Men Loving Men

April 6, 2017 | Author: Alex | Category: N/A
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MEN LOVING MEN A Gay Sex Guide and Consciousness Book

Text by Mitch Walker Photos by David Greene Drawings by Bill Warrick

Gay Sunshine Press San Francisco

Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following for permission to reprint from previously copyrighted material: Les Editions Nagel, for excerpts from Sam e' Naz, An Essay On Love and the Representation of Erotic Themes in Ancient Iran by R. Surieu, [email protected] 1961 by Nagel Publishers, Geneva; Les Editions Nagel, for the paintings a satyr, ephebe and pais, and scene from an orgy in Eros Kolos, Essay on Erotic Elements in Greek Art by J. Marcade, [email protected] 1962 by Nagel Publishers; Hawthorn Books, Inc., for theexcerpts from Homosexual Behavior Among Males by W. Churchill, copyright © 1967 by Wainright Churchill, all rights reserved; Harper and Row Publishers, Inc., for excerpts from Patterns of Sexual Behavior by C. Ford and F. Beach, copyright, 1951 by Clellan Steams Ford and Frank Ambrose Beach, all rights reserved; G. P. Putnam's Sons for the drawings from the Catamites' Scroll in Erotic Art of the East, The Sexual Theme in Oriental Painting and Sculpture by P. Rawson, copyright @ 1968 by Philip Rawson; G. P. Putnam's Sons for the woodcut Twentieth Century study in Erotic Art of the West by R. Melville, copyright @ Robert Melville 1973; W. W. Norton and Company, Inc., for excerpts from Sexuality and Homosexuality, a New View by A. Karlen, copyright © 1971 by Amo Karlen: Grove Press, Inc., for excerpts from The Other Face of Love by R. de Becker, copyright @1969 by Neville Spearman Ltd.; Grove Press for the engraving three soldiers in Sixty Erotic Engravings from Juliette, copyright © 1969 by Grove Press, Every effort has been made to locate the copyright owners of the material quoted in the text. Omissions brought to our attention will be credited in subsequent printings. The medical and psychological infonnation presented in this book has been reviewed by physicians and other speCialists. However, none of the information herein is intended as professional medical advice, and we recommend direct professional care for those in need of advice or treatment.

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Walker, Mitch 1951Men Loving Men: A Gay Sex Guide and Consciousness Book Includes bibliographical references

1. Homosexuality, Male. 2. Sexual intercourse. I. Title HQ76.W27 301.41'S HQ76.W27 ISBN 0-917342-52-6 SIXTH PRINTING



Copyright © 1977 by Winston Leyland and Mitchell Walker. All rights reserved. Gay Sunshine Press P.O. Box 40397 San Francisco, Ca. 94140 Write for free catalogue of books available.

Table of Contents 1 Loving Men, An Introduction 11 2

Loving Men, A Photo Essay 33


Masturbation 49 History 53 Techniques-By Yourself 55 A Masturbation Fantasy 57 Techniques-With Another 61 Related Happeningsinterfemoral intercourse, etc. 64


Fellatio 65 History 67 Basic Techniques 70 Techniques to Explore 73 Body Positions 74 Problems 77 Thrusting 80 Sixty-Nine 82


Anal Intercourse 83 History 86 Techniques 96 Fears of Being Entered 99 Performance Fears 106 Postillioning 110 Fist Fucking III Rimming 112


Group Sex, S & M, and Other Scenes 113 Group Sex 115 S & M 118 Fetishes 125 Genderfuck 126 Voyeurism 126

Sex Aids 128 Drugs 129

7 Gay Health Problems 131 Gonorrhea and Syphilis 133 Other Health Problemswarts, herpes, 'crabs, etc. 136 Precautions in Anal Sex 138


Love and Gay Consci
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