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ANNA UNIVERSITY COIMBATORE CURRICULAM & SYLLABI - REGULATION 2008 B.E.MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CURRICULUM METROLOGY AND MEASUREMENTS 3 0 0 100 3 UNIT I CONCEPT OF MEASUREMENT 9 General concept – Generalised measurement system-Units and standards-measuring instruments- sensitivity, readability, range of accuracy, precision-static and dynamic responserepeatabilitysystematic and random errors-correction, calibration, interchangeability. UNIT II LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENT 9 Definition of metrology-Linear measuring instruments: Vernier, micrometer, interval measurement, Slip gauges and classification, interferometery, optical flats, limit gaugesComparators: Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical types, applications. Angular measurements: -Sine bar, optical bevel protractor – Taper measurements. UNIT III FORM MEASUREMENT 9 Measurement of screw threads-Thread gauges, floating carriage micrometer-measurement of gears-tooth thickness-constant chord and base tangent method-Gleason gear testing machine – radius measurements-surface finish, straightness, flatness and roundness measurements. UNIT IV LASER AND ADVANCES IN METROLOGY 9 Precision instruments based on laser-Principles- laser interferometer-application in linear, angular measurements and machine tool metrology Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)- Constructional features – types, applications – digital devices- computer aided inspection. UNIT V M E A SUREMENT OF POWER, FLOW AND TEMPERATURE RELATED PROPERTIES 9 Force, torque, power:-mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical type-Flow measurement: Venturi, orifice, rotameter, pitot tube –Temperature: bimetallic strip, pressure thermometers, thermocouples, electrical resistance thermister. LECTURE : 45 TUTORIAL : TOTAL : 45 REFERENCES: 1. Beckwith T.G, and N. Lewis Buck, “Mechanical Measurements”, Addison Wesley, 1991 2. Jain R.K., “Engineering Metrology”, Khanna Publishers, 1994 3. Alan S. Morris, “The Essence of Measurement”, Prentice Hall of India, 1997 4. Gupta S.C, “Engineering Metrology”, Dhanpat rai Publications, 1984 5. Jayal A.K, “Instrumentation and Mechanical Measurements”, Galgotia Publications 2000 6 Donald D Eckman, “Industrial Instrumentation”, Wiley Eastern, 1985.

ANNA UNIVERSITY Chennai-25. Syllabus for PA032 Computer Aided Metrology and Inspection 3 0 0 100 THE INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF LENGTH AND LASER METROLOGY: CO-ORDINATE MEASURING MACHINES: OPTO ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENTS SYSTEMS AND DEVELOPMENT IN METROLOGY: IMAGE PROCESSING AND ITS APPLICATION IN METROLOGY: COMPUTER INTEGRATED QUALITY ASSURANCE Units of length - legal basis for length measurement - Traceability - Charecteristics - LASER light source LASER interferometer - LASER allignment telescope - LASER micrometer-on-line and inprocess measurements of diameter and surface roughness using LASER - Microholes and topography measurements Straightness and flatness measurement. Evolution of measurement - cordinate measuring machines - Non cartesian CMMS - Accessory elements Application software - Performance evalutions -Temperature fundamentals - Environmental control - Accuracy enhancement - Applications - Measurement integration. Opto electronic devices contact and non contact types Applications in on-line and in-process monitoring systems Tool wear measurement - Manufacturing metrology-3D Surface roughness - Pattern generation studies Roundness measurement using LASER. Shape identification - Edge detection Techniques - Normalisation - Grey scale correlation Template Techniques - Surface roughness using vision system - Interfacing robot and image processing system Masurement of length and diameters. Total quality control - quality assurance - Zero defects-POKA-YOKE Statistical evaluation of data using computer-data integration of CMM and data logging in computers - TQM. Total No of periods: 45 Page 2 PA032 Computer Aided Metrology and Inspection 3 0 0 100 References: 1. WATSON .J., " Optoelectronics " - Van Nostrand Rein hold(UK)Co ltd.,1988 2. ROBERT.G. SEIPPEL, - " Optoelectronics for technology and engineering ", Prentice Hall New Jersey,1989 3. ULRICH-REMBOLD,ARMBRUSTER AND ULZMANN-" Interface technology for computer controlled manufacturing processes ",Marcel Dekker Pub.New York,1993 4. " International journals on CIRP ". 5. THOMAS.G.G. - " Engineering metrology ", Butterworth PUB.1974. 6. TAGUCHI.G and SYED.L. et al., " Quality Engineering in production systems ", McGraw Hill,1980 7. JOHN BANK, " Essence of TQM ",Prentice Hall of India Pvt.,Ltd.,1990

MAE 545: Metrology in Precision Manufacturing Over the years, design rules have been developed to produce accurate and repeatable machines. These rules work equally well for a scanning tunneling microscope that is designed to measure atomic dimensions, a diamond turning machine to fabricate aluminum mirrors or a coordinate measuring machine to measure the dimensions of an automobile body. This course will define these rules and illustrate methods of predicting and measuring errors in mechanical systems. COURSE OBJECTIVES Future manufacturing processes will require smaller tolerances to achieve the desired quality and reliability. Designers of components and machines will need a better understanding of the potential error sources and the way they will influence the final component. This course will build the foundations for dimensional metrology and error analysis to give the student the ability to predict the potential precision - that is, the accuracy and repeatability - of a new machine design. The course will: • Describe the foundations of mechanical metrology • Discuss the instruments currently used for precision measurement, their operating principles, advantages and limitations • Provide, through the laboratory assignments, a hands on feel for the measurement setups and techniques. • Develop understanding of error analysis and prediction

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