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Re: Billionnaires/Millionnaires- - 3rd & 5th viz 2nd & 11th in KP

3rd & 5th A KP Study of Million Dollar Lottery Winners (22 lottery winners who had the AA rated birth data and had won at least a million US dollars in lottery) 2. There are two different views on the ruling house of lottery as shown below: a. 3rd House for Lottery i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix.

3rd house indicates lottery. (KP Reader VI pp 213) Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac, try lottery. Never go to races. (KP Reader III p 199/ Original Edition Practical Part p 43) 3rd house for lottery, - - - 5th house for horse racing, cards, share market (K.M. Subramaniam, in Astrosecrets & KP, Part III pp 42, 47/ also in KP 2009 Year Book pp 22, 24) 3rd house - lottery, 5th house – speculation and race (C.R. Bhatt: Nakshatra Chintamani pp 14, 34) 3rd cusp - lottery (Pronab Das: Astrology & Athrishta 1976 April pp 74-75) 3rd house - lottery (Dr. KR Kar, KP & Astrology Year Book 1996 pp 69-72) lottery primarily to the 3rd house (K. Hariharan: Stellar Effects on Human Life p 240) 3rd house indicates gaining through lottery.... (Katakam Ramasamy, KP & Astrology Year Book 2002 pp 16-18) 3rd house indicates lottery....(KP & Astrology Year Book 2007 p 38) b. 5th House for Lottery

i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix.

5th house for all games of chance (KP Reader II p 197, KP Reader VI p 117) 5th house for betting and gambling, to earn enormous money (M.P. Shanmugam: Astrosecrets & KP, Part 1 p 152) 5th house for all games of chance (K Subramaniam, in KP & Astrology Year Book 2009 p 2) 5th house for lottery (G.S. Agarwal: Practical Vedic Astrology p 101) 5th house for lotteries (Rex Bills: Rulership Book p 81) 5th house for lottery (Michael Munkasey: Astrological Thesaurus, House Keywords p 115) 5th house - gambling's chance element (Robert Hand: Horoscope Symbols p 282) 5th house for horse-racing, lotteries and all forms of gambling and speculation - - - with the intention of trusting to luck (Deborah Houlding: The Houses p 72) 5th house for everything whose outcome is a matter of chance (Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson: Simplified Horary Astrology p 163) Comparison of Top Signified Houses 7. Based on the comparison of top signified houses in the four tables as given in the following table, it may be concluded that:

i. 10 (status change), 9 (luck), 5 (game of chance) and 11 (gain, fulfillment of desire) houses are found mostly signified; ii. The DBA signification appears better synchronized with the 5 th CSL signification other than the rd 3 CSL; iii. 6 (winning over other players) and 2 (money, wealth) houses are found highly signified only by the stars and subs in which the DBA lords are transiting on the day of lottery winning.



1 2 3 4

3rd CSL 5th CSL DBA lords Star, Sub of Transit DBA

Top Signified Houses 10, 5, 3, 11 5, 11, 10, 9 10, 5, 9, 11 6,2,9,10

Reference Table No 1 2 3 4

Observation 9. Along with the 10 (change of status) and 11 (gain to fulfill one's desire) winning houses, 5 (playing game of chance) and 9 (luck) houses are found prominent by their nature although they are loosing houses. However, it may not be conclusive since the sample size of charts is small and so many houses are found signified.

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