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A Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book Includes mantras to various deities in Sanskrit as well as general meditating advice....


in praise of

Her Supreme Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

© Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and Life Eternal Trust

u Dedicated to Our Holy Mother

Her Supreme Holiness

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, The Source of this Knowledge and all Knowledge. May the three worlds resound with Your praise.

Shri Mataji, You are the Complete and Unadulterated Divine Nature in Human Form. We bow with full surrender, inexpressible gratitude and blissful love at Your most adorable Lotus Feet. Unending Salutations to You for ever and ever.

‘Now, the Name of Your Mother is very powerful. You know that is the most powerful namethan all the other names- the most powerful mantra. But you must know how to take it. With that complete dedication you have to take That Name. Not like any other.’ H.S.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Cowley Manor, UK, 31-7-1982.

‘God is fond of praise. If you praise the Lord, then He gives you everything. It’s true- you cannot get to Mother, unless and until you have really Bhakti from your heart. But if you have Bhakti, then you can get to Mother. It is written –Bhakti Gamya. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 19th. Aug. 1992 Guru Puja, Cabella.

Ganesha Atharva Sheersha The highest praise of the Chief of Shri Shiva’s Gan$as,

Om namaste Gan$$apataye. Om. Salutations to You, O Lord of the Gan$as. Twameva pratyaks$ham tattwam-asi. Twameva kevalam kart!-"si. You alone are the Doer. Twameva kevalam dhart!-"si. You alone are the Supporter and the Sustainer. Twameva kevalam hart!-"si. You alone are the Remover and Destroyer. Twameva sarvam khalv-idam Brahm!si. You are everything even indeed the Formless Spirit Twam s!ks$h!d-!tm!si nityam. You are the Embodiment of the Soul eternally (1) R$itam-vachmi. Satyam-vachmi.

I speak Divine Law. I speak the Truth.

Ava twam m!m. Ava vakt!ram. Ava #hrot!ram. Ava d!t!ram. Ava dh!t!ram. Av-!n-$ch!nam-ava #his$hyam. Ava pasch!t-t!t. Ava puras-t!t. Av-ottar!t-t!t. Ava daks$hin$!t-t!t. Ava-chordhv!t-t!t Av-!dhar!t-t!t. Sarvato-m!m p!hi-p!hi sam-ant!t.

Protect thou me. Be propitious to the speaker and the listener. Watch over the one who gives and the recieiver.

Twam v!ng-mayas-twam chin-mayahª. Twam !nanda-mayas-twam Brahma-mayahª. Twam sach-chid-!nand-!dvit%y&-si. Twam pratyaks$ham Brahm!si. Twam gñy!na-mayo vigñy!na-may&-"si.

You are the Spoken Word and Pure Consciousness. Joy is Your essence. Formless Spirit is Your Nature. You are Existence, Consciousness and Joy unequalled. You are the Supreme Spirit manifested. You are all Knowledge and Understanding. (4)


Protect from behind. Protect from the front. Protect from the left side. Protect from the right side. Protect from above. Protect from below. From all directions guard and protect me constantly (3)

Sarvam jagad-idam twatto j!yate. This whole world is born from You. Sarvam jagad-idam twattas-tis$h'$hati. Sarvam jagad-idam twayi layam-es$$hyati. Sarvam jagad-idam twayi pratyeti. This whole world returns to You. a Twam bh$mir !p&-"nal&-"nilo nabhah You are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (5 elements) Twam chatv!ri v!k-pad!ni. You are the four parts of speech. (5) Twam gun$a tray-!t%taha. Twam deha tray-!t%taha. Twam k!la tray-!t%taha. Twam m$l!dh!ra s'hit&-si nityam. Twam #hakti tray-!tmakaha. Tw!m yogino dhy!yanti nityam. Twam Brahm! twam Vis$hn$us-twam. Rudras-twam Indras-twam Agnis-twam V!yus-twam S$ryas-twam Chandram!s-twam Brahma-bh$r-bhuvaha swarom.

You are beyond the three attributes You are beyond the three bodies. You are beyond the three times. You are eternally stationed at Mooladhara Chakra. You are the Essence of the three Shaktis. On You Yogis meditate constantly. You are Lord Shiva. You are Shri Indra. You are the God of Fire, You are Lord of the Wind. You are the Sun and You are the Moon. Supreme Spirit, Earth, Sky, Heaven and Omk!ra (6)

Gan$!dim p$rvam uchch!rya. Varn$!dim tad-anantaram. The first letter of the alphabet (A) next. a a Anu-sw!rah para-tarah . And the nasal sound (M) after that. Ardhendu lasitam. T!ren$a r$iddham. Etat-tava manu-swa-r$pam. This is the true form of Your mantra. a Gak!rah p$rva-r$pam. 'G’ is the first form. Ak!ro madhyama r$pam 'A' is the middle form. Anusw!ra#h ch!ntya r$pam. And 'M' is the last form, Bindur uttara r$pam. Bindu (dot) is the finishing form on top, a i N!dah sam(dh!nam. Sam(hit! san$dhih . Sais$h! Gan$$e#ha-vidy!. In this manner, is the knowledge of Shri Gan$esha. i Gan$$aka ris$hih . The seer is sage Gan$aka. a Nichr$id g!yatr%ch chhandah . Gan$$apatir devat!. The presiding Deity is Shri Gan$apati. a Om Gam Gan$$apataye namah . Eka-dant!ya vidmahe. Vakra-tun$d$!ya dh%-mahi. Tanno dant% prachoday!t.

We have the knowledge of the One-Tusked God, We meditate on the Lord with a Curved Trunk , May the God with a tusk inspire and stimulate us. (8)

Eka-dantam chatur-hastam One-tusked and four-handed P!#ham añku#ha dh!rin$am. Wielder of the noose and elephant goad. Radam cha varadam hastair bibhr!n$am M$s$haka-dhvajam Having a mouse as an emblem. Raktam, lambodaram Red-coloured, with a big belly, (h$rpa karn$akam, rakta v!sasam. Ears like winnowing fans and clothed in red. Rakta gandh-!nu-lipt!ngam With fragrant red sandalwood paste anointing the body. i Rakta pus$hpaih su-p$jitam. Auspiciously worshipped with red flowers. Bhakt-!nu-kampinam devam The God who is Compassionate to devotees, Jagat-k!ran$am achyutam. The Imperishable Origin of the world, )vir-bh$tam cha sris$h*ty-!dau Prakr$itehe purus$h!t param. Being beyond the #di Shakti and the Supreme Spirit. Evam dhy!yati yo nityam. Whoever meditates in this way constantly, a Sa yog% yogin!m varah . That Yogi becomes the most excellent of Yogis. (9) NamoVr!ta-pataye. Namo Gan$apataye. We bow to the Lord of Assemblies and Chief of Gan$as Namaha *prama'ha-pataye. Prostrations to the Leader of Lord Shiva’s hordes, Namast+-"stu lambodar!y-aika-dant!ya, Let there be obeisance to the Big-bellied, One-toothed Vighna n!#hine, (hiva sut!ya, Destroyer of Obstacles, the Son of Lord Shiva a (hr% varada m$rtaye namo namah . To the Embodiment of the Giver of prosperity and boons, Salutation s again and again.

S!ks$h!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha Who art in reality the Primordial Energy incarnate, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, salutations to You again and again.

* this is also commonly written pra!hama-pataye –‘to the First and Foremost Lord’


Editorial Standards followed in this new edition Any changes that have been made will, we hope, not detract from our unfailing admiration for the original Mantra Book and will further enhance this great edifice of praise of Shri Mataji in all Her forms. One idea is to try and bring the way we non-Indians say Sanskrit in line with the way it is spoken in India. To this end the Sanskrit has been notated and a section added on Sanskrit pronunciation. Some more items have been added notably Sanskrit names of Shri Lakshm!, Shri Kr$is$hn$a and Lord Jesus and another set of names of Shri Ganesha; 84 names of Shri Vis$hn$umaya in English, some chapters from the Devi Mah"tmyam, Kavach of the Devi in Sanskrit, Devi Atharva Sheersha and the 1000 names of Shri Mah"k"l!, as being useful for Havan (among other things) Most of these are items already published in Sahaja Yoga. Many translations have been reworked but to maintain compatability with the old Mantra Book, in general the Sanskrit names have not been changed except where definitely incorrect. The exception to this is that, in the previous edition, some sets of names ended in –!ya or –e which is the dative ending and is appropriate when using a mantra such as Om Shr% Vin!yak-!ya namahª (salutations to …..). In this edition, all the names of the Deities have been written in the case-less form, so that throughout, we can preface the name with Om twameva s!ks$h!t - ‘You are…’ The translations have also been re-worded so that they can be prefaced with ‘You are…’, this being the translation of ‘twameva’.. Quite often the most commonly used name of a Deity does not appear in their set of names (Shri Gan$esha, K"rttikeya, #di Guru Dattatreya, Durga, Lakshmi etc.) so you will find these names in the form of Shri Mataji’s mantra at the beginning of these sets of names, as it would seem appropriate to take that first. Shri Mataji has commented that when transcribing Her talks we should correct Her English if it is not grammatically correct - so any quotations that appear in this book may have been adjusted accordingly.


SAHAJA YOGA MANTRA BOOK TABLE OF CONTENTS page Dedication………………………………………….. 1 Gan$esha Atharva Sheersha…………………………. 3 Editorial Standards………………………………….. 5 Table of Contents…………………………………… 6 Diacritic marks……………………………………… 9 Notes on Sanskrit pronunciation…………………… 10 Shri Mataji’s promise and declaration………………14 Aarti -Sab.ko dua dena…………………………… 16 Prayer - Mother, Please Come in my Heart…………17 Morning Prayer…………………………………….. 17 Shri Mataji : On Meditation………………………... 18 Meditation with Shri Mataji……………………… 22 I see a mountain……………………………………. 25 Mantras in Sahaja Yoga (by Shri Mataji ) ………… 26 Om………………………………………………….. 31 Mantras.- Left Side………………………………… 33 Right side…………………………………………… 34 Centre Channel……………………………………... 35 Affirmations………………………………………... 37 Lord’s Prayer ………………………………………. 40 Raghupati Raghava Sita Ram………………………. 40 Jay Jagadambe Mata Bhavani……………………… 40 Advice at Chelsam Road…………………………… 41 Sayings from Shri Mataji…………………………... 43 Prayers for Agnya and Heart……………………….. 44 Are You Progressing Well?………………………… 45___ How to awaken Shri Gan$esha’s Power within you… 46 } 12 Names of Shri Gan$esha – Nirvighnam-astu …….. 47 } AUM, to the Divine Essence of the Prayer………… 48 } Aarti to Lord Gan$esha…………………………… 50 } How to clear the Mooladhara Chakra……………….51 } M$l"dh"ra 108 Holy Names of Shri Gan$esha………………….. 54 } 108 Holy Names of Lord Gan$esha(English)……….. 58 } 111 Names of Shri Gan$esha………………………... 62 } 108 Names of Shri Karttikeya……………………… 66___ } . Gayatri Mantra………………………………………71 } Sw"dhishthan 21 Names of Shri Brahmadeva Saraswati………….. 72 } . Prayer to Shri #di Bhoomi Devi ………………….. 73 }

Shri Ashta Lakshmi (inc. Shri Santaana- +Raja- Lakshmi)… 74 Aparajita Hymn…………………………………….. 76 Hymn to Shri Narayani. Devi Mah"tmyam chapter 11…….. 78 24 Names of Shri Vis$hn$u…………………………... 108 Names of Lord Vis$hn$u 86 Praise to Shri Vis$hn$u 89 10 Holy Petals of Nabhi Chakra 90 108 Names of Shri Lakshmi 91 Guru Mantra 94 10 Primordial Masters 94 108 names of Shri #di Guru Dattatreya 95 113 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya 100 Prayer to Shri Annapurna 103 You are the Mother (Twameva Mata) 105 Prayer to the Divine Mother 106 Prayer to the Devi 106 Shri R"ma Jayam 107 R"m-raksha (R"ma Kavacha) 108 108 Names of Shri R"ma 112 Atma Ashtakam (FormerlyTad Niskala) 117 108 Names of Shri Shiva 119 108 Names of the Sacred River Ganges 124 84 Names of Shri Durga 129 108 Names of Shri Durga 132 84 names of Shri Vis$hn$umaya 136 99 Names of Allah 138 16 Names of Shri Radha Kr$is$hn$a Krishna 108 Names of Shri Radha Kr$is$hn$a(Sanskrit) 108 Names of Shri Kr$is$hn$a (English) . Advice with Ek"dasha Rudra Problems 148 Prayer for Shri Buddha P$ja 149 Shri Buddha’s Mantras 152 Mantras for Shri Mah"Gan$esha 153 11 Ek"dasha Rudras 153 108 Names of Lord Jesus Christ (Sanskrit) 154 108 Names of Lord Jesus Christ (English) 158 Shri Bhagavati 161 Prayer to the Almighty 161 Shri Nirmala Namaskar 163 Kavach of the Devi (Sanskrit) 169 Devi Atharva Sheersha 173 Mantras of Vir"ta 184

} } } 85 } N"bhi } Shri Lakshmi Vishnu } } } . } } Void /Adi Guru } } . } } Heart } Shri Devi } } Shri Rama } } Shri Shiva } } } } Shri Durga } . } } Vishuddhi 140 } Shri Radha 140 145

} }

} } Agnya Chakra } Ekadasha Rudras } } } } . } } } } Shri Devi/ } Shri Mataji/ } Sahasrara

Mantras for Shri Nirmala 108 Names of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi What is the greatest mistake? 21 Names of Shri Bhairava for the Id$" N"di 108 Names of Shri Mah"kali Prayer to Mah"saraswati Shri Hanumana Chalisa108 Names of Shri Mah"lakshmi (Latin) 27 Names of Mary Mah"lakshmi (Latin) Mahalakshmi Stotram /Padma Purana Negativity Destroying Mantras Praise by #di Shan$karacharya To My Flower Children 108 Names of the Devi 1000 names of Shri Mah"kali The Creation of Shri Ganesha The story of Shri Karttikeya P$ja. Havan. Glossary -Meanings of the names of Chakras etc Standard Meditations Subtle System Notes on sources of prayers Changes to original SYMB

185 187 192 193 194 198 199 204 208 209 210 210 211 215 219 252 263 264 267 269 275 280 281 285

} } } . } Left Side } . } Right Side } . } Central Channel } } .

Diacritic marks See the following ‘Notes on Sanskrit pronunciation’ for more detail.

! - long a sound as in ‘cart’ % - long i sound as in ‘keen’ $ - long u sound as in ‘pool’ & - o with implied a at start of next word (o is always long as in ‘go’) + - e with implied a at start of next word (e is always long as in ‘hay’) 'h - aspirated t (there is no th sound as in ‘the’) t*, d$, '$h, d$h -cerebral consonants pronounced at the roof of the mouth. s$h - aspirated sh as in ‘shoot’. #h -unaspirated sh as in ‘sure’. r$i or r$u -r as a vowel- like ‘rich’ -the i or u is not really there.


Notes on Sanskrit pronunciation These notes also apply to Hindi and Marathi.

Sanskrit, Hindi and Mar!thi are written in a script called Deva-n!gar% lit.‘from the town of the Gods’, sometimes called N!gar%. A peculiarity of all Indian scripts is that each consonant is considered to be followed by a short a, unless indicated otherwise. Unlike English, letters in Deva-n!gar% have fixed sounds and one can be fairly sure of the pronunciation from the spelling. 1 Vowels.. Devanagari has only 14 vowels as opposed to 23 in English, and three of those are virtually unused. It is important for correct pronunciation to know whether a, i or u is short or long.

The symbols !, % and $ have been used for long vowels as in cart, keen and pool. a, i or u written without a line on top are short. Long ! and short a are different sounds whereas long i and u are the short sounds lengthened.

The short a sound is like the u in but or the a in local and never hard as in bat. It is like trying to say the consonants without any vowel sound. Gan)apati, for example, would be pronounced ‘g-n-p-ti’ roughly like ‘gunner-putty’.

The short i is as in bit and the long % as in beet. The short u is as in put and not as in fun (which is a short a, unless you come from Yorkshire) and the long $ as in boot.

o and e are always long, but single vowel sounds while au and ai should be pronounced as double sounds a-u and a-i. Thus med- would be pronounced as English ‘maid’ and maid- ‘my-eed’. Mod- is long as in ‘modem’ and not as in ‘modern’. Short o and e as in ‘log’ and ‘leg’ are not in Sanskrit, but are used in Hindi and Marathi.

The symbols & and + are used where a final o or e elides into a short a at the beginning of the next word as in sthit&-si which is sthito+asi, or namast+-stu which is namaste+astu, so the vowel is longer than an ordinary long o or e. Where a word ends in e, it is always pronounced long é or eh. Deva-n!gar% alphabet is systematically arranged (unlike the English jumble) with the vowels first, followed by five sets each of five consonants in the order of the parts of the mouth in which they are produced:-

gutturals (k+g), palatals (ch+j), cerebrals (%t,+d)), dentals (t+d) and labials (p+b), with an aspirated form of every letter (kh, gh etc.) and a nasal for each set (guttural ñ, palatal ñ etc.-in English the adjustment is made automatically, eg. the n in ‘hung' being pronounced palatally, but in ‘hunt’ dentally). The cerebral t,, t,h, d), d)h, n), and s)h are pronounced with the

tip of the tongue curled back against the roof of the mouth. Both v and w are used in transliterating Sanskrit but are in fact the same letter. The sound is halfway between v and w like ‘vw’ i.e.tvwam. One suggestion is to pronounce ‘w’ with the upper teeth touching the lower lip. Normally w is used when the consonant is compounded, eg. twam, swami and v when on its own, eg. (hiva, Vis)hn)u; In Marathi a final -!va is pronounced –!o, so R!va=‘R!o’; Namdeva= ‘Namdeo’ There are three sibilants in Sanskrit, a normal dental s, an unaspirated palatal #h as in (hiva, Gan)e#ha etc. with a soft h as in ‘sure’. The third is an aspirated cerebral s)h, as in ‘shoot’, which almost never starts a word (except when meaning ‘six’) and is usually found compounded as in Vis)hn)u. s is always unvoiced, ie. like hiss and not his. 5 A common case ending is an aspiration called visarga which is sometimes written as a final h or h), e.g. namah), but more accurately written namaha indicating an echo of the final vowel sound with the aspiration. This is often the nominative singular of nouns and adjectives, and commonly modifies in composition to –o, -as, -a#h, and -ihi to –ir (see Sandhi below).

6 r) is a vowel, normally written r)i, as in r)itam, Kr)is)hn)a or Sanskr)it and sometimes r)u, as in amr)ut, something like the sound in ‘rich’. Be aware that there is no full vowel sound after the r). Both the vowel r) and the consonant r are retroflex (with the tongue curled back) and should be rolled in the Scottish manner and not with the English tendency to elongate the vowel and drop the r (ie. ‘dark’ being pronounced ‘daak’) The composite letter jñ is pronounced palatally and is written gñy (as in gñy!na ‘knowledge’) to facilitate pronunciation. The symbol ñ is used for both the guttural and palatal nasal sounds at the back of the mouth, which are more nasalisations than full n sounds. g is always pronounced as in begin and not as in vegetable (which is j ).

There is no th sound as in ‘the’, so the aspirated t has been sometimes written 'h, which is pronounced as in boa'hook eg. A'harva. Also ph is an aspirated p (as in ’map-holder’) and not f. Note: Differentiating between aspirated and un-aspirated consonants is tricky for westerners, because most initial consonants are pronounced half aspirated anyway. ‘Down the garden’ for example, has an aspirated d in ‘down’ and g in ‘garden’, but an un-aspirated cerebral d) in ‘garden’. Aspirated consonants have to be pronounced like the Irish -‘dhown the gharden’. Un-aspirated consonants are more often found in French, for example qui, which is unaspirated while the English key is aspirated. In Hindi and Marathi short a at the end of words and before long syllables is dropped so R!ma becomes R!m, Sulabh! becomes Sulbh! etc. This is not done in Sanskrit.

Hyphens are used in the text to facilitate pronunciation and ease of reading. Where a hyphen is used, it may indicate that the letter at the beginning of the following word also belongs to the end of the previous word or that the words are inextricably compounded. In either case, they should be run together as one word. For non-Indians a word like Jagad-amb! ‘world-mother’ would tend to be pronounced ‘Jaga-damba’; or in the case of vyakt-!vyakt-!tmika, the a’s at the end of vyakta and avyakta coalesce with the following vowels, but vyakt!vyakt!tmika would be hard to decypher quickly or correctly; in our own language we can recognise ‘globetrotter’ as ‘globe-trotter’ and not ‘globet-rotter’.

Sandhi (euphonic combinations) Sanskrit is written as it is spoken, with the endings of words modified to suit the beginnings of the following words. There are long complicated rules as to how this achieved. In effect we do the same in English without writing it, so that ‘Do you want to get a cup of coffee?’ if actually written as it is pronounced would be ‘Jawannageddacuppacoffee?’; Thus Sat chit !nanda becomes Sach-chid-!nanda and Jagat (world) softens to Jagan-m!t! and Jagad-amb! (both meaning ‘Mother of the world’) A short or long a at the end of a word will coalesce with a vowel at the beginning of the following word, so ava uttar!t becomes avottar!t, and ava adhar!t becomes av!dhar!t. Visarga (final aspiration) modifies in composition, so namahª namahª becomes namo namahª, Indrahª twam becomes Indras-twam, and binduhu uttara becomes bindur-uttara etc.

Pronunciation. The Indian way of saying mantras or indeed talking in general, is rather like playing the bagpipes, in that the vocal chords make a constant drone which is modulated into words in the mouth, rather than the western style where each word is individually enunced; and thus a whole sentence becomes one continuous piece. One writer comments ‘The key to reciting Sanskrit is to dwell exaggeratedly on every heavy syllable (and in particular to draw out long vowels to a great length) while passing lightly and rapidly over all light syllables.’ A heavy syllable is one with a long vowel, or a short vowel followed by two or more consonants, Aspirated sh, dh etc. are single consonants.

Stress. There is a stress in the form of a lengthening and slight upward inflection musically which generally falls on the penultimate syllable of a word or phrase, if that syllable is heavy, or the syllable before that if that is heavy or even the one before that, if heavy. So the stress on namo namaha is on the o, and the namaha is rather thrown away.

Notation. The notation adopted here is one which is designed to sound right to the uninitiated, while giving full information to scholars. It is, in the main, the modern or ‘scientific’ system of writing Sanskrit with the following exceptions:-#h (‘scientifically’ # as in (iva, Gan$$e#a), -s,h (‘scientifically’ s, as in Vis,n)u) -ch (‘scientifically’ c as in candra - the normal sounds of c being covered by s and k) -the vowel r$i (‘scientifically’ r$ eg. Kr$s$n)a.)

Dative Endings. When saying a mantra in the form ‘Om Shri Gane#h!ya namaha’ it is correct to have the dative ending –!ya on the name Gane#ha, as this is required by the adverb namaha. The mantra ‘Om twameva s!ks)h!t Shri Gane#ha s!ks)h!t…’ is the nominative/ vocative. The following is a table of dative endings for anyone wishing to inter-convert. Dative endings- singular only. Words ending in:Masculine Feminine -a/-" -"ya -"yai -i/-! -aye -yai or –iye if monosyllabic -u/-$ -ave -vai or –uve if monosyllabic -tr)i (eg. kartr)i) -tre (kartre) -tre Consonants (eg. !tman) -e (!tmane) -e

Shri Mataji ’s promise and declaration But today is the day I declare I am the One who has to save the humanity. I declare I am the one who is #di Shakti, who is Mother of all the mothers; who is the primordial Mother; the Shakti; the purest desire of God; who has incarnated on this earth to give it’s meaning to itself; to this creation; to human beings; and I am sure that through My love and patience and through My powers, I am going to achieve it. I was the One who was born again and again; but now I have come in My complete form and with complete powers. I have come on this earth, not only for the salvation of human beings, not only for their emancipation, but for granting them the Kingdom of Heaven; the Joy; the Bliss that your Father wants to bestow upon you. So be confident and be joyous and be happy, that all My powers will protect you, My love will nourish you, and my Nature will fill you with Peace and Joy. May God bless you. 2nd Dec. 1979. Guru Puja, Dollis Hill.

‘..It is necessary that you have to recognize Me. And that recognition is fixed; I cannot change it…you have to dedicate yourself completely to Me; not to Sahaja Yoga, but to Me. Sahaja Yoga is just one of My aspects. Leaving everything you have to dedicate- complete dedication- otherwise you cannot ascend any further; without questioning, arguing. Complete dedication is the only way you can achieve it.’ Cowley Manor, 31stJuly 1982

Declare to all the nations now, that I am the Holy Ghost.. and I have come for this special time- that this is the resurrection time – 21st March 1983. Birthday Puja, Sydney.

The truth is that I am the Adi Shakti incarnated; so go full speed into any direction, knowing one thing, that you are my child, and that I am Adi Shakti; everything that looks horrible will become better- you have seen it now, don’t worry about anything, just know that I am the Adi Shakti. That all the powers of Gods and Goddesses and all that are within Me and they are looking after – 13th Oct. 1991, Navaratri Puja, Cabella.

We have to win people with love, compassion, affection and dignity. When we say it is a Vishva Dharma, is a universal religion we belong to, first and foremost thing- the essence of that- is peace. The peace has to be within, to begin with. You have to be peaceful within yourself. If you are not peaceful, if you are playing tricks with your ego, if you are just satisfying yourself saying that you are peaceful, you are sadly mistaken. Peace is to be enjoyed within yourself. It is to be felt within yourself…you have it. Your Spirit is absolutely peaceful, Avyagra, without restlessness. There is no restlessness in your Spirit; absolutely peaceful and steady. Bordi, 7thFeb.1985

‘If they are arrogant, try to give them bandhans, try to control them through these methods. But if you think by arguing with them you will be able to manage them, it’s an impossibility. So try Nirmala Vidya, and that is humility, which is the mylin sheath of vibrations. If you are humble you will win the battle, if you are not, you will be lost.’ Hampstead, 17th October 1982



Sab.ko du! den!, M! Sab.ko du! den! Jay. Nirmal! M!t!j% (x2) sad!, Ma Sab.ko du! den!

Give blessings to all, O Mother, Give blessings to all, Chorus: Victory to Our Immaculate Holy Mother, Always dwell in our hearts, O Mother, Give blessings to all. sañkat*. k!ran. Kitane liye avat!r, M! Kitane liye avat!r Vi#hwa me Ter% mahim! (x2) T$ Gang! Yamun!, M! Sab.ko du! den!

Whenever the world was in danger, Mother, You have always incarnated, On this earth in different forms, Your Greatness fills the Universe, You are the sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna, O Mother, Give blessings to all.

Jo bh% sharan. me !y! Sukh. h% mil! us.ko, M! Sukh. h% mil! us.ko Bhai'h. ke O M! (x2) Laut. ke n! j!n! ,M! Sab.ko du! den!

Whoever surrenders himself to You, Gets complete satisfaction, O Mother, Happiness truly comes to him. Once You have entered our hearts, Do not go away, O Mother, Give blessings to all.

M!nav. me avatar ke Kar. diy! ujiy!r!, M! Kar. diy! ujiy!r! Kali yug. me m!y! hai (x2) Fir. bh%!n!, M! Sab.ko du! den!

By incarnating in human form, You have enlightened our lives, O Mother, You are the lamp that brings light, In spite of the illusions of Kali Yuga, We have been able to recognise You, O Mother, Give blessings to all.

Sant. jano k% dhart% Hai Bh!rat. M!t!, M! Hai Bh!rat. M!t! Is. dhar.t% par. !kar.* (x2) Dukh. se d$r. karan!, M! Sab.ko du! den!

The land of all the saints, Is Mother India. O Mother, Is this Mother India, As You have incarnated in this land, Please take away our sorrows, O Mother, give blessings to all.

Jab. dil. me !ye tab. Madhu sang%t. sun.lo, M! Madhu sang%t. sun.lo Hoya sake jo sew! (x2) kar! len!, M!

Whenever we so wish, We can listen to the sweet music inside, O Mother, Whatever service You wish us to do, Kindly ask us to do it, O Mother,

Sab.ko du! den!

Give blessings to all.

* Sometimes written "ke.

Shri Mataji’s prayer Mother, please come in my heart, Let me clean my heart so that You are there, Put Your Feet into my heart, Let Your Feet be worshipped in my heart, Let me not be in delusion, Take me away from illusions, Keep me in Reality, Take away the sheen of superficiality, Let me enjoy Your Feet in my heart, Let me see Your Feet in my heart. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Chelsham Road 5th Oct.1984

Morning prayer May I this day, be what You’d have me be. May I this day, say what You’d have me say. May I this day, be part and parcel of the whole, And may my thoughts be of a realised soul. May I this day, have Love for all mankind. Shri Mother, be in my heart and in my mind.

Shri Mataji : on meditation In the morning you get up, have your bath, sit down, take some tea; don’t talk. Don’t talk in the morning- sit down, meditate - because at that time the Divine rays come in, the Sun comes afterwards. That’s how the birds get up. That’s how the flowers get up. They’re all awakened by that and if you are sensitive you will feel that by getting up in the morning you will look at least ten years younger. Really, it’s such a good thing to get up in the morning and then, automatically you sleep early. This is for getting up, for sleeping I need not tell because that you’ll manage yourself. Then, in the morning time you should just meditate. In meditation try to stop your thoughts. Watch My photograph with open eyes and see that you stop your thoughts. You should stop your thoughts, then you go into meditation. The simple thing to stop your thoughts is the Lord’s Prayer, because that’s the Agnya state. So in the morning you remember Lord’s Prayer or Gan$esha’s mantra. It’s just the same. Or you even say ‘I forgive’. So you can start with Gan$esha’s mantra, say Lord’s Prayer and then say ‘I forgive’. It works out. Then you are in thoughtless awareness. Now you meditate. Before that, there’s no meditation. When the thoughts are coming or ‘I have to take tea, what shall I do, now what have I to do, who’s this and who’s that?’ All this will be there. So first you become thoughtlessly aware, then the growth of spirituality starts after thoughtless awareness, not before. One should know that. On rational plane you cannot grow in Sahaja Yoga. So first thing is to establish your thoughtless awareness; still you might feel little chakra blockages here and there; forget it. Just forget about it. Now start your surrendering. Now if a chakra is catching, you should say ‘Mother, I surrender this to You’. Instead of doing any of these things you can just say that. But, that surrendering should not be rationalised. If you’re still rationalising and worrying – ‘Why should I say this?’ - it will never work out. If there’s pure love and purity in your heart that’s the best thing; that to do so is to surrender. Leave all the worries to your Mother- everything to your Mother. But surrendering is one point that is very difficult in ego-oriented societies. Even talking about that, I feel a little bit worried.

But if there’s any thoughts coming in to you or any chakra catching, just surrender. And you’ll see that the chakras are cleared up. In the morning time you do not go on putting this way, that way, nothing. Don’t move your hands too much in the morning. You’ll find most of your chakras will clear out in the meditation. Try to put your love in your heart. Just try in your heart, and there, try to put your Guru, in the core of it. After establishing in the heart, we must bow to that with full devotion and dedication. Now whatever you do with your mind after realisation is not imagination because now your mind, your imagination, is itself enlightened. So project yourself in such a way that you humble down at the Feet of your Guru, your Mother. And now ask for the necessary temperament needed for meditation, or atmosphere needed for meditation. Meditation is when you are one with the Divine. Now if there are thoughts coming in first you have to say the first mantra, of course, and then watch inside. Also, you must say the mantra of Gan$esha, will help some people, and then you should watch inside and see for yourself which is the biggest hurdle. First the thought ... now for the thought you have to say the mantra of Nirvichara. Om Twameva s!ks$h!t Shr% Nirvichara s!ks$h!t Shr% )di Shakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Now come to the hurdle of our ego. You see the thought has stopped now no doubt, but there is still a pressure on the head. So if it is ego, you have to say: Om Twameva s!ks$h!t Shr% Mahat-ahamk!ra s!ks$h!t Shr% )di Shakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Mahat means the great, Ahamkara means the ego. You say it thrice. Now, even now, if you find that ego is still there then you have to raise your left side to push it back to the right side. With your (right) hand, one (left) hand towards the photograph. Push the left side higher and the right side lower so the ego and the superego get the balance. Do it seven times. Try to see how you are feeling inside, you see. So once you have given yourself a balance, then the best thing is to pay attention to your emotions, to Manas Shakti. Watch them. You can enlighten your emotions, by thinking of your Mother. Right? Just enlighten them.

This solves all the problems. Whatever are the problems in the Mana. So, once you are connected to those emotions and you start looking at them in your meditation, you will see these emotions are rising within you and if you try to put these emotions on your Mother, (as they say, at the Lotus Feet of your Mother) they, those emotions, will start dissolving and they’ll become sort of, expanded. Expanse you see. You will extend them in such a way that you will feel you are in control of them and by controlling those emotions, your emotions are expanded, enlightened and powerful. Now what you do is to watch your breathing. See now, try to reduce your breathing; reduce it in the sense that you have breathed out, wait for a while, then breathe in. For a long time. Then you breathe out. So during one minute your breathing will be less than normal. Alright? Try that, keep the attention on the emotions, you see? So that the connection is established. Better? See, the Kun$d$alin! rises. Now, when you are breathing, you find that there is a space in-between which you just leave vacant. Breathe in. Keep it there. Now breathe out and keep breathing out. Now breathe in. Now start breathing in such a way, that you really reduce your breathing. Your attention should be on your heart or it could be your emotions, it’s better to keep the breath inside for a while. Hold it. Bring it out. Hold out. Then keep it outside for a while. Then again. Then you’ll find that for a while you will not breathe. Good. See, you’re settled now. The Laya takes place between your Prana and your Mana. Both the Shaktis become one. Now raise your Kun$d$alin! - up on top and tie it up. Again, raise your Kun$d$alin! - up on the head and tie it up. Again, raise your Kun$d$alin! and tie it up thrice. Now at the Sahasrara you should say the mantra of Sahasrara - thrice. Om Twameva s!ks$h!t Shr% Kalki s!ks$h!t Shr% Sahasrara Swamin% Moks$ha Pradayin% M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devi namo namahª. Now it’s open. Now, if you see, now you can open again your Sahasrara like this. And see that you are stationed there ... Once this has been done - then you go into meditation ... Reduce your breathing, will be better. You reduce your breathing as if stopping it, but no exertion about it. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Meditation by H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Please close your eyes. All of you close your eyes. Now we all will do the meditation the way we have been doing in the halls, wherever we had public programs. We will work on the left-hand side and the left hand towards Me. Now first of all you put your hand on your heart. In the heart resides Shiva, is the Spirit. So you have to thank your Spirit that it has brought light to your attention because you are a saint and the light that has come in your hearts has to enlighten the whole world. So, please now in your heart you pray. Let this light of my love of the Divine spread to the whole world. With all sincerity and understanding that you are connected with the Divine and whatever you desire will happen with full confidence in yourself. Now put your right hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the lefthand side. And now here is the center of your Dharma. Here you have to pray: Let Vishwa Nirmala Dharma spread in the whole world. Let people see the light through our dharmic life, through our righteousness. Let people see that and accept the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma by which they get enlightenment and a benevolent higher life and a desire to ascend. Now take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, of the stomach on the left-hand side. Press it. Now this is the centre of pure knowledge. Here you have to say as Sahaja Yogis that: Our Mother has given us the full idea how the Divine works. She has given us all the mantras and all the pure knowledge that we could bear and understand. Let all of us be fully knowledgeable about that. I have seen if the man is a leader, the wife does not know a word about Sahaja Yoga. If the woman knows about Sahaja Yoga, the husband doesn’t know anything about it. Let me be proficient and an expert in this knowledge, so that I can give realisation to people, make them understand what is Divine law, what is Kun$d$alin% and what are the Chakras. Let my attention be more on Sahaja Yoga than on all these mundane things.

Now put your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen and close your eyes. Now here on the left-hand side press it. Mother has given me the Spirit and I have my own Guru which is the Spirit. I am master of my own. Let there be no abandonment. Let there be dignity in my character. Let there be generosity in my behaviour. Let there be compassion and Love for other Sahaja Yogis. Let me not show off, but have a deep knowledge about God’s love and His doing, so that when people come to me, I should be able to tell them about Sahaja Yoga and give them this great knowledge with humility and love. Now raise your right hand on your heart. Here you have to thank God that you have felt the ocean of joy and you have felt the ocean of forgiveness and the capacity to forgive as our Mother has, which we have seen is so tremendous. Let my heart expand and encompass the whole universe and my love should resound the name of God. The heart every moment should express the beauty of God’s love. Take now your right hand on the left Vishuddhi between the neck and the shoulder in the corner. I will not indulge into the falsehood of guilt because I know it is falsehood. I will not escape my faults but face them and eradicate them. I will not try to find fault with others, but in my own knowledge of Sahaja Yoga let me remove their faults. (We have so many ways secretly we can remove the faults of others. ) Let my collectivity become so great that the whole Sahaja Yoga race is my own family, my own children, my home, my everything. Let me get that feeling completely, innately built within myself that I am part and parcel of the whole because we all have one Mother and let my concern go to the whole world to know what are their problems and how can my true desire power solve them. Let me feel the problems of the world in my heart and let me try innately to remove all of them from the basis of which they are generated. Let me go to the principles of all this problems and try to remove them through my Sahaja Yoga powers, through my saintly powers.

Now put your right hand on your forehead across. Now here you have to say first: I have to forgive all those who have not come to Sahaja Yoga, those who are on the periphery, who come and go, who jump in and out. But first of all and foremost I have to forgive all the Sahaja Yogis because they are all better than me. I am the one who tries to find fault with them but I am at the lowest end and I have to forgive them because I must know that I still have to go very much further. I am still much less, I have to improve myself. This humility has to come within us. So you have to say here: Let there be the humility in my heart in a true sense, not hypocritical. Work out this feeling of forgiveness so that I bow to reality, to God and to Sahaja Yoga. Now you have to put back your hand on the back side of your head and push back your head and you have to say here: Oh Mother, whatever wrong we have done to You so far or whatever wrong goes in our minds, whatever smallness we have shown to You, whatever way we have troubled You and challenged You, please forgive us. You should ask for forgiveness. In your intelligence you should know what I am. I don’t have to tell you again and again, not at Sahasrara. You have to thank Me at Sahasrara, put your hand, move it seven times and thank Me seven times. Mother, thank You very much for the realization. Mother, thank You very much for making us understand how great we are and thank You very much for bringing all the blessings of the Divine and thank You very much for raising us higher, much higher than from where we were and also thank You very much for sustaining us and for helping us to improve ourselves and correct ourselves. And thank You very much ultimately that, Mother, You have come on this earth, taken Your birth, and that You are working so hard for us, for all of us. Press it hard. And move it hard. Now take down your hands. Heads are all very hot.

So now let us give ourselves a nice bandhan. In the bandhan of Mother let us move our left to the right. One - nicely. Understand what you are. What are your auras. Now again - second one. Now the third one. Now the fourth one. Now the fifth. Now the sixth one. And now the seventh. Now raise your Kundalini slowly, very slowly, raise it first time, you have to do it very slowly. Now push back your head and give it a knot, one knot - second one, let’s do it very slowly and knowing what you are, you are a saint. Do it properly, not in a haste. Push back your head and give it two knots there, one and two. Now let’s do the other one. Again the third one you have to give three knots. Very slowly do it. Very slowly. Now do it properly. Now push back your head. Now give it the third knot. Three times. Now see your vibrations. See your vibrations like this. All the children see your vibrations like this, put your hands. Beautiful. I am getting vibrations from you. May God bless you. Thank you very much. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Shudy Camps, June 18th. 1988

Swastika. ‘creating well-being, making auspicious.’ Su- ‘good’, asti- ‘being’, ka- ‘making’

I see a mountain I see a mountain from my window, Standing like an ancient sage, Desireless, full of love. So many trees and so many flowers, They plunder the mountain all the time. Its attention is not disturbed. And when the rain pours like many pitchers of clouds bursting, And it fills the mountain with greenery. The storms may come soaring, Filling the lake with compassion, And the rivers flow running down, Towards the calling sea. The sun will create clouds and Wind carries on its feathery wings, The rain on to the mountain. This is the eternal play, The mountain sees, Without desires. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Mantras in Sahaja Yoga In Sanskrit, ‘manana’ means to meditate. A mantra is that which is uttered in meditation. It is the phonetisation of vibrations into a specific sound which has a direct effect on the inner being. When a realised soul (Sahaja Yogi) utters a mantra, he/she mediates spiritual energy for the specific purpose for which the mantra is intended. Meditation Mantras are most effective when used whilst sitting in meditation. To do this, find a clean, quiet place. Set Shri Mataji ’s picture on a table, placing a lit candle before the picture. Sit comfortably with hands relaxed on your lap, palms upward. This can be done in conjunction with footsoaking. After putting yourself in bandhan, keeping your attention loose, see what sensations - i.e. tingling, numbness, slight heat - you may feeling on your fingers or in your body at the location of the Chakras. These sensations tell you where the blockages are in your Chakras. Clear them, using bandhan and the appropriate mantras (checking which finger or location on the hand corresponds to which Chakra). After some time these sensations will disappear, and you will start to feel coolness on your hands. This means that the Chakras have cleared and that Kundalini is rising unimpeded. Sometimes, you may feel the cool breeze at first, and then heat in the hands or in the body. This happens when the Kundalini starts to burn away the impurities that are clogging the Chakra, and is a good sign. The process can be helped along by footsoaking. If the heat is more in the left hand and also you do not feel vibrations on the left hand, put that hand out towards Shri Mataji ’s photograph and the right hand palm down on the Mother Earth. In a severe case hold the left hand towards the flame of a candle, palm upwards and very near the flame (not so near that the finger gets burnt) and the right hand on ground. If the right hand is hot/warm or no vibrations are coming, put that hand towards Shri Mataji’s picture and the left hand palm facing upwards and towards the back. No candle. If you are disturbed by thought or mental activity, try doing the Attention Exercise given in the Explanation of Sahaj Terms. Do not fight your thoughts, but try to just witness them and let them go. Gradually, you will find yourself in thoughtless awareness, without any effort.

Mantras in Sahaja Yoga OM The AMEN, the WORD of John’s Gospel. The OM is the integrated power of the #di Shakti (Holy Spirit). Its essence is expressed in Shri Gan$e&ha at Mool"dh"ra Chakra; its manifestation is Lord Jesus Christ at #gñy" Chakra. OM has three sounds A-U-M. ‘A’ Mah!-lakshm% energy

Sus$humna N!d$i Parasympathetic nervous system Aspect of Sattwa Gun$apresent

reality. The Quality of dharma, peace and surrender as a basis for evolution. ‘U’ Mah!-saraswat% energy

Piñgal! N!d$i Right sympathetic nervous system Aspect of Rajo Gun$a- consciousness. The Quality of action expressing love.

‘M’ Mah!-k!l% energy

Id$! N!d$i Left sympathetic nervous system Attribute of Tamo Gun$a- divine bliss. The Quality of Pure Desire and the Spirit.

OM can be chanted on its own, allowing the sound to reverberate in the body for a full breath. Saying OM seven times with the attention on each chakra in turn can be a good way of starting meditation.


Exposition of the sacred syllable OM From the M!rkan$d$eya Purana Chapter 42

Dattatreya spoke; The Yogi who lives thus, rightly busied in religious devotion, cannot be turned away even by hundreds of other lives. And when he has beheld the Supreme Soul, visible, existing in all forms, whose feet and head and neck the universe composes, the Lord and Creator of this universe, let him in order to attain thereto utter the one mighty and holy syllable OM! Let it be his study as he listens to its true form. A and U and M are its three letters; these are its three instants; they are characterised by goodness, passion and ignorance. And another, a half instant, which has its seat on the top of the head is without quality and can be understood by Yogis only. It is called gandhari, as it is to be uttered in the gandhara note (Ga)*. Being pronounced it reaches the head and it conveys the feeling of ants moving (on the top of the head). As the syllable OM being pronounced reaches the head, the Yogi who is lost in meditation of OM should become united with Brahman, the Supreme Soul. Life is his bow, the soul is his arrow, Brahma is the target sublime. It is to be pierced by the heedful man; he should be united with Brahman, as the arrow becomes embedded in the target. The syllable OM, consisting of three and a half instants, should be known in its true sense as the three Vedas – the Rig, Sama and Yajus – the three worlds, the three fires, and the three deities Vis$hn$u, Brahma and Shiva. And the Yogi who is absorbed in religious meditation thereon, may obtain extinction therein. Moreover the letter A is designated the Bh$r-loka (Earth), and the letter U the Bhuvah-loka (Sky) and the letter M with its nasal mark is decided to be the Swah-loka (Heaven). Now the first instant is called the discrete (manifest) the second the indiscrete, and the third instant is the intellectual faculty (consciousness, attention); the half instant is the highest abode (final emancipation from existence). In this very order must these stages of religious meditation be known. By uttering the word OM everything both existent and non-existent may be grasped.

Now the first instant is short, the second is long (two instants), and the third is prolated (three instants) and the half instant is not cognisant to speech. Such is this word. Brahman is designated the Supreme OM. The man who truly understands it and further meditates on it, escaping the circle of mundane existence casts off the three-fold bonds, and gains sublime extinction in Brahman, the Supreme Soul. And he who is bound with the unconsumed results of his actions, after experiencing death through ill omens, and recollecting it at the time of his departure, attains to a yogi’s condition again. Hence by means of imperfect religious devotion, or again by perfected religious devotion are always to be known the ill omens’ so that he does not sink into despondency at the time of his departure. End of chapter 42. Note: This corresponds to the order in which creation took place. The Undifferentiated and Attributeless Supreme Spirit, Brahman, awoke from the night of dissolution of the first creation (Padmavasana); first clothed Itself in goodness and manifested as N"r"yana (The One who lies on the waters, Shri Vis$hn$u, the All-pervading). Next It clothed Itself in action and passion and manifested the creation as Shri Brahm", the God of Knowledge, and thirdly became clothed in desire and darkness as Rudra (Shri Shiva). *Ga is the third note of the scale (Sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni, sa) The note ‘Sa’ is found by singing the lowest note you can reach and coming up 3 tones ie. the fourth lowest note. This is usually around B flat for men. Ga would then be D flat or D.

Mantras for the Chakras To help raise the Kundalini, clear the Chakras and develop the qualities of the particular Deity within ourselves, the aspects of the Divine (Deities) which govern each Chakra can be invoked. The basic form is as follows:

Om Twameva s!ks$h!t Om, You are manifesting in person (hr% ..................... s!ks$h!t, The Holy Lord…………… (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j%, You who are verily the Primordial Creative (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha

Energy, the Supreme Mother, To Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, The Immaculate Goddess, Salutations again and again.

In the space indicated, say the name of the Deity to be worshipped related to the Chakra you wish to clear. Normally the mantras are said once or three times but can be said continuously until the vibrations clear. Placing the right hand on the relevant chakra with the left hand to Shri Mataji’s photograph also helps; or the left hand if working on the right side. Any blockages can be cleared by praising Shri Mataji as the Sw!min% (Ruler) of the particular Chakra or Nadi. For example, at #gñy" Chakra, say ‘Shri )gñy! Chakra Sw!min%’ etc. 'Mantras may take the form ‘Om twameva sakshat (Shri Mata) namo namaha’, so it will be short, as when saying the 108 names or ‘Om twameva s!ksh!t (Shri Hamsa Chakra Swamini) s!kshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi namo namaha’ and may be said three times, as when said for a particular chakra’. H.S.H. Shri Mataji 17/18th May 1980 Winchester

*Technically it is correct to say ‘Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha’ as we are saying ‘We bow to Shri Nirmala Devi ‘ and Devyai is the dative form. This is how it is written and said in India. However to say ‘Shr% Nirmal! Devi namo namahª’ is not incorrect as this would be the vocative meaning ‘O Immaculate Devi, salutations again and again’.

The Three Great Mantras (Sahasr ra mantras) Om Twameva s!ks$h!t Shr% Mah!-laks$hm% Mah!-saraswat% Mah!-k!l% Tri-gun$-!tmik! Kun$d$alin% s!ks$h!t Shr% )di (hakti M!t!j%, Shr% Nirmal! Devyai Namo namaha

Om, You are the manifestation in person Of the Three Shaktis that rule The three channels and the Essence of their three qualities, The Pure Desire incarnate. The Primordial Power, the Holy Mother, To the Immaculate Goddess, Salutations again and again.

Om Twameva s!ks$h!t Shr% Kalki s!ks$h!t Shr% )di (hakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai Namo namaha

Om, You are manifesting The Rider of the Last Days, Primordial Creative Force, Holy Mother, To the Immaculate Goddess, Salutations again and again.

Om Twameva s!ks$h!t Shr% Kalki s!ks$h!t Shr% Sahasr!ra-Sw!min% Moks$ha-Prad!yin% M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai Namo namaha

Om, You are in reality The Tenth Incarnation of Shr" Vis$hn$u, Ruler of the Thousand-petalled Lotus, Giver of Liberation, Holy Mother, To the Immaculate Goddess, Salutations again and again.

Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha

(x3) (optional) repeat 3 times when intoned or twice when sung in Raga Jay Javanti.

The Mantras for the Deities of the Chakras are as follows: Left Channel (Id$" N"d$i) (1)

Mool!dh!ra Chakra

Shr% Gan$e#ha (normally said 1, 3 or 4 times with the right hand to the Mother Earth)

(Root of Id$! N!di, the left side, Purity, and Support of the whole system)

Innocence, Wisdom, Auspiciousness, The Placer and Remover of obstacles.

The Ganesha Atharva Sheersha (page 2) is very powerful for the M$l!dh!ra Chakra and the Left Side, also said with the right hand to the Mother Earth.



Shr% Nirmala Vidy! (pure knowledge) Shr% (huddha Ichcha (pure desire)


N!bh% (Manipura)

Shr% Gr$uha Laks$hm% Support, Wifely qualities, Freedom from worries


Heart (Anahata)

Shr% (hiva P!rvat% Shri )tma Param!tma Seat of the Spirit, Consciousness, Love, Joy Place of our physical mother.

Take the mantra ‘Om namaha Shiv!ya‘.* –12 times with right hand on left heart.

Sing the bhajan Sat-chit-!nanda r$pam, (hiv&-"ham (hiv&-"ham. Say Shri Mataji’s prayer, ‘Mother, please come in my heart’ (page17)


Shri Lalit! Chakra Power of the Left Side

Shri Lalit! Shri Lalit! Chakra Sw!min%

(in the left shoulder)



Shr% Vis$hn$um!y! Self esteem, self respect Brother-sister relationship



Shr% Mah!-v%ra Shr% Mah!-Gan$e#ha Shr% Mah!-Bhairava

Superego, conditionings. Innocence with knowledge of good and evil. *May also be said ‘Om namo #hiv"ya’.

Right Channel (1)


Shr% K!rttikeya (Destroyer of demons) Courage to fight negativity, Knowledge.


Sw!dhis$h'$h!n (Root of the Right Side)

Liver (Seat of the Attention)



Shr% Brahmadeva Saraswat% Source of mental activity. Creativity, music

Shr% Nirmal! Chitta Shr% Him!lay! Chandram! (cooling) Shr% Hazrat-Ali Fatima Shr% R!ja Laks$hm% Queenly qualities, serenity.



Shr% S%t! R!ma Place of physical Father, Embodiment of all Dharmas

Sing the bhajan Raghupati Ragava R!ja R!m (page 29)


Shri Chakra

Shr% Shr% Chakra Sw!min%

Power of the Right Side (in the right shoulder)



Shr% Ya#hod! Shr% Vit,t,ala Rukmin% Respect for others, speaking sweetly.


)gñy! (Seat of the Ego)

Shr% Buddha Freedom from desires, forgiveness. Freedom from identification from our body. Say Shr$ Buddhas mantras (page 130)

Centre Channel (1)

Mool!dh!ra Chakra (Support of whole system)



Shr% Gan$e#ha Innocence, Wisdom, Auspiciousness,

Shr% Kun$d$alin% Gauri M!t!

(Sacrum -Seat of the Kundalini) Pure desire to reunite with God.



(Start of the Central Channel)

Shr% Laks$hm% Vis$hn$u Shr% Laks$hm% N!r!yan$a All spiritual and physical seeking and well-being, peace, satisfaction.

N.B. On the central channel the Kundalini rises first to Nabhi chakra, then through

the Void to the Swadhishthan.



Shr% Brahmadeva Saraswat% Creativity, disciple principle.



Shr% )di Guru Datt!treya Guru principle, gravity.



Shr% Jagad-amb! Durg! M!t! Security, fearlessness, protectedness.

Place right hand on sternum bone and say Jay. Jagadambe repeating Jagadambe 12 times. ( can also be said Jay Jagadamb". Jagadambe is the vocative ‘O, Mother of the world’)

Sing the bhajan Jay Jagadambe Mata Bhavani (page 40)



Shr% R!dh! Kr$is$hn$a Detached witness state, diplomacy, Collectivity and communication.

Put the forefingers in the ears, stretch the head and arms back, and say ‘Allah hu Akbar’ loudly 16 times (‘God is Great’).


Ham!sa Chakra

Shr% Ham!sa Chakra Sw!min% (with the tip of the right forefinger between the eyebrows)

Discrimination, seeing ourselves clearly. The Yoga exercise Pr!n*ayama is good for Hamsa. (Alternate breathing through the nostrils)



Shr% Ye#hu M!ria Shri Jesus Mary M!t! Shr% Mah!vis$hn$u Mah!laks$hm% Forgiveness, Identification with Spirit. Tapas – renunciation.

Say The Lord’s Prayer (twice) (page43) Bow the head with the right hand across the forehead and say silently ‘Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone’.



(Front )gñy!) (Back )gñy!)

Shr% Mah! K!rttikeya Shr% Mah! Gan$e#ha

Ek!da#ha Rudras

Shr% Ek!da#ha Rudra

(top of Void and across forehead)

11 destructive powers of Christ, faith in God, Destroys attachment to false gurus and drugs.


The Three Great Mantras. (page 32) Shri Nirvichara (Thoughtless Awareness) Shri Nirvikalpa (Doubtless Awareness) Shri Nir!nanda (Pure Joy) Integration of all the Chakras and Nadis. Ocean of Divine Bliss.

H.S.H. Shri Mataji has given this alternative as Sahasrara Mantras:-

Om Twameva s!ks$h!t Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha -three times.

Shri Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha -three times. (optional)

Whole Left Channel

Shr% Mah!-K!l% Bhairava

Id$" N"d$i. Emotions, memory, the past

Protection against negativity.

Whole Right Channel

Shr% Mah!-Saraswat% Hanum!na

Piñgal" N"d$i. Creativity and action expressing love. Physical, mental activity and the future

Centre Channel

Shr% Mah!-Lakshm% Gan$e#ha

Sus$humna N"d$i. The present, channel of evolution

Complete peace and surrender.

Mantras for special purposes To bless food before eating- Shri Anna P$rn!Suggested by H.S.H. Shri Mataji on an India tour in 1981. Shri Anna P%rn" (Anna- food, rice. P%rna- full, complete) is an aspect of Shri P"rvati who feeds Lord Shiva so we are asking that the food should nourish our Spirit as well as the body.

Setting off on a journeyMusic/ learningThe OceanRain/ stormsLightningFireWindMother Earth

Shri Gan)e#ha and Shri Hanum!na. Shri Saraswat%. Shri V!runa/ Shri Lakshm%. Shri Parjanya Deva/ Shri Indra. Shri Vis)hn)u-m!y!. Shri Agni Devat!. Shri V!yu. Shri Bh$mi Dev%/ Shri )di Bh$mi Dev%.

(said with both hands on the Mother Earth at the beginning of meditation and shoe-beating)

Sea/ footsoaking

Shri Samudra Devat!.

The Affirmations When a Chakra has been affected, and if the residing Deity of the Chakra recedes, the qualities of that Chakra do not maintain themselves without constant attention and nourishment. The Affirmation is used to bring our attention back to the qualities of a Chakra so that the Deity returns, helping these qualities to reflourish and act spontaneously within us.

Centre Channel (1) Mool"dh"ra

Shri Mataji , please make me the innocence.

(2) Sw"dhishth"n

Shri Mataji, please make me the creative knowledge.



Shri Mataji, please make me satisfied. Shri Mataji, I surrender everything to You.



Shri Mataji, please make me my own guru. Shri Mataji, please make me my own master.



Shri Mataji, please make me a fearless person.

(5) Vishuddhi

Shri Mataji, please make me a detached witness, Please make me part and parcel of the whole.



Shri Mataji, please make me a self-correcting and discriminating person.



Shri Mataji, please make me a forgiving and sacrificing person.



Shri Mataji, please give me my self-realisation. Shri Mataji, please be in my head. Shri Mataji, please establish my self-realisation. Shri Mataji, please accept my complete surrender.

Left Side 1) Mool"dh"ra

Shri Mataji , by your Grace, I am the powerful innocence of a child.

2) Swadhishthan

Shri Mataji , by your Grace, I am the pure knowledge/technique of the Divine that acts.



Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I am satisfied. Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I am peace. Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I am a generous person.



Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I am my own guru. Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I am my own master. Shri Mataji, by your Grace, as I am the pure knowledge, I am my own guru.



Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I am the Spirit. Shri Mataji, by your Grace, please forgive me for any mistakes against my Spirit. Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I am the instrument of Mother’s Love.



Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I am not guilty. As I am the Spirit, how can I be guilty?



Shri Mataji, by your Grace, please forgive me.



Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I will be victorious over all the challenges to my ascent.

Whole left side

Shri Mataji, by your Grace, I am fortunate to be in the Attention of the Holy Spirit.

Right Side 1) Mooladhara

Shri Mataji, You are the Destroyer of demons

2) Swadhishthan Shri Mataji, I do nothing. You are the Doer and You are the Enjoyer. (3) Nabhi

Shri Mataji, You are the Royal Dignity in me. Shri Mataji, You solve my money/family worries and take care of my well-being.

(3a) Void

Shri Mataji, You are my Guru/Master.

(4) Heart

Shri Mataji, You are the responsibility in me. Shri Mataji, You are the boundaries of good conduct and the benevolence of a good father.

(5) Vishuddhi

Shri Mataji, You are the sweet countenance of my words and deeds.

(6) #gñy"

Shri Mataji, I forgive everyone and I forgive myself. Shri Mataji, by Your Grace, please keep me in Your attention.

(7) Sahasrara

Shri Mataji, You are the Victory over all the challenges to ascent.

Whole right side Shri Mataji, You are the Holy Spirit. Also- Affirmation relating to your job; e.g. for a teacher: Shri Mataji, You are the Teacher of all the teachers. ‘I am the Enjoyer of all your doings - not of My doings any more’. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Lord’s Prayer Given by Lord Jesus Christ to His disciples.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil, For Thine is the Kingdom, The Power and the Glory, For ever and ever, Amen. Note on English: Hallowed- ‘kept holy’. Trespass- ‘go beyond proper limits’. Deliver- ‘save’.

Raghupati Ragava Raghupati R!gava R!j!-R!m ) O King Rama, Lord of the Raghu dynasty, Patita-p!vana S%t!-R!m ) x2 Shri Sita Rama, Purifier of the wicked. S%t!-R!m Jay S%t!-R!m Bhaja pyare T$ S%t!-R!m

) Victory to Shri Sita and ShriRama, ) x2 We worship You from the heart.

,#hwar Allah Tere N!m Sab.ko sanmati de Bhagav!n

Your Name is Ishwar and Allah, All are agreed that You are God.

Jay Jagadambe Mata Bhavani Jay Jagad-ambe M!t! Bhav!n% Nirmal! M!t! Jagad-ambe

Victory to the Mother of the World and of all existence, Shri Mataji, Pure and Holy Mother of the World.

Jay Jagad-ambe P$rn$a Kadambe You are the Complete Fulfiller of our desires, Nirmal! M!t! Jagad-ambe Shri Mataji, Pure and Holy Mother of the World.

Advice at Chelsham Road ‘You must know that you represent Me... Try to imbibe some of My qualities... Some of My qualities. You must show patience. Now the best way would be to pray, prayer is a very great thing for Sahaja Yogis. Pray with your heart. First of all you must ask for strength from Mother, give me strength so that I be genuine, I won’t deceive myself... You are deceiving yourselves morning till evening. Give me strength that I face myself, and say it with my heart, that I try to improve myself. Because these are defects which are not your own. They are outside, if they fall off you’ll feel alright. You’ll be perfect. Now, then you should ask for forgiveness, pray for forgiveness, there should be prayer... Said that You forgive me. Because I have been ignorant. I did not know what to do. I have done mistakes. So You please forgive me. That is the first thing one has to ask... is the forgiveness. Then second thing... You ask for... is give me a sweet tongue. A method by which I become communicative with others. Others respect me, they like me, they like my presence. Give me strength, give me love, give me the beauty of culture, beauty of understanding that everybody loves me, wants me. Ask for prayer. In the prayer you ask that... O Lord, give me the sense of security... Of my Spirit... So that I do not feel insecure by which I trouble others, or get angry. Give me sense of my own dignity, so that I do not feel that I’m belittled, or someone has belittled me, if you are at a higher position no-one can belittle you. It’s only you belittle yourself by your foolishness and tomfoolery. Ask for strength that give me my witness state.

Give me satisfaction, ask for satisfaction, let me feel my satisfaction for what I have. Whatever I have. Whatever I eat. Everything. Take out my attention away from all these things. You know that your attention is in the stomach. And those who are very much interested in food will get liver in any case whatever you may try. In anything like this wherever my attention is going, please give me strength to pull it back - Chitta Nirohd. Teach me how to avoid things that tempt me, that take away my attention. Take away my thoughts, give me witness state by which I see the whole drama. Let me never spite others and criticise others. Let me see my mistakes, not others. Let me see why people are not happy with me. Give me strength to have a very sweet tongue and a very sweet nature, so that others like my company, they enjoy my company. Let me be like a flower and not like a thorn. You have to pray. All these prayers are going to help you. Then ask for the greatest prayer which you must ask... Please keep me away from ego that gives me ideas that I am superior to others, or in any way that takes away my meekness and my humility. Give me natural humility, by which I can penetrate into the hearts of people. Just you have to bend your head and you go up to your heart. You have to bend your head and there is your heart... Where resides the Spirit, be with it. If you are any way hurt in your ego, or you are hurting somebody’s ego, it is just the same. You’ll behave in the same manner, the same egoistical manner. So try to understand that these things have to go away. It’s best is to pray and ask for help. Prayer is a very big thing, but with your heart... Pray... That God give us strength and that growth that we can please our Mother sometimes. We want to please our Mother... We want to see Her happy. The only thing that will really give Me happiness is... That the way I love you... You love each other. H.S.H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi October 26th 1980

Sayings from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi ‘What purpose will be served by your birth?’ - Devi Purana Don’t react, just see! Where is my attention? Have I become the Spirit? I am a Sahaja Yogi! So one criteria will be that whatever we were or do: Will Mother like it? Dourdan 1987 Whatever you do, it should be done with the faith that you have in worshipping, zeal of a warrior and sensitivity of an artist. Those who love others are those who really love Me.

May 25th 1981

‘Meditation is the state to be always in the company of the ever loving Bhagawati.’ Marathi letter ‘Recognition is the only worship in Sahaja Yoga.’ Brighton lectures

‘If your aim is to give realisation, you will not encounter any problem whatsoever.’ Shri Buddha P$ja 1988 ‘Praise the Lord…because God is fond of praise… if you praise the Lord, then He gives you everything… it’s true; you cannot get to Mother, unless and until you are really Bhakti from your heart… but if you have Bhakti, then you can get to Mother… it is written – Bhakti Gamya (‘attained through devotion’). 19th. Aug. 1992 Guru Puja, Cabella.

Prayers Agñya: How fortunate we are to have been realised! We are Sahaja Yogis, God had chosen us. How can we work if we remain weak? #di Shakti has given us the power to redeem the whole mankind. We can do it and we will do it. Heart: How deep is God’s Love for us! He has given us the realisation. He is the ocean of mercy. Ignoring all our mistakes. He is working hard day and night for our welfare and instead of praying for His forgiveness of our mistakes, we are making complaints against Him and are blaming Him. My life is Yours, my heart is Yours, all this is Yours! The As$ht*a Vin"yakas The eight swayambhu (self-existent) Ganeshas in Mah!r!s$ht****ra.

R Z Q U P T S O Shri More&hwara

Shri Girij"tmaja vin"yaka

Shri Chint"mani

Shri Vighne&hwara

Shri Siddhi-vin"yaka

Shri Ball"l*e&hwara

Shri Mah"ganapati

Shri Varad-

Are you progressing well ? With a complete surrendered mind, you have to go through the pilgrimage of this castle. This is one of the glimpses of the tapas that you have to do because I am told, some of you had to get into little difficulties and you people suffered a little bit on your way for the pilgrimage. But it is fun to be venturesome and to get into places where the devils dare not to go. And if you know how to get fun out of the so-called discomforts, then you should know you are on the right line. And as you start becoming discreet automatically, you should know you are progressing well. As you become more peaceful and your temper vanishes in the thin air as soon as you see somebody attacking you, then know that you are progressing well. As soon as you see an ordeal or a calamity falling on the personality and you don’t get worried about it,then know that you are progressing. When no amount of artificiality can impress you, then know that you are progressing, no amount of material well-being in others makes you unhappy, then know that you are progressing well. No amount of labour or troubles are sufficient to become a Sahaja Yogi. Whatever you may try, one cannot become a Sahaja Yogi, while you have got it without any effort, so you are something special. So, this one should understand that you are special. You will become humble about it. Then, when it happens to you that you humble down when you see you have achieved something, that you have some powers, that you are emitting innocence, that you are discreet and as a result of that you become a more compassionate, humbler personality, a sweeter personality, then you should believe that you are in the Heart of Your Mother.

This is what is the sign of the new Sahaja Yogi now in the new era, who has to move with new force, where you will grow so fast that ...... without meditation you will be in meditation, without being in My presence, you will be in My presence, without asking, you will be blessed by your Father. This is what you are in for and again I welcome you to this new era today on this great day of Sahasrara. May God bless you. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi From Sahasrara Day, Chateau Mesnieres, France May 5th 1984

How to awaken Shri Ganesha’s power within you With right hand to the photo and left hand on the ground: Prayer: Shri Gan$esha, I am going to be worthy of Your attention, Please make me innocent, so that I am in Your attention. Shri Mother, You who are Shri Gan$esha, Please give me wisdom and discrimination. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


The 12 names of Shri Ganesha From the Gan$esha Purana

Nir-vighnam-astu ‘May it be obstacle-less’ Sumukha#h-cha Ekadanta#h-cha, Kapilo Gaja-karn$akahª, Lambodar#h-cha Vikat$o, Vighna-n!#ho Gan$-!dhipahª, Dh$mra-ketur Gan$-!dhyaks$ho, Bh!la-chandro Gaj-!nanahª. Dw!-da#h-ait!ni n!m!ni yahª, pathet #hr$inu y!dapi, Vidy!rambhe viv!he cha, prave#he nirgame tath!, Sangr!me sañkat*e chaiva, vighnas-tasya na j!yate. May it be obstacle-less: Su-mukha Eka-danta Kapila Gaja-karn$aka Lambodara Vikat$a Vighna-n!#ha Gan-!dhipa Dh$mra-ketu Gan-!dhyaks$ha Bh!la-chandra


Having good face Having one tusk Reddish-brown coloured Having elephant’s ears Big-bellied Of huge and unusual appearance Destroyer of obstacles Leader of Gan$as Grey-bannered Chief Overseer of the Gan$as Sporting moon on forehead Elephant-faced

One who says, or even listens to these twelve names, At the beginning of learning, marriages, entrance and exit, In battles and at times of difficulty, faces no hurdle.

AUM. To the Divine Essence of the Prayer A poetic translation of the Gan$esha Atharva Sheersha

Let our ears hear that which is true; Let our eyes see that which is pure; Let our beings praise that which is Divine; And let those who listen hear not my voice, But the wisdom of God. Let us worship with the *auspicious song, the appropriate strength And the propitious knowledge; And let our meditation enlighten and enrich. Let there be amongst us compassion and peace. Sh!nti p!%ha Now the prayer: Salutation to Shri Gan$e&h, s"ksh"t Shri Jesus, S"ksh"t Shri Nirmal" Devi namo namahª. It is You who is the beginning of all the beginnings. It is You who is the doer of all deeds which have been done, Are being done, and will be done. It is You who supports all things that are supported. It is You who protects all things that are protected. It is You who is the complete, all-pervading Spirit, God’s Divine energy.

Verse 1

Think clearly brain. Speak only the Truth.

Verse 2

Let Your Presence, awakened in us by Kun$d$alin!, speak; Let Your Presence, awakened in us by Kun$d$alin!, listen; Let Your Presence, awakened in us by Kun$d$alin!, bless; Let Your Presence, awakened in us by Kun$d$alin!, protect; Let Your Presence, awakened by Kun$d$alin!, in us, Your disciples, be the disciple.

Verse 3

You are the Essence of all the sacred literature and holy words, and You are the Energy that understands the holy words; You are the Divine combination of complete truth, complete happiness and complete energy; And You are beyond; *This amendment to the line which previously ran’..the same song, the same strength, and the same knowledge,’ was suggested by H.S.H. Shri Mataji (where/when?).

You are all Knowledge, And You are the use to which the Knowledge is put.

Verse 4

You exist until the end of all things, And after the end of all things, You are; You create the end of all things, And after the end of all things, You remain indifferent; You are the Earth, You are the Water, You are the Fire, You are the Air, and You are the space above the Air.

Verse 5

You are the Gun$as: and You are beyond the Gun$as; You are the Body: and You are beyond the Body; You are the Essence of Time: and You are beyond Time; You and only You exist at the Mooladhara Chakra; You are the Spirit: and You are beyond the Spirit; And those who would join God meditate upon You. You are Brahm", Vis$hn$u, Rudra; You are Indra, Agni, V"yu; You are the Sun at noon: You are the Full Moon; Through all of these, and more, You are the all-pervading energy of innocence and wisdom.

Verse 6

You are the Divine servant who stoops to wash the feet of saints; You are the tiny core of all things Without which the larger have no purpose; You are the key to the libraries of all the scriptures, Without which the Truth is hidden; You are the full stop which completes the sentence, And without which the sentence loses its meaning; You are the Crescent Moon: You are the Stars: And You are beyond the Stars; All things, from tiny dot to Universe, is You. You are the future and beyond the future: You are in all forms; You are where the sounds combine: You are the silence between the sounds; You are the rhythm of all music and all prayers; This is the Knowledge of Nirmal Gan$esh, and You, Nirmal Gan$esh, Are the master of that Knowledge, and all Knowledge. You are the God: and You are the Goddess.

Aum Gam, Nirmal Gan$apataye

Verse 7

To Your powers, Gan$esha, let all surrender; Let the left side of memory and the right side of action Surrender to You and let Your enlightenment prevail.

Verse 8

Your first tooth You have, and four hands: One holding a rope, the second a goad, the third is raised in blessing and the fourth offers sustenance. Your banner is that of a humble mouse. You have long ears and are clothed in red: Red decorates You and You are worshipped with red flowers. You have compassion for those who love You, And it is for those who love You that You come to this Earth. You are the force that creates, the energy that pervades and the Spirit that protects. Those who seek union with God pray through You; Those who seek union with God worship You.

Aum Gam, Nirmal Jesusye To Your powers, Aum Jesus, let all surrender; Let the left side of memory and the right side of action surrender to You and let Your enlightenment prevail. You are the Word that was the beginning: You are the Word that will be the ending. You are He who was born of a Virgin, and died on the cross; You are He who absorbs all sins, and who died to live again; You are God in Man, and You are worshipped with red flowers. You have compassion for those who love You, and it is for those who love You that You come to this Earth. You are the Force that creates, the Energy that pervades and the Spirit that protects. Those who seek union with God pray through You. Those who seek union with God worship You.

Verse 9

Shri Gan$esha, Salutations to You. Shri Jesus, Salutations to You. He who is the beginning of all worship, Salutations to You. He who destroys all the powers of evil, Salutations to You. S"ksh"t, Son of Lord Shiva, who is unending blessings, Salutations to You. S"ksh"t, Son of Mary M"t"j!, who is unending Love, Salutations to You. S"kshat, Shri M"t"j! Nirmal" Devi, who is unending Joy, Salutations to You. Verse 10

S!ks$h!t Shr% )di (hakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª.

Aarti to Shri Ganesha Composed in Marathi by Shri R!md!s, the Guru of Shivaji and an incarnation of Shri Hanuman. c.1650

Sukha-kart! duhkha-hart! v!rt! vighn!chi, You create happiness and take away sorrow in times of trouble,

Nurvi purvi prem. kr$up! jay!chi, You nourish us with love and shower us with blessings,

Sarv!ngi sundar uti #hendur!chi, Your beautiful body is adorned with fragrant paste,

Kan$'$hi jhalke m!l. mukt! fal!nchi, Jay Deva, …. And You wear a shining necklace of pearls.

Chorus: Jay Deva Jay Deva, Jay mañgala m$rti, Victory to God, Victory to God, Victory to auspiciousness embodied,

Dar#han m!tre mana k!man! purt%, Jay Deva, Jay Deva ... By Your Presence alone the wishes in our mind are fulfilled, Victory to You, O Lord God, Victory to God.

Ratna khachita far! tuza Gaur% Kumar!, Wearing gold ornaments studded with gems, You are Adi Shakti’s Son,

Chandan!ch% ut% kumkum ke#har!, You are anointed with sandalwood paste, kumkum and perfume,

Hiray jadita mukuta #hobhato bar!, The diamond studded crown adds to Your beauty,

Rhun-jhunt% n$pure charn% gh!g!riy!, Jay Deva, …. The jingling anklets on Your Feet are making heavenly music music.

Lambodar p%t!mbar fanivar bandhan!, You have a big belly and wear a yellow silk dhoti and the sacred thread,

Sarel sonda vakra tun$d$a trinayan!, Your unusual face has a curved trunk and three eyes,

D!as R!m!ch! v!t p!he sadan!, The servant of Shri R!ma is waiting for You in his house (body),

Sañkat*i p!v!ve, nirv!n% raks$h!ve, suravar vandan!, Jay Deva, …. At times of problems You save us, from calamities You protect us, O greatest of the Deities, we bow to You.

How to clear Mool dh ra Chakra To manifest Shri Ganesha, we have to do certain amount of Tapasyapenance. First we have to say, when we sit for meditation, that; ‘I am going to be worthy of Your appreciation. Make me humble, so that I am appreciated by You, and my only desire is to please You’ Then sit down in complete preparedness, meditating over your Mooladhara, putting your attention to it with absolute purity. Now you have My Photograph before you and you tell The Photograph, ’Mother, You are Shri Ganesha. You give me wisdom and discretion.’ So, attention at the Mooladhara Chakra, which is actually below the Sacrum bone. You put the right hand towards the photograph and left hand on the Mother Earth. Now this will tell you that your mind, or your brain which is full of confusion, which has no discretion, which is complicated, which does the same mistakes again and again, which does not understand how to cure the ills of bad feelings, all that can be cured (if you put your right hand towards me and the left hand to the Mother Earth) so in action you do like that. Now He is the essence of everything that is material, that has Bhava, that has been created; through Him everything has been created. When you develop that, you develop your sense of subtle creativity, and the sense of subtle appreciation of creativity. Then you develop your discretion of how to behave with others, in a beautiful manner so that your ego is controlled. The behaviour should be such that there should be no expression of ego in your behaviour. Your Mother is a good example. Now many people should try this thing:Sitting in a group together, meditating , saying the Mantra of Shri Ganesha, to try to build up. Those who think too much, they should also try to say, ‘not this, not this, not this,..’ Even the superego when it gives you thoughts, you should say,’ not this, not this, not this….’ So you will develop that state where you stand yourself and nothing else.

So the innocence plays, but it is not involved. It sees the play. Just sees. It enjoys the play. Just enjoys. So today when we are thinking of Shri Ganesha, let us desire that, ‘within us His great power of innocence be enlightened.’ How to make Shri Ganesha throw His light in your attention? Mentally you are very alert but you can always cheat yourself. You should see yourself; introspect; why can’t I meditate? Am I going to miss out? Why can’t I do something that is good for me? Introspection is the only way. You can see yourself how far you are from Shri Ganesha. If you are wise then not only will you accept but will understand and penetrate into your attention through your Central Nervous System. With experience you learn. As when you burn your finger you learn not to put your hand to a candle. The wisdom is there within you. Now you have started a new spiritual life. When you are going into the spiritual life try to remember your experiences- how you got transformed. This will take away your depression to begin with. Then you should think what do I have to do further. Am I really wise or am I stupid? After getting your selfrealisation when Shri Ganesha is shining in your attention, you should see your reflection clearly and try to correct it. Only this much if you have, that I have to work out my benevolence, you will do it. As far as money or job is concerned, a lot of wisdom is there because these things mean prestige and security in the society. The second stage is that we are not for money- money is for us. If your attention is alright your priorities will change. To awaken Shri Ganesha you should at least have a minimum wisdom. What is our benevolence? Is it money? Those who have money don’t seem to be very happy. Is it jobs? It doesn’t mean you are jobless. Is it power? You want political, social powers. It is an absolutely joyless pursuit. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


The 108 Names of Shri Ganesha #hr$ Vin"yaka asht*-ottara &hata n"m-"vali. The 108 names of the Remover of Obstacles.

‘Shri Ganesha’s greatest contribution to Sahaja Yoga is that He makes you feel My vibrations. He makes you feel the beauty of purity and simplicity. It is only possible if Shri Ganesha is awakened within you. Also the Kundalini won’t rise without the sanction of this Chancellor. He is the one sitting on the Mooladhara. But you know He is on every chakra. Innocence cures all the maladiesphysical, mental, emotional- specially spiritual. But most important quality of Shri Ganesha is that He believes in emitting vibrations. He believes in projecting His vibrations to every one.’ H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Gane#ha s!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª. We bow at the Feet of the Supreme Ruler of all groups and categories, who is incarnated in person as our Holy Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Om Twameva s"ksh"t Shr$

Vin!yaka Vighna r!ja Gaur% putra Gane#hwara Skand-!graja Avyaya P$ta Daksha Adhy-aksha Dvija priya

You are: The Peerless Remover of Obstacles. The Ruler of Obstacles, either placing or removing them according to Your wisdom. The Son of Shri Gauri. The Supreme Lord of Categories. The Elder Brother of Shri K!rttikeya. Inexhaustible. Pure. Alert and Skilful. The Overseer of the Universe. Fond of the twice born.

Agni garbhach-chhid Indra #hr%-prada V!n% prada Avyaya Sarva siddhi prada (harva tanaya (harvar% priya Sarv-!tmaka Srisht*i kartri Divya

The One who contains Fire within. The Bestower of Power to Shri Indra. The Bestower of Speech and Music. Imperishable. The Bestower of all Fulfilment. The Son of Lord Shiva. Fond of Shri P!rvati. The Soul of everything. The One who performs the Creation.

Anek-!rchita (hiva (huddha Buddhi priya (h!nta Brahma-ch!rin Gaj!nana Dvai m!treya

Worshipped by the multitudes. The Embodiment of Auspiciousness. Absolute Purity. Fond of intelligence. Peaceful and Peace-giving. The Disciplined Celibate. Having an elephant’s face. Having two mothers, Shri P!rvat" and Shri Gang!. The One praised by sages.

Muni stutya Bhakta vighna vin!#hana

Of Divine Resplendence.

The Destroyer of devotees’ obstacles.

Eka-danta Chatur b!hu Chatura (hakti samyuta Lambodara (h$rpa karnaka Hari Brahma viduttama K!la Graha pati

The One who has one tusk. The One who has four arms. The Ingenious One. At one with the Source of Power. The One who has a large belly. The One whose ears are like winnowing fans. Shri Vishnu as the lion-like Remover of sins. The Foremost Knower of the Supreme Spirit. The Embodiment of Time.


The One overflowing with Love.

The Lord of the Planets.

Soma s$ry!gni lochana P!#h-!ñku#ha dhara Chanda Gun-!t%ta Nirañjana Akalmasha Swayam siddha Siddh-!rchita pad!mbuja B%j!p$ra phal! sakta

The One whose eyes are the sun and the moon. The Wielder of the noose and the goad. The One who can be fierce and angry. The One who transcends all qualities. Without blemish. Without any impurity. The One whose is Self-perfected. The One whose Lotus Feet are worshipped by realized souls. Fond of pomegranates.

Varad! (h!#hwata Krutin Dvija priya V%ta-bhaya Gadin Chakrin Ikshu-ch!pa dhrit (hr%-da Aja

The Bestower of Boons. Unchanging. The One who works incessantly. Fond of the twice-born. Free from fear. The Wielder of the mace. Armed with a discus. Holding a sugarcane bow. The Bestower of Wealth.

Utpala kara (hr% pati Stuti harshita Kul!dri bhettri Jatila Kali-kalmasha n!#hana Chandra ch$d!mani K!nta P!pa h!rin Sam-!hita

Holding a blue lotus blossom. The Lord of Prosperity. The One who rejoices in praise. The One who breaks apart the mountain ranges. The One who has a hairy face like an elephant. The Destroyer of the impurities of Kali Yuga. Adorned with the moon as a crest-jewel. The Beloved Lord. The Remover of wickedness.

)#hr%ta (hr% kara

He who is Our Refuge. The One who manifests prosperity.


Steadfast in attention.

Saumya Bhakta v!ñchita d!yaka (h!nta

Gentle and Pleasing. The Grantor of the desires of devotees. The Peaceful One, undisturbed by passion or desire. The Bestower of Absolute Happiness. Kaivalya sukhada Sach-chid-!nanda vigraha The One whose form is Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. The Embodiment of the Highest Wisdom. Gñy!nin Full of Compassion. Day! yuta Self-restrained. D!nta Free from aversion to the Supreme. Brahma dvesha vivarjita Pramatta daitya bhayada The One who inspires fear in power-intoxicated demons. The One who has a beautiful throat. (hr% kan'ha The Lord of Wisdom and the Highest of the Gods. Vibudh-e#hwara The God worshipped by Shri R!ma. R!m-!rchita The Controller of Destiny. Vidhi N!ga r!ja yagñyo pav%tavat Adorned with a cobra as a sacred thread. Having a stout neck. Sth$la kan'ha The Sole Doer of everything. Swayam kartri

S!ma-ghosha priya Para Sth$la tunda Agrani Dh%ra V!g%#ha Siddhi d!yaka D$rv! bilva priya Avyakta m$rti Adbhuta m$rtimat (hailendra tanuj-ot-sañga-khelan-ot-suka m!nasa Sval! vanya sudh!-s!rajita manmatha vigraha Samasta jagad !dh!ra

Fond of the singing of hymns and praises. Beyond everything. The One who has a stout trunk. The First-Born and Foremost. Constant and Courageous . The Lord of Speech. The Bestower of Fulfilment. Fond of Durva grass and Bilva fruit. The Manifestation of the Unmanifest. The Wondrous Form. Fond of playing with Your Mother, Shri P!rvat", the Daughter of the mountain king. The One whose form is an Inexhaustible Fountain of Divine Nectar, sweeter than the God of Love. The Support of all the worlds.

M!yin M$shika v!hana Hrusht*a Tusht*a Prasann-!tman Sarva siddhi prad!yaka

The Source of the Illusory Power. The One whose vehicle is a mouse. Rapturous with Joy. The Contented Soul. The Benign Spirit. The Bestower of all Fulfillment.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª. Who is verily Our Beloved Divine Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Salutations to You again and again.

The 108 Names of Lord Ganesha(English ) Vakra-tunda mah!k!ya, s$rya-koti sama-prabh!, Having a curved trunk and a mighty body, as bright as ten million suns,

Nirvighnam kuru-me-deva, sarva k!ryeshu sarvad!. Unobstructed God in Heaven, who is ever the Lord of all auspicious outcomes.

Raksha raksha gan-!dhyaksha, raksha trelokya rakshaka, Protect us, Overseer of the Ganas and Protector ot the three worlds,

Bhakt!n!m-abhayam kart!, tr!t! bhava bhav!rnav!t. You keep devotees free from fear and all creatures are protected by You.

Dvait-!mura krip!-sindho, sh!n-m!tura'h-!graja, Destroyer of duality, Ocean of compassion, You are Shri K!rttikeya’s elder brother.

Varadas-tvam varan-dehi, v!nchhitam v!ñchhit-!r'ha-da. You grant our boons, Embodiment of everything that is Most Excellent, O Beloved God, You are the Fulfiller of our desires and the Giver of all Prosperity. The 108 names:-

You are the One to be worshipped first. Salutations to You, again and again. You are the Word that was in the beginning. Salutations to You ... etc. You are the Omk"ra. You are the Source of Life. You are the Source of Security. You are worshipped with red flowers. You are adored by yogis and yoginis.

You are the Support of the root and the Support of the fruit. You are Auspiciousness and the Bestower of Auspiciousness. You are Wisdom and the Bestower of Wisdom. You are Innocence and the Bestower of Innocence. You make Holy what evil had soiled. You build anew what was destroyed. You resurrect the innocence that was lost. You are the Lord of Chastity. You are the Bestower of the inner paradise. You are the Refuge of all. You have compassion for Your devotees. You are the Giver of satisfaction and fulfilment. You are the Beloved Son of Shri Mah"gaur!. You are the Greatest Pupil of Shri Mah"saraswat!. You are the Guardian of Shri Mah"lakshm!. You are listened to by Shri #di Kundalin!. You are manifested in the four heads of Shri Brahmadeva. You are the foremost disciple of Shri Shiva. You are the glory of Shri Mah"vishnu. You are the Bond of love between Shri R"ma and His brothers. You lead the dance of Shri Krishna’s Gopis. You are Lord Jesus the Child and Christ the King. You fill the nets of Lord Jesus’ disciples. You reside in all the Deities. You are the House of Yoga. You are the Substance of the #di Guru. You become the #di Guru to reveal Your Mother. You only know how to worship Your Mother. You only know Your Mother. You are the Joy of Your Mother. You live on the complete blessings of Your Mother. You live in the present which is the presence of God. You are the Foundation of the Sangha. You are the Body of Dharma.

You are the Essence of Buddha. You are Sahaja. You are the Primordial Friend. You create the Sphere of Sahaja Yoga. You are the Honesty of Sahaja Yoga. You are the Eldest Brother of the Sahaja Yogis. You bestow the Shakti of Chastity upon the Sahaja Yogis. You are pleased by humility. You are pleased by simplicity. You grant the Knowledge of pure Love. You grant the Love of pure Knowledge. You are beyond grasp. You are beyond temptations. You are beyond imagination. You challenge, defeat and punish negativity. You watch the gates of hell. You open and close the gates of Hell. That which is not within You is Hell. You are the Lord of the Ganas. You grant the subtlety of discretion. You remove all the obstacles. You bless the sanctity of the marriage union. You call on this Earth the realised souls. You are the Dignity of childhood eternal. You are the Lord of Mah"rasht*ra. You are Complete and Perfect. You do not tolerate fanaticism, especially in Sahaja Yogis. You play and see the play. You are Magnetic and Fascinating. You are the Beloved One. You are the Quality that makes love enchanting. You are the Power of all Bandhans. You are the Saviour of our attention. You have a prominent belly expressing contentment. You are fond of Kusha grass which is Mother Earth’s green saree. You are fond of Laddhus because You are the Essence of sweetness.

You are fond of dancing for Your Mother’s delight. You fan Your ears to make the Chaitanya blow. You have one tusk to lift us out of Sams"ra. You hold many weapons for the doom of evil doers. You are the Guardian of the Sanctum Sanctorium. You shine like a thousand suns. You rule over a galaxy of lotuses. You bestow upon the seekers the power to become lotuses. You are the Remembrance of God within all seekers. You sustain the hope for God during the quest. You destroy the impurity of Kali Yuga. You are the Bestower of boons. You are the Bestower of absolute happiness. You gave an infinitesimal fraction of Your power to Manmatha, the God of Love and he conquered the world. You give to love its power of attraction. You are the Purity of love immaculate. You are the Love that soothes, nourishes and elevates to God. You are the Love by which we recognise God. You are the Vessel of sacred adoration. You are lost in the Goddess’s darshan. You bring the Yogi to the Goddess’s darshan. You grant the darshan of the form and the formless. You grant the darshan of Shri Nirmala Ma and of Shri Nirguna. You are the Master of protocol of Shr! #di 'hakti Nirmal" Dev!. You are the foremost Knower of Shri #di Shakti Nirmala Devi. You witness the awesome greatness of Shri #di Shakti Nirmala Devi. You allow the Divine Mother to feel Her Motherhood. You allow the Divine Father to enjoy Her creation. You allow the Sahaja Yogis to melt into You. You are the Owner of God as the child owns his Mother. You are fond of playing with Your Mother Nirmal" in the snowy regions of Sahasr"ra. S!ksh!t Shr% )di (hakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Shri Ganesha P$ja, Switzerland, 1984.

The 111 Names of Shri Ganesha Om Shri Gan)e#h!ya namaha! Salutations to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Her form as The Lord of all categories! Om twameva s!ksh!t (hr%

You are:

Vighne#ha Vi#hva vadana Vi#hva chakshuh Jagat prabhu | Hiranya r$pa Sarv-!tman Gñy!na r$pa Jagan maya || -rdhva retas Mah! b!hu

The Supreme Lord of Obstacles. The First Manifestation of the whole Universe. The Eyes of the Universe. The Lord of all that moves. Having a beautiful golden form. The Residing Spirit of every creature. The One whose form is Knowledge. The One who contains the whole world. The One who lives in chastity. The One having long and powerful arms.

Ameya Amita vikrama Veda vedya Mah! k!ya Vidy! nidhi An!maya Sarva-gñya Sarvaga (h!nta Gaj!sya

Immeasurable. Of unlimited strength and valour. All spiritual knowledge that is to be known. Having a mighty body. The Storehouse of Knowledge. The Epitome of good health. All wisdom and intelligence. The Omnipresent Spirit. The One whose nature is peace. Having an elephants face.



Vigata jvara | Vishva m$rti Amey-!tma Vishv-!dh!ra San!tana || S!ma-g!na priya Mantrin Sattv-!dh!ra

Free from all afflictions. The One whose form is the Universe. Magnanimous. The Support of the Universe. Ancient and Everlasting. Fond of the chanting of hymns and praises. The Wise Counsellor. The Support of the Central Channel.

Sur-!dhipa Samasta s!kshin


Nir-dvandva Nirlepa Amogha vikrama || Niyata Nirmala Punya K!ma-da K!nti-da Kavi | K!ma r$pin

The Lord of the Devas. The Witness of the whole creation. Free from all duality Stainless The One whose manner is always effective. Self-controlled. Immaculately pure. Auspiciousness. The Fulfiller of desires. The Grantor of affection. The Poet. The One whose form is Love.

K!ma poshin The One who nurtures Pure Desire. Kamal-!ksha Having eyes like lotuses. Kal! dhara || The Possessor of all the arts. Su-mukha Having a beautiful and auspicious face. (harma-da The Giver of Happiness. (huddha Pure. M$shak-!dhipa v!hana | Having the chief of mice as a vehicle. D%rgha tunda dhara Possessing a long trunk. (hr%m!n The Embodiment of Prosperity. Ananta Infinite and Eternal. Moha varjita || Vakra tunda (h$rpa karna Pavana P!vana Vara | Yog%#ha Yogi vandy-!ñghri Um! suta Agh-!paha ||

Free from all illusions. Having a curled trunk. Having ears like winnowing fans. The Divine Cool Breeze. Holy and Purifying. The Most Excellent. The Supreme Yogi. The One whose Feet are worshipped by Yogis. The Son of Shri P!rvat". The Eradicator of evil.

Eka-danta Mah!-gr%va (haranya

One-tusked. Having a mighty neck. The One who is to be sought for refuge.

Siddhi sevita Siddhi-da Karun! sindhu Bhagav!n Bhavya vigraha Vikat*a Kapila



Endowed with all success and power. The One who grants self-realisation. The Ocean of Compassion. The God of all Divine qualities. Having a beautiful form. Of huge and unusual appearance. Reddish-brown coloured.

Dhund*hi r!ja Ugra Bh%ma Hara (hubha | Gan-!dhyaksha Gane#ha Gan!r!dhya Gana n!yaka || Jyotih swa-r$pa

The Lord of all quests. Fierce and formidable. Terrifying to evil-doers. The Remover. Happy and auspicious. The Overseer of the Ganas. The Supreme Lord of the Ganas. The One who is worshipped by the Ganas. The Controller of the Ganas. The One whose form is light.

Bh$t-!tman Dh$mra ketu An!k$la | Kum!ra guru )nanda Heramba Veda sam-stuta || N!g-opav%tin Durdharsha B!la d$rv-!ñkura priya |

The Spirit that resides in all creatures. Smoke-bannered. Calm and Consistent. The Preceptor of Shri Karttikeya. The Supreme Bliss. The Protector of the meek. The One extolled in the Vedas. Having a snake as a sacred thread. Hard to look at. Fond of the young sprouts of Durva grass.

Bh!la chandra Vi#hva dh!tri (hiva putra Vin!yaka || L%l-!va-lambita vapu

Sporting moon on forehead. The Support of everything. The Son of Lord Shiva. The Peerless Remover of Obstacles. The One on whose manifestation the whole cosmic drama depends. Complete. Supremely Beautiful.

P$rna Parama sundara |

Vidy!ndha k!ra m!rtanda The Sun of knowledge that dispels all darkness. Vighn-!ranya dav!nala || The raging fire that consumes forests of Sind$ra vadana

obstacles. TheOne whose face is adorned with red lead.

Nitya Vibhu Pra'hama p$jita | (haranya divya p!d!bja

Constant and Eternal All-pervading The One who is worshipped first. The One at whose Divine Lotus Feet we surrender. Bhakta mand!ra bh$ruha || Worshipped with flowers from the Mandara tree. Ratna sinh-!san-!s%na Seated on the jewelled Lion Throne. Mani kundala mandita | Adorned with pearl earrings Bhakta kaly!na-da The Giver of prosperity to Your devotees. Ameya Immeasurable. Kaly!na guna sam(#hraya || The Protector of those with auspicious qualities. Mah!-ganapati The Highest form of Innocence at Agñya chakra.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di Shakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha Who is incarnated on the earth in person as Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviSalutations to You for ever and ever. *The previous 113 Names of Shri Ganesha is now 113 Names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya ( p.93)


The 108 Names of Shri Karttikeya Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% K!rttikeya s!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª. We bow at the Feet of the Noble Lord, Who was raised by the six Celestial Maidens, Who is manifested in our Holy Mother, Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi. Unending Salutations to You, For ever and ever. Om Twameva S"ksh"t

(hr% Skanda Guha Shan mukha Bh!la netra suta Prabhu Piñgala Krittik! s$nu (hikhi v!hana Dwada#ha bhuja Dwada#ha netra

You are:

The Valiant Leader of the Divine army who attacks all demonic forces. The One who was reared in secret. The One who has six faces. The Son of the Three-eyed Lord Shiva. The Lord Supreme. The Golden-hued One. The Son of the six celestial maidens. The One whose vehicle is a peacock. The Lord with twelve arms. The Lord with twelve eyes.

(hakti dhara The Wielder of the spear. *Pi#hit!#ha praThe One who crushes the demons. -bhañjana *T!rak-!sura samh!rin The Destroyer of T!rak-asura. *R!ksho-balaThe Crusher of the powerful demons. -vimardana Matta Excited with Joy. Pra-matta Intoxicated with fury.

Un-matta Sura sainya-su-rakshaka Deva-sen! pati Pr!gñya

Distracted with excitement.

Krip!lu Bhakta vatsala Um! suta (hakti dhara Kum!ra Krauñcha d!rana Sen!n% Agni janman Vi#h!kha (hañkar-!tma-ja

The Compassionate Lord. Loving devotees as Your own children. The Son of the Goddess P!rvat". The Mighty Lord who carries a spear. The Ever-youthful Prince. The One who rent asunder the Krauncha Mountain. The General of the Divine Army. The One who was born out of fire. The One whose many forms came together. The Son of Shri Shiva.

(hiva sw!m% Gana sw!m% Sarva sw!m% San!tana Ananta #hakti *Raksho-bhya P!rvat%-priya nandana Gang! suta (har-od-bh$ta P!vak-!tma-ja

The Knower of Shri Shiva. The Commander of the troops. The Lord of the Universe. Ancient and Everlasting. The Unlimited Power. The One who instils fear into the Rakshasas. The Joy-giving Son of Lord Shiva. The Son of the Sacred River Ganga. Nestled in a thicket of Shara reeds. Born from the Fire of Lord Shiva.

)h$ta Agni garbha (ham% garbha Vi#hva retas Sur!ri-ghna Hiranya varna (hubha krut Vasu-mat

The One who is to be invoked. The One who was conceived by fire. Born from the fire. The Seed of all things. The Destroyer of the foes of the Devas. A Beautiful Golden colour. The One who creates auspiciousness. Of Shining Goodness.

The Guardian of the army of the Gods. The Commander of the Heavenly Army. The Lord of Wisdom.

Vada vesha bhrit Jrumbha

The One who has a fine appearance and speaks well. The One with open mouth to consume the demons.

Pra-jrumbha Uj-jrumba

Yawning widely to suck in the Rakshasas. The One whose widely gaping mouth consumes negativity. Kamal-!sana samstuta Praised together with Lord Brahma. Eka varna The One Sound. Named with two syllables and manifest as the two Dvi varna creative principles of the Universe. Having a name of three syllables and the three-fold Tri varna manifestation as the three Gunas, three Shaktis etc. Having a name with Four Syllables and manifesting as Chatur varna the Four Colours, the Four Castes etc. The Five-fold manifestation as the gross and subtle Pañcha varna elements. Praj!-pati The Lord of all Creation. The Lord of the Sun. P$shan

Gabhasti Gahana Chandra varna Kal! dhara M!y! dhara Mah! m!yin Kaivalya Sahat-!tmaka Vi#hwa yoni Amey-!tman

Effulgent like the Sun. Deep and Unfathomable. Brilliant like the moon. The Possessorof all the Arts. The One who upholds this illusory existence. The Divine Power of Illusion. The One who leads us to complete liberation. The One whose nature is strength. The Source of all existence. The Possessor of vast powers of mind.

Tejo-nidhi An-!maya Paramesh'hin Guru Para-brahman Veda garba Pulinda kany! bharta Mah! s!raswat-!vrita

The Ocean of Glorious Brilliance. The Saviour of all ills. The Supreme Lord. The Matchless Guru. The Supreme Transcendent Spirit. The One who is the source of all Knowledge. The Protector of the barbarian girl. Abounding with the Maha-Saraswati power.

)#hrit-!khila d!tri (h$ra-ghna

Giving refuge to the whole world. The Destroyer of mighty and valiant foes.

The Divine Healer. Roga n!#hana Ananta m$rti The One whose Form is infinite. )nanda The Infinite Bliss. (hikhandik-ruta ketana Having a cockerel as a banner emblem. D(ambha The One who uses weapons to destroy negativity. Parama dambha The Wielder of Supreme Weapons. Mah! dambha The Master of the Greatest Weapons. Vris*h!-kapi The One who takes a form as half-man, half-monkey. K!ran-ot-patti deha The Cause of the birth of the body. The Body that is beyond all causes. K!ran-!t%ta vigraha

An%#hwara Amruta Pr!na Pr!na dhara Par!yana Viruddha hantri V%ra-ghna Rakta #hy!ma gala Loka guru Su-piñgala Mahat Su-brahmanya Guha-pr%ta Br!hmanya Br!hmana priya Sarv-e#hwara Akshaya phala prada Nish-kalañka

The God who has no superior. The Divine Nectar of immortality. The Breath of Life. The Support of the life of all beings. The Highest Aim and the Ultimate Refuge. The Destroyer of all hostile forces. The Vanquisher of mighty and heroic demons. Having a beautiful dark red throat. The Universal Teacher. The lustrous golden red-brown colour of the right channel. The Consummation of Glory. Devoted to the highest sacred knowledge. The Joyful Dweller in the Heart. Fully at One with the Supreme Spirit. The Friend of holy people. The Sovereign Lord of everything. The Giver of Ever-undiminished Blessings. Faultless Brilliance.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Who is incarnated as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi; Salutations to You again and again.

G yatri Mantra Om Bh$hª Om Bhuvahª, Om Swahª, Om Mahahª, Om Janahª, Om Tapahª, Om Satyam. (Om bh%r-bhuvahª swahª)* Om tat-savitur-varenyam, bhargo devasya dh%-mahi, Dhi-yoyonahª prachoday!t, Om !po jyoti-rasom-ritam, Brahma bh$r-bhuvahª swarom. OM, You are the seven worlds, the seven realms of the Chakras; Namely the Earth, the Atmosphere, the Heaven of the Gods, The World of Joyful Glory, the Collectivity of all living beings, The Sacred Fire of Renunciation and the Ultimate Reality. OM, Thou Savitri, Power of Creation, Most excellent among the glorious Devas, O Great Object of devotion, according to Your wisdom, Stimulate and direct our attention. OM, Thou born of the ocean, It is auspicious to worship You with the sacred fire. You are the Supreme Spirit, Earth, Sky, Heaven And the Primordial Sound OM itself. *this extra phrase appears in Indian versions but not in the Western texts.

This ancient hymn is in praise of Lord Savitri (‘the Impeller’), the Personification of the Power of the Sun, and an aspect of Shri Brahmadeva. It is recorded in the Rig Veda and is recited morning and evening by the twice-born as they light the sacred fire. It is composed in the G"yatri metre consisting of three lines of eight syllables each This hymn addresses the elements of the Piñgal" N"di, the Right Side, and is helpful for those whose right side needs development.

The 21 names of

Shri Brahmadeva-Saraswati. Jay (hr% Brahmadeva Saraswat%! Salutations to You who are:

Om (hr% Buddhi namo namahª


Intelligence and Awakening.

Om (hr% Mahat-ahamk!ra…etc. Cognition and the sense of individuality. (hr% S$rya The Sun, the principle of heating. (hr% Chandra The Moon, the principle of cooling. (hr% Tattwa-sw!min% (hr% V!yu-tattwa-sw!min% (hr% Tejas-tattwa-sw!min% (hr% )pa-tattwa-sw!min% (hr% Prithvi-tattwa-sw!min%

Master of Divine Qualities. Master of the Qualities of the Wind God. Master of all Light and Splendour. Master of the Qualities of the Oceans. Master of the Qualities of the Mother Earth.

(hr% )k!#ha-tattwa-%#hwar% (hr% An%la-tattwa-%#hwar% (hr% Tejo-tattwa-%#hwar% (hr% Jala-tattwa-%#hwar% (hr% Bh$mi-tattwa-%#hwar%

Lord of the Quality of Ether. Lord of the Quality of the Air and Wind. Lord of the Quality of Fire and Light. Lord of the Quality of Water. Lord of the Qualities of the Earth.

(hr% Hiranya-garbha (hr% Pañcha-tan-m!tr!si (hr% Pañcha-bh$tes)hu (hr% Vi#hwa (hr% Taijas-!tmika (hr% Pragñy-!tmika (hr% Turya

The Golden Egg of Creation. The five Subtle Elements. The five Gross Elements. The Intellectual faculty. The Essence of all life energy. The Essence of all intelligence. The Fourth State of Pure Spirit.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª This worship of Lord Brahmadeva and Shri Saraswati as the Form of the Universe is, like the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha, expounding the Samkhya philosophy in which there are 25 *tattwas (Divine Principles) composing the Universe, 24 of which are manifestations of Prakriti, or 'di #hakti, and the 25th being Purusha, the Supreme Spirit, Shri Sad"&hiva, who pervades, animates and witnesses the creation of 'di #hakti. These 24 tattwas are:-


The faculty of Perception or Intelligence, also called Mahat, which gives rise to:Aham-k!ra- ‘I am’-ness, ego, conception of indivuality. From this arises:5 Tan-m!tras -The 5 subtle elements, which give rise to the 5 gross elements and are the objects of the 5 senses, gandha (smell)-earth, rasa (taste)-water, r$pa (form-the object of sight)-fire, spar#ha (touch)-air and #habda (sound)-ether. 5 Bh$tas The 5 gross elements- Earth, air, fire, water and ether. 5 organs of action- Speech, hands, feet, reproduction and excretion. 5 organs of sense- Ears, skin, eyes, tongue, nose. ManasThe heart/mind, psyche, thinking/feeling. A-vyaktaThe ‘Unmanifested’ part of the )di Shakti, the Kundalin%, as the pure desire to reunite with the Purusha.

A prayer to Shri )di Bhoomi Devi OM s!ksh!t (hr% Bhoomi Devi namo namahª. Upon You, Beloved Mother Earth, We stand at this the crossroads of man’s destiny. Only through Your Kind Love of Your children are we here now. You have graciously sustained us thus far. You have given us food, water, clothing and shelter. O Beloved Mother Earth, with our heads bowed we thank You. And with our heads bowed we come humbly to You asking further Sustenance and strength for the many long days ahead. O Beloved Mother Earth, now that we have grown a little and Stand firmer each day, we pray to You to help clear the way, As we begin to march forwards. We long for the cleansing of all lands, So that upon You, Beloved Mother Earth, The righteous may return to their Divine home. We hope to be many. O Beloved Mother Earth, give us patience As we search for our brothers and sisters. Give us detachment from all distractions. Give us perseverance in our task. O Beloved Mother Earth, most of all, help us, as Your seas cleanse the shores, To clean our hearts, so that we may desire only that which is right. O Beloved Mother Earth, support us so that we may soon stand Upon You in great numbers and invoke with one mighty voice The Dance of Lord Shiva. These things we most humbly pray.

Bolo (hr% Bhoomi Devi, (hr% M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Dev% Ki- Jai!

Ashta Lakshmi Stotram (By Shri Adi Shankaracharya) A praise of eight aspects of the Great Goddess of prosperity and spiritual evolution. 1.

Sumanas vandita sundari m!dhavi, chandra sahodari hema-maye, Praised by the virtuous, O Beautiful Mother Earth, Golden sister of the moon,

Sunigana mandita moksha-prad!yin%, manjula bh!shin% veda-nute, Adorned with all good qualities, You give liberation, have beautiful speech and all Knowledge,

Pañkaja-v!sin% deva-sup$jita, sadguna varshini s!nti-yute, Dwelling in a lotus and worshipped by the Gods, You shower good qualities O Joyful Goddess,

Jay jay he Madhu-s$dana k!min%, )di-lakshmi sad! p!laya-m!m. Victory to the Killer of the demon Madhu, O, Ever-loving Primordial Goddess, protect me always,

(hr% Nirmal! Dev% sad! p!laya-m!m. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, please protect me always. 2.

Ayi-kali kalmasha n!#hin% k!min%, vaidika r$pin% veda-maye, You come in this Kali Yuga to remove darkness, O loving Goddess in the Form of Sacred Knowledge,

Ksh%ra samud-bhava mañgala r$pin%, mantra niv!sin% mantra-nute, O Auspicious Form who arose from the Ocean of milk, You reside in the mantras that praise You,

Mañgala d!yin% ambuja-v!sin%, deva-Gana-asrita p!da-yute, You give auspiciousness and abide in a lotus, the Gods and Ganas take refuge at your Feet,

Jay jay he Madhu-s$dana k!min%, Dhanya-lakshmi sad! p!laya-m!m. Victory to the Killer of Madhu,O Ever-loving Goddess who gives happiness, protect me always

(hr% Nirmal! Dev% sad! p!laya-m!m. 3. Jaya-vara

varnin% vaishnavi bh!rgavi, mantra svar$pin% mantra-maye,

Highest victory to You O Shakti of Shr" Vishnu of shining colours, You are the Form of all mantras,

Sura Gana p$jita #h%ghra phala prada, gñy!na vik!sin% #h!stra-nute, Gods and Ganas worship You to speedily fulfil their desires, O, Knowledge of all sacred literature,

Bhava-bhaya h!rin% p!pa-vimochani, s!dhu-jin-!srita p!da-yute, You remove all anxiety and wickedness, the virtuous take refuge at Your Feet,

Jay jay he Madhu-s$dana k!min%, Dhairya-lakshmi sad! p!laya-m!m. Victory to the Killer of Madhu, the loving Goddess who gives courage, protect me always,

(hr% Nirmal! Dev% sad! p!laya-m!m. 4.

Jay jay durgati n!#hin% k!min%, sarva phala prada #h!stra-maye, Victory to the ever-loving Destroyer of our miseries, Giver of all fruits and knowledge,

Ratha-gaja-turaga pad!ti sam-!vrita, parijana mandita loka-nute, Chariots, elephants, horses and servants surround You, and you are worshipped by the world,

Hari-hara Brahma sup$jita sevita, t!pa niv!rin% p!da-yute, Shri Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma serve in Your P$ja, affliction is warded off by Your Lotus Feet,

Jay jay he Madhu-s$dana k!min%, Gaja-lakshmi r$pena p!laya-m!m. Victory to the Destroyer of Madhu, O Ever-loving Goddess who rides an elephant, protect me,

(hr% Nirmal! Dev% sad! p!laya-m!m.

5. Ayi-khaga

vahin% mohin% chakrin%, r!ga vivardhin% gñy!na maye,

Hail Thou, riding on Shri Garuda, beautiful, wielding a discus, devoid of passion, full of wisdom,

Guna-Gana v!radhi loka hitaishin%, swara-sapta bh$shita g!na-nute, You are in the highest meditation, O Well-being of the world, who is praised with the seven notes.

Sakala sur!sura deva muni swara manava vandita pada-yute, In reverend voices the Gods, demons, sages and humans worship at Your Lotus Feet.

Jay jay he madhu-s$dana k!min%, Sant!na-lakshmi sad! p!laya-m!m. Victory to the Killer of Madhu, O, Ever-loving Goddess who gives offspring, protect me always,

(hr% Nirmal! Dev% sad! p!laya-m!m. 6.

Jaya kamal-!sin% satgati-d!yin%, gñy!na vik!sin% g!na-maye, Jay Lotus-seated Giver of happiness, You give the blossoming of knowledge and sacred songs,

Anudinam-archita kumkama chandana, bh$shita v!sita v!dya-nute, Worshipped every day, decorated with scented kum-kum and sandalwood and praised with music

Kanaka dhar! stuti vaibhava vandita, (hankara desika m!nya-pade, Wearing gold, praised with verses in Your glory, Lord Shiva is to be found at Your venerable Feet

Jay jay he madhu-s$dana k!min%, Vijaya-lakshmi sad! p!laya-m!m. O, Destroyer of the demon Madhu, O Ever-loving Goddess who gives victory, protect me always.

(hr% Nirmal! Dev% sad! p!laya-m!m. 7.

Pranata sure#hwari bh!rati bhargav%, #hoka vin!sin% ratna-maye, Reverence to the Supreme Goddess of radiant eloquence, O, jewel-like Remover of anguish

Manimaye bh$shita karna vibh$shana, #h!nti sam!vrata h!sya-mukhe, Richly adorned with jewels and earrings, Your smiling face bestows peace.

Navavidhi d!yin% kalimala h!rin%, k!mita phala prada hasta-yute, You give the nine forms of devotion and remove impurities, Your hands fulfil all our desires,

Jay jay he madhu-s$dana k!min%, Vidy!-lakshmi sad! p!laya-m!m. O, Destroyer of the demon Madhu, ever-loving Goddess who gives knowledge, protect me always.

(hr% Nirmal! Dev%, sad! p!laya-m!m. 8. Dhimi

dhimi dhindhima dhindhima dhindhima, Dundubhi n!da sup$rna-maye, You are well satisfied with the sound of loud drums,

Dhuma dhuma dhumdhuma dhumdhuma dhumdhuma, (hamkhani-n!da suv!dya-nute, You are worshipped with the loud blowing of conches and beautiful singing,

Deva pur!noti-h!sa sup$jita, vaidika m!rga pradarsa-yute, The Gods smilingly worship You according to the way proscribed in the Vedas and Puranas.

Jay jay he madhu-s$dana k!min%, Dhana-lakshmi sad! p!laya-m!m. O, Destroyer of the demon Madhu, ever-loving Goddess who gives wealth, protect me always.

(hr% Nirmal! Devi, sad! p!laya-m!m. Shri Mataji, please protect me always.

Note. This replaces the Shri Sant"na- and Shri R"ja-Lakshmi praises which

appeared in the original mantra book. These are verses 4 and 5.

Aparajita Hymn ‘Devi Suktam’ In praise of the Divine Mother from the Devi Mah!tmyam. A hymn to Shri Mah!k!l" as the qualities of the Left Side.

Namo Devyai Mah!-devyai (hiv!ye satatam namahª, Namahª prakrutyai bhadr!yai Niyut!hª pranat!hª sma t!m

Salutations to the Devi, to the Mah!devi, To You who is ever Auspicious, To You who is the Primordial Cause, And the Sustaining Power, we bow to You.

Raudr!ye namo nity!ye Gauryai dh!tryai namo namahª, Jyotsn!yai chendu-r$pinyai Sukh!yai satatam namahª.

Salutations to You who is Terrible, Eternal, To Shri Gauri, Supporter of the Universe, To You who is the Moon and Moonlight, And Happiness itself, we bow to You.

Kaly!nyai pranat!m vriddhyai You are Welfare, Prosperity and Success. Siddhyai kurmo namo namahª, Salutation to the Consort of Lord Shiva, Nerrutyai bh$-bhrutam lakshmyai Who are Yourself the Good Fortune, (harv!n)yai te namo namahª. As well as the Misfortune of Kings Durg!yai durga-p!r!yai S!r!yai sarvak!rinyai, Khy!tyai tathaeva krishn!yai Dhumr!yai satatam namahª.

Shri Durga who takes one across difficulties, Who is the Author of Everything, Who is the Knowledge of Discrimintation, Who is Blue-black like smoke in complexion.

Ati-saumy!ti-raudr!yai Nat!s-tasyai namo namahª, Namo jagat-pratish'h!yai Devyai kr)utyai namo namahª.

We bow before You who is at once, Most gentle and most terrible, Salutations, O Supporter of the world, O Devi in the Form of Will, we bow to You.

Y! Dev% sarva-bh$te#hu Vishnu-m!yeti #habdit!, Namas-tasyai, namas-tasyai Namas-tasyai, namo namahª.

To the Devi who in all beings, is called Shri Vishnumaya, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, again and again.

Y! Dev% sarva-bh$te#hu Chetanetya bhi-dh%yate, Namas-tasyai, namas-tasyai Namas-tasyai, namo namahª.

To the Devi who in all beings, is termed as Consciousness, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, again and again.

Y! Devi sarva-bh$te#hu Buddhi r$pena samsthit!, Namas-tasyai, namas-tasyai Namas-tasyai, namo namahª.

To the Devi who abides in all beings, In the Form of Intelligence, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, again and again.

Nidr! r$pena Kshudh! r$pena Chh!y! r$pena (hakti r$pena Trishn! r$pena

Form of Sleep Form of Hunger Form of Shadow Form of Energy Form of Thirst

Ksh!nti r$pena J!ti r$pena Lajj! r$pena (h!nti r$pena

Form of Patience Form of Caste Form of Modesty Form of Peace

(hraddh! r$pena K!nti r$pena Lakshm% r$pena Vritti r$pena

Form of Faith Form of Beauty Form of Good Fortune Form of Character

Smriti r$pena Day! r$pena Tusht*i r$pena M!tri r$pena Bhr!nti r$pena

Form of Memory Form of Compassion Form of Contentment Form of Mother Form of Error

Indriy!n!m adhish'h!tr% Bh$t!n!m ch!khile#hu y! Bh$te#hu satatam tasye Vy!pti-devye namo namahª

To the All-pervading Devi, Who presides over the senses of all beings, And governs all the elements, We bow to Her.

Chiti-r$pena y! krutsna Metad-vy!pya samsthit! jagat Namas-tasyai, namas-tasyai Namas-tasyai, namo namahª

Salutations to Her who pervades the Entire world in the Form of Consciousness, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, Salutations to Her, again and again.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

Hymn to Shri N!r!yani (Shri Mah!lakshmi) Chapter 11 of the Devi Mah!tmyam in the M!rkandeya Purana. This hymn may be familiar as the Sanskrit song ‘Sarva-mangala’(v.7 onwards)




Devy! hate tatra mah! surendre When the great lord of Asuras was slain there Sendr!h sur! vahni-purogam!st!m By the Devi, Indra and the Devas led by Agni K!ty!yani tusht*u-varish'ha-l!bh! Praised Her, Katyayani: their object fulfilled Dvi-k!si-vaktr-!bja-vik!si-t!s!h And their cheerful faces illumining the quarters


Devi prapann!rti-hare prasida Prasida m!tar-jagati svilasya Prasida vi#hve#hwari p!hi vi#hvam Tvam-%#hwari Devi char-!charasya

O Devi, Remover of Your suppliants’ sufferings Be gracious, O Mother of the whole world, O Mother of the universe, protect this universe. Divine Ruler of all that is moving and unmoving.


)'h!ra-bh$t!-jagat-astvamek! Mah%sva-r$pena yat.ha sthit!si Ap!m swar$pa-sthitay! tvayaitaD!py!yate kritnamalandhaya-v%rye

You are the sole substratum of the world Because You subsist in the form of the earth. By You, as water, this universe is gratified, O Devi of inviolable valour!


Tvam vaishnav%-#hakti-ananta-v%ry! O Shakti of Shri Visnu, of endless valour, Vi#hvasya b%jam param!si m!y! Primaeval Maya, the Source of the universe Sammohitam devi samastameta By You all this universe is thrown into illusion, Tvam vai prasann! bhuvi muktihetuh When pleased, You give moksha to the world.


Vidy!h samast!stava Devi bhed!h All lores are Your aspects, O Devi, as well as Striyah samast!h sakal!-jagatsu All women in the world, with various attributes. Tvayaikay! purit-ambay-aitat k! te By You alone, Mother, this world is fulfilled. Stutih stavya-par!-pariktih How can we praise You, the Source of all praise?


Sarva-bh$t! yad! Devi Bhukti-mukti-prad!yin% Twam stut! stutye k! v! Bhavantu param-oktayah

O Embodiment of all beings, Thou Effulgent Devi, The Bestower of enjoyment and liberation, What words, however excellent Can praise You?


Sarvasya buddhi r$pena Janasya hridi samsthite Swarga-pavarga-de Devi N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You who abide as intelligence In the hearts of all creatures And bestow enjoyment and liberation Salutations be to You, O Devi Narayani

The Rishi said;


Kal! k!sh'h!di r$pena Pari-n!ma-prad!yin% Vi#hvasyo-paratau #hakte N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You of the form of the course of time Bringing about change in things And have thus the power to destroy the universe. Salutations be to You, O Narayani


Sarva mañgala m!ñgale (hive sarvatha s!dhike (haranye tryambake Gauri N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You who are the good of all good O auspicious Devi, who accomplishes every object The Giver of Refuge, O Three-eyed Gauri Salutations be to You, O Narayani,


Srisht*i s'hiti vin!#h!n!m (hakti-bh$te san!tani Gun!#hraye guna-maye N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You who have the power of Creation, Sustainance and Destruction and are Eternal. O Substance and Embodiment of the three gunas Salutations be to You, O Narayani


(haran-!gata d%n!rta Pari-tr!na par!yane Sarva sy!rti hare Devi N!r!yani nam&-stu te

To those that seek refuge under You, You give protection and final liberation. O Devi, who removes the suffering of all, Salutations be to You, O Narayani


H!ms! yukt! vim!na-s'he You ride in a heavenly chariot yoked with swans Brahm!ni r$pa dh!rin% And take the form of the Shakti of Shri Brahma Kau#h!mbhah ksharike Devi O Devi, who sprinkles Kusha grass with water. N!r!yani nam&-stu te Salutations be to You, O Narayani


Tri#h$la chandr!hi dhare Mah!-vrishabha v!hin% M!he#hwari swa-r$pena N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You who bear the trident, the moon And the serpent, and ride a huge bull, You have the form of the Consort of Shri Shiva Salutations be to You, O Narayani


May$ra kukkut*a vrite Mah!#hakti dhare naghe Kaum!r%-r$pa-samsth!ne N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You who are attended by peacock and cock And bear a great spear. O You, who are sinless And take the form of the Shakti of Shri K!rttikeya Salutations be to You, O Narayani


(hañkha chakra gad! #h!rnga O You who grasp the supreme weapons Grih%ta param-!yudhe Of conch, discus, club and bow, Pras%da Vaishnav% r$pe Be gracious, O Shakti of Shri Vishnu N!r!yani nam&-stu te Salutations be to You, O Narayani


Grih%t-ogra mah!-chakre O You who grasp a huge formidable discus, Danshtrod-dhrita vasun-dhare And uplift the earth with thy tusk, Var!ha-r$pin% (hive O Auspicious Devi, who has a boar-like form, N!r!yani nam&-stu te Salutations be to You, O Narayani.


Nrisimha r$pen-ogrena Hantum daity!n kritodyame Trailokya tr!na sahite N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You who, in the Fierce Form of a man-lion, Put forth Your efforts to slay the demons, O You who benevolently save the three worlds, Salutations be to You, O Narayani.


Kir%t*in% mah!vajra Sahasra nayan-oj-jvale Vritra pr!na hare Chaindri, N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You, with a diadem and a great thunderbolt, Are dazzling with a thousand eyes, And took the life of the demon Vritra, O Aindri, Salutations be to you, 0 Narayani.


(hivad$t% swar$pena Hata daitya mah!bale Ghora r$pe mah!r!ve N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You who in the form of Shiva’s messenger, Slew the mighty hosts of the Daityas, O You of Terrible Form and Loud Throat, Salutations be to You, O Narayani.


Danshtr!-kar!ta vadane (hiro-m!l! vi-bh$shane Ch!munde munda mathane N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O You who have a face terrible with tusks, And are adorned with a garland of heads, O Devi Chamundi, Slayer of the demon Munda, Salutations be to you, 0 Narayani.


Lakshmi lajje mah!-vidye, You who are Prosperity, Modesty and Wisdom (hraddhe pusht*i swadhe dhuve Faith, Nourishment and Self-establishment Mah!-r!tri mah!-m!ye The Great Night and Great Illusion, N!r!yani nam&-stu te Salutations be to You, O Narayani.


Meghe Saraswati vare, Bh$ti b!bhravi t!masi, Niyate tvam pras%de#he N!r!yani nam&-stu te

O Cloud-like Goddess of Speech and Music O Dark-coloured Consort of Shri Visnu O Fate of all beings, be propitious. Salutations be to You, O Narayani


Sarva swar$pe sarve#he Sarva #hakti samanvite Bhaye bhyas-tr!hi no Devi, Durge Devi nam&-stu te

O, You who exist as the form and Queen of all, And possess every might Save us from error, O Devi. Salutations be to You, O Devi Durga


Etathe vadanam saumyam Lochana-traya bh$shitam P!tu nah sarva bh$ti-bhyah K!ty!yani nam&-stu te.

May this benign countenance of yours Adorned with three eyes, Protect us from all fears Salutations be to You, O Katyayani


Jv!l!-kar!lam-atyugram A#hesh-!sura s$danam Tri#h$lam p!tu no bh%ter Bhadrak!li nam&-stu te

Terrible with flames, fiercely wielding a club, Completely destroying all the demons, May Your trident guard us from fear, Salutations be to You. O Bhadrakali.


Hinasti daitya-tej!nsi Svanen!-p$rya y! jagat S! ghan'h! p!tu no Devi P!pebhaye nah sut!niva

Your bell destroys the prowess of the Daityas, And fills the world with its ringing, Guard us, O Devi, as a mother protects, Her children from all sins and fears.


Asur-!srigva-s!pañka Charchitaste karoj-jvalah (hubh!ya khadghe bhavatu, Chandike tv!m nat! vayam,

May Your sword, smeared with the mire-like, Blood and fat of the Asuras, And gleaming with rays, be for our welfare, O Chandika, we bow to you.


Rog!-na#he#h-!napahansi tusht*! When satisfied, You destroy all illness, Rusht*! tu k!m!n sakal-!na-bh%sht*!n Wrathful You frustrate all desires, Tv!m-!#hrit!n!m na vi-pannar!-n!m No calamity befalls whoever seeks You, Tv!m-!#hrit! hy!#hrayat!m pray!nti And they become a refuge of others.


Etatkritam yatkadanam tvay!dhya This slaughter that You have now Dharma-dvish!m devi mah-!sur!n!m wrought, on the great Asuras who hate righteousness, by multiplying R$pair-anekair-bahudh-atma-murti Your own form into many, O Ambika Kritv-!mbike tat-prakaroti k!ny! which other can do that work?


Vidy!su sh!streshu vivekad%pe In the sciences, scriptures and the Vedas, Shv!dyeshu v!kyeshu cha k! tvadany! You light the lamp of discrimination, Mamatvagarte timah!ndha-k!re And yet You cause this universe to swirl, Vi-bhrama-yatye-tadativa vishvam In the dense darkness of attachment.


Raksh!msi yatre-gravish!shra n!g! Where Rakshasas and poisonous snakes, Yatr!rayo dasyubal!ni yatra. Where foes and hosts of robbers exist, D!v!nalo yatra tath!bdhi-madhye Where forest fires occur and in mid-sea, Tatra sthit! tvam parip!si vishvam There You stand and save the world.

Vi#hve#hvari tvam parip!si vi#hvam Queen of the universe, protect the universe,

Vi#hv!tmik! dh!rayas%ti vi#hvam Self of the universe, You support the universe,

Vi#hve#ha-vandh! bhavat% bhavanti One adored by the Lord of the universe,

Vi#hva-#hr!y! ye twayi bhakti namr!h Those who bow to You in devotion become the refuge of the universe. 34)

Devi pras%da parip!laya no ribh%ter-nityam O Devi, protect us from all fear of foes

Yath-!sura-vadh!-da-dhunaiva sadyah As You have by this slaughter of Asuras.

P!p!ni sarva-jagat!m pra#haman nay!#hu And destroy all sins and calamities.

Utp!ta-p!ka-janit!m#h-cha mahopasarg!n From the maturing of evil portents. 35)

Pranat!n!m prasida O Devi who remove the afflictions of the universe Tvam Devi vi#hv!rti-h!rin% Be gracious to us who have bowed to You, Trai-lokya-v!sin!minye. Worshipped by the dwellers of the three Worlds Lok!n!m varad! bhava Be Boon -giver to all the worlds.


The Devi said;

37) O

Devas, I am prepared to bestow a boon. Choose whatever boon you desire in your mind, for the welfare of the world. I shall grant it.'

38-) The

Devas said: O Queen of all, in this same manner, You must destroy all our enemies and all the afflictions of the three worlds.

40-) The

Devi said: ‘When the twenty-eighth age has arrived during the period of Vaiva-svata Manu, two other great Asuras, Shumbha and Nishumbha will be born.


Then born from the womb of Ya#hod!, in the home of cowherd Nanda, and dwelling on the Vindhya mountains, I will destroy them both.


And again having incarnated in a very terrible form on the earth, I shall slay the D!navas, who are the descendants of Viprachitti.


When I shall devour the fierce and great Asuras descended from Viprachitti, My teeth shall become red like the flower of pomegranate.


Therefore when the Devas in Heaven and men on the Earth praise Me, they shall always talk of Me as Rakta-dantakam (Red-toothed)


And again when rain shall fail for a period of hundred years, propitiated by the munis I shall be born on the drought-ridden earth, but not wombbegotten.


Then I shall behold the munis with a hundred eyes and so mankind shall glorify Me as Shat-akshimi (Hundred-eyed)


At that time, O Devas, I shall maintain the whole world with life-sustaining vegetables, born out of My own cosmic body, till rains set in.


I shall be famed on the earth then as Shakam-bhari (Herb-nourishing) At that very period I shall slay the great Asura named Durgama.


I shall have the celebrated name of Durg!-dev%. And again, assuming a terrible form on the mountain Himalaya, I shall destroy the Rakshasas for the protection of the munis. Then all the munis, bowing their bodies reverently, shall praise Me, and thereby I shall have the celebrated name of Bh%m!-devi (Terrifying Goddess).When the demon Aruna shall wreak great havoc in the three worlds, having taken a collective bee-form, consisting of innumerable bees, I shall slay the great Asura for the good of the world.


And then people shall laud Me everywhere as Bhr!mar% (Bee-like). Thus whenever trouble arises due to the advent of the D"navas, I shall incarnate and destroy the foes.

Here ends the eleventh chapter called' Hymn to Narayani' of Devi-Mah"tmya in M"rkandeya-purana, during the period of Savarni, the Manu.

Bolo (hr% N!r!yan% s!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devi ki- Jai!

The 24 Names of Shri Vishnu (Said at the beginning of P$ja to invoke the blessings of this Deity)

Om Shr% Ke#hav!ya namahª Om Shr% N!r!yan!ya namahª Om Shr% M!dhav!ya namahª Om Shr% Govind!ya namahª

The One who has abundant and beautiful hair. ‘The Son of Man’ and Refuge of all. The Spring-like Descendant of Madhu. The Lord of Cows.

Om Shr% Vishnave namahª Om *Madhu-s$dan!ya namahª Om Shr% Tri-vikram!ya namahª Om Shr% V!man!ya namahª

The All-pervading Supreme Being. The Killer of the demon Madhu. He who covers the three worlds with three steps. Incarnated as a short man.

Om Shr% (hr%dhar!ya namahª Om Shr% Hrish%-ke#h!ya namahª Om Shr% Padma-n!bh!ya namahª Om Shr% D!modar!ya namahª

Bearing the Shrivatsa emblem on the chest. The Controller of the senses. The Lotus-navelled Lord. The One who cuts the bonds of materialism

Om Shr% Sañ-karshan!ya namahª Om Shr% V!su-dev!ya namahª Om Shr% Pra-dyumn!ya namahª Om Shr% Aniruddh!ya namahª

The One who draws everything together. The Most Excellent Son of Vasudeva. The Radiant God of Love. Unobstructed and Ungoverned.

Om Shr% Purush-ottam!ya namahª The Supreme Spirit. Om Shr% Adh&-kshaj!ya namahª The One who is known by turning inwards. Om Shr% Nara-simh!ya namahª The One who incarnated as a Man-Lion. Om Shr% Achyut!ya namahª Unchanging. Om Shr% Jan!rdan!ya namahª Om Shr% Upendr!ya namahª Om Shr% Haraye namahª Om Shr% Krishn!ya namahª

The One who excites and motivates all beings. The Younger Brother of Shr" Indra. The Remover. The One who incarnated as Shri Krishna.

S!ksh!t Shr% )di (hakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Who is incarnated in person as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Salutations to You again and again

The 108 Names of Shri Vishnu (hayan-!mbudhau Nirmale Tw!vaiva N!r!yanakyam pranat&smi r$pam. To the One of the Pure and Shining Form reclining on a cloud, known indeed as the very refuge of humanity, we bow with the greatest reverence and humility.

Om Twameva s"ksh"t #hr$

Ke#hava N!r!yana

You are:

Govinda Vishnu *Madhu s$dana Tri-vikrama V!mana (hr%-dhara Hris*h%ke#ha

The One who has abundant and beautiful hair. The Refuge of men. The One having all the beautiful qualities of springtime who took birth in the Y!dava clan. The Lord of the Cowherds. All-pervading. The Killer of the demon Madhu. The One who measured the three worlds with three steps. The One who incarnated as a short man. The One who has the Shri-vatsa emblem on the chest. The Controller of the senses.

Padma n!bha D!modara Sañ-kars*hana V!su-deva Pradyumna Aniruddha Purush-ottama Agho-ksha Nara-sim(ha Upendra

He whose Lotus-navel is the cause of universes. The One who cuts the bonds of materialism. The One who draws everything together. The Most Excellent Lord born as the Son of Vasudeva. The Irrestistible K!madeva, the God of Love. Never obstructed or overcome. The Supreme Spirit taking birth as the Highest of Men. The One who destroys sin. The One who incarnated as a Man-Lion. The Younger Brother of Shri Indra.

Achyuta Jan!rdana Hara Krishna

Unchanging. The One who excites and motivates all beings. The Remover. The Dark Bodied Lord of the Vishuddhi Chakra.


Vishnu Pe#hala Pushkar-!ksha Hari Chakrin Nandakin

The One whose splendour pervades the whole universe Charming and graceful in appearance and action. Lotus eyed. The Remover of the illusions of Samsara. The Master of the discus, the Sudarshana Chakra. Holding the sword called Nandaka.

(h!rnga dhanva (hañkha dhrit Gad! dhara Vana m!lin Kuvale#haya Garuda dhvaja Lakshm%-van Bhagavan Vaikun'ha pati Dharma gup

Armed with the bow called Sharnga. Bearing the conch called Pañcha-janya. Wielding the club called Kaumodaki. Wearing the garland called Vaijayanti. Reclining on a lotus. The One whose flag bears the emblem of Garuda. The One in whose heart Shri Lakshmi resides. The Adorable Possessor of all Divine qualities. The Lord of the heavenly realm. The Safeguard of Dharma.

Dharm-!dhyaksha Niyantri Naika-ja Svastin S!kshin Satya Dharan*% dhara Vy-ava-s'h!na Sarva dar#hin Sarva-gñya

The Overseer of Dharma. The Restrainer of men. Born many times for the preservation of Dharma. Established in Yourself. The Witness. The Truth. The Support of the Earth. Constant and Immovable. Seeing and knowing what is done by all. All-Knowing.

Gahana Nahusha Mah!-m!y! Adh&-ksha-ja Yagñya pati Vegavan Sahishnu Rakshana

He whose nature is deep and inscrutable. A Fellow-being to all creatures. The Supreme Creator of illusion and confusion. Known by turning inward. The Protector, Enjoyer and Lord of all sacrifices. Endowed with great speed. Patient and Forbearing. Standing on Sattwa Guna, protecting the 3 worlds.

Dhane#hwara Hiranya n!bha

The Lord of wealth. Golden navelled.

(har%ra bhrit Annam Mukunda Agrani Amogha Varada (hubh-ekshana Sat!m gati Sukhada Vatsala

The Sustenance of the body. The Cause of all beings to eat. The One who grants liberation. The One who leads the seekers to the highest abode. Of Unfailing Efficacy. The One who Grants our boons. Beautiful and auspicious to behold. The One who grants refuge to seekers. The Giver of happiness to righteous people. Cherished by devotees.

V%ra-han Prabhu Amara prabhu Sure#ha Purandara Samitim jaya Amita vikrama (hatru-ghna Bh%ma (h$rajan-e#hwara

The Destroyer of the heroic demons. The Adept and Powerful Lord. The Lord of the Immortals. The Highest of the Devas. Destroying the cities of the enemies of the Devas. Victorious in war. Of Unbounded Courage. Killing the enemies of the Devas. Terrible to behold Greatest of the race of heroes.

Sampra-mardana Bh!vana Kshetra-gñya

The One who punishes and torments evil-doers. The One who brings the whole world into existence. The Knower of the field, ie. the Spirit as the witness of the body.

Sarva yoga vinis-srita Yoge#hwara Chala V!yu v!hana J%vana Sam-bhava Sam-vatsara

The One who has gone beyond all worldly attachments. The Detached Lord of the yogis. Moving in the form of wind. The One whose vehicle is the wind. The Breath of Life. Manifesting by Your own free will. Presiding over the seasons.

Vardhana Eka Naika Vasu ,#h!na Lok-!dhy-aksha Tri-lok-e#ha Jagat sw!mi Yug-!varta Vist!ra

The Bestower of evolution and prosperity. One. Of many forms. The Supreme Soul dwelling in all beings. The One from whom all things stream out. The Overseer of all the worlds. The Lord of the three worlds. The Master of the Universe. The One who makes the ages turn. Expansive, embracing the whole Universe.

Vi#hva r$pa Ananta r$pa Vi#hisht*a Mah!-hrada Pary-ava-s'hita S'ha-vish'ha Mah!-vishnu (hr% Kalki

The Form of the Universe. Of Infinite Forms. The Most Excellent of all. The One whose nature is like a vast lake. The Supreme Spirit which pervades the Universe Standing in the Great Form of the Vir!ta. The One whose evolved form was Lord Jesus Christ. The Immaculate Rider of the last days.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

Praise to Shri Vishnu From the Srimad Bhagavatam.

Om (h!nt!k!ram Bhujaga-#hayanam Padma-n!bham Sure#ham, Peaceful in form, reclining on the serpent Shesha, Lotus-navelled Lord of the Devas

Vi#hv-!dh!ram Gagana-sadri#ham Megha-varnam (hubh-!ñgam, Bearer of the Universe, whose auspicious body is like the sky, the colour of dark rain clouds,

Lakshm%-k!ntam Kamala-nayanam Yogi-bhir-dhy!na-gamyam, Beloved of Shri Laxshmi, with eyes like lotuses, approached through the meditation of Yogis,

Vande Vishnum Bhava-bhaya-haram Sarva-lok-aika-n!'ham. Praise to Shri Vishnu, Remover of all anxiety of existence, the One Lord of all the worlds.

(hr% Nirmal! Vishnu nam&-stu-te, Om (h!nti! (h!nti! (h!nti! We bow to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Her Form as Shri Vishnu. Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

The 108 names of Shri Lakshm Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Lakshm% s!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha. We bow at the Lotus Feet of the Goddess of good fortune and spiritual ascent who is on this earth in person as Her Supreme Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Om twameva s"ksh"t:

You are:

(hr% )dya Lakshm% (hr% Vidy! Lakshm% (hr% Yoga Lakshm% (hr% Gruha Lakshm% (hr% R!ja Lakshm% (hr% Amruta Lakshm% (hr% Satya Lakshm% (hr% Vijaya Lakshm% (hr% Gaja Lakshm% (hr% Dhana Lakshm%

The Primordial Goddess. The Goddess of Knowledge. The Goddess of Divine Union. The Goddess as a Devoted Wife. The Goddess of Queenly Serenity. The Immortal Goddess of Divine Nectar. The Goddess of Truth. The Victorious Goddess. The Goddess who rides an elephant. The Goddess of Wealth.

(hr% Ai#hwarya Lakshm% (hr% Sant!na Lakshm% (hr% Bh!gya Lakshm% (hr% Dh!nya Lakshm% (hr% V%ra Lakshm% (hr% Moksha Lakshm% (hr% Mah!-Lakshm% (hr% Sattv! (hr% (h!nt! (hr% Vy!pin%

The Supremely Powerful Goddess. The Goddess who gives progeny. The Goddess of Good Fortune. The Goddess of Sustenance. The Goddess of Great Valour. The Goddess who grants liberation. The Goddess of Spiritual Evolution. The Ultimate Reality. Peaceful All-pervading.

(hr% Vyoma nilay! (hr% Param-!nanda r$pin% (hr% Nitya #huddh! (hr% Nitya triksh! (hr% Nir-vik!r! (hr% Gñy!na #hakti

Residing in the Highest Heaven. The One whose Form is the Highest Bliss. Eternally Pure. Of Unfailing Energy. Unchanging. The Power of Knowledge.

(hr% Kartri #hakti (hr% Nir-!nand! (hr% Vimal! (hr% Anant!

The Creative Energy. Pure unadulterated Joy. Unstained by any imperfections. Infinite and Eternal.

(hr% Vaishnav% (hr% San!tan% (hr% Nir-!may! (hr% Vi#hv-!nand! (hr% Gñy!na gñyey! (hr% Gñy!na gamy! (hr% Gñy!na gñyeya vik!sin%. (hr% Nirmal! (hr% Sva-r$p! (hr% Akalañk!

The Shakti of Shri Vishnu. Ancient and Ever-lasting. Free of any disease. The Joy of the whole universe. The Divine Knowledge to be attained. Accessible through Spiritual Knowledge. The Illumination of all Knowledge. Immaculate. Having Your Own Form. Spotlessly Pure.

(hr% Nir-!dh!r! (hr% Nir-!#hray! (hr% Nir-vikalp! (hr% P!van% kar! (hr% Aparimit! (hr% Bhava bhr!nt% vin!#hin% (hr% Mah!-dh!m% (hr% Sthiti vridh-d%rghav!-gati (hr% ,#hwar% (hr% Akshay!

Unsupported. Accomplishing everything without assistance. Beyond all self-doubt. The Purifier. Immeasurable. The Remover of error and confusion. The Great Abode. Ever granting prosperity and happiness. The Supreme Goddess. Undecaying.

(hr% Apramey! (hr% Sukshm! par! (hr% Nirv!na d!yin% (hr% (huddha vidy! (hr% Tusht*% (hr% Mah!-dh%r! (hr% Anu-graha-#hakti-r!dh! (hr% Janaj-jyesh'h! (hr% Brahm!nda-v!sin% (hr% Ananta-r$p! (hr% Ananta sam-bhav!

Unfathomable. Supremely Subtle The Grantor of Paradise. The Pure Knowledge. Ever-satisfied. Of Great Constancy. The Success of all auspicious desires. The Most Excellent of all Beings. Residing in the Sahasr!ra Chakra. She whose Form is Infinite. Eternally Existing.

(hr% Ananta-sth! (hr% Mah!-#hakti (hr% Pr!na #hakti (hr% Pr!na d!tr% (hr% Mah!-samuh! (hr% Sarv-!bhil!sha p$rnecch! (hr% (habda p$rv! (hr% Vyakt-!vyakt! (hr% Sankalpa siddh!

Ever standing. The Great Power of the Universe. All Life-energy. The Giver of Breath. The Great Assembler. The Fulfiller of all desires. Existent before ‘the Word’ The Manifest and the Unmanifest. The Success of all Purposes

(hr% Tattva garbh! Giving birth to the principles of creation. (hr% Chit-swar$p! Of the Form of Consciousness. (hr% Mah!-m!y! The Great Power of Divine Illusion (hr% Yoga-m!y! The Power of God in the Creation of the World. (hr% Mah!-yoge#hwar% The Supreme Object of meditation. (hr% Yoga siddh% d!yin% Giving the accomplishment of our union. (hr% Mah!-yoge#hwara vrit! The Beloved Goddess who gives Yoga. (hr% Yoge#hwara priy! The Beloved of Shri Vishnu. (hr% Brahmendra rudra namitt! Venerated by Shri Brahma, Indra and Shiva. (hr% Gaur% Shiningly Pure (hr% Vi#hva r$p! (hr% Vi#hva m!t! (hr% (hr%-vidy! (hr% Mah!-n!r!yan% (hr% Piñgal! (hr% Vishnu vallabh! (hr% Yoga-rat! (hr% Bhakt!n!m pari-rakshin% (hr% P$rna chandr!bh! (hr% Bhaya n!#hin%

Having the Universe as Your Form The Mother of all creation. The Divine Knowledge. The Great Shakti of Shri Vishnu. The Golden-hued Goddess of the Right Side. The Most Beloved of Shri Vishnu. Gratified by Yoga. The Supreme Protectress of devotees. Shining like the Full Moon. Remover of anxiety.

*Daitya d!nava mardin% (hr% Ir! (hr% Vyoma Lakshm% (hr% Tejo Lakshm% (hr% Rasa Lakshm% (hr% Jagad yoni (hr% Gandha Lakshm%

The Crusher of devils and demons. All Refreshment. The All-pervading Goddess. The Shining Light. Giving flavour to Life. Giving birth to the World. The Fragrance of Existence.

(hr% An!hat! (hr% Sushumn! (hr% Kun*d*alin%

Residing in the Heart. The Gracious Goddess of the Central Channel. The Pure Spiritual Desire of God.

(hr% Sarva mañgala m!ñgaly! (hr% Somya r$p! (hr% Mah!-dipt! (hr% M$la prakriti (hr% Sarva swar$pin% (hr% Manipura chakra niv!sin% (hr% (hiv! (hr% Yoga M!t!

All Auspiciousness. Gentle-natured like the moon. Blazing with Glory. The Root of all Creation. Having the Whole Creation as Your Form. Residing in the N!bhi Chakra. The Auspicious Goddess. Our Mother who gives the Highest Spiritual Connection.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª.

The 10 Holy Petals of the Nabhi Chakra Om Twameva s"ksh"t:

You are:

(hr% )dya Lakshm% (hr% Vidy! Lakshm% (hr% Saubhagya Lakshm% (hr% Amruta Lakshm% (hr% Gruha Lakshm% (hr% R!ja Lakshm% (hr% Satya Lakshm% (hr% Bhogya Lakshm% (hr% Yoga Lakshm% (hr% Mah! Lakshm%

Shri #di Shakti, the Primal Cause. The Goddess who bestows Knowledge. The Goddess who bestows Good Fortune. The Goddess who bestows the Nectar of Immortality. The Goddess who bestows theDivine Qualities of a wife. The Goddess who bestows Queenly Graciousness. The Goddess who bestows the Awareness of Truth. The Goddess who bestows Sustenance and Enjoyment. The Goddess who bestows Union with the Divine. The Goddess who is the Power of Evolution.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!ji (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Who art the Perceptible Embodiment of the First Cause of this Universe, Our Holy Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. We bow to You in great reverence.

Twam-ekam #haranam gachchhami. To You alone I come seeking refuge.

Shri Guru Mantra Gurur Brahm! Gurur Vis)hn)u

The Guru is Shri Brahm!, Shri


Gurur Devo Mahe#hwarahª Guruhu s!ks)h!t Parabrahma (hr% M!t!j% Nirmal! M! *Tasyai (hr% Guruve namahª.

And the Great God, Lord Shiva. The Guru is the Supreme Spirit manifest, Our Holy and Immaculate Mother, Salutations to Her, our most Sacred Guru.

* ‘Tasmai Shri Gurave namaha’- in the masculine ‘Salutations to Him……’. As this is being addressed to Shri Mataji it has been put it in the feminine form.

The 108 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% )di Guru Datt!treya Om, You are the Primordial Master Datt!treya in person before us,

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!ji (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª O Creatrix of this universe, Holy Mother Shri Mataji Nirmal! Devi, Salutations to You again and again.

‘The essence of Guru is Shri Ganesha, the Innocence. Anasuya (the mother of Shri Datt!treya) was a very devoted wife and she was so religious and dedicated that the wives of Brahm!, Vishnu and Mahesh got very jealous of her. They told their husbands to test her whether she is really a woman with chastity. The three of them came down as sadhus. Anasuya welcomed them and cooked food for them. They said we will not eat the food unless you take off all your clothes. So with her powers she made them into very little children and then she became nude, because innocence doesn’t understand anything about nudity and then their three innocence was joined together and they got their Guru-pada. That’s how the )di Guru was created.’ H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Shri Ganesha P$ja, Cabella, 31st Aug.1992. Om Twameva S"ksh"t #hr$

Sattva Sattva bhrit-!ñgati Kamal-!laya Hiranya garbha Bodha sam-!#hraya N!bh!vin Deha #h$nya Param!rtha dri#h Yantra vid Dhar-!dhara San!tana Chit-k%rti bh$shana

You are:

At One with the Truth, being the essence of the central channel. The One who sustains the sacred fire of Truth. Abiding in the lotus. The Golden Egg of Brahman, the subtle form of the Vir!ta. The Dwelling-place of awakened knowledge. The Ruler of the Nabhi chakra. The One who is the Void of the body. The One who can see the Supreme Essence. The One who knows the Sacred Techniques. The Support of all Supports. Ancient and everlasting. Adorned with a glorious attention.

Chandra s$ry!gni-lochana a Antah p$rna Bahiha p$rna P$rn!tman Kha-garbha Amar-!rchita Gambh%ra Day!vat

The One whose eyes are the Sun and Moon.

Satya vigñy!na bh!skara Sad!-#hiva (hreyas-ka Agñy!na khandana Dhriti

Shining brilliantly with discernment and knowledge. The Eternal God Almighty. Leading us to Supreme Happiness. The One who annihilates ignorance. The One who gives constant support and contentment.

Dambha darpa mad-!paha Gun-!ntaka

The Remover of hypocrisy, pride and intoxication.

The One who is fulfilled within. Completely fulfilled without. The fulfilled Spirit and the Essence of satisfaction. The One whose upper abdomen is the sky. Worshipped by even the Immortal Gods. He whose nature is profound. The Embodiment of Compassion.

The One who eradicates the attributes of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Jvara n!#hana The Destroyer of feverish mental activity. Bheda vaitanda khandana The One who eradicates divisiveness and silly arguments. Nir-v!san! The One who is free of entrapping conditionings.

Nir%ha Nir-aham-k!ra (hoka duhkha hara Nir!#h%r nirup!dhi-ka

The One who has stilled all desire. The One without ego. The Remover of anxiety and pain. The One who makes devotees desireless and guileless. Ananta vikrama Of Boundless Courage. The One who makes an end of racism, caste and Bhed-!ntaka other divisions. Muni The Great Sage. Mah!-yogin The Great Yogi. Yog!bhy!sa prak!#hana Shining with the light of Yoga. Yog!rér darpa n!#hana The Destroyer of the arrogance of those who have no Divine Connecton. Nitya-mukta Eternally Liberated.

Yoga S'h!na-da Mah-!nu-bhava bh!vita K!ma-jit (huchir bh$ta Ty!ga k!rana ty!g!tman Mano buddhi vih%n-!tman M!n!tman Chetan! vigata

United with the Supreme. The One who enables us to find our right place. The One who has become high-minded and generous. The One who has conquered desire, lust and passion. Most Innocent and Pure.

Akshara mukta Par-!kramin Ty!g!rtha sampanna Ty!ga vigraha Ty!ga k!rana Praty-!h!ra niyojaka

In a constant state of liberation. The One who attains the supreme state. Endowed with the highest renunciation. The Embodiment of renunciation of the world. The One who practices renunciation. The One who gives the impetus to withdraw from the senses. The Ultimate Reality before us in person. The Supreme Goal of all, even the Gods. Lord Shiva Himself. The Destroyer of worldly existence.

Praty-aksha vastu Dev!n!m param-!gati Mah!-deva Bhuvan-!ntaka P!pa n!#hana Avadh$ta Mad-!pa-ha M!y! mukta Chid-uttama Kshetra-gñya Kshetraga Kshetra Sams!ra tamo n!#hana (hañk! mukta-sam!dhimat P!tri Nitya #huddha

The Practice and the Spirit of renunciation. The One who is identified with the Spirit having abandoned all things of the heart and the mind. The Spirit that gives rise to the mind and emotions. The One who has gone beyond thinking awareness.

The Destroyer of wickedness. The One who has shaken off all worldly ties. The One who has eradicated all forms of excitement. Free from illusion. The Highest Perception of the Truth. The Detached Witness that inhabits the body. The One who lives in the body, the Spirit. The Fertile Ground for spiritual growth. The Destroyer of the darkness of worldly illusions. Completely absorbed in bliss and free from anxiety. The Protector. Eternally Pure.

B!la Brahma-ch!rin Hridaya-s'ha Pra-vartana Sam(kalpa duhkha-dalana J%va sañj%vana Lay!t%ta Layasy-!nt!

Youthful The Observer of celibacy. Placed in the heart. The One who is never idle.

Pra-mukha Nandin Nir-!bh!sa Nir-anjana (hraddh-!rthin Go-s!kshin Nir!bh!sa Vi#huddh-ottama-gaurava Nir-!h!rin Nitya bodha

The Most Excellent of all beings. The Rejoicer. Devoid of false appearances. Simple, pure and unblemished. The One who pursues the goal with faith. The Witness of the Sushumna Nadi . Without any deception or falseness.

Pur!na prabhu

The Ancient Master, (‘Sai Baba’ and ‘Lao Tsu’ also have the same meaning) Maintaining a state of being in the highest reality. Compassionate and beneficent to all beings. The Witness, with pure and swanlike discrimination. The Knower of the Essence of Existence on Sattva Guna. The Embodiment of all Knowledge.

Sattva bhrit Bh$ta #hankara Ham(sa s!kshin Sattva vid Vidy!vat )tm!nu-bhava-sampanna Vi#h!l-!ksha Dharma vardhana Bhoktri Bhogya Bhog!r'ha sampanna

The Dispeller of unhappiness caused by desire. The Spirit which animates all living creatures. Beyond worldly attachments and death. The Final Absorption into the Supreme.

The highest untainted purity of the Guru. The One who abstains from food. Constantly in the Awakened State.

The One who has a perfect perception of the Spirit. The One who has powerful eyes. The One who strengthens Dharma. The One who experiences enjoyment. The Embodiment of that which is to be enjoyed. Perfectly acquainted with the highest enjoyment.

Bhoga gñy!na- prak!#hana Sahaja D%pta Nirv!na Tattv-!tma gñy!na-s!gara Param-!nanda s!gara

Radiant with the enjoyment of knowledge. Spontaneous and Natural. The One who is radiant with light. The Complete Stillness of Final Emancipation. The Ocean of Knowledge of the identity of the individual Spirit with the Supreme Parabrahma. The Ocean of Supreme Bliss.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!ji (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Twam-ekam (haranam Gachchami To You alone I come seeking refuge.

Guru Purnima (The Full Moon when the Sun is in Cancer)

‘How many of you are religiously working it out, morning, evening, and every moment of life, how many of you are thinking that you are in the path of becoming full fledged Gurus of Sahaja Yoga and nothing else - you will have to do it, you are in it now, you’d better do it, you have to do it fast, for heavens sake better do it fast.’ H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, July 1981.

Prayer to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Om Manas-twam Vyomas-twam Om You are the Mind, You are the Ether, Marud-asi Marut-s!rthir-asi You are the Air and the Fire, Twam )pas Twam Bh$mis You are the Water and the Earth, Twayi Parinatayam nahi param You manifest as this Universe, with no other, Twameva Sw!tmanam pari na Solely from Your own nature. Mayitam Vi#hwa-vapusha You composed the Form of this Universe, Chit-!nanda karam (hiv! O, Auspicious Giver of the Bliss of Awareness, Yuvati Bhavan-bibhru#he O, Ever-youthful Maintainer of existence.

The 113 Names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya (formerly 113 names of Shri Ganesha). Taken from the 1000 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya

Shri Dattatreya’s name means ‘given to the Sage Atri’ (Shri Mataji once explained that Shri Atri was so called because he was ‘beyond the three Gunas’) As a boon Shri Atri had a son with the qualities of Shri Vishnu, Brahm! and Shiva, Shri Dattatreya. Many of these names indicate the qualities of Shri Vishnu, but some of Shri Brahm! and Lord Shiva also.

Om Twameva s"ksh"t Shr$,

You are:

Sattva s!gara Sattva vid Sattva s!kshin Sattva sanjaya Amar-!dhipa Bh$ta krit Bh$ta bhrit Bh$t-!tman Bh$ta sam(bhavana

The One whose nature is Goodness, the quality of the Central Channel. The Ocean of Truth. The Knower of Reality. The Witness of the Ultimate Reality. The One who is victorious in the Truth. The Immortal Lord. The One who creates all living beings. The One who supports this existence. The Soul of all beings. The Origin of all life.

Bh$ta bh!va Bh!va Bh$ta vid Bh$ta k!rana Bh$ta s!kshin Pra-bh$ti Bh$t!n!m param-!gati Bh$ta sanga vih%n-!tmane Bh$ta #hankara Mah! n!tha

The One who exists in all beings. Existence. The Knower of all beings. The Source of the five elements. The Witness of all creation. The Abundant Creation. The Highest Refuge of all creatures. The Soul who has abandoned any worldly ties. Compassionate to all beings. The Great Lord Protector.

)di n!tha

The Primordial Master.


The Greatest God. Mahe#hwara Sarva bh$ta niv!s-!tman The Resident Spirit of every being. Bh$ta sam(t!pa n!#hana The Consumer of all heat and afflictions of worldly

Sarv-!tman Sarva krit Sarva Sarva-gñya Sarva nirnaya Sarva s!kshin

existence. The Universal Spirit. The Creator of everything. Everything. All Knowledge. The Judgement of all. The Witness of everything.

Brihad bh!nu Sarva vid Sarva mañgala (h!nta Satya Sama P$rna Ek!kin Kamal! pati R!ma

Shining brightly like the sun. The Knower of all Knowledge. All that is auspicious. Peaceful Truth. Constant and unchanging. Complete. Alone. The Lord of Shri Lakshmi, Shri Vishnu. Shri R!ma.

R!ma priya Vir!m R!ma k!rana (huddha Ananta Param-!r'ha bhrit Hamsa-s!kshin Vibhu Prabhu Pralaya

Loved by Shri R!ma. The Full Stop. The Creative Principle of Shri R!ma. Pure. Eternal. The One who has reached the highest state. The Witness of Pure Discrimination. Powerful and Omnipresent. The Ruler of all that has been created. The Final Destruction of Creation.

Siddh-!tman Param-!tman Siddh!n!m param-!gati Siddhi siddha

The Realised Soul. The Highest Spirit. The Ultimate Goal of realized souls. The One who achieves results.

Sahaja Vi-jvara Mah! bahu Vahol-!nanda vardana Avyakta purusha Pr!gñya

Spontaneous and Natural. Free from decay. Having long and powerful arms. Blessing Your devotees with streams of bliss The Unmanifested Supreme Spirit. Enlightened Awareness.

Paragñya Param-!r'ha dhri#h Buddha Pandita Vi#hv-!tman Pranava Pranav-!t%ta (hankar-!tman Parama Dev!n!m param-!gati

Perception and Understanding. The Support of the highest truth. Awakened and Enlightened Wisdom. Very Learned. The Spirit of the whole Universe. The Om. Beyond Pranava. The Compassionate Spirit. The Supreme Being. The Highest Refuge of the Gods.

Achetya Chaitanya Chetana vikrama Para-brahman Param jyotis Param dh!man Param tapas Param s$tra Param tantra Kshetra-gñya

Beyond thought. The Divine Consciousness. The Power of Divine Vibrations. The Formless All-pervading Supreme Spirit. The Highest Light. The Highest Abode. The Greatest of those who do penances. The Highest Teachings. The Supreme Technique. The Spirit which is the Knower of the body.

Loka p!la Gun-!tman Ananta guna sampanna Yagñya Hiranya garbha (hr% garbha

The Protector of the three worlds. The Essence of all good qualities. Endowed with unlimited virtues. The Sacred Fire that gives auspiciousness. The Golden Egg of Shri Brahmadeva. He whose inner nature is the welfare of the Universe. The Good Friend of devotees.


Param-!nanda Saty!nanda Chit-!nanda

The Highest Joy. The Joy of Truth. The Bliss of the Attention.

S$rya mandala madyaga Janaka Mantra v%rya Mantra b%ja (hastra v%rya Ekaiva Nishkala Nir-antara Sure#hwara Yantra-krut

The One who resides in the centre of the Sun. The Progenitor of the Universe. The Essence of mantras. The Seed-sounds of the mantras. The Essence of the scriptures. Only One. Complete and Indivisible. Constant and Eternal. The God of all the Gods. The One who exercises restraint.

Yantrin Yantra vid Yantr-!r$dha par!jita

Self-restrained The Knower of all science and techniques. The One who has overcome being mounted on the revolving machine of the Universe. The Epitome of self-restraint. The Support of the Kundalin". The Giver of birth to Lord Brahmadeva. The Power that gives birth to the universe. The One who is our Most Sacred Guru. The All-pervading Divine Consciousness. The One who encompasses the three worlds.

Yantra-mat Yantr-!dh!ra Brahma yoni Vi#hva yoni Guru Brahman Tri-vikrama

Sahasr!ra may-od-dhava The One who lifts us up to the level of Sahasrara. The positive Destructive Power. Rudra The One who resides in the heart. Hrudaya-stha S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

Prayer to Shri Annapurna by Shri #di Shankar"ch"rya. (788-820 AD) Nity!nanda kar% var!bhaya kar% saundarya ratn!-kar%, You are eternally blissful and free from fear and an ocean of loveliness.

Nir-dh$t-!khila ghora p!vana kar% pratyaksha m!he#hwar%, You remove even constant torment and sins O Supreme Goddess manifest,

Pr!ley-!chala van#ha p!vana kar%, K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar%, Dissolving delusion, purifying deceit, O Empress of Kashi (Varanasi)

Bhiksh!m dehi krip-!valambana-kar%, M!t!nna P$rne#hwar%,


Who is the sustenance of our bodies, O Kindly One on whom we depend, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar%. O Mother Anna-Purna. O Supreme Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

N!n!-ratna-vichitra-bh$shana kar% Hem!mbar! dambh!ri Adorned with all jewels and ornaments, and clothed in gold, O Enemy of hypocrisy,

Mukt!-h!ra-vidamba-m!na- Vilasad dakshoja Kumbh!ntari , Strings of pearls add lustre to Your glory, O Daughter of King Daksha, Kumbhari,

K!#hmir!-guru-v!sit!-ruchi-kar% K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar% Gleaming with saffron and scented oils, O Empress of Kashi

Bhiksh!m-dehi Krip-!valambana-kar%, M!t!nna P$rne#hwar% (2) Giver of abundant sustenance, Compassionate One on whom we depend, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar% O Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

Yog!nanda kar% ripukshaya-kar% dharm-!r'ha-nish'h! kar%, Giving the bliss of Yoga and destroying insincerity, the Source of righteousness.

Chandr-!rk-!nala-bh!sa-m!na lahari trailokya raksh!-kar%, Light of the Moon, the Sun, and the mind, the Protector of the three worlds,

Sarve#hwarya-kari tapah-phala-kar% K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar%, Supreme Ruler of all and reward of our austerities, O Empress of Kashi,

Bhiksh!m-dehi Krip-!valambana-kar%, M!t!nna P$rne#hwar%, (3) Giver of abundant sustenance, Compassionate One on whom we depend, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar% O Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

Kail!s-!chala-kandar-!laya kar% Gauri Uma (hankar% , Residing in the valleys of unshakable Kail!s, You are Shri Gauri, Uma, Shankar",

Kaum!ri nigam!rtha gochara kar% Omk!ra b%j-!kshari , Kaumari, the subject of all sacred texts, the field of all action, the sacred OM and all the seed mantras,

Moksha dw!r-kap!ta p!tana kar%, K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar%, The Opener of the gateway to liberation, O Empress of Kashi,

Bhiksh!m dehi Krip-!valambana-kar%, M!t!nna P$rne#hwar%,


Giver of abundant sustenance, O Kind Creatrix on whom we depend, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar% O, Supreme Mother Anna Purna,

Dri#hy-!dri#hya pra-bh$ta v!hana kar% Brahm!nda bh!nd-odar%, Carrying all that is visible and invisible inside Your belly which is this whole universe,

L%l!-n!taka-s$ga-bhedanna-kar% vigñy!na d%p!m-kur%, Dancing sportively you let flow Your bounty, giving the light of understanding,

(hr% vi#hve#ha manah pras!dana kar%, K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar%, And brilliant clearness to the mind, O Ruler of all, O Empress of Kashi,

Bhiksh!m dehi krip-!valambana kar%, M!t!nna P$rne#hwar%,


Grant our boon, O Compassionate Mother, most abundant Giver of sustenance, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar% O, Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

Urv% sarva jan-e#hwar% Bhagavat% M!t-!nna P$rn-e#hwar%, O Goddess who rules everything living on this Earth, O Mother Anna Purneshwari,

Ven%-n%la sam!na kuntala har% nity-!nna d!n-e#hwar%, Your braid of black hair is like that of Shri Vishnu, Ever-replete Goddess of wealth,

Sarv-!nanda kar% da#h! #hubha kar%, K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar%, Giving joy and a happy condition to all, O Empress of Kashi

Bhiksh!m dehi krip-!valambana kar%, M!t!nna P$rne#hwar%,


Grant our boon, O Compassionate Mother, Most abundant Giver of sustenance, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar% O, Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

)di ksh!nta sam-asta varnana kar% (hambho-stri-bh!v! kar%, O Primordial Earth, creating all outward forms, Bestower of happiness to all ,

K!#hm%r! tri-jal-e#hwar% tri-lahar% nity-!nkur! #harvar%, Ruler of the three waters of Kashmir and the three waves, Goddess of the night,

K!m!k!m-ksha-kar% jan-odaya kar%, K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar%, Destroyer of desires and Producer of life, O Empress of Kashi,

Bhiksh!m dehi krip-!valambana kar%, M!t!nna P$rne#hwar%,


Grant our boon, O Compassionate Mother, most abundant Giver of sustenance, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar% O, Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

Dev% sarva vichitra ratna rachit! D!ksh!yan% sundar% O, Devi, Maker of all jewels and treasures, O, Beautiful daughter of King Daksha,

V!mam sv!du-payo-dhara-priya-kar% saubhagya-m!he#hwar%, Lovely One who makes us fond of Your sweet milk, ever-shining Supreme Goddess,

Bhakt-!bh%sht*a kar% da#h! #hubha kar%, K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar%. Fulfiller of devotees’ longings, Giver of a happy fate O Empress of Kashi,

Bhiksh!m dehi krip-!valambana kar%, M!t!nna-p$rne#hwar%,


Grant our boon, O Compassionate Mother, most abundant Giver of sustenance, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar%. O, Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

Chandr-!rk-!nala-kot*i kot*% sadri#h!, chandr-!m#hu-bimb-!dhar% Like ten million moons, suns and fires, Supporter of the orb of the moons rays,

Chandr-!rk-!gni sam!na kuntala dhar%, chandr-!rka varn-e#hwar%, You wear the Sun, Moon and fire like Your hair O, Ruler of the Sun and Moon,

M!l! pustaka p!#has-!nku#ha dhar%, K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar%, Bearer of garlands, ornaments, noose and goad, O Empress of Kashi,

Bhiksh!m dehi krip-!valambana kar%, M!t!nna-p$rne#hwar%


Grant our boon, O Compassionate Mother, most abundant Giver of sustenance, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar%. O, Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

Kshatra-tr!na kar% mah!bhaya kar%, m!t! krip! s!gar%, O, Protector of warriors, Remover of fears, O, Mother who is an ocean of kindness,

S!ksh!n moksha kar% sad! #hiva kar% vi#hv-e#hwara #hr%-dhar%, Bestower of true liberation, ever-auspicious Sustainer of the Lord of this universe,

Daksh-!kranda kar% nir-!maya kar%, K!#hipur-!dh%#hwar%, Who made King Daksha wail, Protector from diseases. O Empress of Kashi,

Bhiksh!m dehi krip-!valambana kar%, M!t!nna-p$rne#hwar%,


Grant our boon, O Compassionate Mother, most abundant Giver of sustenance, He M!t! Nirmal-eshwar%. O, Supreme Mother Anna Purna.

Anna purne sad! purne, (hankara pr!na vallabhe, Gñy!na vair!gya siddhy-artham, Bhiksh!m dehi cha P!rvati. (11)

O Shri Anna-purna, ever replete, Most beloved of Shri Shiva, Give us knowledge and freedom from desires, The highest realisation is You, O Parvati.

M!t! cha P!rvati devi, Pit! devo Mahe#hwarahª, B!ndhav!hª (hiva bhakt!#h cha, Swa-de#h% bhuvana trayam. (12)

You are our Mother, O Goddess Parvati, Our Father the great Lord Shiva. The collectivity of Shiva devotees is Our family throughout the three worlds.

Bolo #hr$ M"t"nna-p%rne&hwari s"ksh"t #hr$ 'di #hakti M"t"j$ #hr$ Nirmal" Devi ki…jai! The first four and last two verses were included in the Original Mantrabook.

Twameva M t (You are my mother) Ksham"-pr"r!han"- a prayer for forgiveness. Twameva M!t! Sa Pit! twameva, Twameva bandhu Sa sakha twameva, Twameva vidy! Dravinam twameva, Twameva sarvam, Mama deva deva.

You are my Mother, You are my Father, You are my Relation, You are my Friend, You are my Knowledge, You are my Wealth, You are my Everything, O my God, my God.

Apar!dha sahasr!ni Kriy!nte aharni#ham may!, D!s&-yam iti m!m matw! Kshamaswa Parame#hwar%, Kshamaswa Parame#hwar%, Kshamaswa Parame#hwara.

I must have committed a thousand sins, In my life both night and day; Please accept me as Your servant, O Supreme Mother, forgive me, O Supreme Mother, forgive me, O Supreme Father, forgive me.

)v!hanam na j!n!mi Na j!n!mi tav-!rchanam, P$j!m chaiva na j!n!mi Kshamyat!m Parame#hwar%, Kshamyat!m Parame#hwar%, Kshamyat!m Parame#hwara.

I do not know how to invoke You, I do not know how to worshipYou, I do not know how to do Your P$ja, Forgive me, #di Shakt, Forgive me, #di Shakti, Forgive me, O Supreme One.

Mantra-h%nam kriy!-h%nam Bhakti-h%nam Sure#hwar%, Yat p$jitam may! Dev% Pari p$rnam tadastu me.

I have no mantras, I have done no good deeds, I have no devotion, O Goddess of the gods, Yet whatever worship I offer, O Devi, May it be fulfilled by You.

Prayer to the Divine Mother From the Saundarya Lahari by Shri #di Shankar!ch!rya

Japo jalpaha #hilpam sakalamapi mudr-!vi-rachan!, Gatiha pr!dakshinya kramana-ma#han! dy!huti vidhiha, Pran!maha san-ve#haha sukhama-khilam-!tm!rpana-dru#h!, Sa-pary-!pary!yas tava bhavatu yanme vilasitam. Through the sight of Self surrender, let my prattle become recitation of Your name; The movement of my limbs, gestures of Your worships; My walk, perambulation around You; My food, sacrificial offering to You; My lying down, prostration to You; Whatever I do for my pleasure, Let it become transformed into an act of worship to You.

Prayer to the Devi Verses 33 and 35 of the Hymn to Shri Narayani, page 38.

Vi#hve#hvari tvam parip!si vi#hvam, O Queen of the universe, protect the universe,

Vi#hv!tmik! dh!rayas%ti vi#hvam, O Self of the universe, You support the universe,

Vi#hve#ha-vandh! bhavat% bhavanti, O One adored by the Lord of the universe,

Vi#hva-#hr!y! ye twayi bhakti namr!ha.

Those who bow to You in devotion become the refuge of the universe.

Pranat!n!m prasida, O Devi who remove the afflictions of the universe, Tvam Devi vi#hv!rti-h!rin%, Be gracious to us who have bowed to You, Trai-lokya-v!sin!minye, Worshipped by the dwellers of the three Worlds, Lok!n!m varad! bhava. Be Boon-giver to all the worlds.


R ma Jayam

Victory to Shri R!ma – a prayer to Shri Hanuman. Om (hr% Anjaney!ya namahª Sarv-!risht*a ni-v!rakam (hubha-karam Ping!kshma-kshap!ham S%t!nveshana-tat-param Kapi-varam Kodindu s$rya prabham Lañka-dv%pa bhay-!ng!ram Sakala-dham Sugr%va sam-m!nitam Devendr-!dhi Samastha Dev!ri-nudham K!kutstha d$tam bhaje Khyatha (hr% R!ma d$ta Pavana tan$-p!va Piñgal-!ksha sighavan S%t! #hok-!pahari Da#ha-mukha vijay% Lakshmana pr!na d!ta Aneta bheshaj-!dre Lavana-jala nidhe Lañghane d%kshithoya V%ra (hr%man Hanuman Mama manasi-v!sam Karya-siddhim tanothu Buddhir balam Ya#ho dhairyam Nirbhaya tvam arogatha Ajadyam v!k patush vancha Hanumat smaran!t bh!vet

OM We bow to the son of Shri Anjana, Defender from all harm, Giving prosperity and good fortune, O, Tawny-eyed One, You searched day and night, Completely devoted to finding Shri Sita, O Worthiest of monkeys, Shining like the sun at noon, On the island of Lanka You spread fear, By setting fire to the whole city. You gave honour to Sugreeva, Praying to Shri Shiva, And equally to Shri R!ma, You served as Shri Rama’s emissary, Declaring Yourself Shri R!ma’s servant. You Son of the Wind God, Yellow-eyed and very powerful, You kept Shri Sita from sorrow, By defeating the ten-faced R!vana. You saved Shri Lakshmana’s life, By bringing the medicinal herbs, Leaping across the ocean. Dedicated and ever-prepared, Brave and glorious Shri Hanuman, Make my mind fragrant, With self-realisation, Intelligent, powerful, Of great beauty and courage, You who are free from fear and anger, O Eternal Day and Master of Speech, May our desires be fulfilled by remembering Great Shri Hanuman.

R mraksha or R ma Kavacha (Proctection of Shri R"ma) In the beginning one should meditate on Lord R"ma, putting one’s attention on the right heart. The physical description of Lord R"ma is as follows: His hands are very long, reaching His knees; He is holding a bow and arrow in His hands, sitting on a throne and wearing yellow clothes. His eyes are like fresh lotus petals and He is happy as He looks at His wife, Shri S!t" who is sitting on His left. His skin is the colour of a water-filled cloud (dusky blue). His hair is very long and His body is covered with different ornaments. 1)

2) 3)




Lord R"ma’s character is so vast that we could write 1000 million verses describing it, every word of it capable of destroying the greatest sins of human beings. A wise man should learn this praise of Lord R"ma (called R"m-raksha) by heart. The qualities of Lord R"ma are described as follows: His skin has a dusky blue colour and His eyes are like lotuses, big and joygiving. Beside Him is Shri Lakshmana and His wife Shri S!t". He is decorated with a crown of braided hair. He has a sword in one hand and a bow and arrow in the other and on His back spare arrows to kill the Rakshasas. He is beyond birth and death, His powers have no limits and by His powers He has incarnated as Lord R"ma. He is capable of destroying all negative forces and fulfilling all our desires. May Lord R"ma, who is born in the famous line of Raghu-r"ja, protect my head. May Lord R"ma, the Son of King Dasharatha, protect my forehead. May Lord R"ma, Son of Queen Kausalya, protect both my eyes. May Lord R"ma, the favourite disciple of Lord Vishwamitra, protect both my ears. May Lord R"ma, the protector of the Havan of Lord Vishwamitra, protect my nose. May Lord R"ma, who loves His brother Shri Lakshmana, protect my mouth. May Lord R"ma, who holds all knowledge, protect my tongue. May Lord R"ma, who is worshipped by Shri Bh"rata, protect my throat. May Lord R"ma, who possesses all the powerful weapons, protect my shoulders.





11) 12)

13) 14) 15)


17) 18)

May Lord R"ma, who broke the strong bow during the Swayamvara of Shri S!t", protect both my arms. May Shri S!t"’s Husband, Lord R"ma, protect my hands. May Lord R"ma, who won against Shri Para&hu-r"ma, protect my heart. May Lord R"ma, who destroyed the Rakshasa named Khara, protect the centre of my body. May Lord R"ma, who gave refuge to Jambavan, protect my navel. May Lord R"ma, who is the Lord of Sugr!va, protect my waist. May Lord R"ma, who is the Lord of Shri Hanuman, protect my groin. May Lord R"ma, who is the Destroyer of the lineage of the Rakshasas, protect my thighs. May Lord R"ma, who built a bridge over the seas, protect my knees. May Lord R"ma, who destroyed the ten-faced R"vana, protect my calves. May Lord R"ma, who gave R"ja-lakshm! to Bibh!shana, protect my feet. May Lord R"ma, who gives joy to everyone, protect my body. Anyone who learns this R"ma Kavacha, which is full of the Power of Lord R"ma, will live a long life, will be contented and happy, will have sons and will succeed wherever he goes, gifted with humility. Anyone who has the protection of this R"ma Kavacha will be saved from the evil spirits of dead people living on the Earth, in the sky or in Hell. Anyone who remembers the name of Lord R"ma as R"m, R"mchandra or R"mbhadra, never falls prey to sin, will experience all types of well-being and in the end is liberated (i.e. he gets his Self-Realisation). This R"mraksha or R"makavacha is as strong as the iron cage of Lord Indra, hence it is also called Vajrapanjar. The one who recites this R"mraksha triumphs wherever he goes, is blessed and obeyed by all. This R"mraksha was recited by Lord Shiva in the dreams of Sage Budhakaushika, and he wrote it down in the morning of the following day, exactly as told. Lord R"ma is like a beautiful garden of nectar-giving trees. Lord R"ma - who is the Destroyer of all our troubles and worries and who is praised throughout the three Lokas (Earth, Sky and Heaven) - is our God Almighty. Lord R"ma and His Brother Shri Lakshmana, who are the heads of the Raghu dynasty, protect us. Lord R"ma and Shri Lakshmana are described as follows: Young, handsome, well-built, very strong and courageous. Their eyes are like lotuses and They wear a p!t"mbar (yellow dhoti). They eat roots and herbs, They have gained mastery over the organs of Their bodies and



appear spiritually evolved. They are celibate, They protect all the animals and are great warriors with the bow and arrow. They have destroyed the dynasty of the Rakshasas. May Lord R"ma and His Brother Shri Lakshmana who have a bow and arrow ready in Their hands and many arrows on their backs, walk in front of me on my path to protect me. May Lord R"ma, who is always on guard, having a bow and arrow and club, who is always guiding our minds and who, with Shri Lakshmana, is omnipresent in the Universe, protect us. One who takes the names of Lord R"ma in the different forms now given gets many blessings from Lord R"ma. The different names of Lord R"ma are: (hr% R!ma The One who gives joy D!#haratha The Son of King Dasharatha (h$ra The Hero Lakshman-!nuchara The One whose servant is Shri Lakshmana Bala Who is strong K!kutstha The Descendant of Shri Kakutstha Purusha Who is a great man P$rna The Purnabrahma (the entire Universe) Kausalyeya The Son of Kausalya Ragh-$ttama The Highest of the Raghu dynasty. Ved!nta-vedya Who has very great knowledge Yagñye#ha The Lord of havanas Pur!na-purush-ottama The ideal human being. J!nak%-vallabha The Dear One of Shri S!t" (hr%-m!n The Possessor of everything Aprameya-par!krama A warrior without equal.

25) 26)

One who praises Lord R"ma, having dark blue skin, eyes like lotuses, who wears a p!t"mbar (yellow dhoti), is freed from the bondage of sin and death. Lord R"ma, who is the elder brother of Shri Lakshmana and the highest of the Raghu dynasty, the Husband of Shri S!t", who is very handsome, full of compassion and who is replete with good qualities, who loves brahmanas (realised souls), who is very dharmic, who is the King, the lover of Truth, Son of King Dasharatha, whose skin is beautiful and whose personality is peaceful, who gives joy to others, who decorates the Raghu dynasty like kum-kum on the forehead and who is the enemy of R"vana, I bow to you.

27) 28) 29)


31) 32)


34) 35) 36)



I bow to the Husband of Shri S!t" who is known also as Shri R"m, R"mbhadra, R"mchandra, Vedhas, Raghun"th and N"tha. O! Lord R"ma, who is the elder brother of Shri Bh"rata, who is firm in battle, be our protector! I worship the Feet of Lord R"ma in my mind. I praise the Feet of Lord R"ma. I bow at the Feet of Lord R"ma. I surrender at the Feet of Lord R"ma. Lord R"ma is my Mother and my Father. He is my Lord and my Friend. So also the ever-compassionate Lord R"ma is everything to me and I do not even know anyone else at all. I bow to Lord R"ma on whose right side is Shri Lakshmana, and on whose left is King J"naka’s daughter Shri S!t". Lord R"ma, who gives joy to everybody, who fights courageously on the battlefield, whose eyes are like lotuses, who is the Greatest of the Raghu dynasty and who is the compassionate Lord; I surrender to You. Shri Hanumana, who flies in the sky as he wills, who is as swift as the wind, who has mastered and controls his senses and organs, who is the Most Intelligent of all, who is the Chief of the monkeys, who is the Son of the Lord of the Wind and who is the messenger of Lord R"ma; I surrender to You. Sage V"lm!ki, who sits on a tree branch in the form of a cuckoo, chanting ‘R"m R"m’ in a beautiful voice; I bow to you. Lord R"ma, who is the Destroyer of all our troubles, who gives us wealth and who gives joy to the people; I bow to You again and again. When we say ‘R"m R"m’ and worship Lord R"ma, it makes us detached from worldly problems, makes us the witness, helps us to encounter material well-being and frightens away the messengers of Shri Yama (God of death). I worship the Husband of Shri S!t", Lord R"ma, who gains always the Victory. I bow to Lord R"ma who has killed the army of Rakshasas. I consider no-one greater than Lord R"ma and I am His servant. Lord R"ma, let my attention be always on Your Being and may You help me to evolve. Shri Shiva tells Shri P"rvati ‘One who takes the Name of Lord R"ma and worships Him, with such a person I am pleased.’ This Praise of Lord R"ma is equal to the Vishnu-sahasra-n"ma. Thus the R"ma-kavacha written by Sage Budha-kaushika comes to an end and may it be offered at the Feet of Lord R"ma.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

The 108 Names of Shri R ma From the Padma Purana.

Om (hr% S%t! R!machandr-!rpanam astu, May there be worship to Shri Sita and Shri Ram-chandra,

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª. Who are manifested in person as Our Beloved Mother Shri M!t!j" Nirmal! Dev", Salutations to You again and again.

‘Shri Rama is the embodiment of all the good qualities in a man, like Sankoch- Sankoch means restraintin a wise way- enlightened restrainthow far to go is the question. Shri Rama being Sankochi means He’s a man full of Grace- that He would go to any extent to bear upon Himself the problems, than to tell others to do something- this is one of the greatest qualities of Shri Rama.’ Dasshera Puja, Switzerland 4th Oct 1987.

‘There are many Sahaja Yogis who really feel this world is horrible and something must be done- Sahaja Yoga must be brought in- but how many of you are really putting that into action? –absolutely into action? Without that your Rama tattwa cannot be improved. Shri Rama’s tattwa is only improved when you put put all the things into actionthat’s exactly what Shri Rama did.’ Shri Rama’s B’day, Chelsham Road, 2nd April 1982.

Om Twameva s"ksh"t

You are:

(hr% R!ma R!ma-bhadra R!ma-chandra (h!#hwata R!j%va lochana (hr%-mat R!j-endra Raghu pungava J!nak% vallabha Jaitra

The Joy-giving Incarnation of Shri Vishnu. The Auspicious and Pleasing One. He whose countenance is pleasing like the Moon. Eternal. The One with lotus-like eyes. Glorious. The King of Kings. The Star among the race of the Raghu. The Most Beloved of Shri S"t!. Victorious.

Jit-!mitra Jan!rdana Vi#hw!mitra priya D!nta (haranya tr!na tat-para

The One who defeats all enemies. The Lord of the people. Loved by Sage Vishwamitra. The One who is restrained and patient. The Lord who is devoted to the protection of those who seek refuge. The Destroyer of V!l", usurper of Sugr"va’s throne. The One with sweet speech. The Speaker of Truth. Victorious in the name of Truth. The One whose vow is the Truth.

V!l% pra-mathana V!gmin Satya-v!ch Satya-vikrama Satya-vrata

The One who administers justice. The Eternal Refuge of Shri Hanuman. The Son of Shri Kausalya. The Destroyer of the demon Khara. The Master who released the demon Viradh from a curse. *Vibh%shana pari-tr!tri The Protector of R!vana’s brother, Vibh"shana. Hara kodanda khandana The One who broke the great bow of Shri Shiva. The One who pierced seven fan-palms with one Sapta t!la pra-bhettri arrow. The One who severed the ten heads of R!vana. *Da#hagr%va #hiro-hara

Vrata-dhara Sad! hanumad-!#hrita Kausalyeya *Khara dhvañsin *Vir!dha vadha pandita


The Killer of the demoness T!t*aka.

Ved!nta s!ra Ved-!tman Bhava rogasya bheshaja *D$shana tri#hiro hantri Tri-m$rti Tri-gun-!tmaka Tri-vikrama Tri-lok-!tman Punya charitra k%rtana Tri-loka rakshaka

The Epitome of Spiritual Knowledge. The Spirit of the Vedas. The Healer of diseases. The Slayer of the demons Trishira and Dushana.

Dhanvin Dandak-!ranya karta Ahaly!s-opa-#hamana Pitru bhakta Vara prad! Jitendriya Jita-krodha Jita-lobha Jagad guru Riksha v!nara sam!gatin

Armed with a bow. The One who lived in the Dandaka forest. The One who released Ahaly! from a curse. Devoted to Your father. The Giver of boons. The Conqueror of the senses. The One who has conquered anger. The One who has overcome avarice. The Preceptor of the World. The One who assembled the army of bears and monkeys. The One who took residence in the area of Chitrakoota. Generous in victory. Served by Shri Lakshmana. The One outstanding among all the Devas. The Restorer of life to the dead monkeys. The Destroyer of Mareecha’s illusory deer form. The Great God. The One with mighty Arms. Praised by all the Devas. Of a Gentle, Placid and Cheerful Nature.

Chitra-k$ta sam-!#hraya Jayanta tr!na varada Sumitr! putra sevita Sarva dev-!dhi deva Mruta v!nara j%vana *M!y! M!r%cha hantri Mah!-deva Mah!-bhuja Sarva dev! stuta Saumya

Shri Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva incarnate. The Nature of the three gunas. The One who covers the three worlds in three steps. The Soul of the three worlds. Famous for Your unblemished character. The Protector of the three Worlds.

Brahmanya Muni sam-stuta Mah!-yogi Mahodara Sugr%v-epsita r!jyada Sarva puny!dhika phala Smrita sarv-!gha n!#hana

Having the knowledge of the Para-Brahman. Praised by all the Saints. The Great Yogi. Big-bellied. The One who restored Sugreeva’s Kingdom. The One who gives credit for all good deeds. The Destroyer of the impurities of those who remember You with devotion.

)di purusha Parama purusha Mah! purusha

The Primordial Man. The Highest Human. The Greatest among human beings.


The Giver of good fortune as a result of virtuous acts. The Epitome of Compassion. The Greatest of ancient heroes. The One who speaks with a smiling face. Of measured speech. The One who graciously speaks first. Born in the Raghu dynasty. Characterised by boundless good qualities. The highest qualities of courage and noble mindedness The One whose exploits and character are full of the illusion of being human. The One who is greatly reverenced by Shri Shiva. The One who built a bridge over the sea. The One who conquered the Ocean. The Essence of all holy places. Shri Vishnu. Dark bodied. Beautiful. Courageous. The One who is wears a yellow dhoti. Armed with a bow.

Day! s!ra Pur!na purush-ottama Smita vaktra Mita bh!shin P$rva bh!shin R!ghava Ananta guna gambh%ra Dh%rod!tta gun-ottama M!y! m!nusha charitra Mah!-dev-!bhi p$jita Setu krit Jita v!r%#ha Sarva t%rtha maya Hari (hy!m-!ñga Sundara (h$ra P%ta-v!sas Dhanur dhara

The Protector of all sacred ceremonies. Abounding in sacrifices. Beyond old age and death. The One who established a Shiva Lingam for worship. Free from all bad qualities and attributes. Sarv-!pa-guna varjita The Entire Soul of the Universe. Param-!tman The Supreme Spirit. Para-brahman Sach-chid-!nanda vigraha One who gives the state of pure Spirit. The Light of the Supreme. Param-jyotis The Abode of the Highest Spirit. Param-dh!man

Sarva yagñy-!dhipa Yagñyin Jar! marana varjita (hiva linga prati-sh'h!tri

Par-!k!#ha Par!t-paraha Pare#ha P!raga P!raha Sarva dev-!tmaka Paraha

Of the most shining appearance. Superior to the best. The Supreme Lord. The One who has crossed over and gained all knowledge. The Final Destination. The Inner Principle of all the gods. The Supreme Being.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Who is in person Shri M!t!j" Nirmala Dev", salutations to You again and again.

tma-ashtakam ( Formerly titled Tad Nishkala) by Shri 'di Shankar"ch"rya. c.788-820CE.

Mano-buddhyaham-k!r chitt! ni n!ham I am neither the mind, intelligence, ego, nor thought

Na cha #hrotra jivhe na cha ghr!na netre Neither the ears or tongue, nor the nose or eyes,

Na cha vyoma bh$mir na tejo na v!yuhu Neither sky nor earth, nor light, nor air,

Chit-!nanda r$paha (hiv&-ham (hiv&-ham I am Eternal Bliss and Awareness. I am Shiva. I am Shiva.

Na cha pr!na sam-jño na vai pañcha v!yur Neither life energy, understanding, nor the five vital breaths am I,

Na v! sapta dh!tur na v! pañcha ko#ha Not the seven elements of the body, nor its five sheaths,

Na v!k p!ni-p!do na chopastha p!yu Not speech, hands, nor feet, nor other organs of action.

Chit-!nanda r$paha (hiv&-ham (hiv&-ham

I am Eternal Bliss and Awareness. I am Shiva. I am Shiva.

Na me dvesha r!gau na me lobha mohau Neither hatred, passion, longing nor delusion have I,

Mado naiva me naiva m!tsarya-bh!vaha Nothing of pride, intoxication or jealousy ,

Na dharmo na ch!rtho na k!mo na moksha No dharma, no wanderings, no desire or liberation.

Chit-!nanda r$paha (hiv&-ham (hiv&-ham I am Eternal Bliss and Awareness. I am Shiva. I am Shiva.

Na punyam na p!pam na saukhyam na duhkham Nothing of virtue or vice, of pleasure or pain, do I know,

Na mantro na t%rtham na ved! na yagñy! Of mantra, of sacred place, of vedas or sacrifice,

Aham bhojanam na eva bhojyam na bhokt! Neither am I the eater, the food or the enjoyment.

Chit-!nanda r$paha (hiv&-ham (hiv&-ham I am eternal bliss and awareness. I am Shiva. I am Shiva.

Na me mrityu #hañk! na me j!ti bhedaha Death or fear, I have none, nor any distinction of caste,

Pit! naiva me naiva m!t! na janma Neither father, nor mother, nor even a birth, have I,

Na bandhur na mitram gur$r naiva #hi#hyaha Neither relations nor friends, no disciples or guru.

Chit-!nanda r$paha (hiv&-ham (hiv&-ham I am eternal bliss and awareness. I am Shiva. I am Shiva.

Aham nirvikalpo nir!k!ra r$po I have no self-doubt, the formless form am I,

Vidhu-tv!ccha sarvatra sarv-endriy!-n!ma All-pervading, everywhere, I exist as the power of all the senses,

Sad! me sama-tvam na muktir na bandhaha

Eternally the same, I have no attachments or need of liberation

Chit-!nanda r$paha (hiv&-ham (hiv&-ham

I am eternal bliss and awareness. I am Shiva. I am Shiva.

‘That’s what you are. You are eternal bliss and awareness. Consciousness, the pure consciousness, I think this must be. Everyone must learn it by heart and must say it in all the ashrams. That’s a very good way of remembering what you are. May God bless you.’ H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Gmunden, Austria 1986


The 108 names of Shri Shiva From the Shiva Purana.

Amen. We, the children, bow with utter devotion and adoration to the Sacred One who resides in the heart of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. From Him came the desire for our emancipation. Om (hivam (hiva-karam (h!ntam (hiv-!tmanam (hiv-ottamam (hiva-m!rga Pranet!ram Pranatosmi Sad!-#hivam Om, O Thou Auspicious Lord, Creator of Happiness and Peace, You are the Pure Spirit, the Highest Benevolence, You are the One who leads us on the auspicious path to our Ultimate Goal; We bow to You, O Eternal Spirit.

Om Twameva s"ksh"t

(hr% (hiva (hankara Swayam-bh$ Pa#hu pati Ksham! kshetra Priya bhakta K!ma-deva S!dhu-s!dhya Hrit pundar%k-!s%na

You are:

The Auspicious One. Compassionate. Self-created. The Lord and Protector of animals. The Field of forgiveness and forbearance. Loved by devotees. The God of Love. The One who is attained by the saintly. Occupying the lotus of the heart.

Jagad dhitaishin

The Well-wisher of the Universe.

Vy!ghra komala Vatsala Dev-!sura guru (hambhu Lok-ottara sukh-!laya Sarva saha Swa-dhrita Eka n!yaka (hr% vatsala (hubha-d!

Tender to the tiger Beloved The Preceptor of the Gods and the demons. The Bestower of blessings. Abode of the most excellent happiness. The Bearer of everything. Self-supported. The Sole Lord. The Beloved of the Goddess. The Bestower of auspiciousness.

Sarva sattv!va-lambana (harvar% pati Vara-da V!yu v!hana Kamandalu dhara Nad-%#hwara Prishad a#hva Sukh-!nila N!ga bh$shana Kail!sa #hikhar-!v!sin

The Supporter of all living beings. Lord of the night. The Bestower of boons. Having the wind of vibrations as a vehicle. Carrying the water-pot of an ascetic. Lord of the rivers. Lord of the Wind. Pleasing Wind. Having serpents as Your ornaments. Residing on the peak of Mount Kail!s.

Tri-lochana Pin!ka p!ni (hramana Achale#hwara Vy!ghra charm-!mbara Unmatta vesha Preta ch!rin Hara Rudra Bh%ma par!krama

Three eyed. Holding the trident Pinaka. Ascetic. The Lord of the mountain. Wearing the tiger hide. Having the guise of a madman. Going about surrounded by bhoots. The Destroyer. Fierce. Possessing formidable powers.

Nat-e#hwara Nata r!ja

The Lord of the dance. The King of the dance.

,#hwara Param #hiva Param !tma Param-e#hwara V%re#hwara Sarve#hwara K!me#hwara Vi#hwa s!kshin

The Lord of spiritual reality. The Highest Auspiciousness. The Ultimate Soul of the Cosmos. The Supreme Lord. The Greatest of heroes. The Lord of All. The Lord of Love. The Witness of the Universe.

Nitya nritya Sarv!v!sa Mah!-yogi Sad-yogi Sad!-#hiva )tman )nanda Chandra-mauli Mahe#hwara Sudh!-pati

Eternally dancing. The Abode of All. The Great Yogi. The True Yogi. The Eternally Blissful God Almighty. The Individual Self. The Supreme Joy and Bliss. Wearing the moon as a crest jewel. The Great Lord. The Lord of nectar.

Amruta-pa Amruta-maya Pranat-!tmaka Purusha Prachchhanna S$kshma Karnik!ra-priya Kavi Amogha-danda N%la-kan'ha

The Drinker of nectar The One whose essence is nectar. The Soul of the devotee. The Divine spiritual Being. The One who is hidden. Very subtle. Fond of the pericarp of the lotus. The Enlightened Poet. The Lord whose punishment is ever-effective. Having a blue throat.

Jat*in Pushpa-lochana Dhy!n-!dh!ra Brahm!nda-hrit K!ma-#h!sana Jita-k!ma

The Ascetic with matted hair. Having eyes like flowers. The Sustainer of meditation. The One who finally removes the created Universe. The Chastiser of the God of Love. The Conqueror of lust.

Jitendriya At%ndriya Nakshatra-m!lin An-!dy-anta

The One who has overcome the senses. The Soul who is beyond the senses. Adorned with the pearl necklace of an ascetic. Having neither beginning nor end.

)tma-yoni Nabho-yoni Karun!-s!gara (h$lin Mah-eshv!sa Nish-kalañka Nitya-sundara Ardha-n!r-%#hwara Um!-pati Rasa-da

The Origin of the Self. The Origin of the Firmament . The Ocean of Compassion. The Owner of the trident The Bearer of the Mighty Bow. Unblemished. Ever beautiful. The Lord whose form is half male and half female. The Husband of Shri Parvati. The Bestower of sweetness.

Ugra Mah!-k!la K!la-k!la Vaiy!ghra-dhurya (hatru-pram!thin Sarv-!ch!rya Sama )tma-prasanny! Nara-n!r!yana-priya Rasa-gñya

Powerful and Fierce. The Great Destroyer. The Destroyer of Death. The Pre-eminent Lord who wears a tiger skin. The Tormentor of enemies. The Preceptor of all. Equanimity. The Soul which is absolutely clear and pure. Fond of Shri Vishnu as man and Avatar. Appreciative and Discriminating.

Bhakti-k!ya Loka-v%r-!gran% Chirantana Vi#hvam-bhare#hwara Nav-!tman Nav-yer$salem-e#hwara )di-nirmal-!tma Sahaja-yogi-priya

The One to be attained through devotion. The Foremost Hero of all the worlds. The Eternal Life. The Lord of the Earth. The Born again Soul. The Lord of the New Jerusalem. The Primordial Self of Shri Mataji . Fond of Sahaja Yogis.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

The 108 Names of the Sacred River Ganges Gang!sht*-ottara #hata n!m-!vali A list of 108 names of the great river Ganga.

You are: The great sacred river of India. Born from the lotus-like foot of Shri Vishnu. Dear to Lord Shiva. The Daughter of the King of the Mountains, Shri Himavant, who is also the father of Shri P!rvat". Flowing through the mountain country. Giri mandala gamin% The Mother of Shri K!rttikeya- (the destroyer of *T!rak-!r!ti janan% T!rak!sura.) The Liberator of the 60,000 sons of Sagara (who Sagar-!tmaja t!rik! had been burnt to ashes by the angry glance of the sage Kapila). Joined to the river Saraswati, which flows Saraswat% samyukt! underground and joins the Ganga and Yamuna at Allahabad. Melodious Su-ghos! Flowing to the ocean. Sindhu gamin% Brought down from heaven by the prayers of the Bh!g%rath% Saint Bhag"ratha. Happy, fortunate. Bh!gya-vat% Following the chariot of Bhag"ratha down to Hell Bh!g%ratha rath-!nug! to purify the ashes of Sagara’s sons. Tri-vikrama pad-oddh$t! The Sacred River that falls from the foot of Shri Vishnu. Flowing through the three worlds Tri-loka p!tha gamin% As white as milk. Ksh%ra #hubhr! As a cow which gives much milk. Bahu ksh%r! Ksh%ra vriksha samakul! Abounding in the four milk trees (i.e. Nyagrodha (Banyan), Udumbara (glamorous fig-tree), Ashvattha (holy fig-tree), and Madhuka (Bassia Latifolia). Tri-lochana jat*a v!sin% Dwelling in the matted locks of Lord Shiva.

Om Twameva Sakshat ... (hr% Gang! Vishnu pad!bja sambh$t! Hara vallabh! Him!chal-endra tanay!

Rina-traya vimochin%

Tripur!ri #hiras chud!

Jahnav% Nata-bh%ti-hrit Avyay! Nayan-!nanda d!yin% Naga putrik! Nir-anjan! Nitya #huddh! N%ra j!la parish-krit! Savitr% Salila v!s! S!gar-!mbu samedhin% R!my! Bindu saras Avyakta Vrind!raka sam-!#hrita Um! sapatn% (hubhr!ñg% (hr%mat% Dhaval-!mbar! )khandala vana v!s! Khandendu krita #hekhar! Amrut-!kara salil! L%l! lamghita p!rvat! Viriñchi kala#ha v!s! Triven%

The One who gives release from the Three Debts, viz. (1) Brahma-charya, the study of the Vedas for rishis, (2) sacrifice and worship to the Gods, (3) procreation of a son, to the Manes. The plume on the head of Lord Shiva, the Enemy of ‘Tripura’, a triple fortification, built in the sky, air and earth of gold, silver and iron, by Maya for the Asuras, and burnt by Shri Shiva. ‘The Daughter of King Jahnu’ the sage who drank up the river in a rage after She flooded his kingdom, but relented and allowed Her to flow from his ear. Carrying away fear. Imperishable. Affording delight to the eye. Daughter of the mountain. Pure and colourless. Eternally pure. Adorned with a net of water. The Stimulator. Dwelling in water. Swelling the waters of the ocean. Delightful. River made of water-drops. Unmanifest, unevolved. The Resort of the eminent. Having the same husband as Shri P!rvati (i.e. Lord Shiva). Having beautiful limbs. Beautiful, auspicious, illustrious, etc. Having a dazzling white garment. Dwelling in the forests of the east. Having the crescent moon as a crown. The One whose water is a rich source of nectar. Leaping over mountains in sport. Dwelling in the water-pot of Brahma (or Vishnu, or Shiva). Triple-braided by the waters of three rivers: Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

Manifesting as the Spirit of the three gunas. Trigun-!tmik! Sañgat-!ghaugha s!man% Destroying the mass of sins of Sangata (worldly attachments). (hañka dundubhi nisvan! Making a noise like a conch-shell and drum. Carrying away fear. Bh%ti hrit Creating happiness. Bhogya janan% Taking pride in the broken egg of Brahma. Bhinna brahm!nda

darpin% Happy. Nandin% Swift-flowing. (h%ghra-g! Perfect, holy. Siddh! Yielding shelter, help or protection. (harany! Moon-crested. (ha#hi-#hekhar! Compassionate. (hankar% Full of small shiny fish. (haphari p$rn! Bharga murdha krit!lay! Having Lord Shiva’s head as an abode. Dear to Lord Shiva. Bhava priy! Dear to the faithful. Satya sandha priy! Embodied in the forms of swans. Ham(sa swar$pin% Daughter of Bhagiratha. Bhag%ratha sut! Eternal. Anant! Resembling the autumn moon. (harach-chandra -nibhanan! Having the form of the Om. Om-k!ra r$pin% Peerless. Atul! Sportively billowing. Kr%da kallola k!rin% Flowing like a staircase to Heaven. Swarga sop!na saran% Bestowing water. Ambhah prad! Destroying sorrow. Duhkha hantr% Bringing about the continuance of peace. (h!nti santana k!rin% The Destroyer of poverty. Darirya hantr% Bestowing happiness. (hivad! Destroying the poison of illusion. Sams!ra visha n!#hin% Having Allahabad as an abode. Pray!ga nilay! The eastern-most of the four branches into which S%t!

the heavenly Ganga divides after falling on Mount Meru.

T!pa-traya vimochin% (harana-gata dinarta-pari-tr!n! Sumukti-d! Siddhi yoga nisevit!

The Liberator of the Three Afflictions. Protector of the sick and suffering who come to you for refuge.

Giving complete spiritual emancipation. Resorted to for acquisition of success or magic powers. The Destroyer of sin. P!pa hantr% Having a pure body. Pavan-!ñgi Para-brahma swar$pin% The Embodiment of the Supreme Spirit. Full. P$rn! Ancient. Pur!tan! Auspicious. Puny! Bestowing merit. Punya-d! Possessing or producing merit. Punya v!hin% Worshipped by Indrani, the wife of Indra. Pulomaj-!rchit! Pure. P$t! The Purifier of the Three Worlds. P$ta tribhuvan! Muttering, whispering. Jap! Moving, alive. Jangam! Support or substratum of what lives or moves. Jangama dhar! Consisting of water. Jala r$p! Friend or benefactor of what lives or moves. Jagad dh%t! The Daughter of Jahnu. Jahnu putr% The Mother of Bhisma. Jagan m!t! Holy. Siddh! Delightful, beautiful. R!my! Um!-k!ra kamala sañj!t! Born from the same lotus as Shri Parvati –a poetic way of saying that they are sisters. A light amid the darkness of ignorance. Agñy!na timira bh!nu

S"ksh"t #hr$ 'di #hakti M"t"j$ #hr$ Nirmal" Devyai Namo Namahª

The 84 Names of Shri Durg Om Twameva S"ksh"t K!me#hvar-!stra-nirdagdha-sa-bhand!sura-#h$nyak! *Madhu Kaitabha hantr% *Mahish-!sura gh!tin% *Raktab%ja vin!#hin% *Narak-antak!

You are: The Goddess whose blazing K!meshwara missile annihilates the demon Bhandasura and his city.

The Killer of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha. The Slayer of Mahish-!sura (False Sai Baba). The Destroyer of Raktabija (Guru Mah!raji). The Destroyer of Narak (‘Mah!rishi’ Mahesh Yogi/TM). *R!vana m!rdin% The Destruction of R!vana (Rajneesh/Osho). *R!kshasa-ghn% The One who destroys all evil forces and demons. Chandik! Angry with evil forces. Ugra chande#hwar% The Ferocious and Passionately Angry Goddess. Krodhin% The Cosmic Wrath. Ugra prabh! Radiant Fury. Chamund! The Slayer of the demons Chanda and Munda. Khadga p!lin% The One who rules by the sword. The One whose blinding radiance destroys the Bh!svar-!sur% demonic forces. *(hatru m!rdin% The Slayer of the enemies of the saints. Rana pandit! The Expert in the science of wars and battles. The One whose teeth are red with the blood of Rakta dantik! demons. Rakta priy! Fond of the blood of demons. The Confronter of demonic hosts and all the sins Kuru-kulla virodhin% of the world. *Daityendra m!rdin% The Victorious Chief demon Slayer. *Ni#humbha #humbhaThe Destroyer of the demons Shumba and -sañhantr% Nishumba. Chand% Passionate about protecting Your devotees. The Great Dark Compassionate Mother as the Mah!k!l% Power of the left side. P!pa n!#hin% The Destroyer and Cleanser of sins.

(hma#h!na k!lik! Kuli#h-!ñg% D%pt!

The Dark Goddess who lives in the cremation ground. Thunderbolt-bodied. The Light of the world illuminating the paths followed by all true seekers. Ghora dañshtr! The One with exceedingly fierce jaws. Mah!-dañshtr! The One endowed with Cosmic Jaws. Vijay! The One who triumphs over evil. T!r! The Saviour and the Redeemer of all evils. S$ry!tmik! Radiant Spirit like the sun. Rudr!n% The Spouse of Shri Shiva in His fierce form. Raudr% The Fierce Consort of Shri Mah!deva. Bhay-!p!h! The Liberator of devotees from fear and doubt. Rathin% The One who rides in a chariot. Samara-pr%t! Happy on the battlefield. Vaigin% The One who crushes all opposition. *T!rak-asura samh!rin% The Slayer of the wicked Taraka. Vajrin% The Wielder of the thunderbolt. Ati-r!m! The Healing Influence. (hañkin% Blowing a conch to strike fear into the demons. Chakrin% Wielding Shri Vishnu’s Discus for war. Gadin% Brandishing a Mace to crush the demons. Padmin% The Ruler of the Lotuses (chakras). (hulin% The Demon-killing Goddess bearing a Trident. Parigh-!shtr! The Divine Mother protecting devotees with a club. The Devi holding a noose as a punishment for evilP!#hin% doers. Pinaka dh!rin% The Compassionate Mother armed with a bow. Rakta-p! The One who drinks blood in the cosmic war. *Asur-!ntak! Dedicated to destroying the demons. Jaya-d! The One who gives victory. Bh%shan-!nana The One with a terrifying face. Jvalin% The Cosmic Blaze, burning the asuras. Durdhyey! The One who knows no rest from slaying the asuras. Bherund! A Formidable Form for slaying the asuras.

The Learned Goddess as the all-destroying Vigour of Shri Shiva. B!la bhairav% The Child-like Wife of Shri Rudra. Mah!-bhairav% The Great Consort of Shri Shiva. Vatuka bhairav% The One who observes Celibacy. The Divine Mother as the Source of all success and Siddha bhairav% fulfilment. Kañkala bhairav% The Ruler of the skull. K!la bhairav% The Dark-hued Wife of Shri Shiva. Kalagni bhairav% The Fierce Goddess who controls the flow of time. The Consort of Shri Shiva in the form of the Great Yogin% bhairav% Yogini. (hakti bhairav% The Power of Shri Shiva. )nanda bhairav% The Joy of the Supreme Spirit. M!rtanda bhairav% The Goddess as the Power of the Sun. Gaura bhairav% The Pure and Untouched Goddess. The Spirit of total Dissolution, who resides in the (ma#h!na bhairav% cremation ground. Pura bhairav% The Ancient Goddess. Taruna bhairav% The Youthful Mother Kali. Param-!nanda bhairav% The Power of the Ida N!di as Supreme Bliss. Sur!nanda bhairav% The One who gives Joy to the Devas. Gñy!n-!nanda bhairav% The Joy of the Highest Knowledge. Uttam-!nanda bhairav% The Supremely Joyful and Joy-giving Mother. Amrit-!nanda bhairav% The Immortal Joy of the Divine Nectar. Chakre#hwar% The Holder of the discus for destroying the asuras. The Royal discus-Holder, making her devotees R!ja chakre#hwar% fearless. V%r! Strong and Courageous. S!dhak!n!m sukha k!r% The One who gives happiness to devotees. The Mighty Mother who slays the forces which S!dhak-!ri vin!#hin% confront Your children. (hukra nindaka n!#hin% The Slayer of those who insult the spirit of Purity. The Loving Mother who destroys the suffering of S!dhak-!dhi vin!#hin% devotees.

Batu bhairav%

S"ksh"t #hr$ 'di #hakti M"t"j$ #hr$ Nirmal" Devyai namo namahª

Salutations to Shri Durg Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Jagad-amb! Durg!-m!t! S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Salutations again and again to the Protectress, The Great Goddess, The Divine Mother of this whole Universe, Who is verily Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in person.

The 108 Names of Shri Durga Shr$ Durg"sht*-ottara &hata n"ma stotram 108 names in praise of Shri Durg!.

,#hwara uv!cha:(hata-n!ma pra-vak#hy!mi (hrin-ushva kamal!nane, Yasya pras!da-m!trena Durg! pr%t! bhavet sat%. Om twameva s"ksh"t: `

(hr% Sat%

S!dhv% Bhava pr%t! Bhav!n% Bhava mochan% )ry! Durg! Jay! )dy! Tri-netr!


The Supreme Lord said: Whoever recites this hundred names to the Goddess of Lotus face, at evening-time and at break of day, Such a one pleases Mother Durg! and Becomes dear to the excellent Shri Sati (P!rvati). You are:

The Daughter of King Daksha and First Wife of Lord Shiva who consumes Herself with fire; having all the qualities of a Devoted Wife and being the most excellent Abode of Truth. The Bearer of all virtues. Loved by Lord Shiva The very amiable Consort of Lord Shiva The One who releases us from worldly existence. Most honourable and noble. The Goddess who is hard to attain. The Goddess of victory. The Primordial Goddess. Three-eyed.

(h$la dh!rin% || Pin!ka dh!rin% Chitr! Chanda ghant*! Mah!-tap!h | Manas Buddhi Aham-k!r! Chitta r$p! Chit!

Wielding a trident. Carrying a bow. Of many excellent forms. Ringing a bell fiercely to instil fear in evil-doers. The One who practices great austerities. The Psyche as combination of heart and mind. The Intellect and Understanding. The Sense of individuality, the illusion of ego. Taking the form of thought. Consciousness.

Chitih || Sarva mantra may%

Understanding and reflection. Existing as the power of all mantras.

Satt! All existence. Saty!nanda swa-r$pin% | Characterised by blissful immersion in the ultimate reality.

Anant! Bh!vin% Bh!vy! Bhavy-!bhavy! Sad! gat%h (h!mbhav%


Eternal. The Fulfilment of all good qualities. What we aspire to become. What is destined to be and what is not. The Eternal Refuge. The Beneficent Wife of Lord Shiva.

Deva m!t! The Mother of the Gods. Chint! Thoughts, cares and reflection. ` Ratna priy! Fond of jewels. Sad! | Ever-existent. Sarva vidy! All knowledge. Daksha kany! The Daughter of King Daksha. Daksha yagñyaThe One who destroyed King Daksha’s sacrifice -vin!#hin% || when he did not honour Shri Shiva. Aparn! The One who performed severe Tapas to win the love of Lord Shiva. Manifesting in many styles. Rose-pink in colour.

Aneka varn! P!t*al!

P!t*al!-vat% | Surrounded by roses and pink lotuses. Pat*t*!mbara pari-dh!n! Clothed in the finest silk. Kamal-añj%ra rañjin% || Adorned with Lotus-blossoms. Ameya vikram! Of immeasurable valour. Kr$r! Formidable. Sundar% Beautiful. Sura-sundar% | Radiant Beauty. Vana-durg! The Goddess of the forest. M!tañg% The Mother of all the tribes of elephants. Matañga muni p$jit! || Worshipped by the sage Matanga. Br!hm% M!he#hwar% Aindr% Kaum!r% Vaishnav%


The Shakti of Lord Brahma. The Power of Lord Shiva. The Shakti of Lord Indra. The Shakti of Shri K!rttikeya. The Shakti of Shri Vishnu.

Ch!mund! V!r!h% Lakshm% Purush-!kritih Vimal! Utkarshin% Gñy!n! Kriy! Nity! Buddhi-d! Bahul! Bahula prem!



The Goddess who destroys the demons. The Shakti of Shri Vishnu in His boar form. The Goddess who gives wealth and well-being. Having a human figure. Unsullied and spotless. Of elevated character. The Highest Spiritual Knowledge. Action. Eternal. The Giver of enlightened intelligence. Abundant. Overflowing with love.

Sarva v!hana v!han! || Riding on every vehicle. *Ni#humbha #humbha- The Destroyer of the demons Nishumbha and Shumbha -hanan% *Mahish-!sura mardin% | The Crusher of the evil Mahisha (false Sai Baba). *Madhu kaitabha hantr% The Bane of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha. *Chanda munda-vin!#hin% || The Eradicator of the Rakshasas Chanda and Munda. *Sarv-!sura vin!#h! The One who grinds all evil forces into the dust. *Sarva d!nava gh!tin% | The Slayer of all the demons. Sarva #h!stra may% In the form of all religious knowledge. Saty! The Utimate Reality. Sarv-!stra dh!rin% || Wielding all the weapons Aneka #hastra hast! Having the many forms of learning in Your hands. Anek-!strasya dh!rin% | The Bearer of many different weapons. Kum!r% The Virgin Goddess. Eka-kany! Kai#hor% Yuvat% Yat%h Apraudh! Praudh! Vriddha m!t! Bala-prad!



The un-excelled Virgin. The youthful Goddess. Having the appearance of a girl. One who has restrained the senses. Having the form of a young unmarried girl. Appearing as an older married woman. Taking form as a grown-up Mother. The Giver of strength.

Mahodar% Mukta ke#h%

Having a large belly. The One who wears Her hair loose and flowing.

Ghora r$p! Mah!bal! Agni jv!l! Raudra mukh% K!la-r!tri Tapasvin% N!r!yan% Bhadra-k!l% Vishnu-m!y! Jalodar%

Having a terrifying form. Of very great strength. Blazing with fire. Fierce-faced. The Dark Night of the final dissolution. The One who undergoes austerities. The Shakti of Shri Vishnu, Shri Mah!lakshmi. The Auspicious Mother of dark hue. The One who announces the Divine Incarnations. In whose belly are all the waters of the Earth.




(hiva d$t% Kar!l% Anant! Parame#hwar% K!ty!yan%

The Messenger of Lord Shiva. Having a very dreadful aspect with mouth gaping wide. Eternal. | The Supreme Goddess. The Goddess born from the brilliance of all the gods to destroy the evil Mahish-asura and his followers. Savitr% The life-giving Power of the Sun. Pratyaksh! The Overseer of the Universe. Brahma v!din% || The One who disseminates the knowledge of the identity of this whole universe with the Parabrahma.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Who is incarnated on the earth in person as Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviSalutations to You again and again.

The 84 names of Shri Vishnumaya Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Vishnum!y! s!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª We bow with the greatest reverence at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who is in person Shri Vishnumaya, the #di Shakti of this and all Universes. You are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

She who is the K"l!. She who was created by Shri Mah"k"l! Herself. She who dwells in the Vishuddi Padma, the Lotus of Vishuddi. She who is Kulish"ñgi, Thunderbolt bodied. She who is dazzling like lightning. She who has special weapons. She who is a weapon of Shri Americeshwari. She who is the conqueror of rakshasas and devils. She who conquered Mahish-"sura. She who destroyed Shumba and Nishumba. The One who is the Eternal Virgin. She who is the beloved daughter of the Vindhya mountains. She who is the Devi praised in the Devi Mah"tmyam. She to whom #di Shankar"ch"rya gave praise. Born into the home of the cow herd Nanda. She who was born on the same day as Shri Krishna. The Sister of Shri Krishna as the M"y"-shakti. The One who declares that an Avatar of Truth has come. She who sacrificed herself in order announce the Birth of Shri Krishna. She who became Lightning to announce the Birth of Shri Krishna. She who is the M"y" that is impossible to surpass - Vaikritika Rahasya. She whose M"y" is beyond the knowledge of Shiva, Brahm" and Vishnu. She who is of Mysetrious Forms - M$rti Rahasya. She whose Teeth are as Red as the Pomegranate Flowers. She with a Hundred Eyes.

26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58.

She who is N"r"yan!. The Goddess who is the Gracious Remover of Afflictions. She who gives Chastity, the Foundation of all Dharmas. Her Flowers of Chastity that express the Powers of Shri Ganesha. She who insisted that Chastity be defended by the battle with the Kauravas. The One who was Draupadi. The One whose Chastity is protected by the brother. The One who cares for the spirituality of the brother. She who was responsible for Mah"bh"rata. She who joins the five elements, the five Pandavas. She who can enter into all the elements. She who integrates heart and brain. She who is quick acting. The One who burns away negativity. The Powerful one whose Electricity brings auspiciousness. She who controls lightning, earthquakes, typhoons and burning forests. She who gives a miracle picture every 28 seconds. The One who enlightens the film medium. The One who gives pure speech. The One who empowers mantras. She who is without ego. She who bestows true humility. The One who creates confidence. The Keeper of Reality. The One who exposes negativity. The One who exposes false sophistication. She who is blameless. She who protects the respect for grandparents. She who guards the respect for the Mother principle. She who is the power of a sister in a family. She who makes us part and parcel of the whole. She who removes self-doubt. She who is the destroyer of false mantras.

59. 60. 61. 62. 63.

64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84.

The One who destroys false explanations. She who helps keep the maryadas of the chakras. She whose root is in the heart. The One who gives courage. The Power in a woman that cannot be dominated by money or materialism. She who is the Destroyer of Myths. She who removes artificial norms. She who reveals what is underneath. She who is the support of Joy. She who gives comprehension of the Subtle. She who clears the Path for Self Realisation. She who does not tolerate sarcasm. The One who is fully Capable. She who gives the quality of being whole-hearted about Sahaja Yoga. She who brings us to the Vir"ta. She who is Shri Vithala Vishnum"y" Vir"ta. She who resides in the Left Vishuddi as the Mah" Shakti. She who was Fatima, the Pure Sister and Daughter. Saraswati, She who becomes the Vishnumaya at Hamsa Chakra. The Destroyer of the D"navas and the Asuras of Viprachitta. She who is known as Sakambhari, the Giver of nourishing herbs. The great Bhramari, Her Fiery Beauty slays even the worst of foes. The Fire Power of the Id" N"di. She who speaks the Truth and purifies the ethers. She who is the Power of a Woman. She who is to be worshipped every day.



The 99 names of Allah La Illaha Illa Hah Muhammed Rasulullah There is only one God and Muhammad is His prophet.

Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim Al-Malik Al-Quddus As-Salam Al-Mu’min Al-Musawwir Al-Ghaffar Al-Qahhar Al-Wahhab Ar-Razzaq Al-Fattah Al-Muzill As-Sami Al-Basir Al-Hakam Al-Adl Al-Latif Al-Kabir Al-Hafiz Al-Muqit Al-Hasib Al-Jalil Al-Karim Al-Ba’ith Ash-Shahid Al-Haqq Al-Wakil

The Beneficent The Merciful Sovereign Lord The Holy Source of Peace Guardian of Faith The Fashioner The Forgiver The Subduer The Bestower The Provider The Opener The Dishonourer The All-Hearing The All-Seeing The Judge The Just The Subtle One The Most Great The Preserver The Maintainer The Reckoner The Sublime One The Generous One The Resurrector The Witness The Truth The Trustee

Al-Muhaymin Al-Aziz Al-Jabbar Al-Mutakabbir Al-Khaliq Al-Bari Al-Alim Al-Qabid Al-Basit Al-Khafid Ar-Rafi Al-Mu’izz Al-Khabir Al-Halim Al-Azim Al-Ghafur Ash-Shakur Al-Ali Ar-Raqib Al-Mujib Al-Wasi Al-Hakim Al-Wadud Al-Majid Al-Wali Al-Hamid Al-Muhsi Al-Mubdi

The Protector The Mighty The Compeller The Majestic The Creator The Evolver The All Knowing The Constrictor The Expander The Abaser The Exalter The Honourer The Aware The Forbearing One The Great One The All Forgiving The Appreciative The Most High The Watchful The Responsive The All-Embracing The Wise The Loving Most Glorious One Protecting Friend The Praiseworthy The Reckoner The Originator

Al-Qawi Al-Matin Al-Awwa Al-Akhir Az-Zahir Al-Batin Al-Wali Al-Muta’ali Al-Barr Al-Mumit Al-Havy Al-Qayyum Al-Wajid Al-Majid Al-Wahid Al-Jame Al-Ghani Al-Mughni Al-Mani Ad-Darr An-Nafi An-Nur

The Most Strong The Firm One The First The Last The Manifest The Hidden The Governor The Most Exalted Source of All Goodness Creator of Death The Alive Self-Subsisting The Finder The Noble The Unique The Gatherer The Self-Sufficient The Enricher The Preventer The Distresser The Propitious The Light

Al-Mu’id The Restorer Al-Muyhi The Giver of Life At-Tawwab Acceptor of Repentance Al-Muntaqim The Avenger Al-Afuw The Pardoner Ar-Ra’uf The Compassionate Malik-Ul-Mulk The Eternal Sovereign Dhul-Jalal-Wal-Ikram Lord of Majesty Al-Muqsit The Equitable Al-Ahad The One As-Samad The Eternal Al-Qadir The Able Al-Muqtadir The Powerful Al-Muqaddim The Expediter Al-Mu’ahkhir The Delayer Al-Hadi The Guide Al-Badi The Incomparable Al-Baqi The Everlasting Al-Warith Supreme Inheritor Ar-Rashid Guide to the Right Path As-Sabur The Patient

S!ksh!t Shr% )di Shakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Shri M"t"j$ hu Akbar!

The 16 names of Shri Radha Krishna Om Twameva s"ksh"t #hr$

You are:-

R!dh! Krishna

The Supreme Power of the Dark-Blue God, who is of

Vit*t*hala Rukmin% Govidam-pati Gupta Govinda Gopati Americe#hwar% Ya#hod! Vishnum!y! Vainavini-vamsanadaya Vir!tañgana Vir!ta Bala Krishna (hikhandi *Narak-!ntaka Mah!nidhi Mah!-hrada

the nature of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. Shri R!dh! Krishna with the right Vishuddi power. The Supreme Lord of those who know pure speech. Ruling over all creatures, He protects the world. The Lord attained by pure speech. The Lord of the Earth. The Lord of America. The Foster-mother of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna’s sister as the M!y! Shakti. The Holder of the flute and the sweet sound of the flute melody, The Supreme Power of the absolute Cosmic Being. Lord Krishna as a Child. The One whose Head is adorned with a peacock feather. The Destroyer of Narakasura. The One that contains all beings. The One in whose refreshing waters of Divine Bliss the Yogis remain peaceful and happy.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

The 108 Names of Shri K ishna Sanskrit -from the Divine Cool Breeze Om twameva s"ksh"t

You are:

(hr% K.ishna

The Dark-skinned God who sows and cultivates the seeds of Spirituality.


The One who gives prosperity.

The One who plays the divine flute. The One who holds all wealth and well-being. Attained through purity and holiness. The One who worships Shri Mataji. The One who loves the devotees of Shri Mataji. The One who has the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji in His heart. The One who needs no support. Nir-!dh!ra Shri Vishnu and the Father of Shri Vishnu as our Vi#hwa-dhara-janaka Lord Jesus Christ. The Eighth Incarnation of Shri Vishnu. (hr% Vishnu Worshipped as the Father by Lord Jesus Christ. Mah!-vishnu p$jita Vishnu-m!y! sughoshit*a The One announced by Shri Vishnumaya. The Master of Language. V!g-%#hwara The Brother of Shri Saraswati, the Goddess of V!g%#hwar%-bhr!tra Speech. The Brother of Shri Vishnumaya. Vishnu-m!y-!nuja The Brother of Shri Draupadi, the wife of the five Draupad%-bandhu Pandavas. The Friend of Arjuna. Par'ha-sakta A True Friend. San-mitra The One who permeates the universe. Vi#hva-vy!pti The One who guards the universe. Vi#hva-rakshin The One who witnesses the cosmic play of Vi#hva-s!kshin everything. The Supreme Ruler of the city of Dwaraka, in Dw!rak-!dh%#ha present-day Gujarat. Vi#huddhi-pr!nt-!dh%#ha The Ruler over the country of the Vishuddhi. The Leader of the people. Jana-n!yaka Vi#huddhi-jana-p!laka The Protector of the people of the land of the Vishuddhi. The Lord of the Americas. Amerik-e#hwara The Great Dark God whose skin in blue. Mah!-n%la The One who wears a yellow dhoti. P%t!mbara-dh!rin The One who always has a cheerful face. Su-mukha The One with a radiant smile. Su-h!sya

Venu-dhara (hr%-man Nirmal!-gamya Nirmal!-p$jaka Nirmal!-bhakta-priya Nirmal!-h.iday

Su-bh!shin Su-lochana Su-n!sika Su-danta Su-ke#ha (hikhandi Su-#hruta Vañ#ha dwesha-n!#haka )tma gñy!na varnita Agñy!na pra-n!#hana

The One whose speech is pleasing. The One whose eyes are fascinating. The One whose nose is handsome. The One whose teeth are perfect. The One with abundant and beautiful hair. The One with a peacock feather adorning His head. The One who listens to all that is auspicious. The Destroyer of the inequities of caste, creed and race.

Nir-!k!ra )nanda-k!ra )nanda prad!yaka Pavitr-!nanda Pavitra rakshaka Gñy!n-!nanda Kal-!nanda G.uh-!nanda Dhan-!nanda Kubera )tm-!nanda Samuh-!nanda Sarv-!nanda Vi#huddh-!nanda Sang%t-!nanda N.uty-!nanda (habd-!nanda Maun-!nanda Sahaj-!nanda Param-!nanda Nir-!nanda Natya priya

The Formless Spirit incarnated on this earth. Joy personified. The One who gives joy to the Sahaja Yogis. The Joy of purity. The Protector of chastity and purity. The One with the pure knowledge of Joy. The One who gives joy from the arts. The Ones who gives joy to the household. The One who gives the joy of prosperity. The God of wealth and prosperity. The Pure Joy of the Spirit. The Giver of the Joy of Sahaja collectivity. All Forms of Joy and Bliss. The Giver of Pure Joy. The Giver of the Joy of music. The Giver of the Joy of collective dancing. The Giver of the Joy of words. The Giver of the Joy of silence. The Giver of Joy through Sahaja culture. The Giver of Absolute Joy. The Source of Pure Joy. The Enjoyer of the Divine Play.

The One who teaches the knowledge of the Spirit. The One who teaches how to destroy ignorance and non-knowledge.

Sang%ta priya Ksh%ra priya Dadhi priya Madhu priya Gh.uta priya Mat.u charan-!m.uta priya Sudar#hana dh!rin

The Enjoyer of music. The Enjoyer of milk. The Enjoyer of curds. Fond of honey. Having a taste for ghee. The One who adores the Amrut from the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji.

Mah!-v%ra (haurya d!yaka Rana pandita Rana choda

The Great Warrior. The One who bestows Valour. The Master of the art of warfare. The One who ran away from the battlefield to destroy an enemy.

The One who uses the Sudarshan Chakra to protect the seekers.

The Master of the Param Chaitanya. The Knower of all the tricks and techniques. The Greatest Person. The God of the whole universe. The Great Being of which everything is part and parcel. The God of Yoga. Yoge#hwara The One with fatherly love for the yogis. Yogi vatsala The One who describes yoga as the destination. Yoga varnita Sahaja sande#ha v!haka The One through whom we can communicate Sahaja Yoga. The Upholder of the flag of Vishwa Dharma. Vi#hwa dharma-

(hr%-n!th Yuktivan Akbar Akhile#hwara Mah!-Vir!ta

-dhvaja dh!raka Garuda rudha Gad! dhara (hañkha dhara Padma dhara L%la dhara Damodara Govardhana dh!rin

The One who rides on the condor-like Garuda. The Weilder of the Mace. The Bearer of the Conch. The Holder of the Lotus. The Upholder of the cosmic play. The One who is very generous. The One who lifted the Govardhan mountian to protect the Gopas.

Yoga kshema v!haka Satya bh!shin Hita prad!yaka Priya bh!shin Abhaya prad!yaka Bhaya n!#haka S!dhaka rakshaka Bhakta vatsala (hoka h!rin Duhkha n!#haka *Rakshasa hant.i Kuru-kula virodha-ka

The One who looks after the well-being of the yogis. The One with all truth within Himself. The Bestower of benevolence. The One whose speech is pleasing to the Spirit. The One who creates fearlessness. The Destroyer of all fears. The Protector of the seekers of truth. The One who loves His devotees. The Destroyer of grief. The Destroyer of sorrow. The Destroyer of demons and false gurus. The One who opposed the Kuru clan which practiced adharma.

Gokul v!sin Gop!la Govinda Yadu-kula #hresh'ha Akula

The One who resides in Gokul. The One who looked after the cows. The Lord of cowherds. The Highest of the Yadava clan. Beyond all family, caste or race.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha

The 108 names of Shri Krishna (English) Whenever, O scion of Bharata, Dharma declines and evil prevails, I incarnate Myself. Bhagavad Gita Ch. IV. v. 7 No names can describe You. You cannot be grasped and You are beyond praise. Yet, based on Sahaja Yoga shastras, here are one hundred and eight names humbly offered at Your Lotus Feet. Salutation, Honour and Glory to Shri Bhagavati, Shri #di Shakti M"t"j!, Shri Nirmala Devi who bears Shri Krishna on Your forehead as the Crowning Jewel of the Heavens. You are Shri Krishna. Praise unto You for ever and ever. You are worshipped through Lord Jesus Christ. Praise unto You ... You grant permission to become a Sahaja Yogi. You accept the Yogis certified by Lord Jesus Christ. You accept the Yagñyas (sacred ceremonies) of the noble souls. You are the Primordial Being. You are the Ishwara of the Yogis. You are the God of Yoga. You are our Ideal in its highest Glory. You are sublime and the source of sublimity. You are fully aware of Your Divine Powers. You are the S"kshi (Witness). You are the Axis of the whirling universes. You are holding the strings of the cosmic puppet show. You are the great Enticer of the three worlds. You are the Father yet You are the Friend. You are the revelation of ultimate Fatherhood. You are Shri Sad"-Shiva. Shri #di Shakti’s creation is for Your play. You are the integrated brain of Divinity. You were, are and ever shall be. You are Shri Vishnu the Magnificent. You are the Supreme Yahweh of Moses. Buddha perceived You as Nir-"k"ra (formless). You are the Father of Lord Jesus Christ. You are the Allah and Akbar of Islam. You are the Lord God Almighty, All-knowing, All-pervading. You are the Master of the Aquarian Age.

You are the Doer of the Divine work in Krita Yuga. You carry the yellow-dusted Feet of Shri R"dh"ji in Your heart. You see Shri R"dh"ji in Mother’s Laughing Eyes. You are the Worshipper of Shri Nirmala Vir"tanGana. You pervade #k"sha (the Ether). You are the Blue Lord of ethereal infinity. You are blue for the sake of Shri Mah"k"li. For Your sake the firmament is blue. You wear many garlands of moons, suns and stars. You play with Mother Surabhi on the Milky Way. Shri Brahmadeva gave You Your yellow dhoti. The Sun rises to behold You. You grant the power of total confidence. You grant the power of discrimination. You grant the power of decision. You grant the power of detachment. You grant the power of responsibility. You grant the power of auspicious vision. You grant the power of leadership. You granted abundance to America. You grant the power of plenitude. You grant the power to communicate and convince. You grant power of silence. You grant power to the Sahaja Collectivity. You grant the power to share. You grant the power to permeate. You grant the power to expand Thoughtless Awareness. You grant the power of Cosmic Consciousness. You have the power to make anyone a king. You grant and withdraw power to human institutions. You bear the rings of Saturn on Your right fore-finger. You make fun of worldly powers. You shatter the pillars of false dharmas. You are blazing doom for adharma. You are both Madhuri and Samhara-shakti. You subdue the serpents of anger, hate and arrogance. You dislike frivolity, grossness and plastics. You are mischievous with individualists. You incarnate on this earth to re-establish the dharma of innocence. You restores the lost vision of the Absolute. All myths are consumed by the fire of Your Truth. You lead us to victory on the battlefield of the brain.

You lead Your worshippers beyond the Kuruk-shetra (the battlefield of the Mah"bharat war) of involvement. You inspired Abraham Lincoln. You are propitiated by the twice-born for the salvation of America. You lead the twice-born back to Gokul. You teach the twice-born through the voice of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. You are adorable and adored by the twice-born. You play and frolic in joy and happiness. The cows of Mah"rashtra rushed to lick Your Arms. You are the incarnation of gentle graciousness. You melt everyone’s hearts in the honey-like spring of Your Sweetness. You drive the chariot of the five senses. You are the Protector of chaste womanhood. You are fond of the Nirmala Bhaktas. You asked Garuda to answer the call of the Nirmala Bhaktas. You sent Sudarshana Chakra to kill the foes of the Nirmala Bhaktas. You purify all relationships. You envelop our sisters’ chastity in Draupadi’s saree. You adorn our brothers with valour and chivalry. You are the flute player of collective charisma. You play rasa with the Sahaja gopis. You are the friend of the Sudhama yogi. You make the Energy circulate through everyone. You establish the link with collectivity. You are the collective Consciousness of the Atma. You break the pitcher that covers the ego. You dissolve ego in etheric Consciousness. You dispel superego in witnessing Consciousness. You feed the roots of the Tree of Life in the brain. You enlighten the cells of the brain. You crown the consciousness of the twice-born. You sustain Adi Shakti’s throne in the brain. You are the Lord of inconceivable Majesty. You are the Witness of Your own Bliss. You rule over the ocean of Amrut. You reside at the parting of Shri #di Shakti’s Hair. You lead the play of recognition of Shri #di Shakti Nirmala Devi. You establish on this earth the dazzling Glory of Shri #di Shakti Nirmala Devi. You unite the nations of the earth at the Lotus Feet of Shri #di Shakti Nirmala Devi.

S!ksh!t Shr% )di Shakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

Advice with Ekadasha Rudra problems Some notes from Shri Mataji ’s advice on how to correct problems with the Ekadasha Rudra 1. Establish your innocence. Put your eyes to Mother Earth. 2. Cleanse your Void. If you went to a false guru beat him with shoes. 3. Put your attention more to Nature than to other people. 4. Be careful when organising; stop organising if you are catching on this centre, and don’t speak in public. 5. Obstinacy catches here. 6. A half-hearted commitment to Sahaja Yoga can cause a problem with the Ekadasha Rudra. 10. The Ekadasha Rudra collects from the left and the right sympathetic. Therefore the combination of a left catch with a right catch will particularly affect it. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Delhi - 1981

‘If it is a guru problem, then say the Adi Guru mantra for the Void. Say the mantra, if you know the name of the guru you know the mantra to be used… like ‘*Narak!sura Mardin%’,(TM) ‘*Mahish!sura Mardin%’(False Sai Baba) or ‘*Sarva Asura Mardin%’ (Destroyer of all demons) Then best is to give vibrated salt with water to drink.’ ‘Mantras for false gurus include ‘*Sarva Asatya Guru Mardin%’. (Destroyer of all false gurus)’ H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 17th May 1980. Winchester.

*These mantras would be said without ‘Shri’ before.

Shri Buddha’s Mantras The Mantras that Lord Buddha taught his disciples.

Buddham #haranam gachchhami I take refuge in the Enlightened Intelligence.

Dharmam #haranam gachchhami I take refuge in the True Religion.

Sangham #haranam gachchhami I take refuge in the Collectivity of Saints

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

Prayer for Shri Buddha P ja AUM Shri M"t"j! , salutation to Thee again and again. Shri Mataji , may all aspects of the Bodhichitta, the Enlightened Consciousness, be awakened at Thy command. May all Bodhisattvas perform Thy Aarti. May Thy grace prevail. Amen. May Amogha-siddhi, the all-accomplishing wisdom of becoming, be awakened at Thy command. May Ratna-sambhava, who maintains balance in all things, be awakened at Thy command. May Akshobhya, the wisdom of the all-reflecting mirror, be awakened at Thy command. May Amitabha, who upholds the eternal light of discrimination, be awakened at Thy command. May Vairocana, the universal harmony in the cosmos, be awakened at Thy command. And may Ava-lokite#hwara, displaying the thousand arms of acting compassion, be awakened at Thy command. Aum. Amen Shri Mataji , salutation to Thee again and again. Thou art the Primordial Splendour of God, the )di Shakti and Mother of the Devatas. Thou art the roots of all action, the success in any action and the sole and only Doer in the countless universes of Thy creation. Thou art Shri Mah!m!y!, the Mother of the )di Ahamk!ra, the Primordial Ego of God, the Prince of Kapilavastu who became, by Thy Grace, the Buddha. Salutation to Thee again and again. Shri Mataji , Thou art, in solitary Glory, the Creator, the Maker, the Absolute Doer. Thou art the Slayer of the hosts of Mara and the only real Mahat-ahamk!ra. Thou only can save us from our karma and remove the threat of the impending doom, called upon ourselves by our own misdeeds. Please, Shri Mataji , undo the evil that men have done. Thou art the great Avatar of the great Maitreya, Divine Love in human form, the master of the White Horse.

And now the plagues of this modern world will be listed: First and foremost, the ghost of materialism has empowered the rakshasi of the industrial production system with tremendous might to swallow the bodies and minds of the millions. PRAYER

Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. As a result, the three elements of earth, water and air are polluted. We are releasing chemicals which deplete the ozone sphere and destroy marine life. We are cutting down the forests that used to protect the land, and acid rains are destroying the rest. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. We have manufactured hydrogen bombs and leave behind atomic plants and radioactive waste which represent a threat for hundreds of years to come. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. Modern weaponry has transformed war into a faceless butchery of unprecedented proportion. Arms dealers are building economic empires by selling death. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. As a consequence of this, and related genocides, there are millions of bhoots haunting the planet. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. Electronic machinery and mechanisation may transform the human brain into a collection of robotic processes. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. Biotechnology and genetic manipulation may release harmful substances or lead to the creation of monstrous creatures. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. The destruction of innocence dooms our children, our families, and heralds the dissolution of society. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done.

Violence and the perversion of sex in the media pollute the Consciousness of the masses. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. The diseases of modern life such as cancer, AIDS and insanity are the direct result of our self-made hellish environment. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. Drugs and alcohol throw people into a regression of their Consciousness. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. Because people can no longer feel their heart, social services are breaking down. The hospital system tries to make money on its guinea pigs, and lawyers have graduated to professional crooks. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. The banking system does not so much encourage productive and useful activities as protect the unethical accumulation of wealth. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. Corrupt government and politicians cannot handle the problems of the Kali Yuga but, on the contrary, can only massively add to them. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. Political dictatorship and religious fanaticism have given an official seal to mindless violence. Shri #di Shakti, please undo the evil that men have done. And finally, Shri Mataji , in this country which should be the land of integration, the brain of the people has been atomised into little bits and fragments. Hence those brains are unable to get the vision of the Whole, the vision of Your Plan. These and other evils are the fruit of our karmas. May they be blown away by the wind of the Holy Spirit.

Bolo Shr% Mahat-ahamk!ra M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devi ki….. Jai!

The Mantras for Shri Mah -Gane ha Om Sw!h! Om Shr%m Sw!h! Om Shr%m Hr%m Sw!h! Om Shr%m Hr%m Kl%m Sw!h! Om Shr%m Hr%m Kl%m Glaum Sw!h! Om Shr%m Hr%m Kl%m Glaum Gam Sw!h! Om Shr%m Hr%m Kl%m Glaum Ityantah Gam Sw!h! Om Vara Varada Ityantah Sw!h! Thus ends desire for boons- swaha!

Garvajanam Me V!sam Ityanto Sw!h! Thus ends intoxication of pride in me- swaha!

Anaya Sw!h! Ityantah Thus ends misfortune- swaha!

Aim Hr%m Kl%m Chamund!yai Vicche namahª Salutations to the victorious Goddess who destroys all negativity.

S!ksh!t Shr% )di Shakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Who is before us in person as Her Supreme Holiness Shri M!t!j" Nirmal! Devi *Most of these are b$ja-‘seed’ mantras, that is sounds which have power but only mystical meanings.

Sw"h"-‘may it be auspiciously said’- is the mantra said when making offerings to the sacred fire. (Su-‘ good, auspicious’, "h"- ‘speak’.)


The 11 Ekadasha Rudras Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Ek!da#ha Rudra s!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Om. Salutations to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Who is the manifestation in person of the eleven negativity-destroying powers of Lord Jesus Christ.

(hr% Mah! Gane#ha (hr% Mah! Bhairava (hr% Hiranya Garbha (hr% Buddha (hr% Mah!v%ra (hr% Ye#hu (hr% Lakshm% N!r!yana (hr% (hiva (hakti (hr% K!rttikeya (hr% Mah! Hanumana (hr% Brahmadeva Saraswat%

Shri Ganesha’s evolved Form at Agnya Chakra. Shri Bhairava’s higher Form at Agnya Chakra. The Golden Egg that gives birth to all creation. The Enlightened One. The Great Warrior. The Incarnation of Shri Mah!-vishnu. The Refuge and Well-being of the Universe. The Creative Principles of the Universe. The General of the Divine Forces. The Power of the enlightened Right Side. The Source of all Speech, Learning and Creativity expressing Divine Knowledge and Love.

Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Sarva Mantra Siddhi Vidh!yin% S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Om. Salutations to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Who is the Accomplisher of the Fulfillment of all mantras.


108 Names of Lord Jesus Christ (Sanskrit)

Om Twameva s"ksh"t Shr$

You are:-

)gñy! Chakra Sw!min S$rya Kshama Prad!yaka Kshama Swar$pa (hama dama vairagya-titikshah prad!yaka Omk!ra

The Lord and Master of the #gñya Chakra. The Sun. The Bestower of Forgiveness. The One whose Form is Forgiveness. He who bestows contentment, self-restraint, detachment and patience. He who is the Word Incarnate, The Primordial Sound Om. The Vibrations of Divine Consciousness. The Primordial Man. He who has a Thousand Heads. He who has a Thousand Eyes. The Ninth Incarnation of the All-pervading Lord. The Son of Shri Vishnu as Shri Krishna. The Higher Form of Shri Vishnu.

Chaitanya )di Purusha Sahasra #h%rsha Sahasr-!ksha Vishnu Vishnu suta Mah!-vishnu Ananta-koti Brahm!nda-dh!raka Hiranya Garbha P$rva Ghoshita Brahm! Vishnu-Rudra sevita P!vitrya Prad!yaka Gop!la Go-sevita Krishna suta R!dh! nandana P!pa n!shaka P!pa vimochaka Prak!sha )k!sha Agni Mah!-karunya r$pin Tapaswin

He who upholds endless millions of universes. He who was Born of the Golden Egg. He who was Foretold. The One who was attended by the Trimurtis as the three wise men. The Bestower of Purity. He who looks after cows. Served by the cows. The Son of Shri Krishna. The Joy-giving Son of Shri Radha The Destroyer of sins. The Liberator from sins. The Light. The Ether. The Fire. He whose Form is Great Compassion. The Greatest Ascetic.

Ham ksham b%ja )tma Param-!tma Amruta )tma tattwa j!tha Sh!nta Nir-vichara )di !gñya chakra-stha Kalki Ek!dasha rudra sevita Utkr!nti tattwa Utkr!nti !dh!ra Sarvocchrita Mahat manasa Mahat ahamk!ra Turiya sthiti prad!yaka Turiya v!sin Dw!ra K!rttikeya Mah!-Ganesha Abodhita swar$pa Abodhita prad!yaka Shuddha M!ñgalya prad!yaka Aud!raya Mah!-lakshmi netra taja Pari-p$rna sahaja yogi )di sahaja yogi Sresh'ha sahaja yogi )di #hakti Shr% M!t!j%-Nirmala Devi priyam kart! Shashvata S'hanu Sat chit !nanda ghana Svair! ch!ra n!shaka Dharma martanda n!shaka Nir-iccha

The Seed Mantras ‘I am’, ‘I forgive’. The Embodiment of the Individual Spirit. The Supreme Spirit. Imperishable. Born of the Spirit. Silence. Without mental activity. Residing in the primordial Agnya chakra. The Final Incarnation of Shri Vishnu. Served by the eleven destroying powers of God. The Principle of Evolution. The Support of Evolution. The Highest. The Mind of the Virata The Great ‘I am ‘ of the Virata. The Bestower of the state of Pure Spirit Residing in the Fourth State of Pure Spirit. The Gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Demon-destroying Son of Shri Shiva. Absolute Innocence coupled with Full Knowledge. Innocence Incarnate. Granting Innocence to Your devotees. Absolute Purity. Bestowing Auspiciousness on those who worship You. Generosity Personified. The Light in the eyes of Your Mother. The Perfect Sahaja Yogi. The Primordial Sahaja Yogi. The Superior Sahaja Yogi. The One whose works are pleasing to Shri Mataji. Eternal. Immovable. The Concentration of Divine Qualities. The Destroyer of adultery. The Destroyer of religious fanatics. Desireless.

Dhana-d! Shuddha sweta )di balaka )di brahmacharin Pur!tana Alpha-cha Omega-cha Samasta s!kshin ,sha putra Moha varjita M!matah hantrin Viveka Aghor n!shaka Gñy!na r$pa Sad-buddhi d!yaka Su-gñy! Purna-namra Bhautikata n!shaka Aham-k!ra n!shaka Prati-aham-k!ra shoshaka Ashuddha-iccha-n!shaka Hrud mandira-stha Aguru n!shaka Asatya khandin Vansha-bheda n!shaka Krodha n!shaka )di #hakti M!t!j%-Nirmal! Devi priya putra )di shakti-archita Prathish'hana kshetra-niv!s krita Cabella v!sin Sahasr!ra dw!ra v!sin Nish-kalañka Nitya Nir-!k!ra Nir-vikalpa Lok-!t%ta Gun-!t%ta

The Giver of Wealth and Well-being. The Pure Whiteness. The Primordial Child. The First amongst the Celibate. Ancient. The Alpha and Omega. The Witness of all. The Son of God. Free from all temptations. The Remover of all attachments. The Discrimination between truth and untruth The One who condemns all occult practices. The One whose Form is all Knowledge. The Giver of True Intelligence. All Wisdom. Perfect Humility. He who condemns materialism. The Remover of ego. The One who sucks in super-ego. The Destroyer of impure desire. Residing in the temple of the heart. The Eliminator of the false gurus. The Annihilator of falsehood. The Remover of racialism. The One who neutralises anger. The Beloved Son of Shri Mataji. Worshipped by Shri #di Shakti. Abiding in the Holy Land of Prathish%han Residing in Cabella. Stationed at the Gate to Sahasrara. Unstained Purity. Eternal. The Formless. Free from self-doubt. Beyond the three worlds. Beyond all attributes and qualities.

Mah!-yogin Nitya mukta Avyakta m$rtin Yoge#hwara Yoga dh!ma Yoga swar$pa Yeshusa

The Great Yogi. Eternally Liberated. The Formless Incarnate. The Supreme Knower of Yoga. The Abode of Yoga The One whose Very Form is Divine Union. Our Eternal Lord, Shri Jesus.

S!ksh!t Shr% )di Shakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

‘Then this flow reaches to the higher state of Agnya Chakra, where Shri Ganesha's power becomes the power of forgiveness. Then it rises above to the limbic area where the power of Shri Ganesha which is beyond the sun, is seated; then superego appears above. This is the power of moon. Here is the spirit of moon. It becomes the 'spirit'. It is always seated on the head of Shri Shiva. This is the complete evolution of Shri Ganesha's Shakti, as you see, it’s extremely beautiful. In this way our 'desire' itself becomes the 'Spirit'. Your desire and Spirit become one, united.’

The 108 names of Lord Jesus Christ (English) We bow to the One who is the only Son of His Virgin Mother, in every pore of whose body galaxies whirl as dust, who was born to teach us of His Father Sad"-shiva, the Everlasting God Almighty. Amen. He is the Primordial Being, the AUM. He is Vishnu and the son of Vishnu. He is Mah"vishnu. He is pure Pranava Energy. He contains millions of universes. He was born in the Primordial Cosmic Egg. He was conceived in the heart of Shri M"t"j! . He was foretold by the prophets. He was heralded by a star in the east. He was attended by the three magi, who were Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. He was born in a stable. He is the teacher. He is a friend of the cows. He was attended by cows. His Father is Shri Krishna. His Mother is Shri R"dh". He is the saviour who burns all our sins with His fire. He adorns the #gñy" Chakra. He is Light. He is of the nature of sky. He is Fire. He performed miracles out of His compassion. He whose cloak was touched. He is a friend of ascetics. He is worshipped by families. He is the B!ja Mantras Ham and Ksham. He is the Forgiver. He allows us to forgive. He is the Spirit.

He is born of the Spirit. He who was crucified and resurrected in pure Spirit. He who rose after three days. He is Peace. He absorbs all thought. He abides in the #di Agñya Chakra. He who promised The Comforter who is Shri Mataji , the Holy Spirit. He who returns as a King. He is Shri Kalki. He is the Principle of evolution. He is the Support of our evolution. He is the End of evolution. He is the Evolution from collective subconscious to collective Consciousness. He is the Narrow Gate. He is the Way to the Kingdom of Heaven. He is the Silence. He is Lord K"rttikeya. He is Shri Mah"Ganesha. He is the Purity of Innocence. He is Continence. He is Generosity. He is the Light in the eyes of Shri Mah"Lakshm!. He is obedient to His Mother. He is the perfect Sahaja Yogi. He is the perfect brother. He is the Embodiment of joy. He is the Embodiment of gentleness. He spits out the half hearted. He who condemns all fanatics. He who is uninterested in riches. He who gives all riches to his devotees. He who is pure white. He is the Sacred Heart. He wears a crown of thorns. He who condemns misery. He who suffered so that we should enjoy. He is a child. He is ever ancient. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He who gives the Kingdom of Heaven equally to those who are first or last. He is ever with us.

He is beyond the Universe. He is the Sign of the Cross. He is above discrimination. He is the witness. He is the One who is witnessed. He who overcomes temptation. He who exorcizes evil. He who condemns occult practises. He is the Embodiment of tapas (penance). He worships His Father. He is hallowed by His Father. He whose name is Holy. He is Intelligence. He is Wisdom. He is Perfect Humility. He is angry with materialists. He destroys ego. He absorbs superego. He is the destroyer of desires. He is the pure power of desire. His church is the heart. He has the eleven destroying powers. He is the Destroyer of false prophets. He is the Destroyer of untruth. He is the Destroyer of intolerance. He is the Destroyer of racialism. He is the Destroyer of anger. He is the Herald of the Golden Age. He is adored by our Mother. He is praised by our Mother. He is loved by our Mother. He is the One who is chosen. He is awakened in all Sahaja Yogis. He who rides the white horse at the end of the age. He is the end of our fears. He guards the gate of our Mother. He is the only way to the Kingdom of God. AUM Shri Mah!lakshm% Mah!vishnu s!ksh!t Shri Mah!vir!ta s!ksh!t Shri )di Shakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

Shri Bhagavati Bhaga: Bhaga means six things together. They are the six attributes of God. And Bhagavati is the power of God, that’s why She is called like that; six basic attributes of God. First is Innocence; Second is Creativity; Third is P"lanhar - is the one which nourishes. See, if you put the gardener and the Mother Earth together then that quality is nourishment, growth and looking after, called as P"lanhar. The sustenance is also there, the kindness, the control, the looking-after, the weeding out - and the enjoyment of seeing your creation. The one who makes our growth possible. Then He is Almighty. Nobody is more powerful than Him, He is the Most Powerful. And He is Unencompassable. He is All-pervading and He knows everything – ‘Sarvagñya’. He knows everything: Omniscient. This is Bhaga; and Bhagavati is the Power of God, without Bhagavati God has no meaning. It’s like moon and moon-light, its like sun and sunlight. You cannot differentiate. They are one and the same. #di-Shakti is the same as Bhagavati. She is called by many names. One of them is Nirmala also. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Prayer to the Almighty You must pray to God and ask what you want. Ask for ‘Complete satisfaction in my heart, Joy in my heart, Bliss in my heart; so that the whole world becomes blissful’. ‘Give me Love, Love, that I could love the whole world and that the whole world becomes one in Love’. ‘Give salvation to the entire humanity, which is suffering’. ‘Take me to Your Feet’. ‘Cleanse me with Thy Love’. ‘Now see if there’s God or not. You can feel it. Within yourself he hears you. He is the Glory of all the Glory. He loves you, He protects you, He guides you. He has created you to be really His Love. But accept it.’ ‘Any time any thought is coming to you - pray; and you will be moving in the way of that Ocean which is Unconscious mind, which starts with thoughtless awareness. If you cannot become thoughtless, you pray to Him: ‘Forgive me for what I’ve done, and forgive those who have done harm to me’. H.S.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Mumbai - February 9th 1975

Shri Nirmal namask r from the Shri Lalit

Sahasran ma

Shr% Mah! Nirmal! Mah!t% Shr% Mah!-rajñ% )di (hakti Shr% Mah!-gr!sa Mah!sana Shr% Mah! Tripura-sundar%

The Great Immaculate Object of all worship Supreme Empress and Primordial energy, Great Consumer, occupying the Highest Seat, Most beautiful Shakti of Lord Shiva.

Shr% Sarve#hwar% Sarva-may% Shr% Sarva Mantra Swar$pin% Shr% Jayatsena Tripure#h% Shr% Mahe#hwar% Mah!dev%

Ruler of everything, being everything, In the Form of all mantras Victorious General that destroys Tripura Supreme Ruler and Highest Goddess

Shr% Mah!-lakshm% Mah!-k!l% Shr% Sarv-!dh!r! Mah!-r$p! Shr% Par!t-par! Mah!-P$jy! Shr% Mah!-p!taka N!#hin%

Queen of Evolution, Sustenance and Protection Support of everything, having the vast Form Worshipped as the Highest of the High Destroyer of even the greatest of sins.

Shr% Mah!-m!y! Mah!-sattva Shr% Mah!-(hakt% Mah!-rat% Shr% Mah!-bhoga R!jya-lakshm% Shr% Mah!-v%rya Mah!-buddh%

Great Illusion and Ultimate Reality, The Supreme Power and the Highest Joy, Finest Enjoyment and Queenly Serenity, Greatest courage and Highest Intelligence.

Shr% Mah!-bala Mah!-siddh% Shr% Mah! Yoge#hwar-e#hwar% Shr% Mah! Tantra Mah! Mantra Shr% Mah! Yantra (hiva M$rt%

Highest Strength, Power and Success, Supreme Goddess of even the Highest Yogis, The Subtlest Techniques and Mantras, The Greatest Science and the Auspicious Form.

Shr% Mah! Kail!sa Nilaya Shr% Mah! Bhairava P$jita Shr% Mahe#hwar% Mah!kalpa Shr% Mah! T!ndava S!kshin%

O Great Dweller on Mount Kailas, Worshipped by the Great Lord Shiva Himself, Supreme Goddess, Ruler of the Ages, Witness of the great dance of Lord Shiva.

Shr% Vi#hwa M!t! Vi#hwa Gr!sa Shr% Nir!k!ra Nirvik!ra Shr% Nirmal-!mbika Prakrit% Om Twameva Parame#hwar%

Producer and Consumerof the Universe Formless and Unchanging Immaculate Mother Adi Shakti You are the Supreme Goddess.

Shr% Mah! K!me#ha Mahish% Shr% Mah! Yogin% M!lin% Shr% Mah! M!t! Nirmal! M! Shr% )di Dev% (hr% V!stav!

Most excellent Queen, the Ruler of Desire, Great Garlanded Worker of Magic. Most Immaculate Mother Goddess The Primordial Goddess in Her genuine form.

Namas-tasye namas-tasye namas-tasye namo namahª.

The Kavach of the Devi Shri Chand$ Kavacha Note: The Italicised portion is the original English text from the Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book

‘Kavacha’ means a ‘breastplate’ or ‘protection’.

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Mahe#hwaraha, Guruhu s!ksh!t Parabrahma, Shr% M!t!j% Nirmal! M!, Tasyai Shr% Guruve namahª. Our Guru is The Great Mother. All Her Shakti and Yogin" aspects are available for Her children. By reading The Kavach of the Devi, we mobilise these powers to purify and enlighten our Koshas (our mental, emotional and physical bodies). Thus, by the Power of the Gurumata the Atma becomes the Guru of the body. While reading The Kavach of the Devi one should put one’s attention on the aspect or the part of the body which is to be protected. One may also, while reading, pause between the names and take the corresponding mantra, for example: Om Twameva s"ksh"t , Shr$ Chandi namo namahª The Kavach should be read aloud. It washes away the ‘catches’ and bathes the children in Divine Vibrations. May the wisdom and compassion of our Satguru flow through us and reach the four quarters of the earth. Jai Shri M"t"j$ !

Shr% Ganesh!ya namaha. Amen In the Name of Shri M"t"j$ Nirmal" Devi, the Merciful, the Compassionate. The protection of Shri Chandi. Salutations to Shri Ganesha. Salutations to Shri Saraswat$. Salutations to Shri Guru. Salutations to the Deity worshipped in the family, that is, Shri M"t"j$ Nirmal" Devi. May there be no obstacle. Amen. Salutations to N"r"yana. Amen. Salutations to Nara-n"ratam, that is, Shri Vishnu. Amen. Salutations to the Goddess Saraswat$. Salutations to VedVy"sa, that is, Sage Vy"sa, the all-knowing.

Now begins the Kavach of the Devi.

Asya Shr%-Dev%-kavachasya Brahm! rishihi, The Presiding Sage for Shri Chandi-Kavach is Brahm",

Anusht*,up chhandaha,

The metre is Anusht*ubh, (four padas of eight syllables each)

Ch!mund! devat!, The Presiding Deity is Shri Ch"mund",

Anga-ny!s-okta-m!taro b%jam, The main seed is Añga-ny"s-okta m"tar (‘to be uttered while putting the attention to different parts of the body’).

Digbandha-devat!s-tattvam, The Principle is Digbandha Devata. (‘Positioning the body in the direction of the Deity’)

Shr% Jagad-amb! pr%ty-arthe jape viniyogaha. It is recited as part of Sapta-Shati, to please Shri Jagadamb".

Om namash-Chandik!yai. Amen. Obeisance to Shri Chandik".

Om M!rkandeya uv!cha. Thus spoke M"rkandeya:

Yad-guhyam paramam loke sarva-raksh!-karam nrin!m, Yanna kasya-chid!khy!tam tanme br$hi Pit!-maha.


Amen. O Brahmadeva, please tell me that which is very secret and has not been told by anyone to anybody else and which protects all human beings in this world.

Brahm-ov!cha. Shr$ Brahmadeva said;

Asti guhya-tamam vipra sarva-bh$t-opa-k!rakam, Devy-!stu kavacham punyam tat-#hrinushva mah!-mune. (2) Brahmin, there is Devi Kavach which is most secret and is useful to all beings. Please listen to that, O Great Sage.

Prathamam Shaila-putr%ti, dvit%yam Brahma-ch!rin%, Trit%yam Chandra-ghant,et%, K$sh-m!ndet% chaturthakam. (3) Pañchamam Skanda-m!tet%, shasht,ham K!ty!yan%ti cha, Saptamam K!la-r!trish-cha, Mah!-gaur%ti ch-!sht,amam.


Navamam Siddhi-d!tr% cha, nava Durg!ha pra-k%rtit!ha, Ukt!nyet!ni n!m!ni, Brahma*-naiva mah-!tman!.


The following nine names have been told by the Great Soul Brahmadeva Himself. Shri Durga is known by these names: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth,

Shaila-putr$ Brahmach"rin$ Chandra-ghant*a K%sh-m"nd" Skanda-m"t" K"ty"yan$ K"la-r"tr$ Mah"-gaur$ Siddhi-d"tr$

Daughter of the King of Himalayas, One Who observes the state of Celibacy, One Who bears the Moon around Her neck, Whose Void contains the Universe, Who gave birth to Shri K!rttikeya, Who incarnated to help the Devas, Who is even the destroyer of Kali, One who made great penances, One who grants Moksha.

Agnin! dahyam!n-astu #hatru-madhye gate rane, Vishame durgame chaiva bhay-!rt!ha #haranam gat!ha.


Those who are frightened, having been surrounded by enemies on the battlefield, or are burning in fire, or being at an impassable place,

Na tesh!m j!yate kim-chida-#hubham rana-sañkat,e, N!padam tasya pa#hy!mi #hoka-duh:kha-bhayam nahi.


Would face no calamity, and would never have grief, sorrow, fear or evil, if they surrender to Shri Durga.

Yaistu bhakty! smrit! n$nam tesh!m siddhihi pra-j!yate, Those who remember You with great devotion indeed have prosperity.

Ye tw!m smaranti deve#hi rakshase t!nna sam-#hayaha

Undoubtedly, O Goddess of The Gods, You protect those who remember You.

Preta-samsth! tu Ch!mund! V!r!h% mahish-!san!.


The Goddess Ch"mund" sits on a corpse, V"r"h$ rides on a buffalo,

Aindr% gaja-sam-!r$dh! Vaishnav% garud-!san!, Aindr$ is mounted on an elephant and Vaishnav$ on a condor.

M!he#hwar% vrish-!r$dh! Kaum!r% #hikhi-v!han!.


M"he&hwar$ is riding on a bull, the vehicle of Kaum"r$ is the peacock,

Lakshmi padm-!san! Dev% padma-hast! Hari-priy!, Lakshm$, the Beloved of Shri Vishnu, is seated in a lotus and is also holding a lotus in Her Hand.

(hveta-r$pa-dhar! Dev% /#hwar% vrisha-v!han!. The Goddess (&hwar$, of white complexion, is riding on a bull.

Brahm% hamsa-sam-!r$dh! sarv!-bharana-bh$shit!, and Brahm$, who is bedecked with all ornaments is seated on a swan.

Ityet! m!taraha sarvaha sarva-yoga-sam-anvit!, All the Mothers are endowed with Yoga

N!n! bharana-#hobh-!dhy! n!n!-ratn-opa-#hobhit!ha.


and are adorned with different ornaments and jewels.

Dri#hyante ratham-!r$dh! devyaha krodha-sam-!kul!ha, All the Goddesses are seen mounted in chariots and very angry.

(hañkham chakram gad!m #haktim halam cha musal-!yudham. They are wielding conch, discus, mace, plough, club, javelin,


Khet,akam tomaram chaiva para#hum p!#ham-eva cha, axe, noose, barbed dart,

Kunt-!yudham tri#hulam cha #h!rngam-!yudham-uttamam. (12) trident, bow and arrows.

Daity!n!m deha-n!#h!ya bhakt!n!m-abhay!ya cha, These Goddesses are wielding their weapons for destroying the bodies of demons, for the protection of Their devotees,

Dh!rayanty-!yudh-!n%ttham dev!n!m cha hit!ya vai.


and for the benefit of The Gods.

Namast+-stu mah!-raudre mah!-ghora-par!krame, Salutations to You, O Goddess, of very dreadful appearance, of frightening valour,

Mah!-bale mah-ots!he mah!-bhaya-vin!#hin%, Of tremendous strength and energy, the Destroyer of the worst fears.

Tr!hi m!m Devi dush-prekshye #hatrun!m bhaya-vardhin%. (14) O Devi, it is difficult to have even a glance at You. You increase the fears of Your enemies, please come to my rescue.

Pr!chy!m rakshatu m!m Aindr% !gneyy!m Agni-devat!, May Goddess Aindr$ protect me from the east. Agni Devat" (Goddess of Fire) from the south-east,

Dakshin+-vatu V!r!h% nairrity!m Khadga-dh!rin%. V"r"h$ (Shakti of Vishnu in the form of the boar) from the south, Khadga-dh"rin$ (Wielder of the sword) from the south-west,


Prat%chy!m V!runi rakshed-v!yavy!m Mriga-v!hin%, VarunI, the Shakti of Varuna the rain God, from the west and may Mriga-v"hini, whose vehicle is the deer, protect me from the north-west.

Ud%chy!m raksha Kauberi* %#h!ny!m (h$la-dh!rin%.


The Goddess Kaum"r$, the Shakti of Kumar, that is, K!rttikeya, protect me from the north and Goddess Sh%la-dh"rin$ from the north-east,

-rdhvam Brahm!n% me rakshed-adhas-t!d Vaishnav% tath!, Brahm"n$, the Shakti of Brahma, from above and Vaishnavi, Shakti of Vishnu, from below, protect me.

Evam da#ha di#ho rakshet Ch!mund! #hava-v!han!.


Thus Goddess Ch"mund", who sits on a corpse, protects me from all the ten directions.

Jay! me agrataha sth!tu Vijay! sthatu prisht,hataha, May Goddess Jay" protect me from the front and Vijay" from the rear;

Ajit! v!map!r#hve tu dakshine ch-0par!jit!.


Ajit" from the left and Apar"jit" from the right.

(hikh!m me Dyotin% rakshet Um! m$rndhi vyava-sthit!, May Goddess Dyotin$ protect the top-knot and may Um" sit on my head and protect it.

M!l!-dhar% lal!t,e cha bhruvau rakshed-Ya#h!svin%.


May I be protected by M"l"dhar$ on the forehead, Yashaswin$ on the eye-brows.

Trinetr! cha bhruvor-madhye Yama-ghant,! cha n!sike, Tri-netra between the eye-brows, Yama-ghant" on the nose,

(hañkhin% chakshushor-madhye #hrotray-ordv!ra-v!sin%.


Sh"nkhini on both the eyes, Dw"rav"sin$ on the ears,

Kapolau K!lik! rakshet karna-m$le tu (h!nkar%, May K"lik" protect my cheeks and Sh"nkar$ the roots of the ears.

N!sik!y!m Sugandh! cha uttarosht,he cha Charchik!.


May I be protected by Sugandh"- nose, Charchik"- lip,

Adhare ch-0mrita-kal! jivh!y!m cha Saraswat%, Amruta-kal" -lower lip, Saraswat$- tongue,

Dant!n rakshatu Kaum!r% kant,ha-madhye tu Chandik!. Kaum"r$- teeth, Chandik"- throat,


Dhant,ik!m Chitra-ghant,! cha Mah!-m!y! cha t!luke, Chitra-ghant"- sound box, Mah"-m"y"- crown of the head,

K!m!ksh% chibukam rakshet v!cham me Sarva-mañgal!.


K"maksh$- chin, Sarva-mañgal"- speech,

Griv!y!m Bhadra-k!l% cha prisht,ha-vañ#he Dhanur-dhar%, Bhadra-k"l$- neck, Dhanur-dhar$- back.

N%lagr%v! bahihi kant,he nalik! Nala-k$var%.


May N$la-gr$v" protect the outer part of my throat and Nala-k%bar$- windpipe,

Khadga-dh!rin-yubhau skandhau b!hu me Vajra-dh!rin%, May

Khadgin$ protect my shoulders and Vajra-dh"rin$ protect my arms.

Hastayor-Dandin% rakshet Ambik! ch-!ngul%-stath!.


May Devi Dandin$ protect both my hands, Ambik"- fingers,

Nakh!ñ-chh$le#hwar% rakshet kukshau rakshen-nale#hwar%, Sh%le&hwar$ my nails and may Kule&hwar$ protect my belly.

Stanau rakshen-Mah!-lakshm%hi manaha-#hoka-vin!#hin%.


May I be protected, by Mah"-dev$- breast,

Hridayam Lalit!-dev% udaram (h$la-dh!rin%, Lalit" Dev$- heart, Sh%la-dh"rin$- abdomen,

Nabhau cha K!min% rakshet grahyam Guhye#hwar% tath!.


K"min$- navel, Guhye&hwar$- hidden parts, P%tana-k"mik"- reproductive organs,

Kat,y!m Bhagavat% rakshet j!nun% Vindhya-v!sin%, May Goddess Bhagavat$ protect my waist, Vindhy"-v"sin$- knees

Bh$-n!th! cha medhram me ur$ Mahisha-v!hin%.


Mahisha-v"hin$- rectum.

Janghe Mah!-bal! prokt! sarva k!ma prad!yin%, And may the wish-fulfilling Mah"-bal" protect my hips.

Gulphayor N!rasimh% cha p!dau ch!mita Tejas%.


May N"ra-sinh$ protect my ankles. May Taijas$ protect my feet,

P!d-!ngul%hi (hr%r-me rakshet p!d-!dhas Tala-v!sin%, May Shr$ protect my toes. May Tala-v"sin$ protect the soles of my feet.

Nakh!n-Damsht,r!-kar!l% cha ke#h!m#h-chaiv-Ordhvake#hin%.(30) May Danshtra-karal$ protect my nails, Urdhva-keshin$- hair,

Romak$peshu Kauver% twacham V!g%#hwar% tath!, Kauber$- pores and V"g$&hwar$- skin.

Rakta-majj!-vas!m-!ms!nya-sthi-med!msi P!rvat%.


May Goddess P"rvat$ protect blood, marrow of the bones, fat and bone;

Antr!ni K!la-ratri#h-cha pittam cha Mukut,e#hwar%, Goddess K"la-r"tr$- intestines. Mukute&hwar$- bile and liver.

Padm!-vat% padma-ke#he kaphe Ch$d!-manis-tath!.


May Padm"vat$ protect the Chakras, Ch%da-man$- phlegm and lungs,

Jv!l!-mukh% nakha-jv!l! Abhedy! sarva-sandhishu, Jw"l"-mukh$- lustre of the nails and Abhedy"- all the joints.

(hukram Brahm!n% me rakshet chh!y!m Chhatre#hwar% tath!. Brahm"n$- semen, Chhatre&hwar$- the shadow of my body,


Aham-k!ram mano buddhim rakshet me Dharma-ch!rin%, Dharma-*dh"rin$- ego, superego and intellect (buddhi).

Pr!n-!p!nau tath! vy!nam ud!nam cha sam!nam.


Vajra-hast"- pran, apan, vyan, udan, saman (five vital breaths).

Vajra-hast! cha me rakshet pr!na-kalpe cha (hobhan!, Kaly"na-shobhan"- pr!nas (life force).

Rame r$pe cha gandhe-cha #habda-spar#ham cha Yogin%.


May Yogin$ protect the sense organs, that is, the faculties of tasting, seeing, smelling, hearing and touch.

Sattvam rajas tama#h chaiva rakshet N!r!yan% sad!, May N"r"yan$ protect Sattwa, Raja and Tamo gunas.

)yu rakshet V!r!h% dharmam rakshatu Vaishnav%.


V"r"h$- the life, Vaishnav$- dharma

Ya#haha k%rtim cha Lakshm%m cha sad! rakshatu Vaishnav%, Lakshm$- success and fame, Chakrin$- wealth and knowledge.

Gotram Indr!n% me rakshet pa#hun me raksha Chandike.


Indr"n$- relatives, Chandik"- cattle,

Putr!n rakshet Mah!-lakshm%hi bh!ry! rakshatu Bhairav%, Mah"-lakshm$- children and Bhairav$- spouse.

M!rgam Kshema-kar% rakshet Vijay! sarvataha sthitaha.


May Supath" protect my journey and Kshema-k"r$ my way. Mah"-lakshm$ may protect me in the king’s courts and Vijay" everywhere.

Raksh!-h%nam tu yat sth!nam varjitam kavachena tu, O Goddess Jayant$, any place that has not been mentioned in the Kavach,

Tat sarvam raksha me Dev% Jayant% p!pa-n!#hin%.


And has thus remained unprotected, may it be protected by you.

Phalashruti. ‘Listening to the fruits’ Padam-ekam na gachchhetu yad%chchhet #hubham-!tmanaha, Kavachen-!vritto nityam yatra yatr-!dhi-gachchhati. (40) One should invariably cover oneself with this Kavacha wherever one goes, And should not walk even a step without it, if one desires auspiciousness.

Tatra tatr-!rtha l!bha#h-cha vijayaha sarva k!mikaha, Then one is successful everywhere and all one’s desires are fulfilled,

Yam yam k!mayate k!mam tam tam pr!pnoti ni#hchitam.


And that person enjoys great prosperity on the earth.

Parame#hwaryam atulam pr!psyate bh$tale pum!n, Nir-bhayo j!yate martyaha sam-gr!meshu apar-!jitaha.


Trai-lokye tu bhavet P$jyaha kavachen-!vritaha pum!n, The person who covers himself with Kavach becomes fearless, is never defeated

Idam tu devyaha kavacha dev!n!m api dur-labham.


In battle and becomes worthy of being worshipped in the three worlds.

Yaha yat,het prayato nityam tri-sandhyam #hraddha-y!nvitaha, One who reads with faith every day thrice (morning, afternoon and evening), the Kavach of the Devi, which is inaccessible even to the Gods,

Daiv% kal!-bhavet tusya trai-lokyeshu apar-!jitaha.


Receives the Divine arts, is undefeated in the three worlds,

J%vet varsha-#hatam s!gram apamrityuhu vivarjitaha, Lives for a hundred years

Na#hyantim vy!dhayaha, sarve l$t-!vis-phot,a k!dayaha.


And is free from accidental death.

Sth!varam jangamam v!pi kritrimam ch!pi yad visham. All diseases, like boils, scars, etc. are finished. Moveable (scorpions and snakes) and immovable (other) poisons cannot affect him.

0bhi-ch!r!ni sarv!ni mantra-yantr!ni bh$tale. All those who cast magical spells, by mantras or yantras,


Bh$char!ha khechar!ha chaiva jalaj!#h-cha upa-de#hik!ha, on others for evil purposes

Sahaj! Kulaj! M!l! (h!kin% d!kin% tath!.


Antar-ikshachar! Ghor! d!kinya#h-cha Mah!-bal!ha, Graha-bh$ta-pi#h!cha#h-cha yaksha-gandharva r!kshas!.


All bhoots, goblins, malevolent beings moving on the earth and in the sky,

Brahma-r!kshasa vet!l!ha K$sh-m!nd! Bhairav-!dayaha, All those who mesmerize others, all female goblins, all yakshas and gandharvas

Nashyanti darshan!t tasya kavache hridi sam-sthite.


Are destroyed just by the sight of the person having Kavach in his heart.

M!nonnatihi bhaved r!gñyaha tejo-vriddhi-karam param. That person receives more and more respect and prowess.

Ya#has! vardhate s&-pi k%rti-mandita-bh$tale,


On the earth he rises in prosperity and fame

Japeta sapta-#hat% ‘Chand%m’ kritv!m tu kavacham pur!, By reading the Kavach and Sapta-shati (700 verses in praise of Shri Durg!).

Y!vat bh$mandale dhatte sa#haila-vanak-!nanam.


T!vat tisht,hati mediny!m santatim putra-pautrik%, His progeny would live as long

Deh!nte param sth!nam yat surairapi dur-labham.


As the earth is rich with mountains and forests.

Pr!pnoti pur$sho nityam Mah!-m!y!-pras!dataha. By the grace of Shr$ Mah"m"y", he would attain the highest place, that is inaccessible even to the Gods and is eternally blissful in the company of Lord Shiva.

Iti (hr%-var!ha-pur!ne Hari-Hara Brahm!-virachitam Dev% kavacham sam-p$rnam. Here ends the Kavach of the Devi from the Shri Var!ha Pur!na, composed by Lords Vishnu, Shiva and Brahm!,.

S!ks)h!t Shri )di Shakti M!t!j% Shri Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha Salutations to theOne who is our Complete Protection, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Devi Atharva Sheersha The Highest Praise of the Supreme Devi.

(hr% Gane#h!ya namaha, s!ksh!t Shri )di (hakti M!t!j% Shri Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha Salutations to Shri Ganesha, who is incarnated in person as Our Most Holy Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Om sarve vai dev! dev%m-upa-tas'huhu ‘K!si Twam Mah!-dev%ti?’ Om, All the Devas reverently approached that Devi, and asked ‘Who are You, O Great Goddess?’ (1)

S!-brav%d-aham brahma-swar$pin%, , Mattaha prakriti-purush-!tmakam jagat, (h$nyam ch-!sh$nyam cha.


Replying She said ‘I am the Personification of the Formless Consciousness, From Me the #di Shakti and the Animating Spirit are born, I am both the Emptiness and Non-emptiness.

Aham-!nand-!n-!nandau, Aham vigñy!n-!vigñy!ne, Aham brahm-!bhrahman% veditavye, Aham pañcha-bh$t!ni apañcha-bh$t!ni, Aham akhilam jagat. (3) I am Joy and beyond Joy; I am All Knowledge and beyond Knowledge. I am Brahman, the Supreme Consciousness and yet unknowing the Brahman, And the understanding of the difference between the two, I am the five gross elements and beyond the five elements, I am this whole manifested Universe.

Ved-&ham aved-&ham, Vidy!ham avidy!ham, Aj-!ham anaj-!ham, Adha#h ch-ordhva cha tiryak ch-!ham,


I am the sacred scriptures and yet beyond all scriptures, I am the pure knowledge and the illusory ideas that men fall into, I am Unborn and yet take birth again and again; below, above and beyond am I,

Aham rudrebhir-vasubhi#h-char!mi, Aham-!dityair-uta vi#hva-devaihi, Aham-mitr!-var$n!v ubhau bibharmi, Aham-indr-!gn% aham-a#hvin!v ubhau, (5) I move as the Rudras who send disease and disaster, and as the Vasus who bless, I am the Adityas and indeed all the Deities, I am Mitra, the ‘Friend’, as well as Varuna, Lord of the Ocean, I am Indra, King of the Gods, Agni, the Lord of Fire, and the Divine Physicians, the Ashvin twins.

Aham Somam Twasht,!ram P$shanam Bhagam dadh!mi, Aham Vishnum-uru-kramam, Brahm!nam-uta Praj!patim dadh!mi.(6) I am the Lord of Soma, the Divine Builder, and P$shan and Bhaga, Gods of Wealth, I am the wide-stepping Shri Vishnu and Brahma Prajapati, the Lord of Creation.

Aham dadh!mi dravinam havishmate supr!vye yajam!n!ya suvrate, Aham r!gñ% sam-gaman% vas$n!m chikitush% pra'ham! yagñyiy!n!m, Aham suve pitaram-asya m$rdhan-mama yonir-apsvantaha sam-udre, Ya evam veda, sa daiv%m sam-padam-!pnoti. (7) I am the Creator of Wealth to those who offer oblations attentively and worship righteously, I am the Empress of all the Gods, understood to be worshipped first and foremost, I am the Progenitor of the Gods, from the top of My head are born the waters of the seven oceans; whoever has this knowledge achieves connection with the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Devi.

Te dev! abruvan; The Devas replied

Namo Devyai Mah!-devyai #hiv!yai satatam namaha, Namaha prakrityai bhadr!yai niyat!ha pranat!ha sma t!m,


Salutations to the Devi, to the Great Goddess, Most Auspicious, salutations always, We bow to the #di Shakti, the Giver of Happiness, to Her who is everywhere and everything,

T!m-agni-varn!m tapas! jvalant%m, Vairochan%m karma-phaleshu jusht*,!m, Durg!dev% #haranam pra-pady!mahe, Asur!n-n!#hayitryai te namaha


To Her who shines like the Sun with the fire of renunciation, Rewarder of all actions, O Mother Durga, we seek refuge at Your Feet, Salutations to You, O Destroyer of all negative forces.

Dev%m v!cham ajanayanta dev!s-t!m vi#hva-r$p!ha pa#havo vadanti, S! no mandresham-$rjam duh!n! dhenur-v!gas-m!nupa susht*,utaitu. That Devi who is the Giver of Speech, whose form is the Universe, was praised by the Devas. ‘May that Goddess who grants desires, speech and bliss, be pleased with our hymns’. (10)

K!la-r!tr%m Brahma-stut!m Vaishnav%m Skanda-m!taram, Saraswat%m Aditim Daksha-duhitaram nam!maha p!van!m #hiv!m.(11) O, Dark Night of dissolution (Shri Mah!kali) praised by Shri Brahma, Shakti of Shri Vishnu (Shri Lakshmi) Mother of Shri K!rttikeya (Shri Parvati), Shri Saraswati and Aditi, Daughter of Daksha, prostrations to You, O Pure and Auspicious Goddess.

Mah!-lakshmyai cha vidmahe, Sarva-#haktyai cha dh%mahi, Tanno Dev% prachoday!t,


We have the knowledge of Shri Mah!-Lakshmi, We meditate upon the Embodiment of all Power, May that Devi stimulate and inspire us.

)ditir-hyajanisht,a daksha y! duhit! tava, T!m dev!m anvaj!yanta bhadr! amrita-bandhavaha.


That boundless Aditi, daughter of Daksha, and Mother of the Devas, is born of You, Your blessings, O Emerger from the Ocean of Nectar, give endless victory to those Devas.

K!mo yonihi kamal! vajra-p!nir guh!, Hams! m!tari#hva abhram-indraha, Punar-guh! sakal! m!yay! cha pur$chyaish!, vi#hva-m!t!-di vidyom. O Lotus-like Goddess giving birth to Desire, You are the swan bearing thunderbolt-handed Indra in the clouds. Ever-hidden behind all the illusions and afflictions, is this knowledge of the Mother of the Universe. (14)

Esh-!tma-#haktihi, Esh! vi#hva-mohin%, p!#h-!nku#ha-dhanur-b!na-dhar!, Esh! (hr% Mah!-vidy!, ya evam veda, sa #hokam tarati.


She is the Power of the Spirit, She is the Enchantress of the Universe, wielding noose, goad, bow and arrow, She is Shri Lakshmi, Grantor of the Highest Knowledge; whoever knows this is carried across all sorrows.

Namaste astu bhagavati m!tar-asm!m-p!hi sarvataha,


Salutations to You, O Mother of all virtues, please protect us everywhere.

Saish-!sht,au vasavaha, saish-aik!-da#ha rudr!ha, Saish! dv!-da#h-!dity!ha, Saish! vi#hve-dev!ha soma-p! asoma-p!#h-cha, Saish! y!tu-dh!n! asur! raksh!msi pi#h!cha-yaksha-siddh!ha, Saish! sattva-rajas-tam!msi, Saish! Brahma-Vishnu-Rudra-r$pin%, Saish! praj!-pat-/ndra manavaha, Saish! graha-nakshatra-jyotimshi kal!-k!sh'h-!di k!la-r$pin%, T!m aham pranaumi nityam. (17) She is the eight-fold Goddess of Wealth and the eleven Bringers of Disease and Disaster, She is the twelve Divine Sons of Aditi (the Devas),

She is all the Devas, those that drink the Soma and those that drink not, She is the Giver of Wealth to the demons and the Power of the Rakshasas and sorcerers, She is the three attributes of Truth, Passion and Desire, She takes the Form of the Trimurtis, Shri Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, She is Prajapati, Lord of Creation, Indra, King of the Gods and Manu, the first man, She is the Light of planets and constellations, and of the Form of measures of time; to Her who is the great ‘I am’, I prostrate eternally.

P!p-!pa-h!rin% dev% bhukti-mukti-pra-d!yin%m, Anant!m vijay!m #huddh!m #harany!m sarva-d!m #hiv!m.


O Goddess who completely removes sins, and grants enjoyment and liberation, Eternal, Victorious, Pure, our only Refuge, Giver of everything and exceedingly Auspicious,

Viyad%k!ra sam-yuktam v%tihotra-sam-anvitam, Ardhendu-lasitam devy! b%jam sarv-!r'ha-s!dhakam,


Joining the heavenly form (A), connected with the God of Fire (U), with the crescent resounding (M), is the seed of the Divine Power that fulfils all purposes,

Evam-ek-!ksharam mantram yatayaha #huddha-chetasaha, Dhy!yanti param-!nanda-may! gñy!n-!mbu r!#hayaha,


In this way the one-syllabled mantra (OM) confers pure intelligence, Meditating thus one becomes filled with Supreme Bliss, and an Ocean of the Highest Knowledge.

V!ñg-m!y! brahma-s$s-tasm!t shash'ham vaktra sam-anvitam, S$ryo v!ma-#hrotra bindu sam-yukt-!sht,a-trit%yakaha, N!r!yanena sam-mi#hro v!yu#h-ch-!dh!ra-yuk tataha, Vichche nav!rnak&-rnaha sy!n mahad-!nanda d!yakaha. (21)

*Aim (Speech), hr$m (m!y!), kl$m (Supreme Brahma), cha-(6thconsonant) is the first term, with m- (the Sun), u- (left ear), n- (anuswara) and d* (3rd letter of the 3rd group), combined with " (Lord Vishnu) and y (Shri Vayu) and ai is joined to the root after that. Vichche completes the nine-syllabled mantra –‘aim hr$m kl$m Chamund"yai vichche’, which confers the greatest bliss and gives the devotee union with the Supreme Brahman.

Hrit-pund*ar%ka madhya-s'h!m pr!taha S$rya sama-prabh!m, P!#h-!ñku#ha-dhar!m saumy!m varad-!bhaya hasta-k!m, Tri-netr!m rakta-vasan!m bhakta-k!ma-dugham bhaje. (22) Standing in the centre of the lotus of the heart, shining like a thousand suns, Holding noose and goad, gentle and pleasing, fulfilling boons and giving fearlessness with the hands, I praise that Three-eyed, Red-clothed Devi who fulfils the desires of Her devotees.

Nam!mi tw!m mah!-devim mah!-bhaya-vin!#hin%m, Mah!-durga pra-#haman%m mah!-k!runya-r$pin%m.


I bow to You, O Great Goddess, Destroyer of even the greatest of fears, The Great Tearer-apart and the Calming Night, being Compassion personified.

Yasy!ha swar$pam brahm!dayo na j!nanti tasm!d-uchyate agñyey!, Yasy! anto na labhyate tasm!d-uchyate anant!, Yasy! lakshyam n-opa-lakshyate tasm!d-uchyate alakshy!, Yasy! jananam n-opa-labhyate tasm!d-uchyate aj!, Ek-aiva sarvatra vartate tasm!d-uchyate ek!, Ek-aiva vi#hva-r$pin% tasm!d-uchyate naik!, Ata ev-ochyate agñyey-!nant-!lakshy-!j-aik!-naik-eti. (24) Whose Form even Lord Brahma cannot comprehend, She is called ‘Unknowable’, Whose end cannot be found, She is called ‘Eternal’, Whose distinguishing marks cannot be perceived, She is called ‘Imperceptible’, Whose births cannot be observed, She is called ‘Unborn’. Being indeed one whichever way She turns, She is called ‘One’, Being indeed one with the Form of the Universe, She is called ‘Many’, She is ever called ‘Unknowable’, ‘Eternal’, ‘Imperceptible’, ‘Unborn’, ‘One’ and ‘Many’.

Mantr!n!m m!trik! Dev% #habd!n!m gñy!na-r$pin%, Gñy!n!n!m chin-may-!t%t! #h$ny!n!m #h$nya-s!kshini, Yasy!ha parataram n!sti, saish! Durg! prak%rtit!.


The Supreme Devi is the root syllables of the mantras and the sacred knowledge of sound, She is the Knowledge that is beyond thought and the Solitary Witness of the Emptiness. There is nothing beyond Her, thus is the description of Shri Durga.

T!m durg!m durgam!m dev%m dur!-ch!ra vigh!tin%m, Nam!mi bhava-bh%t&-ham sams!r-!rna-vat!rin%m.


O Goddess Durga who is inaccessible, who completely removes our misfortunes, I bow to You who carries us across the flood of this worldly existence and removes all fear and illusion.

Phala (hruti (listening to the results) Idam-a'harva-#h%rsha y&-dhite, Sa pañcha a'harva-#h%rsha japa-phalam-!pnoti, Idam-a'harva-#h%rsham agñy!tv! y&rch!m s'h!payati, (hata-laksham pra-japtv!pi s&rch! #huddhim na vindati, (hatam-asht,ottara ch-!sya pura#h-chary!-vidhihi smritaha, Da#ha-v!ram pa'het yas-tu sadyaha p!paihi pra-muchyate, Mah!-durg!ni tarati mah!-devy!ha pra-s!dataha.


Whoever learns this Atharva Sheersha, Gains the rewards of reciting *five Atharva Sheershas, Whoever establishes worship without knowing this A%harva Sh"rsha Though reciting ten million mantras, his worship will not become purified. This is to be performed a hundred and eight times according to the traditional rules, Whoever says this ten times, gets all wickedness completely destroyed He is carried across the greatest of difficulties and attains serenity, happiness and well-being through the assistance of the Great Divine Power.

S!yam-adh%y!no divasa-kritam p!pam n!#hyati, Pr!tar-adh%-y!no r!tra-kritam p!pam n!#hayati, S!yam-pr!taha pra-yunj!n&-p!po bhavati, Ni#h%'he tur%ya-sam-dhy!y!m japtv! v!k-siddhir-bhavati, Nutan!y!m prati-m!y!m japtv! devat!-s!m-nidhyam bhavati, Bhaum-!#hviny!m mah!-dev%-sam-nidhau japtv! mah!-mrityum tarati, Sa mah!-mrityum tarati. (28) Recited in the evening, any wickedness performed in the day is destroyed Recited at dawn, any sins done in the night are destroyed, Reciting morning and evening, he becomes free from all sins He attains the fourth state of being (pure spirit) and his mutterings become powerful mantras. Whoever worships an idol reciting this praise, becomes united with that Deity, Being connected to the Great Goddess, the reciter is carried across Final Death, He is carried across even the Final Death.

Ya evam veda, Iti-upanishat. Thus is the sacred knowledge, in this manner is the divine mystery.

Iti Dev%-a'harva-#h%rsham sam-p$rnam. Here ends the Devi Atharva Sheersha. * the five Atharva Sheershas traditionally recited are the Gane&ha, Devi, S%rya, Vishnu and #hiva.

Shri Mataji’s comments on the Devi Atharva Sh rsha. Pune, 17thOct.1988 When you give joy to someone, the source of joy has to be beyond the joy. I am the Giver of Knowledge. Without the light of Atma, without the light of the Spirit, how can you know anything? You see the Source is Unborn; It can take birth because It is primordial, so it is unborn. Primordial is there, it is absolute, but then Absolute can take birth. Why not get Realisation? Without that what’s the use of doing Devi P$ja? Without the knowledge of Atma, if you do any P$ja, what is the use? You won’t get Divine Blessings. Already said thousands of years back. Vaikhari is the powers by which we speak. Any God’s name you take, you ask ‘are you this?’ -you get cool vibrations……-because the Shakti of all those people is the essence of all those. Because I am that Shakti, that’s why you get the vibrations. Ask anybody’s name, even the saints, rishis, Mah!rishis. ‘haanh’(‘yes’ in Hindi) all of that is Me. That is why- that’s the point they are trying to make. B%ja (‘seed’) mantra means, say, the Vaikhari. Vaikhari is the power of speaking. This power of speaking is made into mantras by the people who have power of realisation. Now, so, for them to improve, supposing they want to improve their centre, or they want to improve left or right. They have to say the b%ja mantras. If they say the b%ja mantras, that area gets the b%ja, then the b%ja has to sprout and has to grow. So the first step they have to say the b%ja mantra and then they have to say the different mantras of the different chakras. So one is the b%ja and then is the tree. So if you know the b%ja first of all, you can implant a b%ja into yourself by saying that, and then you start saying all other. So, that’s how you make it grow.

The word Sanskrit has come out of Kundalin%’s movement, when She makes a sound, all was recorded by the great saints and like that every Chakra has got vowels and consonants according to the number of sub-plexuses they have- you can say petals they have- and all of them make all the alphabets of Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is made holy; this language was made holy; first it was one language, out of which two languages were born, was Latin and the one which was made holy was Sanskrit. This Sanskrit language comes from the saints, who heard all those things and they made this and this is the energy of the Vaikhari. Now the script is there, the Vaikhari is there. The energy is there and this is the way you should say the instrument, but to make it work in a Divine way, you have to make it into a mantra. To make it a mantra, any mantra you want to do, you must know first the b%ja mantra. Supposing you want to raise your Kundalin%, then the b%ja mantra is ‘hreem’ and from ‘hreem’ you should go on to ‘Om Twameva s!ksh!t Shr% Hreem’. Then you should go on saying the mantras of all the deities that are there. You have all become Vidyav!n now. (‘embodiment of knowledge’) Now you try to understand that how this Vidy! (‘knowledge’) has been penetrating into you slowly. Not with any teachers or anybody sitting with a stick in the hand. The whole Vidy! is exposed from within and without. Whatever I say, you can tally it on your Vibrations. So it goes into your hand. You don’t accept it because I am saying but it is so, that’s why you accept it. Supposing I say, this is water, then what, you will drink the water and you will see I fit quenches your thirst. Then only are you going to believe that this is water, otherwise you are not going to believe. In the same way it is. We are Swayam-siddhas.(Self-realised) ‘Ra’ is the energy, R!dh!. The one who sustains the energy is R!dh!. She is Mah!lakshm% that is why she sustains the Kundalin%.

‘Eee’ is the primordial Mother and ‘Ra’ is the energy that is Kundalin%. So the ‘Hreem’ means that you have the energy passing through the Mah!lakshm% tattwa which is Ra. You see the energy is passing through the thing towards the Primordial Being. So Hreem. That is why the Yogis- because they believe only in connection. Yogis believe in Yoga and so they have to look after the energy and also the Primordial Mother. This is very important because that is how energy should be there- Kundalin% as well as Primordial Mother. Fourteen thousand years before they have written all this which is the truth, which you know now. Now when you read this book (Devi Saptashati), you will understand. Chitta Swar$pin%- right side, that is Mah!saraswat%, then Sattva R$pin%- Mah!lakshm%, )nanda R$pin%%- Mah!k!l%, and you know all these things. (For receiving the knowledge of the Brahma, we always meditate on You) Without that you have got it, even without meditation you got Realisation. Now meditate you must- I don’t know what to do about that. In the witness state you become ‘zero’. See your ‘I’ is no more in the witness state. You just see and there that is Sh$nya (‘empty’, ‘zero’ in Sanskrit and Hindi’). So She’s the one at the time when you are in Sh$nya state, who is the Shakti of that is She. You are in ‘Nirvichara’, thousands of people have that, now they have found out so who knows that. I know also if your Kundalin% has passed through. So even if you may not know, I’ll say it is done, you know. So She is the One who knows all your states. So the whole idea you can understand like a computer, that is already made so well that it records everything that happens and immediately I , like see I’m talking to you, suddenly a person is sitting. I say ‘Haanh’ so the attention is there also. I am talking to you, attention is there, that Kundalin% rises immediately. That’s it. Bolo Shri B%ja Mantra Sw!min% Shri Nirmal! Dev% ki- Jay!

The Mantras of Vir ta Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Gruha-lakshmi Kubera Vir!ta You are verily the Divine qualities of a wife and the God of Wealth in the vast cosmic form,

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª. Who is incarnated on this planet as Her Supreme Holiness, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Salutations to You again and again.

Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Brahmadeva Vit*t*hala Vir!ta You are verily the Creative Lord and the Power of Right Vishuddhi in the vast cosmic form,

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª. Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Vishnum!y! Vir!ta You are verily the Power of Innocence at Left Vishuddhi in the vast cosmic form,

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Vit*t*hala Vishnum!y! Vir!ta You are verily the Powers of Left and Right Vishuddhi in the vast cosmic form,

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Nir!nanda You are verily the Quality of pure unadulterated Bliss, ‘Nothing but Joy’,

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Who is incarnated in person as Shri M!t!j" Nirmal! Dev", the Supreme Creative Force on this earth. Salutations to You for ever and ever.

The Mantras of Shri Nirmala 117 Forms of Shri Nirmala.

Om Shr! #di Shakti, M"t"j!, Shr! Nirmal" Devyai namo namahª. To the Immaculate Godess of unstained Purity, Salutations again and again and again. Om Twameva s!ksh!t:

You are the Pure, Holy and Auspicious:

Shri Nirmala Tantra (Technique) Shri Nirmala Sarva (Everything) Shri Nirmala Skanda (K!rttikeya) Shri Nirmala Gauri (Purity) Shri Nirmala Kany" (Virgin) Shri Nirmala R$pin! (Form) Shri Nirmala Shakti (Power) Shri Nirmala Shayin! (Rest) Shri Nirmala Shraddha (Faith) Shri Nirmala Vritti (Activity) Shri Nirmala Bhava (Life) Shri Nirmala Bh$mi (Earth) Shri Nirmala Saraswat! (Speech) Shri Nirmala Vidya (Knowledge) Shri Nirmala Kumari (Young girl) Shri Nirmala Ganga (Sacred River) Shri Nirmala Mani (Jewel) Shri Nirmala Ganapati (Shri Ganesha) Shri Nirmala Shrimati (Holy Mother) Shri Nirmala Chandika (Passionate) Shri Nirmala Radmika (Pleasing) Shri Nirmala Babi (Sister) Shri Nirmala Stotra (Sacred verse) Shri Nirmala Yagñya (Sacrifice) Shri Nirmala Yoga (Union) Shri Nirmala Soma (Sacred drink) Shri Nirmala Bhagawati (Qualities) Shri Nirmala Pushpa (Flower) Shri Nirmala Chakra (Disc)

Shri Nirmala Bhairav! (Power of left side) Shri Nirmala May! (Essence) Shri Nirmala Aj" (Unborn) Shri Nirmala Gom"t" (Mother of cows) Shri Nirmala Sindhu (River Indus ) Shri Nirmala Amb" (Mother) Shri Nirmala K"l! (Dark Godess) Shri Nirmala Hamsa (Discrimination) Shri Nirmala Kriya Shakti (Power of action) Shri Nirmala Iccha Shakti (Power of desire) Shri Nirmala Jn"na Shakti (Knowledge) Shri Nirmala Pr"na Shakti (Life energy) Shri Nirmala Manas Shakti (Power of the mind) Shri Nirmala Brahm" Shakti (The Creation) Shri Nirmala #di Shakti (First Cause) Shri Nirmala Omk"ra (Form of the Om) Shri Nirmala Sh"nti (Peace) Shri Nirmala Indra (King of the Gods) Shri Nirmala V"yu (Wind) Shri Nirmala Agni (Fire) Shri Nirmala Varuna (Ocean) Shri Nirmala Chandra (Moon) Shri Nirmala S$rya (Sun) Shri Nirmala Naga Kanya (Snake maiden) Shri Nirmala Mandala (Circle) Shri Nirmala Trikona (Triangle) Shri Nirmala Rudra (Fierce) Shri Nirmala Kula (Noble family) Shri Nirmala Krishna Deha (Dark-bodied)

Shri Nirmala Swayambh$ (Self-born) Shri Nirmala Bh$h (1st Loka-Earth) Shri Nirmala Shiv"ya (Lord Shiva) Shri Nirmala Bh$vah (2nd Loka-Sky) Shri Nirmala Sat! (Wife of Shiva) Shri Nirmala Swah (3rd Loka-Heaven) Shri Nirmala P"rvat! (Wife of Shiva) Shri Nirmala Mahah (4th Loka-Mother) Shri Nirmala S!t" (Wife of R!ma) Shri Nirmala Janah (5th Loka-Collectivity) Shri Nirmala Yogeshwar! (God of Yoga)Shri Nirmala Tapah (6th Loka-Renunciation) Shri Nirmala M$rti (Form) Shri Nirmala Satyam (7th Loka-Truth) Shri Nirmala Lakshm! (Prosperity) Shri Nirmala G"yatri (Sacred hymn) Shri Nirmala Stuti (Praises) Shri Nirmala J!va (Life) Shri Nirmala M"ria (Mother of Christ) Shri Nirmala Rishi (Sage) Shri Nirmala R"md"s (Shri Hanuman) Shri Nirmala Savitri (Sun Goddess) Shri Nirmala Chitta (Attention) Shri Nirmala Riddhi (Prosperity) Shri Nirmala V"r"ha (Boar) Shri Nirmala Siddhi (Success) Shri Nirmala Gaja (Elephant) Shri Nirmala (shwari (Supreme) Shri Nirmala Garuda (Eagle) Shri Nirmala R"ma (Pleasing) Shri Nirmala Ananta (Eternal) Shri Nirmala Charvr$pa (Beautiful form) Shri Nirmala Shesha (Divine Snake) Shri Nirmala Sukha (Happiness) Shri Nirmala Sarva Shakti Mayi Shri Nirmala Moksha Prad"yin! (Essence of all power) (Permanent) Shri Nirmala (Existence) Shri Nirmala

Shri Nirmala Sthira Shri Nirmala Bhav"n! Shri Nirmala Kundalin! Jagruti

Piñgal" Bhakti Shri Nirmala Sundar!

(Giver of liberation) (Right side) (Devotion) (Beauty)

(Kundalin" awakening) (Lotus) Shri Nirmala (Inborn) Shri Nirmala (Intelligence) Shri Nirmala

Shri Nirmala Padma Shri Nirmala Sahaja Shri Nirmala Buddhi Shri Nirmala Parameshwari Shri Nirmala M"lin! Shri Nirmala Mudra Shri Nirmala R"jni Shri Nirmala Nandi Shri Nirmala M"t"j! Shri Nirmal" Dev!

Matrika (Moment of time) Trikona (Triangle) Bindu (Chakra above Sahasrara ) Shri Nirmala Ardha Bindu

(Supreme God) (Garlanded) Shri Nirmala (Blessing with the hands) (Queen) Shri Nirmala (Bull) Shri Nirmala (Sacred Mother) (Immaculate Goddess)

(Second Chakra above Sahasrara) Valaya (Circumference)

Shweta Tejasa

(White) (Brilliance)

S!ksh!t Shr% )di Shakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

The 108 Names of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi These are 108 of the 1000 names of the Mah"-dev! given in the Shri Lalit" Sahasran"ma. The Great Goddess is, at the same time, simple and innocent as a little child and unfathomable, all-pervading, totally elusive, transcending all categories of perception, all known and unknown universes. The names simply expose some aspects of Her field. She is to be worshipped.

Om twameva s!ksh!t (hr% M!t! namo namahª. Amen. Salutations to the One who is verily the Sacred Mother.

These mantras should remind us that, ultimately, it is through the devotion and worship of the heart that the true nature of Shri M"t"j! Nirmala Devi can be experienced. O Holy Mother, may You, the Ocean of Mercy, bless us all.

Om Twameva s"ksh"t: (hr% M!t! (hr% Mah!-r!jñ% Deva k!rya-samudyat! Akul! Vishnu-gran'hi-vibhedin%

Bhav!n% Bhakti priy! Bhakti gamy! (harma d!yin%

You are: The Sacred Mother, who not only gives every good thing that a loving Mother gives to her child, but also the highest knowledge, Brahma Vidya, to Her devotees. The Great Empress. The One who emerges for a Divine purpose. You appear in Your great splendour when all the Divine forces are helpless and unable to eradicate wickedness. The One who is beyond family, caste or race; who resides in the thousand-petalled Lotus in the head. The One who cuts the knot of M!y! (illusion) of Shri Vishnu in the Solar plexus. Then the devotee perceives the unreality of his individuality as body, mind and present incarnation; he loses the sense of limited ‘I’ness. The Queen of Bhava, i.e. Lord Shiva and Giver of Life to the whole Universe. Fond of devotees. Realised by devotion. The Giver of Happiness, including Divine Bliss.

Nir-!dh!r! Nir-añjan! Nirlep! Nirmal! Nish-kalañk! Nity! Nir-!k!r! Nir-!kul! Nirgun! Nishkal! Nishk!m! Nir-$paplav! Nitya mukt! Nirvik!r! Nir-!#hray! Nir-antar! Nish-k!ran! Nir-$p!dhihi Nir-%#hwar! Nir!g! Nirmad! Ni#hchint! Nir-aham(k!r! Nirmoh! Nirmam! Nishp!p! Nih-sam(#hay! Nir-bhav! Nir-vikalp! Nir-!b!dh! Nir-n!#h!

Unsupported, being the Support of the entire Universe. You are Pure Consciousness, unformulated, undifferentiated. Unstained by any limitations or ignorance whatsoever. Untouched by any Karmas or dualism. Pure. Faultless brilliance. Eternal. Formless. Unruffled. Attributeless. Beyond the three gunas and the three nadis (Id!, Piñgal! and Sushumna). You are Consciousness devoid of the qualities and attributes of the mind. Indivisible and Complete. Without any desire, having everything. Indestructible. Ever Free, and Your devotees are ever free. Changeless, but the Unchanging Basis of all change. Without any need of help or support as You are Everything. Pervading the whole universe and everything in it equally. Causeless, being the Cause of all causes. Alone, without any illusions of plurality. Supreme, there being no higher divinity. Without any passion, longing or attachments. Pride-less. Without any anxiety. Without Ego. Without any illusion such as mistaking the unreal for real. Without selfishness. Beyond all sins. Having no doubts. Unborn. Beyond all mental activity and self-doubt. Untroubled. Deathless, being the indestructible Basis of Reality.

Beyond all action or inaction, being uninvolved in any actions. Taking nothing, since You need nothing as You are the Nish-parigrah! Purna-k!m! and have everything. Devotees also become Nish-parigraha. Unequalled. Nistul! Dark-haired. N%la chikur! Beyond all harm or dangers. Nir-ap!y! Infallible, it being impossible for You to transgress. Nir-atyay! The One who confers Happiness and Moksha- the Bliss Sukha prad! of Liberation. Intensely Compassionate to Your devotees. S!ndra karun! The Greatest of Goddesses, Infinite. Mah!-dev% Worshipped even by the Trimurtis; Shri Brahma, Vishnu Mah!-p$jy! and Shiva. Mah! p!taka n!#hin% The One who destroys the greatest of sins. The Great Power of the universe. Mah!-#haktihi The Supreme Creator of illusion and confusion even to Mah!-m!y! the greatest of Gods. i The Greatest Bliss that is beyond all sense pleasures. Mah!-ratih Omnipresent, having the Universe as Your Form; also Vi#hva r$p! the individual Self ‘Vishva’ in the wakeful state is Your form. Seated in the lotuses, i.e. in the Chakras. Padm!san! The Adorable Matrix of the Universe, worshipped by all Bhagavat% including the Gods. The Saviour. Raksh!-kar% The Slayer of evil forces who are Rakshasas (demons). *R!kshasa-ghn% The Ultimate Ruler. Parame#hwar% Ever Young, untouched by time as it is Your creation. Nitya yauvan! Attained by the merititious or righteous. You are Punya labhy! worshipped as a result of good actions in previous births. Inaccessible to thought since mind, the instrument of Achintya r$p! thought, is Your creation. The Ultimate Power; the Energy manifested in every Par!-#hakti particle, as well as the Primordial Vibration. i Of the form of Guru; every Sat-guru is the Goddess Guru m$rtih Herself. i The Primal Power, being the First Cause. )di #haktih


The One who gives union of the ‘j"v!tma’ or individual soul with the ‘Para-brahma’, the Supreme Spirit. Alone, being the Sole Basis of the plurality of the Universe. Ek!kin% Easily worshipped, without putting the body to great strain. Sukh-!r!dhy! (hobhan! sulabh!- The Most Auspicious and Easily Attained Path to Self-gatihi realisation. ‘Sat’ which is absolute Truth, ‘Chit’ which is ConsciousSat chit !nanda-r$pin% ness and ‘#nanda’ which is Bliss. These are the three components of the Ultimate; they are therefore Your forms. Bashful Modesty; residing in all beings as modest chastity. Lajj! Beneficent. The greatest good is the realisation of the (hubha kar% Ultimate and You grant that to devotees. Angry with evil forces. Chandik! The #di Shakti who, when becoming the Creation, assumes Tri-gun-!tmik! the form of the three gunas (moods): Sattva (reality), Rajo (passion) and Tamo (ignorance), which correspond in the human body to the three channels of the autonomic nervous system. The Great, Immeasurable, Supreme Object of attention and Mahat% worship. Of the form of the Divine Breath of Life. Pr!na r$pin% The Ultimate Atom, too minute to be comprehended. Para-m!nuh The One who destroys the bonds of attachment and gives P!#ha hantr% liberation. The Mother of devotees who are competent to lead the V%ra m!t! battle against the demonic forces. Shri Ganesha, Shri Hanuman and Shri K!rttikeya are also called ‘Vira’. Infinite Depth; the Great Mother described as a vast, Gambh%r! unfathomable lake of Consciousness, uncomprehended by space and time. Proud, as the Creatrix of the Universe. Garvit! Kshipra pras!din% The Goddess who showers Grace on Your devotees very quickly. The Ambrosial Stream of Bliss resulting from meditation on Sudh! srutih You, the Great Goddess, in the Sahasrara. The Support of right conduct in every age. Dharm-!dh!r! The One who devours the Universe at the time of Pralaya, Vi#hva gr!s! the ultimate dissolution. Established in Yourself; also You establish the Self in the Svas'h! devotee.


Natural Sweetness, residing in the heart of Your devotees as Bliss. Worshipped by the wise and the brave, meaning You Dh%ra sam-archit! cannot be worshipped by the cowardly and the stupid. Of Supreme Generosity, readily responding to the Param-od!r! prayers of Your devotees. Ever present, continuous. (h!#hvat% Transcending all created universes, seated above Lok-!t%t! Sahasrara. Having Peace as Your Essence. Devotees with their (ham-!tmik! minds at peace are Your abode. The One whose sport is the Universe, as the entire L%l! vinodin% creation is Your play. The Eternal All-pervading Ever-auspicious Shri Sad!#hiva Sadashiva. All Forms of Nourishment, nurturing every living being Pusht*ih with Divine Vibrations. Luminous like the moon. Chandra nibh! Effulgent like the sun. Ravi prakhy! The Purest Sacred Form which washes away all sins. P!van-!kritih The Goddess who contains the entire Universe being the Vi#hva garbh! Mother of the Universe. i The Power of Consciousness that dispels ignorance and Chit #haktih confusion. The Silent Witness of the action of the Universe. Vi#hva s!kshin% Pure and Untouched. Vimal! The Giver of boons, even to the Trimurtis. Varad! Charming and Playful; the Universe is for Your Vil!sin% pleasure and You, at Your pleasure, either open or close the way to Self-realisation. The Element of Success in all actions. Vijay! Vand!ru-jana vatsal! The Divine Mother who loves Her devotees as Her children. Sahaja Yoga D!yin% The Grantor of spontaneous Self-realisation. Vi#hva Nirmal!The One who establishes the Universal Pure Religion.

Sva-bh!va madhur!

-Dharma pra-sth!pin%*

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª. *This extra name was suggested by H.S.H. Shri Mataji at the Ganesha Puja, Brighton, 1984.

What is the greatest mistake? What is the greatest mistake? To believe our minds. What is the greatest blessing? Collective consciousness. What is the greatest foolishness? Not to recognise Truth. What is the greatest thing in life? Your Mother’s Love. What is the greatest pleasure? Pure Joy, Nirmal-)nanda. What is the greatest opportunity? To give Realisation. What is the greatest thought? Thoughtless awareness. What is the greatest victory? The victory over our ego. What is the greatest handicap? Our egoism. What is the greatest loss? To lose the image of Mother in our heart. What is the greatest need? Faith, absolute Faith. If you cannot have absolute Faith in Me, who else is going to have Faith in Me?

Questions put to Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in Cabella Ligure.

The 21 Names of Shri Bhairava The Mantras for the Id! N!d)i (Left Side)

Lord Bhairava is the Archangel Michael and the General of Shr" Shiva’s army, being an aspect of the Great Mah!deva Himself. Like Shri Mah!kali, Lord Bhairava is of terrible aspect when angry and intoxicatingly beautiful when propitiated. Om twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Mah! Bhairava namo namahª Salutauions to You who are the Great Lord Bhairava in person before us.

(hr% Mah! Bhairava The Lord who is very fierce and formidable. (hr% Vatuka Bhairava The Fierce Lord who appears as a boy. (hr% Siddha Bhairava The Lord of all Success and Fulfillment. (hr% Kañk!la Bhairava The Lord who is garlanded with human bones. (hr% K!la Bhairava The Dark-hued Emanation of Lord Shiva. (hr% K!l!gni Bhairava Lord Shiva as the final conflagration of the world. (hr% Yogin% Bhairava The Lord who blesses with Divine Union. (hr% (hakti Bhairava The Lord who is the Creative Power (hr% )nanda Bhairava The Lord of Divine Bliss. (hr% M!rtanda Bhairava The Lord of the Sun. (hr% Gaura Bhairava The Lord of Absolute Purity. (hr% Bala Bhairava The Lord who appears as a Child. (hr% Batu Bhairava The Lord who has the form of a youth. (hr% (hma#hana Bhairava The Lord of the Cremation ground. (hr% Pur! Bhairava The Ancient Lord. (hr% Taruna Bhairava The Lord who is ever Youthful. (hr% Param-!nanda Bhairava The Lord who is the Highest Bliss. (hr% Sur-!nanda Bhairava The Lord who is the Bliss of the Gods. (hr% Gñy!n-!nanda Bhairava The Lord who is the Bliss of Knowledge. (hr% Uttam-!nanda Bhairava The Lord who is the Supreme Joy. (hr% Amrit-!nanda Bhairava The Lord who is the Nectar of Immortal Joy.

S"ksh"t #hr$ 'di #hakti M"t"j$ #hr$ Nirmal" Devyai namo namahª


The 108 Names of Shri Mah k l We, the Children, are bowing to the Immaculate Desire of God the Almighty. Om Twameva s"ksh"t...

(hr% Mah!-k!l%

You are…

K!ma swar$p! Varad! Jagad !nanda k!rin% Jagat j%va-may% Vajra kañk!l% (h!nt! Sudh! sindhu niv!sin% Nidr!

The Compassionate Mother, very Beautiful to Your children and Terrifying to their enemies. The Goddess who fulfils all desires like the Divine Milk-cow of Sage Vasishta. The One whose form is desire and love. The Bestower of boons. The Cause of the Joy of the world. The Life-force of the world. The One who wields a skull as a thunderbolt. Peace. Dwelling in the ocean of nectar. Sleep.

T!m!s% Nandin% Sarv-!nanda swar$pin% Param-!nanda r$p! Stuty! Padm-!lay! Sad!-p$jy! Sarva priyañ-kar% Sarva mañgal! P$rn!

Generating and presiding over the Tamo Guna. Pleasing everyone. The Embodiment of Universal Joy. The Highest Form of Divine Bliss. The Most Fitted for all adoration and worship. Residing in the purest lotus. The Sacred Immutable Object of adoration. The One who showers kindness on every creature. The Auspiciousness of the Cosmos. Perfect, Complete.

Vil!sin% Amogh! Bhogawat% Sukha-d!

Charming and Playful. The Mother whose darshan seldom goes unrewarded. The Supreme Enjoyer of the Universe. Bestowing perfect happiness on Your devotees.


Nish-k!m! Madhu kaitabha-hantr% * Mahish-!sura gh!tin% * Raktab%ja vin!#hin% * Narak-!ntak! Ugra chand-e#hwar%

Desireless. The Killer of Madhu and Kaitaba. The Slayer of Mahish-!sura. The Destroyer of Raktabija. The Destroyer of Narakasura. The Fierce and Angry Goddess.

Krodhin% Ugra prabh! Ch!mund! Khadga p!lin% Bh!svar-!sur%

The Cosmic Wrath. Radiant with fury. The Killer of Chanda and Munda. The One who rules by the sword. The One whose fierce radiance destroys the demonic forces. The Slayer of the enemies of the saints. The Teacher of the science of wars and battles. The One whose sparkling teeth are red with blood. The One who is fond of blood. Holding a skull in Your Hand.

*(hatru mardin% Rana pandit! Rakta dantik! Rakta priy! Kap!lin%

Confronting demonic hosts and all the sins of the world. Krishna deh! Dark bodied. Nara mund!l% Wearing a garland of human skulls. Galat rudhira bh$shan! Decorated with dripping blood. Preta nrittya par!yan! The Spirit of the cosmic dance of dissolution. Having a rolling tongue, insatiable for the blood of Lola jihv! demons Kundalin% The Pure Desire of the Holy Spirit. The Most Excellent Naga Maiden (a race of half-snake N!ga kany! demons) Pati-vrat! The Devoted Wife. The Eternal Companion of Shri Shiva. (hiv-!sang%

Kuru-kull! virodhin%

Visang% Bh$ta-pati priy! Preta bh$mi krit!lay!

Without any companion. Fond of Lord Shiva, the Protector of Spirits. Dwelling in the land of bhoots and ghosts.

*Daityendra m!thin% The Slayer of the demon chiefs. Chandra swar$pin% Of the form and cooling radiance of the moon. Prasanna padma vadan! Having a bright, smiling lotus-like face. Smera vaktr! The Divine Mother with smiling countenance. Su-lochan! The Goddess with beautiful eyes. Su-dant% Having marvellous glittering teeth. Sind$r-!runa mastak! The One whose forehead is adorned with vermilion. Su-ke#h% Smita hasy! Mahat kuch!

With magnificent long, dark hair. Eternally smiling to Your devotees. The One whose heavy breasts give milk to the whole universe. Gifted with loving eloquence. The One who speaks sweetly. The Goddess whose unfettered hair grants Liberation.

Priya bh!shin% Su-bh!shin% Mukta ke#h% Chandra kotiShining with the lustre of ten million moons. -sama-prabh! Ag!dha r$pin% In the Form of Unfathomable Depth. Magnetic and Beautiful, winning all hearts. Mano-har! Mano-ram! Va#hy!

The One whose Divine Grace and Charm pleases all. The Celestial Charmer enticing all in Your web of love. Sarva saundarya nilay! The Home of all beauty. Rakt! Red with blood. Swayam-bh$ kusuma- The Life Energy of the blossom of the Self-existent, i.e. -pr!n! the Universe- the Chakras and realised souls are also Self-created flowers.

Swayam-bh$-kusum-on-m!d! (hukra p$jy! (hukra-s'h! (hukr-!tmik! (hukra nindaka n!#hin% Ni#humbha-#humbha-sañhantr%

Intoxicated with the self-created flowers. Worshipped as the whiteness of purity. Surrounded by a halo of purity and whiteness. The Soul of purity and sacredness. The Destroyer of those who scorn holiness. The Slayer of Shumba and Nishumba.

Vanhi mandala-madhya-s'h! V%ra janan% *Tripura m!lin% Kar!l% P!#hin% Ghora r$p! Ghora dansht*r! Chand% Sumat%

Standing at the centre of the circle of cosmic fire. The Mother of the brave. Wearing the demon Tripura’s head as a necklace. Having a gaping mouth at the time of dissolution. Holding the noose of death. The One having a Terrifying Form. Having Fierce Jaws. Angry with evil tendencies in Your disciples. The Mother of the purest wisdom.

Punya-d! Tapaswin% Ksham! Tarañgin% (huddh! Sarve#hwar% Garish'h! Jaya #h!lin% Chint!-man% Advait! bhogin%

The Giver of all virtues. The Supreme Ascetic. The Ocean of Forgiveness. Bubbling with life and energy. Saintly purity. The Presiding Goddess of the universe. Manifesting joy at the sight of Your disciples. Abundantly Victorious. The Wish-fulfilling Gem. The Enjoyer of non-duality.

Yoge#hwar% Bhoga dh!rin% Bhakta bh!vit! S!dhak-!nanda santosh! Bhakta vatsal!

The Greatest of Yoginis. The One who supports enjoyment of life. Giving transformation to Your devotees. Fulfilled by the Joy of Your disciples. Cherishing those who worship You as Your own children. The Source of the Joy of Your disciples. Giving well-being and auspiciousness to Your devotees. The One to whom we get connected through devotion. Unstained Purity.

Bhakt-!nanda-may% Bhakta #hankar% Bhakti samyukt! Nish-kalañk!

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Jai, Jai, Jai (hri M!t!j%!

Prayer to Shri Mah saraswat% Y! kundendu tush!ra H!ra dhaval! Y! #hubhra vastr-!nvit!, Y! v%n! vara dan)d)a Mandita kar! Y! #hweta padm!san!. Y! Brahm-!chyuta (hankara pra-bhriti-bhir Devaihi sad! vandit!, S! m!m p!tu Saraswat% Bhagavat% Nih:#hesha j!d)y-!pa-h!. You are adorned with a snow white Garland of jasmine flowers, You are enveloped in a white sari, You hold a veena, a sceptre and grant boons With your decorated hands. You are seated in a white lotus, You are praised by all the deities including, Shr" Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Shri Shiva, You are the Devi eternally adored by devotees, Protect me constantly, O Goddess, Who is replete with all good qualities, And completely destroy all our ignorance.

Shri Hanum n Ch lis Written by Saint Tulsidas, c. 1640 Chalisa means 40, as there are 40 stanzas. Short a at the end of words and before long vowels is shown by a full stop. ‘ai’ and ‘au’ are double sounds ‘a-i’and ‘a-u’.

The Hanuman Chalisa commences with an invocation to the Guru in the Dohathe (success giving) form of Shri Hanuman. Shri Hanuman raises the devotee to his own level of excellence, which is a perpetual state of beatitude. Tulsidas says:

(hr% Guru charan. saroj. raj., Nij. manu mukuru sudh!ri.

I bow to the Lotus Feet of the Divine Guru, May the dust of Your Feet clean the mirror of my mind.$m Raghubar. bimal. jasu, Now I will describe the pure glory of Shri Jo d!yaku phal. ch!ri. Rama, who bestows the four gifts -. Dharma (Virtue and right conduct) Artha, (Purpose, Wealth) K"ma (Love and desire) and Moksha (Liberation)

Buddhih%n. tanu j!nike, Sumir!um P!v!n. kum!r..

Realising the limitations of the mind, I remember the Son of the Wind God.

Bal. buddhi vidy! dehu mohin, Harahu kales. vik!r..

Give strength, wisdom and knowledge, O Great-bodied On; To relieve me of all my sufferings and impurities.

Now begins the main body of the Shri Hanuman Chalisa, consisting of forty quatrains praising Shri Hanuman’s qualities of head and heart, used for fulfilling the Divine mission of protecting the good and destroying evil.

Choupai (Verses consisting of four padas) 1)

Jay. Hanum!n. gñy!n. gun. s!gar., Victory to Shri Hanuman, Ocean of Jay. kap%s. tih$n-lok. uj!gar.. knowledge and virtue, Hail Greatest of Monkeys who illuminates the three worlds.


R!ma-d$t. atul%t. bal. dh!m!, Anjan%-putra Pavana-sut. n!m!. vikram. bajarañg%, Kumati niv!r. sumati ke sañg%.

Messenger of Shri Rama, of unequalled strength, Son of Shri Anjani, You are also called the Wind-God’s Son.

3) Mah!-v%r.

Powerful and courageous warrior, with Mighty limbs;Remover of evil tendencies in the mind and friend of wisdom.

4) Kanchan.

O You of golden complexion and well attired, Youthful, wearing ear rings, with curly hair.

5) H!th.

You hold Vajra (the rock) and the flag in Your hands; With the sacred thread of moonj grass across Your shoulder.

6) (hankar.

Shining with auspiciousness, O son of Kesari, Glorious and radiant,You are worshipped by the whole world.

7) Vidy!v!n.

You are highly learned, virtuous and sagacious, You are always anxious to accomplish Shri Rama’s work.

baran. vir!j. subes!, K!nan. kundal. kuñchit. kes!. bajra aur dhvaj! bir!jai, K!nthe m$nja janeoo s!jai. suvan. Kesar%-nandan., Teja prat!p. mah! jaga-vandan.. gun% ati ch!tur., R!m. k!j. karibai ko !tur..

8) Prabhu

charitra sunibe ko rasiy!, You revel in listening to the lore of the Lord, R!m. Lakhan. S%t! man. basiy!. Enshrining in Your heart Shri Rama, Lakshman and Sita.

9) S$kshm.

r$p. dhari siyahim dikh!v!, You appeared before Shri Sita in a tiny Vikat. r$p. dhar% Lañka jar!v!. form,Assuming a colossal figure, You burnt the city of Lanka.

10) Bh%m.

r$p. dhar% asur. sañh!re, R!m.chandra ke k!j. sam(v!re.

Acquiring a terrifying form to destroy the Asuras, You served the cause of Lord Ramachandra.

11) L!ya

sañj%van. Lakhan. jiy!ye, You brought the Sanjivani herb and revived (hr% Raghub%r. harashi ura l!ye. Shri Lakshmana, Shri Rama then embraced You in joy.

12) Raghupati

k%nh%m bahut. bad!-%, Shri Raghupati praised You very Tum. mam. priya Bharat.hi sam. bh!-%. highly, ‘You are as dear to me as Bharat,’ He said.

13) Sahas.

badan. Tumh!ro ya#h. g!vain, ‘The thousand faced Shesha sings hymns As. kahi (hr%pat% kanth. lag!vain. in Your praise’, The Lord of Lakshmi said, pressing You to His heart.

14) Sanak-!dik.

Brahm!di mun%s!, N!rad. S!rad. sahit. ah%s!.

The God-realised saint Sanaka, along with Shri Narada and Sharada sings Your praise.


Jam. Kuber. Dikp!l. jah!nté. Kavi kovid. kahi saké kah!nté.

The Gods of Death, Wealth, and Protection as well as great poets and scholars have all failed to sing fully of Your glories, How can this poet give expression to Your excellence?


Tum. up.k!r. Sugr%va-hin k%nh!, You helped Sugriva and brought him to R!m. mil!ya r!ja-pad. d%nh!. Lord Rama; Thus You retrieved his lost kingship for him.


Tumharo mantra Vibh%shana m!n!, Vibhishana listened to Your advice and Lañke#hwar. bhaye sab. jag. j!n!. became the King of Lanka; the whole world knows this.


Yug. sahasra yojan. par. bh!n$, L%lyo t!hi madhur. phal. j!n$.


Prabhu mudrik! meli mukh. m!hin, No wonder that putting Lord Rama’s ring Jaladhi l!ghin. gaye acharaj. n!hin. in Your mouth, You leapt across the sea.


Durgam. k!j. jagat. ke jete, Sugam. anugraha Tumh!re tete.

All difficult tasks of the world are rendered easy, with Thy Grace.


R!m. du!re Tum. rakh.w!re, Hot. na !gñy! binu pais!re.

You guard the doorsteps of Lord Rama, No one can enter His presence without Your permission.


Sab. sukh. lahain Tumh!r% saran!, All happiness lies in seeking refuge at Tum. rakshak. k!h$ ko daran!. Your feet, When You are the protector,

The Sun is twelve thousand yojans away, You mistook it for a sweet fruit and tried to swallow it.

why should one fear? 23)

)pan. tej. samh!ro !pai, T%nom lok. h!ñk. te k!mpai.

24) Bh$t. one


pis!ch. nikat*. nahin !vain,

You alone can control the great power You possess, All the three worlds Evil spirits do not dare to come near

Mah!vir. jab. n!m. sun!vain.

who recites Your name, O Great Warrior tremble at Your call.

N!sai rog. harai sab. p%r!, Japat. nirantar. Hanumat. v%r!.

All disease and pain are destroyed by the constant repetition of the name of valiant Shri Hanuman.

26) Sañkat*. misery

tén Hanum!n. chhur!vain,

Hanuman delivers a person from

Man. kram. bachan. dhy!n. jo l!vain. if he meditates on Him in thought, word and action. 27)

Sab. par. R!m. tapasv% r!j!, Tinake k!j. sakal. Tum. s!j!.

Lord Rama is the Detached Ruler of the universe, You brought to fruition all His enterprises.


Aur. manorath. jo ko% l!vai, T!su amit. jivan. phal. p!vai.

If someone comes to You with a desire in mind, You give that person the unlimited fruits of life.


Ch!rom jug. parat!p. Tumh!r!, Your bright glory travels all directions and Hai parasiddh. jagat ujiy!r!. ages, The world knows the supreme success of Shri Hanuman.


S!dhu sant. ke Tum. rakhaw!re, You are the protector of seekers and saints, Asur. nikandan. R!m. dul!re. You are the destroyer of the Asuras, the evil forces.


Asht*a siddhi nav. nidh% ke d!t!, You dispense the eight powers and the nine As. var. d%n. J!nak% M!t!. types of wealth, As a boon bestowed on You by the Divine Mother Janaki.


R!m. ras!yan. Tumhare p!s!, Sad! raho Raghupati ke d!s!.


Tumhare bhajan. R!m. ko p!vai, By singing hymns in Your praise one Janam. janam. ke dukh. Bisar!vai. reaches Shri Rama; And is freed from the

You possess the Divine elixir of Shri Rama’s Name; You are ever the Servant of Lord Rama.

sorrows of many lifetimes. 34)

Ant. k!la Raghubar. pur. j!-%, Jahom janma Hari-bhakta kah!-%.


Aur. dev.t! chitt. na dhara-%, Your devotees need not remember any other Hanumat. se-% sarv. sukh. kara-%. Deity; All happiness is assured by

In the end such a one enters the Divine abode of Shri Rama; If reborn, he becomes a devotee of Shri Vishnu.

Lord Hanuman. 36)

Sañkat. hatai mitai sab. p%r!, Jo sumirai Hanumat. bal.v%r!.

All difficulties and pain are destroyed, When one remembers Hanuman, the strong and brave.


Jay Jay Jay Hanum!n. gos!-%m, Hail, Hail, Hail to Hanuman! Lord of my Krip! karahu Guru Dev. k% n!-%m. entire Self; Please shower Your grace on me like a Divine Guru.


Jo sat. b!r. p!th. kar. ko-%. One who recites this Chalisa a hundred Chh$tahin bandi mah! sukh. ho-%. times, will be delivered from difficulties and will attain great joy.


Jo yah. padhai Hanum!n. Ch!lis!, One who recites this Chalisa in praise of Hoy. siddhi s!kh% Gaur%s!. Shri Hanuman, will achieve success and get the darshan of Lord Shiva.


Tuls%d!s. sad! Hari cher!, K%jai N!th. hridaya mamh. der!.


Tulsidas is ever the servant of the Lord and prays perpetually, ‘O Lord, may You always reside in my heart!’

The Hanuman Chalisa closes with a fervent prayer;

Pavana-tanay. sañkat. haran., O Son of the Wind God, Remover of misfortunes, Mañgal. M$rti R$p.. Most auspicious figure, R!m. Lakhan. Sit! sahit., Hridaya basahu sura-bh$p..

With Shri Rama, Lakshman and Sita, Please reside in my heart, O Protector of heaven and earth.

Bolo (hr% Mah!-Hanum!na s!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devi ki…..Jai! Note; The old form of Hindi that Saint Tulsidas wrote in, has many words commonly spelt with v in Sanskrit and modern Hindi( eg. vidy!, v"ra) written with a b (the Devanagari letter is almost identical). The more familiar words are here rendered with v, as they are in the Nirmalanjali and commonly in India. This is a change from the original SYMB.

The 108 Names of Shri Maria Mahalakshmi (in Latin)

Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Mah!-lakshmi s!ksh!t, Om. You are the Power of Evolution,

(hr% K!mal-!ks)h! Nive#hit! s!ksh!t, Lotus-eyed and intent on our evolution,

(hr% Dhan-!dhy-!ksh! s!ksh!t. The Overseer of wealth and our ultimate goal,

(hr% )gñya Chakra Antarala-s'ha, Standing on the Central Channel and Agnya Chakra,

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!ji (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª. Who is indeed Her Supreme Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in person before us. We prostrate to You in utter devotion.

In Latin:

Sancta Mater…………Dei Genitrix………….Benedice Nos Holy Mother


Mother of God

We give thanks to Thee

Sancta Maria………..Dei Genitrix…………Glorificamus Te Holy Mary


Bless us

Domina Nostra………Dei Genitrix…………Gratias Agimus Tibi Our Lady


Mother of God

Mother of God

We glorify Thee

Immaculata Dea…….Dei Genitrix…………Laudamus Te Immaculate Goddess

Sancta Mater Domina Nostra Sancta Maria Immaculata Dea Dei Genitrix Virgo Potens Virgo Prudens Virgo Veneranda

Mother of God

We praise Thee

Holy Mother. Our Lady. Holy Mary. Immaculate Goddess. Mother of God. Mighty Virgin. Wise Virgin. Virgin to be worshipped.

Virgo Praedicanda Virgo Ab Aeterno Electa

Virgin to be preached. Virgin chosen since eternity.

Virgo Benedicta Virgo Praeservata Virgo Pulcherima Virgo Clementissima Mater Gratia Plena Mater Puritatis Mater Sanctissima Mater Innupta Mater Intacta Mater Principis

Blessed Virgin. Preserved Virgin. Most Beautiful Virgin. Most compassionate Virgin. Mother full of grace. Mother of purity. Most Holy Mother. Mother and Virgin. Intact Mother. Mother of the principle.

Mater Verae Fidei Mater Misericordiae Mater Humilitatis Mater Aeterni Dei Mater Et Domina Mater Spiritus Dulcedinis Mater Gratiae Et Sanctitatis Mater Obedientiae Mater Innocentiae Mater Christi Sponsa

Mother of true faith. Mother of mercy. Mother of humility. Mother of eternal God. Mother and lady. Mother of the sweetness of the Spirit. Mother of grace and Holiness. Mother of obedience. Mother of innocence. Mother and Shakti of Christ.

Mater Creatoris Mater Amabilis Mater Sanctae Spei Mater Castissima Mater Intemerat Fons Caritatis Fons Pietatis Fons Dulcedinis Fons Verae Sapientiae Fons Patriarchum Et-Prophetarum

Mother of the Creator. Lovable Mother. Mother of holy hope. Mother most chaste. Spotless Mother. Fountain of charity. Fountain of piety. Fountain of sweetness. Fountain of true wisdom. Fountain of the elders and the Prophets.

Vas Insignae Devotionis Vas Spirituale Rosa Sine Spina Rosa Mystica Rosa Majestica Turris Davidica Turris Eburnea Domus Aurea Foederis Arca Coelorum Regina Angelorum Domina Imperatrix Clarissima Coelis Margarita Fides Omnium Per Quam-Renovatur Omnis Creatura Civitas Dei Portans Omnia Portantem Uterus Divinae Incarnationis Factorem Mundi Generans Coeli Clarissima Tollens Tenebrae Aeternae-Noctis Speculum Divinae-Contemplationis Janua Vitae Porta Paradisi Per Quam-Venitur Ad Gaudiam Coelis Altior Archangelorum Laetitia Omnium Exultatio Sanctus Tronus Salomonis Nostra Spes Vera Nostra Mater Nova Nostra Dilectissima Domina

Vessel of signal devotion. Vessel filled with the Holy Spirit. Rose without thorns. Mystical rose. Majestic rose. Tower of David. Tower of ivory. Golden house. Ark of the Covenant. The One who takes us beyond time. Lady of Angels. Empress most eminent. Daisy of heaven. Faith of all beings by which all creation is renewed. City of God. Bearing all supports. Matrix of the Divine Incarnation. Begetting the creator of the world. The clearest one of the skies. Removing the gloom of the eternal night. Mirror of the Divine contemplation. Door of life. Gate of paradise by which one comes to joy. The Highest in the sky. Delight of archangels. Exultation of all beings. Holy throne of Salomon. Our true hope. Our new Mother. Our most exquisite mistress.

Nostra Lux Vera Nostra Pulcherrima Domina Advocata Nostra Mater Divinae Gratiae Mater Veri Gaudii Virgo Virginum Honor Et Gloria Nostra Hortus Conclusus Aeterni Regis Filia Aeterni Regis Sponsa

Our true light. Our most fair Sovereign. Our advocate. Mother of Divine grace. Mother of true joy. Virgin of all Virgins. Our honour and glory. Enclosed garden. Daughter of the eternal king. Bride of the eternal king.

Hilaris Et Plena Gaudia Generans Aeternum Lumen Iter Nostrum Ad Dominum Praeclarior Luna Solis Lumen Vivens Stella Matutina Flos Immarcessibilis Sanctum Lilium Convallium Lux Meridiana Hospitium Deitatum

Laughing and full of joy. Producing eternal light. Our way to the Lord. Most clear moon. Living light of the sun. Morning star. Flower which never fades. Holy lily of the valley. Midday light. Sojourn of the deities.

Lucerna Castitatis Cubiles Coelestis Thesauris Sanctus Flos Virginitatis Mater Gentium Regina Prophetarum Regina Sanctorum Omnium Gloria Jerusalem Resurrectio Nostra Clipeus Fidei Virginum Corona

Lamp of chastity. Room of heavens treasure. Holy flower of Virginity. Mother of nations. Queen of the prophets. Queen of all the saints. Glory of Jerusalem. Our resurrection. Shield of faith. Crown of the Virgins.

Amicta Sole Luna Sub Pedibus Duodecim Stellis Coronata

Clad by the sun. The moon at Your Feet. Crowned by twelve stars.

Orbis Terrarum Margarita Fons Omnium Charismatum Templum Spiritus Sanctus Regis Diadema Per Infinita-Saecula Lumen Sahajae Veritate

Daisy of terrestrial orb. Fountain of all charisma. Temple of the Holy Ghost. Diadem of the king for unending ages. Light of Sahaja Truth.

Namast+-"stu Mah!m!ye (hr% P%'he Sura-p$jyate We bow to You, O Great Source of illusion, seated on a throne and worshipped by all the Gods

(hañkha Chakra Gada Haste (hr% Mah!-lakshm% nam&-"stu-te With conch, discus and mace in Your Hands, Great Giver of prosperity and spiritual evolution, may there be unending salutations to You.

Om (h!nti! (h!nti! (h!nti! Om. Peace, Peace, Peace.

Shri Chakra.

(Shri Yantra) The mystical design representing Shri Mah lakshmi. A view through the Sushumna Nadi. There are four upward pointing and five downward pointing triangles, whose intersection forms 112 triangles and 21 quadrilaterals.

27 Names of Our Sacred Lady Mary Mah lakshmi in Latin. Sancta Dei Genitrix Sancta Virgo Virginium Mater Christi Mater Purissima Mater Inviolata Mater Admirabilis Mater Boni Concilii Mater Salvatoris Virgo Veneranda Virgo Fidelis Speculum Justitiae Sedes Sapientiae Causa Nostra Laetitiae Vas Honorabilis Janus Coeli Salus Infirmorum Refugium Peccatorum Consolatrix Afflictorum Regina Angelorum Regina Patriarcharum Regina Apostolorum Regina Martyrum Regina Virginium Regina Originalis Concepta Regina Pacis Regina Amoris Regina Beatitudinis Imperatrix Mundi

Holy Mother of God Holy Virgin of all the Virgins Mother of Christ Purest Mother Inviolate Mother Admirable Mother Mother of good advice Mother of the Redeemer Most venerable Virgin Faithful Virgin Mirror of justice Seat of wisdom Source of our joy Vessel of honesty Door of heaven Salvation of the suffering Shelter of the sinners Comforter of the distressed Queen of the angels Queen of the patriarchs Queen of the apostles Queen of martyrs Queen of virgins Queen of the Immaculate Conception Queen of peace Queen of Love Queen of Bliss Empress of the world

Om Twameva s!ksh!t (hr% Omk!ra S!ksh!t (hr% Yeshu Mah!-vishnu s!ksh!t (hr% Maria Mah!-lakshmi S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª *Repeats from the previous set of names have been taken out.

Shri Mah lakshmi Ashtaka Stotram 8 verses in praise of Shri Mah!lakshm". From the Padma Purana.

Namast+-stu Mah!m!ye (hr%-p%t*he sura-p$jite, Salutations to You O Great Creatrix, seated on a throne and worshipped by all the gods,

(hañkha chakra gada haste, Mah!lakshm% nam&-‘stu-te.


With conch, discus and mace in Your hands, O Goddess of evolution, we bow to Thee.

(hri Nirmal! Devyai nam&-‘stu-te. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi , may there be obeisance to Thee.

Namaste garuda-r$dhe kol!sura bhayan-kari, Obeisance to You who rides on a condor, the annihilator of the fox-demon Kolha,

Sarva p!pa hare Devi, Mah!lakshm% nam&-stu-te.


Destroyer of our wickedness, we bow to Thee, O Grantor of the Highest knowledge.

Sarva-gñya sarva-varade sarva-dusht*a bhayan-kari, You are all-knowing, all wish fulfilling, Destroyer of all difficulties,

Sarva duhukha hare Devi, Mah!lakshm% nam&-stu-te.


The Divine Remover of all sorrows, O Great Shakti of Shri Vishnu, we bow to Thee.

Siddhi-buddhi-prade Devi, bhukti-mukti prad!yini O Devi, giver of success, intelligence , worldly enjoyment and liberation

Mantra-m$rte sad! Devi, Mah!lakshm% nam&-stu-te


Thou hast always the Mantras as Thy form, O Mah!lakshmi, obeisance to Thee.

)dy-!ntara-hite Devi, )dya-#hakti Mahe#hwar% O Devi Maheshwari, without a beginning or an end,

Yog!je yoga-sambh$te, Mah!lakshm% nam&-stu-te.


Who leads us to Yoga, whose nature is Yoga, O Mah!lakshmi obeisance to Thee.

Sth$la s$kshma mah!-raudre mah!-#hakti mahodare, Both vast and subtle, of great fierceness, the great Power and the great Compassion,

Mah!-p!pa hare Devi, Mah!lakshm% nam&-stu-te.


Divine Remover of the greatest of sins, we bow to Thee who takes incarnation for our ascent.

Padm-!sana sthite Devi Para-brahma swa-r$pin%, O Devi, seated on the lotus, who art the Parabhrama,

Parame#hi jagan-m!tar, Mah!lakshm% nam&-stu-te. The great Lord and Mother of the universe, O Mah!lakshmi, obeisance to Thee.


(hwet!mbara-dhare Devi n!n!lam((k!ra bh$shite, Goddess clothed in white, and decorated with various ornaments,

Jagat-sthite jagan-m!tar, Mah!lakshm% nam&-stu-te.


Standing on this earth, O Motherof this world, Great Goddess of the Highest wealth, we bow to Thee.

Phala &hruti- ‘the fruits of this prayer’

Mah!lakshm% !sht*akam stotraha yaha pat*he bhaktim!n naraha, Whoever says this praise of Shri Mah!lakshm", becomes the greatest of devotees,

Sarva-siddhim uv!pnoti r!jyam pr!pnoti sarvad!.


He achieves all success, becomes a Lord among men and a dispenser of all good things.

Eka-k!le pat*het nityam mah!p!pa vin!#hanam, Repeated once every day, great sins are destroyed,

Dvi-k!lam yaha pat*het nityam dhana-dh!nya sam!nvitaha.


Repeated twice every day, great wealth and prosperity accrues.

Tri-k!lam yaha pat*het nityam mah!-#hatru vin!#hanam, Repeated thrice every day, even the greatest of enemies is destroyed,

Mah!lakshm%r-bhavet nityam prasanna varad! #hubh!.


Shri Mah!lakshm" becomes constantly pleased and bestows all boons, happiness and auspiciousness.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

Negativity destroying mantras * (hatru mardin% (hr% Ambik! Dev% *Madhu s$dany! *T!rakasura sam-hantr% *Ni#humbha (humba sam-hantr% (hr% Durg! (hr% Raksha-kar% * R!kshasa-ghn% (hr% Chamund! * Madhu Kait*abha hantr% * Narak-antak!

Crusher of enemies Mother Goddess Killer of the demon Madhu Annihilator of T!rak Destroyer of Shumbha & Nishumba Destroyer of the Asuras Saviour from Raksasas Slayer of Raksasas Killer of Chanda & Munda Destroyer of Madhu and Kaitabha Killer of Narak

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª

Shri Devi Asht-ottara-shata N m- vali. The 108 names of the Devi. Om Twameva s"ksh"t:

Shri )di (hakti Mah!dev% Ambik! Parame#hvar% ,#hvar% Anai#hvar% Yogin% Sarva bh$t-e#hvar% Jay! Vijay! Jayant% (h!mbhav% (h!nt% Br!hm% Brahm-!nd)a dh!rin)% Mah!-r$p! Mah!-m!y! M!he#hvar% Loka rakshan)% Durg! Durga p!r! Bhakta chint!man)% Amr)ut! Siddhi M$rti Sarva siddhi prad! Mantra m$rti Mah!-k!l% Sarva m$rti svar$pin)%

You are:The Primary Creative Force of the Universe. The Great Goddess. The Divine Mother. The Supreme Ruler of everything. The Supreme Goddess. Having no superior Deity. Having all magical and spiritual powers. The Mother Goddess of all beings. Victorious over demonic forces. Ever undefeated in the battle against evil. The Triumphant Goddess. The Compassionate Shakti of Lord Shiva. The Embodiment of Peace. The Shakti of Shri Brahm!. The Upholder of the Egg of Brahma from which the Creation emerges. Having as a form the whole Universe. The Supreme Creatrix of illusion and confusion. The Shakti of Shri Sad!&hiva. The Protectress of the Three Worlds. The Supreme Goddess who is hard to approach. The One who carries us across all difficulties. The One who fulfils the desires of Your devotees. The Nectar of Immortality. The Giver of Self-realisation. Expressed in all forms. The Grantor of all success and fulfillment. Worshipped in the form of sacred words. The Great Dark Goddess as the power of the Left Side. The Divine Essence of all Sacred Images.

N!ga yagñy-opav%tin% (hankha chakra gada-dh!rin)%

The Personification of all Sacred Knowledge. The Spiritual Power of the Vedas. The True Religion as the final expression of the Vedas. Occupied in the Production, Sustenance and Dissolutiom of the Universe. Without any tendency to baseness. The Embodiment of all Divine Qualities. The Fierce Shakti of Lord Shiva. Whose Form is the Fierce Driver-away of evil. The Shakti of Shri Vishnu. The Shakti of Shri Vishnu in His Form as half-man, half-lion. Endowed with a cobra as a sacred thread. The Supreme Goddess armed with conch, discus and mace.

Jat,! mukut,a #hobhin% Apram!n)! Pra-m!n)! )di madhy-!vas!n! Pun)yad! Pun)y-opa-ch!rin)%

Radiant in a crown of matted hair. Unlimited and Immeasurable. The Creatrix of everything measurable. Residing at the primaeval centre of everything. Conferring auspiciousness. Attendant upon holy souls.

Pun)ya k%rt% Stut! Vi#h!l-!kshi Gambh%r! R$p-!nvit! K!la-r!tr% Analpa siddhi Kamal! Padma v!sin% Mah!-sarasvat%

Famous as all Auspiciousness and Holiness. The One who is worshipped. Having large and powerful eyes. Of unlimited depth. Accompanied by all manifested forms. The Dark Night of dissolution at the end of time. Possessing and bestowing numerous powers. The Lotus-like Shri Lakshmi. The One whose resting place is a lotus. The Great Goddess of Speech as the power of the Right Side. The Power of the mind. Having all spiritual powers at will.

Veda m$rti Veda bh$ti Ved!nt! Vyava h!rin)% Anadh! Bhagavati Raudr! Rudra sva-r$pin)% N!r!yan)% N!ra-simh%

Manaha siddh! Mano yogin%

M!tangin% *Chand)a mund)a-ch!rin)% *Daitya d!nava v!sin% Mes)ha jyotis)h! Param jyotis)h! )tma jyotis)h! Sarva jyotih:-svar$pin)% Sahasra m$rti (harv!n)% S$rya m$rti svar$pin)% )yur Lakshm% Vidy! Lakshmi Sarva Lakshm% prad! Vichakshan)! Ksh%r-!rn)ava v!sin% V!g%#hvar% V!k siddh! Agñy!na gñy!na-gochar! Bal! Parama kalp!n)% Bh!nu mand)ala v!sin% Avyakt! Vyakta r$p! Avyakta r$p! Anant! Chandr! Chandra mand)ala-v!sin% Chandra mand)ala-

The Supreme Mother as the Highest of all the Goddesses. Wearing the skulls of the demons Chanda and Munda. Adorned with the heads of demons and devils. The Ruler of the Auspicious Moment at the start of the sign of Aries. The Supreme Ruler of the movement of the planets. The Spark of the Divine as the Individual Self. Whose Form is the Illumination of the whole Universe. Having a thousand forms. The Sacred Spouse of Lord Shiva. Taking the form of the Sun. The Source of prosperity, vitality and long life. The Beneficent Goddess who confers the highest knowledge. Granting all aspects of well-being and spiritual fulfillment. Radiant with wisdom. Dwelling in the ocean of milk. The Supreme Ruler of Speech. The Power of Speech. The Abode of both the pure state of unknowingness and the highest spiritual knowledge. Of great strength. Of the most excellent exploits. Wearing as a halo the light of the Sun. The Unmanifested Divine Consciousness. All manifested forms. She whose form is imperceptible. Infinite and Eternal. Shining brilliantly like the Moon. Wearing a circle of Moon light. Adorned with the disc of the Moon.


The Goddess who is terrifying when destroyng ignorance and negativity. The Highest Sprtual Bliss. Param-!nand! Shri P!rvat", the Most Auspicous Spouse of Lord (hiv! Shiva. Eternally Undefeated in the battle against darkness. Apar-!jit! The Grantor of the Highest Knowledge. Gñy!na-d! The Embodiment of the Deepest Wisdom. Gñy!na-vat% Manifesting in devotees as Self-realisation. Gñy!na m$rti The Embodiment of all Sacred Arts. Kal!-vati Dwelling in the Cremation-ground. (hma#h!na v!sin% The Divine Mother. M!t)! The Supreme Fabricator of the Universe. Parama kalpin% Having the Quality of all sounds. Ghos,ha-vat% The Remover of Poverty. Daridra h!rin)% Whose face is radiant with the Light of (hiva tejo mukh% Auspiciousness. Dearly loved by Shri Vishnu. Vis)hn)u vallabh! Adorned with beautiful hair. Ke#ha vibh$s)hit! The Mother Earth symbolised as a tortoise floating K$rm! on the waters. *Mahis)h-!sura gh!tin% The Destroyer of the buffalo demon Mahisha who embodies the base desires and animal nature of humans. The Protectress of all. Sarva raksh! The Great Black Goddess as the power of the Left Mah!-k!l% Side. The Gracious Goddess as the Power of the Central Mah!-lakshm% Channel, conferring moksha and spiritual knowledge.


Namo Devyai Mah!devyai, (hiv!yai satatam namaha, Salutations to the Devi, to the Great Goddess, Most Auspicious, salutations always,

Namaha Prakr)ityai bhadr!yai, vinatah pran)at!-sma t!m.

Obeisance to the #di Shakti, the Giver of Happiness, bowing most reverentially, we salute You.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di #hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namaha. Who is incarnated in person as our Divine Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Unending Salutations to You for ever and ever.

Praise by

di hankar ch rya

And She took many incarnations to save the world, Gods, and human beings from demons. In modern times, demons of the past have come with decent and attractive appearances. Man has become a slave of his nature and goes to extremes to accomplish his ambitions, ending in disaster. The Ocean of Love as the Divine Mother is, She has again decended onto this world, on the 21st March, 1923, to save mankind (21 st March is the Spring equinox, when day and night are equal). Perhaps She has taken the birth on this day to correct imbalance even at the cosmic level. #di Shankar"ch"rya has said ‘Your right eye being the embodiment of the sun creates day, Your left eye being the embodiment of the moon creates night, your third eye radiant like the slightly open golden lotus, creates twilight’. He also says that due to collyrium that the Mother wears, Her eyes become tri-coloured - The streak of red, the natural white colour of the eyes and the black of the collyrium. They look like the triad of the three quantities - Raja, Sattwa and Tama. O Mother, You are not only correcting the imbalances of the people, but are also freely distributing the Divine Bliss which could be enjoyed by very few in the past after great efforts. May thousands and thousands more come and drink the nectar that is flowing from Your Lotus Feet. Proximity to Your Lotus Feet is Moksha and You are so kind that You are present in our hearts the very moment we remember You. O Mother, pray, kindly keep this form of Yours for years and years, so that all seekers get their salvation and Mother Earth is relieved from all evil. What can we offer in P$ja when You are everywhere and everything, including our Selves?

To My Flower Children You are angry with life Like small children Whose Mother is lost in darkness. You sulk expressing despair At the fruitless end of your journey. You wear ugliness to discover beauty, You name everything false in the name of truth, You drain out emotions to fill the cup of love. My sweet children, my darlings How can you get peace by waging war With yourself, with your being, with joy itself. Enough are your efforts of renunciation; The artificial mask of consolation Now rest in the petals of the lotus flower In the lap of your gracious Mother. I will adorn your life with beautiful blossoms And fill your moments with joyful fragrance. I will anoint your head with Divine Love, For I cannot bear your torture anymore Let me engulf you in the ocean of joy So you lose your being in the Greater One Who is smiling in your calyx of Self Secretly hidden to tease you all the while. Be aware and you will find Him Vibrating your every fibre with blissful joy, Covering the whole universe with light. Mother Nirmala. Written on returning from a trip to America in 1976?


The 1000 Names of


Mah k l

#hr$ K"l$sahasra N"ma Stottram I resort to Shri Mah"k"l!, the Supreme Goddess with ten faces and ten legs, who holds in Her hands the sword, discus, mace, arrow, bow, club, spear, missile, human head and conch, who is three-eyed, decorated with jewels around all Her limbs which are luminous like a blue gem and whom Lord Brahma extolled in order to destroy the dauntless demons, Madhu and Kaitabha, when Shri Vishnu was in His mystic sleep The Thousand Names Om representing the Primordial Mystery Sound consisting of three lettersA, U, M- a triad of Shri Vishnu, Shri Brahma and Shri Shiva and thus symbolizing the all-destroying and the all-creating cosmic power of the Divine Mother, Shri Mah"k"l!. Note: The following list of names can be said as a poem, in verses consisting of

four p!das of eight syllables each. There is a single vertical line | to denote the end of the first sixteen syllables and a double line || at the end of the verse. There are also small words in the list of names to fill out the meter like cha- ‘and’ and ta!ha- ‘thus’ which have been included in italics in brackets. Note: The symbols !, " and $ denote long vowel sounds as in cart, keen and stoop. Short a is pronounced like the u in but.

Om twameva s"ksh"t #hr$:

(hma#h!na k!lik! K!l% Bhadra k!l% Kap!lin% Guhya k!l% Mah!-k!l%


Kuru kull! virodhin% || K!lik! K!la r!tri

You are:

The Dark-complexioned Deity of the cremation ground. The Dark Goddess, Ruler of Time. The All-auspicious Dark Mother. Holding a human skull in Your hand. The Secretive and Hidden Dark Goddess. The Great Dark Mother, Beautiful and Compassionate to Your devotees and Terrifying to their enemies. Ferocious towards the Kuru clan and all evil forces. The Ruler of Time. The Dark Night of final dissolution.


Mah!-k!la nitambin% | K!la bhairava bh!ry! (cha) Kula vartma prak!#hin% || K!mad! K!min% K!my! Kama n%ya swa-bh!vin% | Kast$r% rasa lipt!ng% Kunjar-e#hwara g!min% || Kak!ra varna sarv-!ng%




K!min% k!ma sundar% | K!m!rt! K!ma r$p! (cha) K!ma dhenu Kal!-vat% K!nt! K!ma swar$p! K!m-!khy! Kula p!lin% Kul%n! Kula-vaty-amb! Durg! Durgati n!#hin% Kum!r% Kulaj! Krishn! Krishna deh! Kri#h-odar% Kri#h-!ng% Kuli#h-!ng% Kr%ñ-k!r% Kamal! Kal!

|| (cha)



| (cha)


The Great Dark Goddess with beautiful hips. The Spouse of Lord Shiva as the Dark Destroyer. The Giver of light to the whole world family. The Fulfiller of all desires. The Embodiment all beauty and delicacy. The Highest Object of desire. Gifted with ambrosial delicacy of nature. Having limbs smeared with the finest musk. The One whose gait surpasses that of Lord Indra’s elephant The One whose whole body resounds with the sound Ka, the first consonant of the sacred Deva-nagari script. The Perfect Beauty of Lord Cupid. The Ecstasy of passions. Of the Form of Desire. The Fulfiller of all wishes, like Sage Vasish%ha’s Divine cow. The Goddess of art and spirituality in art All Radiance and Self-effulgence. The Absolute Form of Desire Desire of all sorts. The Preserver of the world family. Born in a royal family. The Mother to the family of the whole world. Riding on a tiger, overcoming all evil-doers. The Remover of obstacles and troubles. The Spirit of Virginity. Born of the highest family. The Divine Dark Mother. Dark-bodied. The One with a thin belly. Slim-limbed. The Thunderbolt-bodied Mother The Creator of the powerful mantra Kreen. The Lotus-like Spouse of Lord Vishnu. The Cosmic spirit of fine arts.




Kar!l-!sy! Kar!l% (cha) Kula k!nt-!par!jit! | Ugr! Ugra prabh! D%pt! Vipra-chitt! Mah-!nan! || N%l! ghan! Val!k! (cha) M!tr! Mudr!mit-!sit! | Br!hm% N!r!yan% Bhadr! Subhadr! Bhakta vatsal! || M!he#hwar% (cha) Ch!mund! V!r!h% N!ra siñghik! | Vajr!ng% Vajra kañk!l% Nri-munda sragvin% (hiv! || M!lin% Nara mund!l% Galat rudhira bh$s*han! | Rakta chandana sikt!ng% Sind$r-!runa mastak! || Ghora r$p! Ghora dans*ht*r! Ghor-!ghora-tar! (hubh! Mah!-dans*ht*r!


The One whose gaping mouth devours all. The Spirit of Cosmic Dissolution. The Unsurpassed Grace that blesses a family. Wrathful. Radiant with Fury. The Light of Your devotees. All Wisdom and Enlightened Consciousness. Devouring evil through Your mighty mouth. The Dark Cloud of Destruction for the demons. The Adored Mother. The Meter of poetry. Blissfully beyond all dimensions. The Very Spirit of Lord Brahma. The Shakti of Lord Vishnu, enshrined in every Heart. Beautiful and Auspicious. The Mother of all beauteous forms. Intensely Loving to Your devotees. The Supreme Mother of Creation. The Destroyer of the demons Chanda and Munda. Shri Vishnu in His boar incarnation. Shri Vishnu as His man-lion incarnation. The Goddess with very powerful limbs and body. The One with a mighty skull like a thunder-bolt. Wearing a garland of human skulls. Perfect Auspiciousness and Pleasing Form. Adorned with a garland. Wreathed with human skulls. Decorated with dripping blood. Anointed in red sandalwood paste Adorned with orange and red powder on Your forehead, the auspicious marriage decoration. Having a terrifying form. The One having fierce jaws Our Protector at times terrifying, sometimes gentle. All Sanctity and Wel1-being. Endowed with cosmic jaws.





The Supreme Source of illusion and confusion. Mah!-m!y! The Divine Mother with beautiful teeth. Su-dant% Yuga dantur! || The Upholder of the different ages of the world. The Goddess with lovely eyes. Su-lochan! The Divine Mother of many-coloured eyes. Vir$p-!ksh% The One gifted with large eyes. Vi#h!l-!ksh% Tri-lochan! | The Three-eyed Consort of Lord Shiva. (h!rad-endu prasann-!sy! The One whose face shines like the autumn moon. Tremulously smiling. Sphurat smer! Ambuj-ekshan! || With radiant lotus-like eyes. At*t*a-h!s! prasann-!sy! The Mother who is laughing and happy. The Goddess with a smiling face. Smera vakttr! Su-bh!s*hin% | Speaking sweetly and auspiciously. Prasanna padma vadan! Having a sunny, smiling Lotus-like face. The One with a laughing mouth. Smit-!sy! Priya bh!s*hin% || Gifted with loving eloquence. The Mother with deep-set eyes. Kotar-!ksh% The One who comes from a superior family. Kula #hresh'h! Endowed with unexcelled greatness. Mahat% Bahu bh!s*hin% | The One gifted with cosmic speech. The Purest Wisdom. Sumat% The Holy Mother of slow intellect. Kumat% The Killer of Chanda, the Demon. Chand! *Chanda mund-!ti-vegin% || The Impetuous Destroyer of the demons, Chanda and Munda. The Violent and Furious Goddess Prachand! chandik! The Destroyer of the demonic passions of Your Chand% devotees. Passionate to preserve the universal chastity. Chandik! Swift and Furious. Chanda vegin% | The One with beautiful long dark hair. Su-ke#h% Mukta ke#h% (cha) The One who wears Her hair loose and dishevelled. Having long flowing hair. D%rgha ke#h% Mahat-kuch! || Endowed with magnificent breasts. Having dead bodies as ear ornaments. Preta deha karna-p$r! Preta p!n% sumekhal! | Wearing a girdle of dead hands.

Pret-!san! Priya pret! Preta bh$mi krit-!lay! || (hma#h!na v!sin%




Seated on the spirits and ghosts. Kind to dead souls. The Dweller in the land of spirits. Resident in the cremation-ground as the spirit of dissolution The Mother of virtues and omens. Puny! The One who showers virtues on living beings. Punya-d! The Chief Deity of the universal family. Kula pandit! | The Abode of all virtues and righteousness. Puny!lay! Auspicious-bodied. Punya deh! The Origin of sacred poetry and songs. Punya #hlok% (cha) The Purifier of all. P!vin% || The Holiest of Holies. P$t! The Most Sacred Mother. Pavitr! Supreme and beyond everything. Param! Pur!-punya-vibh$s*han! | Decorated with purity and virtues The One with a holy name. Punya-n!min% The Eradicator of fears and doubts. Bh%ti-har! The Bestower of boons. Varad! Khadga-p!lin% || The One who defends us with a sword. Nrimunda-hasta-#hast! (cha) Worshipped as holding a skull in Your hand. In a Headless Form symbolizing egolessness. Chhinna-mast! Having a beautiful nose. Su-n!sik! | Auspicious. Dak#hin! Having a dark blue complexion. (hy!mal! Dark-complexioned like the evening sky. (hy!m! Peace. (h!nt! Having large and prominent breasts. P%nonnata stan% || Clothed in the sky. Dig-ambar! The One who creates violent sounds. Ghora r!v! The One who destroys the demons with Her arrows. Srikk-!nt! The Army of Blood in the Cosmic deluge. Rakta-v!hin% | The Fierce-sounding Companion of Lord Shiva. Ghora r!v! #hiv! sang% The One without any companion. Visang% Intoxicated with love. Madan!tur! || Frenzied with joy. Matt!





Pramatt! Pramad! Sudh! sindhu niv!sin% | At%-matt! Mah!-matt! Sarv-!kars*hana k!rin% || G%ta priy! V!dyarat! Preta nrittya par!yan! | Chatur bhuj! Da#ha bhuj! As*ht*!-da#ha bhuj! (ta%h!) || K!ty!yan% Jagan m!t! Jagat!m param-e#hwar% | Jagat bandhu Jagat dh!tr% Jagad !nanda k!rin% || Jagat j%va may% Hema-vat% M!y! Mah!-mah% | N!ga yagñy-opav%t-!ng% N!gin% N!ga #h!yin% || N!ga kany! Deva kany! G!ndharv% Kinnar-e#hwar% | Moha-r!tr% Mah!-r!tr% D!run! Bh!svar-!sur% || Vidy! dhar%

Carried away with excitement and joy. All Joy and Pleasures. The Dweller on the cosmic ocean of nectar. Exceedingly lost into the love of Your devotees. Overflowing with a sea of delightful intoxication. The Cause of all attraction. Fond of music and devotional songs. Enraptured by the Divine instrumental tunes. The Final Dance of Death. Four-armed, being Shri Vishnu. Having ten arms standing for the ten senses. The Mother with eighteen arms representing the five subtle elements, ten senses and intelligence, mind and ego. Mother of the Katyayana dynasty. The Mother of the whole world. The Supreme Omni-present Spirit of the universe. The Friend of all. The Preserver of the entire universe. The Cause of the bliss of the world. The Life Force of all living beings of the world. The Frosty Goddess as the Embodiment of Winter. The Illusory Creative Force of the Supreme Lord. Cosmic grandeur and greatness. Invested with a snake as a sacred thread. Serpent-like as the speed of time. Reclining on the cosmic serpent. Like a Maiden of the Naga race The Daughter of the Gods. The Celestial Singer. The Supreme of the Kinnar!s, a type of demi-god. The Dark Night of ignorance and illusion. The Great Night of dissolution. Detachment and rigorous discipline. The Blinding Radiance to destroy the demonic force. The Upholder of pure knowledge.


All Wealth and Beneficence. Vasu-mat% The Supreme of the Yakshas, higher magical beings. Yak#hin% Manifesting the supra-mental power of Yoga. Yogin% Jar! | Old Age as the Daughter of Death. The Dynamic Force of the demons. R!kshas% The Goddess who gives all to the world. D!kin% The Highest Knowledge of the Vedas. Veda-may% Veda vibh$s*han! || Adorned with the purest gems of Vedic knowledge. The Sacred Texts which are to be heard ie. the Vedas. (hrut% The Sacred Texts which are remembered, ie all the books Smrit%


Mah!-vidy! Guhya vidy! Pur!tan% Chinty! Achinty! Swadh! Sw!h! Nidr! Tandr! P!rvat%


Aparn! Ni#h-chal! Lol! Sarva vidy! Tapaswin% Gang! K!#h% (hach% S%t! Sat% Satya par!yan! N%tih Su-n%tih Su-ruchih

of law, the Epics and Puranas. The Eternal Knowledge of the Supreme realm. Bestowed with all occult knowledge. | The Supreme Force of ancient days. Worthy of the highest contemplation. Beyond the power of contemplation. The Mantra uttered when sacrificing to the ancestors. The Mantra uttered when offering to the fire. The Spirit of Sleep. (cha) The Spirit of half-wakefulness || The Daughter of the Mountain-king and the Sacred Spouse of Shri Shiva. Shri Parvati doing austerities to woo Shri Shiva. Of a calm and composed mind. Restless and Noisy. The Supreme Source of all learning. | Immersed in a perfect attitude of penance. The Coolness, Purity and river-like flow of life. The Spirit of the ancient city of Varanasi. The Pure Consort of Shri Indra. The Spouse of Shri Rama. The First Incarnation of Shri Parvati as the Wife of Lord Shiva and Daughter of King Daksha. The Final Refuge of truth. || The Highest Righteousness and Conduct. The Wisdom and Discretion that guides us well. Great Delight.


Tusht*ih Pusht*ih Dhritih Ksham! V!n% Buddhi Mah!-lakshm% Lakshm% N%la saraswat% Srotaswat% Saraswat% M!tang% Vijay! Jay! Nad% sindhu



Sarva-may% T!r! (h$nya niv!sin% (huddh! Tarañgin% Medh! L!kin% Bahu r$pin% Sth$l! S$k#hm! S$k#hma tar! Bhagavat%






Anu-r!gin% || Param-!nanda r$p! Chid-!nanda swar$pin% | Sarv-!nanda may% Nity! Sarv-!nanda swar$pin% ||

Contentment and Satisfaction. Prosperity and Comfort. Constancy and Contentment. Forgiving. Intelligent All Intelligence, Discrimination and Enlightenment. The Supreme Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth, the Dynamic Spirit of evolution and Consort of Shri Vishnu. The Treasure-house of universal wealth. The Dark-Blue Goddess of all learning and knowledge. The River-like flow of compassion. The White-Dressed Mother of supreme knowledge, The Mother of the elephant tribe and of Sage Vasish%ha. The Triumph of virtue over evil. The Dynamic Spirit of triumph The River Indus and all four of the sacred rivers of India. The Spirit of the entire creation. The Supreme Saviour of all. The Spirit of cosmic void, the Indweller of nothingness. All Sanctity and Chastity Restless like the waves. Intelligence and wisdom. Taking the form of a Tantric Goddess Of abundant forms. All that is gross and material. All that is subtle and spiritually blessed. The Subtlest of all Subtlety. The Adorable Supreme Goddess as the Source of the six Divine Virtues. The Personification of Music, inspiring love. The Highest Image of Divine Bliss. The Highest Form of consciousness and benign bliss. The Joy and Bliss of all. The Ever-living, Ever-enjoying and Ever-loving Eternal Goddess. The Innate Nature of universal joy and cheerfulness.





(hubha-d! Nandin% Stuty! Stavan% Yasva bh!vin% | Rañgin% T(añkin% Chitr! Vichitr! Chitra r$pin% || Padm! Padm-!lay! Padma mukh% Padma vibh$s*han! | D(!kin% (h!kin% R!kin% Rudhira priy! || Bhr!nt% Bhav!n% Rudr!n% Mrid!n% *(hatru mardin% | Upendr!n%

Empowered to give happiness and auspiciousness to all. The One who pleases everyone The Fittest of all for adoration and offering prayers. Praise-worthy. The Magnificent and Noble Goddess Delighting in the destruction of evil. Wielding a mighty axe. Radiant with multifarious attributes The Cause of bewilderment in life. Having many different forms. Seated on a lotus. Residing in the lotus and in the Chakras.. The Lotus-faced Mother. Decorated with lotuses. The Flesh-eating Imp. The Spirit of Your female demon attendant. The Full Moon. Fond of blood. All Illusion and Delusion. The Spirit of universal existence. The Wife of Shri Shiva in His fierce form. The Compassionate wife of Shri Shiva. The Slayer of the enemies of Your devotees. The Shakti of Shri Vishnu, known as the younger brother of Indra Consort of Shri Vishnu as the Lord of Indra. Moon-light. Having the form of the moon The Spirit of the Sun. The Divine Spouse of Lord Shiva.

Mahendr!n% Jyotsn! Chandra swar$pin% || S$ry-!tmik! Rudra-patn% The Supreme Force of Shri Shiva, Raudr% Nature as the feminine form that gives birth. Str% prakritih Pum!n | The Spirit as the masculine seed of creativity. The Creative Energy of Lord Brahma. (haktih All eloquence and wise sayings. S$ktih The Purest Wisdom Matih

M!t! Bhuktih Muktih Pati vrat! || Sarve#hwar% Sarva m!t! (harv!n% 290 Hara vallabh! | Sarva-gñy! Siddhi-d! Siddh! Bhavy! Bh!vya Bhay-!pa-h! || Kartr% Hartr% P!layitr% 300 (harvar% t!mas% Day! | Tamisr! T!mas% Sth!nuh Sthir! Dh%r! Tapasvin% || Ch!rv-añg% Chanchal! 310 Lola-jihv! Ch!ru charittrin% | Trap! Trap!-vat% Lajj! Vilajj! Hr% Rajovat% ||

The Divine Mother of the universe Enjoyment, satisfaction and sustenance. The Source of final liberation of the soul. The Faithful and Devoted Wife. The Mighty Mistress of the universe. The Blissful Mother of all. The Wife of Lord Shiva. The Most Beloved of Shri Shiva. The Supreme Knower of all that exists The Giver of all attainments and success. The Wish-fulfilling Goddess. All that is Good and Auspicious The Future and the Imagination. The One who wards off fears and doubts. The Doer of all deeds. The Remover and the Emancipator. The Guardian of all living souls and the joy of living. Twilight, night and the spirit of restful sleep All compassion and forgiveness The Ruler of the dark half of the month. The Spirit of night and rest, ruling the left side. Fixed and Immovable. Motionless, solid and permanent. Eternally patient, forbearing and calm. The Spirit of the highest penance. Of very pleasing limbs and body. The Inconstant Goddess of Fortune. Having a restless tongue insatiable for the blood of demons. Of Pleasing Character, most healing in effect. Bashfulness and the sense of Shame. The Supreme Goddess as the embodiment of all bashfulness. Modesty, Humility and Grace on all levels. Inflexible and Immodest when dealing with evil. The Goddess as all shyness and modesty. Having the quality of the passions of the right side that darken the mind.





Satyavat% Dharma nish'h! (hresh'h! Nis*h-'hura n!din% | Garish'h! Dusht*! sam(hartr% Vi#hish'h! (hreyas% Ghrin! || Bh%m! Bhay-!nak! Bh%ma n!din% Bh%h Prabh!-vat% | V!g%#hwar% (hr% Yamun! Yagñya kartr% Yajuh priy! || R(ik s!m-!'harva-nilay! R!gin% (hobana swar! | Kala kan'h% Kambu kan'h% Venu v%n! par!yan! || Vañ#hin% Vaishnav% Swachchh! Dharitr% Jagad-%#hwar% Madhu-mat% Kundalin% Riddhi


Embodying the qualities of truth and goodness. Devoted to righteousness and justice. The Superior and Most Excellent Goddess. Roaring ferociously. Exceedingly Heavy and Most Venerable. The Slayer of the unrighteous who are forgetful of the path. Uncommonly Excellent. Excelling in Auspiciousness. The Epitome of Tenderness and warm feelings. Terrifying to behold. Inspiring fear in the demons. Roaring fiercely. The Embodiment of fear and alarm. The Glory illuminating the hearts of Your followers. The Mistress of Language. The Holy and Auspicious Shri Lakshm", Consort of Lord Vishnu and Goddess of all well-being and prosperity. The Dark River, Daughter of Shri Yama, the Lord of Death. The Performer of the fire ceremony that purifies the heart. Fond of the Veda prescribing forms for the fire ceremony. The One Source of all Vedic Knowledge. Divine melodies and chanting. Gifted with all pleasing notes and melodies Endowed with a Pleasing Voice. Gifted with a conch-shaped neck Fond of these stringed instruments noted for creating resonance and sweetness in vibrations. The Flautist of the universe producing soul-stirring music The Shakti of Shri Vishnu, the Mother of preservation. Independent, acting entirely of Your own free will. The Mother Earth that supports all. The Supreme Ruler of the earth. Sweet-natured. The Coiled Serpent Power of Yoga The Bestower of boons


Siddhi (huchi-smit! *Rambh-orva#h%


Ati-r!m! Rohin% Revat% Magh! (hañkhin% Chakrin% K.ishna gadin%


Padmin% (h$lin% Parigh-!str!



(ta%h!) ||

P!#hin% (h!rñga p!lin% Pin!ka dh!rin% Dh$mr! (harabh% Vana m!lin% Rathin%




Samara pr%t! Vegin% Rana pandit! | Jat*in% Vajrin% L%l! L!vany-!mbudh% Chandrik! || Bali-priy! Sad!-p$jy! P$rn! *Daityendra-m!thin% (ta%h!) |

All Attainments and Fruitfulness of Nature. Smiling Brightly. The One who charmed the demon Mahish-!sura, the mighty son of Rambha. Very Pleasing, healing the mind of pain and pressure. The Consort of the moon and the ninth star-sign. The Wife of Shri Kamadeva, and the fifth star-sign. The Bounteous Wife of Shri Shiva and the tenth star-sign. Bearing the conch shell as a weapon against the demons. Holding the Discus to maintain peace on the earth. The Dark-hued Wielder of the mace to crush down the demons. The Lotus-holding Mother Brandishing a trident. The Club-holding Mother paving the way for fresh creation. The Noose-holding Mother uprooting the Demonic force. The Guardian of all furnished with a bow. Bearing a bow. The Smoky radiance of the cosmic illusion. The Consort of Sharabha, Shri Vishnu. Wearing a garland of Jasmine flowers like Lord Krishna The Chariot-Seated Mother waging war against the demons. Happy on the Battlefield. Swift and Ferocious. The Expert in the science of war. Wearing twisted and matted locks of hair. The Thunder-bolt-handed Mother In a playful mood with creation as Your drama. The Ocean of Beauty. Like the Moon. Fond of offerings and oblations. The Object of the highest worship. Perfect and Complete. The Slayer of the demon-chiefs.

*Mahis*h-!sura sam(hartr% K!min% Rakta-dantik! ||


Rakta-p! Rudhi-r!kt-!ñg% Rakta karpara hastin% | Rakta priy! M!ñsa ruchih )sav!-sakta m!nas! || Galach-chhonita mund!l% Kan'ha m!l! vibh$shan! | (hav-!san! Chit!nta hast! M!he#h%



Vris*ha v!hin% || Vy!ghra-tvag ambar! Ch%na chelin% Siñgha v!hin% | V!ma-dev% Mah!-dev% Gaur% Sarva-gñya bh!min% || B!lik! Tarun% Vriddh! Jar!tur! | Subhr$h Vil!sin% Brahma v!din% Br!hman% Mah% Swapn!-vat%


The Slayer of the demon king Mahish-!sura. The Goddess who rules all love and desire. The One whose teeth are red with the blood of demons. Drinking all blood shed during the cosmic war The One whose body is red with blood. Having a skull full of blood in Your Hand. Having a liking for blood. Having a taste for eating flesh. Whose mind is absorbed in the sweetness of bliss. Holding a severed head dripping with blood, the ego of devotees. Adorned with a garland of human skulls. Seated on a dead body as the creative force of Shri Shiva Of Caring and Healing Hands. The Shakti of Lord Shiva as the Cosmic Form of the universe. Riding on a bull. Dressed in a tiger skin. Wearing the deer-skin of an ascetic Riding on a lion The Goddess of surpassing beauty. The Great Goddess unsurpassed in all aspects. The Fairest and Purest of all. Radiantly beautiful with all forms of all knowledge. Of childlike innocence. Eternally Youthful. Maturity and Wisdom. The Embodiment of Old Age as the Daughter of Death. Having beautiful eye-brows and forehead. Charming and Playful. The Expounder of the Oneness of all Creation with Brahma. Divine Knowledge incarnate. Exceedingly Great The Well-spring of dreams.

Chitra-lekh! Lop!-mudr! Sure#hwar% Amogh! Arundhat% 420




T%kshan! Bhoga-vat% Anu-r!gin% || Mand!kin% Manda h!s! Jv!l! mukh% *Asur-!ntak! | M!na-d! M!nin% M!ny! M!na-n%y! Mad!tur! || Madir! medur-on-m!d! Medhy! S!dhy! Pras!din% | Su-madhy! Ananta gunin% Sarva-lok-ottam-ottam! || Jaya-d! Jit-var% Jaitr% Jaya #hr% Jaya #h!lin% | (hubha-d! Sukha-d! Saty! Sabh! sañ-kshobha k!rin% (hiva-d$t%

Decorated with beautiful designs.. The Divine Mother as the Wife Of Sage Agastya and the authoress of the Rig Veda. The Supreme Power of the Gods. Of Unfailing Efficacy. The Goddess incarnated as the virtuous wife of Sage Vashishtha. Intense, Fiery and Zealous The Supreme Enjoyer of the universe. The Goddess who inspires love. Slow-moving like parts of the holy river Ganga. Smiling and gently laughing. The Flame-faced Goddess. The Destroyer of demons The Grantor of honour and fame to Your devotees. High-minded and Proud. The Highest Object of veneration and affection. Worthy to be highly honoured. Intoxicated with love and joy. Like someone drunk from a surfeit of wine. Pure-minded and Vigorous. The Accomplished Mother of refined souls. The One who pleases all. Having a beautiful waist. The Goddess of eternally good qualities. The Highest of the High in all the worlds. The One granting victory to Your worshippers. The Goddess who overcomes everything. Triumphant over evil. The Goddess of Victory. The Abundant Triumph of wisdom over ignorance. The Giver of auspiciousness and good fortunes. Awarding happiness and bliss to Your devotees. The Eterna1 Truth. || The Disruptor of King Daksha's fire sacrifice. The Messenger of Lord Shiva.





Bh$ti-mat% Vibh$tih Bh%#han-!nan! Kaum!r% Kula-ja Kunt% Kula-str% Kula p!lik! K%rtih Ya#has-vin% Bh$s*h! Bh$#hy! Bh$ta-pati priy! Sa-gun! Nir-gun% Trishn! Nish'h! K!sh'h! Pratish'hit! Dhanish'h! Dhana-d! Dh!ny! Vasu-dh! Su-pra-k!#hin% Urv% Gurv% Guru #hresh'h! Sad-gun! Tri-gun-!tmik! R!jy!m-!gñy! Mah!-pr!gñy! Su-gun! Nir-gun-!tmik! Mah!-kul%n! Nis*h-k!m!








The Dispenser of all Happiness and Welfare. The Powerful Goddess smeared in ashes. Having a huge and terrifying face. The Purest Virgin. Born into a royal family. The Goddess incarnated as the Mother of the Pandavas. The Epitome of virtuous womanhood. Protecting Your family by Your chastity. Of glorious reputation. Eternally celebrated and beautiful. The Greatest Adornment of the universe. The Highest Goal of all decorative creation. In love with the Protector of the Spirits, Shri Shiva. Possessing all good qualities. The One who is without attributes. All attachments and allurement. The Support of steady devotion. The Highest Goal. The State of Tranquil Rest. The Foundation of all wealth. The Bestower of wealth. The Supreme object of prosperity. The Liberal Producer of wealth. The Shining Light of our lives. The Expansive Mother Earth. The Gravity of the Guru. The Highest Guru. The Preserver of all true virtue. The Essence of the three channels and their qualities. The Supreme Royal Commander. Supreme Intelligence and Wisdom. Having all good qualities. Having no form or attribute whatsoever. Descended from a royal family. The Spirit of Desirelessness.



Sa-k!m! K!ma j%van% || K!ma-deva-kal! R!m-!bhi-r!m! (hiva nartak% | Chint!-man% Kalpalat! Jagrat% D%na vatsal! || K!rtik% Krittik! Krity! Ayodhy! vi#ham! sam! | Su-mantr! Mantrin% Dh$rn! Hl!din% Kle#ha n!#hin% || Trai-lokya janan% Jyesh'h! M%m!ns! mantra r$pin% | Tad!ga nimna ja'(har! (hushka m!ñs-!sthi-m!lin%|| Avant% mathur! hriday! Trai-loky! p!vana ksham! | Vyakt-!vyakt-!tmik! murt%


(h!rabh% bh%ma n!din%


Kshemañ-kar% (han*kar% (cha)

Sarva sammoha k!rin% -rdhv! tej!svin%


The Source of all desire. The One who gives life to desires. The Inner Core of the God of Love. Delightful, Pleasing and Beautiful The Consort of Shri Shiva Dancing The Fabulous Gem, fulfilling all desires. The Mythical Creeper, fulfilling all desires. The Awakener of the higher Self. The Lover of the miserable and afflicted. The Holiest Month of Kartika, in October and November. The Achiever of all outcomes. The Goddess to be worshipped for all success. Irresistible, Indivisible and Unchanging. Of good advice. The Power of Mantras invoking the Gods. Perfect. The Joyful Mother. The Redeemer of all suffering. The Mother of the three worlds. The Eldest of All. Having the form of the Mimansa Philosophy, a system of mantras for sacrifice etc. Having a stomach like a deep pool of water. Wearing a garland of dried up skulls. The Soul of Avanti and Mathura, great centres of pilgrimage. The One who purifies the three worlds by Her forebearance. The Supreme Goddess as the Essence of all manifested and unmanifested forms. Whose tremendous sound inspires all sorts of fear in the wicked. The Creator of peace and prosperity. The Wife of Shri Shiva, conferring Prosperity and Auspiciousness The Cause of all illusion and confusion. Reflecting Your brilliance upward.



Klinn! Mah!-tejasvin% Advait! bhogin% P$jy! Yuvat% Sarva mañgal! Sarva priyañ-kar% Bhogy! Dharan% Pi#hit-!san!





Soft-hearted and responsive like water. The Great Goddess of brilliant lustre. The Enjoyer of perfect non-duality. The most-revered and worshipped Mother The Spirit of eternal Youth. All Auspiciousness. The Cause of all love and affection. Whatever is enjoyable or useful. The Support of the universe. The One who devours flesh symbolizing worldly attachments. The Source of all fear and doubt. The Remover of all sins and vices. Unblemished Beauty. Captivating and Subjugating all hearts. Ambition. Manifesting the spirit of universal desire. The New Moon. The Shakti of Shri Indra. Swift as the wind. Blazing like a thousands suns. Likened in luster to ten million moons.

Bhayañ-kar% P!pa har! Nish-kalañk! Va#han-kar% | )#h! Trishn! Chandra kal! Indr!n% V!yu vegin% || Sahasra s$rya sank!#h! Chandra koti samaprabh! | *Ni#humbha #humbha san- The Slayer of the demons, Shumbha and -hartr% Nishumbba. *Raktab%ja vin!#hin% || The Killer of the top-ranking demon, Raktabija. The Destroyer of the two ferocious demons Madhu *Madhu kait*abha hartr% and Kaitabha.


*Mahis*h-!sura gh!tin% The One who crushes the evil force of Mahish-!sura | Vahni mandala madhya Standing at the centre of a circle of fire. sth! Sarva sattva pratish'hit! || The One in whom all truth and reality reside. Having the Quality of all good conduct. Sarv-!ch!ra-vat% Sarva deva kany!dhi devat! | The Highest of all the Daughters of the Gods. Shri Sati, Daughter of King Daksha and First Wife Daksha kany! Daksha yagñya n!#hin% Durga t!rin%


of Lord Shiva. The Destroyer of the fire-sacrifice performed by King Daksha. The Saviour of Humanity from all difficulties.





Ijy! p$jy! Vibh%r bh$ti Sat-k%rtih Brahma r$pin% Rambhor$h


Chatur-!nk!r! Jayant% Karun! Kuh$h || Manasvin% Deva-m!t! Ya#hasy! Brahma-ch!rin% | Siddhi-d! Vriddhi-d! Vriddhih Sarv-!dy! Sarva d!yin% || Ag!dha r$pin% Dhyey! Mool!dh!ra niv!sin% | )gñy! Pragñy! P$rna-man! Chandra mukh% Anu-k$lin% || V!va d$k! Nimna n!bhih Satya sandh! Driñha vrat! | )nv%k #hik% Danda n%tih Tray% Tri-diva sundar% || Jvalin%

The Most Revered Guru to be worshipped. Giving rise to all fear. Famous for good qualities. Manifesting as the Supreme Spirit. Of Smooth and Tapering Thighs, a form of female beauty. The Mother of four sides The Triumph of light over ignorance. Intensely Compassionate. The Dark Night the new moon The Spirit of the mind. The Mother of the Gods. The Supreme Object of fame and celebration The One who observes celibacy. The Bestower of all success. The Grantor of all satisfaction. All Prosperity and Growth. The Primordial Originator of everything. The Giver of everything. The Form of all beauty. The Supreme Object of meditation The Energy dwelling in the Sacrum bone. The Over-ruling Deity of the universe. Supreme Wisdom. Of perfect mind. The One whose face is like the moon Kindly and well disposed. Charming everyone with the magic of Your speech. Having a deep navel as a sign of great wisdom. In a fixed state of truth and reality The Spirit of resolution and determination. The Embodiment of all logic and philosophy. The One who administers justice. The Spirit of Three (Vedas, N!dis, Gunas etc.) Heavenly Beauty personified. The Flame of the Spirit.




Jv!lin% (haila-tanay! Vindhya-v!sin% Pra-tyay! Khechar% Dhairy! Tur%y! Vimal!-tur! Pragalbh! V!run%ch-chh!y! (ha#hin% Visphuliñgan% Bhaktih Siddhih

Blazing with light to destroy the evil forces. The Daughter of the holy Himalayas. | The Dweller of the Vindhya Mountains as Lord Krishna. The Spirit of faith and conviction. The Aerial Spirit in the atmosphere. Steady, Calm and Courageous. The Fourth State of pure spirit. || The Supreme State of purity Confident and Resolute. The Beautiful Shri Lakshmi, born of the ocean. The Moon as the Spouse of Lord Shiva | Blazing Sparks of love. The Spirit of devotion in the hearts of all. The Supreme Spirit of universal accomplishment and Bestower of the eight supernatural powers, enumerated in the following seven names. Having the power of always obtaining everything at Sad! pr!ptih will. Having the Power of Irrestible will. Pr!-k!my! Mahim-!nim! || Able to become very large or very small at will. Having the power of controlling one’s desires. Ichch! siddhih Va#hitv! (cha) The Power of indomitability and subduing others to one’s will. ,#hitv-ordhva niv!sin% | Dwelling in the Highest realms above witht the power of supremacy over all. Laghim! (chaiva) The Power of becoming weightless. The G!yatri Mantra personified as the wife of Shri G!yatr% Brahma. The Shakti of the sun, worshipped in the G!yatri Mantra S!vitr% The Supreme Mother of the universe. Bhuvan-e#hwar% || Beautiful and Attractive, winning the hearts of all. Mano-har! The Spirit of the funeral pyre. Chit! All Divine qualities. Divy! The Goddess of compassion Devyud!r! Loving and Pleasing to all. Mano-ram! | Golden-Hued as the qualities of the right side Piñgal! The Tawny-hued Mother as a mythical wish-fulfilling Kapil! cow.

Jihv! rasa-gñy! Rasik! Ram! || Sushumn-ed! yoga-vat% G!ndh!r% *Narak-!ntak! P!ñch!l% 620


Rukmin% R!dh! R!dhy! Bh!m! R!dhik! Amrit!






Vrind! Kait*abh% Kapat*-e#hwar% | Ugra-chand-e#hwar% V%ra-janan% V%ra-sundar% || Ugra-t!r! Ya#hod!-khy! Devak% Deva m!nit! | Nirañjan! Chitra-dev% Krodhin% Kula d%pik! || Kula v!g%#hwar% Jv!l! M!trik! Dr!vin%

The Knower of the Sense of Taste of the tongue. Tasting the finest enjoyment. The Very Pleasing Consort of Shri Vishnu The Spirit of Yoga permeating the Sushumna and Ida channels. One of the Heavenly Singers. The Destoyer of the demon Narak Shri Draupadi, sister to Lord Krishna and wife of the Pandavas. The Devoted Wife of Shri Krishna The Beloved of Shri Krishna and the Eternal Soul of the Lord. The Supreme Object of worship. The Spirit of Faithful Wifehood. Giving love and prosperity to Your ardent adorers. The Nectar that enlivens the Prana of the entire creation. The sacred Tulasi plant used in worshipping Lord Vishnu. Mother Tulasi wedded to Shri Vishnu The Slayer of the powerful demon Kaitabha. The Supreme Ruler of delusion and deceit. The Supremely Fierce and Angry Goddess. The Mother of the courageous. The Beautiful Warrior Goddess. The Supreme Fury. Known as the Foster-mother of Lord Krishna. The Mother of Lord Krishna The Mother of the Gods. The Pure Mother who is beyond all passions. The Goddess of many brilliant forms. Divine Anger personified The Light of the world. The Supreme Speaker for the family. The Cosmic Flame. The Holy Mother. Dark like the Southern people of India.




Drav! Yoge#hwar% Mah!-m!r% Bhr!mar% Vindu r$pin% D$t% Pr!n-e#hwar% Gupt! Bahul! D(!mar% Prabh! Kubjik! Gñy!nin% Jyes*h'h! Bhu#hund% Prakat*-!kritih Dr!vin% gopin%


The Softness melting all grief and pain. The Goddess of Yoga. The Divine Essence of medicine Shri Durga in the form of a bee. The tiny dot as the nucleus of the universe. || Lord Shiva’s Ambassador. The Ruler of Life’s Energy. The Protector of all. The Spirit of Abundance. The Governor of the fetters that bind us. The Radiant Mother | Taking a Hunch-backed form. The Treasure-house of knowledge. The Eldest Goddess. Wielding the mighty Bhushundi weapon. Manifested without doing anything. || Taking the Form of a dark-skinned Cowherdess to play with Shri Krishna The Creator of Cosmic Illusion M!y! The Ultimate Controller of the seeds of desire K!ma b%je#hwar% The Beloved. Priy! | The Giver of life-supporting herbs and the place of (hakambhar% pilgrimage sacred to Shri Durga. The Giver of Lotuses as the Source of the Chakras. Kokana-d! Having patience and all good qualities. Su#h%l! The Divine Mother as an Apsara (Heavenly Til-ottam! || Maiden). Of immeasurable strength and gentleness Ameya vikram-!kr$r! Sam-pach #h%l-!ti-vikram! | Of Splendid Character and Peerless Courage. The Success of all sacred fire-offerings. Swastir havya v!h! Loving and Delightful. Pr%tih The Heat of anger and passion. Us*hm! Dhumr-!rchi ranga-d! || The One who gives colour to flame and smoke. Refinement through Austerity. Tapin% Creating heat through penance. T!pin% The Bestower of enjoyment to the Whole Universe Vi#hva bhoga-d!





Bhoga dh!rin% Tri-khand! Bodhin% Va#hy! Sakal! Vi#hva r$pin% B%ja r$p! Mah!-mudr! Va#hin% Yoga r$pin% Anañga kusum! Anañga mekhal! Anañga r$pin% Anañga madan! Anañga rekh!


The Source of joys and pleasures The Mother Earth divided into three portions. Awakening and Enlightenment. All Wealth and Prosperity. Complete. The Form of the whole universe || The Cosmic Seed. The Mighty Mother blessing with the hands. Embodying Self-mastery and universal authority. The Goddess realizable only through Yoga. | The Blossoming of the incorporeal God of Love. Having a Love-inducing Waist . Having the form of the formless God of Love. || Intoxicated with the Joy of Love. The Divine Mother who puts a passionate streak in every person. The Supreme Goddess who hooks all with the Anañg-!ñku#h-e#hwar% | snare of love. Wearing a garland of human passions. Anañga m!lin% The Goddess of Desire and Love. K!m-e#hwar% The Fulfiller of all purposes. Sarv-!rtha s!dhik! || The Substance of all doctrines and practices. Sarva tantra may% Modiny-arun-!nañga r$pin% | Rejoicing as the Form of all desire. Vajre#hwar% (cha) The Supreme Goddess wielding the Thunderbolt. The Supreme Mother Janan% Sarva duhkha kshayan kar% || The Remover of all pain and misfortune The Six-limbed young Mother. Shadañga yuvat% Eternally Connected in Yoga. Yoga-yukt! Jv!l-añ#hu-m!lin% | Wearing a garland of flames. The One who cannot be destroyed by death. Dur-!#hay! Invincible Dur-!dhar#h! Never Overcome. Durgyey! Durga-r$pin% || Having an inaccessible form. Infinite. Durant! The Remover of malignant desires Dush-kriti-har! Hard to contemplate. Durdhyey!

Durati kram! Hams-e#hwar%


Trikona-sth! (h!kambhary-anu-kampin% || Trikona nilay! nity! Param-!mrita rañjit! Mah!-vidy-e#hwar% 720

(hvet! Bherund! Kula sundar% Tvarit! Bhakti samyukt! Bhakti va#hy! San!tan% Bhakt-!nanda-may% Bhakta bh!vit! Bhakta #hankar%






Sarva saundarya nilay! Sarva saubh!gya #h!lin% | Sarva sam-bhoga bhavan% Sarva saukhy-!nu-r$pin% || Kum!r% p$jana-rat! Kum!r% vrata ch!rin% | Kum!r% bhakti sukhin% Kum!r% r$pa dh!rin% || Kum!r% p$jaka pr%t! Kum!r% pr%tida priy! | Kum!r% sevak-!sang! Kum!r% sevak-!lay! || )nanda bhairav%

The One who cannot be conquered. The Swan Goddess who can separate water from milk. Stationed in the triangular Sacrum bone. The One who showers all grace and compassion on Her devotees. The Eternal One who dwells in the triangle of the M$ladhar Coloured with the supreme nectar of divine love. The Goddess whose knowledge is the greatest bliss. The Whiteness of purity. Awe-inspiring All Forms of beauty Swift. The One to whom we get connected through devotion. The One who rewards devotion with prosperity. Ancient and Ever-lasting. The One whose essence is the bliss of devotion. The One who exists through devotion. The Giver of auspiciousness and happiness to Your devotees. The Abode of all beauty. Abundant with all good fortune and prosperity. The Goddess of all enjoyment and pleasures. The Symbol of all happiness and joy. The Virgin Mother pleased by worship. The Observer of the vow of celibacy. The Virgin who is made happy by devotion. The Foundation of the holy form of a virgin. Pleased with the worship of purity. Fond of those who honour purity. Devoted to those who worship the Virgin Goddess. Dwelling in the hearts of those who honour Your virgin form. The Consort of Shri Bhairava, the terrifying form of Lord Shiva in Your aspect as Divine Bliss

B!la bhairav% Batu bhairav% (hma#h!na bhairav%




The Child-like wife of Lord Shiva. The Dark Mother as the Master of all. | The Goddess Kali as the Spirit of the cremation ground. The Fierce Goddess as the Spirit of Time and K!la bhairav% Death. The Ancient Mother. Pura bhairav% || Mah!-bhairava patn% (cha) The Wife of the Great Lord Shiva as the Final Dissolution. The Terrific Goddess who confers the Highest Param-!nanda bhairav% | Bliss. Sur-!nanda bhairav% (cha) The Goddess giving the bliss of Lord Shiva to the Gods. Completely dissolved into the highest joy. Uttam-!nanda bhairav% || The Formidable Goddess who gives the Joy of Mukty-!nanda bhairav% complete liberation. (cha ta%h!) The Youthful Goddess of dissolution and Taruna bhairav% | destruction. Gñy!n-!nanda bhairav% (cha) The Fierce Mother as the bliss of the highest knowledge. Amrit-!nanda bhairav% || The Nectar of immortal joy. The Great Destroyer. Mah!-bhayañ kar% The Mother of all speed. T%vr! Acting fast and furiously. T%vra veg! Quick, Violent and Bold. Tarasvin% | The Slayer of the ferocious demon Tripura, Tripur! The Highest Goddess. Parame#h!n% Beautiful. Sundar% The Highest Form of beauty Pura-sundar% || The killer of the powerful demon Tripur! *Tripure#h% The Qualities of the Number Fifteen in Vedic Pañcha-da#h% knowledge. Shri Draupadi, the wife of the five Pandavas. Pañcham% Dwelling in towns and cities. Pura-v!sin% | The Great Number Seventeen. Mah!-sapta-da#h% (chaiva) The Spirit of Sixteen Shoda#h% *Tripur-e#hwar% || The Supreme Destroyer of the demon Tripura. Mah-!ñku#ha swa-r$p! (cha) The Force to control the world by Your stick of discipline.

Mah!-chakr-e#hwar% (ta%h!)| Nava chakr-e#hwar% Chakr-e#hwar% *Tripura m!lin% || R!ja chakr-e#hwar% V%r! Mah!-tripura sundar% | Sind$ra p$ra ruchir! (hr%-mat tripura sundar% || 780


Sarv-!ñga-sundar% Rakt! Rakta-vastr-ottar%-yak!


Holding the discus as the Shakti of Lord Vishnu The Ever-new discus-weilding Mother. The Supreme Goddess of the discus. Wearing the demon Tripura's head as a garland. The Royal Ruler of the subtle centres of the body. Courageous and Strong. The Beautiful Great Goddess as the bane of Tripura. Dripping with saffron and musk. The Holy Mother adored as the lovely slayer of Tripura. The Mother of all physical beauty. Red, the colour of blood. Wrapping Your dark luminous body with red clothes. The Protectress of all having red sandalwood paste on Her body

Yav! y!vaka sind$ra rakta-chandana dh!rin% || Yav! y!vaka sind$ra rakta-chandana r$pa dhrik | Chamar% V!cha-kut*il! Nirmal! (hy!ma ke#hin% || Vajra mauktika ratn!d*hya-kir%t! mukuto jval! | Ratna kundala sam yukta-sphura dvanda mano-ram! || Kuñjar-e#hwara kumbh-ot'ha mukt! rañjita n!sik! | Mukt! vidruma m!nikya-h!r-!dhya-stana mandal! || S$rya k!ntendu k!nt-!dhya-spar#h-!#hma kan'ha-bh$s*han! | B%ja p$ra sphurad b%ja-danta pañktir anuttam! ||

The Graet Protectress wearing designs in red sandalwood paste on Her hands. Holding a Yak's tail fan as a symbol of authority. Speaking in riddles. Spotlessly Pure Having long dark hair. Radiant in a blazing crown studded with pearls and diamonds. Extremely fascinating in a pair of shimmering jewel-encrusted ear-rings. Having as Your nose-ring the pearl from the forehead of Lord Indra’s elephant. Richly Adorned with strings of pearls, coral and rubies on Your rounded bosom. The One whose neck is beautifully ornamented with gems that shine like the sun. The One whose rows of unsurpassed teeth gleam like pomegranate seeds

The One whose gently curved eyebrows and K!ma kodandak-!bhugna-bhra yug-!kshi pra-vartin% | restless eyes and eyebrows infuse us with love and

M!tañga kumbha vaksho-j!




desire. Having breasts like the mounds on an elephant’s forehead. Having shining eyes and eyebrows. The One with delightful inner and outer ears Moving with the speed and grace of a swan.

Lasat-kokand-ekshan! || Mano-gñya #hash-kul%-karn! Hams% gati vidambin% | Padma r!g-!ñgada dyotadAppearing with Your four arms shining with -do#h chatushka prak!#hin% || brilliant lotus-coloured bracelets. The Divine Mother whose hips are adorned with a N!n!mani pari-sph$ryach-#huddha k!nchana-katikan! | variety of pure gold chains studded with glittering N!gendra danta nirm!na-valay-!nchita p!nik! || Ang$r% yaka chittr-!ñg% Vichitra kshudra ghantik! | Patt!mbara par%dh!n! Kala mañj%ra rañjin% || Karp$r-!guru kast$r%-kumkuma drava lepit!. | Vichitra ratna pri'hiv%-kalpa #h!kh! talasthit! || Ratna-dv%pa-sphur! Ratna siñh-!sana niv!sin% | Shat* chakra bhedana kar% Param-!nanda r$pin% || Sahasra dala padm-!ntar! Chandra mandala vartin%. | Brahma r$pa #hiva-kroda n!n! sukh! vil!sin%. || Hara vishnu virañch-%ndra-graha n!yaka sevit! | )tma yonih Brahma yonih Jagad yonih Ayoni-j! ||

gems and jewels. The One whose beautiful hands are adorned with bracelets of ivory from the king of elephants. Decorated with a myriad of toe and finger rings. Wearing many tiny bells around Your feet. Clad in a silk shawl. Charming with melodious anklets. Liberally Anointed with camphor, musk and saffron powder. Seated under a wish-fulfilling tree on the Mother Earth of many-coloured jewels.

Shimmering like an island of jewels. Seated on the Lion-throne, sparkling with gems. The Kundalini Shakti that pierces the six Chakras. The Embodiment of the Highest Ecstasy. At the heart of the thousand-petalled lotus. Residing in the disc of the Moon Dwelling in the bliss of knowing no difference between the Individual Spirit and the Supreme Reality. Served by the Gods Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Indra and the Sun. Born out of Your own Self. The One who gives birth to all reality. The Origin of the whole world. Not born from a womb.

Bhaga r$p!

Bhaga s'h!ttr% Bhagin% Bhaga dh!rin% Bhag-!tmik! Bhag-!dh!ra r$pin% Bhaga #h!lin% Ling-!bhi dh!yin% 830



Linga priy! Linga niv!sin%


Linga-sth! Lingin% Linga r$pin% Linga sundar% Linga g%tir mah!-pr%tih



Bhaga g%tir mah!-sukh! Linga n!ma sad-!nanda


Bhaga n!ma sad! ratih


Bhaga n!ma sad-!nand! Linga n!ma sad! ratih | Linga m!l! kan'ha bh$sh! Bhaga m!l! vibh$shan!


Bhaga ling-!mrita pr%t! Bhaga ling-!mrit-!tmik! | Bhaga ling-!rchan! pr%t!

Having the form of the Gracious Lord who dispenses the six divine attributes; innocence, prosperity, renunciation, right action, liberation and fame. Immovably fixed in happiness and loveliness. The Embodiment of feminine virtues as a sister and wife. The Foundation of all excellence. The Essence of all happiness. The One whose form is the support of all welfare. Abundantly dispensing wealth and happiness. The One who takes expression as the outward forms. Enamoured of all the manifestations of the Supreme Spirit. Dwelling in the forms that express the Formless Spirit. The One who is established in the outward tokens of the indwelling Spirit. The One who is the manifest expression of the Supreme. Manifesting as the subtle body. The Beautiful Shakti of Lord Shiva. Highly Propitiated by praises of the God’s creation. The Greatest Ecstasy from the songs of the Lord Eternally Blessed by reciting the names of Lord Shiva Always Delighted with those who bow to Lord Shiva. Perennially Enjoying the worship of Lord Shiva. Eternally Pleased with the names of Lord Shiva. Adorned with a characteristic garland around Your neck. Bedecked with a garland of the six Godly attributes. Enjoying the nectar of the Mystical union of Shri Shiva and the Kundalini Shakti in the Sahasrara. The Essence of the nectar of the Mystical union of the Purusha and Prakriti. Pleased by worship of #di Shakti and the Supreme Spirit.

Bhaga linga swa-r$pin% Bhaga linga swa-r$p!

|| (cha)

Bhaga linga sukh-!vah! 850


Swayam-bh$ kusuma pr%t!

Swayam-bh$ kusum-!rchit!|| Swayam-bh$ kusuma pr!n! Swayam-bh$ kusum-ot'hit! | Swayam-bh$ kusuma sn!t! Swayam-bh$ pushpa tarpit! || Swayam-bh$ pushpa ghat*it! Swayam-bh$ pushpa dh!rin% | Swayam-bh$ pushpa tilak!



Swayam-bh$ pushpa-charchit! || Swayam-bh$ pushpa nirat! Swayam-bh$ kusum-!grah! | Swayam-bh$ pushpa-yagñy-!ñg! Swayam-bh$ kusum-!tmik! || Swayam-bh$ pushpa rachit! Swayam-bh$ kusuma priy! | Swayam-bh$ kusum-!d!na-l!las-onmatta m!nas! || Swayam-bh$ kusum-!nanda-lahar% snigdha dehin% || Swayam-bh$ kusum-!dh!r! Swayam-bh$ kusum-!kul! | Swayam-bh$ pushpa nilay! Swayam-bh$ pushpa v!sin%


Embodying the Oneness of Shri Shiva and Shakti. Having as forms both the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Essences of The Creation. Conveying the bliss of the Shakti-Shiva conjunction. Enjoying the Self-created Blossom, ie. the Created Universe as the manifestation of the Eternal Formless Parabrahma. The Chakras and Realised Souls are also ‘Selfcreated flowers’. Worshipped by the whole Creation. The Life-force of the Universe. Ever ready to elevate all creatures. The One who purifies the three worlds. Satisfied by the Creation of Shri Sad!&hiva. The #di 'hakti who produces this Universe. The Foundation and Support of the Creation. The Auspicious Mark that sanctifies this Universe. The Goddess whom this Universe adorns as a precious unguent Delighting in this manifestation of the Supreme. The Chief and Guide of this Universe. The Embodiment of all the elements of the sacred Fire-ceremony that clears the Chakras. The Presiding Spirit of the Self-created blossom. The One who fashions the Created Universe. Loving towards all creatures. The One whose mind is completely distracted in the enjoyment of this creation of Shri Sad!&hiva. The Smooth-Bodied Goddess as the Ocean of Bliss of realised souls. The Upholder of the whole created system. The Collectivity of realised souls. The One whose home is the hearts of realised souls. Residing in the Chakras.

Swayam-bh$ kusuma snigdh! Swayam-bh$ kusum-otsuk! |


Swayam-bh$ pushpa karin% Swayam-bh$ pushpa p!lik! || Swayam-bh$ kusuma dhy!na Swayam-bh$ kusuma prabh! | Swayam-bh$ kusuma gñy!n! Swayam-bh$ pushpa bhogin% || Swayam-bh$ kusum-!nand! Swayam-bh$ pushpa var#hin% | Swayam-bh$ kusum-ots!h! Swayam-bh$ pushpa pushpin% |



Swayam-bh$ kusum-otsang! Swayam-bh$ pushpa r$pin% || Swayam-bh$ kusum-onm!d! Swayam-bh$ pushpa sundar% | Swayam-bh$ kusum-!r!dhy! Swayam-bh$ kusum-odbhav! || Swayam-bh$ kusum-!vyagr! Swayam-bh$ pushpa varnit! | Swayam-bh$ p$jaka pragñy! Swayam-bh$ hotri m!trik! || Swayam-bh$ d!tri rakshitr% Swayam-bh$ bhakta bh!vik! | Swayam-bh$ kusuma pragñy! Swayam-bh$ p$jaka priy! || Swayam-bh$ vandak-!dh!r! Swayam-bh$ nindak-!ntak! | Swayam-bh$ prada sarvasw! Swayam-bh$ prada r$pin% || Swayam-bh$ pradasa smer! Swayam vardha #har%rin% |

Affectionate to realised souls. Exerting Yourself for the sake of Realised souls. The Creator of the Universe. The Protectress of the whole Creation. The Meditation enjoyed by realised souls. The Radiance of those who know God. The Knowledge of the Chakras. The Enjoyer of the self-realised. The Bliss of self-realisation. Showering blessings on realised souls. The Strength and Perseverance of the selfrealised. The Blossoming of the Chakras after selfrealisation. The Union of realised souls. Assuming the form of the Creation. The Rapture of Your children. The Beauty of the self-realised. Worshipped by realised souls. Born out of the Chakras. The clear and undisturbed nature of realised souls. Extolled by realised souls. The Wisdom that comes through worship. Every kind of sacrifice and worship. The Guardian of the generous. Full of feeling for true devotees. The Subtlest Wisdom of the self-realised. Fond of those who worship the Parabrahma. The Support of those who worship God. The Scourge of those who scorn the Supreme. The Giver of everything good to the Creation. Taking the Form of the Benefactress of the Universe. The Confident Giver of Self-realisation. Able to spontaneously make Your body huge.

Sarva k!l-od-bhava pr%t! Sarva k!l-od-bhav-!tmik! || Sarva k!l-od-bhav-od-bh!v! Sarva lok-od-bhav-od-bh!v! |


Kunda pushpa sad! pr%ti Gola pushpa sad! ratih Kunda gol-od-bhava pr%t!


Kunda gol-od-bhav-!tmik! | (hukr-!dh!r! (hukra r$p! (hukra sindhu niv!sin% | (hukr-!lay! (hukra bhog! (hukra p$ja sad! rati ||



Rakta #hay! Rakta bhog! Rakta p$j!-sad!-rati Rakta p$jy! Rakta hom! Rakta-sth! Rakta vatsala Rakta varn! Rakta deh! Rakta p$jaka putrin% Rakta dvut% Rakta-sprih! Devi rakta sundar% Rakt-!bhi-dhey! Rakt-!rh! Rakta kandara vandit! Nah! rakt! Rakta bhav! Rakta srisht*i vidh!yin%







Loving Your Creation of time. The Spirit that creates all times and ages The One who generates the birth of all time. The one who instigates the arising of all the worlds. Always Propitiated with Kunda flowers. Ever Pleased by the offering of Gola flowers. Enjoying Your creation of Kunda and Gola flowers. The Soul that created Kunda and Gola flowers. The Preserver of Purity. Having a bright white form. Residing in the ocean of clarity. The Home of all purity and brightness. The Enjoyment of the essence of purity. Unceasingly delighted by worship of all that is spotless. Reclining on an ocean of blood, in the heart. The One who enjoys amorous pastimes. Always pleased with the worship of all that is red. The Worship of red, as the colour of love. The Fire Sacrifice Resident in blood. Fond of Your children who are warm-hearted. The Embodiment of the colour red. Red-bodied. Like a parent to those who worship red . Shining red. Eager for love and affection. The Goddess expressing passionate red Beauty Expressing the qualities of blood, red and love. Worthy of red-spirited love. Adored as the cave of blood, the heart. All Ties of blood and love. The Existence of blood relationship. Performing the production of blood.

Rakta sn!t! Rakta sikt! Rakta sevy!ti raktin% 940


Rakt-!nanda kar% Rakta sad-!nanda vidh!yin% || Rakt-!#hay! Rakta p$rn! Rakta sevy! Mano ram! | Rakta p$jaka sarva-sv! Rakta nindaka n!#hin% || Rakt-!tmik! Rakta r$p! Rakt-!karshana k!rin% | Rakt-ots!h! Rakta vyagr! Rakta-p!na-par!yan! || (honit-!nanda janan% Kallola snigdha r$pin% S!dhak-!ntar gat! dev%




Pavin% P!pa n!#hin% || S!dhak!n!m sukha k!r% S!dhak-!ri vin!#hin% | S!dhak!n!m hridi-sth!tr% S!dhak-!nanda k!rin% || S!dhak!n!m (cha) janan% S!dhaka priya k!rin% || S!dhaka prachur-!nanda-sampatti sukha d!yin% | (hukra p$jy! (hukra hema san-tusht*! (hukra vatsal! |

Bathed in blood. Saturated with Your love of blood. The Sanguine Goddess worthy to be honoured with blood. Creating the joy of all that is red. The Creator of the eternal joy of red. Dwelling in the blood. Completely full of excitement and affection. The One served with affection. Enchanting the hearts of all. Giving everything to those who honour red. The Destroyer of those who scorn love. Embodying the spirit of love, beauty and passion. The Red-Coloured Mother. Creating universal attraction for love and beauty. The Strength and Joy of the blood. The Excitement and Agitation of blood. The Blood-drinking Final Refuge of all. The Mother of the Universe who gives joy in the blood. The Form of waves of affection. The Supreme Goddess to whom seekers turn inward. The Purifier. The Remover of Karma from past sins. Giving happiness to Your devotees. The Slayer of the enemies of realised souls. Living in the hearts of Your worshippers. The Cause of Bliss to Your followers. The Mother of those who bow reverently to You. The Creator of prosperity to Your devotees. The Bestower of profuse joy, prosperity and happiness to Your adorers Adored as the perfect purity and whiteness. Pleased with the snow-clad mountains. Loving those who are spotless and pure as Your Own Children.


(hukra m$rtih (hukra deh! (hukra p$jaka putrin% (hukra-sth! (hukrin% (hukra sañ-sprih! (hukra sundar% (hukra sn!t!




(hukra kar% (hukra sevy!ti #hukrin% || Mah!-#hukr! (hukra bhav! (hukra vrisht*i vidh!yin% | (hukr-!bhi-dhey! (hukr-!rh! (hukra vandaka vandit! || (hukr-!nanda kar% (hukra sad-!nanda vidh!yin% (hukr-otsav! Sad! #hukra p$rn! (hukra mano-ram! || (hukra p$jaka sarva-sv!


(hukra nindaka n!#hin% (hukr-!tmik! (hukra sampach-#hukr! -karshana k!rin% S!rad! S!dhaka pr!n! S!dhak-!sakta m!nas! S!dhak-ottama sarva-sv! S!dhik!




Embodied as pure whiteness. The Body of all that is pure and white. The One having Parent-like love for worshippers of purity and whiteness. Seated in a halo of purity and whiteness. All that is white and shining. Ardently aspiring for all that is pure and clean. The Mother of phenomenal purity and beauty. Bathing in the essence of eternal grace and purity. The Generative Power of whiteness. The White Goddess adored by the pure in heart. Transcendent Purity. Existing in all that is pure and pious. Producing purifying rain. Named as the spirit of purity and piety. Worthy of worship as purity. Adored by followers who cherish purity and holiness. The Cause of the Bliss that comes with Purity. | The Stream of eternal joy of purity. The Blossoming of the joy of purity and piety. Eternally full of purity and clarity. Of very pleasing whiteness. The only valued possession of those who worship sacredness. The Destroyer of those who abuse the purehearted. The Soul of purity and sacredness. The One who draws the pure to become purer. Giving the best of everything.. The Life-force of Your worshippers. Having a heart and mind devoted to Your devotees. The Entire Property of those who achieve the highest state. The One who accomplishes everything.

Bhakta-vatsal! || S!dhak-!nanda san-tosh! S!dhak-!dhi vin!#hin%



)tma vidy! Brahma vidy! Para-br!hma swa-r$pin% || Trik$t*a-sth! Pañcha k$t*! Sarva k$ta #har%rin% Sarva varna may%


Varna japa m!l! vidh!yin% ||


Loving Your devotees as Your children. The Completely contented bliss of the selfrealised. The Complete Remover of the anguish of Your devotees. Self-knowledge. The Knowledge of the identity of everything in this world with the One Transcendental Reality. The Perfect Sublimity of the Para-brahma, that One Transcendental Reality. Seated on the three-peaked mountain. Having five peaks or projections. Having as a body all that is best and highest. The Creator of all the sounds of the letters as well as of the Beauty of all different Races, Religions, Characters, Musical Sounds and Colours. Responsible for the Production of the strings of sounds uttered in this recitation.

S!ksh!t (hr% )di (hakti M!t!j% (hr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª Salutations to Her who is verily Shri Mahakali incarnated in person, Her Supreme Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Most reverend salutations to You, For ever and ever.

The Creation of Shri Ganesha. (extract from the Shiva Purana) N!rada said,’I wish to hear the excellent story of Ganesha, the details of his divine nativity, auspicious of the auspicious’. On hearing the words of N!rada, the great sage Brahm! became delighted and replied to him remembering Lord Shiva. 8 ‘Due to the different Kalpas (ages) the story of the birth of Ganesha is told in different ways. According to one account He is born of Mah!deva, the great lord (Shiva). His head, being looked at by *Shani (Saturn) was cut off and an elephant’s head was put on Him. 9 Now we narrate the story of the birth of Ganesha in Swetakalpa (present age) when His head was cut off by the merciful Shiva. 10 No suspicion need be entertained, O sage. Shiva is certainly the cause of enjoyment and protection. He is the Lord of all. Shiva is possessed as well as devoid of attributes. 11 It is by His divine sport that the entire universe is created, sustained and annihilated. O excellent sage, listen to what is relevant to the context, with attention. 12 A long time had lapsed after the marriage of Shiva and His return to Kail!sa that Ganesha was born. 13 Once the friends Jay! and Vijay! conferred with P!rvat% and discussed. 14 ‘All the Ganas of Rudra carry the orders of Shiva. They all, Nandin, Bh.ingin and others are in a way our own. 15 Pramathas are numerous. But none of them can be called our own. They stand at the portals, subservient to Shiva’s behests. 16 They also may be called our own but our mind is not in unison with them. Hence, O sinless lady, one, our own must be created.’ *This refers to a well-known story of the creation of Shri Ganesha where He was born as a normal boy to Shri P"rvat$, who was proudly showing the beautiful baby off to all the gods. Shani (the planet Saturn) was cursed that his glance had an evil effect, so he would not look at the boy. Shri P"rvat$ taunted him that nothing bad could happen to Her child and insisted that he look at him. However when he did the boy’s head was burnt to ashes, which distressed the Goddess greatly. On the advice of Lord Brahma they set out northwards and the first creature they found was as elephant whose head they took to place on the boy, whose life was restored by Lord Shiva.

17 Goddess P!rvat% to whom this charming suggestion was made by the two friends considered it wholesome and resolved to carry it out. 18 Once when P!rvat% was taking Her bath, Sad!shiva rebuked Nandin and came into the inner apartment. 19 The Mother of the universe, seeing the untimely arrival of Shiva in the midst of Her bath and toilet, stood up. The beautiful lady was very shy then. 20 The Goddess decided that Her friends’ suggestion would be conducive to Her good and so was enthusiastic. 21 At the time when the incident occurred, P!rvat%, the great M!y!, the great goddess, thought as follows; 22 T here must be a servant of my own who will be expert in his duties. He must not stray from my behest even a speck’. 23 T hinking thus the goddess created a person with all the characteristics, out of the dirt from Her body. 24 H e was spotless and handsome in every part of his body. He was huge in size and had all brilliance, strength and valour. 25 S he gave him various clothes and ornaments. She blessed him with benedictions and said;-‘you are my son. You are my own. I have none else to call my own.’ Thus addressed the person bowed to Her and said;26 ‘What is Your order? I shall accomplish what you command’. Thus addressed, P!rvat% replied to Her son. 27 ‘My dear, listen to my words. Work as my gate-keeper from today. You are my son. You are my own. It is not otherwise. There is none else who belongs to Me. 28 O good son, without my permission, no-one, by any means, shall intrude my apartment. I tell you the fact.’ 29 Saying this She gave Him a hard stick. On seeing His handsome features She was delighted. 30 Out of love and mercy She embraced and kissed Him. She placed Him armed with a staff at Her entrance as the gatekeeper. 31 Then the son of the Goddess, of great heroic power, stayed at the doorway, P!rvat% began to take Her bath with Her friends, unworried. 32 At this very moment, Shiva who is eagerly indulgent and an expert in various divine sports came near the door.

33 Not knowing that He was Lord Shiva, the consort of Parvat%, Ganesha said;-‘O sir, without my mother’s permission you shall not go in now.

34 My mother has entered Her bath. Where are you going now? Go away!’, saying thus, He took up His staff to ward Him off. 35 On seeing Him Shiva said;-‘O foolish fellow, whom are you forbidding? O wicked knave, don’t you know me? I am Shiva, none else’. 36 Thereupon Ganesha beat Shiva with the staff. Shiva expert in various sports became infuriated and spoke to His son thus. 37 ‘You are a fool. You do not know that I am Shiva, the husband of P!rvat%. O boy, I go in my own house. Why do you forbid me?’ 38 When Lord Shiva tried to enter the house, Ganesha became infuriated and struck Him with His staff once again. 39 Then Shiva too became furious. He commanded his own Ganas;‘Who is this fellow here? What is he doing? O Ganas, enquire’. 40 After saying this, the furious Shiva stood outside the house. The Lord, following the worldly conventions, is capable of wonderful sports. Chapter 14.

• The infuriated Ganas of Shiva at His bidding went there and questioned the son of P!rvat% who stood at the gate. • ‘Who are you? Whence do you come? What do you propose to do? If you have a desire to remain alive go away from here’. • On hearing their words, the son of P!rvat% who was armed with the staff spoke to the Ganas as follows;• ‘O handsome fellows, who are you? Whence have you come? Go away. Why have you come here and why do you stand in opposition to me?’ • On hearing His words, Shiva’s Ganas of great heroism and arrogance laughingly spoke to one another. • After conferring with one another, the infuriated P!r*shadas of Shiva replied to Ganesha, the doorkeeper;• ‘Listen, we are the excellent Ganas of Shiva. We are His doorkeepers. We have come here to throw you out at the bidding of Lord Shiva. • Considering you too as one of the Ganas, we are not going to kill you. Otherwise you would have been killed. Better stay away yourself. Why do you court death?’ • Though warned thus, Ganesha, the son of P!rvat%, stood fearless. He did not leave His post at the door. He rebuked Shiva’s Ganas. • After hearing His words, the Ganas of Shiva went back and informed Shiva about His stand.

• On hearing their words, Lord Shiva of wonderful divine sports, following the worldly conventions, rebuked His Ganas. • ‘Who is this fellow? What does he say? He is standing there haughtily as though he is our enemy. What will that wicked knave do? Certainly he wants to die. • Why? Are you dastardly eunuchs to stand here helplessly and complain to me about him? Let this new doorkeeper be thrown out’. • Thus commanded by Lord Shiva of wonderful sports, the Ganas returned to that place and spoke to the doorkeeper. • ‘O gatekeeper, why are you standing here? Why have you been stationed here? Why don’t you care for us? How can you thus remain alive? • We are here the duly appointed doorkeepers. What are you saying? A jackal sitting on a lion’s seat wishes for happiness. • O fool, you will roar only as long as you do not feel the brunt of our attack. Erelong you will fall by feeling the same’. • Thus taunted by them, Ganesha became furious and took the staff with his hands and struck the Ganas even as they continued to speak harsh words. • Then the fearless Ganesha, son of P!rvat% rebuked the heroic Ganas of Shiva and spoke as follows;• ‘Get away. Get away. Or I shall give you a foretaste of my fierce valour. You will be the laughing-stock of all’. • On hearing these words of Ganesha, the Ganas of Shiva went to Shiva who was standing at a distance of a Krosha from Kail!sa and spoke to Him’ • Shiva ridiculed them all. The trident-armed great lord of fierce temperament spoke to His Ganas who professed to be heroes. • ‘Impotent wretches, you profess to be heroes but are never so. Why should I speak more? He must be driven away’. • Thus rebuked by Lord Shiva, the excellent Ganas went back and spoke to Him. • ‘Listen, boy. You go away from here; if not your death is certain’. • In the meantime the Goddess heard the noise of this wrangle between the Ganas and the doorkeeper, and told Her friend ‘Go and see’. • The friend came to the door and saw them for a moment. She understood the whole matter. She was delighted and returned to P!rvat%.

• ‘O great Goddess, the heroic Ganas of Shiva are taunting and rebuking our own Gana who is standing at the door. • When this man belonging to us is taunted, it amounts to our being taunted. Hence, O gentle lady, you shall not abandon your prestige of high order’. • P!rvat% stood there for a moment and then taking up a haughty mood She said;• ‘What is to happen happens. What is done cannot be altered.’ • The friend came to the door and told Ganesha what P!rvat% had said with affection. • ‘Whether good or bad let your duty be done’. • On hearing the words of the friend, Ganeshwara became highly delighted, strengthened and lifted up. • Girding up His loins, tying his turban firmly and clapping His calves and thighs, he spoke fearlessly to all the Ganas. • I am the son of P!rvat%. You are the Ganas of Shiva. Both of us are thus equal. Let your duty be done now. You shall not enter the apartment either forcibly or humbly’. • The Ganas went to Shiva and acquainted Him with that news of wonderful nature. • Shiva replied;- ‘If we are humble, there is likely to be a rumour:‘Shiva is subservient to His wife’. O Ganas, this is certainly derogatory to Me. • How can a woman be obdurate, especially with her own husband? P!rvat% will certainly derive the fruit of what She has done. • Hence, my heroic men, listen to My words with attention. This war has to be fought by all means. Let what is in store happen.’ Chapter 15.

• When Shiva told them thus, they got ready and went to Shiva’s palace. • On seeing the Ganas coming, fully equipped for war, Ganesha spoke to them thus;• ‘I am only one and that too a mere boy. You are all experts in warfare and have fought in many a battle. • You shall look to your Lord and I to my Mother. Let what is destined to occur, occur.’ • When thus taunted and rebuked they rushed towards Him with big batons adorning their arms and taking up different kinds of weapons.

• Gnashing their teeth, grunting and bellowing, the Ganas rushed at Him. • Nandin came first and caught hold of His leg and pulled at it. Bh.ingin then rushed at Him and caught hold of His other leg. • Before the Ganas had time to pull His legs Ganesha struck a blow at their hands and got His legs free. • Then seizing a big iron club and standing at the doorway He smashed the Ganas so that none among them could stand face to face with Him. • Just as deer flee to any direction on seeing a lion, the Ganas fled. Then Ganesha returned to the doorway and stood there. • At this time, urged by N!rada, all the gods including Vishnu and Indra came there. • Standing in front of Shiva and bowing to Him, they said; - ‘O Lord be pleased to command us. • You are the great Brahman, the Lord of All, the Creator, Sustainer and Annihilator of all created things. All are Your servants. • You are intrinsically devoid of attributes but by means of Your sports You assume R!jasika, S!ttvika and T!masika forms. O Lord, what sport are You indulging in now?’ • Then Shiva, the Lord of All, the Consort of P!rvat%, then laughingly told me, Brahm!. • O Brahm!, you alone should go there. This strong boy shall be propitiated. O Brahm!, you shall bring him under control. • On hearing the words of the Lord, I went near Ganesha accompanied by the sages. • On seeing me approaching, the powerful Ganesha came to me very furiously and plucked my moustache and beard. • ‘Forgive me, O Lord. I have not come for fighting. I have come to make peace and I will cause thee no harm’. • While I said thus, the heroic Ganesha took up the iron club, seeing which I began to run away immediately. • The others too were struck down with the iron club. Some fled to Shiva and intimated to Him the details of the incident. • On seeing them in that plight and on hearing the news, Shiva became very angry. 1. He issued directives to Indra and the other gods, to the Ganas led by the six-faced Karttikeya and to goblins, ghosts and spirits.

Lifting up their weapons, they came there from all directions. Whatever weapon they had was hurled on Ganesha with force. 5. In the meantime the Goddess, the Mother of the Universe, came to know of the entire incident and was very furious. She created two Shaktis for the assistance of Her own Gana. 6. One Shakti assumed a very fierce form and stood there opening her mouth as wide as the cavern of a dark mountain. 7. The other assumed the form of lightning. She wore many arms. She was a huge and terrible goddess ready to punish the wicked. 8. The weapons hurled by the gods and Ganas were caught in the mouth and hurled back at them. None of the weapons of the gods was seen anywhere around the iron club of Ganesha. This wonderful feat was performed by them. 1. The earth with all the oceans quaked. As a result of the violent battle even mountains fell down. 2. The sky whirled with the planets and stars. Everything was agitated. The gods fled. The Ganas too did likewise. 4.

Chapter 16.

On hearing this, the great Lord who grants benediction to his devotees became desirous of fighting with the boy. 2. He called Vishnu and consulted Him. Then, with a great army and the gods, He the three-eyed Lord, stood face to face with Him. 1. Ganesha hit all the chief gods with his staff. He hit Vishnu too, all of a sudden. The hero had been conferred great strength by the Shaktis. 2. Seeing Him terrific, even Shiva was greatly surprised, thinking within Himself;’ He has to be killed only by deception and not otherwise’, He stayed in the midst of the army. 25. Vishnu said;-‘I shall cause Him delusion. Then let him be killed by you O Lord. Without deception he cannot be killed. He is of T!masika nature and inaccessible.’ Thinking thus and consulting Shiva, Vishnu secured His permission and was engaged in the activities of delusion. 26. On seeing Vishnu in that manner, the two Shaktis handed over their power to Ganesha and became submerged. Shiva arrived there with desire to fight him to the finish, the great Lord with the trident in His hand. 1. Ganesha the great hero, who had been rendered more powerful by the two Shaktis, remembered the lotus-like feet of his mother and struck Him in his hand with his spear 1.

Thereupon the trident fell from the hand of Shiva of the Supreme Soul, who took up His bow Pinaka. 3. Ganesha felled that to the ground by means of His iron club. Five of His hands were also struck. He took up the trident with the other five hands. 4. ‘Alas, this has been more distressing even to me. What may not happen to the Ganas?’ Shiva who followed the worldly conventions cried out like this. 5. In the meantime the heroic Ganesha endowed with the surplus power bestowed by the Shaktis struck the Gods and the Ganas with His iron club. 6. The Gods and the Ganas, smothered by that wonderful striker with the iron club, went away to the ten directions. None of them remained on the battlefield. 7. On seeing Ganesha, Vishnu said-‘He is blessed. He is a hero of great strength. He is valorous and fond of battle. Many Gods, D!navas, Daityas, Yakshas, Gandharvas and Rakshasas I have seen. In the entire extent of the three worlds, none of them can equal this boy in regard to brilliance, form, features, valour and other qualities.’ • Ganesha, the son of P!rvat%, whirled the iron club and hurled it at Vishnu even as He was saying so. • After remembering the lotus-like feet of Shiva, Vishnu took up His discus and split the iron club. • Ganesha hurled a piece of the iron club at Vishnu which was caught by the bird Garuda and rendered futile. • Thus for a long time the two heroes fought with each other. • Again the foremost among the valiant, the son of P!rvat% took up His staff of unrivalled power remembering His Mother and struck Vishnu with it. • Struck with that unbearable blow He fell on the ground. But he got up quickly and fought with P!rvat%’s son. • Securing this opportunity, the trident bearing Lord came there and cut off his head with his trident. • When the head of Ganesha was cut off, the armies of the Gods and Ganas stood still. • N!rada came and acquainted P!rvat% with the matter ‘O proud woman, listen. You shall not cast off your pride and prestige.’ • Then N!rada, fond of quarrels, vanished from there. 2.

Chapter 17

When Ganesha was killed, the Ganas were very jubilant. They played on M.danga and Pataha drums. 2. After cutting off the head of Ganesha even as Shiva became sorry, goddess P!rvat% became furious. 3. ‘ O what shall I do? Where shall I go? Alas great misery has befallen me. How can this misery be dispelled now? 4. My son has been killed by all the Gods and the Ganas. I shall destroy them all or create a deluge.’ 5. Lamenting thus, the great Goddess of all the worlds angrily created in a moment hundreds and thousands of Shaktis. 6. The Shaktis who were thus created, bowed to P!rvat%, the Mother of the universe and blazing brilliantly spoke- ‘O Mother, be pleased to command.’ 7. On hearing that, P"rvat!, the Shakti of Shiva, the Prak)iti, the Mah"m"y", spoke to them all in great fury. 8. The Goddess said;- ‘O Shaktis, O Goddesses, now a great deluge shall be created by you at my bidding. You need not hesitate in this regard. 9. O friends, devour forcibly all these sages, gods, Yakshas, Rakshasas, belonging to us and others.’ 10. Leaders of Ganas, Vishnu, Brahm! or Shiva, Indra or Kubera, Skanda or Surya- Shaktis began to destroy them all. Wherever one looked, Shaktis were present. 1. Just as the fire consumes dry grass, so also these Shaktis started to destroy. They took up the gods with their hands and threw them into their mouths. • The gods then discussed with N!rada- ‘How could our misery be quelled?’ then they said;• ‘As long as the goddess P!rvat% does not favour us there will be no happiness. No suspicion need be entertained in this matter.’ • N!rada and other sages went to P!rvat% in order to appease Her anger. They then propitiated her. • They bowed to Her again and again. They eulogised Her with hymns. They tried to please Her with devotion and at the behest of the gods and ganas, spoke thus. • ‘O Mother of the Universe, obeisance to You. Obeisance to You, O Shiv!, Obeisance to You, O Chandik!, Obeisance to You, Kaly!n%. 1.

• O Mother, you alone are the Primordial Shakti. You are the Eternal Cause of Creation. You alone are ever the Sustaining Power. You alone are the Cause of Dissolution. • O Goddess, be pleased. Spread peace. Obeisance be to You. O Goddess, the three worlds are agitated by Your fury. • The Mah!devi P!rvat% thus eulogised by N!rada and the other sages glanced at them furiously. She did not say anything. • Then the sages bowed at Her lotus-like Feet and spoke to Her in low voices with devotion joining their palms in reverence. • The sages said;- ‘O Goddess, forgive. The final dossolution seems near at hand. Your Lord is standing here. O Mother, You see Him. • What are we, the gods, Brahm", Vishnu and others? We are only Your subjects. We stand here with palms joined in reverence. • O Mah!dev%, our guilts shall be forgiven. We are agitated and distressed. O P!rvat%, give us peace.’ 1. After saying this the agitated and distressed sages stood in front of Her with their palms joined in reverence. 2. On hearing their words P!rvati was pleased and She replied to the sages with Her mind full of compassion. 3. If My Son regains life there may not be further annihilation. If you can arrange for Him an honourable status and position among you as the chief presiding officer, there may be peace in the world. Otherwise you will never be happy.’ On hearing that, Indra and other gods joined their palms in reverence and piteously intimated to Shiva what had transpired there. On hearing what the gods said, Shiva spoke thus-‘it shall be done accordingly so that there may be peace over all the worlds. You shall go to the northern direction and whatever person you meet at first, you cut off his head and fit it to this body.’ Then they carried out Shiva’s behests and acted accordingly. They brought the headless body of Ganesha and washed it well. They paid homage to it and started towards the north. It was a single tusked elephant that they met. They took the head and fitted it to the body. After joining it, the gods bowed to Shiva, Vishnu and Brahm!. Then Brahm!, Vishnu and the other gods spoke after bowing to Lord Shiva who is free from the ill effects of the attributes.

They said- ‘Since we are all born out of Your brilliant energy, let that energy come into it by the recitation of the Vedic mantras.’ Saying so, they jointly sprinkled the holy water, invoked by the mantras on that body after remembering Shiva. Immediately after the contact of the holy water the boy was resuscitated to life and joined with consciousness. As Shiva willed, the boy woke up as from a sleep. He was handsome, extremely comely. He had the face of an elephant. He was red-complexioned. He was delighted with face beaming. He was brilliant and had fine features. On seeing the son of P!rvat% resuscitated to life, they all rejoiced and their miseries came to an end. They showed him delightedly to the Goddess. On seeing him restored to life, the Goddess was greatly delighted. Taking him up with both hands she embraced him joyously. Chapter 18

When the son of P!rvat% was resuscitated, he was honoured by the Goddess who bestowed all siddhis on him and touched him with the hand that removes all distress and said;‘You have had great distress since Your very birth. You are blessed and contented now. You will receive worship before all the gods. You will be free from distress. Vermilion is visible on Your face now. Hence You will always be worshipped with vermilion by all men always. All achievements certainly accrue to him who performs Your worship with flowers, sandal paste, scents, auspicious food offerings, N%r!jana rites (waving of lights), betel leaves, charitable gifts, circumambulations and obeisance. All kinds of obstacles will certainly perish.’ Then with the graceful blessings of P!rvat%, instantly peace reigned upon the gods and particularly on the ganas. Placing his lotus-like hand on Ganesha’s head, Shiva told the gods,‘this is another son of mine. He is the Remover of all obstacles and the Bestower of the fruits of all rites. He shall be worshipped first and We shall be worshipped afterwards. If He is not worshipped, We too are not worshipped.’ In order to gratify P!rvat%, Ganesha was proclaimed as the Presiding Officer by all, Brahm!, Vishnu, Shiva and others.

The story of Shri Karttikeya (from the Shiva Purana) The Devas and Rishis implored Lord Shiva to save them from the wicked demon T"rak"sura and his brothers who had conquered Heaven and were terrorizing the three worlds. They had boons that they could be destroyed only by a son of Lord Shiva Himself. As the Great Lord was not married, this presented a difficulty, and the Devas and Rishis went to great lengths to arrange His marriage to Shri P"rvat!. Eventually the wedding was performed but due to His Yogic powers, Lord Shiva remained immersed in the bliss of union for a thousand years while T"rak wreaked havoc in the world. Finally Shri Agni, the god of fire, was chosen to disturb the Lord and remind Him of the need for a saviour. Golden seed glowing with intense heat emerged from the Three-eyed Lord and He instructed Shri Agni to carry it in secret and place it in the river Ganga. Six lotuses appeared with a baby in each which were found by the six Krittikas (river-nymphs) who nursed them. There was a dispute over whose babies they were, but when Lord Shiva’s wife Shri P"rvati held the children they merged into one, a sign that She was the true mother. Shri K"rttikeya is therefore known by several names from His different carers and progenitors. Shri K"rttikeya destroyed T"rak but his two brothers realized the folly of their ways, were granted Moksha, and became the God’s peacock vehicle and the cockerel which is His chariot-emblem. Shri K"rttikeya is the God of War and is normally depicted as a beautiful youth holding a spear and seated on a peacock.

P ja P$ja is the Sacred Art of generating vibrations and expressing devotion through worshipping and making offerings to the Divine. Performing P$ja with devotion, sincerity and humility is more effective than adherence to strict protocol. It is better not to be tense but to enjoy performing the P$ja. We are authorised to do P$ja through our connection to Her Supreme Holiness Shri Mataji and our subtle systems get cleansed with floods of Divine Vibrations. In Pur"nic lore, five offerings are made in P$ja, corresponding to the five elementsD!pa (light-fire), D$pa (incense-air), Pushpa (flowers-ether), Gandha (perfumeearth) and Naivedya (eatables/amrut- water). The simplest P$ja can be performed every time we meditate. 1) Clean Shri Mataji’s Photograph.-Wipe with a damp cloth, or wad of cotton wool, dampened with a few drops of rosewater. Work clockwise. 2) Offer light and incense Light candle/ oil lamp and agarbatti (incense). 3) Perform Aarti to The PhotoBandhan the Photograph 7 times with the light and incense. * Offering flowers and decorating Shri Mataji’s bindi, hands and feet with kum-kum are also good. *Any photos of Shri Mataji kept on display should be worshipped thus regularly.

Performing P%ja (Part 1) ‘Gane#ha P$ja’ You will need: a photograph of Shri Mataji’s Feet, sealed between glass or otherwise waterproofed. a thali, or any dish or bowl to catch the water, almost anything except plastic or aluminium. Copper, brass, silver or ceramic are fine, and once in England Shri Mataji gave the Sahaja Yogis stainless steel bowls specifically for this purpose. a jug or bowl of warm water. a kumbha (metal water pot) or small jug, to pour the water. kum-kum (Kanku or sindoor mixed with water, rosewater or perfume) in a small container. a towel. Usually red, and not used for any other purpose. flowers. There are certain flowers which are considered less auspicious. Use your vibrations. perfume (perfume oil normally). prasad. Something to eat; roasted channa, fruits, sweets etc. laid out on a plate. a small plate to offer Prasad to Shri Mataji.

Have everything ready. Items should be clean, brass polished etc. All items used in the P$ja and everyone present should have a bindi of kum-kum, made separately from the paste used in the P$ja and applied with the right Agnya finger, and a swastika drawn in kum-kum inside the bowl that Shri Mataji’s Feet are to be washed in. One or two people sit beside the bowl to act as P$jaris. Dedication of the P$ja.-State time, date and place, invite all the Deities to be present and request the Deity to be worshipped (Shri Mataji in Her form as..) to accept the P$ja. Say Shri Ganesha’s mantra (once or four times usually) Say Shri Ganesha Atharva Sheersha (or other praises). Shri Mataji’s Feet can be washed while saying this. The sealed photograph is held over the bowl and the warm water poured over it. People come and wash Shri Mataji’s feet in turn, normally children first, then women and lastly men, performing namask"r to Shri Mataji before and after washing. The water is poured clockwise over Shri Mataji’s Feet as the devotee rubs the photo clockwise with the thumb and fingers of either the right hand alone with the left hand supporting the right forearm, or both hands. The water becomes vibrated and is good for plants or can be put on the earth or in a river, but not normally consumed if it has been touched*. After washing Shri Mataji’s Feet, the wet hands can be applied to the Sahasrara and Agnya Chakras. During the P$ja, bhajans can be sung, Names of the Deity or other mantras intoned, readings from sacred texts or silence. Everyone present should keep the attention on the P$ja and not close the eyes. Everyone present should wash Shri Mataji’s feet if practicable. The Photograph is then dried and decorated with kum-kum (normally swastikas on Shri Mataji’s Feet and decorating the toes and ankles) and perfume oil is applied to the photo. Some ladies can hold a sari as a screen around as this is done. Flowers are offered and placed in front of the Photograph, ideally by everyone present, and the plates of Prasad are offered and placed by Shri Mataji’s Feet. Everyone stands to sing Shri Mataji’s Aarti with clapping and bells. A conch can be blown at the beginning and end of the Aarti. Other mantras may be said while standing (Jay Jagadambe, Allah hu akbar, the Lord’s prayer etc.) and people pull their earlobes to ask for forgiveness for any mistakes in the P$ja (and to bring down the ego and superego) The Three Great Mantras are said or sung. Everyone namaskars at Shri Mataji’s Lotus Feet (see the following note on Namaskaar)

After a few minutes meditation with the Attention on taking in Shri Mataji’s vibrations through the Sahasrara, the Prasad can be distributed, first offering some of each kind to Shri Mataji on a small plate. Shri Mataji’s Prasad can be eaten the next day or offered to the Mother Earth, the river or consumed by animals.

People should raise Kundalini and take a bandhan before leaving the room after the P$ja. *Alternatively the water can be poured over Shri Mataji’s Feet without touching. It can then also be used to drink or in food. Vibrated water can be used to clear the vibrations of places by sprinkling around, applied to the body for healing or applied to the Sahasrara as an aid to meditation. It is not recommended to use vibrated water or vibrated salt in footsoaks; however a few drops can be added to a matkar (lemons and chillies).

‘Devi P$ja’. The next level of P$ja includes offering Amrut -the five auspicious foods. These elements help to clear our Koshas (subtle bodies) and work on different chakras.

Requirements – -a large bowl (can be the same one) and a supply of warm water. -five small pots containing-1) melted ghee ( butter ghee or butter clarified by standing the container in hot water) 2) plain yoghurt 3) milk 4) runny honey (may need warming) 5) sugar (white cane sugar normally) Optional- some saffron stalks in the sugar. These should be from new packets or ones only used for P$ja before. -after washing the Photograph of Shri Mataji’s Feet and drying, but before decorating, clean or change the bowl and offer the elements in the order written (greasiest first) by pouring over the photo of Shri Mataji’s Feet clockwise followed by a little warm water. Do not touch with the hands. The Photograph is then dried and decorated as described above. -after the P$ja the Amrut is mixed (a little warming helps) and distributed for the devotees to drink-a spoonful in the palm of the right hand traditionally, drunk and the palm applied to the Sahasrara - or served in glasses.

Havan A Havan is a sacred fire ceremony, where negativity is consumed by making offerings to the fire. Havans are performed normally at the beginning of an enterprise to ensure success deal with problems or negativity on a local or global scale. A Havan can be performed outside, indoors in a fireplace or in the middle of a room as the smoke from a Havan has a cleansing effect on the vibrations - a well tended Havan need not produce a lot of smoke; but be careful- open fires are dangerous! Requirements …a wooden board... to build the Havan on, if being performed indoors, at least 50 cm. square, ideally raised on blocks so that everyone can see the fire. …a metal Havan and/or bricks to make a fireplace. Normally 6 or 8 bricks per layer, 2 or 3 layers high, ideally without gaps between the bricks. …a 5 cm.layer of soil in the bottom of the fireplace (not sand as this conducts heat) …5 fruits…not citrus (bananas can be used but some say they are considered cheap’)The fruits are placed around the top edge of the fireplace. …wood…should be ‘new’ (i.e. not old building timber) Dry sticks collected from the forest is the real thing. Thin sticks (pencil to finger thickness) fed constantly give a more steady and manageable fire. About 20 litres of sticks for a domestic Havan. …camphor to light fire…4 or 5 large pieces placed under the wood to start with… …ghee…butter ghee, melted (place tin in pan of boiling water)…1-2 kg on average. …ghee spoon…a long-handled, wood or metal spoon to pour the ghee onto the fire. …incense…lit and placed around the Havan at the start..1 or 2 packets …kum-kum...the Havan bricks and fruits are decorated with OM, swastika, etc. …large bowl of rice...2 to 5 kg. .mixed with…. …samagri…(sacred herbs) (10-20% of weight of rice) and a little turmeric. …one or two people in charge of feeding the fire with wood and ghee. Optional-...a coconut placed on leaves (betel or other large shiny leaves) on top of a …kumbha (metal water pot) containing water and placed beside the Havan. ... small bowls for people to keep the rice/samagri mix in. Make a tower of sticks inside the Havan with a 10 cm. square hole in the middle. Put 3 or 4 pieces of camphor at the bottom.The bowl of rice is passed round clockwise, people in the first two or three rows taking a handful (or bowlful).

Dedication of the Havan..state time, date, place and purpose of the Havan. Say Shri Gane#ha mantra. Shri Agni Devata mantra 3 times ( a block of camphor is lit and dropped in the hole during this mantra and more wood and ghee are added to get a good blaze going) Names.. usually 108 or 1000, full or short mantra form Om Shri…..namahª, Om Sw!h! or Om Twameva Sakshat Shri ….namo namahª, Om Sw!h!, or the full form of Shri Mataji’s mantra with Om Sw!h! at the end. During the Om Sw!h! people near the Havan take a pinch of rice mixture from the left hand with the right hand, lift it up the left side, pass it round the Sahasr"ra clockwise three times and throw it into the fire respectfully. The other people present perform the same actions without the rice. (Sw!h! means ‘may it be auspicious!’) After the names, people make suggestions in the form ‘All the negativity of…….’(the media, Catholic church etc.) and everyone says Om Sw!h! as before with the actions. Finally someone says ‘All the negativity that we have not mentioned’ and everyone says Om Sw!h! three times and S!ksh!t Shr% )di (hakti M!t!j% Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª. Any remaining rice, ghee (not necessarily wood) and the fruits are put in the fire. People can write names or problems on paper and offer them to the fire at this time. The fire should be left to go out by itself if possible, but can be carried outside.


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Meaning of the names of the Chakras Meanings of the names of Deities etc. Meanings of some common terms. Qualities of the three Shaktis, Shri Durga.

1. Meanings of the names of the Chakras etc. Chakra N!d)i Granthi

Wheel, disc. A nerve or channel of the body. Nadi-‘river’ is a different word. Knot, joint, doubt or difficulty.

Mool!dh!ra Sw!dhis)h')h!na N!bhi Manip$ra Bhava-s!gara An!hata Vi#huddhi Hamsa )gñy!

The Support of the Root (m%la-root, foundation "dh"ra-support) Standing in its own place (swa-own, adhi-place, s)h!)h"na-standing) Navel, middle. Navel, place of the gem. Ocean of worldly existence. Without percussion. Complete purification (vi-complete, &huddhi-purity) Swan/ great saint. Authority, control (spelt "jñ", but pronounced 'gñy"- the palatal ñ is quiet being a nasalisation of the g rather than a n sound)

Ek!da#ha Rudra Sahasr!ra Bindu Ardha Bindu

Eleven Fierce. Thousand-petalled Dot, spot, drop. Half Dot, crescent.

Id)! N!d)i

Channel of refreshment, comfort and the Spirit.

(Name of Lord Shiva) (Sahasra-thousand, ara-spokes) (1st chakra above Sahasr!ra) (2nd chakra above Sahasr!ra)

Note: both the d’s are retroflex and have a half r-sound.

Piñgal! Sus)humna Tamas Rajas Sattva

Golden, reddish-brown. Very kind and gracious. Darkness, ignorance, sleep. The realm of the sky, passions. Truth, reality, goodness.

2. Meanings of the names of some of the Deities Arranged in ascending order of the Chakras


Holy, auspicious, revered, Prosperity (Name of Shri Lakshmi), Gan)e#ha/Gan)apatiChief of Lord Shiva’s attendants/ Lord of all categories. KarttikeyaRaised by the Krittikas (celestial maidens) Kun)d)alin%Coiled Goddess.

Brahman (Formless Undifferentiated All-pervading Divine Consciousness)BrahmadevaSaraswat%-

Growth, expansion, evolution. The God who seeks the knowledge of the Brahman. Being like a lake, power of speech.

Vis)hn)uNarayan)aLakshm%Gr)uha-lakshm% R!ja-lakshm% Datt!treyaHanum!na-



Happy, auspicious, fortunate. Roaring terrifyingly. Daughter of the Mountain. Hard to attain. The Great Black Goddess. Mother of the world. Energy, power. Pleasing, dark-skinned. Bearing auspicious marks. A furrow.(Found in the Earth by Raja Janaka while ploughing) Charming, inspiring desire.


Dark-skinned, black. Prosperity, happiness, Support of the Kundalini. The Illusory Creative Power of Shri Vishnu. The One standing on a brick.(vit-‘brick’ in Marathi) Radiant, ornamented with gold. Conferring fame.

The Refuge of men. Reclining on the waters.

Auspicious sign, wealth, good fortune. Goddess of the household. Well-being of the King. Given to Sage Atri. Having a mighty jaw.

Ye#huWho is with God. M!riaBorn from the sea. KalkiDestroyer of all impurities. Param-chaitanya /Para-BrahmaThe Supreme Consciousness.

3. Some common terms in Sahaja Yoga. Aarti (Hindi))di)tmaBaddhaBandhanBh$tChaitanyaChitChittaDevaDev%GuruLokaMah!MantraMokshaNirmalaP$j!R!kshasaSahajaShaktiSw!min%Vidy!Yoga-

Worshipping the Deity by encircling with a lamp. First, beginning, original. Individual Spirit. Obstructed, bound by the fetters of existence. Tying, knot, connection. Disembodied spirit. Consciousness, the Universal Spirit. Consciousness, attention, soul, spirit. Thought, attention, mind. God; the Devas rule the physical aspects of creation. Goddess. Teacher, gravity, heavy. World, realm. There are 3, 7 or 14. (see Gayatri mantra) Great, higher. Sacred speech (from man-‘to think’ -= ‘instrument of thought’) Liberation, enlightenment. Unsoiled, pure, immaculate. Worship, adoration of the Divine. Demon, from whom we need protection.(from raksh- ‘to protect’) In-born, natural, spontaneous. Energy, power. Owner, master. (fem. of sw"mi) Knowledge, learning. Connection, union.

4. Namaskaar When bowing at the Feet of the Divine, the devotee kneels and places the head to the ground, with the hands extended forwards. In Sahaja Yoga the hands are placed palm upward as flat as possible, not in contact with the head. The forehead or normal hairline is placed to the ground- not the Sahasrara- and the backside raised as far as possible*. The feet should not be touching each other. In the early days Shri Mataji would place Her Divine Lotus Feet on the hands of the Sahaja Yogis and their heads would rest on Her Feet (lucky guys!). The attention is on drinking in, through the Sahasrara, the Nectar of Divine Vibrations that flow from Shri Mataji’s Lotus Feet. *These instructions have been given by H.S.H. Shri Mataji.

namas-k!ra ‘making obeisance’- comes from nam ‘to bow’ or ‘bend’, and kara- ‘to do’, so is a ‘reverential salutation’, ‘worship to’ with a sense of ‘glory to’. Namas, like namo, is namahª with the ending modified to suit the following word. namahª is an indeclinable adverb which takes the dative case, ‘satutations to…’. Note. Not from the same root as n"ma- ‘name’. In mantras, or everyday salutations, namahª or namaste is said with the head bowed and the palms put together, generally at the heart, but it is more respectful to salute one’s guru or elders at the forehead and to salute God by putting the folded hands at the top of the head, to the Brahma-randhra ‘the crevice of the Supreme’ in the Sahasr!ra, where the Sacred Feet of the Supreme Goddess reside. The Brahma-randhra is also the Heart Chakra, which gets blocked if the balloons of ego and superego at the temples are inflated. The act of bowing, and especially bowing the head to the ground, helps to bring down the ego and the word namahª can be separated as na‘not’, mahª-‘I’, an ego-negating mantra. This obeisance can be made internally, if preferred, by putting the attention to the Divine Feet in the heart or at the Sahasr!ra, with perhaps a slight inclination of the head.

5. Qualities of the three Shaktis Shr% Mah!-laks)hm% , the Power of the Central Channel, is the Bestower of our spiritual ascent and the highest knowledge, as well as well-being and satisfaction on all levels. She is gentle and very peaceful. Our spiritual ascent can only take place from a strong foundation of peace and satisfaction within, which comes from observing Dharma (the duties appropriate to the different roles we play) and surrendering our material, emotional and spiritual well-being into the hands of God. Shri Mah!-lakshmi took incarnation as Shri Fatima, the daughter of Shri Mohammad, Shri S%t! and Shri R!dh!, and Mother Mary, among others. Shr% Mah!-saraswat% is the power of speech, thought and creativity. She manifests as action expressing love and spiritual knowledge, as Emotional Intelligence, using our powers of thought etc. to spread enlightenment, joy and peace around us. Shr% Hanuman is a powerful warrior with a monkey-like face. His quality is absolute devotion to God (as Shri Rama) and he loves to sing songs in praise of the Divine. He is Hermes the messenger of the Gods and the arch-angel Gabriel. Shr% Mah!-k!l% is the Aspect of the Supreme Goddess who protects us from evil. She is angry and ferocious towards negativity which tries to trouble us, and is beautiful, sweet and loving to Her children. Being the Supreme Devi as the Consort of Lord Sadashiva, She is the Iccha Shakti, the Power of Desire, who stirs us up to achieve our ascent, and gives us shocks if we are too stupid. Shr% Bhairava is an Aspect of Lord Shiva Himself, as the general of the Divine Army and is also depicted as extremely fierce when confronting evil and very sweet and beautiful to true devotees of the Truth. He is the archangel Michael, St. George, and incarnated as Kabir and William Blake among others.

Shri Durg! Shri Durg" is the Primordial Mother Goddess as the Shakti of Shri Sad"-Shiva, the Pre-existent Spirit. She is Shri Jagad-amb", the Mother of the Universe; Shri Mah"k"l! and Shri P"rvati are two of Her aspects. Shri P"rvat! was born as K"l! (black-hued), but after Her marriage to Lord Shiva, imagining that He did not like Her dark colour, She performed penance, and Lord Brahma granted Her a golden complexion. Thus She became Shri Gaur! (‘shining’) and Her black skin became filled with the brilliance of all the Gods as the Goddess K"tyay"n!, invoked to destroy Mahish-"sura and his followers Raktab!ja, 'humbha and Ni&humbha.

The following nine names of Shri Durg" are associated with the nine nights of Navar"tri:

(haila-putr% Brahmach!rin% Chandra-ghant! K$sh-m!nd! Skanda-m!t! K!ty!yan% K!la-r!tr% Mah!-gaur% Siddhi-d!tr%

The Daughter of the Mountain. The One who observes celibacy. The One who bears the moon on Her neck. The Protectress of religious ceremonies. The Mother of Shri K!rttikeya. The One who incarnates to help the Devas. The Dark Night of destruction at the end of the World Very pure. The One who gives success and liberation.

During Navaratri the Sapta&hati ‘seven hundred verses’ is recited, which includes the Kavach of the Devi and the Argala Stotram.

Standard meditations Meditation is to sit quietly, absorbed in and filled with the Divine Nature of absolute serenity, peace and freedom from all mental and emotional activity. Due to Her Supreme Holiness Shri Mataji’s being the Complete Incarnation of this Divine Nature, we need only have our attention on and establish a connection with Her Lotus Feet. However some activities can help to focus our desire and our attention, awaken the Deities within us and clear any obstacles to our Moksha, and a few of the more commonly practised are here tendered. Note: In the following text ‘the mantra…’ means ‘Shri Mataji’s full mantra’ ie.’Om Twameva s"ksh"t Shr$ ….. (Ganesha) s"ksh"t Shr$ 'di #hakti M"t"j$ Shr$ Nirmal" Dev$ namo namaha’.

1) Indian meditation 1. This is what is generally practiced in the public meetings and in private meditations in India.

Everyone raises the Kundalini and puts on a bandhan together. Say Shri Ganesha’s mantra once or four times. Say the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha (once or twice). Say the Three Great Mantras.* Sit in meditation for some time. Finishing; Any or all of the following may be done. Sing Shri Mataji’s Aarti (Sab.ko dua dena) with clapping, bells and waving of light and incense. Say or sing the Three Great Mantras. Someone calls ‘Bolo Shri Bhagavati (or )di Shakti) M!t!j% Shr% Nirmala Dev% ki…’ and everyone says ‘Jay’. Everyone namask!rs, raises Kundalin% and puts on bandhan. *Not necessarily in this order. Some Sahaja Yogis consider it more auspicious to begin with the Three Great Mantras.

2. Indian meditation 2.

Everyone raises the Kundalin% and puts on a bandhan together.(In all the following meditations doing this at the beginning and end will be assumed)

With the left hand towards Shri Mataji’s Photo, and right hand on or towards the Mother Earth, say Shri Ganesha’s mantra (1, 3 or 4 times) and the mantra for the Left Side (Shri Mah!kal% Bhairava) three times. Sit for a few minutes for the Left Side to clear (you may feel a spurt of vibrations at Sahasrara as the Left Side clears) Put the right hand back on the lap and the left hand up pointing towards the sky. Say the mantra for the Right Side (Shri Mah!saraswat% Hanum!na) three times. Sit for a few minutes with the left hand up and attention at Sahasrara for the Right Side to clear out. Attention in the central channel. Say the mantra Shri Mah!lakshm% Gane#ha three or as many times. Say the third part of Three Great Mantras (Sahasrara Swamini etc.) Sit in meditation 3. Kundalini Puja.

Say Shri Gane#ha mantra four times, followed by the mantras for the chakras on the central channel, one or three times each, viz. Shri Kundalin% Gauri M!t!, Shri Lakshm% Vishnu, Shri )di Guru Datt!treya, Shri Brahmadeva Saraswat%, Shri Jagadamb! Durg! M!t!, Shri R!dh! Krishna, Shri Hamsa Chakra Sw!min%, Shri Yeshu Maria (sakshat Shri Mah!vishnu Mah!lakshm%), Shri Ek!da#ha Rudra, The Three Great Mantras and sit in meditation.

4. Central Channel 2. Shri Gane#ha’s mantra 4 times. Shri Kundalin% Gauri M!t!, Shri Lakshm% Vishnu, Shri )di Guru Datt!treya, Shri Brahmadeva Saraswat%, Put the right hand on the sternum bone and say ‘Jay Jagad-ambe’ repeating ‘Jagad-ambe’ 12 times. Place the forefingers in the ears, with the head and arms thrown back, and say ‘All!h hu Akbar’ 16 times loudly. Tip of right forefinger pressed between eyebrows and say ‘Shri Hamsa Chakra Swamin%’ mantra three or five times. Put the palm of the right hand across the forehead and say ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ twice. (hri Ek!da#ha Rudra mantra if required. Say the Three Great Mantras and sit in meditation. 5. Clearing the Left Side. Shri Ganesha’s mantra 4 times. The attention is taken up the Left Side, saying each mantra three times. The right hand can be placed on the relevant Left Side chakra if desired. Sw!dhishth!n: Shri Nirmala Vidy! / Shri Shuddha Ichchha (either or both)

N!bh%; Shri Gruha-Lakshm% Heart: Shri (hiva-P!rvat% Vishuddhi: Shri Vishnu-m!y! )gñy!: Shri Mah!v%ra Mah!gane#ha. Say the Three Great Mantras and sit in meditation.

6. Attention Puja This can be performed by a member of the group leading or just quietly by individuals. The following is a sample idea and one may spontaneously find the right words to express devotion to each of the Deities. First put the attention to the Mooladhara chakra*. We bow most humbly to Shri Ganesha, the Lord of all Wisdom, Purity, Auspiciousness and Innocence.

*situated in the middle of the seat, between the anus and the genitals, half inside and half outside the body.

We move the attention to the Kundalini at Sacrum bone. We bow before the most beautiful Mother Kundalini as the Pure Desire. Moving the attention to the Nabhi Chakra; we namaskaar to the radiant Lord Vishnu and Shri Lakshmi. All material worries are fully surrendered at Your Adorable Lotus Feet. The attention moves through the Void, enlightening the Swadhishthan Chakras on Left and Right. We bow at the Feet of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya, who sits motionless beyond all worldly ties, emanating Divine Bliss from every pore. At Swadhishthan, Salutations to Shri Brahmadeva, Creator of this material Universe and Giver of Knowledge and Shri Saraswati, the embodiment of Action expressing Love and Auspiciousness. The attention moves back to Nabhi and rises up to Heart Chakra. At the Heart, we humbly bow before the Supreme Goddess Shri Durg" who is the Mother of this whole universe, whose highest love is for our spiritual ascent. At the Right Heart, we melt before the gentle graciousness of the Beautiful Lord Rama, surrounded by Shri Sita, Shri Lakshman and the Great Shri Hanuman, At Vishuddhi Chakra, we bow most humbly before the Radiant Lord Krishna and Shri Radha whose beauty and playfulness completely captivate us.

At Agnya we bow before our Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, whose gentleness and holiness fill this whole Universe with Auspiciousness. We wait at the narrow gate humbly accepting Your judgement. At Sahasrara we emerge into that Supreme Ocean of Bliss dissolving into the Lotus Feet of The Supreme Holiness, the Infinite Goddess, who has come on this earth as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. We bow in utter devotion and wordless gratitude. The attention can then be returned to the Kundalini at Sacrum bone. On the third time of raising the attention to Sahasrara, it should stay there.

7- There is a wonderful meditation given by Shri Mataji on page 23.

Other ideas. Start meditation by raising the Kundalini seven times, putting attention on each chakra in turn. Give two knots at Agnya and three at Sahasrara. Say OM seven times taking the attention through the chakras. Say Shri Ganesha’s mantra continuously for 5-10 minutes. Shri Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles, and His mantra will clear all the chakras. Say ‘Om Twameva s"ksh"t Shri Nirmal" Devyai namo namaha’ continuously with the attention in Sahasrara.(or just ‘Shri Nirmal" Devyai namo namaha’) Shri Mataji is all the Deities and Her name is the most powerful mantra.

Drawings by H.S.H. Shri Mataji.



7.Sahasrara (Superego)



Whole Central Channel


Back Agnya




Whole Right Side


Whole Left Side



Liver SHRI








The Form of the Mantras -Shri Ganesha’s Mantra (Mooladhara Chakra)

Om Twameva s!ksh!t Shr% Gane#ha s!ksh!t Om, You are the Incarnation of the Lord of Innocence and Wisdom

Shr% )di Shakti M!t!ji Shr% Nirmal! Devyai namo namahª The Primordial Creative Force, Holy Mother O, Immaculate Goddess, we bow to You

Notes on sources of material, and changes to original SYMB Copies of original material in Devanagari and references are available from CM for anyome wishing to check the Sanskrit.

Spellings and meanings have been checked using Monier-Williams Sanskrit Dictionary, various primers, other scholars and the following sources:-. STALM- means ‘Sanskrit Texts Available Locally in Maharashtra’. In general publishers never say where the praises they are publishing originate, but usually in one of the Puranas (of which there are at least 30) Nirmalanjali is the Hindi Sahaja Yoga Mantra/ song book. This was produced after the SYMB (Sahaja Yoga Mantra Book) and much of it is copied from the SYMB- often with the same mistakes!. An Indian SY Sanskrit scholar who has been helping me, has offered to give them a corrected text, but it has not yet been accepted!. 108-Shri Ganesha- Nirmalanjali / Ganapati (English book with the Sanskrit notated and the same translations. Also in an English/ Sanskrit book ‘Loving Ganesha’ by swami someone! 113- Shri Ganesha - These names are all taken from the 1000 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya!!! 111- Shri Ganesha- STALM- widely available with minor variations. This version taken from the Brihat Stotram book, which seems the most authentic. From one of the Puranas (not found yet). 108- Shri Karttikeya- STALM- Brihat Stotram book (collection of praises printed about 100 years ago) presumably from one of the Puranas (not Skanda, Padma or Shiva). 108- Shri Lakshmi- from the Nirmalanjali/STALM. 108- Shri Vishnu- Nirmalanjali (same)/STALM- 1000 names of Shri Vishnu (from the Bhagavata Purana (Srimad Bhagavatam). 108- Adi Guru DattaNirmalanjali/ STALM (taken from1000 names) 108- Shri Rama Nirmalanjali (not quite same but same mistakes!)/ STALM- same 108 names (from the Padma Purana). 108- Shri Shiva Nirmalanjali (same) Most names in 1000 names of Shri Shiva (Shiva Purana (Motilal Banarsidas)- which has identical translations) 108- Shri Ganga none at present –presumably from a Purana but not Skanda, which has 1000 names of Shri Ganga.(mostly different names)The names seem to have been translated by a westerner using Monier-Williams. 84- Shri Durga STALM- All in the 1000 names of Shri Mahakali, except no.1.. 108- Shri Durga- STALM (book of praises of the Devi- contains more famous and common names of Shri Durga). Translated by CM. 108- Shri Krishna Divine Cool Breeze (English script). Translations reworked a bit. 108- Shri Jesus ? 108- Shri Mataji Nirmalanjali/ STALM -chosen from the 1000 names of Shri Lalita. 108- Shri Mahakali Nirmalanjali/ STALM -All from the 1000 names of Shri Mahakali.. Shri Hanuman Chalisa- Nirmalanjali/ STALM- widely available, both original and modernized. Mahalakshmi Stotram- STALM/ Nirmalanjali- widely available Atma Ashtakam (FormerlyTad Niskala)- STALM/ Nirmalanjali- widely available 1000 names of Shri Mah!kali- STALM- with minor variations.

Specific notes on praises (especially any changes to the Sanskrit.). Ganesha Atharva Sheersha- Sanskritised and retranslated (a more literal translation) The Sanskrit has been more accurately rendered so there are a few minor changes (sakshad-atmasi etc.) Namo namaha at the end is in nearly all versions available and how the SYs say it in India. It seems appropriate for Westerners to adopt this too. The version which appeared in an early Nirmala Yoga, on which the western texts are based, had only namaha, but it is far more common to say namo namaha

Aarti- notated and slightly retranslated. Akar. instead of ake- this is the proper Hindi version. Ake (though common) is some kind of Maharashtrian version and is not exactly wrong but less reespectful.

OM – formerly titled AUM-

In the system of Sanskrit notation AUM is not pronounced the same as OM (in India the untouchables are not allowed to say OM, and can only say AUM.) so this should be titled OM which is the proper Sacred Word There is some doubt about the correctness of the explanation of the correspondence of the letters of AUM with the three Channels- none of the Puranas or texts so far come across support this view- the most common being A- Shri Vishnu/ Mahalakshmi Central channel, U- Shri Brahmadeva/ Mahasaraswati Right Channel and M- Shri Shiva/ Mahakali Left Channel. They are virtually all in accord over the last one (M- Shri Shiva) Where did this explanation come from?. I have a feeling it may come from a remark Shri Mataji made that ‘The A-U-M stands for the Mahakali, Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi. All these three powers exist in this Omkara in a dormant form’(Cabella 15/9/(91?); but the way She said it may not have been in the nature of a specific declaration but more that there was a correspondence of some sort..

108-Shri Ganesha- Nirmalanjali / ‘Ganapati’ book . The Nirmalanjali starts off the same but then diverges, adding some and leaving out others. The English book “Ganapati” by John Grimes has the same names with Sanskrit notation, and the same translations. It is also called the “Shri Vinayaka Ashtottara Shata Namawali’ ‘108 names of Shri Vinayaka’- Presumably from a Purana but not found yet. Also appears in a book called ‘Loving Ganesha’- (of doubtful vibrations.) Still looking for the original. Sanskrit Taken out of the dative form (-"ya to -a). Vibudh-e#hwara- instead of vibhudeshwara on the grounds that the former means ‘Lord of Wisdom’ and vibhudeshwara does not exist. Para- parasmai is the Dative of para.- though I agree it seems rather prosaic on its own! Some doubt about whether it is Ram!rchita or R!m!rchita. (Ram!rchita could mean ‘the One who is worshipped enjoyably’. ‘whose worship bestows prosperity’ or ‘worshipped by Shri Lakshmi’?. The repeat of Avyaya appears in both originals.

113- Shri Ganesha - These names are all taken from the 1000 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya!!! In order, starting at name no.21. This would explain why the names do not seem to be praising the usual qualities of Shri Ganesha. A quick comparison with the 108 names of the Adi Guru will convince You. They have been renamed 113 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya and moved to after the 108 names.

111 names of Shri Ganesha.- This is an addition and replaces the “113 Names of Shri Ganesha” which has been renamed ‘the 113 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya’ and moved . These are the most commonly available set of 108 names in Maharashtra (the world-centre of Ganesha worship!) and appear, with slight modifications in several publications available locally. Amazingly only four of these names appear in the 108 names above. This set contains

many famous names- including all the 12 names we sing (Sumukha etc.) and Sindura-vadana, Ganadhyaksha, Ganesha, Heramba etc. (translations by CM.) It is in the form of a poem, each verse being two lines of sixteen syllables each (Anushtubh meter). A single vertical line has been inserted in the text at the end of the first line and a double line at the end of the verse.

108 Shri K!rttikeya- The rumour is that the original transcription /translation was done by an English SY (not in SY, at present) with great fervour but little accuracy. There are considerable changes both in Sanskrit and translations. An original text is available and changes made are as per the Sanskrit- too many to list!. Lots of h’s put in and taken out, Raksho-bhaya instead of Aksho-piya! Gahana-‘deep’ instead of Kahana (which does not exist) One wonders from some of these sets of names and the mistakes they contain, whether they were transcribed from tapes, maybe from early Pujas in India.

Gayatri Mantra- translation included. The 21 names of Shri Brahmadeva-Saraswati.-translation included and a note on Samkhya philosophy. Aksha changed to )k!#ha. (This is praising the 5 elements of which )k!#ha ‘ether’ is one)

A prayer to Shri )di Bhoomi Devi- no change Ashta Lakshmi Stotram – replaces the Raaja and Santana Lakshmi prayers as these are two of the 8 verses. Nirmalanjali /STALM. Common in books of praises.

Aparajita Hymn – Nirmalanjali / STALM/ Common in books of praises. Extended to include the introductory verses.

Hymn to Shri N!r!yani- an addition being a very famous praise of the Devi from the Devi Mahatmyam and familiar as a SY song. STALM- widely available..Some verses appeared in the original SYMB.

The 24 Names of Shri Vishnu- Nirmalanjali / STALM -this is an addition as being traditionally used for Puja . It has been used since the early days in Sahaj, and is surprising that it was not in the original Mantrabook.

108- Shri Vishnu- Nirmalanjali (same set/ same mistakes)/ STALM- This set of names is slightly confusing in the SYMB as they start off with dative endings and lose them about half way through. These names all come from the 1000 names of Shri Vishnu in the Mahabharata except for Aghoksha, Mahavishnu and Kalki –chosen fairly randomly but often in pairs. There may be such a set of 108 names, but I have not found it. I suspect this was put together by a SY, especially as the last two names are added on and obviously ‘Sahaj’. A couple of major changes to Sanskrit.- Avishishta-no.103- changed to Vishishta on the grounds that Avishishta means something untouchable, like food eaten by animals, and Vishishta (which is the name that appears in all the sets of 1000 names) means ‘excellent’. Maharddhi-no 104- changed to Mah!-hrada on the grounds that Mah!-hrada ‘great lake’ is a name of Shri Vishnu from all the available sets of 1000 names (it is also in the 16 names of Shri Radha Krishna) and mah!r)iddhi while not unreasonable is not given in the dictionary and does not appear in the 1000 names (listening to a tape one might easily confuse these names when said in dative case) Changes like Su- to (hu- in (hubh-ekshana and (h$rajan-e#hwara are normal for the SYMB.

Praise to Shri Vishnu. STALM- appears before the start of the 1000 names (Srimad Bhagavatam) This is at the end of 108 names in SYMB- now given a heading and translation added.

The 10 Holy Petals of the Nabhi Chakra- mantras shortened, translations extended. The 108 names of Shri Lakshm%- An addition taken from the Nirmalanjali- including the use of Shri before each name, which seems appropriate as Shri is a name of Shri Lakshmi. Some names of Shri Lakshmi would seem essential in a mantrabook.

Shri Guru Mantra- translation included. Moved to before the !08 names. ‘Tasmai Shri Gurave…’ changed to ‘Tasyai Shri Guruve…’ as this is the feminine form, and we are adressing this to Shri Mataji (see the vibrations!) Technically Guruve should probably be Gurvyai?

Guru Purnima- no change-moved to be before the 108 names of Adi Guru Dattatreya. The names of the 10 Primordial Masters- information included . Moved to before the 108 names. (Graphics in the SYMB are good but need a few changes, eg. the ‘OM’ symbols, and the Sikh symbol. It seems the Shirdi Sai Baba and Raja Janaka symbols are the wrong way round.(Sai Baba tried to unite Hindus and Muslims)

The 108 names of Shri )di Guru Datt!treya- these names all appear in the 1000 names of Adi Guru Dattatreya, in a fairly random way, but often in pairs or threes. Probably compiled by a SY. Yog!rira darpa n!#hana-changed to Yog!rér…..(meaning ‘not having Yoga’) as this is how it appears in the sets of 1000 names, and Yogarira does not exist. -

The 113 Names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya.- The 113 names of Shri Ganesha are in fact from the 1000 names of Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya, so they have been renamed and moved here. Some corrections to Sanskrit- original was probably transcribed from a tape.- translations were generally correct.

Prayer to Shri Annapurna- Nirmalanjali/ STALM -now given in full –12 verses (which is not much longer than what appeared in the original SYMB.)

Prayer to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi- no source available. Sanskritised and translation tweaked a bit, but basically unchanged.

Twameva m!t! - Nirmalanjali/ STALM- a few changes to Sanskrit- notably aparadha instead of apradh. Translation reworked a bit.

Prayer to the Divine Mother - Nirmalanjali/ STALM. Prayer to the Devi These are verses 33 and 35 of the Hymn to Shri Narayani, now included in full- page 38- however we could still leave these here.

Shr% R!ma Jayam – no source at present. Translation included. R!mraksha -STALM- widely available. Unchanged apart from including the name K!kutstha which was omitted from the SYMB in the part where it says, ’the different names of Lord Rama are…’ Was there a reason why? And the description of Shri Rama as having ‘light blue skin’ changed to ‘dusky blue skin’. The original Sanskrit says ‘n%lotpala#hyamam’ ‘the colour of a dusky blue lotus’. The name R"ma itself means ‘dark-skinned’.

The 108 names of Shri R!ma - Nirmalanjali/ STALM- 107 of the 108 names from the Padma Purana, available in several versions..There are only 107 in the SYMB. Names in the 108 from the Padma Purana not included are name 38 Trayin- ‘embodying the knowledge of the threee Vedas’ and name 70 Sarvada- ‘giver of everything’, either of which could be included if we are considering making it 108. The Nirmalanjali has the same names with some missing and extras at the end. Sanskrit Taken out of Dative case- Quite a few small changes to Sanskrit . The repeat of Jit!mitra (name 48) has been changed to Jita-lobha ‘overcomes greed’ as it is in the STALM texts. Name 95 ‘Vibh%shana prati-shthatri’ changed to‘Shiva-linga prati-shthatri’ as it is in the texts .‘Vibh%shana prati-shthatri’ is virtually a reapeat of name 26 . ‘Shiva-linga prati-shthatri’ seems more appropriate as ‘prati-shthatri’ means ‘consecrating a sacred image.’which Shri Ram did by making a Shiva Lingam on the beach.

The 108 names of Shri Shiva - Nirmalanjali/ STALM- 95 of the names appear in the 1000 names of Lord Shiva in the Shiva Purana-Motilal Banarsidas edition (English) with the same translations. Names not in the 1000 names- Shankara, Swayambhu, Nateshwara, Nataraja, Ishwara, Kameshwara, Vishva-sakshina, Karuna-sagara, Ardha-narishwara, Umapati, -all well known names of Shri Shiva-. and the three ‘Sahaj’ ones- Nav-yerusalem-eshwara, AdiNirmalatma and Sahaja-yogi-priya. Presumably this was compiled by a SY. Generally the Sanskrit is fine allowing for # (as it would appear in the English-version Shiva Purana) being written as s and not sh. Sada-yogi changed to Sad-yogi- ‘true Yogi’- a name which appears twice in the 1000 names (and how it is written in the Nirmalanjali) Sad!-yogi ‘eternally in Union’, would be reasonable, although it is not in the 1000 names or in the dictionary. Nav-yer$salem-e#hwara should probably be Nav-yer$salem-%#hwara as the e of e#hwara is a final a coalescing with the % of %shwara. Presumably there is no a at the end of Jerusalem. (not changed at present)

The 108 Names of the Sacred River Ganges - no source at present –There are only 105 names- not in the 1000 names in the Skanda Purana. Generally seems pretty reliable. Few changes where Sanskrit is incorrect (the 1000 names were useful for guidelines). Appears to have been translated by a Westerner with the same dictionary I have (Monier-Williams). This is probably not used much, but is supposed to confer the blessings of a dip in the Holy River itself.

The 84 Names of Shri Durg! - STALM- these are all from ‘the 1000 names of Shri Mahakali’ apart from no.1 which is from ‘the 1000 names of Shri Lalita’. Possibly the SYMB compilers did not have any names of Shri Durga and took these as being appropriate. They are similar to the 108 names of Shri Mahakali.

108 names of Shri Durga- This is an addition, partly because the previous set of names is Shri Mahakali based and these are more Shri Parvati based. Very few repeats of previous set and many famous names.(Aparna, Durgati-harini, the ‘nine names’ etc.)

The 84 names of Shri Vishnumaya-(English) - these are an addition and have been popularly used recently in SY.

The 99 names of Allah- unchecked at present. Know any Arabic scholars? The 16 names of Shri Radha Krishna-Sanskritised only. The 108 Names of Shri K.ishna-this is an addition which appeared in the Divine Cool Breeze- no material to match it has been found yet. The original must have been written out by a Hindi-speaker as lots of a’s were left off (this is not done in Sanskrit) These have been replaced, and some reworking of the translations.

The 108 names of Shri Krishna (English)- no change.

Advice with Ek!da#ha Rudra problems- no change. Addition of a quote from H.S.H.S.M. Prayer for Shri Buddha P$ja- no change Shri Buddha’s Mantras- these appeared at the end of the previous item; they have been given a heading and a translation included. Is there sometimes a fourth one in SY?

The Mantras for Shri Mah!-Gane#ha- Vije changed to Vicche .(this is the usual form of this mantra- which appears in several Puranas including the Devi Atharva Sheersha)

The 11 Ek!dasha Rudras- translation included. Jesus changed to Yeshu (why use the English name in a Sanskrit mantra?) Sarva Mantra Siddhi Vibhedin% – seems strange as it means ‘Destroyer of the power of all mantras’.Maybe it’s appropriate if the false gurus gave mantras? Changed to ‘Sarva Mantra Siddhi Vidh"yin!’- ‘The One who accomplishes the fulfillment….’(this name appears in the 1000 names of Shri Durga)

108- Shri Jesus – someone sent me these by email. Presumably they were said at a Puja, but where or when.?

The 108 names of Lord Jesus Christ (English)- no change We bow to thee Shri Mataji.- removed as being not mantras, and not very good poetry. Shri Bhagavati- /Prayer to the Almighty- no change Shri Nirmal! namask!r- translation included. Names taken from the Shri Lalita Sahasranama sometimes in order.

The Kavach of the Devi- twice- STALM (widely available) This Sanskrit version has the SYMB English version written unchanged underneath as a translation (although occasionally incomplete and mildly incorrect).Appears in the ‘Nine nights of the Devi’, but the Sanskrit is slightly corrected.

Devi Atharva Sheersha- STALM (Widely available)/ Nine nights of the Devi (SY) This is an addition from ‘the nine nights of the Devi’ including Shri Mataji’s comments. The Sanskrit has been corrected.

The Mantras of Vir!ta. Translation included. The Mantras of Shri Nirmal!.-translations included. 108- Shri Mataji

Nirmalanjali/ STALM (1000 Shri Lalita- the translations in the SYMB are verbatim from an English edition, but slightly abbreviated, sometimes with unfortunate resultsAkula for example means ‘beyond or without any family’ but has an esoteric meaning, according to this book, as a downward-pointing thousand-petalled lotus inside the head, reflecting the ‘Kula’, the upward-pointing thousand-petalled lotus on top of the head. The shortened version in the SYMB is therefore misleading.) The extra name ‘Vishva Nirmala Dharma Prasthapani’ was suggested by Shri Mataji at the great Ganesha Puja in Brighton in 1984.(check tape) (courtesy Phil Ward) The Nirmalanjali has ‘Vishva Nirmala Dharma Dayini’.

What is the greatest mistake? – I believe- but I wouldn’t swear to it- that these are answers given by Shri Mataji Herself. An addition. We should try and source this.

The 21 Names of Shri Bhairava – the previous ‘Mantras for the Ida Nadi’ has been dropped as containing the same- but fewer- names. Translation included.

108- Shri Mahakali Nirmalanjali/ STALM All from the 1000 names of Shri Mahakali..

Prayer to (hr% Mah!saraswat%- Appears in ‘Brihat stortram’ book. Sanskritised and translation extended a little.

Shri Hanuman Chalisa- Nirmalanjali/ STALM- widely available. This is written in an archaic form of Hindi where some v’s are written b, so we have bidy" for vidy", mah"b!r for mah"v!r etc.. Some texts modernise it and change the b’s to v’s- so there is a question to be considered here. The SYMB had all b’s but the Nirmalanjali half-modernises it, giving well known words like vidy", mah"v!r, vikram, etc. This is common in versions available (about 50%) Personally I am in favour of this as I find the b’s rather off-putting, but purists may object. Included here is the modernised version..

The 108 Names of Shri Maria Mah!lakshmi (in Latin)- no change 27 names of Our Sacred Lady Mary Mah!lakshmi- it seems unlikely that this is used much, so repeats of the previous set in the ‘51 names’ have been taken out leaving 27(which is a quarter of 108). They now seem to read better.

Shri Mah!lakshmi Asht*akam Stotram- An addition- This is a very famous praise, the first verse of which was at the end of the 108 Latin names and verses 4 and 5 as the following Padma Purana (which it replaces) Familiar as a Sanskrit song, STALM/ Nirmalanjali.

Negativity destroying mantras- Some ‘Shri’s’ taken out. More translations Praise by )di (hankar!ch!rya- no change. )tma-ashtakam (Formerly titled Tad Nishkala)- Nirmalanjali/ STALM. Sanskrit included. Cannot find out why it was called Tad Nishkala- Atma Ashtakam is the usual name.-Widely available.

Guide to perfection- Taken out- This is definitely not chapter 18 of the Bhagavad Gita, but

one of these early 20th. Century German philosophers who, as with the ‘Desiderata’, gave it a name to make it seem old. The sentiments expressed are not entirely in accord with Sahaja Yoga.

To My Flower Children- wonderful! Can we get a date for it? The 108 Names of the Devi- a suggestion for addition- seems to have vibrations – from a small booklet available in Maharashtra.

The 1000 names of (hr% Mah!k!l%- An addition, being considered useful for Havans and clearing Left Side in general. Some translations available are rather Tantric in nature but these ones have been checked, shortened and to a certain degree retranslated by CM. STALM.

Havan/ P$ja- It was thought that a short note on performing Havan and Puja would be useful in the Mantrabook. This is a suggestion only and you may want to write your own!

Glossary- Explanation of the names of Chakras, Deities and some common terms in Sahaja Yoga. Also brief outline of qualities of some aspects (threee Shaktis, Shri Durga etc. Standard meditations- another suggestion which might be useful, especially to people away from older, more experienced Yogis who can teach them these sort of things. Open to lots of suggestions…….

The Subtle System- the drawings in the SYMB would seem to need some information adding- maybe the names of the chakras and a word or two of their qualities. On the head for example, there is quite a lot you could say, like where the right and left sides of each chakra manifest, the Void and Ekadasha Rudras. Maybe a downward view of the head would also be useful. People often want to know where are the chakras on the arms and legs

The Void is not numbered or shown on the hands or feet. (sometimes numbered 3A). Another popular item is the correspondence of the different countries with the chakras. A chart was once shown to Shri Mataji who made a few changes. One would need a disclaimer included, as they sometimes seem to change!! The chart included here showing the mantras on the chakras was something we used at meetings in London and was quite well received. It actually prints in colour although this is black and white.

Notes on diacritic marks The symbols used are from the ‘Insert*’* ‘Symbol ’*Font -‘Times New Roman’Dot under s,n,d,and t’ No. 61476 Dot under t 61482 Long a (lowercase) 257 Long a (capital) 256 Long e (lowercase) 275 Long i (lowercase) 299 Long i (capital) 298 Long o (lowercase) 333 Long u (lowercase) 363 Long u (capital) 362 Small r as a vowel 343 t’ for aspirated th 357 cerebral/guttural ñ (Spanish style) 241 You can get the numbers by clicking on the‘shortcut key’ box, and looking in ‘description’ at the bottom of the ‘shortcut key’ dialogue window.

One or two points for discussion……………

Devyai Throughout the Mantrabook ‘Shr% Nirmal! Dev% namo namaha’ has been changed to ‘Shr% Nirmal! Devyai ……’ on the grounds that Devyai is correct Sanskrit (which Sahaja Yoga mantras are not!) and is the way it is said in India. There is a note to explain that ‘Devi’ is not wrong, on page 30. Ekadasha Changed ‘Ekadesha’(‘eleven’) to ‘Ek!dasha’on the grounds that ek!da#ha means ‘eleven’ and ‘ekadesha’ has a different meaning -‘in one place’. Twameva has been given a big T, as in English we give ‘You’ a big Y when referring to Deities. Words like sakshat and namo/namaha don’t need big letters as they are not names. H.S.H.- ‘H.H.’ has been changed to ‘H.S.H.’ on the grounds that ‘Her Holiness’ is a term applied to any saintly person whereas ‘Her Supreme Holiness’ seems more appropriate to the nature of Shri Mataji’s incarnation. namo- does not have an h on the end in Sanskrit and so has been written without one. As it is not a proper name it is written without a capital. namaha etc. We have adopted this -ha notation for the Visarga as (hopefully) producing something closer to the correct Sanskrit pronunciation for the uninitiated. 'h used for aspirated t in the Sanskrit notation- which is a bit odd, but it works suprisingly well to produce the correct pronunciation. eg. A'harva. Sets of 108 names that have less (eg, Shri Rama- 107) do we bring them up to 108?.

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