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Tariq Ghani is an Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer, drawing on 33+ years of experience, with specialties in process...


Richmond, TX 77407 (281) 238-0606 – Home (713) 418-0851 – Cell E-mail: [email protected] TARIQ GHANI____________________________________________________ SUMMARY Industrial and Manufacturing Engineer, drawing on 33+ years of experience, with specialties in process optimization, safety and compliance, and highlights such as:   

Assisted in the implementation of digital tracking technology, improving accountability along the production line by documenting workers’ contributions along the line. Promote worker safety in manufacturing, changing vendor materials, retraining workers, and altering work operations to ensure safety and optimal production. Reduced labor and material costs by consolidating responsibilities across worker roles and eliminating unnecessary materials and tools to standardize operations.


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2005 –Present

Ergonomic Specialist Perform jobsite analyses, to evaluate the operator, the process, the work station and the environment which the subject is in and strive to fit the job to the worker for corporation with 4500+ strong employees. Responsible for ergonomics aspects of design, selection, and procurement of new equipment, tools for production and office areas for 4 major manufacturing plus Laboratory/Research and Logistic/Warehousing facilities. Assist Facility coordinators with incident investigation by identifying the root cause of accidents and their solution. Develop and deliver training programs to prevent and contain injuries to back, soft tissue etc. and recommend specialized techniques for physically demanding tasks. Assist EHS personnel when required and complete other specialized projects given by the EHS Vice President Developed and implemented the MOC (Management of Change) system through out Goodman in Houston, Dayton and Fayetteville. Designed and maintained the MSDS online system, providing workers with access to what is MSDS, and what does it provide to workers. Establish protocols for evacuation, drafting layout plans and exit strategies to ensure worker safety in the case of an accident. Conduct Ergonomic Office Evaluation through out Goodman in Houston, Dayton and Fayetteville. Order the necessary Ergonomic tools needed and which the Safety department can provide. Update the Departmental managers on other needs of the employees or HR for Special needs and work with them to help the employee better fit into Goodman and thus be productive. Collaborate with the environmental manager to renew environmental permits and maintain compliance with city and state requirements in Houston. Manufacturing Engineer 2003-2005 Continuously involved in the improvement of the manufacturing process. Designing of fixtures and work stations as needed for optimizing work flow. Performed time motion studies leading to line balancing and improved layouts Coordinated up to 4 pilot projects per year, completing practice assembly to identify manufacturing concerns prior to full production. Developed and maintained work instructions and routing.


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ALSTOM, Houston, Texas   

2002-2003 Industrial Engineer Responsible for initiating the NCR procedures. Followed up on the effected area with appropriate individuals in engineering, sales, procurement, production and quality. Created/maintained Production Routers. Assisted in the implementation of the ISO program. Improvised on procedures, processes and tools in the production area, which helped realize a 40% reduction in labor and materials.

. HYDRIL, Houston, Texas    


Manufacturing Engineer Responsible for the product line of Pulsation Dampers and Chokes. Created/maintained Production Routers and Bill of Materials from engineering specifications. Worked with product engineers and manufacturing personnel to resolve Q.C. generated non-conformance reports and standard costing. Served as an M.E. in the overhaul and repair group (O & R). Responsible for the ram and annular blowout preventers. Provided the sales department with repair cost estimate.

TELXON, Houston, Texas

1999-2001 Manufacturing Engineer

GEO SPACE, Houston, Texas

1995-1999 Industrial Engineer/Cost Analyst

SELF EMPLOYED, Houston, Texas


QUIETAIRE, Houston, Texas


Production Manager REED PRODUCTS, Houston, Texas Production Manager


EDUCATION AND TRAINING Florida International University

M.S. Management B.S., Industrial Engineering Technology


Certifications/Licensure: Industrial/Labor Relations Certification OSHA Industrial Safety Certification TEEK Institute (A & M, College Station, Texas) Ergonomic Certification TECHNICAL SKILLS Microsoft Office, Macola Mfg, Sherpa, ManMan, Oracle, JD Edwards, Visio, & Mapics

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