Magickal Herb Attributes

March 4, 2019 | Author: novasmagic | Category: Wheel Of The Year, Incense, Trees, Oak
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Magickal Herb Attributes The following is a list of herbs and their magickal attributes. I have geared this toward incense, but this information can be used for any magickal purpose. I have listed the common name followed by the Latin genus and species name/s. Next line is the gender, planet/s and element/s. As my sources often disagree, I listed all. You will have to use your intuition to decide which is which. Next are the origins. If you decide you would like to make an ethnic magickal brew, you will probably like to know what herbs were native to a particular area and the time frame. But, there's a glitch. Many of the ancient cultures travelled great distances and traded goods. So an herb indigenous to one area could have been available in another part of the world from very early times. I recently saw on tv where they found traces of tobacco, a Native American herb, in the tombs of ancient Egyptian mummies. This suggests there may have been unknown trade routes between the two hemispheres from very early times. Or, perhaps, tobacco was grown in Atlantis. We don't know. Again, use your intuition. Next is Parts Used....pretty self-explanatory. Quite often one plant part or the oil is interchangeable with another plant part. For the uses of the herbs; I have gleaned information from various sources *see Sources* and, of course, the internet. Here's that phrase again - use your intuition. This information is for magickal use only. Please don't use any of these herbs internally without checking a good medicinal herbal first. I've pointed out which herbs are obviously toxic, but any herb has the potential to be toxic to someone sometime. Use reasonable caution when using any herb for any purpose. ACACIA:Acacia senegal and other species. Masculine, Sun, Air Origin: Trees and shrubs scattered over the warmer regions of Australia, Egypt, the Amazon and South America. Acacia senegal is native to tropical Africa, including the upper Nile area. Part Used: Flowers, essential oil, wood. Uses: Annointing, divination, inspiration, insure agreements, love, meditation, peace, platonic love, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification, wisdom.

Other: Petitions to the Goddess, Sacred fires, Buddhist incense, sacred to Hebrews. Thought to have been used in Christ's crown of thorns. Used to increase power of spells. See Arabic, Gum. Sabbat: Lughnassadh. AGRIMONY: Agrimonia eupatoria. Masculine, Jupiter, Air/Fire. Origin: Found abundantly throughout Europe, Britain and North America. Part Used: Leaves, root. Uses: Banishment, luck, prosperity, protection, to keep secrets, sendback spells. Other: Once mixed with pounded frogs and human blood as a cure for internal hemorrhaging. ALLSPICE: Pimenta officinalis. Masculine, Mars/Venus, Fire/Earth. Origin: An evergreen tree from the West Indies, Central and South America, mainly Jamaica. Called Allspice because it tastes like a combination of clove, juniper, cinnamon and pepper. Part Used: Fruit, essential oil. Uses: Animal healing, compassion, courage, determination, fertility, healing, love, luck, physical energy, power, prosperity, renewal. Other: Said to improve school and job performance due to its ability to aid willpower and concentration. ALMOND: Prunus amygdalus Masculine, Mercury/Venus, Air Origin: Native of warmer areas of Western Asia and North Africa. Later distributed over warm regions of the Old World, espec. the Mediterranean. Part Used: Nut, oil, wood. Uses: Compassion, fertility, love, lust, prosperity. Other: Emblem of hope. In Medieval Christianity, it was a symbol of divine approval. Sabbat: Beltane. AMARANTH: Amaranthus hypochondriacus and other species. Femine, Saturn, Fire. AKA: Cockscomb. Origin: Native to the tropics of both hemispheres. Part Used: Leaves and flowers. Uses: Ancestor contact, invisibility, love, peace. Other: Sacred to the Horned God. Native American herb. ANGELICA: Angelica archangelica, over 30 species. Masculine, Sun, Fire.

Origin: Believed by some to be a native of Syria; others feel it is from Northern Europe. Found in cool, moist areas of Scotland and Iceland, said to have come to England in the mid 1500's. Part Used: Root, seeds, essential oil. Uses: Annointing, exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, inspiration, knowledge, love, meditation, prosperity, protection, renewal, success, visions, wisdom. Other: Used as a fixative. Said to be the most effective plant against evil. Associated with early Norse magick. Sabbat: Imbolc, Beltane. ANISE: Pimpinella anisum. Masculine, Jupiter/Mercury, Air. Origin: Native of Egypt, Greece and Asia Minor. Spread to central Europe in middle ages. Part Used: Seed, essential oil. Uses: Consecration, divination, fertility, love, good luck, happiness, luck (to newlyweds), lust, meditation, mental, to banish nightmares, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification (with Bay), to call spirits, youth. Other: Not related to Star Anise. Used at Roman wedding feasts. Use with Bay for purification. Used in dream pillows. APPLE: Pyrus species. Feminine, Venus, Water. Origin: Native to temperate regions of Northern Hemisphere. Part Used: Fruit, flower, wood. Uses: Binding, divination, happiness, healing, immortality, longevity, love (blossoms), peace wisdom. Other: Used to confer the wisdom of Aphrodite. Unicorns. Cider is a substitute for blood in rites. Said to be the passport to the Otherworlds; a food of the Sidhe Folk and burned as an offering to them. A Druid sacred tree. Symbolizes choices. Sabbat: Samhain, Beltane (blossom). ARABIC, GUM: Acacia vera, A. arabica. Masculine, Sun, Air. Origin: See Acacia. Part Used: Resinous gum. Uses: High vibrations, protection, purification, spirituality. See Acacia. ASAFOETIDA: Ferula foetide. Masculine, Mars, Fire. AKA: Devil's Dung. Origin: Originally from Afghanistan, Persia and southwestern Asia. Part Used: Root, leaves.

Uses: Exorcism, purification, protection. Other: Has fallen out of use due to its particularly horrible odor. Use with care - better yet, substitute a better-smelling herb. ASH: Fraxinus excelsion, F. americana. Masculine, Sun, Fire. Origin: Common in Britain. Tall trees to shrubs, native to north temperate zones - N. America, Europe and Asia. Part Used: Leaves, wood. Uses: Healing, love, prophetic dreams, prosperity, protection. Other: A Druid sacred tree. Druid wands were often made of Ash. Sacred to the peoples of Scandinavia and Germany. Yggdrasill, a representation of the cosmos, was an Ash tree. Indicates linking of inner and outer worlds. Useful for absorbing sickness. Used in spells requiring focus. Sabbat: Yule, Beltane. ASPEN: Populus species. (See Poplar). Masculine, Mercury, Air. Part Used: Leaves, wood. Uses: Anti-theft, eloquence. Other: Helps in past-life regression and recall.

BALM OF GILEAD: Commiphora opobalsamum. Femine, Venus/Jupiter, Water/Fire. Origin: Native to countries around the Red Sea. Part Used: Buds. Uses: Healing, inspiration, knowledge, love, manifestations, protection, strength, virility, wisdom. Other: The true Balm of Gilead is a rare desert shrub; other plants share the name: 1. Cedronella canariensis, C. triphylla. A shrub with leaves that smell like lemon and coriander. 2. Abies balsamea. AKA Balsam Fir, which grows in eastern North America. Its leaves smell like spicy strawberries. 3. Populus balsamifera. A specia of Poplar. Its sticky buds have a heady aroma and are used in healing incenses, for protection and to mend a broken heart. Sabbat: Mabon. BALSAM OF PERU: Myroxylon balsamum. Origin: A tree native to Cental America (but not Peru.) Part Used: Resin, essential oil. Uses: Exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, prosperity, visions.

Other: Used as a fixative in incenses and potpourris. Balsam of Tolu: M. toluiferum is another variety, used as a hexbreaker, for success and meditation. BANANA:Musa sapientum, various species. Feminine, Venus, Water. Origin: A tropical tree, some species have berries. Part Used: Fruit Uses: Fertility, potency (as a cure for impotency), prosperity. BASIL: Ocium basilicum. Masculine, Mars/Jupiter, Fire. Origin: Native to India. Other varieties found in W. Africa, India, Japan, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Anti-theft, business success, confidence, exorcism, fidelity, happiness, hex- breaking, love, luck to new home (if a gift), mental, peace, prosperity, protection, purification. Other: Associated with dragons, salamanders and other fire beings. A Druid sacred herb. Use during meditation and ritual to regenerate yourself. Sacred to Vishnu and Krishna. Used to protect the dead from evil and to offer them entrance into the Summerland. Sacred to Haitian goddess of love, Erzulie. Sabbat: Midsummer, Imbolc. BAY: Laurus nobilis. Masculine, Sun, Fire. AKA: Laurel, Bay Laurel. Origin: Native to Mediterranean. Grows in Britain, but is a small tree; much larger in warmer climates. Part Used: Leaves, wood, essential oil. Uses: Clairvoyance, concentration, consecration, divination, endings, exorcism, healing, hex-breaking (with Sandalwood), inspiration, justice, knowledge, love, luck, lust, meditation, memory, peace, physical strength, power, prophetic dreams, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification (excellent), release, transformation, victory, wisdom, wishes. Other: Symbol of glory and reward, leaves were woven into victory wreaths. The death of a Bay tree was considered a bad omen. Sabbat: Yule, Imbolc. BEEBALM: Monarda didyma. Sun, Fire. AKA: Bergamot (not to be confused with Orange Bergamot), Oswego Tea. Origin: Indigenous to N. America. Part Used: Leaves, flower.

Uses: Love, lust, protection, success. BENZOIN: Styrax benzoin. Masculine, Sun/Venus, Air. Origin: Tree native to E. Indies, China, Sumatra, and Sri Lanka. Part Used: Resin, tincture, essential oil. Uses: Astral projection, banishment, to attract customers (with Cinnamon and Basil), exorcism, inspiration, knowledge, love (with Sandalwood and Rose), memory, peace, power (mental and personal), protection, purification, spell- breaking, visions, wisdom. Other: Used as a base for incense, and as a fixative for oils, incense, and potpourris. Sabbat: Imbolc, Mabon. BERGAMOT, ORANGE: Mentha citrata. Masculine, Mercury, Air. Origin: Citrus tree native to Italy. Part Used: Essential oil from fruit peel. Uses: Prosperity, Protection (physical as well as psychic), success. BETONY, WOOD: Betonica officinalis, Stachys officinalis. Masculine, Jupiter, Fire. Origin: Found throughout Britain, rarely in Scotland. Grows in woods and copses, sometimes on heaths and moors. Part Used: Leaves and flowers. Uses: Banishment, consecration, love, to banish nightmares, healing (wounded animals), protection, purification, release. Other: Has a long history as a protective herb. Balefires. Sabbat: Midsummer. BIRCH: Betula species. Feminine, Venus, Water. Origin: Ancient tree found all over Europe, N. America and northern Asia. Part Used: Leaves, bark, essential oil, wood. Uses: Exorcism, love, new beginnings, protection, purification. Other: Symbol of the return of spring. Sacred to the Druids. Also known as Lady of the Woods. Dedicated to Thor. Is used as a substitute for Pine in incenses. BLACKBERRY: Rubus villosus. Feminine, Venus, Water. AKA: Bramble. Origin: Common everywhere. Part Used: Leaves, possibly dried fruit and wood from the cane. Uses: Animal healing, healing, prosperity, protection. Other: Used in invocations to Brigid.

Sabbat: Lughnassadh, Imbolc. BORAGE: Borago officinalus. Masculine, Jupiter, Air. Origin: Hardy annual plant native to Europe, Asia Minor and Africa, long naturalized in Britain. Part Used: Flower, oil. Uses: Courage, happiness, psychic powers, sanity. Other: Celtic warriors drank borage tea to give them courage. May emit sparks and popping noises when burned. BROOM: Cutisus scoparius. Masculine, Mars, Air. Origin: Shrub indigenous to England, grows wild in temperate Europe, northern Asia and North America on sandy fields and heath. Part Used: Leaves and stem. Uses: Clairvoyant, exorcism, love, protection, purification. Other: A Druid sacred tree. It can be substituted for furze (gorse) at Spring Equinox. Weather magick. CAUTION: POISONOUS! Sabbat: Ostara, Samhain. BURDOCK: Arctium lappa. Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth. Origin: Found throughout Europe, Asia and N. America. Rare in Scotland. Part Used: Root, sometimes leaves, seeds. Uses: Animals, compassion, consecration, exorcism, hex-breaking, love, protection, purification.

CALAMUS: Acorus calamus. Feminine, Moon/Venus, Water/Earth. AKA: Sweet Flag. Origin: Indigenous to India, northern U.S.A. and Europe, but rare in Scotland and Spain. Part Used: Root, essential oil. Uses: To strengthen and bind spells, commanding, healing, love, lust, peace, protection (from poverty). Other Uses: Strewing herb. Used as a fixative. Mentioned often in the Old Testament as an incense herb. CAUTION: Toxic. CALENDULA: Calendula officinalis. Masculine, Sun, Fire. AKA: Marigold.

Origin: Native of southern Europe and Egypt. Part Used: Flower. Uses: Clairvoyance, commanding, divination, happiness, love, luck, prophetic dreams, legal matters, prosperity, protection, psychic, renewal, sleep, success, visions. Other: To make faeries visible. Protects and blesses the departed soul. This flower was highly valued by the ancient Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Hindus. Sabbat: Beltane, Mabon, Lughnassadh. CAMPHOR: Cinnamomum camphora. Feminine, Moon, Water. Origin: Evergreen tree from China, Japan, eastern Asia, Borneo, and Sumatra. Now grown in sub-tropical countries - India, Egypt. Part Used: Crystaline gum, essential oil, sometimes wood. Uses: Chastity, divination, endings, health, psychic, purification, release, to break off an affair. Other: Lunar incenses. CAUTION: In large doses it is a dangerous excitant. Use only the natural; the synthetic is highly toxic. CARDAMOM: Elettario cardamomum. Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth. Origin: Large perennial herb of S. India and tropical Asia. Other species can be found in China. Part Used: Seeds, essential oil. Uses: Fertility, happiness, love, luck, lust. Other: Gives energy to love mixtures. Blends well in most incenses. CARNATION: Dianthus species. Masculine, Sun, Fire. AKA: Gilliflower, Pink, Clove, Cottage or Cheddar Pink. Part Used: Flower, essential oil. Uses: Allurement, annointing, blessing, consecration, energy, fidelity, feminity, gentle love, healing, power, protection (all-purpose), strength. Other: Used to restore energy after healing rites. CASSIA: Cinnamonum cassia. Mercury, Air. Origin: Evergreen tree native to China, Sumatra, Japan, India, Mexico and S. America. Part Used: Bark, essential oil. Uses: Consecration, divination, happiness, knowledge, love, luck, lust, meditation, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic dreams, wisdom. Other: Considered an inferior substitute for cinnamon. CASTOR: Ricinus communis. Origin: Annual herb found in temperate climates. Tree native of India.

Part Used: Beans, oil. Uses: Protection. Other: CAUTION: POISONOUS! The beans are toxic, but the oil is safe. CATNIP: Nepeta cataria. Feminine, Venus, Water/Air. Origin: A wild English plant, rare in Ireland. Found in Europe, temperate Asia, later naturalized in North America. Part Used: Leaves and blossoms. Uses: Animals, binding, cat magick, commanding, dreams, happiness, healing, love (with Rose), luck, peace, playfulness, quick action, sleep. Other: A Druid sacred herb. Chewed by warriors for fierceness in battle. Sacred to Bastet. CAYENNE: Capsicum annum. AKA: Guinea Pepper. Origin: Native to Asia, Africa and S. America. Brought to England in mid 1500's. Part Used: Seeds Uses: To banish unwanted guests, to make things happen. Other: Add sparingly to incenses. CEDAR: Juniperus virginiana (American), Cedrus atlantic (Moroccan), Thuja occidentalis. Masculine, Sun./Jupiter, Fire. AKA: Oil of Unicorn. Origin: Many species of Cedar. Juniperus is not truly a cedar, but has been used much the same way. Cedrus species are found in Algeria, N. America, Mexico, Central America. Thuja species is found in N. Africa, northeastern N. America, Japan and China. Part Used: Wood, essential oil. Uses: Banishment, clairvoyance, confidence, consecration, divination, exorcism, happiness, healing, hex-breaking, justice, longevity, love, luck, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic power, purification, release, spirituality, strength, success. Other: Majesty, grandeur. Native American herb. Was Egyptian mummification ingredient and building material. Sawdust in incense gives a tangy, resinous aroma. Oil used to consecrate wands and to invoke Odin. CAUTION: Oil of Thuja species is toxic. Sabbat: Yule. CHAMOMILE: Anthemis nobilis (Roman), Matricaria recutita (German). Masculine, Sun, Water/Fire. Origins: Spread over Europe, N. Africa and temperate regions of Asia. Naturalized in U.S. from Europe. Part Used: Leaves, flowers, essential oil.

Uses: Banish nightmares, beauty, determination, dreams, gentleness, happiness, healing, justice, love, luck, meditation, modesty, peace, prosperity, protection, purification, sleep. Other: Roman Chamomile was used by ancient Egyptians and Moors and was one of the Saxon's 9 Sacred herbs. Solar incenses. Sabbat: Midsummer, Yule. CHERRY: Prunus serotina, Prunus avium. Feminine, Venus, Water/Air. Origin: Probably native to N. America. Part Used: Wood, Bark. Uses: Creativity, divination, fertility, happiness, idealism, love, prosperity. Other: A Druid sacred tree. Wood was burned at Celtic festivals. Wood of the Chokecherry (P. virgiana) was burned in needfires. Juice can be used as a substitute for blood in rituals. CINNAMON: Cinnamomum zeylanicum. Masculine, Sun/Mercury, Fire/Air. Origin: A tropical evergreen tree native to Ceylon; also grows in India, Jamaica and Brazil. Part Used: Bark, essential oil. Uses: Astral projection, business success, clairvoyance, consecration, concentration (with Sandalwood), creativity, divination, fast luck, happiness, healing, inspiration, invocation, justice, knowledge, love, luck, lust, meditation, aids memory, mental, peace, power, prosperity, protection, psychic, spirituality, success, wisdom. Other: Egyptian embalming and annointing oil. Raises vibrations. Use to increase the power of your spells. Used as a room blessing. Sabbat: Imbolc. CINQUEFOIL: Potentilla reptans, P. anserina. Masculine, Jupiter/Mercury, Fire/Earth. AKA: Five-finger grass. Origin: Common to U.S. and Europe. Part Used: Leaves, flowers. Uses: Annointing, banishing , clairvoyance, divination, exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, inspiration, justice, knowledge, love, luck, offertory, prophetic dreams, prosperity, protection, purification, wisdom. Other: Used in flying potions. Frogs. Sabbat: Ostara, Midsummer, Beltane. CITRONELLA: Cymbopogon schoenantus. C. nardus.. Origin: Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Africa, Argentina, Central America. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: To confer eloquence, exorcism, peace, protection, un-hex. CLARY SAGE: Salvia sclarea.

Mercury, Earth. Origin: Native to Syria, Italy, France and Switzerland. Introduced to Britain in mid 1500's. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Clairvoyance, consecration, creativity, divination, happiness, knowledge, love, meditation, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, to keep secrets, visionary, wisdom. Other: Used as a fixative in incenses and potpourris. CLOVE: Syzygium aromaticum, Caryophyllus aromaticus, Eugenia caryophyllata, take your pick. Masculine, Jupiter/Sun, Fire. Origin: Small evergreen tree from south Philippines, later East and West Indies, and Brazil. Best comes from Molucca. Cultivated for over 2000 years. Part Used: Buds, essential oil. Uses: Astral visions, banishment, clairvoyance, courage, divination, exorcism, to stop gossip, healing, hex-breaking, inspiration, love, lust, memory, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification, spirituality, wisdom. Other: Acts as fixative when combined with Orris. Used to insure magickal intention is realized. CLOVER: Trifolium pratense (Red), T. repens (White), and other species. Masculine, Mercury/Venus, Air/Earth. Origin: It is believed true clover originated in southeast Europe and southwest Asia, with many indigenous to North America. Over 250 species - widespread. Part Used: Leaves, flowers. Uses: Animals, exorcism, fidelity, to stop gossip, love, prosperity, protection, strength, success. Other: Allegedly dissolves Faery spells, and also helps one to see Faeries and various other spirits. It is associated with the Triple Goddess of Greeks and Romans, and with the sacred wheel of the Celts. Sabbat: Beltane. COLTSFOOT: Tussilago farfara. Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth. Origin: Naturalized in U. S. from Europe, Siberia and E. Indies, N. Africa. Part Used: Leaves, flower. Uses: Hooved animals, love, peace, visions. Sabbat: Imbolc.

COPAL: Copalli, Bursera species. Masculine, Jupiter/Sun, Fire. Origin: Native to Mexico. Also grown in India, Madagascar, Mozambique and Zanzibar. Part Used: Resin. Uses: Consecration, contact with other planes, exorcism, hex-breaking, love, meditation, purification, protection, spirituality. Other: Calls upon the Horned God in his Pan or Cernunnos aspect. Used in Native American incenses. Used to purify stones and crystals. CORIANDER: Coriandrum sativum. Masculine, Mars, Fire. Origin: Native to southern Europe and western Asia. Also found in Britain. Part Used: Seeds, essence. Uses: Animal healing, clarivoyance, divination, fertility, healing, love, lust, newlyweds, prosperity, protection, to keep secrets. CUMIN: Cumimum cyminum. Masculine, Mars, Fire. Origin: Indigenous to upper Egypt, but from very early times it was cultivated in Arabia, India, China, Mediterranean regions and Russia. Part Used: Seeds, essential oil. Uses: Anti-theft, fidelity, love, lust, peace of mind, protection (with Frankincense). CYPRESS: Cypressus sempervirens. Feminine, Saturn, Earth. Origin: Best known species is native to Mediterranean area - believed to be the "gopher" wood referred to in the Bible. Over 20 species found in Asia, Africa, N. America and Mediterranean. Very large evergreen trees to small shrubs. Part Used: Leaves, fruit, wood, essential oil. Uses: Banishing, binding, blessings, consecration, death, happiness, healing, inspiration, longevity, peace, protection, wisdom, wishes. Other: Helps to organize thoughts. It is a symbol of mourning the dead. Sabbat: Mabon

DATURA: Datura stramonium, D. species. Feminine, Saturn, Water. AKA: Jimsonweed, Devil's Apple, Ghost Flower. Origin: Over 15 species found throughout the world.

Part Used: Seeds. Uses: Hex-breaking, protection, sleep, visions. Other: Has been used in shamanic and religious rites. Sacred to Aztecs. A Native American herb. Ingredient of Witches' Flying Ointment. CAUTION: Violently poisonous! DEERSTONGUE: Frasera speciose, Liatris odoratissima (Wild Vanilla), Trilisa odoratissima, Carphephorus odoratissimus. Masculine, Mars/Venus, Fire/Earth. Origin: Native to N. America; later cultivated in Britain. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Animals, to stop gossip, love, lust, peace, psychic power. Other: Ingredient in Voodoo incenses. CAUTION: Toxic. DILL: Anethum graveolens. Masculine, Mercury, Fire/Earth. Origin: Native of Mediterranean and southern Russia, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Rarely found growing wild in northern Europe. Other species found in India and Japan. Part Used: Leaves, seeds. Uses: Anti-theft, blessings, confidence, determination, dreams, fertility, hex-breaking, love, lust, peace, prosperity, protection, to keep secrets, sleep. Other: Used during Middle Ages for protection from evil. DITTANY OF CRETE: Dictamnus origanoides, Origanum dictananus. Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Astral projection, clairvoyance, divination, happiness, manifestations, meditation, psychic. Other: A base for spirit manifestation. Use with Vanilla, Benzoin and Sandalwood for Astral Travel. Related to Marjoram and can be interchanged with it or Oregano in incenses. Sabbat: Samhain. DOCK: Rumex species.. Masculine, Jupiter, Air. AKA: Yellow Dock, Curly Dock. Origin: Widespread. Part Used: Root. Uses: To attract customers, fertility, justice, luck, prosperity. DOGWOOD: Cornus florida. Venus, Air. Origin: Over 40 species of trees and shrubs native to N. America. Part Used: Bark, wood. Uses: Banishing, protection, wishes.

Other: Attracts good energies while repelling bad. Native American herb. Sabbat: Ostara, Midsummer. DRAGON'S BLOOD: Dracaena species, Daemonorops draco, Calamus draco. Masculine, Mars, Fire. Origin: Very long-lived tree of Sumatra, East Indies, Mexico, South America and China. Part Used: Resin from fruit, stem. Uses: Animals, binding, changes, consecration, courage, determination, exorcism, fidelity, honesty, love, luck, potency, power, prosperity, protection, purification, strength. Other: To bring back loved ones. Use with Cinnamon for prophetic dreams. Also use to add potency to the mixture.

ECHINACEA: Echinacea angustifolia, E. purpura, E. pallida. AKA:Coneflower. Origin: Native to N. America, cultivated in Britain. Part Used: Root, leaves. Uses: To strengthen magickal workings, offerings. Other: Native American herb. ELDER: Sambucus canadensis, S. nigra. Feminine, Venus, Water/Air. Origin: Native shrub of U.S.A., Canada, Britain and Europe, N. Africa. Part Used: Flowers, wood, leaves, berries. Uses: Banishment, blessing, clairvoyance, compassion, consecration, cursing, divination, exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, love, luck, prosperity, protection, release, sleep, transformation, wisdom. Other: Sacred to Mother Goddess. To help receive messages from the dead. A Druid sacred tree. Represents life in death and death in life. Said to offer protection to the Faeries. Burn the berries to invite the Good Folk to a gathering. CAUTION: Considered toxic by some. Sabbat: Midsummer. EUCALYPTUS: Eucalyptus globulus and other species. Feminine, Moon/Saturn, Water/Earth. Origin: Native to Australia. Now growing in Africa, India and southern Europe. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Annointing, consecration, healing, protection, purification, renewal.

FENNEL: Foeniculum vulgare. Masculine, Mercury, Fire/Air. Origin: Mediterranean region, India, temperate Europe and Britain. Part Used: Seeds, essential oil. Uses: Clairvoyance, confidence, courage, fertility, healing, longevity, protection, purification, strength, virility. Other: Shields one from vice. Sabbat: Midsummer. FERN: Many species. Masculine, Mercury, Air/Earth. Origin: Common throughout U.S.A. and Europe. Part Used: Leaves (fronds). Uses: Banishing, exorcism, healing, invisibility, love, luck, prosperity, protection, release, youth. Other: The Druids classed ferns as sacred trees. All ferns are powerful protective plants. Burned indoors, they provide strong protection; burned outdoors, they produce rain. A herb often used in weather magick. Sabbat: Midsummer, Mabon, Samhain. FIR: Abies balsamea, A. fraseri, A. alba. Origin: Over 40 species in northern U.S.A. and Canada; in mountainous regions of Europe, Asia, and the Himalayas. Part Used: Needles, essential oil. Uses: Happiness, inspiration, peace, prosperity, protection, visionary, wisdom. Other: Used to invoke the power of the God. A Druid sacred tree. FOXGLOVE: Digitalis pupurea. Feminine, Venus, Water. AKA: Faery Gloves, Dead Men's Bells, Faery Fingers. Origin: Grows wild in Britain and Europe. Later introduced into eastern and central N. America. Part Used: Leaves. Uses: Protection, faery magick. Other: A Druid sacred herb associated with the "Little People." CAUTION: Very poisonous! FRANKINCENSE: Boswellia carterii, B. thurifera. Masculine, Sun, Fire.

Origin: Small tree native to Arabia, north and east Africa, India and China. Part Used: Gum, essential oil. Uses: Annointing, to bind spells, blessing, clairvoyance, cleansing, consecration, divination, exorcism, hex-breaking, inspiration, knowledge, love, luck, meditation, power, to protect from nightmares, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification, spirituality, success, transformation, visions, wisdom. Other: To increase power of spells. Can substitute for any other gum in an incense. Drives away evil spirits and impure thoughts. Draws spiritual serenity of the light. Freedom from vile habits. Sabbat: Imbolc, Beltane, Midsummer, Yule, Lughnassadh.

GALANGAL: Alpina officinalis. Masculine, Mars, Fire. AKA: Low John the Conqueror (Alpina galanga). Origin: China. Other species in Malaysia and India. Part Used: Root, essential oil. Uses: Consecration, exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, invincibility, law, love, luck, lust, prosperity, protection, psychic. Other: To increase power of spells. GARDENIA: Gardenia species. Feminine, Moon, Water. Origin: Far East, India, China. Part Used: Flower, essential oil. Uses: Healing, love, peace, protection, spirituality, un-hex. Other: To keep lover from leaving. Possesses very high vibrations. GERANIUM: Pelargonium genus. Feminine, Venus/Mars, Water/Fire. Origin: Over 700 varieties native to S. Africa. Part Used: Leaves, flower, essential oil. Uses: White - fertility, health. Pink - love. Red - protection. Rose annointing, to stop gossip, happiness, hex-breaking, protection, purification. All colors - Animals, confidence, consecration, courage, exorcism, lust. Other: Reduces yin/yang extremes (balancing). GINGER: Zingiber officinale. Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Origin: Native of Asia. Brought to America by the Spaniards. A species of wild Ginger (Asarum canadense) is native to N. America. Introduced into W. Africa, India, Jamaica and Australia about the 16th century. Brought to Europe long before the days of the Roman Empire. Part Used: Root, essential oil. Uses: Courage, love, lust, power, prosperity, psychic, to halt storms, success. Other: Offer whole root to the elemental spirits. GOLDENROD: Solidago odora, many variations. Feminine, Venus, Air. Origin: Native to Europe, Britain, Central Asia and N. America. Part Used: Flower, leaf. Uses: Divination, luck, prosperity. GRAINS OF PARADISE: Aframomum melgueta. Masculine, Mars, Fire. AKA: Guinea Grains, African Pepper. Origin: W. Africa. Part Used: Seeds. Uses: Love, luck, lust, prosperity, protection, wishes, success. GROUND IVY: Nepeta glechoma. Feminine, Saturn, Water/Earth. AKA: Gill-over-the-Ground. Uses: Animals, anti-theft, clairvoyance, divination, fidelity, honesty, renewal, protection, weddings.

HAWTHORN: Crataegus species. Masculine, Mars, Fire. Origin: N. America, northern Europe and Britain. Some sources say it is not a native of N. America, but was introduced by the Europeans. Part Used: Berries, wood, leaves, flowers. Uses: Chastity, divination, fertility (used at weddings), happiness, protection. Other: Used for Maypoles. A Druid sacred tree, also sacred to faeries. Wands of this wood are of great power. Part of the sacred triad of Oak, Ash and Thorn. Sabbat: Beltane. HEATHER: Calluna vulgaris. Feminine, Venus, Water. Origin: Scotland.

Part Used: Leaves and blossums. Uses: Beauty, friendship, immortality, longevity, luck, protection. Other: Protection from violent crimes. Used for rain-making (with Fern). To conjur ghosts. Worn by Wiccans to "light their way." HEMLOCK: Tsuga canadensis, many species. Saturn, Earth. Origin: Evergreen tree of U.S.A. and Canada. Part Used: Needles, wood, essential oil. Uses: Fertility, protection, renewal, strength. Other: Native American herb. This is the tree and is not toxic. HEMLOCK, WATER: Conium maculatum. Feminine, Saturn, Water. AKA: Poison Hemlock. Origin: Britain and Europe, temperate areas of Asia and N. Africa. Later introduced into North and South Americas. Uses: Astral projection, banishing. Other: Used to empower magickal tools. To paralize a situation. Sacred to Hecate. CAUTION: Highly poisonous! This is the stuff that killed Socrates! HENBANE: Hyosycamus niger. Feminine, Saturn, Water. AKA: Black Nightshade. Origin: Central and southern Europe, western Asia, India and Siberia. Naturalized into N. America. Not truly indigenous to Britain, but often found there now. Part used: Leaves. Uses: Love, although of a binding nature (a definite no-no), banishing, to attract rain. Other: Ingredient of Witches' Flying Ointment. CAUTION: Very poisonous! Use Fern as a substitute. HIGH JOHN the CONQUEROR: Ipomoea jalapa. Masculine, Mars/Saturn, Fire/Earth. Origin: S. America, Mexico, southern Europe. Part Used: Root. Uses: Annointing, consecration, happiness, hex-breaking, law, love, luck, prosperity, protection, success. Other: Morning Glory root may be substituted - it is of the same family. CAUTION: Toxic, as is Morning Glory. HOREHOUND: Marrubium vulgare. Masculine, Mercury/Saturn, Air/Earth. Origin: Indigenous to Britain, naturalized in N. America. Part used: Leaves.

Uses: Animals, anti-theft, exorcism, fidelity, healing, honesty, mental power, protection, to keep secrets. Other: Dedicated by ancient Egyptians to Horus. One of the bitter herbs taken by Jews at Passover. HYSSOP: Hyssopus officinalis. Masculine, Jupiter, Fire. Origin: Evergreen herb native to southern Europe and Mediterranean region; naturalized in U.S.A. Part Used: Leaves, flower, essential oil. Uses: Consecration, healing, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification. Other: Most widely-used purifier. Dragons and dragon work. Biblical herb.

IVY: Hedera helix. Feminine, Saturn, Water. AKA: Gort. Origin: Found all over Europe and northern and central Asia. Part Used: Leaves. Uses: Healing, newlyweds, protection (home). Other: A Druid sacred herb. Faery work. Sabbat: Yule, Beltane.

JASMINE: Jasminum officinales, J. species. Feminine, Moon, Water. Origin: Over 150 species growing in warmer regions of China, India and western Asia. Later introduced to Britain and U.S.A. Part Used: Flowers, essential oil. Uses: Annointing, astral projection, balance, prophetic dreams, fertility, happiness, justice, love (spiritual), luck, lust, meditation, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, sleep, success, weddings. Other: Used to charge quartz crystals. Burn to lift spirits. Associated with the night. Hindu name translates as "moonlight of the grove." Associated with the Virgin Mary. Sabbat: Ostara. JUNIPER: Juniperus communis. Masculine, Sun/Jupiter, Fire.

Origin: Over 40 species of evergreen tree and shrub. Found throughout the northern hemisphere. Part Used: Berries, wood, essential oil. Uses: Animals, anti-theft, exorcism, fertility, health, hex-breaking, love, lust, potency, protection, psychic powers, purification, to keep secrets, strength. Other: Women would burn the branches during childbirth so faeries would not spirit away the newborn and leave a changeling in its place. A Druid sacred tree. Sabbat: Yule.

LADY'S MANTLE: Alchemilla vulgaris. Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth. Origin: A plant of the North; found in Great Britain, mainly Scotland, also in the Andes. Part Used: Leaves. Uses: Animals, beauty, compassion, modesty, weddings. LAVENDER: Lavendula officinalis and other species. Masculine, Mercury, Air. Origin: Indigenous to mountainous regions of Mediterranean countries; later introduced into France, Italy and by the Romans to Britain and as far north as Norway. Early colonists brought it to America. Best quality is from England. Spike Lavender is said to have originated in the Mediterranean area and N. Africa. Part Used: Flowers, essential oil. Uses: Annointing, balancing, chastity (with Rosemary), clairvoyance, consecration, divination, exorcism, grieving, happiness, healing, inspiration, longevity, love, luck, lust, meditation, conscious mind, offeratory, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification, to keep secrets, sleep, to see spirits. Other: Invokes the wisdom of Hecate. Use to increase the duration of spells. Sabbat: Midsummer, Ostara. LEMON: Citrus limon. Feminine, Moon, Water. Origin: Indigenous to Asia, India and later to Mediterranean countries. Over 45 species. Part Used: Peel, essential oil, leaves. Uses: Beauty, fidelity, healing, longevity, love, lust (leaves), strength.

Other: To increase power of spells, Full Moon. Sabbat: Midsummer. LEMON BALM: Melissa officinalis. Feminine, Moon/Jupiter, Water/Fire. Origin: Mediterranean area, later Europe, Asia, N. America and N. Africa. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Animal healing, compassion, endings, fertility, happiness, healing, longevity, love, mental, prosperity, psychic, release, success, youth. Other: Used to see faeries. Named for Greek nymph, Melissa, who is the bee goddess - bees love this plant. LEMONGRASS: Cymbopogon citratus, C. species. Masculine, Mercury/Sun, Air/Fire. Origin: Asia, western India and Africa. Several species in Sri Lanka. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Clairvoyance, divination, fidelity, honesty, lust, psychic, purification, strength. Other: Used by ancient Egyptians to enhance psychic abilities. Biblical oil used in consecration. LEMON VERBENA: Lippia citriodora, Aloysia triphylla. Masculine, Mercury/Venus, Air. Origin: Chili and Peru. Later cultivated in Mediterranean, Kenya and China. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Creativity, dreams, exorcism, happiness, hex-breaking, love, to prevent nightmares, peace, power, protection, psychism, purification, sleep, success. Other: Druidic women wore garlands of this herb. Increases strength of mixtures. Sabbat: Midsummer. LILAC: Syringa vulgaris. Feminine, Venus/Jupiter, Water/Fire. Origin: Native to Persia and mountainous regions of eastern Europe. Introduced to Britain during reign of Henry VIII. Part Used: Flower, wood, essential oil. Uses: Clairvoyance, creativity, divination, happiness, love, memory, modesty, peace, prosperity, psychic, reincarnation. Other: To help recall past lives. Protection from vampires. To draw Sprites to your garden. Sabbat: Beltane. LIQUIDAMBER: Liquidambar species. Masculine, Sun/Mercury, Fire/Earth.

AKA: Styrax, Storax, Sweet Gum. Origin: Large tree native to Asia Minor. An American species ranges from the eastern U.S. to Mexico and Central America. Related to Witch Hazel. Part Used: Gum, seedpods, bark, essential oil. Uses: Anti-hex, consecration, exorcism, protection, strength. Other: Use to increase power of spells. Used as a fixative. Used by Roman Catholic Church as an altar incense.

MACE: Myristica fragrans. Masculine, Mercury, Air. Origin: Jave, New Guinea, West Indies. Part Used: Outer covering of the Nutmeg. essential oil. Uses: Divination, fertility, love, luck, mental, prosperity, protection, psychic. Other: Used in mojo bags for love and money. Sabbat: Imbolc. MANDRAKE: Mandragora officinale. Masculine, Mercury, Fire/Earth. Origin: Native of southern Europe, Himalayas and Palestine. Part Used: Root, leaves. Uses: Animals, exorcism, fertility, healing, image magick, love, lust, prosperity, protection, virility. Other: Associated with Hecate. Mandrake roots were found in Tutankhamun's tomb. American Mandrake is the Mayapple, an entirely different plant, although magickal properties are the same. May be used as a substitute. CAUTION: Both plants are poisonous! Sabbat: Samhain. MAPLE: Acer species. Masculine, Jupiter, Air. Origin: Over 100 species native mainly to N. America, northern India and Japan. Only one species is indigenous to United Kingdom. Part Used: Leaves, wood. Uses: Love, longevity, prosperity. MARJORAM: Origanum majorana, O. vulgare. Feminine, Saturn, Fire. Origin: Native to Portugal. Wild Marjoram (O. vulgare) is widely grown in Asia, Europe and N. Africa, probably originally from Greece or Sicily. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.

Uses: Animals, grieving, healing, love, newlyweds, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification. Other: Thought to help the dead sleep in peace. A gentle herb, used by Greeks at weddings and funerals. MASTIC, GUM: Pistacia lentiscus, P. atlantica. Masculine, Sun/Mercury, Air. Origin: Shrub found over Mediterranean region, Spain, Greece, France, and tropical Africa. Grown in England since mid 1600's. Part Used: Resin. Uses: Divination, lust, manifestations, mental, psychic. Other: For divination, use with Cinnamon, Juniper, Patchouli and Sandalwood. Adds potency and power to the mixture. MAYAPPLE: Podophyllum peltaltum. Masculine, Mercury, Fire. AKA: American Mandrake. Uses: See Mandrake. CAUTION: Poisonous! MELILOT: Melilotus officinalis, M. species. Venus, Earth. AKA: Sweet Clover, King's Clover. Origin: Native to Europe and Asia. Other species to N. America and Africa. Part Used: Leaves. Uses: Animals, commanding, endings, happiness, luck, protection, release, strength. MINT: Mentha species. Many species. Masculine, Mercury, Air. Origin: Thought to be a native of Mediterranean region and brought to Britain by the Romans. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Exorcism, healing, lust, prosperity, protection, travel. Other: A Druic sacred herb. See also Peppermint and Spearmint. Sabbat: Samhain. MISTLETOE: Viscum album (European), Phoradendron flavescens (American). Masculine, Sun, Fire. Origin: An ervergreen parasitic plant growing on branches of trees (mainly Ash, Poplar and Apple, occasionally on Oak). Found throughout Europe and S. Africa. Part Used: Leaves, berries. Uses: Animals, consecration, exorcism, fertility, healing, hunting, immortality, invisibility, love, luck, protection, renewal, success, virility.

Other: Used by Druids to see beyond the cycle of rebirth. It is the most sacred "tree" of the Druids. Use in floor wash to attract patrons to a business. An herb of the Underworld in Greek and Roman mythology. Used in Faery magick when picked on Midsummer. CAUTION: Poisonous. Sabbat: Yule, Midsummer, Lughnassadh. MUGWORT: Artemisia vulgaris, A. ludoviciana (American). Feminine, Venus, Earth/Air. AKA: Western Mugwort or White Sage (Artemesia spp.) is American. Origin: Probably native to Europe. Found in temperate zones. American version is found in western United States and Mexico. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil, flowers. Uses: Anti-theft, astral projection, banishing, clairvoyance, consecration, divination, longevity, prophetic dreams, fertility, hex-breaking, lust, protection (physical), psychic, release, sanity, scrying, sleep, strength, safe travel, visions. Other: A Druid sacred herb. Once known as "Mother of Herbs" because it could drive off imps and devils. Often used in dream pillows. Used to exorcise spirits of disease. A branch kept under the doorstep will keep away annoying visitors. A Chinese protective herb. Sabbat: Midsummer, Mabon. MULLEIN: Verbascum thapus. Feminine, Saturn, Fire. Origin: Widespread - Europe and temperate Asia, N. America (especially the eastern states), and U.K. (except northern Scotland). Also common in N. Africa. Part Used: Flowers, leaves. Uses: Determination, courage, exorcism, fertility, healing, longevity, love, protection, purification, sleep, travel. Other: A Native American herb. Used as a substitute for graveyard dust. Often an important ingredient in many potions. Sabbat: Samhain. MUSK: No latin name. Venus, Earth. Origin: Oil extracted from the glandular sack of Himalayan musk deer. Uses: Apply to 3rd eye during meditation to open chakras to divine wisdom. Love incenses, prosperity, courage, fertility. Other: Since animals must die to provide this oil, please use a substitute: Musk Ambrette seed (Hibiscus abelmoschus) from the musk mallow. Or a Calif. musk plant (Mimulus moschatus). Either of these can be used instead. Magickal properties are the same. MYRRH: Commiphora myrrha.

Feminine, Moon/Sun, Water/Fire. Origin: Bush native to Arabia, Somaliland. Part Used: Resin, essential oil. Uses: Animal healing, annointing, banishing, blessing, compassion, consecration, endings, exorcism, happiness, healing, hex-breaking, luck, meditation, peace, prosperity, protection, purification, release, success. Other: Lifts vibrations. Use to drive and bind spells. Used as a fixative in perfumery and potpourri. The bush is a Christian symbol of continence. An Egyptian embalming ingredient. Burned in liturgical rites throughout the ancient world. Hebrew women used it for purification. Sabbat: Imbolc, Mabon.

NETTLE: Urtica dioica. Masculine, Mars, Fire. AKA: Stinging Nettle. Origin: Throughout temperate regions of Europe, Asia, Japan, S. Africa, Australia, Andes, N. America and Canada. Part Used: Leaves. Uses: Courage (with Yarrow), exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, lust, send-back, protection. NIGHTSHADE, BLACK: Solanum nigrum. AKA: Garden Nightshade, Henbane. Uses: See Henbane. NIGHTSHADE, DEADLY: Atropa belladonna. Feminine, Saturn, Water. AKA: Belladonna, Dwale. Origin: Native to central and southern Europe, southern and western Asia. Later cultivated in England, France and N. America. Rare in Scotland. Part Used: Berries. Uses: Astral projection, banishing, visions. Other: Sacred to Hecate. CAUTION: All parts are Highly Poisonous! Sabbat: Samhain. NIGHTSHADE, WOODY: Solanum dulcamara. Masculine, Mercury, Air. AKA: Bittersweet. Origin: Native to Europe, Britain and N. America. Part Used: Berries. Uses: Healing, protection, to forget lost love.

Other: CAUTION: Poisonous! Sabbat: Samhain. NUTMEG: Myristica fragrans. Masculine, Jupiter, Fire. Origin: Malaya, Molucca Islands. Part Used: Seed, essential oil. Uses: Clairvoyance, divination, dreams, fidelity, fertility, healing, invisibility, justice, love, luck, lust, meditation, prosperity, protection, psychic, sleep. Other: Used to activate love spells. Sabbat: Samhain.

OAK: Quercus alba, many species. Masculine, Sun/Jupiter, Fire. Origin: Found throughout northern hemisphere. Part Used: Leaves, acorns, wood. Uses: Commanding, confidence, courage, fertility, healing, longevity, luck, power, prosperity, protection, purification, to keep secrets, strength, success, virility. Other: A Druid holy tree, the Oak was the king of trees in a grove. Connected with the Dagda, Herne, Zeus, Hecate, Pan, Blodeuwedd, Cerridwyn, Cernnunnos. A Native American tree. Associated with the Thunder gods of many cultures due to the fact it attracts lightning more than other trees. Midsummer fire is Oak, and the needfire usually kindled in a Oak log. Believed to provide safety to the Faery Folk. Sabbat: Yule, Mabon, Samhain, Lughnassadh, Midsummer. OAKMOSS: Evernia prunastri. Jupiter/Moon, Earth/Water. Origin: A lichen that grows mostly on Oak trees in Europe and N. America. Part Used: Whole plant, essential oil. Uses: Clairvoyance, divination exorcism, hex-breaking, inspiration, prosperity, widsom. Other: Used as a fixative. To invoke the elementals. OLIVE: Olea europaea. Masculine, Sun, Fire. AKA: Sweet oil. Origin: Native to Asia Minor and Syria. Cultivated in Mediterranean region, Chili, Peru and southern Australia. Very long lived tree.

Part Used: Oil. Uses: Annointing, fertility, healing, luck, lust, peace, potency, protection. Other: Excellent base to distill other essences. Sacred to Minerva, goddess of wisdom. ORANGE: Citrus sinesis, Citrus species. Masculine, Sun, Fire. Origin: India and China. Part Used: Peel, flowers, essential oil. Uses: Balancing, beauty, divination, fertility, happiness, healing, love, luck, peace, prosperity, purification, weddings. Other: Use flowers in love incenses. Signifies a long, happy marriage. Chinese symbol of luck and prosperity. ORRIS: Iris florentina. Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth. AKA: Yellow Flag Iris. Origin: Eastern Mediterranean area, northern India and N. Africa. Part Used: Root. Uses: Creativity, divination, exorcism, to stop gossip, hex-breaking, love, protection. Other: Used as a fixative. Sacred to Hera. Sabbat: Mabon.

PANSY: Viola tricolor, V. species. Feminine, Saturn, Water. Uses: Love, rain magick. PARSLEY: Petroselinum crispum. Masculine, Venus/Saturn, Air/Earth. Origin: Native of eastern Mediterranean regions (especially Greece), Turkey, Algeria and Lebanon. Brought to Britain during the 1600's. Over 40 species. Part Used: Leaves, root, essential oil. Uses: Clairvoyance, death, divination, fertility, happiness, lust, meditation, protection, psychic, purification, reincarnation. Other: In middles ages it was thought that to transplant Parsley would bring disaster to the house. Symbol of death in ancient Greece and Rome. PASSIONFLOWER: Passiflora incarnata, P. species. Feminine, Venus, Water. Origin: Native to American tropics.

Part Used: Flower. Uses: Blessings, friends, passion, peace, sleep. Sabbat: Mabon. PATCHOULI: Pogostemon cablin, P. patchouli. Feminine, Saturn/Venus, Earth. Origin: Native to E. and W. Indies, Paraguay, tropical Asia. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Banishing, clairvoyance, commanding, creativity, divination, exorcism, fertility, happiness, hex-breaking, love, lust, memory, physical energy, peace (in home), prosperity, protection, release. Other: A fixative. A substitute for graveyard dust. To break off love affairs. Power of the Gnomes. The Horned God. PENNYROYAL: Mentha pulegium. Masculine, Mars/Venus, Fire/Air. Origin: Native of Europe and Asia. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: To aid business deals, endings, love, peace, protection, purification, release, strength. Other: CAUTION: Essential oil is highly toxic. American Pennyroyal (Hedeoma pulegiodes AKA Squaw Mint) is used the same way as the European PEONY: Paeonia genus. Masculine, Sun, Fire. Origin: Probably European, later cultivated in Britain. Part Used: Flowers, root. Uses: Exorcism, luck, meditation, protection, psychic, sanity. Other: Seeds once used to protect children from Faery magick. Sabbat: Ostara. PEPPER, BLACK: Piper genus. Masculine, Mars/Sun, Fire. Origin: Native to southern India, China; later cultivated in the E. and W. Indies, Malay and Siam. Part Used: Fruit, essential oil. Uses: Binding, courage, cursing, exorcism, hex-breaking, lust, protection. Other: Adds piquancy to a relationship. May use Turmeric as a substitute. PEPPERMINT: Mentha piperita. Masculine, Mercury/Venus, Fire/Air. Origin: Native to Japan, China and Egypt. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.

Uses: Animals, balancing, consecration, prophetic dreams, ecology, endings, excitement, changes, happiness, healing, hexing, justice, love, luck, lust, mental, partnership, prosperity, protection, psychic, purification, release, renewal, sleep, visions. Other: Used to raise vibrations. Laws of Karma. PINE: Pinus genus. Masculine, Mars/Saturn, Air/Earth. Origin: Many species widespread. Part Used: Needles, cones, wood, essential oil. Uses: Animals, annointing, binding, clairvoyance, cleansing, compassion, consecration, divination, exorcism, fertility, grounding, healing, hex-breaking, peace, prosperity, protection, purification, strength. Other: Burned in winter to purify. Sacred to the Druids; one of the 7 chieftan trees of the Irish. Amerindian tree. Used to cleanse the aura. Sabbat: Yule, Mabon, Midsummer. POKEWEED: Phytolacca americana. Masculine, Mars, Fire. AKA: Poke Root, Inkberry. Part Used: Root, berries. Uses: Courage, hex-breaking. Other: Use at New Moon to break curses. CAUTION: Poisonous! POPLAR: Populus tremuloids. Feminine, Saturn, Water. AKA: Aspen. Origin: Over 35 species of trees in N. America and Canada. Does not grow well in Britain. Part Used: Leaves, wood, resinous buds. Uses: Astral projection, prosperity. Other: Two species do not have resinous buds - they are the Bigtooth Aspen and the Quaking Aspen. Another species (P. balsamifera) is commonly called Balm of Gilead. Sometimes added to flying ointments. POPPY: Papaver rhoeas. Feminine, Moon, Water. Origin: Asia Minor, China, southeastern Europe. Part Used: Seeds, seed pods, flowers. Uses: Clairvoyance, commanding, compassion, divination, dreams, fertility, invisibility, love, luck, peace, prosperity, psychic, sleep. Other: Used to invoke faeries into dreams, to break love spells. Red Poppy is a symbol of fallen warriors. Sacred to Demeter and Artemis. Alleged to draw large amounts of money fast. CAUTION: Opium Poppy

(P. somniferum) is not only illegal, it is toxic. Also, do not ingest Poppy seeds of any kind before undergoing a drug test - you will test positive.

QUASSIA: Picrasma excelsa AKA: Bitterwood. Origin: Tree native to Panama, Venezuela, Brazil. Part Used: Wood. Uses: Compassion, harmony (in love), protection, release. Other: Used as an incense base.

RASPBERRY: Rubus idaeus. Feminine, Venus, Water. Origin: Native to N. America and Europe. Part Used: Leaves. Uses: Love, protection. ROSE: Rosa genus. Feminine, Venus, Water/Air. Part Used: Petals, essential oil. Origin: Believed to be native to Persia and the Orient. Found in temperate regions throughout both hemispheres. Introduced to S. Africa and S. America. Uses: Annointing, balance, banishing, beauty, blessings (house), clairvoyance, compassion, consecration, creativity, divination, happiness, healing, longevity, love, luck, lust, memory, peace, prophetic dreams, protection, release, to keep secrets, transformation, weddings. Other: In Greece, Rose oil with the supreme offering to Aphrodite. Used as an all-purpose annointing oil. To invoke Isis. To increase personal magnetism. Associated with Rose Quartz. The petals smell like burnt leaves in incense, so use sparingly. Sabbat: Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnassadh, Mabon. ROSEMARY: Rosmarinus officinalis. Masculine, Sun, Fire. Origin: An evergreen shrub indigenous to the Mediterranean region. Part Used: Leaves (needles), essential oil. Uses: Animal healing, annointing, anti-theft, blessings, confidence, consecration, courage, death, determination, exorcism, fidelity,

inspiration happiness, healing (with Juniper), longevity, love, luck, lust, meditation, memory, mental powers, newlyweds, to banish nightmares, peace, protection, psychic, purifying, release, remembrance, sleep, strength, youth, wisdom. Other: Truly an all-purpose magickal herb of great power. Has very powerful purifying vibrations. Used in rituals for the dead and as a symbol of remembrance at funerals. Used to attract good spirits and repel evil ones. Is an ingredient of many Celtic recipes. Use to attract the Faery Folk. Sabbat: Yule, Imbolc. ROSEWOOD: Aniba roseadora. Origin: Native to the Amazon area. Part Used: Wood, essential oil. Uses: Powdered wood is an excellent incense base. This is one of the trees that is being felled in the clearing of the rainforest. ROWAN: Sorus aucaparia, S. americana. Masculine, Sun, Fire. AKA: Mountain Ash. Origin: Northern Europe, Mt. Ash is native to N. America. Part Used: Wood, leaves. Uses: Binding, divination, healing, inspiration, luck, protection, protection from storms, wisdom. Other: A Druid sacred tree and sacred to goddess Brigit. Magickal tree used for wands and amulets. A very magickal tree used in almost all forms of magick. Sabbat: Beltane. RUE: Ruta graveolens. Masculine, Mars/Saturn, Fire/Earth. Origin: Native of southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Introduced to Britain by the Romans. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Banishing, blessing, consecration, exorcism, healing, inspiration, longevity, love, luck, mental, protection, psychic, purification, renewal, wisdom. Other: Ancient Celts considered Rue an antimagical herb - a defense against spells and dark magick.

SAGE: Salvia officinalis. Masculine, Jupiter/Mercury, Air/Earth.

Origin: Mostly a native of the Mediterranean region (common garden Sage). Over 500 species, some common to N. America and Mexico. White Sage (Salvia apiana) is a native to hot dry areas of North and Central America. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Clairvoyance, consecraction, divination, healing, immortality, inspiration, longevity, love, lust, peace, prosperity, protection, psychic, to keep secrets, spirituality, weddings, wisdom. Other: A Roman sacred herb. The Amerindian herb is not the same, but is an Artemesia. Sabbat: Mabon, Samhain, Ostara, Yule. ST. JOHN'S WORT: Hypericum perforatum. Masculine, Sun, Fire. Origin: Throughout Europe and Asia, Britain and N. America. Part Used: Leaves, flower, essential oil. Uses: Animals, banishing, confidence, courage, exorcism, fertility, happiness, healing, hex-breaking, love, luck, protection, psychic, purification, release, strength. Other: Used to increase power of spells. A Druid sacred herb; the Celts passed it through the smoke of the Summer Solstice fire, then wore it in battle for invincibility. Used in Needfires (along with Ivy, Mugwort, Milfoil, Vervain, Elder, Fennel, Melilot, Chamomile, Plantain, Hawthorn, Lavender and Fern). Sabbat: Beltane, Midsummer. SANDALWOOD: Santalum album. Feminine, Moon/Mercury, Water/Air. Origin: Small tree native to India. Part Used: Bark, essential oil. Uses: Animal healing, annointing, bind spells, clairvoyance, concentration, consecration, divination, exorcism, healing, luck, lust, manifestation, meditation, protection, psychic, purification, reincarnation, spirituality, wishes. Other: One of the oldest known aromatic herbs, at least 4000 yr. of use. Mysore Sandalwood is considered the best. Use to annoint divination tools to bring fast, accurate answers. Dab oil on 3rd eye for past life recall. A fixative. Sabbat: Lughnassadh, Yule. SANDALWOOD, RED: Pterocarpus santalinus. Venus, Earth. AKA: Santel. Origin: Sandwich Island and western Australia. Part Used: Wood.

Uses: Fidelity, honesty, love, protection. Other: This is not truly Sandalwood, but often used as such. SASSAFRAS: Sassafras albidum. Masculine, Jupiter/Saturn, Fire/Earth. Origin: Three species native to eastern U.S.A. and from Canada to Mexico, also eastern Asia and Brazil. Part Used: Root bark, essential oil. Uses: Compassion, healing, love, prosperity. Other: Use to increase medicine power. An Amerind tree. Adds sweet odor to incense. SPEARMINT: Mentha spicata. Feminine, Venus, Water/Air. Origin: Thought to be a native of the Mediterranean region. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Animal healing, consecration, dreams, happiness, healing, love, luck, lust, mental, prosperity, protection, psychic, release, sleep. Other: A Voodoun protection oil for body and home. Use with Sandalwood for a house blessing. A favorite Medieval strewing herb. SQUILL: Urginea scilla. Masculine, Mars, Fire. AKA: Sea Onion. Origin: Mediterranean countries, Canary Islands, Cape of Good Hope. Part Used: Root. Uses: Hex-breaking, prosperity, protection. Other: CAUTION: Poison! STAR ANISE: Illicum verum. Masculine, Jupiter/Mercury, Air. Origin: Evergreen tree from China, Japan and India. Part Used: Star-shaped fruit. Uses: Clairvoyance, consecration, divination, fertility, love, luck, banishing nightmares, prosperity, protection, psychic. Other: Use to empower magickal objects. More fragrant then regular anise, though not related. STORAX: Stryax officinalis, Liquidamber orientalis. See Liquidamber. STRAWBERRY: Fragraria genus. Feminine, Venus, Water/Earth. Origin: Found all over the northern hemisphere, except in tropical areas. Part Used: Leaves, oil. Uses: Beauty, clairvoyance, divination, fertility, love, luck.

Other: Faeries like offering of the oil. To get a strawberry scent, use the essence - the leaves smell like leaves. The leaves are a symbol of foresight. Sabbat: Ostara. SWEETGRASS: Hierochloe odorata. Part Used: Leaves. Origin: North America. Uses: Amerindian herb for calling the spirits.

TANSY: Tanacetum vulgare. Feminine, Venus, Water. Origin: Europe, later in North America. Related to Feverfew, Marigold and Daisy. Part Used: Flower, leaves, essential oil. Uses: Healing, immortality, invisibility, longevity. Other: One of the bitter herbs of the Bible. CAUTION: Considered toxic by some. Sabbat: Imbolc, Ostara. TARRAGON:Artemisia dracunculus Mars, Fire. AKA: Little Dragon. Origin: Southern Europe, S. America and Asia. Seldom found in U.K. Part Used: Leaves. Uses: Animals, anti-theft, confidence, courage, love, protection, to keep secrets, strength. Other: Dragons. THISTLE: Carduus species. Masculine, Mars, Fire. Origin: Many species native to Europe, Asia and Mexico. Part Used: Flower. Uses: Exorcism, healing, hex-breaking, protection, strength. Other: Holy Thistle (Carduus benedictus) is a Druid sacred herb. Sabbat: Yule (Blessed Thistle), Mabon. THYME: Thymus vulgaris. Feminine, Venus, Water/Air. Origin: Mediterranean countries and Spain. Another species is native to Britain. Also found in the Middle East. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil.

Uses: Clairvoyance, confidence, concentration, consecration, courage, death, divination, healing, love, meditation, memory, to banish nightmares, protection, psychic, purification, sleep. Other: A Druid sacred herb. Used in rituals for the dead and to ease grief at funerals. An ingredient of holy water. Represented chivalry during the middle ages. A Faery herb, used to see Faeries. TOBACCO: Nicotiana genus. Masculine, Mars, Fire. Origin: Native to N. America, later cultivated in most sub-tropical countries. Part Used: Leaves. Uses: Healing, offerings, purification. Other: Amerindian herb. To call upon gods and make them appear. Used in shaman, Voodoun and Macumba incenses. Conducive to trancework. It is best to use pure, organically-grown tobacco if possible. What you find in cigarettes has been adulterated with many chemicals. TONKA: Coumarouma odorata. Feminine, Venus, Water. Origin: Large tree native to S. America. Later cultivated in W. Africa. Part Used: Beans, oil. Uses: Courage, healing, love, luck, prosperity, wishes. Other: Fast luck. Used as a fixative. CAUTION: Poison! TURMERIC: Cucurma longa. Mars, Fire. Origin: S. Asia. Part Used: Root. Uses: Confidence, courage, exorcism, hex-breaking, lust, purification, strength. Other: Hawaiian incense. May be used in place of black or cayenne pepper in incenses.

VALERIAN: Valeriana officinalis. Feminine, Venus/Mercury, Water/Earth. Origin: Over 150 species. Native to Europe, northern Asia, Africa, U.S.A., India and Japan. Part Used: Root. Uses: Animals, consecration, exorcism, happiness, hex-breaking, love, lust, peace, protection, purification, sleep. Other: A substitute for graveyard dust. May have been used by Pied Piper of Hamlin to intoxicate the rats so he could lure them away.

VANILLA: Vanilla planifolia. Feminine, Venus, Water. Origin: Central America and Mexico. Other species native to Tahiti. Part Used: Bean, essential oil, sometimes the extract. Uses: Inspiration, intuition, love, lust, mental, peace. Other: Voodoun love oil. Substitutes - Vanilla leaf (achyls triphylla) is a coastal plant, and Vanilla ordhis (Nigritella angustifolia) of Europe. Vanillin is a synthetic version, said to be made from coal tar. VERBENA: See Lemon Verbena. VERVAIN: Verbena officinalis. Verbena species. Feminine, Venus, Earth. Origin: Native to Europe, China and Japan. Part Used: Leaves and flowers. Uses: Annointing, banishing, chastity, creativity, exorcism, healing, hexbreaking, inspiration, knowledge, love, lust, peace, prosperity, protection, purification, release, sleep, youth. Other: Cerridwyn. Sacred to Druids - used with Mistletoe and Mandrake to return curses to enemies. It was common in their many rites and incantations. It was so highly esteemed that offerings of this herb were made to the gods. The Greeks burned it for a favorable prophecy. Sacred to Romans, Persians, and ancient Egyptians. Sabbat: Midsummer. VETIVERT: Vetiveria zizanioides, Andropogon muricatus. Feminine, Venus, Earth. Origin: Southern India and Sri Lanka. Part Used: Leaves, roots, essential oil. Uses: Anti-theft, banishing, to increase business, hex-breaking, love, luck, prosperity, protection, virility. Other: It is a grass related to Lemongrass and Citronella. Used as a fixative in mixes. Used to increase power of spells. And this contributed by Arieanna....Said to be useful in increasing the power of manipulative magick. VIOLET: Viola odorata. Feminine, Venus, Water/Air. Origin: Over 200 species mostly native to Europe and Asia. Part Used: Leaves, flowers, essential oil. Uses: Banishing, beauty, fidelity, healing, justice, love, luck, lust, peace, protection, release, wishes. Other: To break down barriers of indifference. Use with Lavender for an aphrodisiac. Fragrance comforting to those whose children have died. Sabbat: Imbolc, Ostara.

WILLOW: Salix genus. Feminine, Moon, Water. Origin: Over 100 species native to central and southern Europe and eastern U.S.A. Part Used: Wood, bark. Uses: Anti-theft, clairvoyance, compassion, consecration, divination, exorcism, fertility, healing, hex-breaking, love, to prevent nightmares, protection, release, to conjur spirits. Other: To conjur spirits, burn with Sandalwood at the waning Moon. One of the seven sacred trees of the Irish and a Druid sacred tree. Connected to Hecate. An Amerindian tree. Symbolizes death and the Underworld. A tree of enchantment, sacred to the Moon Goddess. WINTERGREEN: Gaultheria procumbens. Feminine, Moon/Mercury, Water/Earth. AKA: Teaberry. Origin: Northeastern U.S.A. and Canada. Part Used: Berries, leaves, essential oil. Uses: Animals, healing, hex-breaking, luck, prosperity, protection. Other: CAUTION: Essential oil is poisonous! WOLFSBANE: Aconitum napellus. Feminine, Saturn, Water. AKA: Aconite, Monkshood. Origin: Himalayas through Europe to Great Britain. Part Used: Flowers, seeds. Uses: Invisibility, protection. Other: Sacred to Hecate. Used in flying ointments. CAUTION: Highly poisonous! WOODRUFF: Asperula odorato. Masculine, Mars, Fire. AKA: Woodde rowffe. Origin: Northern Europe. Part Used: Leaves. Uses: Consecration, prosperity, protection, purification, release, transformation. Other: A Druid sacred herb. Success in battle. Used as a strewing herb. Sabbat: Beltane. WORMWOOD: Artemisia absinthium. Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Origin: Native to Eurasia and N. Africa. Part Used: Leaves, essential oil. Uses: Animals, binding, divination, exorcism, hex-breaking, love, protection, psychic, calling spirits. Other: To call spirits, burn with Sandalwood. A Druid sacred herb; very magickal and sacred to Moon deities. CAUTION: Toxic. Sacred to Isis. Sabbat: Samhain.

YARROW: Achillea millefolium. Feminine, Venus/Saturn, Water/Earth. Origin: Native to Europe and possibly N. America. Part Used: Flower, leaves, essential oil. Uses: Animals, banishing, clairvoyance, consecration, courage, divination, exorcism, fertility, friends, hex-breaking, longevity, love, luck, newlyweds, protection, psychic, release. Other: Lasting love. Amerindian herb. YEW: Taxus baccata. Feminine, Saturn, Water/Earth. Origin: Tree native to Europe, N. Africa and western Asia. Part Used: Berries, wood. Uses: Clairvoyance, compassion, divination, memory, peace, protection. Other: A Druid sacred tree. Sacred to the deities of death and rebirth. Once used to raise the dead. CAUTION: Poisonous. Sabbat: Yule. YLANG-YLANG: Cananga odorata. Venus, Water. Origin: Tropical Asia. Part Used: Essential oil. Uses: Happiness, love, lust, peace.

Not herbs, but sometimes used in incense: SALT Earth. Uses: Confers blessings. Sacred to many cultures. Grounding, cleansing, burns away negativity, purity. Often used in prosperity spells. SALTPETER

Mars. Uses:Use only in Mars or Saturn blends. Used to make self-lighting charcoal. To make loose incenses sparkle when burned. SULPHUR Sun/Fire. Uses: Banishing, unhex, countermagick, protection. Other: It stinks. WINE Uses: Often used to slightly moisten dry incenses to blend aromas. Sabbat: Lughnassadh, Mabon, Midsummer, Yule, Samhain. OLIVE OIL See Olive.

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