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AKIRA Guide to Methamphetamine Synthesis (Annotated)

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Methylamphetamine (Desoxyephedrine)

IUPAC Name: (2S)-N-methyl-1-phenyl-propan-2-amine Formula:



149.233 g/mol



10 15

Introduction There are multiple methods to methylamphetamine synthesis. There is the push / pull method; and the red, white, and blue process. These will all be covered in this guide. Though there are many, many methods to the production of methylamphetamine (methamphetamine), these are the are the ones that will be covered. If you find another one that works, by all means, use it. These are just the ones that I will be covering. These methods will all use clandestine, rather than laboratory scientific methods (ie water jugs and jars as opposed to 500 ml round bottom flasks). It is assumed that you do not have access to a full laboratory and pure ephedrine, or you wouldn't be using this guide.

The push / pull method This method involves grinding Sudafed, washing the pills, cooking it down, and using push pull tanks, and producing methyl-N-amphetamine.

Preparing the pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Crush the pills (1g is preferable, at minimum). Put the powder into a jar and wash with distilled water. This method will yield at 45-65% return, usually closer to 50%. Add distilled HOH to the powder, agitate. Let settle, siphon off water. Repeat steps until aqueous layer does not taste like Sudafed anymore, i.e. bitter. Filter, via coffee filter, until clear. Boil down on low or medium heat; continue cooking down until pseudoephedrine begins drying out, and evaporate to finish. Do NOT burn the pseudoephedrine. Wash with methanol. Decant (ie siphon) until clear. An average of 2mg methanol is used per 1000 40mg pills of sudafed. Filter until clear, then boil. Blow on top of boiling mixture and ensure that it doesn't catch fire. Heat on low to evaporate. Continue to do so until pseudoephedrine is isolated. The result is pure pseudoephedrine. This is the pull method. Using ice cold water, wash the mixture. Using a a round bottom flask connected to two 2.5 gallon gasoline tanks, taped together with duct tape, so that they sit by-by-side. Take the nozzles from the gas cans and attache them together using duct tape. Be careful to run this into a sink or shower, because the Iodine water will get pushed out from the reaction. Attach a braided hose to the air inlet. Fill both cans with 2.25 gal distilled water. Using a threaded PVC connecter. Distilled water is used for creation of pressure. The "push" comes from the contents forcing the removal of oxygen, the "pull" comes from an emulsion of hydrogen, and after the final reaction, the solution will regain the depleted oxygen from the environment. Use distilled water, Over the course of 1.5 hours, a 1:1:.03 mixture of ephedrine, Iodine, and red phosphorus is added. If less than an oz is being created, use a 1:1:.5 mixture. This will create a reaction that emulses hydrogen gas. While throwing a towel over the reaction flask works, refer to the notes for a better way to do things. Allow the reaction to cool and stir every 5 minutes. Place a funnel over the reaction flask and add distilled water, agitate the solution, and pour the contents into a flat bottomed bowl of some sort. Cool, and filter. The mixture should be yellowish-brow. Continue to filter until all of the product is out of liquid (filter cake) and add to a jug or jar. The following concerns recrystallization and cleaning the created crystals in order to purify the methamphetamine. Use ice, then add naptha (or if you can get it, Xylene or diethyl ether) Without ice, extreme bumping will occur and you'll find yourself in the hospital. Add NaOH - red devil lye if you can't get anything else; this will form freebase methamphetamine. Agitate, siphon. Wash with distilled water at an equal volume as to the solution that you have. Check pH; using strips this should be a purplish-blue. Afterwards the methamphetamine is "pushed" Using muriatic acid (pool supply store), to strip. This should turn the solution acidic. At the moment we are preforming an acid-base extraction. Drain water, then place in stove, cooking at a relatively low heat (300F will work), until pure methamphetamine crystals are formed. Ensure that the temperature is low enough to not allow the methamphetamine to combust.

Notes: This method will cause the emulsion of hydrogen gas (bad). To clear this emulsion, either do this in a well ventilated area (fume hood, or outside, which is the better option). Make sure you thoroughly was the product; if the product is any color but white, wash with acetone (finger nail polish) until all the color has been removed, then dry. Note that using Xylene, acetone, THF, diethyl ether, isopropanol, or methanol during any of this procedure, except during the reaction (I/red phosphorus) reaction, is acceptable and will only produce a purer product. If you'd like to, you can adulterate the product later using baking soda or lidocaine. This will create impure, although higher weight, methamphetamine. Note also that the methamphetamine produced here is in its hydrochloric acid form; to produce it in freebase form, do not add the muriatic aid at the end. A method to remove the problematic gases will be covered at the end of this document.

Using the Red-White-Blue Process This method will use iodine, phosphorus, and ephedrine to produce the desired result. A section concerning the materials will be written in a later version - but it will be written. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Placing the sudafed tablets in a jar, add naptha and agitate for three minutes. Remove the now-white tablets and dry them. Place not-white tablets in methanol and, agitating for three minutes Run them through a coffee filter, pouring the methanol/pseudoephedrine mixture through the filter. Run hot air through the filter cake (remnants). Make sure it is absolutely dry before proceeding and do not expose to flames as the evaporation of methanol is flammable Create a solution of sodium hydroxide (red devil lye), iodine, and phosphorus at a ration of 3:1:1 Mix pseudoephedrine and NaOH/P/I solution. A strong exothermic reaction will occur, causing the excretion of hydrogen and other gases. If exposed to flame, it will explode. Dispose of the fumes properly and allow the reaction to continue. 8. Once the temperature has stabilized in the reaction, agitate for 30 minutes to ensure the reaction has totally completed 9. Drip sodium hydroxide into the solution to form freebase and continue to agitate for an additional hour.

NotesThis is a dangerous and inefficient way of manufacturing methamphetamine. No wash is done at the end, no measurements are taken, and naptha is used. While the reaction is the same as the one presented above, this experiment is easier and yield equal or less danger to the chemist. Note that the pseudoephedrine can be used, or ephedrine can be used, if it is available

Notes: The Fumes: Dr Vogel, in Practical Organic Chemistry, suggests that gas can be placed into a wide tube into a gas trap. The gas trap is formed by placing the tube into a stream of water (reflux condense), through a giant filter flask with a water-tight seal, allowing the gas to be evaporated into the atmosphere. Furthermore, The gas may be passed through a

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AKIRA Guide to Methamphetamine Synthesis (Annotated)

column filled with ice water, HCl or NaOH (or two columns connected containing one of each, the dissipated into the atmosphere. This effectively limits the danger of the gas, though obviously no open flame should be allowed near this as it still will cause trouble. Adding a towel over the solution to absorb the H will work, in a limited way, but not for long and not 2

for a large amount. Using a filtering apparatus will be the most effective. Refer to Vogel's book for more information, pp. 80-81. Methamphetamine is very simple to synthesize. Using an effective amount of chemicals is idea, hence the 3:1:1 method. If you're using store bought iodine, which is Providone iodine, is 11%. Subsequently, iodine should be adjusted properly (a mixture of 1:9:3). Both methods are roughly the same, except the top one will produce freebase methamphetamine and the bottom one will produce a hydrochloric salt of methamphetamine; the first one can be smoked, the second ingested or insufflated. The methods presented here pay no attention to the necessary washes and cleaning up. The finished product should always be washed with 3 x 150ml Xylene or twice that of naptha. Remember, you're putting this into your body, so it's best to have it be as clean as possible. True methamphetamine doesn't smell at all, and is white. If your mixture smells and / or is not white, then it is necessary to wash it more properly with whatever solvents are available and deionized or distilled water until the desired concentration is contained. The purer the product is the better. As previously mentioned, to increase the weight (and thus value), other products can be added later, but when producing the methamphetamine itself, it is necessary to purify as much as possible. Hydrochloric salts (or hydroiodic) produce a tweaked feeling when insufflated but not so much when smoked; the opposite is true for freebase methamphetamine. The concept of the reaction is pretty simple: phosphorus is used as a catalyst; Iodine cleaves and replaces the OH on the PE molecule, which is then cleaved into hydroiodic acid and replaced with hydrogen by the muriatic acid. Complete evaporation of the alcohol is necessary or it will foul up your product and create unnecessary reactants. Essentially, an acid-base extraction is preformed, and a wash with a protic, nonpolar solvent is preformed, ie naptha. Ensure you're wearing a full, long sleeved lab coat with elbow length gloves and other clothes that you don't mind getting holes in or otherwise damaging. Total ventilation (outside) of the reaction is highly recommended.)

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