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December 27, 2017 | Author: EmeraldRay | Category: Consciousness, Femininity, Dolphin, Human, Cats
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Lord Kuthumi on Animals Through Michelle Eloff 29 May 2003 "It is always important to remember this because the ...


Lord Kuthumi on Animals Through Michelle Eloff 29 May 2003 I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto you blessings of fluidity, integration, alignment and truth. Greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones as we come to join with all of you this evening we come to represent the animal kingdom, and we also come to share higher wisdom with regards to understanding how these magnificent creatures are a part of you. Now this is not always an easy concept for a human to grasp, not everyone is ignorant to this, but many do not understand the link between human and between animal or even between human and plant. But this evening we will focus on the animal kingdom. The animals hold a very specific vibration of energy, and each species of animal holds a specific vibration of energy. This is why certain people are attracted to perhaps cats and others to dogs. Some people like the slippery slimy ones, others like the creepy crawly ones. It is because all of the kingdom, insect and anima, l hold a specific vibration. These vibrations resonate with the energy fields of human beings and human beings also fit into certain vibratory groups that tend to gravitate towards the animal vibration that best supports them. In the day and age that you are presently living in the consciousness of the animal kingdom has increased in its vibration. This means that the energy emitted from the animal’s energy fields are having more of an impact on the energy fields of humans. Now this has been measured scientifically with interaction with dolphins and interaction with chimpanzees and we do believe that recently it was made known publicly that the DNA of chimpanzees is 98% identical to that of humans, so you can monkey around as much as you want to and there is no harm in it (laughter) It is always important to remember this because the animals do have certain aspects of their genetic make up that resonates with the genetic aspect of a human’s structure genetically. The reason for this is because you have links to specific species and this goes back to us speaking in the beginning now of certain people being drawn to specific animals. The dolphins and the whales, the cats and the elephants are originally from what is known as Sirius. That is their origin and these specific creatures bring with them tremendous gifts of enlightenment at this time. The dolphins are choosing more and more to interact with humans; it is not the other way around. When one goes out into the ocean the dolphins come to greet the humans, they make the conscious decision to interact with humans and this is a magnificent gift and blessing. Whales are beginning to interact in the same way, however it is at a distance, but there are places on your globe where there are now having whale sightings where previously this was not experienced. Elephants are also now becoming recognised as a valuable aspect of healing humanities consciousness. Scientists are now beginning to study the activity of the brains of elephants. Their capacity for memory has always baffled scientists. An elephant always remembers where it was born, the precise place where it was born, it remembers this. Their ability to find their way is also an incredible aspect that scientists are trying to fathom out, to see how this can be utilised to support human beings in retaining more memory. And cats are also an incredible species, all of the cat family, not just the domestic fluffy ones. Perhaps you have noticed that cats like to sit on a person’s lap and knead their cardigan or their trousers, when the cats are doing this they are creating a bond with you. Cats do this, or kittens at least when they are suckling from the mother and the movement of the paws backwards and forwards is drawing energy out as well as milk out of the mother’s body. When a cat is doing this it is drawing energy from the body that is no longer supporting you but also coding you with new energy. And this is where cats are so powerful in healing their owners, or healing a person who has come to visit. And those of you who are practising therapists perhaps have a cat who enjoys being a part of the session. The reason for this is because they work through the session with you and with your client. So next time your client comes over do not put the cat out of

the room. Allow the cat to do what it needs to do, and dogs also are known to do this. Now we will speak more generally of the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom at this time is helping humanity to raise their consciousness in understanding intellectually, as well as emotionally that they are a part of your evolution. As humans learn to open their hearts and their minds to the blessings and the gifts that the animal kingdom bring, so a whole new world of experience will present itself. Animals hold an immense amount of wisdom, animals are not limited to a bark or to a meow. They are not limited to a whinny or to a roar, animals communicate just like you do, the only difference is that they do it telepathically. Humans have to learn how to communicate with animals, not the other way around. Animals have been communicating with you for eons of time, you have forgotten how to listen. So our suggestion to you at this time is to begin by consciously setting the intention to open your consciousness consciously to receiving messages or guidance from the animals in your immediate environment. You do not have to have a domestic pet in order to do this. Speak to the birds who come to your garden. Speak to the butterflies, the ladybirds, everything that comes to experience your world as well. By developing this relationship you will begin to see more. And you will realise that you have always heard them but you have not listened. There is an area in the brain, in the center of the brain, known as the corpus collusum, which is the part of the brain that is being exercised at this time in building telepathic communication. And not only with animals but with your fellow human species as well. As the corpus collusum becomes stronger so it allows you to also receive more guidance and messages from your guides and your angels, so the exercises that you do building this expands your ability to communicate beyond what you have come, or become accustomed to. There are specific animals that are playing a vital role in the shifting of consciousness at this time. The one species that we will speak of now is the lion. The lion represents the masculine energy of this world. The lion brings the teachings of truth. Now when we say it brings a teaching of truth we mean that by observing this creature in its natural habitat you begin to connect with it. By observing this creature in a caged environment you connect with the creature, but there is something else that is brought in. Lions in their natural environment teach a very raw truth. They teach the art of survival, but not survival motivated by fear or desperation but the natural cycle of survival. This activates the base chakra of the body, also known as the root chakra. The will to live, the will to experience truth is then activated and the lion consciousness or the lion archetype is born inside of you. By experiencing a lion in captivity this creature then begins to bring out for the individual all of the issues around feeling and being limited. Your own processes of having been held captive, either through not being able to express yourself as a child or not being given the freedom to experience life as you would have liked to. So this is the difference when it comes to working with lions in their natural environment and captive lions. It is even more intense when you are working with animals, or connecting with animals that are in for instance, a circus environment. Because then you as a human are being asked to support that creature. Creatures that have been taken into circus environments lose their will to be an individual. Their survival instincts are completely squashed. Sometimes however the animal snaps because they too are physic beings, they too have phsycological aspects of themselves that become traumatised and this is when you will hear of perhaps an elephant breaking loose and running rampant through the city, destroying motor cars or buildings and even harming people, or a bear that gets out, or a lion that gets out. There is nothing to blame on the creature, it is the human’s choice. The human that has come forward and taken the animal out of its natural environment and caged it, put it into an identity that does not fit it. An animal is not meant to perform tricks to amuse human beings. Animals were meant to be here to teach humans the lesson of unconditional love. The animals are here to teach humans the importance of service, they are also here to teach humans the importance of balance. This is something that humanity has forgotten.

In the natural world an animal will kill another animal to eat. You do not see a lion killing a zebra at breakfast time, an antelope at lunchtime and perhaps a rabbit at supper time and hang it in the tree and decide what he will eat. Or perhaps “that zebra skin might look nice at the base of the tree where my cubs can lie upon” It is not in their nature to waste what is there. When a lion, or a cheetah, or a leopard, or anything else kills, it kills to feed itself. Now domestic animals, cats for instance, kill birds or kill lizards, the reason for this is because it is their natural instinct to do this, they are not doing it out of cruelty. It is what they do. They do not perhaps eat the whole thing but they kill it because it is their instinct. It is only the human creature that will hunt for fun, it is only the human who will get great pleasure out of putting a hook into the mouth of a fish, or put a bullet into an animal and sometimes-even watch it suffer before it dies and think that they are very clever because they have managed to do this. These creatures have come in service to show humanity that they have far more to offer than being their measure of entertainment. The creatures thus far that have sacrificed their bodies by being hunted, now all draw together. They have called upon the Lords of Light and now insist that through the sacrifices that they have made that humanity learn from what they have offered. Do you all understand this? So Beloved Ones, we are not saying that there is any harm in eating the flesh of an animal because this is necessary for some. Every human being is different and certain humans do need the flesh of animals in order for their bodies to function at its optimum, other people are very happy living off of vegetable flesh. The animals who offer themselves as food have consented to this. Therefore it is requested that you give thanks for what you have received and what you are going to put into your body. Many people have commented that they are afraid of eating animal flesh because of the state of the animal’s consciousness at the time of death. This is true, however when your food is blessed, when you give thanks, it neutralises this. When a lettuce is picked it goes through the same shock. When a carrot is drawn from the warmth of Mother Earth, it goes through shock. When an apple or bunch of grapes are pulled from the tree that they are growing on, they go through a state of shock. Therefore absolutely everything that is put into your mouth, one must give thanks for. This is why we have also said that if you are to pick flowers, ask the bush permission to take flowers from its body. When you pick fruit from a tree, ask permission. If you are growing vegetables let them know that you are planting them for future consumption and before you harvest inform them that this is what will be done. When a leaf is broken from a tree, it bleeds. Its energy field leaks out, and this has been proven through Kirlian photography. And it is the same with the animal kingdom. When an animal is taken from the animal kingdom for means of entertainment or for the sake of a trophy, the consciousness of the animal kingdom bleeds. There is a story that was shared recently with this channel via a person who works with the lions. Hunters were brought to a place where lions were held in captivity, the lion that was viewed knew that this was a hunter, because its behaviour was different, and it was observed physically hitting against the fence with its paw aggressively in acknowledgement that it knew this man’s heart. There have been many other witnesses of similar incidents where animals have known precisely what one wants to do. How many of you have wanted to wash your dog, and you go merrily around running the water or getting the shampoo and you look for your dog, and he or she is nowhere to be found. The dog knows its is going to get a bath. Not so? (laughter) It knows what is in your heart, and this is what humans need to wake up to. The animal kingdom have an immense amount of energy to offer the will heal humanity. That can heal severe deformities in the brain, that can bring balance, that can bring harmony and peace to humans. If they would just open their hearts and open their minds to welcome what they have to offer. The dolphins have been the forerunners in this and now the lions are doing the same. If it is possible we would suggest that you make a journey to the lion park of this area, and connect with these lions there. The white ones are holding a specific energy, as are the gold ones. And they are being worked with at this time with a light worker who is educating people in opening their hearts and minds to this. It is a glorious experience and perhaps it is one that would serve you to indulge in. Now the elephants are holding the feminine energy for the planet. They bring and teach the power

of being in alignment with one’s femininity, regardless of your gender. Female power allows the inner goddess, ones intuition to also build a new relationship with one’s environment, inside and out. The purpose of having the masculine and feminine energy balanced is so that the mind and the heart can work together. They were not ever meant to be separate but in the world that you are presently living in everything is so linear, everything is so logical, everything is so masculine, that people have lost touch with their elephant side. We would suggest that you observe elephants either in their natural environment or perhaps on a video and see how they stand together, yet set very firm boundaries. When there are young ones, the females stick together and generally they move in tribes of females with not many males. This is not because they are feminist in any way but because the feminine power needs to stand together, because it keeps the creative force of life alive. If the feminine aspect is consumed by masculine energy it is then overridden by the outer world. And this is what has happened in your business world already. This is why initially when the esoteric movement came forward it was generally more females than males, because the feminine energy had to be built to a point where it could stand as an individual source but would then attract the male energy and so develop a balance as opposed to one consuming the other. Now the dolphins hold and protect the inner child consciousness. The inner child consciousness is basically your memories of your childhood, it is the time that one spent in those earlier years developing ones identity. The dolphins work with reactivating the true memory of your original blueprint that you were born into this world with. Dolphins remind humanity of the importance of work and play. Having fun and not taking life so seriously. Perhaps this is why they come from Sirius, yes? (laughter) Now you will also notice that more and more information will be released on the benefits of utilising animals for rehabilitating children who have been abused as well as people who have been exposed to substance abuse. We have light workers around the world already working on these projects and those of you present here this evening who have a very deep affinity with the animal kingdom observe the animals that you work with, the animals that you interact with, because they will now speak in a more conscious way to you, because they will now be aware that you are more aware of the fact that you can communicate with them. Keep a journal of your interaction with them and how it is that they guide you, support you, and perhaps even tease and test you a little. Do you all understand this? The animals have been through a number of stages of development through their evolutionary cycle, and now as they stand equal to man in consciousness it is time to turn ones heart to a deeper understanding of a consciousness that is equal and at times more evolved but is simply in a different form to what the human is accustomed to seeing. Now humans don’t only reject the sacredness and consiousness of animals, humans do it with their own kind, and this is usually with children, but that is another subject on it own, so we’d better stick to the topic of this evening. By acknowledging a creature as a living consciousness, as you acknowledge a creature of having rights, as you do, you will begin to shift the way you observe them, the way you interact with them. You will also find yourself in positions at times where you are wanting to tell others of this amazing discovery that you have made. And you can also tell them that the animal’s right, just like humans right, is the right to life. If you were born, you have a right to life, and no person has the power to deny anybody or anything this right. The more you learn about nature, the more you will understand that there is a divine and very natural process in place that ensures that balance is kept and humans need to learn the same process. Humans have invaded the animal’s world. As the human race increases in population so they invade more and more and more of nature and so animals are forced to move into areas where humans are as well. Then humans have the audacity to take their lives. Please Beloved Ones, you share this earth together, God gave the earth to all of you. Not just humans. It was said humans would have dominion over animals, but it was never said humans would have the power or the right to abuse them. Dominion and abuse are two very different energies. Infant animals taken from their mothers, have their energy fields shattered, and this is why there have also been reports of animals turning on their trainers, turning on their owners, because their energy body was not given sufficient time to complete its process of being properly structured. So humans need

to understand that they have interfered to a great deal in contributing to certain animals at times behaving out of character. It is unfair for humans to blame the animal and to put the animal down, especially when the animal has been bred specifically to fight or to kill. The animals goes with what it is programmed to do, just like the human being, all of you have been programmed. Every single one of you in this room has been programmed, by your parents, by your teachers, you have been conditioned by society, and you behave in certain ways, depending on what your program is and was. There is not one single person in this room that is in full and complete alignment with their pure identity and blueprint, and in fact it is almost impossible for this to be a reality, because there is far too much outer stimuli that affects you on levels that you are not at this time consciously aware of. Do you understand? Therefore the animals are affected by it as well. Now when humanities collective consciousness is being motivated by fear this also impacts on the animals consciousness and the animals become restless, or perhaps there are incidents that happen where animals do behave out of character. This is because everything impacts on everything else. When it was the time of the September 11th and there was that immense wave of shock and fear that swept the earth, the animal kingdom felt this. The initial stages of the war that has just happened in Iraq there was also a wave of fear and panic that washed over the world and the animals felt this. And it is through this that animals are also able to support humanity, because also at this time the animals draw on the energy of Mother Earth, they also draw on the energy of Father Sky and they all project an energy of love out to counteract the wave of fear. So the animal consciousness as a whole is helping humanity to step out of being motivated by fear and to learn to be motivated by love. Study your animals, look at how they behave. They are unconditional in their approach to their owners, a dog is hit, it does not sulk for a week, it does not ignore you for a month. It may not be sure how to approach you when it sees you again, and may crouch in the corner, tail between legs, but you look into that animals eyes and there is still love there. And this is what humanity has forgotten. Humanity has become so involved in their petty concerns that they have lost touch with the essence of love. Love is the glue that keeps your world together, and when love is lacking everything will fall apart. There is two programmes that are broadcast on television. We do believe that it is known as the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Take time to watch these programs with the animals, the information that is given about the animals natures, their habitats will educate you more than you could ever realise. Because every creature has a message for humans. The Native American Indians always spoke of the animal medicine. An owl for instance has the ability to see in all directions, the owl has the ability to see in the dark and has a very, very keen sense of hearing. Therefore the medicine of that owl is the ability to see through deception, to be aware of everything that is happening in your environment and to also develop the senses of clairaudience and clairvoyance. The medicine of the horse is power. Watching a horse racing through the fields, it is freedom. This is the medicine that it brings, so if you find all of a sudden wherever you go that there is a certain animal that seems to be appearing all over the place, by knowing what that animal’s qualities are you are able to benefit from its medicine. Not just animals, but insects as well. Eagles are able to see very, very far distances, therefore the eagle brings you the medicine of unlimited vision. Think now of the animal that you are most attracted to, how much do you know about that animal, and we assure you that the more you learn about that animal, the more you will learn about yourself. Every person has nine animal totems, these are qualities, gifts that are being brought to you by the animal kingdom to help you as a human being on your path, to learn, to grow, to heal and to be protected. Study this and you will find that it will help you tremendously. Or you might find that at some time in your life to start thinking about a specific animal or suddenly you want to get yourself a dog or you want a bird. Stop and ask yourself, what does the dog represent, what does the bird represent. And this will give you further insight to the purpose of that animal coming to be a part of your life. All of sudden you get the urge to want to swim with the dolphins, why? Or you want to watch the turtles laying their eggs on the beach, why? Look deeper into your actions and your motivations and you will find the keys of wisdom that the animal kingdom is bringing. The more of you who become aware of this the more you serve the animal kingdom and they too can evolve even further because they are now being supported. Humans are

opening their minds, humans are listening. You have all experienced the frustration of trying to speak to someone and they do not hear you. It is the same. And you will find ironically enough that as you develop this relationship with the animal kingdom you automatically are able to tune into your guides a lot easier, you will be able to tap into your inner consciousness a lot easier and you will find answers to your questions so much easier, because every creature on you planet represents a specific quality of energy. Is this clear to all of you so far? Now we would like to open the energy to take questions and we will answer them the best that we can, so when you are ready please begin, and please speak up so that I can hear you clearly. Question: I would like to ask …celestial plane and I feel there is a strong connection, can you tell me more? Lord Kuthumi: You are asking of the creature individually? Very well. This particular horse holds the quality of the feminine warrior goddess energy, she is teaching those who come to ride with her the lesson of tapping into the femininity of themselves but to also understand that the goddess and the warrioress are one and the same energy. This is about aligning fully with the feminine power and completely accepting and embracing the beauty of womanhood, and everything that comes with being a woman. She is also connected to a being who is known as the Lord of Sirius - Lord Syra, who is connected very strongly to a white horse, that shape shifts between horse and unicorn that is known as Chevalier. Chevalier is the masculine counterpart of the horse that we speak to you of. All who come to ride her will have the fire of their goddess warrior self awoken, and where there are issues of denial or disregard or rejection of the feminine aspect of self it will come under scrutiny and this will have to be dealt with. Is this clear? You are most welcome, blessings be with you. Question: Inaudible Lord Kuthumi: The tiger is the bridge between the eastern and the western world, it is bringing together both the masculine and feminine energy. It is the energy of ignorance and denial that come to meet with the energy of illumination and of knowledge. The tiger for you represents the duality that you have experienced in this world already. The tiger also is showing you that these two seemingly separate very different worlds are coming together and merging so that east and west can form a relationship, an interaction where both can benefit from one another’s strong points. Is this clear? The tiger is one of your totem animals and will also help you to keep that balance between knowledge and ignorance. Is this clear? You are welcome and Blessings be with you. You may continue sister. Question: I have a little cat and she disappeared in the middle of the night…. (tape ends) Lord Kuthumi: Beloved sister, your cat came to see you and yes it was to connect with you one last time. She was aware that you were aware of the fact that she was going to leave. She brought you a gift, and it was the gift of forgiveness. Perhaps it is also time for you to look at any aspect of your life, where there has been specifically an act of betrayal or unresolved issues with a man in your life. And she will assist you in resolving this. Is this clear? …. What we are saying to you is that you need to look at some area of your life, perhaps in your past, where some of your power was given away to a man in your life. Think carefully of this, where there is perhaps some anger, or sadness, or grief that is still held inside of you. Every creature, every animal brings a gift to their owner and when they leave they leave that gift with their owner. Your cat brought forgiveness. By taking the time to feel inside of your being where this may be lurking, where your power was given away, you will find a new opportunity of self-empowement presents itself to you. Do you understand this? I will try to look for what you are telling me, but it is definitely not clear. Lord Kuthumi: What part exactly are you not understanding, let us help you. Where I have given my energy away to a man, some betrayal and all the other things you have mentioned. Lord Kuthumi: Let us ask you, have you at any time in your life ever felt victimised, or felt that you

have been pushed into a corner. Or have said Yes when you have meant No to anybody in your life that represents or stands as a masculine figure. Perhaps even a female who could be considered as having a strong personality? Tough one, I’d say No. Lord Kuthumi: Beloved one there is most certainly an aspect of this and perhaps when we are finished with the group we could talk to you individually. There is a time specifically, eight years of age, in school an incident with a teacher. This teacher was not allowing you to express your opinion in the class with regards to a specific topic that was being shared amongst you and other students. You had a valuable opinion to share and this was not permitted. You became very angry with this and there was a pattern that developed with this teacher, perhaps if you think back you can work out more or less what grade this was in and this also set up a precedent in your life where if you do not feel heard or are not given the space to express your opinion or what you feel, there is or are buttons that are pushed. When you are not able to express your opinion and when you are pushed into a space where a person does not want to hear you and you become angry with that situation, power is given away. People give their power away a million different times in a million different ways, at a million different times throughout their life, and 95% of the time it is not even realised. So we would suggest that you think back to this time and see if it rings a bell for you and we can always discuss it afterwards. Is this clear? …. Thank you Beloved One, Blessings be with you. Any further questions. Question: I am having a problem with mice. I have never had a problem with mice and all of a sudden the cat brings in a perfectly dead mouse. In other words the body is not mutilated or anything and she will put in on my bed or my computer where I am working. This happens I would say six out of seven nights she brings a mouse…… Lord Kuthumi: He is trying to show you how clever he is (laughter), he can catch mice and he is brining you a gift every time. Beloved One, mice are symbolic of scrutiny, it is having to look very closely at what is going on in your life at this time. The very intimate details, are you involved in any legal contracts at this time? ….Then be very careful about what will happen, read it very carefully, do not skip a word or a sentence. Do you understand? …You do not want to be the dead rat, Yes? (laughter). It answers your question Beloved One? ..You are very welcome and Blessings be with you. Thank you. Question: Question unclear relating to dolphins. Lord Kuthumi: Beloved One, you are an animal medicine being, this means that what you are able to give to animals is also to bring healing to their consciousness, to their beings, and so they share it with you. Animals can emit a specific vibration that affects the cellular structure of the human body. As that vibration is emitted, it also programs codings of information into that human body which at specific times is activated, which releases perhaps insights or understanding. Is this clear? So our suggestion to you, is to also look at what these creatures represent and how they are bringing you messages with regards to aspects of your own life that may need to be looked at, that require healing and to look more closely at working with the animal kingdom in a healing manner, perhaps offering or volunteering your time at an animal rescue center or the zoo. Simply to interact with the animals and send them love, even if it means just visiting the zoo or the botanical gardens once a week. Is this clear? The animals do have stories to tell you and perhaps this will also be something for you to do, to work with them in this manner, by receiving their messages, receiving their stories and letting them tell you what their experience is being in a confined space and this could also be a process of educating humans, perhaps even children stories. Because children are accustomed to go and see animals in captivity as opposed to seeing animals in their natural environment. Is this clear? Does this answer your question? …You are welcome and Blessings be with you. Question: I would like to know … I have seen animals take on similar illnesses to their owners and is it possible to heal those without…

Lord Kuthumi: Animals come in service and this is why they will come to an owner and surrogate the disease for their owners. What one needs to do then, is first of all is determine whether the illness that is being contracted by the animal is in actual fact a part of their divine plan or their purpose for being here. And this you can do by tuning into the animal consciously, asking them questions and going with the answer that comes to you intuitively. If the answer is yes and it is their divine plan then you cannot interfere in any way and all you can do is to make the transition as comfortable as possible. If the answer is no then you need to take the animal through a series of counselling sessions, giving it therapy, by explaining to the animal that it is not necessary for it to carry the burden of its owner. Just like you would counsel a human being in handing back other peoples issues to their rightful owners, you would do the same with the animal. Is this clear? We would also suggest that you use crystasl with these animals because their energy responds tremendously to these particular vibrations and beings. Is this clear to you sister? …You are most welcome and Blessings be with you. Question: Can you talk to us about animals that have become extinct. Lord Kuthumi: The animals that have become extinct have brought very specific vibration to the earth plane, they will have held that energy for the purpose of bringing humanities evolution to a certain point. When that goal has been achieved they begin to leave their physical bodies but still hold certain amount of presence through their soul consciousness which still helps humanity to move further along that line. However is also happening is that some creatures that were considered to be extinct are actually reappearing and what they are doing is brining the next level of consciousness, especially with the immensity of what is being experienced at this time, to help humanity to take it to the next level. It is like climbing a stairway, the stairway to heaven, every step that you take brings you closer to self mastery and to enlightenment and as you climb the step some people come with you, some things come with you, others don’t and you might find that something that you left behind, you rediscover ten steps ahead. It is the same. Do you understand? It answers your question? …You are welcome and Blessings be with you. Question: Not audible. Lord Kuthumi: With this incident specifically it was to do with a security issue, protection. Not specifically or necessarily of your physical safety. Let us explain it this way. Your motor vehicle represents your personality, it represents what you do in order to move forward in your life. A dog represents loyalty, and protection as well as nurturing. Now there was some aspect in your life that was not getting perhaps the attention that it needed or perhaps you were neglecting your own health or issues revolving around your personal well-being. Do you understand? And your dog took it upon itself to bring this to your attention. This is why there was not physical harm that was done. But you most certainly are now very careful where the dog is when you drive in, yes? So it has made you very conscious of where you are going, not so? …Very well... You are most welcome and Blessings be with you. Question: I often hear of stories where people .. watched a lion hunt and the lion stayed with the animal that it caught and it died very slowly and most people at this point, I think misunderstand what is going on. Can you talk to us about this? Lord Kuthumi: First of all the initial shock of the animal being attacked disconnects the animal’s spirit from the physical body. The playing with the animal is in actual fact a celebration ceremony of having now having food. Do you understand? It is not about deliberate conscious torture. Is this clear to you? So it is about, let us say, a ritual of thanksgiving, expressing the joy at having been able to catch food. Because, perhaps you know this quite well, not every attempt at getting food is successful and these animals may go days without food, so when they are able to catch it they celebrate because they can now all feed. Is this clear? Question: This brings up another question. Why do animals go through the chase, what is the chase? Lord Kuthumi: It is the natural instinct to flee from danger, This is natural in all animals, human and any other form, you understand? There is a natural instinct to survive therefore when a creature, any

creature is threatened immediately it’s natural instinct is to run away – survival instinct. Do you understand? It is fright, flight or fight. Do you understand the concept now Beloved One? So it is a natural response. Does this answer your question? For now it does. Lord Kuthumi: What is the missing part, (laughter) or should we say the missing link? You are the missing link? (laughter) I guess what my question is, within the animal kingdom the animals have relationships with each other and how do they relate to each other in who gets eaten and who does the eating. Lord Kuthumi: Yes we understand what you mean. There is a very intricate, natural system, that is present in nature. It is like which worm is going to stick its head out of the hole first. (laughter) And which of the antelope will actually get caught, this is a natural system, there is no, should we say it is your turn next time. Is this clear? You are welcome. We do still know that your answer has not yet been given but we will speak to you at length about it when we see you next on an individual level. Is this clear? Because it resonates to some of your own personal issues. Do you understand? Very well, Blessings be with you. Question: Inaudible Lord Kuthumi: I will share this with you and I will also suggest that you speak to brother Arend, he too at this time is working on a project in grounding the meanings of the African animals and how they speak to humanity. So that could be a good interaction for you in that sense. Do you understand? The buffalo of Africa is one that represents solidity and power. The buffalo also protects spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Buffalos bring humanity the gift of a very deep awakening that can be brought into communities through educating the heart as well as educating the spirit. Buffalos show that without the presence of spirit or spiritituality the human soul numbs and eventually dies, figuratively. You understand? So these people whom you are working with and whom you want to share this teaching with you will notice will undergo deep shifts on a spiritual level in understanding the connection between the people whom they are with and the community that is built, and upon what basis and intention the community has built their values on. Is this clear? Very well, it is about setting solid foundations, it is about being truthful and honouring the laws of spirit in all environments, but speak to brother Arend and you will also get more and yes also transcribe it and you will get a deeper understanding. Blessings be with you. Question: For the last few months I have been working at an animal shelter and for one reason or another one of the animals …… It is a very nervous dog and I would love to help him, can you tell me why does he chose me and how can I help him? Lord Kuthumi: Beloved One, as we explained earlier on, individuals emit specific vibrations. You work with a guide who is known as St Francis of Assisi and it is this energy that this animal has picked up on. It is a feeling and sense of safety. We would suggest that you embrace this animal as much as you can, energetically and physically, it is in need of touch and gentle massage, and if it is possible for you to do this, to massage its body, its ears, its jaw and along its spine it will begin to balance its nervous system and bring into alignment it’s energy field. Is this clear? Yes I am already doing this, thank you ….. You are welcome. It is one of those eureka moments, yes? Blessings be with you sister. We have time for two more questions please. Question: Lord Kuthumi, whenever I am driving, not every day but often, I have crows that I see on the side of the road….. Lord Kuthumi: These are the ones with the white collars, Yes? This channel calls them dominee crows, Yes? (laughter). Beloved One, the crows are connected to Lord Merlin, the Lord of Magic, so perhaps there is a little magic that is coming to you in the form of perhaps a union with another person. Do you understand? So it is time for you to be open to experiencing some magic in your

life, and perhaps there is someone who comes and sweeps you off your pretty little feet. It is not like you are involved, Yes? (laughter) Lord Merlin likes pretty girls like you to weave magic, so perhaps the next time you are massaging someone your magic fingers might wake up something in their hearts. Is this clear? (laughter) Now the crow also brings the messages of the underworld. It is mystery and magic and the crow is also representing your ability to tap into the very deepest aspects of yourself and to bring forward intuitive insights and information, not only for yourself but for those whom you work with to. Is this clear? Blessings be with you. You are welcome. Question: I would like to ask that the physical presence of a Siamese cat and ….. Lord Kuthumi: The Siamese cat specifically is a guide of yours that has projected an aspect of itself into a physical form that is coming through the Siamese cat. Have you connected with the Siamese cat in its eyes? Do this but not for too long, Siamese cats do not like to be stared at. What you can also do is speak to the cat through your third eye and see the images that come to you telepathically, symbols and colours, do you understand? So this particular animal is able to project information to you that will support you with the project that you are working with. Is that clear? Now the dolphins and the whales that you are seeing are connected to your ability to move into the Akashic records at this time, the dolphins as we have said work with spontaneity, with joy, with playfulness, and the whales are the record keepers of the planet. Because it is in an etheric level it is aspects of energy and information that have not yet been grounded into a physical form that you are tuning into, that is also part of your work. Is this clear? The throat chakra being the chakra of expression through which you are having to work as well, and the third eye is about awakening to inner vision. Is this clear to you? Now the falcon is one of the creatures that works with the Native American Indian being who is known as Hiawatha. Hiawatha has come forward for a specific reason with you at this time, and perhaps when we speak with you personally again, we can bring more information regarding this. The music that you are to bring is a mixture of various cultures. Do you understand? And there will be a Native American Indian touch to it. And Hiawatha will support you directly with this. Is this clear? You are welcome and blessings be with you. Question: Why does a cheetah mean so much to me. Lord Kuthumi: Beloved One, cheetah is one who moves with great speed but it is very, very observant. It knows precisely where it is going and it is not afraid to tackle what comes its way. The cheetah is considered to be of the canine family, in other words it is more associated to a dog than a cat. And this cheetah also represents your immense ability to love, and your sincerity. Do not be afraid to move forward in your life. Do not be afraid to show your strength and your agility, the sharpness of your mind, the sharpness of your wit and your ability to understand complex concepts which will become more evident to you the older you get. The cheetah also brings the energy of a being who is known as Lord Aniston and Lord Anniston is one of your master guides. Is this clear to you? You are most welcome and Blessings be with you. And so it is at this time beloved ones that we wish to embrace each and every one of you in the presence of the unconditional love and service that the animal kingdom brings. We know that there are many questions still in the hearts of the people present here but we will answer your questions in our own way. Keep your ears open, keep your eyes open and above all keep your heart open. Your presence here this evening has been a great honour and the animal kingdom bows in gratitude to all of you coming to listen to the words that have been share here. May the light of the Christ energy embrace each one of you on your journey, shining through you making the way clear before you. May this energy colour your thoughts, your actions and your words. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold each one of you, and know that as you honour and respect life around you so you are able to honour and respect yourself. And the more you honour and respect yourself, the more you honour and respect the world that you are a part of. Acknowledge the presence of every creature that you come across, from the wretched fly that comes to buzz around your nose to the mosquito that squeaks in your ear when you are trying to sleep, give thanks that you are able to hear them, give thanks that you are experiencing life and able to acknowledge that they are there. What are

bugs for? To bug you, Yes!! (laughter) And what are they bugging you about (laughter)? Think of that next time you shoo a fly or threaten the mosquito with being squashed against the wall with a cushion, Yes? (laughter). I am Lord Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet and Bless each on of you in Love. Adonai

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