Market (Roof Color Effects)

August 18, 2017 | Author: Jordan Kurt S. Gu | Category: Survey Methodology, Science, Cognition, Psychology & Cognitive Science, Survey
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The presidentia of Baguio was first established in the house of the Campulet at the top of the new Tabacalera road at the lower end of Guisad Valley. Later, the presidentia of Baguio was moved to the present site of the Baguio City Hall. The Spaniards were able to establish order, built churches and schools, made trails and introduced coffee during their long occupation of the area. The Americans came early in 1900 and established their government. This was the first provincial government to be established in the Philippines and this happened a year prior to the inauguration of the civil government of the Philippines. Business in the city flourished with commercial centers put up. Baguio was a newly established township in the Northern Luzon highlands. The Baguio Market then served a small, multicultural community. The market fire in 1970 and the subsequent demolition of the Stone Market stand out in the memory of Baguio residents who witnessed these. A major fire on Feb. 19, 1970 gutted all the stalls at the Stone Market and the Dry Goods Section. Only a year earlier, on Feb. 25, 1969, the city had entered into an agreement with a private corporation to renovate, reconstruct, and modernize the Stone Market. Due to the new modernize market, different problems popped out including losing the sense of culture in the market, large congestion due to poorly planned stalls, congested vehicles getting in fetching passengers, poor choice of overpass position resulting to more congestion of market buyers, and different bad effects to the new roof color of the market

1.1.1 TITLE. Understanding the Effect of Different Roof Colors in the Market 1.2


Consumer’s intend to believe that products being displayed in the market are new and fresh which is most of the case is not. Consumers are being tricked by vendors through the effect of the roof color that makes the food for example the vegetables fresh. With these problems, the challenge of the study is to give awareness to people on understanding the different

effects of roof color on the market, making them more cautious on choosing or deciding which product will they buy.





This study will help us and the people of Baguio City to understand the real effect of the different color of the roof in the public market, where it might be on the consumers, the product, and on the vendors. This will be as well a way to educate people on understanding the different color psychology that affect their experience inside the market. Through this study the vendors will potentially learn more strategies in using the effect of this roof colors to their marketing strategy hence improving their business.

CHAPTER 2: METHODOLOGY The core of this research was based on existing markets and principles of psychology of colors conducted with the goal of understanding the effects of different roof colors in the market to the products, consumers as well as vendors To support the need for the research study, the researchers need to conduct a comprehensive researches about the topic; conduct interviews; collect data and statistics of consumers and vendors; conduct a comparative analysis of existing public markets; collect data of different effect of colors to humans. 2.1 Methods of Inquiry. The researchers will gather information from different case studies and journals that explains the effects of different roof colors. The researchers will gather information from the municipality and government agencies that are necessary to the research. The methods include the following: 2.1.1 Observation. This method was conducted on the market and it’s vicinity. Walking survey is a systematic observation made on foot and was used by the researcher to assess the general market needs. One way to get

a sense of the market is to walk around it, observing and taking notes of it’s characteristics. 2.1.2 Market Analysis and Economic survey. This will be performed by the researchers to know the current status of the market and it’s consumers. Know the income of different vendors to check the positive effect of the roof color to their businesses. 2.1.3 Conducting Interviews. This will be performed to know the personal opinions of each person going in the market on the effect of the roof color. 2.1.4 Gathering information through surveys. This method helps as well to know the personal opinions of people going through the market.

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