Match Making Results

March 10, 2018 | Author: Praveen Singh | Category: Horoscope, Astrological Sign, Planets In Astrology, Astrology, Occult
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Match Making Results

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Total Guna Milan: 31.5 Out of 36

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Ashtakoot Matching between male and female is 31.5 . Mr. Praveen has 'No Mangal Dosha' and Ms. Suneeta has 'Low Mangal Dosha'. Conclusion: This Marriage Is Preferable.

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More- The Astrological Magazine Varna 2012 Calendar The boy’s varna is Brahmin and the girl comes under Kshatriya varna. This association of natives shows that boy could have the tendency to think out 2012 Panchangam home affairs well, while the girl would be more tilted towards accomplishing Moon Calendar 2012 those tasks efficiently. She will be organized in manners and quite laborious in actions. She will be havnig praising attitude for his sharpness in everyday Hindu Calendar 2012 affairs and his capability of using common sense. This combination of vernas Indian Holiday Calendar 2012 shows good level of understanding between the natives that basically depicts Hindu Vrat Ekadasi Sankranti the tendency to participate in domestic affairs. Thus, this can be said a good Calendar 2012 combination according to varna compatibility converned. Muslim Festivals Calendar 2012 Vasya Vashya for boy is Jalchar while the girl belongs to Chatushpad vashya. Boy’s Sikh Guruparv NanakShahi support and appreciation will bring out the best of her in every field whereas Calendar 2012 girl’s corporation will give him regard and success in his field. This is Calendar 2012 indicative of over-all favorable results in respect of matters pertaining to New Year 2012 married life in general, and good harmony in married life is assured. The 2012 Muhurat & 2012 chart shows compatibility in respect of outlook and objective, intellectual Panchang level and spiritual plane. The pair has an excellent temperamental

1/10/2012 4:01 PM

Match Making Results

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adjustment. This is suitable match for a coalition as far as vashya guna is Rahu Transit 2012 concerned Ketu Transit 2012 Tara || KP System || The boy is associated with Sadhak tara while the girl belongs to Vadh tara. Jupiter Transit 2012 As far as tara compatibility is concerned this is a fairly compatible match. Saturn Transit 2012 KP System Home There will be mutual love and respect combined with reasonable discipline Vakri Sani 2012: Rasi Phalalu What is KP System? and moral guidance. At times, she may try to vindicate herself on wrong 2012 & Remedies Make KP Chart Online points. She is advised to be more wise and tolerant to provide a solid base Rahu Peyarchi Palangal Ruling Planets Now for the relationship. The girl may panic in adverse situation whereas the boy Ketu Peyarchi Palangal will handle the situation very idealistically and calmly. KP Panchang Now Yoni Guru Peyarchi 2012 Palan KP Horary Chart Online The boy belongs to Gow yoni and the girl belongs to Nakul yoni. This is an Buisness Muhurta 2012 KP Astrology Discussion excellent combination as far as yoni compatibility is concerned. The natives Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga 2012 KP Astrology Tutorial will be on the same wavelength and will able to develop an deep understanding of each other’s moods and feelings. They will provide their Grah Pravesh Muhurat 2012 || Lal Kitab || best support to each other. This combination does bring peace and harmony Namkaran Muhurat 2012 Lal Kitab Home into the family. Physically, they will enjoy the conjugal pleasure. Hindu Marriage Muhurat 2012 What is Lal Kitab? Gana Shani Sade Sati 2012 The boy and the girl both belong to the same gan Manushya. Being both at Lal Kitab Chart Online the same intellectual, physic and emotional level. It is reagarded as a very Sani Peyarchi 2012 Palangal Lal Kitab Worksheet good combination. This combination indicates support for each other and Pushyamrita Yoga 2012 Lal Kitab Discussion working together to face and challenges of life. They will understand and Amritsiddhi Yoga 2012 Free Lal Kitab E-book co-operate with each other. They will help other to achieve social and Wallpapers carreer goals by stimulating each other’s mental processes and conveying || Tools for Astrologers || useful information. The natives tend to bring out each other’s skills and 2012 Movies Ayanamsa Calculator qualities. 2012 Cricket Save Chart as image Nadi 2012 Wallpapers The boy’s nadi is Madhya and the girl comes under Antya nadi. As far as nadi || Tarot Reading || combination is concerned, it is considered to be exceptionally good alliance. God Wallpapers Tarot Reading The boy and the girl both have spiritual bend of the mind and will New Year Greetings 2012 || Palm Reading || compliment each other in intellectually. Natives will help to evolve 2012 New Year Wallpapers capabilities of each other in the areas such as realistic thinking, expressive Palmistry/ Palm Reading and social activities etc. Both of them will have deep trust and affection for Winner of Big Boss 5 || Alternate Healing || one another. This alliance strengthens the over all compatibility of the Share Market Predictions - Nifty Feng - Shui Predictions charts. Rasi Lord Reiki Healing Zodiac Sign The boy and the girl both belong to the same lordship Jupiter. This is a very Meditation good combination for constructive, practical co-operation in family and Yoga domestic affairs. Trust is an essential part of a relationship which is Crystal - Therapy extremely excellent between both of them. Since, both are very admiring Taurus Gemini and adoring for each other, both treat each other with great respect and Aries Acupressure - Points honor. Their share may include spiritual, philosophic and cultural values and Aromatherapy they will enjoy each other’s company in pleasurable pursuits and social gatherings. Full support and freedom given by the girl to the boy will lead to all round success and prosperity. Cancer Leo Virgo Bhakoot The boy’s bhakoot rasi is Meena and the girl belongs to Dhanu bhakoot. The relationship shares a fair amount of compatibility. Not only have they been able to maintain a lifelong work life balance that has provided for ample Website is blocked. Please don't try to acce Scorpio Sagittarius togetherness, but they have also managed to maintain an emotional Libra connection as well. Both take mutual interest in making home a place of peace, harmony and spirituality. Both are capable of handling adverse situation very boldly and idealistically. Kannada Horoscope 2012 Punjabi Horoscope 2012

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1/10/2012 4:01 PM

Match Making Results

3 of 3


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1/10/2012 4:01 PM

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