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April 21, 2018 | Author: Jbanca Dimitrie | Category: Gambling, Prison, Robbery, Role Playing Games, Closed Circuit Television
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1. Common Courtesy Be kind to others and think before you type. There is no need to be hurtful or abusive, especially towards staff members who are here to help you. This rule can be explained with the following quote: "You shall never bother others, you shall be both fair and kind, and whatever else you do, I shall not mind." Roleplay at all times. ou are not allowed to break the server rules because you think someone else did. !n regards to that, you should not disrupt, stall or void roleplay unless an admin tells you to. "xamples: #uitting the game to avoid an arrest because you were $in your opinion% being arrested for no reason. o Repeatedly refusing to roleplay until an admin comes to your aid after you made a report. o &iling heat'of'the'moment reports when the players are not deserving of admin punishment. !f you are in the middle of an !( situation and another player is speaking to you ))(ly in an attempt to disrupt your roleplay or simply contact you, you may ignor e them. *owever, if an admin is trying to contact you, it is your obligation to respond. Refusing to reply to an admin+s messages may get you punished. o

!n os -antos Roleplay $in'game, forums, !R(, Teamspeak or any other of our services%, admin instructions are final, whether they are stated in the rules or not  they should be accepted and followed at all times. !f you come across a bug on any of our services, you are required to report it. "xploiting bugs is prohibited and will get you permanently banned. !t is your obligation to report rule'breakers as well. Punishments: /nything from a verbal warning to a ban depending on severity. !n !( chat, speak only !(ly and in "nglish. 0o not use internet language !(ly $lol, omg, etc%. !n public ))( chats like 1b, use only "nglish. !f you want to speak in another language !(ly, you have to write in "nglish, but with a 2anguage3 tag in front of your text, for example  4ohn5-mith says: 2-panish3 *ey, what+s up6 !f you+ve got a question related to the server, use the in'game command you+ve got a problem with someone then feel free to request help with message our testers and admins

/helpme. !f /re. 0o not directly.

ou are allowed to be /&7 $/way &rom 7eyboard% for up to 89 minutes, provided you are not in a highly populated area or an area where people are likely to attempt to roleplay with you. /&7 in public at own risk. !f you believe a staff member is abusing their power then you can read through topic and file a report.


. !etaamin sing )ut )f (haracter information !n (haracter $metagaming% is not allowed. !nciting someone to metagame is also against the rules. This includes emoting information that

other people have no reason to currently know  your 1me+s and 1do+s should not state what others cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste. "xamples: o



4ohn5-mith reads -am54ohnson+s ))( nametag and roleplays that he now knows him. /dam5;est messages 4ohn5-mith ))(ly and tells him that he is being robbed at his house. 4ohn5-mith then decides to change his !( plans in such a way so that he can help /dam5;est. # $dam%&est beins to think about killin the men w ho atta'ked him.

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