card card to th t he micro-S icro-S IM c ard slot slot . NOTE: Do n ot r e mo ve th th e c o ver e ntir ire el y, bec bec a use i t is c on n ect cte ed wi wi th the device. W ARNI RNING NG!! To a voi d da da m ag e to t he d e vic ice e , do do n ot us us e a n y ot h er kin d of SIM SIM card ca rds s , or or any an y n o n-st -sta a n dar d micromicro- SIM ca carr d c ut from fro m a SI SIM ca carr d. Yo u c a n g et a st an dar d micromicro- SIM c ard fro rom m your se s erv rvii ce pro rov vi der.



Close the micro-S IM c ard slot c over.

Charging Your Device You can c harg e your devic e by using the U SB cable or adapter. 

Use the USB cabl e to c onnect your devic e directl y to your PC.

Use the adapter and U SB cabl e to c onnect to the wall outlet to charge your device.


NOTE: The pl ug onl y fits one way to c onnect your de vic e. D o not use exc essi ve force t o insert the pl ug.

Internet Access Connection Scenarios The device can access the Internet in two ways and it allows multipl e clie nts to s urf on the Inter net at the same ti me. T he follo wi ng figur es are for your re fer ence onl y. 

Cellu lar n et wor k mod e: A micr o-SIM c ard c an be us ed to access the Internet.


Intern et W i-Fi Mode: Your device can be connected to a WLAN devic e (s uch as a hotspot devic e or wirel ess router) through Wi-Fi to access t he I nternet. T he WLAN devic e must be already c onnecte d to the Internet. NOTE:

Your devi ce and the WLAN devi ce mus t be i n differe nt subnets.

Connecting to Your Device Using Wi-Fi 1. Power on your devic e. 2. Ens ure that your computer or other client devic es have enabled Wi-Fi, and s earch f or available wirel ess net wor ks. NOTE: Refer to your Wi-Fi-e nabled client device manual for furt her details on how to searc h for wir eless networ ks. If you us e a computer, you need to s et your computer to obtai n an IP address automatic all y. 7

3. Sel ect the Wi-Fi name (S SID) of your devic e, and clic k Connect. 4. Enter the Wi-Fi pass wor d if necessar y, and clic k OK. NOTE: Refer to the chapter G etting to K n ow th e W i-Fi S SID and

Pass word  to get the default Wi-Fi SSID and pass word. 5. Wait until the cli ent devic e is connected to your devi ce succ essfull y.

Using a USB Cable 1. Connect a c omputer to your devi ce with a USB c abl e. 2. Power on your device and follow the s ystem pr ompts to compl ete s oftwar e installati on .


If the s ystem does not automatic all y l aunc h installati on, you can double-clic k the devic e ins tall ation icon in M y Com puter  to i nstall t he s oftware.

The devic e driver will be ins tall ed at the s ame ti me. 8

3. Wait

until the

computer is

connec ted to your

devi ce

succ essfull y.

Using the WPS(Optional) If your clie nt devi ce s upports WPS, you don’t have to input the pas s wor d manuall y after WPS is avail abl e. Pleas e perf orm the followi ng steps: 1. Power on your devic e, and enabl e the Wi-Fi functi on on your devic e. 2. Enabl e WPS func tion. Pleas e press the FUNC K ey. 3. Sel ect W PS  to start Wi-Fi Pr otected Setup authentic ati on process. 4. Enabl e the WPS func tion on your clie nt to r espond this authentication process. 5. Follow the s ystem prompts on your client to finis h t he connecti on. NOTES: 

The devic e will wait t o r ec ei ve the acc ess r equest of wirel ess acc ess cli ent wit hin 2 minutes.

For detail ed operati ons about the client, pl ease refer to the client’s us er manu al.


Getting to Know the Wi-Fi SSID and Password You can us e the f ollowing methods to get t he default Wi-Fi SSID and pass wor d. 

View the l abel on the devic e.

Press the FUNC Key to acc ess the options menu. Sel ect Device Info  and the Wi-Fi SSID and password are displ ayed on the scr een.

Logging in to the ZTE Mobile Hotspot Configuration Page 1. Ens ure t hat the con nection between your devic e and t he client devic e is corre ct. 2. Launch the Inter net br owser and enter or http://rogers.rockethub in the ad dress bar. 3. Enter the pas s wor d to log in t o t he ZT E M obile Hotspot configuration pag e. T he login page appears as f ollows . T he follo wi ng figur e is onl y for your r eferenc e.


NOTE: T he d efaul t pas s wor d is admin.






Password 1. Log i n to the ZT E M obil e H ots pot c onfiguration pag e. 2. Sel ect W i-Fi Setting s > M ain SSID. 3. Change the N et work N am e (SSID)  or the Password in the Main SSID area. 4. Click Apply.


Accessing the Internet Cellular netw ork m ode  After a cli ent devi ce is s ucc ess full y connected to your devic e, you can acc ess t he Inter net in Automatic or M anu al mode. The default mode i s Automatic. Mode

Oper ation


Your devic e is automatic ally connec ted to t he Internet, you c an sur f on the Intern et through the client.


1. Log

i n to


Z TE M obile H otspot

configuration pag e. 2. Sel ect Setting s > Conn ectio n Mode > Manual, and then clic k  Apply. 3. Click

to bac k to the home page, and




You can als o press t he FUNC Key  and select Dat a Conn ect ion. Sel ect Yes or No. NOTE: To modi fy the par ameters of your devi ce, log i n to the Z TE Mobil e H ots pot c onfigurati on page.


Accessing the Internet Internet Wi-Fi Mode 1. Log i n to the ZT E M obil e H ots pot c onfiguration pag e. 2. Sel ect W i-Fi Setting s > Inter net W i-Fi. 3. Set the Inter net W i-Fi Switch to Enable, and click  Apply. Then s et the Pr eferred N et work to W i-Fi, and clic k  Apply.

4. Connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot. The follo wing two methods are for your re fer enc e.  

Click Connect next to the Wi-Fi hotspot you want to connect to in the Wi-Fi Hotspot are a, enter a pass word in the Pass word text box and clic k Yes.


Click Add Net work, enter the Wi-Fi hotspot infor mati on in the Add Wi-Fi H ots pot area, and clic k Apply.


 After the cli ent devic e is connec ted to the Wi-Fi hotspot succ essfull y, you can acc ess the I nter net.

ZTE Mobile Hotspot Configuration Page screen When you log i n, the foll owing inter fac e appears .


1. Status Chec k the status of the current connec tion. 2. Cu rrent net work p anel C hec k status of mobile n etwor k connecti on, c onnected devic es, upload and downl oad data speed, or c hange rel ated settings . 3. Statistic C hec k your appr oxi mate cumulati ve data us age, and data amount left s tatistic. 4. Statu s info rmation C hec k devi ce status i nfor mati on. 5. Index b ar  Selec t the functi on to be us ed from t he index bar.

Connected Device View Click

on Access device.

 All of wirele ss de vic es connected to your devic e will show on t he connected devic e wi ndow, incl udi ng devic e name a nd MAC address.


Connection Settings View Click Settings on M y rout er .

Connection mode Sel ect Connection Mode. T he c onnecti on mode infor mati on is shown i n the followi ng figur e.

Automatic: T he devic e will automatic all y c onnect to networ k when it is powered on.

Manual: T he devic e will connect to networ k manuall y.

Netw ork selection Sel ect Net work Selection. The networ k s election i nfor mation is shown i n the followi ng figur e.


Automatic: T he devic e will s earch availa bl e networ k automatic all y.

Manual: T he devic e will search availabl e networ k manuall y.

 APN 1. Sel ect APN . 2. Sel ect Manual. You c an s et the Access P oint Na me ( APN) i n the followi ng figure .


Mode: If a fi xed APN is pro vi ded by your s er vice pr ovider, selec t M anual APN. Otherwis e, pl ease sel ect A uto APN, and the devic e will automatic all y obtai n par ameters .

Profile: It contains one or mor e profil e names.

PDP T yp e: IPv4/IPv6/IPv4&IPv6.

Profile N am e: It refers to the name that you assign to the new pr ofile.

APN: Acc ess P oint Na me. The APN contai ns 0-9 a-z A-Z . and it can't star t wit h and end wi th .or -.

Auth entication : Is pr ovided by your Intern et Ser vic e Provi der(ISP). Pass wor d Authentic ation Protoc ol ( PAP) provi des a si mpl e method wit hout encr ypti on f or the peer to establis h it s ide ntity usi ng a 2- way hands hake. Chall eng e-Hands hake Authenti cati on Pr otoc ol (CHA P) is used to perio dicall y verif y the id entit y of t he pe er usi ng a 3-way hands hake.

User Nam e: Us er name is us ed to obtai n authentic ation from the ISP when the c onnection is establis hed.

Password : Pas s wor d is us ed to obtai n authentication fr om the ISP when the c onnection is establis hed.

Click " Set as d efau lt" to s et this pr ofile as the d efault profil e. NOTE:

Please dis con nec t the devic e from the networ k before chang ing setti ngs. 18

Wi-Fi Settings You can s et up wir eless hots pot so that your mo bile phone or laptop coul d acc ess network vi a it. Clic k W i-Fi Settings on M y router .

Main SSID Sel ect M ain SSID .

Multi S SID : 2 SSID ca n be used at the sa me ti me.

Net wor k N am e(S SID): SSID c an be u nderstood as networ k name. When you c hang e the SSID , please enter a s tring les s than 32 c haracters as the na me for your Wi-Fi. T he stri ng contai ns numbers, l etters ( a-z, A-Z), s pecial charac ters 19

(! #()+-./%[email protected] ^_{| }~) and space, and i t c an not s tart and end with a space. 

Broad cast N et wor k N am e(S SID): If you e nabl e this function, the devic e will bro adcas t SSID. Other wir eless devic es c an discover and connec t to this devic e.

Securit y Mod e: 

OPEN: U nencr ypted mode. T here are ris ks that the networ k will be used by unauthorized i ndi vi duals. This encr ypti on mode is n’t recommended.

WPA2(A ES)-PSK: It is the s ec ure versi on of WPA wit h i mplementation of the 802.11i standard.

WPA-P SK/WPA2- PSK: WPA Pr e-S har ed Key (WPA-P SK). WP A2- PSK is the s ec ure versi on of WPA wit h i mplementation of the 802.11i s tandard .

Password : T he p ass- phr as e needs to c ontai n 0-9 a-z A-Z ! # ( ) + - ./ %= ? @ ^ _ { | } ~

Max Stat ion Nu mber : You c an s elect the maxi mum number of wir eless termi nals whic h can c onnect t o the devic e.

Guest SSID Sel ect Gu est S SID, and set Mult i SSID to Enable.


WPS Sel ect W PS. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a s tan dar d that allows us ers to s et up a wirel ess networ k i n an eas y and s ec ure way wit hout specific configur ation, such as: SSID, sec urity mo de and pass wor d.


PIN: You ne ed to e nter t he PIN that is ge ner ated by t he access cli ent.

PBC: You c an s elec t the PBC (Pus h Button Configur ation) on the web page to enabl e WPS functi on.

Internet Wi-Fi Sel ect Internet W i-Fi.


Refer t o the c hapter Int ernet W i-Fi Mode.

 Advance Settings Sel ect Advan ce Settings.

Band Selection : You c an s elect t he sui table band for your devic e. 23

Net work Mod e: Selec t the s uit abl e Wi-Fi networ k mode, the devic e Wi-Fi per for manc e maybe improved.

Chann el B and width: S elec t the c hannel bandwidth f or your devic e.

Countr y/R egion Cod e: You can s elect the s uit abl e Countr y/Region C ode for your devic e.

Frequ en cy (Ch ann el): Select appropriate channel to optimiz e the perfor manc e and cover age of your wirel ess networ k.

Data Management View If the data c ons umption displ ayed is not i n agre ement with the actual amount us ed, you c an modif y the used data by clic ki ng in the statistics  view. It can r emind you when us ed data/ti me reaches specifi ed perc entage.


Status Information View Click

next to D etail Informati on  to check detailed

infor mati on about your device.

SMS View Click

. T he SM S is s hown in the foll owing figur e.

The r ec ei ved mess age c an be read from the D evic e SM S or SIM SMS i n the main SMS window. You c an sen d and rec ei ve SM S text mess ages straight from your c omputer. T he SMS window provi des an eas y way to vi ew 25

mess ages, write ne w ones, and manage contact details.

Phonebook View Click

. T he phonebook is sho wn in the foll owing figure.

You can s ave your contacts in Devi ce or SIM car d. Up to 350 contacts c an be s aved on your devic e. N umber of contacts that can be saved on the SIM car d depends on the SIM card’s capacity to save contacts .


Advanced View Pow er-save Click

> Po wer- save. The power-save will appear as

shown below.

Wi-Fi Coverage 

Short W i-Fi Cov erage: C overs a s maller ar ea and us es l ess power, it is the b est opti on f or long batter y life.

Medium W i-Fi Cover age: Covers a larg er ar ea but power consumpti on is hal f of equi pment s upport ability, and batter y life is normal.

Long W i-Fi Coverag e: M axi mum emis sion of power and 27

coverage, if the termi nal devic e is still c onnected to your Wi-Fi networ k, whic h will decreas e batter y life .

Wi-Fi Sleep Sleep after : When there's no Wi-Fi connec tion or acti vit y in specific ti me, Wi-Fi will be unavailable, and the s ystem will turn to sl eep mo de f or po wer-savi ng.

Router Click

> Router. The r outer will appear as shown bel ow.

IP Add ress: LAN IP a ddress of the r outer. You can acc ess pag e management on device via t his IP address.

Subnet Mask: Subnet mas k for IP addr ess.

DHCP Server En able: If the D ynamic H ost Co nfigur ati on 28

Protoc ol (DHCP) s er vic e is enabled, the devic e alloc ates IP addres ses to cli ents c onnected to it. 

DHCP Serv er Di sable: If the D ynamic H os t Configur ati on Protoc ol (DHCP) ser vic e is disabled, the d evic e does not alloc ate IP addr ess es to clients c onnected to i t and IP addresses mus t be entere d manuall y fr om eac h cli ent.

DHCP IP Pool : Starting and Ending IP address specify IP address ra nge whic h is assigned by DHC P ser ver to acc ess devic es . T he IP a ddress out of this r ang e c annot be assigned by DHC P s er ver .

DHCP Lease Time: Leas e Ti me s pecifies how long a computer can use IP addres s. If the devic e conti nues to use the IP addr ess , it must ini tiate a reques t agai n befor e the leas e ti me expir es. T his IP addres s will not assign itsel f to another devic e until the ol d devi ce doesn’ t i nitiate ar equ est when it s leas e ti me expires

Firew all Click

> Firewall. T he firewall will appear as shown bel ow.


Port Filtering Sel ect Port Filtering . You can s et fir ewall policies to pr otect your networ k from virus es, wor ms and malicious acti viti es on the Internet. If you select M AC /IP/Port F iltering to Enable, t he filter settings will appear as shown below:

Default Policy: Set how to handl e the pac ket if none of the rul es matches.

Port Mapping Select Port Mapping. Conf igure a Port Mapping to enable external computers to access WWW, FTP or other services 30

prov ided by LAN.

UpnP Select UpnP. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a set of networking protocols that allows networked dev ices to seamlessly discover each other's presence on the network and establish functional network services for data sharing, communications, and entertainment.

DMZ If you want access the serv ices such as ftp and http which installed on the local PC f rom internet, you need put the PC's IP address to the DMZ address. Select DMZ, and set DMZ settings to Enable.


Update Click

> Update. T he update will app ear as shown bel ow.

You c an check for new versio n, enable or disable Auto-chec k for New Versi on func tion, or set A uto-chec k Frequenc y.

Others Click

> Oth ers.


Restart and Reset Restart your devic e or res et it to factor y s etti ngs.

SIM PIN Management If the PIN cod e of your SIM car d is enabl ed, you will need to input the PIN code when you log i n at the first ti me.

NOTE: The SIM c ard will be l oc ked if you enter wro ng PIN c ode thr ee 33

times i n a ro w. If you want to modi fy the PIN Status, pl ease Select


Others > SIM PIN M an agem ent. T he PIN management will appear as shown bel ow:

Using the FUNC Key 

When the scr een is off: Press the FUNC K ey t o turn on the scr een.

When the scr een is on: Press the FUNC Key  to acc ess the opti ons menu. You c an connect or disc onnect

wit h the Internet,

vi ew devic e

infor mati on or Wi-Fi QR c ode, ac ti vate WPS functi on, change language or enable/dis abl e global roaming wit hout logging in to the ZT E M obil e H ots pot C onfiguration Page.


Configuring Your PC The f ollowing describes how to c onfigure the Inter net Pr otoc ol in Windows 7 operating s ystem for your Wi-Fi connecti on. 1. Right-click Net work and s elect Prop erties. 2. Sel ect C hang e ad apter setting s. 3. Right-click

W ireless

N et wo rk Conn ection  and sel ect

Prop erties. 4. Sel ect Inter net Proto col Ver sion 4 (TCP/IPv 4), and click Prop erties. 5. Sel ect Obtain an IP address automatically  and Obt ain DNS serv er addr ess auto mati cally, and click OK.

Warning and Notice To the Ow ner • If i nadeq uatel y

s hiel ded, some el ectronic devic es, for example, the el ectr onic s ystem of vehicl es, ma y be affected by the el ectr omag netic interf erenc e c aused by the devic e. Cons ult the manufacturers of such d evic es before usi ng t he devic e i f nec ess ar y. Operati ng the devi ce may i nterfer e with medical i nstr uments suc h as hearing aids and pac ema kers . Al ways keep the devic e more than 20 centi meters away from s uc h medical instru me nts when your devic e is power ed on. Power off t he devic e i f nec ess ar y. C ons ult a physician or the manufacturers of medic al i nstr uments before usi ng the devic e if nec essar y. 35

• • •

• •

Be awar e of t he us age limitati on when usi ng the de vic e at plac es s uc h as oil war ehouses or chemical factories, where there are e xplosi ve gas es or expl osi ve pr oducts bei ng process ed. Power off the device if neces sar y. Do not use el ectr onic trans missi on devic es i n aircrafts, at petrol stati ons or in h ospi tals. Obser ve and obey all warni ng signs, and power off t he devic e i n these conditions. Do not touch the in ner antenna area unl ess n ec ess ar y. Other wis e the perf ormance of the devic e may be affected. Do not us e the devi ce i n an encl os ed environment or where heat dissi pation is poor. Pr olonged wor k in suc h s pace may cause exc essi ve heat and rais e ambi ent tempera tur e, which ma y l ead to automatic s hutdown of the device for your safety. In the case of s uc h event, cool the devic e i n a well- ventil ated plac e befor e tur ning on for nor mal us e. Keep the device out of the r eac h of s mall c hildr en. The devi ce ma y c ause an i njur y i f used as a toy. When the devi ce is operating, d o not touch the metallic parts. Failing to do so may cause burns.

To the Users • Use original acc ess ories

or authorized accessori es onl y.. Using any unauthoriz ed accessori es may affect t he perf or manc e of the d evic e and viol ate the related national regulati ons about tel ecom termi nals.

• • •

 Avoi d using the devic e near or i nside metallic cons tructi ons or establishments that can emit electromagnetic waves, bec aus e signal rec epti on may be affected. The devic e is not waterpr oof. Kee p the devic e dr y and s tor e it in a s hady and cool plac e. Do not us e t he devi ce i mmediatel y after a s udd en temper ature c hange, bec aus e dew ma y be generated insi de 36

• •

and outside of t he devic e. H andl e the devi ce car efull y. Do not dro p, bend, stri ke it or any other acti vi ties that ma y damage the device. Onl y q ualifi ed pers onnel c an dis mantle and repair the devi ce.  An operati ng temper ature between -1 0°C and + 60°C and humi dity between 5% and 95% ar e recommended.

Using Battery Do not c hange or remove the built-in recharg eable batter y in your devic e by yourself. T he batter y can onl y be changed by ZTE or ZT E authorized s er vice pr ovider.

Lim ited Warranty This warranty does not appl y to defects or errors in th e product caused by: i. Reas onable abrasion. ii. iii.

iv. v.

End users’ f ailure to follo w ZT E’s ins tall ation, o per ation or maintenanc e i nstructions or proc edur es. End us ers’ mishandli ng, mis us e, negligenc e, or improp er installati on, disassembl y, s tor age, ser vicing or oper ation of the product. Modific ati ons or repairs not pr ovided by ZT E or a ZTE-certi fied indi vi dual. Power failure s, s urg es, fire, flood, acci dents, and acti ons of third par ties or other events outside ZTE’s r eas onable

control. vi. Usage of third-part y produc ts or usag e i n conj unc tion with third- part y products if s uch defects ar e due to the combi ned us age. vii. Any other c aus e beyond the range of nor mal usage intended for the pro duct. End us ers have no right to rej ect or r eturn the produc t, or 37

recei ve a r efund for the product from ZTE under the above-mentioned situations. This warra nty is end users’ sol e r emedy and ZTE’s s ole liabilit y for defec ti ve or nonc onfor ming it ems, and is in li eu of all other warranties , e xpress ed, i mplie d or statutor y, i ncluding but n ot limited to t he i mpli ed warranties of merch antabilit y and fi tness for a particul ar purpos e, unl ess other wis e requir ed under the mandator y pr ovisions of the law.

Lim itation of Liability ZTE s hall not be liable for any l oss of profi ts or i ndir ect, s peci al, incidental or cons equential damages r esul ting from or arisi ng out of or i n c onnecti on with usi ng o f this pr oduc t, no matter whether or not ZT E had been advi sed, knew or sho uld have known of the possibilit y of s uch damag es, i ncludi ng, but n ot limited to los t pr ofits , interruption of busi nes s, c ost of c apit al, cost of s ubs tit ute facilities or pr oduct, or an y downtime cos t.

FCC Regulations This devic e c ompli es wit h part 15 of the FCC Rul es. O per ation is subj ect to the foll owing t wo conditions: ( 1) This devic e may not cause har mful i nter fer enc e, and ( 2) t his devic e must ac cept a ny inter fer enc e re cei ved, incl udi ng interf ere nce that may c ause undesired operation. This device has been t ested and found to compl y with t he li mits for a Cl ass B digit al device, purs uant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules . Thes e limi ts ar e designed to pr ovide reas onable protecti on agai nst h ar mful i nterfer ence in a r esidential installati on. T his eq uipment generates , us es and c an ra di ated radi o freq uenc y energ y and, if not installed and used in acc ordanc e wi th the ins truc tions, may c aus e harmful inter fer enc e to radi o communi cati ons. H owever, ther e is no 38

guarantee that i nterf erence will not occ ur in a partic ular installati on If this equipment does c ause har mful interf erenc e to radi o or t el evision recepti on, whic h c an be deter mined by turni ng the equi pment off and on, the user is encourag ed to tr y to correct t he i nterfer ence by one or mor e of the follo wi ng measures: -Reorient or r eloc ate the r ecei vi ng antenna. -Increas e the s eparation between the equipment and r ec ei ver. -Connec t the eq uipment i nto an outlet on a circuit differ ent from that to whic h the recei ver is c onnected. -Cons ult the dealer or an experie nc ed radi o/T V tec hnician for hel p. FCC Note: Caution: Changes or modific ati ons not expressl y approved by the part y res ponsi ble f or c omplianc e c ould voi d the user‘s authorit y to oper ate the equipment.

RF Exposure Information (SAR) This device is designed and manufactured not to exceed the emission limits for expos ure t o ra dio fr equ enc y (RF) energy s et by the F ederal Communic ati ons Commis sion of the U nit ed States. During SAR testing, this device was set to transmit at its highest certifi ed power l evel in all tes ted frequenc y bands, and pl ac ed in posi tions that si mul ate RF expos ure i n us age agai nst the head wit h no separ ati on, and near t he body wit h the separation of 10 mm. Alt hough the SAR is deter mined at the highest c ertifi ed power level, the ac tual SAR level of the device while oper ati ng can b e well below the maxi mum val ue. T his is becaus e the devic e is designed to operate at multipl e power levels so as to use onl y the p ower require d to r eac h the networ k. In g eneral, the 39

closer you are to a wir eless bas e stati on antenna, t he l ower the power output. The expos ure sta ndard for wir eles s devices empl oying a uni t of meas ure me nt is known as the Specific Abs or ption R ate, or SAR. The SAR li mit s et by the FCC is 1.6W/kg. This devic e is complied wit h SAR for gener al po pul ati on /uncontr olled expos ure limi ts i n ANSI/IEEE C 95.1- 1992 and had been tested in accordance with the measurement methods and proc edur es s pecifi ed in I EEE1528. T his devic e has been tested and meets the FCC RF exposur e gui deli nes when tes ted wi th the devic e direc tl y c ontact ed to the body. The FCC has g ranted an Eq uipment Authoriz ation for this mo del devic e wit h all reported SAR levels eval uated as in c ompli ance wit h the FCC R F exposur e gui deli nes . SAR infor mation on this model devic e is on fil e wit h the FCC and can be found under the Display Gr ant secti on of www.fcc .gov/oet/ea/fc cid after searc hing on FCC ID: SRQ-MF 970 For this devi ce, the highes t re port ed SAR val ue for usag e near the body is 1.44W/kg. Whil e ther e may be dif fer enc es between the SAR l evel s of various devic es and at vari ous positions, they all meet the government r equire ments. SAR complianc e for body- worn oper ation is bas ed on a separa tion dis tanc e of 10 mm between the uni t and the human body. Carr y this devic e at l east 10 mm awa y from your body to ens ure R F exposur e level c ompli ant or lo wer t o the r eport ed level. To support body- worn o per ati on, choos e the belt clip s or hols ters, which do not c ontain metallic components, to mai ntain a s epara tion of 10 mm between this device and your body. RF expos ure complianc e with any body- wor n ac ces sor y, whi ch contai ns metal , was not tes ted an d certifi ed, and us e such 40

body- wor n acc ess or y s houl d be avoided.

IC Notice This devi ce complies with Indus tr y C anada licens e-exempt R SS standard(s). Operati on is s ubj ect to the followi ng two c onditi ons : (1) this device may not cause i nterfer ence, an d (2) this device must acc ept any interf ere nc e, incl udi ng inter fer enc e that may c aus e undesired oper ation of t he devic e. This Cl ass B digital apparatus c ompli es wit h C anadi an ICES- 003. IC: 5200E-MF 970

IC Radiation Exposure Statement This EUT is c omplia nce wit h SAR for g eneral populati on/unc ontroll ed expos ure li mits i n IC RS S-10 2 and had been tested in accordance with the measurement methods and proc edur es s peci fied in IEEE 1528 and IEC 62 209. T his equipment s houl d be ins tall ed and operated wit h mi ni mum dist anc e 1.0 c m between the radiator and your body. T his devi ce and it s antenna(s) must not be c o-located or oper ati ng in conj uncti on wi th any other antenna or tr ans mit ter.


LEGAL INFORMATION Copyright © 2015 ZT E C ORPOR ATION.  All rights r eser ved. No part of this public ati on may be exc erp ted, reproduced, translated or utiliz ed in any for m or by any means , el ectronic or mechanical, i ncluding photocopyi ng and micr ofil m, without the prior written per mission of ZTE Cor por ati on. The manual i s publishe d by ZT E C orporation. We r es er ve t he right


ma ke

modific ations


specifications wi thout prior notice. Ver sion N o.: R 1.0 Edition Tim e: J ul y 10, 2015






Troubleshooting Problem

Reco mmend ed Acti on


Install the s oftwar e, and ru n the

connecti on

installati on pr ogram in the p ath of M y

between your

Computer .

devic e and a



dri ver



devic e is

PC through a

abnormal, rei nstall the s oftwar e. You


need to uni nstall t he s oftware first.

c abl e



established. The

connecti on between your

enabled. 

devic e and a client through Wi-Fi

Refresh the networ k list and s elec t the c orrect SSID.


Chec k the IP addr ess, and ensur e that your clie nt can automatic all y

be established.

Ens ure that the Wi-Fi function is

obtai n an IP address. 

Enter the corr ect networ k key (Wi-Fi pas s wor d) when you c onnect the client t o your devic e.


Troubleshooting Problem The

Reco mmend ed Acti on client

connected the


devi ce

avail abl e. 

cannot access the Internet.

Ens ure that your micr o-SIM c ar d is

Change the loc ati on and find a pl ac e wit h good sign al.

Chec k the s ettings

of the WAN

connecti on mode. 

Contac t your ser vic e provi der and confirm your APN s ettings.



Ens ure that the WLAN device has

cannot access


the Internet in


Internet Wi-Fi






Ens ure that your devic e and the WLAN

devic e



dif fer ent

subnets. The



the c orrec t

addres s. T he

Mobil e

default address is


or http://rogers.r oc kethub.

configuration pag e

c annot

be visited.

Use onl y one net wor k ada pter i n your PC.

Do not use any proxy s er ver. 44

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