Makalah Improving students Vocabulary Matery trough Crossword Puzzle

May 28, 2018 | Author: Chairani Hesa Bellezza | Category: Crossword, Vocabulary, Teachers, Learning, Linguistics
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1.1 Backgro Background und of Study

Vocabulary is an important part of language.Vocabulary has a significant role in language. Basically, learning language is a matter of learning vocabulary of  that language. Research has shown that vocabulary knowledge plays a critical role in students literacy development (Scott, Jamieson!oel, " #sselin, $%%&'.ilkins ()*+ ()*+$' $' states states that that with withou outt gram gramma marr very very littl littlee can be conv convey eyed ed with withou outt vocabulary nothing can be conveyed. -hus, it can be concluded that learning vocabulary is important as the basic to encounter a new language. Vocabulary is taught in many different ways. ited in /au0an ($%)%' , study conducted by Rosmayanti($%%1', shows that in most 2ndonesian traditional 3nglish language class, most teachers use conventional method in teaching vocabulary in which teach teacher er only only give give the the stud studen ents ts a non nonsto stop p dril drilli ling ng memori memori0at 0atio ion n pract practice ice.. Sometimes this type make the students frustrated to memori0e a list of new words at once. -hose problem happens in)st grade students of S45 2- Raudhatul Jannah. Based on informal interview on $6 September, $%)7, the common problems of  learn learnin ing g voca vocabu bular larym ymak akee the the stud student entss bored bored,, less less moti motiva vated ted and and lack lack of  vocabularies and fluency. -hen, the students may feel burdened when they cannot remember the words. #ccording to 8ewis " 9ill ()**%' states that students are 1

unlikely to be very successful at learning unless they en:oy the process. -herefore, teacher needs to make strategy to avoid these problems by creating an interesting activity. -here are many ways to solve that problems. ;ne of the activities of  teaching and learning vocabulary is through game. 3rso0 ($%%%' holds that games are highly appreciated appreciated thanks to their amusement amusement and interest.-he interest.-here re are so many games that can be applied by teacher to improve the students vocabulary, such as the alphabet game, word search, pu00le and so on. But one of the effective games is crossword pu00le. -eacher can make it by themself. ith this game, students can find their mission by reading the clues and looking at the corresponding slots. -hey already know how many letters the answer has. -o solve any crossword  pu00le, person must be able to identify identif y and understand the terms which are a re being used. 5aul ($%%&se of rossword 5u00le in 2mproving Students Vocabulary 4astery of  +th ?rade of S45 2- Raudhatul [email protected]

1.2 Purpose of the study  This research research aims for improving improving

the result study of 

students in vocabulary learning at Junior High School by using crossword puzzle.



Research Question Based on the purposes above the problems of


presented formulated in the following research !uestion are" 1. How is the process of improving students# vocabulary by using cossword puzzle$ 2. How is the result of improving vocabulary in S%& 'T (audhatul Jannah by using crossword puzzle$


CHAPTER II THEORETICAL FRAE!OR"  #.1 $oca%u&ary #.1.1 D'f(n(t(on of $oca%u&ary

Vocabulary is the words that someone can use in their speech and writing or those they will need to comprehend. 2t means that words have meaning that can be used in a communication. #ccording to Richards ($%%$S newspapers, derived from word sGuares, groups of words that can be read across or down. -hese appeared in childrenIs books and various periodicals. 2n the >nited States, however, the pu00le evolved to become a serious adult pastime. During the height of  the crossword cra0e in the )*$%s, people lost their :obs and marriages were destroyed due to the addictive nature of these new pu00les. -he /irst known crossword pu00le was created by #rthur ynne for  the eightpage comics section of the !ew Kork orld. >sually, the page featured word sGuares, hidden words and connectthedots eAercises. 9owever, ynne anted to try something different. 9e sketched a diamondshaped grid (with black sGuares' and wrote the word fun (the name of the comics section' across the top of the sGuare. #ccording to #ugarde ()**7, p.6*' crossword pu00les is a cheGuered diagram, usually sGuare in which the player has to enter words guessed from numbered clues either [email protected] (hori0ontally' or [email protected] (vertically'. -he words are separated by black sGuares or by thick bars between


sGuares. #ccording to ilickaya ($%%+' crossword pu00les are eAcellent way to review vocabulary, as students will immediately know their  answers are incorrect if they do not fit the pu00le. 2n addition, if the students can not figure out the answer, they can simply count the sGuares in the pu00le, find words of eGual length and then try to deduce the correct answer. 5aul ($%%&pper3lementary lassrooms.


-he 3lementary School Journal, )%&(&', $F*$1F.ommercial olour  5ress, 8ondon. ilkins, D. ()*+$'.8inguistics in language teaching. 8ondon< #rnold Kuliantika. $%)$. -he 3ffects of >sing rossword 5u00le. #vailable at< /ramework


rossword5u00le. #ccess on December )$, $%)7 at )%.$) a.m


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