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August 13, 2017 | Author: Emmanuel George | Category: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Leadership & Mentoring, Applied Psychology, Psychology & Cognitive Science
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ADDU HIGH SCHOOL Hithadhoo, Addu , Rep. of Maldives

ENTREPRENEURSHIP Multiple Choice Questions – Module 1 (Note: These questions are meant to improve your knowledge on the topic. Edexcel MCQ’s will be more complex in Structure.) 1. Which of these is true about entrepreneurs? A. Entrepreneurs are born, not made. B. Anyone can start a business. C. Entrepreneurs are gamblers. D. Age is no barrier in entrepreneurships. E. All of these are true about entrepreneurship. 2.

All of the following are true about entrepreneurs except: A. starting a business is risky and often ends in failure. B. money is the most important start up ingredient. C. entrepreneurs are their own bosses and completely independent. D. if an entrepreneur is talented, success will happen in a year or two. E. All of these are myths about entrepreneurs.

3. Which of the following statements is not true? A. Many now-great companies had early failures. B. Entrepreneurs spot, create, and exploit opportunities. C. One opportunity for entrepreneurs is outer space. D. If an idea doesn't work, you could capitalize on the side street effect. E. All of the above are true. 4. Which of these characteristics has not been associated with entrepreneur's success? A. Commitment and determination B. Creativity, self-reliance and ability to adapt C. Leadership D. Motivation to fail E. Opportunity obsession 5.

The business plan: A. helps determine the viability of your enterprise. B. helps you obtain financing. C. guides you as you plan and organize. D. All of these. E. None of these.


_______ are voluntary group of people drawn from various production teams who make suggestions about quality. A. Self-designing teams B. Semiautonomous workgroups C. High-performance work teams D. Quality circles E. Self-managing teams


__________ is a mental image of a possible and desirable future state of the organization. A. A vision B. A trait C. Power D. Leadership E. A strategy

8. Beth, a production line manager at Priceless Pets, Inc., recently implemented a tardiness policy that administers disciplinary actions to offending employees. Beth is said to be exercising ______ power. A. reward B. coercive C. expert D. referent E. connection 9.

All of the following are personality characteristics that distinguish effective leaders from other people except: A. self confidence. B. integrity. C. drive. D. honesty. E. knowledge of the business.

10. A leadership philosophy characterized by an absence of managerial decision making is called _______ style. A. autocratic B. democratic C. participation D. laissez-faire E. empowering

1. D) Age is no barrier in entrepreneurships 2. E) All of these are myths about entrepreneurs 3. E) All of the above are true 4. D) Motivation to fail 5. D) All of these 6. D) Quality circles 7. A) A vision 8. B) coercive 9. D) honesty. 10. D) laissez-faire

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