Marriage Contract - عقد زواج اسلامى - باللغتين العربية والانجليزية

August 21, 2017 | Author: د. عبدالله الناصر حلمى | Category: Marriage, Sharia, Allah, Quran, Monotheistic Religions
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عقد زواج اسلامى باللغتين العربية والانجليزية - Islamic Marriage Certificate - عقد زواج اسلامى...


‫ار نار م‬

In the name of Allah the most Gracious, the most Merciful

‫د زواج ا‬

Islamic marriage contract Date:



/ 201

This frees customary marriage favorably and frank admission of both:

1 - Mr. Resident: Nationality: EGYPTIAN Born on




:‫ن ن ل ن‬


‫ا وا ق‬


‫ب و ول‬


Religion: MUSLIM


‫ ا‬-١ :‫ا م‬ ‫رى‬ :$ % ‫ا‬ & ‫ا و ود ر‬

:$% ‫ا د‬

(‫) زوج – طرف اول‬

Religion: /

‫رر ذ ك زوا‬ /‫د‬

(Husband - 1st party) 2 - Ms. Resident: Nationality: Born on


/ 19


:$% ‫ا د‬ /

/ ‫ ا دة‬-٢ :$ ‫ا‬ :$ % ‫ا‬ & ‫ا و ودة ر‬


(Wife – 2nd Party) ( % - ‫ – طرف‬$ ‫)زو‬ The parties approved the competence of the contract and to act-free from all legitimate objection and agreed to witnesses mentioned that the contract following:First: - Recognizes party first after getting the frank admission that he had accepted the party's second marriage to marriage legitimate book of God and His Prophet year peace is upon him, pursuant to the provisions of Islamic Sharia. It also acknowledges the party, after getting the frank admission that it had accepted the marriage of the first party completely satisfied marriage on the book of Allah and Allah's Messenger year peace be upon him, pursuant to the provisions of Islamic Sharia. Second: - The parties have agreed to offer the ability hundred pounds paid from the 1st party’s decade to 2nd party. Third: - By the parties of all the provisions of this contract, including required by the provisions of Islamic Sharia and has its legal implications, especially since the paternity of their children from the marriage of all the legitimate rights of legal earlier. Fourth: - wrote two versions of this decade, however, each copy of the work which until the action closer this marriage officially and in accordance with the provisions of Egyptian law.

‫ود‬./ ‫ ا م ا‬0 ‫وا‬

‫ر‬/ 1% ‫ن ل‬

‫ ن " ! د ل ا زواج ن‬# ‫ر‬ ‫م‬%,#" - .‫ و م و‬. /

‫وھ‬34‫رف و‬

‫ د وا‬5 3 ‫م‬. 3‫ھ‬6 ‫و د ا ر ا طر ن‬ -: 6 3 ‫ د‬5 ‫ذا ا‬. ‫ا ذ ور ن‬

‫ب و ول‬%& ‫ر ا طرف ا(ول 'د ا‬+ -: 7‫او‬ ‫ب ا و ر و‬%0, . % .‫ر‬1 %&‫ زوا‬%2 ‫ا طرف ا‬ . - 3‫ر ' ا‬1 ‫ا‬

‫ د ت ا زواج ن ا طرف‬%6 " ‫ ن‬# ‫ب و ول ر‬%& ‫ 'د ا‬%2 ‫ر ا طرف ا‬+0 % , ‫م‬%,#" - .‫ و م و‬. / / ‫ و ر ول‬/ ‫ب‬%0, . %&‫م زوا‬%0 %7‫ا(ول ر‬ . - (‫ر ' ا‬1 ‫ا‬ ‫رى د 'ت ن ا طرف ا(ول‬

! & 9% ‫داق درة‬

. ‫ن‬% ‫ق ا طر‬80‫ ا‬-: % . %2 ‫د د ا طرف ا‬+' ‫& س ا‬

- 3‫ر ' ا‬1 ‫م ا‬%,#‫ا‬ 7+0 % ‫د‬+' ‫م ھذا ا‬%,#‫ن & > ا‬% ‫ ل ا طر‬-: - ‫وق‬+# ‫ ن ھذا ا زواج & > ا‬% ‫ ا وة إذ ان (و?دھ‬%A‫ و و‬% ‫ر‬%2‫ن ا‬ . ‫ب‬0‫ر‬0 ‫ د‬% ‫و‬ .% 6 ‫ و‬%+ ‫ ا‬.‫ر‬1 ‫ا‬ ‫ذ‬%A0‫ ن ا‬# %6 &‫' ل و‬

A ‫ل طرف‬, ‫ ن د‬0A ‫د ن‬+' ‫رر ھذا ا‬#0 -: 5 ‫را‬ .‫ ون ا رى‬%+ ‫م ا‬%,#( %+ ‫ وط‬% ‫ ق ھذا ا زواج ر‬2‫و‬0 ‫ا&راءات‬ ‫ ھد ن‬/ ‫ ر ا‬4


Allah, the best witnesses 1st party – Husband:

2nd Party – Wife:

:‫ول – ا زوج‬8‫ا طرف ا‬

:$ ‫ – ا زو‬% - ‫ا طرف ا‬

1st witness:

:‫ول‬8‫ ھد ا‬/ ‫ا‬

2nd witness:

: % - ‫ ھد ا‬/ ‫ا‬ Drafting is the Arabic language is adopted legally

456547 ‫ة‬9:;
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