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Use Psychic Powers To Choose Winning Lottery Numbers Barbara Rhodan I am often asked by my friends how I managed to win the lottery, and the answer usually surprises them! My win, although not huge by modern standards, was achie ved with very little effort, and almost no expense. The secret? Using the psychi c powers we all have in order to predict the winning lotto numbers. The method is simple, and easy to use, and should work just as well for you as i t worked for me. After all, there is no monopoly on psychic talents! First, you need to get hold of a plumb weight. This can be a simple piece of lead, or a fan cy crystal - it is up to you as the actual material is irrelevant. You will also need some string, some paper, and a pen. Scissors might also come in handy. Make a pendulum by attaching the plumb weight to the string. Write out all 49 lo ttery numbers on the paper (tip - try a 7 x 7 'grid' - this will make it easier to cut them out later! i.e. on the first line write 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 on the second write 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 and so on). Cut out the numbers into little squares, an d place them face down on a smooth surface - your coffee table, for example. mak e sure they are well separated (at least a couple of inches between numbers). Now you must shuffle up the numbers, so you don't consciously know which one is which. This is a very important step, so don't overlook it. Next we are going to 'dowse' for the numbers that will win the very next lotto. The basics, of this technique, of course, go way back. When I was a little girl, after the War, I re member a friend of my father's coming round to dowse for a source of water in th e cottage we had just occupied. I watched fascinated as he walked back and forwa rd, with a couple of hazel twigs, until suddenly, they jerked together, and he s aid "Here". When my father and his brothers dug down, sure enough, there was an underground spring, and we built a well there that served us for many years until we left th e cottage when I was a teenager. Back to the pendulum dowsing. Make sure the room is quiet and dark, and that the re are no distractions. Hold the plumline over the first number and try to 'empt y your mind' of everything except thoughts of the lottery draw, and the balls co ming out of the machine. Don't think about anything else, just concentrate on th e balls. Don't worry, don't fret or strain, just 'be'. The pendulum will in most cases, hang there, swaying gently from side to side. After a minute or so, if t he pendulum is simply oscillating like that, move on to the next number. Eventua lly, you will be holding the pendulum over one of the numbers, and it will start to rotate. This rotation may be clockwise or counter clockwise, but it will def initely be rotation. You can even 'test' this if you don't believe it - move to the side of the table, then try the same piece of paper again. You will get the same rotation. Remove the piece of paper to the side, but DON'T TURN IT OVER YET. Repeat until you have your six 'picks' for the draw. Then, and only then can you turn the pap ers over to see what numbers have been picked for you. A little practice, and yo u will be amazed at how frequently you start to 'hit' winning numbers. Who knows , if your heart is pure, and your intentions are good, you might even win as big as I did!

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