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MEDICINE Cardio & Physical Diagnosis The brainstem includes the following a. pons b. thalamus c. medulla oblongata d. all e. A and C Nerve impulse on DTR’s a. spinal b. peripheral c. cranial d. A and B e. All Meningismus a. Chaddock’s b. Kernig’s c. Brudzinski d. All e. B and C Inability to complete a task or instruction not related to paralysis a. aphasia b. apraxia c. ataxia d. astereognosia Headache that is one sided is most of the time due to a. vascular b. muscular contraction c. space occupying lesion d. metabolic dysfunction Facial palsy will present with any of the following except a. facial asymmetry b. … c. Shallow nasociliary fold d. Tongue deviation Lateralization is seen in a. Rinnes b. Swabach c. Weber’s test d. All Use to assess visual acuity except a. Snellens b. Jaegers c. Counting finger d. Perimetry Loss of hair on scalp or face in seen --- alopecia areata Unilateral nasal discharge --- foreign body Which of the following indicates melena a. UGIB b. Hemorrhoids

c. d.

LGIB Portal hypertension

Which cause hypoactive bowel sounds a. LBM b. … c. Vomiting d. Pancreatitis Melena --- UGIB Abnormal abdominal finding --- everted umbilicus Diagnostic test for biliary --- cholangiography Clubbing of finger is associated with --- COPD Sounds on the area of trachea --- tubular breath sounds Decrease breath sounds a. foreign body obstruction b. pleural effusion c. …. d. All of the above Increase fremitus --- pneumonia Increase jugular vein distention --- right side heart failure S2 is produced by --- closure of the aortic and pulmonic valve Sagging of unsupported buttock when leg is raised --- Trendelenburg test Gentle test of the hip that should be done first --- rotation of thigh A holosystolic murmur in a loud inspiration --- aortic stenosis Murmur in mitral valve prolapse --- mid systolic click Not a characteristic of aortic stenosis except a. chest pain on rest b. systolic ejection murmur c. syncope on exertion d. hypertension 38 years old, male (+) history of marfan syndrome (+) diastolic murmur (+) chest pain probable diagnosis --- aortic regurgitation 27 year old, female (+) history of penodar (?) infection monthly (+) chest pain with diastolic murmur --- mitral stenosis Drug has (-) chronotropic (+) inotropic effect --- digoxin Increase enzyme in myocardial infarction --- LDH Additional antagonist --- spironolactone 50 years old hypertensive diabetic, with chest pain not < 20 minutes --- unstable angina Enzyme that last for 24 hours after MI --- CPK-MB and Troponin Aspirin is indicated to patients with --- acute myocardial infarction and acute pericarditis

Most common primary malignant tumor --- sarcoma Male, patient had MI compared to acute pericarditis, results of ECG --- wide ST segment with upward concavity Cardiac tamponade include a. neck vein engorgement b. pulsus paradoxicus c. low voltage ECG d. all Hypertension can’t controlled, flank bruit, < 50 years --- renovascular disease Hypokalemia --- Primary aldosteronism Paroxysmal hypertension --- pheochromocytoma Ca channel blocker.. Nifedipine, Verapamil except --- Ventricular tachycardia Cerebellar testing except --- memory loss Ability to recognize object by touch with the eye close --- astereognosis Ability to move the arm sideways without gravity --- 2/5

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