Malware Could Steal Data From IPhones Using Siri

May 27, 2016 | Author: Edward Perea | Category: Types, Creative Writing
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MAGNIFIC IEEE Boletín de Tecnología Inglés-Español de Estudiantes para Estudiantes

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Malware Could Steal Data from iPhones Using Siri 1. IEEE: Introducción En Español No. 2015219071 Date /Fecha : 07/09/2015 Authors/ Autores: EDWARD CAMILO PEREA LOPEZ

Un par de científicos de la computación con sede en Europa han descubierto una vulnerabilidad de seguridad en el iPhone 5, que podría ser explotada por un software malicioso y que pone en peligro la información personal de un usuario. Y el principal factor que hace esto posible es Siri (Reconocimiento de voz del sistema operativo de iPhone “iOS”), según informan en la edición de enero de la IEEE Computer.

John Alexander Taborda Giraldo

Keywords / Palabras Claves: Cientifics / Cientificos Smartphone / Celular Inteligente Operative System / Sistema Operativo User / Usuario

2. IEEE: Information in English



Smartphones could be a prime target for a steganographic attack.


Siri? What are you hiding?



Of course, voice commands are not exactly new technology.

(C2) On an iPhone, Siri digitally records what the user is saying in the microphone, forms it into packets, sends the packets off to a remote cloud server operated by Apple, and receives a text response that’s [W2] relayed to the user. (C3) The original Siri app earned a spot on Tech Review's 10 Emerging Technologies list of 2009, and was based on AI research conducted for DARPA.




The formula is simple: take a bunch of neat technology that has never lived up to its promise, rethink what it's for, do some secretive hard work, and then release a natural, retrospectively obvious experience that redefines what computers can do. [W2]

3. IEEE: Interpretación En Español Smartphones could be a prime target for a steganographic attack. They are bloated with personal and sensitive information and increasingly targeted by malware. What’s more, steganographic threats are bigger in instances where applications offload data to a cloud server, such as voice-based applications like Siri.

Desde Luego, comando no tecnología.

La voz por es nueva

(C5) Siri is factible and useless but have a bit problem, is hacking easy because any else can interrumted the frecuence and simplily siri is hacked. The people need be most unleashed, the tecnology is’nt the new world, the tecnology have positive factors and negative too.

It’s especially difficult in communications networks, because there are different types of traffic, different types of protocols. Each different service is related to one or a number of protocols, and each of them can be used for information hiding.

The researchers acknowledge that there are plenty of limitations to this trick. For one, in its current iteration, iStegSiri requires deep access to Siri so it only poses a risk to jailbroken iOS devices— those iPhones and iPads in which standard proprietary constraints have been removed, giving the user access to the operating system’s root kit. It also requires access to network traffic that Siri sends to Apple’s cloud servers.

4. IEEE: Education & Entertainment

Complete the phrase referenced to text: Voice command are not the new ___________. The iPhone 5 series security is ___________. Much users was ___________ thanks to Siri. Siri is the iPhone’s ____________ can do works with voice commands. Smartphones can be a _______________ gun for the people. Connect the Words (english to spanish mean)




Teléfono inteligente



References / Referencias: [W1]. Vadel, Neel. Malware Could Steal Data from iPhones Using Siri. 16 Jan 2015 | 18:00 GMT. 06/09/2015. [W2]. Romero, Josh. Apple Debuts New iPhone, Wants You to Talk to It. 4 Oct 2011 | 19:26 GMT. 06/09/2015.

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