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August 29, 2017 | Author: Vijayabharathi Singaram | Category: Debit Card, Library (Computing), Databases, Areas Of Computer Science, Computer Engineering
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1. Online Railway reservation using M/F Application The objective of this project is to implement the online railway reservation. In this project cics is used as front end ,db2 is used for data storage at the back end, cobol is used as application program to connect cics and db2 and jcl is used for job control. Project consists of following modules.  Login.  New user registration.  Reservation.  Cancellation.  Payment process.  Ticket generation. Login In the login module the user name and password are verified. Authorization and authentication are maintained by this module. Invalid user will not be able to continue the process. New user registration In this module new user registration is done. Reservation If the user is valid, the user will be able to check for available trains. If the there is a availability of train and also ticket the user will be allowed to book the ticket. After entering the passenger details payment details are verified and ticket is issued. Cancellation If the user want to cancel the ticked he has to enter the PNR number. Once the PNR number is valid the ticked will be cancelled. Payment process. In this module the credit card number and pin number are verified for payment. Ticket generation Once the payment module is over the ticket is made available for printing by this module.

2. Online Air ticketing using M/F Application Description: This project is used to book Flight tickets through online. In this we used KSDS file as back end and Cobol program as front end. If we book or cancel a or bulk of tickets this program will update the file. 3. Online Quiz using M/F Application Description: This project is used for online quizzing programs, online tests etc.., In this we used DB2 as back end and CICS as front end. This project is for showing the ability of the student who is taking part in the exam can also know their result by finishing their last question 4. Examination Control Board Application using MF 5. Library management system using MF Application Language Used


Project Description:

The Objective of this project is to make user-friendly application for both customer and librarian. It includes authentication for users, lending books from the library, returning books to the library, calculating and collecting fine for late submission of books, adding new customer and book details, searching a particular book or customer name in library records.

6. Material Accounting using MF Application Module Methodology Environment Software

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Material Accounting Water Fall IBM Mainframe JCL, VSAM and COBOL

DESCRIPTION The objective of this project is to obtain and maintain the transaction of raw materials between Supplier and Customer.

The main modules are Supplier Master, Raw Material Master, Finished Product Master, Customer Master, Bill of Material, Purchase Transactions, and Sales Transactions. All master maintenance modules will have options to add, modify, delete, and view using functional keys. When raw material is purchased at a given rate from a supplier the Raw material master should be updated and a new weighted average rate should be calculated for that material. Bill of material file should be created for each Finished Product. Atlast we have to create the ledger for the materials have been sold for the month.

7. ATM using MF Application Description: This project can be divided into two main modules the first module can be taken with respect to the banker's work and the second module in respect to the customer operation. Banker Operation: In the banker operation the each every employee of the banker has to have login account and if the login is permitted then the banker can do the operation wise. 1) Creation of account. 2) Updating the detail of the customer. 3) Searching. 4) Closing an account. Customer Operation: In the customer operation each and every customer will be having a 6 digit account number and a 4 digit PIN number to access his account. If these account details are satisfied Then the following operation can be done by the customer. 1) Withdrawal of cash from the Atm. 2) Purchases. 3) Checking for balance. 4) Mini Statement.

8. Employee personnel Information system using MF Platform



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Description Employee Information System (EIS) using mainframe application programme which have employee details and it supports inserting, retrieve and deleting employee information. It also provides facilities to generate Pay slip, Report generation. My Role User interface BMS macros Coding and CICS Application programming for Creation of new record deleting and updating record module and debugging.

9. Trainee Maintenance system using MF 10. Online Banking using MF

Security for the accessing the customer details, Creating a new account and automatic generation of account number, manipulate between the customers, debit and credit made by the users according to the type of account Control . Salient Features • Creating a new account with automatic account number generation •

Managing two types of account(salary, savings)

Credit and Debit maintenance for the account holder

Creating high Security for accessing the details

10. Banking management and Loan Application using MF 11. Payroll Processing for Medium scale industry using MF 12. Credit Card System using MF 13. Online shopping using MF 14. Computerized payroll application package for a medium sized public sector organization using MF 15. Life Insurance using MF 16. Citizenship Information Management using MF 17. University Administration using MF 18. Job Costing using MF

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