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Pt Akash ( BE Electronics ) Nakshatra Jyotish Kendra Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrologer Mob: 9827374626 , 9329265779 [email protected] , [email protected] Marriage with Desired Person Om Gan Ganapataye Namah With the passage of time and the need to unlock the mysteries of the heavenly bodies , more and more research is being done by the qualified astrologer. KP Astrology proves that it is scientific and logical and it does not misguide anybody by telling about the doshas such as Kaal Sarpa and Kuja dosh , Vish Yog etc. In our day to day life one comes across many queries by clients . Horary astrology is the best method to find out the outcome and the answers. Nowadays having a love affair is not a big deal and also the society is accepting it as part of Modernisation and changing mindset of our society. One of my client based in US asked a query regarding Marriage with a desired person . Let us look at how I used KP Astrology in solving the query. Query Horary No ( 1 –249) Date Time Place Ayanamsa

: Marriage with a Desired Person : 63 : 13-05-2011 : 12:02:52 : Nakshatra Jyotish 77E26 , 23N07 ( Geocentric ) : KP Original 23:55:32

HINTS 1 2 3 4

Ascendant is the querist and the 7th house represents the person she desires to marry. 7th cuspal sublord must signify 2 ,7 and 11th house for marriage with the desired person. 7th house indicates wife , husband and marital happiness , 2nd house indicates Kutumba ( Domestic Family ) and 11th house indicates fulfillment of desire. 7th cuspal sublord must not signify 6 and 12th house as these house are 12th from 1st and 7th house which indicates any of them take a back step.

MOON & ASCENDANT SUBLORD Moon always gives the indication of state of mind and queries , So one should only proceed when the Moon and Ascendant sublord signify the houses under consideration.Here in this case Moon is the cuspal sublord of the 1st house which indicates the querist herself and also 11th cuspal sublord which is house of fulfillment of desires , it indicates her desire to marry the person under consideration . Hence Moon is connected to the houses under consideration. Now we look at the ascendant sublord which is Moon . Moon is in the star of Sun which is placed in the 11th house.

Moon itself is placed in the 3rd house. So it signifies 3rd and 11th house. Now we will do the analysis of the cuspal sublords of 2nd , 7th and 11th houses. CUSPAL ANALYSIS 2nd Cusp -- Cancer –24:20:24 ( Mo –Me - Ra ) Rahu is the cuspal sublord of the 2nd house , it is placed in the star of Ketu , Ketu itself is placed in the 12th house which is not good for the related query. Rahu is placed in 6th house so it signifies both the houses 6th and 12th which is negating the query. Rahu’s sublord is Venus , Venus is placed in 10th house and it is in the star of Ketu which is placed in 12th house , so Venus signifies 10th and 12th house strongly, both the houses are negative for the query. 7th Cusp – Capricorn –00:00:00 ( Sa – Su – Ra ) Rahu is the cuspal sublord of the 7th house .As discussed above it negates the query. 11th Cusp – Aries – 27:23:10 ( Ma – Su – Mo ) Moon is the cuspal sublord of the 1st house , it is placed in the 3rd house .It is in the star of Sun which is placed in the 11th house . So it strongly signifies 3rd house and 11th house . So being significator of 3rd and 11th , we can interpret it to be good for the querist .However the final decider is the sublord of Moon which is Rahu . Rahu is also the cuspal sublord of the 7th house which indicates the person belongs to different Caste or Religion than that of the querist. Rahu itself is negating by being significator of 6th and 12th house , which clearly states that both the querist and the person she wants to marry will back off . RULING PLANETS As we cannot neglect the ruling planets at the time of judgement Lagna Signlord Moon Lagna Starlord Mercury Lagna Sublord Jupiter Moon Signlord Mercury Moon Starlord Sun Moon Sublord Rahu Daylord Venus As most of the planets which signify 6 and 12 are also amongst Ruling Planets hence indication is unfavourable for marriage with the desired person. PREDICTION As per the analysis shown above it is predicted that the querist cannot marry the person she desires. On 19th June the querist had informed that she had seperated and there stands no chance for marriage. My prayers to Lord Ganesha and beloved Guruji.

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