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Lord Kuthumi Reiki

© 2011 – Channeled by: Riza Baleghi in 2011. All rights reserved . This is a gift from Lord Kuthumi; please work on yourselves and when you feel you're ready, share it!

Introduction Once, in my morning meditation, I saw a pink beam of light get in my heart.. then I got its from lord Kuthumi ! I wait for receiving his message if he want to tell something. he said "notice the signs today, you'll receive a message"! and after that i got an impression to ask him for channeling a energy system based on him and he - as he wait for this request - told me " get ready for it " and the phrase " Lord Kuthumi Reiki " came to my mind (heart) and after that I felt a very very strong energy in left side of my face and left eye.. it filled whole my face and upper body as well. I shook my face but that pressures was yet there... after couple of minutes he said "ground yourself", and I did. then he said "help others with this energy." I saw him in a golden light around his head. After all he said "give me your hand and get up now." During the day, I received a special message…

This energy connects you to lord Kuthumi's heart and his energy field.


Kuthumi is one of The Seven Chohans or Lords of The Seven Rays, which are Major Aspects and Attributes of The Creative Force for this Universe. In that role and responsibility, They transmute from a Higher Level through their Consciousness one of those particular Aspects for the benefit and progress of the sentient life on this planet. Kuthumi is The Chohan of The Second Ray Which is

called Love/Wisdom and oversees the activity and global projects of The Second Ray Brotherhood Who work with this energy to promote the spiritual advancement of a laggard Human Race. He works very closely with El Morya Khan (Chohan of the 1st Ray) and Djwhal Kuhl (Chohan of the Emerald Ray), with whom he helped found the Theosophical Society. He has been a prolific channel for much spiritual information through a number of sources. As his work load has increased he has less time for students, many of whom now study with DK, but he is still available if needed. He is still responsible for maintaining the yellow plume of the Inner Heart, relating to Divine Illumination and Wisdom, and heads the "Brotherhood of the Golden Robe". His twin flame is the Lady Clair who is an aspect of Amaclara, the Queen of Light, who works from an etheric retreat known as the Crystal Temple over Messina, Sicily. Kuthumi has an Etheric focus at Shigatse, Tibet and is hierarch of the Temple of Illumination at Kashmir. His mantra is "I AM Light". Kuthumi has had past incarnations on Earth as Pythagoras, Thutmoses 111, St. Francis of Assisi, John the disciple, Balthazar (one of the 3 wise men) and Shah Jahan (the prince who had the Taj Mahal built for his wife and soul mate). His final incarnation was as Mahatma Kuthumi, a Punjabi from Kashmir. He fully ascended from this last (partial) embodiment in the late 1800s. He has recently given his Angelic title, which is "Agrippa", which stems from the Latin meaning "feet first". His ties to the Earth are very strong and he sees the

necessity for us to learn to be fully grounded into the Earth in order to accept the higher energies which are now being brought through. He also helps us to work with all the "lower" kingdoms of Earth, including the plant and mineral kingdoms. He can help us open our channels to bring through information about how these important beings can help us, shows us how to communicate with Earth Devas and Spirits and encourages us to live in harmony with the Earth. He is also a Master of all healing, especially of the mind and emotions (he is a Master psychologist and his expertise in this field helps us to truly "know ourselves").

More about him and his energy working

He works with those of you working on self-awareness. As the great earth changes begin to occur, Master Kuthumi will be instrumental in the re-emergence of knowledge, long lost to mankind. In so doing He will provide the key to this inner search. Lord Kuthumi’s energy is warm, glowing and comforting. He is very important in ‘grounding’ us and teaching us to accept and love our life on earth. He works very closely with us and is having a great influence upon our consciousness at this time

in evolution. He particularly assists us in manifesting our dreams and wishes here on earth in 3D reality. Lord Kuthumi also connects us with nature, earth energies and the elemental spirits. Just by working with Lord Kuthumi we increase our frequency of our own vibration, our soul vibration becomes finer, and this affects our physical and other bodies, and helps us to become more Light, and to give out more Light, and so to become more loving. He helps us in manifestation of abundance and success in our lives. He assists us in grounding and enjoying life on earth.

Using the Energies

Sit in a comfortable position and keep your spine straight. Focus on your heart, open your heart with a gratitude or prayer or remember a celestial sunset or feeling a love experience; then call upon Lord Kuthumi and Archangel Michael. You may see a golden beam of light extends from your heart to Lord Kuthumi's heart. Bring your palms together and simply intent " Lord Kuthumi Reiki ON " . Relax and let the energy flow… In hands on treatings you may put your hands on trainee's shoulders or where it needed.

Attunement process

To send attunement Sit in a quiet place and relax. Keep your spine straight. Relax your mind by inhale-four steps, hold-four steps, exhale-four steps, holdfour steps. Start over. By counting your breath in a regular 4/4 cadence, you trick the mind and shift your focus away from unwanted thoughts. Call upon Lord Kuthumi ( you may call upon other ascended masters and archangels too ) to assist you in sending the attunement. Put your palms together and mentally say to your higher self : " Lord Kuthumi Reiki attunement for … ( name ). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you . " if more than one person, continue with each name in the group. Then let the energy flow…

To receive attunement

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position Relax your mind by inhale-four steps, hold-four steps, exhale-four steps, holdfour steps. Start over until you feel your mind is calmed. Call upon Lord Kuthumi and archangel Michael ( you may call upon other ascended masters and archangels too ) to assist you in receiving the attunement. Simply state: " I now call down to me the Lord Kuthumi Reiki attunement as sent by (teacher name). I ask that the Source, The Archangels, Ascended Masters, All Beings of Light, My Guardian Angel and my Guides help me receive this attunement for the highest good. Once the attunement is completed, I ask that all links between (name of your teacher) and me be broken. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! "

You may also call in and receive your attunement at your leisure by chi ball. You may use any method you prefer for calling in these energies. The above is just a suggestion.

I hope you enjoy working with this energy. With love and gratitude, Riza Baleghi [email protected]

Peace be…

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