Man Who Talked With Angels

September 6, 2017 | Author: Richard David Nillo | Category: Angel, Baptism With The Holy Spirit, Baptism, Jesus, Gabriel
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After “Angels On Assignment,” the Story Continues - Pastor Roland Buck:

The Man Who Talked With Angels By his daughter, SHARON WHITE (1982)

Includes the final nine angelic visitations not contained in the first book. Sequel Completed on this site 29 February 2004 -and PDF version Completed 19 Nov 2006! Thank you to Christine of Healing Stream Ministries for assisting in typing many chapters for this web site ... We had placed both Rev. Buck’s amazing book and his daughter’s sequel on the World Wide Web (site started July 2002), as explained in the prologue of the PDF version of Rev. Buck’s book. However, the PDF version of the amazing sequel has now been completed -and is FREE for your viewing -as are all things on this website! Let the message of God’s unfailing love continue to have “wings” as Rev. Buck accurately prophesied. -Webmaster, Houston, TX - Emails to AoA: click on “Contact” link.

Table of Contents Start of book Preface Sharon, write a book about your dad! The voice was so distinct that it jerked me awake! Chapter 1 » Who Was Roland Buck? What would those sleeping people have said had they known that this day, in the twentieth century, the angel Gabriel would be sent from God to a parsonage on the outskirts of their town, sent to one of their own pastors, with a message directly from the heart of God? Chapter 2 » An Unmatched Pair Daisy Green, Roland's mother, was born to a wealthy family in England. Her father, William Green, was the captain on the last large English sailing vessel, the William Tell... in America, life for Daisy Green was quite different than what she had been used to in England. There were no more maids ... In direct contrast to Daisy, Hoyt Buck was from a very poor family in Missouri ... Hoyt came from a family background that was not religious at all ...

Chapter 3 » Seven Bucks It was the beginning of the Great Depression. Times were hard for the Bucks as the children began to arrive.

Chapter 4 » Rollie One day while they were exploring, they found the tallest tree they had ever seen. The two just couldn't resist the challenge ... Suddenly Roland lost his footing, and fell to the bottom of the tree. He landed squarely on his back, and lay there as though dead. Chapter 5 » The Fleas Every once in a while, Roland would come home from school all tattered and torn with a black eye. He never started fights, but he surely defended himself. When his family gave him too much sympathy, he would always say with a twinkle in his eye, "Oh, but you ought to see the other guy!" Chapter 6 » The Wolf Tamer At one of the noon breaks, one of the fellows started making some remarks about the girls who attended the Pentecostal church in Everett. Roland spoke very quietly to the man, and said, "My mother used to wash our mouths out with soap for talking like that. If you don't quit insulting those girls, maybe you should have your mouth washed out the same way!" Chapter 7 » Granger, Home of the Splashing Dust The friends of the so-called champion began to needle him to wrestle the new preacher. He was reluctant at first. "I don't want to fight a preacher," he said laughingly, but his friends kept teasing him. Finally, the "champ" gave in and said, "How about it, preacher? Want to have a little wrestling match?" Chapter 8 » Charm Surely no young men would find us in this obscure area of ministry! How beautiful it is when we

give our lives to the Lord. He takes care of us in every way without manipulation on our part!

Chapter 9 » Ministry Unfolding Bob Slagel ... was about fifteen. He was the ring leader of the street gang in Gooding... Bob was in the back of the church with his friends causing a ruckus. Daddy came quietly up behind Bob, scooped him up around the middle, and literally carried him up to the front and placed him right in the center of that prayer circle. Chapter 10 » Boise Since daddy had not taken any increase in salary through the years in order to make sure the new building was completed, he was faced with the fact that his family had grown, prices had gone up, but he was making the same amount of money, To help make ends meet, he put ads in the paper for remodeling houses and painting, inside and out. He would also buy an old car, fix it up, and sell it for a profit. He was a very busy man. He did pretty well, except when he would come home from a painting job to find a call waiting for him to go to the hospital or to see someone. He would then have to quickly change his work clothes, do his visiting, come back and change again. He felt during those years that he did nothing but change clothes. Chapter 11 » Strengthen the Things That Remain My parents went for a drive one day, when one of the tires went flat. Daddy couldn’t get the jack to work, so with his great strength, he lifted up the little English Ford Anglia, and held it up while mother changed the tire. This wasn’t the first he head held up a light car but this time he didn’t feel well afterwards. Several days later, he went to the doctor who told him to rest. He continued to grow weaker and finally went to a heart specialist. The specialist told him to report immediately to emergency. He had experienced a mild heart attack, but because he had waited, infection had set in and was raging through his body. By the time he got to the hospital, he was so weak that he could not even pick up his watch. He was out of his pulpit from the day after Easter until June. Chapter 12 » The Orb of Truth Not everyone understood the message that my father had to share. Some people thought he was preaching too much love, and not enough of God's judgment. Finally the men on the church board were approached about having to vote of confidence taken at the next business meeting. One of the men on the board took daddy out to lunch. Then, out by the river in one of Boise's parks, he shared with him what the comments were. My father's heart was broken.

Chapter 13 » Plugged into God's Heart It was early the Saturday morning before Easter, 1966, when daddy woke up to unbelievable pain in his chest. He got up, thinking it would help him feel better, and collapsed to the floor. Mother called the ambulance.

Chapter 14 » Four Little Bucks and How They Grew As a result of the angelic visitations to my father, the light of scrutiny was turned on our family. What kind of children did this man raise? The proof of his credibility in the eyes of many of his colleagues was how did those children turn out? Did he really practice what he preached?

Chapter 15 » Time to Build Again This caused me to look closely at our layout, and immediately I saw that the forms were out of square. I excused myself, fast, and went to cancel my concrete order. As I hung up the phone, I realized what your dad had done. He had allowed me to discover my own mistake and retain my dignity as a leader of the job. When I got back to where we had been talking, he had disappeared. At that point he had won my undying loyalty.

Chapter 16 » Queenie One of the things that Queenie loved about the school year was the different lunches the kids would bring. They soon learned not to stand with their arms down if they had a sandwich in their hand, because Queenie would think it was for her and would very quietly help herself. Chapter 17 » Music, Music, Music He really startled me by saying, "Honey, I want you to sing that song this morning. You see I had another visit from Gabriel last night, and he told me that God was sending him to the service this morning. I told him that the choir was going to be singing the "Hallelujah Chorus." Chapter 18 » Pastor Buck and the Kids "Mom, I sure wish those angels would be a little more quiet. I can't get to sleep because they're making so much noise around their campfire!"

Chapter 19 » The Book, Angels On Assignment That particular morning he threw me a bombshell. We were quietly discussing the services the day before, extraordinary question. He said, "Honey, what Saturday night?" I said, "What?" He repeated, response! He asked, "Do you believe me?" I told

when in the same ordinary tone of voice daddy asked me a very would you say if I told you that I had a visit from an angel last "I had a visit from an angel last Saturday night!" "Wow!" was my him, "Of course I do!"

Chapter 20 » 'Till Death Do Us Part Jim had sold out his life to Satan as a satanic priest. The Lord had given dad his name and even let him see Jim. On God's designed date, he came to the church and daddy recognized him, greeted him, and told him to come into his office. God saved him, blotted out all of the old evil that was in him, and gave him new hope and new victory.

Chapter 21 » More About Angels Gabriel then shared with me that God has four different kinds of angels. There are ministering angels who live among the people. They ride in our cars, live in our homes, and are camped about us all the time. Their orders from God are to take care of us. They look exactly like a human being. The only way you would know them would be if they disappeared in front of your eyes, or if you saw them do some super-human feat. There are more of these on the earth than there are human beings. Since they do not dwell in heaven, they do not have the glow that emanates from the angels who live in heaven. Chapter 22 » God Called Him Pastor As he prayed for me, I felt the power of God go through me so strongly, I couldn't move. Then I felt as though heavy chains had fallen off, chains I hadn't even been aware of. I was and am a brand new person. In Pastor Buck's eyes as well as God's, I am not an ex-homosexual, but a first-class citizen of the kingdom, made as though I had never sinned.

Chapter 23 » Not Guilty Daddy started keeping a personal journal describing the angelic visitations soon after they began in June, 1978. As I read the awe-inspiring accounts of these divine visits, my heart was thrilled. Then I saw why I was to write this book. In almost every account, the command is given by God thru the angel, "Give this message to the world!"

Chapter 24 » Terry Law - The Cutting Edge of Evangelism Pastor Buck said Gabriel told him there were two bands of ministering angels who traveled with our team and that is why we have not had accidents or difficulties with health. They have protected us during dangerous times in the midst of the Soviet World.

Chapter 25 » God Knows Your Name Last night in my office, I found out that the visit six weeks ago wasn't the last one, because Gabriel and Chrioni came in. My head was down, and I was doing some meditating, and looking at the Scripture. They came in just like those people on the television series, "Star Trek." I was breathless because I never get accustomed to their presence.

Chapter 26 » Morris Plotts, A Prince with God This angel was black and dressed much like a westerner with casual coat and slacks. He was about 6'3", and of large frame. He explained that this host was active throughout the country. His personal assignment had been Nairobi, but he was ministering to a family in Msambweni, a city on the south coast of Kenya when he was directed to appear in Boise. Chapter 27 » The Alaska Encounter The pastor's wife in Ketchikan was an Indian lady. She had seemed very happy as we visited around the table and in the home, but Gabriel said, 'I want you to bring a message to this pastor's wife. Tell her she is very special to God. She has a poor image of herself. She thinks she's worthless. She thinks that she's not accepted like she ought to be, because of her race ...

Chapter 28 » Face to Face People say that for God to be fair to others who have been in tribulation, all must sufferer tribulation. He told me so lovingly, 'there's nothing we can earn by our suffering, nothing we can add to our salvation. We are saved because of the suffering of Jesus! It would be totally contrary to the nature of God to cause His people to dwell in His wrath! Chapter 29 » November 6 I ran to the church all the time praying, "Oh, God, don't let this be, at the peak of dad's beautiful ministry. Oh, God, please!" There lay my precious father on the floor like a fallen giant. Chapter 30 » Coronation Day I know what is going through some of our minds if we're not totally tuned in. We say, 'Well, Pastor Buck was arriving at the very peak of his efficiency, what could God possibly have in mind taking Pastor Buck away from all of this tremendous acceptance?

Epilogue » What's Happening to the Message? How can I step into the pulpit of a man who had ministered for forty years, pastored this church for almost thirty years, who had talked to with angels, and who had walked so closely with God? He had talked face-to-face with Jesus Christ? Here I am, an accounting major, in business for 5 1/2 years, how in the world can I step into the shoes of a man like this?

Afterword » Have You Confirmed Your Reservation? Daddy used to say that Jesus reserved a place for everyone in heaven by His sacrifice at Calvary, but it's up to each individual to confirm, or pick up that reservation that Christ made for them.

PREFACE (Pages 11 - 14) Sharon, write a book about your dad! The voice was so distinct that it jerked me awake! I had been half asleep no a plane to Virginia. My mother and I were going to speak and sing at one of the meetings that had been scheduled before dad's death. I shook my head to clear it and settled right back down to my nap. We had been flying for about five hours. I had been so excited because it was my first long plane trip. I had never been this far across the country. Now the excitement was wearing off. The plane's engines were humming smoothly. It was a beautiful day high above the clouds. I began to drift off again. Sharon, write a book about your dad! I sat up startled and wide awake! My heart was beating a mile a minute. I had butterflies in my stomach. I knew the voice and it was much louder now. I looked at my mother, who was calmly thumbing thru a magazine. All around me passengers were sleeping or talking softly. This wasn't the first time the Lord had definitely spoken to my heart. As a music minister at Central Assembly, I had been awakened in the middle of the night innumerable times as the Lord would speak with me about things I was already thinking about, or He would give me ideas for our musical productions. His speaking to my heart this time was so startling, because writing a book was the furthest thing from my mind. I thought, "Lord, you know I have tried to write something about my dad since I was in high school, and I've never finished anything. My mind would get so far ahead of my pencil that I would quit in frustration." My dad and I were very close. I had worked with him as his minister of music for nine years; and being the oldest of four children, I was kind of his experiment, his frustration and his delight. When I was in high school, thru college and even a few months before his death, I had tried over and over to write an article about my dad for the Reader's Digest. I had planned to send it to the Digest's "My Most Unforgettable Character!" There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that it would be accepted. I could just imagine myself giving it to dad as a Father's Day present. "Oh, by the way, Daddy, there's a little article about you in this Reader's Digest you might like to read!" I could just imagine his excitement and pride. But now he was gone, and I thought that this dream had been laid to rest with him. I reminded the Lord of this and my frustration in writing about Daddy in the past, and the Lord just very simply said, Get a dictaphone and tell his story. Mom and I had a wonderful time in Virginia. I decided not to mention to anyone the way the Lord had spoken to me, not even my husband. That way, if I never did anything about it, nobody could laugh at me. I returned home, and decided to sleep on my first morning back because I was feeling a little jet lag. I was just dozing off when those butterflies started again, my heart began pounding, and the Lord said, What about that dictaphone? "Not now, Lord," I said, "I want to sleep!" No way! I tossed and turned, and over and over in my heart, the Lord kept saying, Get that dictaphone! I finally said okay, called a business supply firm, arranged to rent a dictaphone, and immediately fell asleep. When the young man delivered the dictaphone, I told him I would only need it for a couple of days because I was going to write a book about my father. He looked at me kind of funny, and said, "You're going to write a book in a couple of days?" I said, "Sure!" To make a long story short, I sat down with the little dictaphone and said, "Okay, Lord, let's go, fill my mouth!" I started telling my story. It took almost ten minutes. I suddenly realized that I didn't have enough information. I said, "Lord, I thought you and I were going to write this book. I thought you were going to speak through me into this dictaphone." I can imagine the Lord smiling, shaking His head, sighing a little, and then He said, just as clear as a bell, Sharon, make an outline first. I'll help you. And He did. He impressed me to get information from all the family members and people who had been associated with my father in his growing up years.

As a bonus, my uncle, Paul Williscroft just "happened" to visit from Germany at this time. He had been in the publishing business for many years as part of his missionary outreach. My uncle told me I was on the right track in everything I was doing. He felt the outline was solid, the idea of getting input from family members and friends was great, but I needed to go a step further. He told me I should share with the people in our congregation what I was doing, and get input from them. I told him, "That means I have to tell people, and then I'll be committed to write the book or really look silly!" I did share with the congregation, and they were all so excited. Sure enough, people began to ask me every time they saw me, "How's the book coming?" This meant I had to get started. It felt good the day I could truthfully say, "The book is coming along great!" I knew that my husband Alan, who is an artist, would design the cover. The rest of the book would be just me and the Lord. It was exciting to me to realize that Alan was also a super editor. I didn't have to worry about paragraphs, punctuation, or anything that would stop my flow of thought. I could just set my typewriter on fire, and he would take my rough drafts, and put them in good order. We discovered we were really a great team. As I wrote the last chapter, "Coronation Day," the presence of the Lord so filled my office that I finally had to leave. It took several hours for the tingling in my body and the shakiness in my knees to subside.
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