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May 13, 2018 | Author: Jithesh Gopal | Category: Wi Max, Wi Fi, Computer Network, Network Protocols, Networking Standards
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Maksat Coral Wireless Broadband Solutions

Company Profile

 A B r o ad adb b an and d Wi Wirr el eles ess s Eq Equ u i p m en entt c o m p an any y w i t h r o b u s t , co c o s t ef efff ec ectt i v e and an d scala sca lable ble solutions solutio ns for f or ca c arrier class networks. Over 7 yrs of intensive research in partnership with laboratories and chip manufacturers like  Atheros and Wavesat coupled with extensive extensive field experience Leading Last Mile solutions provider Using OFDM based 802.11a/g, 802.11-N and 802.16 WiMAX technologies

Solutions made for Indian environment and capable of PTMP, MTMP, and MESH topologies Pioneered long range high bandwidth links and high bandwidth base stations for mass distribution in India

MakSat Coral has deployed and been supporting approximately 5,000 Radios in the Indian Market. These include long distance links, BTS--CPE links, Campus WIFI and Indoor WIFI. MakSat Coral has a very close association with  Atheros, Intel and Wavesat.

Market Pull

Broadband connectivity is poised for explosive growth with more that 100 million subscribers are expected to log on in next two years.  Next generation wireless solution is the key to this growth as it provides ease of connectivity anytime from anywhere.  Maksat Coral offers revolutionary Wi Max technology for backhaul & enterprise wide hi-speed access on state-of-the-art Wi-fi technology. Our technology offers carrier class functionality and remote management capabilities to increase the range ,speed ,reliability in Near Line of Site and Long distance Links. 


Maksat Coral has deployed more than ten thousands RF Microwave links , Base stations , CPEs and Access points in India & across the world for government , large corporate & service providers.  Maksat Coral has been awarded contracts for deployment of SWAN (State Wide Area Network) for various state government projects connecting over 6000 remote locations together on wireless.  Maksat Coral products are widely being used at various state owned CSC projects and provide crucial connectivity to the villagers .  Maksat Coral has deployed longest working link in India of 75Km being used in Bajaj Hindustan WAN connectivity on wireless . 

In house R&D strength

Maksat Coral is driven by a mission to develop and provide Innovative Communication solutions and has pioneered Wi Max / Wi-fi OFDM product development in India. Its range of wireless products are developed keeping most stringent requirements in mind. Products perform without deterioration of service levels in the temperature range from -40°C to + 80°C. Radios supports inbuilt watch dogs and high encryption on data communication level.  All our wireless products are based on latest OFDM technology and offer maximum spectral efficiency . 



frequency support : Maksat Coral radios support both 2GHz and 5GHz bands including the free ISM bands so that the customer can change the operating frequency of the radio in case of congestion. Reduced channel Utilization: Maksat Coral radios can also operate in 5Mhz and 10Mhz frequency spectrum other than standard 20 and 40 MHz .This is as per Wi Max standard and thus gives advantage of establishing connectivity in high noise areas Near Line of Site :State of the art OFDM technology gives advantage of multipath . The signals received at the receiver end due to multipath adds to total signal strength thereby enabling the link to perform even in Near Line of Site Conditions.

Technological Edge

 Optimized Overheads: Rate set algorithm of Maksat Coral

Radios helps in optmising the overheads and provide higher throughput to the customers. We provide upto 30% better throughput than other similar produ cts in the same condition . QOS

support : Maksat Coral radios provides f u ll scale QOS (quality

of service) for prioritization of VOIP, Video and other specific traffic.

Dynamic Acknowledgement Time Out :Distance based ACK management, allows maximum throughput at even 100kms link distance. It allows the equipment to offer data rates with no relation to 

Technological Edge


Protocol adjustment: Our technology permits auto calibration of RF modulation to allow error free operation for long distance links and also cancels the effect of the TUNNEL EFFECT.  Mesh Support : Maksat Radios support self healing and redundant Mesh technology. Advance routing capabilities such as OSPF and OSLR are used in Mesh networks . Such networks are very useful in city wide Wi fi deployments. Security encryption: Maksat radio provides on board Wireless AES 256 bit encryption ,best in the industry . It also supports all wireless safety standards such as WEP, WPA and WPA2.  Low power consumption and Long Life :Maksat Coral radios are optimized and has very low power consumption. This along with excellent heat dissipation ensure longer operational life in temperature fr -40 to +80 degree

Technological Edge The CORE


Maksat coral radios 0ffers data rates up to 108Mbps

using 2 RF Interface with built in suppor t of BONDING. It also offers load balancing and link redund ancy . Receiver

Sensitivity : Maksat Radios has best in the industry receiver sensitivity of -105 dbm. It gives us cutting edge advantage to establish links in longer distances.  Advance Network features :Maksat Coral radios has multiple built in state of the art networking features such as VLAN support, Firewall and NAT, Bandwidth Management ,Routing ,Multicasting etc. These features are very useful in designing any Point to Point ,Point to Multipoint and campus wide Wi-fi network..

Key Applications

Large Area Networks for Voice , Data and Video transmission Last mile urban and rur al int ernet/intranet connectivity BTS---CPE deployments : Public safety and surveillance, including Video over IP applications Wireless MESH for self healing and redundant Metropolitan Area Networks E1 Radio to carry one or two E1 links over long distances Solution for Accident relief train with minimum d eployment tim e

Makair Range Based on 802.11 a/ b /g and 802.11n

MMS MAX : Used for POINT to POINT connectivity

WINDMAX : Used for POINT to POINT connectivity

BTS MAX : Used for POINT to MULTIPOINT connectivity

CPE MAX: Used for POINT to MULTIPOINT connectivity

GINI : World’s smallest AP for Indoor Wi fi applications.

Makair Range Based on 802.11 a/ b /g and 802.11n

MMS MIMO PLUS : Used for POINT to POINT connectivity, Available

in 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz, Available in 1*1(150 Mbps) & 2*2 (300 Mbps). 

MIMO BTS : Point to point link for Voice, Data and Video

transmission, City Wide Wi Fi Solution , Available in 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz, Available in 1*1(150 Mbps) & 2*2 (300 Mbps) . MIMO CPE : Point to point link for Voice, Data and Video transmission, City Wide Wi Fi Solution , Available in 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz, Available in 1*1(150 Mbps) & 2*2 (300 Mbps). 

Makair Range Based on 802.11 a/ b /g and 802.11n

PLUTO nX : Used for POINT to POINT connectivity, Available

in 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz, Available in 1*1(150 Mbps) & 2*2 (300 Mbps). 

GINI N : Gini nX is a High capacity indoor device to be used for

Indoor Wi Fi application. It can be used in Homes, Offices, and Hotels. The Wi fi provided is secure and can be accessed only by authorized users.

Wi Max 802.16 Range

Wi Max 802.16d Indoor CPE


Max 802.16d Outdoor CPE


Max 802.16d hybrid CPE *

New Products

Maksat Coral 802.11n/a/g

+ WiMax Outdoor Unit

Distribut ion on 802.11n/a/g Backhaul on WiMax

Solar powered units

MakSat Coral Indoor WIMAX IAD with WIFI and VOIP

MakSat Coral Indoor Pre-WIMAX Unit with built-in routing and firewall

Base Station

Wi Max BTS - CPE Solution

15 km

20 km



Frequency Range of MMS: 3.3 to3.65Ghz 5.1 to 5.9Ghz

Backbone connectivity using WiMAX

Base Station With inbuilt router and Network Management System

Backhaul connectivity on FIBER 

Distributi on on 802.11n Omni Directional Antenna

WiFi Phones

Up to 2 Km radius

RF Port 1


Connectivity furth er upto 45 km

RF Port 2

RF Port 3


With inbuilt Wireless LAN/HOTSPOT and Network Management Sys tem

WiFi Card

BTS - CPE Solution

MESH Network on dual Interface Distribution Interface, 2.4ghz

Backhaul Interface, 5ghz BTS MAX in MESH mode Dual port AP in MESH mode

BTS MAX in MESH mode

Client Looks for the best signal and connects to it

Meash Max has Dual Interface, The smaller interface integrates with other BTS and Green interface creates hotspot in the coverage area with Mesh Topology, providing user mobility. Thus creating a strong wireless backhaul as well as high speed wireless bandwidth distribution.

BTS MAX in MESH mode

Provides self healing & redundant network 

BTS MAX in MESH mode

SWAN Solution State Wide Area Network * Currently b eing deplo yed for HIMSWAN & WBSWAN



 An independent single Wireless Network along the Track to provide communication and security solution in addition to an existing system. 2 Panel Antenna 2 Panel Antenna at every 6 KM at every 6 KM

2 Panel Antenna 2 Panel Antenna at every 6 KM at every 6 KM Omni Antenna Up to 3KM

Up to 3KM

Video Cameras Video Cameras

Signals with Signals with cameras cameras

Signals with Signals with cameras cameras


MakSat Coral Radio


MakSat Coral Radio

Ethernet and POE

Ethernet and POE






3-4 Kms MakAir WindMax with OLSR

MakSat Coral Radio

MakSat Coral Radio 30 LINES






  I  N  K   L  S S   L  E   E   R   W  I




Ethernet & POE

PTZ IP Camera



Ethernet & POE



Port 2 (MASTER)



PTZ IP Camera

Client List

Our technology i s designed for all m ajor c ustomer group s


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