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Learning Resources Management and Development Systems -LRMDS


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So LRMDS …. • Web based portal with a searchable catalogue and online repository of learning, teaching and professional development resources.

* is manifested as an online networked information and communication system. Connected at each level to physical facilities including: –Libraries; –media production and development centres; Coordinated by LRMDS Administration & Management and QA teams.

Resource types Learning Resources (LR) are any digital or non-digital educational resource with a learning purpose. These resources are designed to be used directly by the student learners and or integrated into teacher developed lesson plans.

Resource types Teaching Resources (TR) are any educational resource digital or non-digital that supports teachers in curriculum development, delivery and pedagogy or teacher trainers in the delivery of professional development programs.

Resource types Professional Development Materials (PDM) are any digital or non-digital education training and development resource or program designed with a training and development purpose. Such programs may contain or reference LR’s and TR’s.

Resource types The LRMDS catalogue may also contain information relating to persons that may be accessed to support teaching and learning of local culture through oral traditions, story telling and with indigenous language expertise.

Format of resources? Print Charts, posters, manipulatives Offline digital – CD, DVD, VCD, audiotape, VHS Online digital

Format of Resources • Any digital file or collection of files with a learning purpose or potential for learning and teaching. • Image, video, text, audio, animation, or any combination of these. 10

Benefits SCHOOL  Identifies quality resources to meet actual needs and LEVEL: improve learning performance through the LR Planning process  Evaluates existing resources for alignment to current curriculum and other requirements  Provides a system for sharing teacher- developed resources  Facilitates an effective search for resources via the LRMDS portal because of the numerous metadata elements for each resource  Allows schools with limited textbooks to locate and reproduce needed resources

Benefits DIVISION LEVEL:  Allows the Division subject specialists to respond to resource needs of schools through the LR TA planning process  Allows developers to re-design , re-develop existing DepEd resources  Allows the development and distribution of new resources through the portal  Allows for the use of multiple learning and teaching resources without necessarily purchasing commercially developed resources

Benefits REGION LEVEL:  System provides for Monitoring , coordinating and consolidating the Learning Resource requirements of the Divisions  Allows the Regions to respond to the resource needs of the divisions through the LR planning process  Allows for the continuous improvement of the quality of learning and teaching resources

CENTRAL LEVEL: Monitor, coordinate and consolidate the LR requirements of the Regions  Supports the standards and evaluative criteria of the IMCS  FACILITATES an efficient distribution of bureau- developed resources to the field through the LRMDS portal  LRMDS can facilitate search for resources through interfaces from other DepEd websites

BENEFITS (LRMDS Portal) Quality LR & PDM available to all Provides alternative wide range of print-based, electronic and online resources beyond the textbook Sharing of good practices in the development of LR & PDM

In summary the LRMDS will…. • Provide standards, specifications and guidelines for: assessing & evaluating; acquiring & harvesting; modifying & developing, storage, retrieval and distribution • Provide information on quantity and quality and location of textbooks and supplementary materials • Provide access to resources in analogue/digital format and locate resources in print, hardcopy or human resources format.

Learning Resources Management and Development Systems -LRMDS



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