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LSA Extraction from morning glory 'hevenly blue'...


LSA From the Morning Glory Flower

LSA from the Morning Glory Flower 1st Edition - November 2005 by Endysee Uploaded to Emule file sharing network -











DESCRIPTION Family: Convolvulaceae Genus: Ipomoea Species: violacea Ipomoea violacea is a common ornamental vine with heart-shaped leaves and bright white, pink, purple, or blue flowers and small black seeds that contain LSA. Because of its fast growth and prodigious seed production, many jurisdictions consider it an invasive weed plant. It has a long history of use in Central to Southern Mexico. It is a perennial twining vine, growing from 10 to 20 feet high, with heart-shaped leaves to 5 inches long. The flowers are funnel-shaped, purplish blue with a white tube. Native to tropical America. Psychoactive varieties are Heavenly Blue, Pearly Gates, Flying Saucers, Wedding Bells, Blue Star, and Summer Skies. Cultivation and Propagation: Morning glories thrive in a strong, well-drained soil in a sunny site with plenty of water, but they will do well almost anywhere. The seeds have a hard seed coat and should be nicked or soaked two hours in warm water before sowing. If the seeds are nicked and soaked, the vines will generally flower 6 weeks after sowing. With a knife, small file, or hacksaw blade, scrape away a small portion of the seedcoat on the side opposite the hilum or germ eye (the small dent where the seed sprouts). The hole should not be big, just large enough for water to enter during soaking. The seeds should be planted 0.25 to 0.5 inch deep and not less than 6 inches apart. Do not cover with soil. This species tends to run to vine unless the roots are cramped. This may be done by standing the vines in pots and allowing them to become slightly potbound before setting them out. Although morning glories like a lot of water, if the roots are kept damp constantly, the vines will produce few flowers and they will set


very little seed. Various methods have been devised to increase the alkaloid content of the seeds by altering the soil chemistry and using hormones. An interesting account of these methods is found in the book Home Grown Highs by Mary Jane Superweed.

Harvesting: The seeds may be gathered as the pods become brown and dry. The pods form where the flowers die and fall off. Immature seeds are more bitter than ripe ones. It has been reported that immature seeds contain more alkaloids, but this has not been confirmed. There are approximately 850 seeds per ounce of the Heavenly Blue variety; which is about 43 seeds per 1.5 gram pack sold at most garden stores. The stem and leaves contain some alkaloid. However, because they contain purgative principles, this part of the plant is used only in extraction. If used, pick fresh and dry quickly without heat. Note: Some suppliers coat their seeds with toxins either as a fungicide or to discourage their use as hallucinogens. The symptoms of ingesting treated seeds are vomiting and diarrhea. Some people experience nausea from ingesting untreated seeds and fear they have taken treated seeds. However, if the company has treated their seeds, they must say so on the package. To test your susceptibility to nausea, chew 50 to 100 seeds or less the first time.



In 1959, the ethnobotanist Richard Schultes sent samples of a cultivated Mexican morning glory, Turbina corymbosa, to Albert Hoffman, the discoverer of LSD. Schultes had seen it used by a Zapotec shaman. In 1960, Hoffman analyzed the seeds and said they contained ergot-like alkaloids. This was hard for people to believe since previously such chemicals had only been found in the rye fungus Claviceps purpurea (ergot). But Hoffman was right; the seeds contained d-lysergic acid amide. This differs from LSD only in that it has a NH2 where LSD has a N(C2H5)2, but LSD is some 50 to 100 times as potent. The morning glory Turbina corymbosa's seeds also have other psychoactive alkaloids in them: d-isolysergic acid amide, chanoclavine, elymoclavine, and lysergol. In 1960, Don Thomes MacDougall reported that seeds of another morning glory, Ipomoea violacea were used as sacraments by certain Zapotecs, sometimes with the Turbina corymbosa seeds and sometimes not. This morning glory species is the one with familiar varieties in America: Heavenly Blue, Pearly Gates, Flying Saucers, Blue Star, Summer Skies and Wedding Bells. The Ipomoea violacea has the same psychoactive compounds in it except with ergometrine instead of lysergol. Ergometrine has strong uterus-stimulating properties so it's a really bad idea for pregnant women to eat these seeds. Also, these seeds are supposed to be bad for people with liver problems (e.g. jaundice, hepatitus). These seeds are called badoh negro down in South America, since they are black, and some people think these were the mysterious tlitliltzin, which is the Nahuatl word for "black" with a reverential suffix.


Dosage LSA (ergine) is 1/10th as Potent as LSD-25 by weight: Threshhold……………0.2 mg Common……………. 0.5- 1.5 mg Strong ………………..1.5 - 4.0 mg Heavy ……………….. 4.0 mg Do Not Dose………… More Than 4.0mg

Onset: 2 Hours to peak. Duration : 10 - 14 hours Normal After Effects : up to 24 1 Morning Glory (I. violacea) seed has about 0.01mg LSA. 1 Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose seed has about 0.25mg LSA Heavenly Blues have 0.035% LSA by weight. 1 gram of these seeds is about 29 seeds so 1 seed = 34.48 mg So each seed contains about .012mg LSA. The seeds are usually sold in 1.5 gram packs. Six of these packs = 250 seeds which is 3.15mg of LSA and quite a strong trip if the LSA is extracted properly.



The above photo shows the size of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds. They are much larger than normal Morning Glory seeds. If you buy a variety pack of seeds, they will weight about 4.5 grams per 200 seeds and the look very different. But these weight about 9 grams per 250 seeds. Normal variety pack Morning Glory seeds won't contain much LSA, if any, and certainly won't produce a trip.


Process: 1. Grind up 250 seeds (9 grams) Heavenly Blue in a pepper grinder or coffee grinder. I use a hand held pepper grinder that works by pushing down on the top. Opening it up was a bit tricky, and I had to use tweezers to hold the center bar in place while I unscrewed the bottom adjusting knob. Then when I finally got the seeds inside, I had to turn it back and forth to grind the seeds; the push button would just get jammed.


2. After the seeds are ground to a sandy powder, place them in 150ml of ether from Starting Fluid in a glass bottle. In the photo you can see which brand I like the can says "contains diethyl ether and petroleum solvents." This brand of ether is the only one I know to work well. If you use lighter fluid or naptha, some of the LSA will dissolve in the solvent and thus decrease your yield; this is due to impurities. Those other solvents also smell terrible. Shake the bottle as hard as you can until your arm is tired. Open the cap to let out pressure, then leave the seed powder to soak for 2 hours.


3. Filter the solution of ether through a coffee filter. It should run through fast and easy. The color of the solution should be like the photo below. This ether contains all the bad stuff in the seeds that was soluble in ether, and should be discarded. This "bad stuff" is what makes you puke and shit your brains out. By removing it, your trip should be very smooth. The LSA wasn't soluble in ether, so it remained behind in the seed powder. But if you used a solvent other than ether, or one that contains impurities, then some of the LSA was extracted also.


4. To dry the seed powder, scrape it off the filter and put it on a new filter paper. The shape of the coffee filter will help prevent the powder from spilling all over the place. Some of powder will stick to the old filter paper, and scraping it off will help it dry much faster. It should only take about 15 minutes for all the powder to be completely dry because ether evaporates quickly. 5. Now soak the dried seed powder in 150ml of strong alcohol. The best to use is Everclear, but Bacardi 151 will work also. Shake it until you can't shake anymore, then let it soak for an hour. If you don't have alcohol, you can use water with a little lime juice, and you will still get a good extract, but it won't kick in as fast when you drink it. 6. You will find that trying to filter this solution is hard because it clogs the coffer filter instantly. Try straining it through a wire mesh first to remove the big pieces, then through a white cotton cloth from an old (but clean) t-shirt. Then filter it through the coffee filter.

Now you will have a very nice little dose of LSA in alcohol. You used 250 Heavenly Blue seeds, so you have a dose of about 3 milligrams LSA.



Trip report: Using the exact process in this book, I made an extract of 3 milligrams LSA from 250 seeds of Heavenly Blue I found at the local garden store. This was consumed at 4:00 pm. 4:30 - I start to feel the energetic effects coming on already. The room has changed, and I'm definitely no longer sober. 5:00 - The effects are getting much stronger now, and I can feel the energy going up my spine. Everything feels very strange and I'm wondering if this experience is going to be bad. The trip is affecting my mind in a way that doesn't feel right. 5:30 - Now I'm tripping. It's hard to adjust because of the stimulation of the spine. The energy feels like a cross between what you feel when you stretch your arms, and what you feel when you get the chills right down to your bones.


6:00 - This whole time I've been listening to music, and it's really helped keep my mind focused. I'm getting more comfortable with the trip because now the 'thick' energy of the trip is taking over and making everything 'liquid' and melting my mind. 7:00 - I'm now peaking, and it's as strong as LSD but without the visuals and less fun. But it has the exact same feel to it, with the melting of the mind effect. I decide to play some darts so I will be standing up. When I was laying down I felt like I was upside-down. I also changed the music to more up-beat happy hardcore techno. Walking around feels insane, almost like floating as a ghost. Now I'm starting to enjoy the trip. 8:00 - I put in the "Alien Dreamtime" tape by Terence Mckenna and the visuals are mind-blowing. While I'm watching it, I move my head to the music I'm playing in the background. When I stop moving, it feels completely different and the trip 'rolls' with energy through my body. 9:00 - I like the trip a lot now, and I don't want it to end. I'm glad that it's going to continue for at least another 4 hours. When I breathe in deeply, it feels like the whole room is going into my lungs. There is a very thick energy


from the LSA that has washed over my whole body. Simply amazing that this came from a flower. 10:00 - I'm starting to get tired and hungry because I haven't eaten since 2:00pm. But the LSA makes it almost impossible to eat food, and completely takes away your appetite. I only want food because I know logically that it will give me energy, but I have no desire to eat it, so I forget about it. 11:00 - I'm so tired now that I'm not even enjoying the trip as much. I feel drained, and my mind is empty. When I turn on off the music, my mind goes blank and the trip becomes boring. 12:00 - I decided to lay down with my eyes close and see what happens. I end up falling asleep and wake up at 3am.

So this trip was very intense and at the peak, I felt like I took way to much. But after the peak it felt like just the right amount. I really feel that if I had eaten, I would've had more energy and could have stayed awake until at least 2am.


LSA makes every thought you have seem alien. Your entire identity gets wiped away, and you have a whole new consciousness. But it's hard to determine if this is a good thing. During an LSA trip, there is no big discoveries or deep insights; nothing is learned. It makes your mind very blank and can quickly become boring if you don't keep yourself entertained. And for me LSD is almost the same, but a little more creative, almost like a mix between shrooms and LSA. Shrooms are certainly a far superior trip to LSA, and everything is adventurous and fun. And the visuals on shrooms are amazing. Perhaps it's because the active chemicals in shrooms are psilocybin and psilocin. And the psilocybin gets converted to psilocin in the stomach, which is only different from DMT because of 1 extra oxygen atom. This is why psilocin has been called "the orally active form of DMT". But nothing compares to DMT. It is the ultimate trip experience, but it's not a party drug and isn't always fun for everyone. DMT also is a neurotransmitter that enhances the brain instead of wearing it out like other psychedelics do. With DMT, you learn a lot, and you can develop psychic ability, as well as use magical powers and even heal people and materialize objects. This may sound nuts, but it makes perfect sense when you 16

understand that DMT is produced naturally in the brain during Astral Travel (out-of-body), lucid dreams, and at the moment of death (tests were done with spinal tap). And during a lucid dream or when out of body, you can ask your higher mind to heal you are someone else, or even materialize something very complex, including a person. The Rosicrucian Order has known about this for a long time. I discovered it by just trying it out. So because I have experience with these other psychedelics, it's hard for the LSA trip to live up to my expectations. I was disappointed that I didn't achieve anything during my trip, but I was also glad it didn't drive me crazy. Because one time I took 10 Baby Hawaiian Wood Rose seeds and I felt like I was going completely insane. I thought maybe I should bang my head against the wall just to make my mind focus. But I put on some music with my headphones and rocked my head back and forth, and this saved me. After a while I was able to lay still and put my mind in a place that was a complete void; total darkness away from everything. But the trip was complete hell, and much harder than LSD could ever be. With LSD, you can take 10 times the normal dose, and it just makes the trip stronger, but with LSA if you take even twice the dose, it makes you insane until it's over. 17

One thing I should also mention is that LSA will make you have to urinate more than usual. And sometimes you don't realize it, and you are feeling uncomfortable but you don't know why. So remember to use the bathroom, and you will feel a lot better. The beginning of the trip feels very bizarre and will probably make you a little paranoid about what's to come. But after about 2 hours, the 'thick' energy of the trip comes and makes everything feel better. LSA feels like it lacks something. Maybe smoking some Salvia extract would change things. Or perhaps even some alcohol to calm down the stimulation. Opium might also be a great drug to be on while tripping on LSA. And you can get it by ordering opium pods off the net and making an acid/base extraction. They even sell those pods on eBay. I don't recommend doing opium has a habitual drug, but in this situation it could be just the trick. It reminds me of James Arthur's theory about a painting that shows Jesus with 5 plants (shown on next page). Which also reminds me that Aminata might be wonderful to mix with LSA. I have done this mushroom many times, and each time it was completely different. I prepared it properly by heating at 190°F for one hour to convert the ibotenic acid to muscimol, but sometimes it


felt like ecstasy, sometimes like opium, and sometimes like speed or cocaine.

"A Careful look at this painting (Jesus above the four plants underscored by the green vine), reveals much more than is on the surface. This may be an alchemical recipe for the ingredients of the true Soma (or whatever you want to call the elixir of the Gods). The red plant, on the right, is clearly the Amanita muscaria (which produces the quickening of the spirit). The next is clearly another mushroom, but it is blue. This would indicate a Psilocybe species (which opens the third eye). Next, we may have the depiction of the Syrian Rue plant, and pod, which happens to match this depiction in color, as well as structure (Syrian Rue contains Telepathine, an MAO inhibitor, which increases the properties of the other compounds, and Rue is also likely to possess other qualities). The Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) is an MAO Inhibitor that parallels the function of Pinoline (a natural MAO Inhibitor) naturally produced by the Pineal Gland. The combination of the Pineal secreted DMT (Dimethyltriptamine) and Pinoline (The MAO Inhibitor) may be responsible for naturally occurring psychic experiences. Fourth is a depiction of the Opium Poppy (the euphoria this plant induces enables one to relax enough to let go, which otherwise is a very difficult thing to do, in order to fully experience the visionary state of this intensive plant combination). Fifth is the green vine which underscores the other four, I suggest that this may represent Green plants, including Cannabis (which is used to prevent nausea and also enhances other things, as well as reactivating neuro-pathways opened by entheogens), and other green plants which have a history of indigenous usage the world over, including various grasses and plants which contain DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). " I disagree with James Arthur about the green vine being related to marijuana, and I think it's more likely a DMT containing plant.


The problem is, by itself LSA just makes you feel crazy, but I'm convinced that if it's combined with the right drugs, it will be the perfect ingredient that was missing. Smoking DMT would also probably change the trip and add the visuals that are lacking. Perhaps the most disappointing thing about LSA is the lack of visuals. I don't suggest you smoke marijuana while on LSA because it will greatly increase the paranoia and cloud your mind even more. In the next edition of this book, I will have more trip reports that use combinations of LSA with other drugs to see if I can find a happy medium. I have pure "black wax" salvia acetone extract that I'm going to make into crystals, as well as DMT from the common reed plant (Phragmites Australis). You can download the PDF document on extracting DMT from this plant on the eMule file sharing network at I strongly recommend that anyone reading this document also visit and download the free 3.5 hour video about entheogens in religion and alchemy. Even if you have a slow dial-up connection you can download the video in 7 different chapters. 20

And also go to to download all of Terence Mckenna's audio speeches for free.



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