Little Phoenix is Not an Immortal

May 29, 2016 | Author: niza | Category: Types, Creative Writing
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about a little pheonix...


Little Phoenix is Not an Immortal by Shu Ke Body sea cock The vast oceans, Islands, hibiscus tree on the island. Wave the smoke still, silent. Suddenly, a cock up on the island, cut through the sky, loud and clear, sonorous, throughout six States. White Oriental autumn dawn. Hibiscus tree, a group of chicken majestic standing in the branches above shining red Crown, covered with colorful feathers, colorful, not where the chicken can, from the Supreme Leader that began every chicken turns, one after another, driving room cock. Moment, a red Sun rose out of the sea, xiaguang. Day chickens were encouraged, heads held high, triumphant, more powerfully, but the corner has a small size chicken neck, sitting wearily in the branches. And unlike other chicken, this little chicken was not too goodlooking, young said, even feathers are grayish-brown, bleak, being around a bunch of colorful large chickens set off, very eye-catching. Yes, the protagonist of the story is it. This clown day chicken body, living a special soul, that's our heroine, Tian Zhen. . They say crowd, we count what? Tian Zhen claws scratching his head in silence. So, would like to make on the cross not too gentle thoughts, but

only chickens on the island, is the Group of real chickens, have souls, but without too much spirituality, it is difficult to communicate, even if someone, estimates could not understand what she said. Tian Zhen grief, not chickens, and spent a night time to accept the fact. Well, chicken, chicken, chicken is at least gods, don't have to worry about being cut neck. Trouble soon arrived. Next to feel the chickens are not satisfied with the look of the day, Tian Zhen tears, I know you assume then that the six major tasks, however, you can't just tell me is a hen? Then this job is I do?! Tian Zhen looked down to see feathers. A little bit ugly is ugly, but I also have sex! Back pain suddenly, Tian Zhen quickly twisted face, saw all day Chicken stood around their necks, very unfriendly stares, suddenly the scalp tingle. Broken, don't think I'm lazy too! Her inactivity, next day chickens then gave her a Peck, a feather under this time Peck. People off the sea is chicken ass, Tian Zhen was hurt and frustration, know that the chicken is not as conscious, mostly livestock nature, can not explain, given the continued to hold 13 gang fights are likely to be, she quickly stretched his neck learn to be called twice. The vast sky, suddenly fell silent. Fantastic song, loud and sharp, sweet, with clear Ethereal sound, xiangexingyun, enough to make all things lost.

All day chicken is frozen. This is ... ... My voice? Tian Zhen did not believe, and then called out. Chicken intoxicated, rising sun, stop. In heaven, hen crowing rooster fiercer? Tian Zhen finally discover their strengths, are complacent, above all of a sudden there was another voice-"Phoenix? ” . Sounds very appealing, clear? Tactfully? Elegant? These words are insufficient to describe soft and Yang, just right, something with a singular appeal, compared with just sound lame for a few minutes. Tian Zhen is trying to adapt to the new identity, suddenly heard the language but not used, in a daze. Through yesterday, and haven't seen this little island people, right? "I said that sounds like, sure enough here," the celestial voice sighed, vaguely hid a smile. Determining what is, Tian Zhen exultation, looked up. A huge fire Phoenix stop in midair, eyes clear, full of pride, opened wings of two feet, brilliant silk, long tail, Golden, and for a time, those colorful day on the tree became the Ravens. The difference between upstart and innate nobility! Tian Zhen eyes nor blinked, looked at the Phoenix ... ... Above the men drool. Phnom Penh, white, gold belt, hair hanging, gentle drowned dead in the water hyacinth, as for his age, says young, solemn but implied authority, saying that the old, look at's unmatched

face guilt. Whole body surrounded by light light, beautiful and peaceful. The Holy Father? Tian Zhen mind immediately jumped out this word. White man sit on Phoenix's back, smile warm, and warm, as the rising sun: "Phoenix, or do you want to stay here? ” Phoenix? He rides a Phoenix come to Phoenix? Tian Zhen subliminal mess around and see, before she found the Phoenix, a long, powerful hands and stretched, to carry her into the arms of white. Arms wide, blessed with nostrils, Tian Zhen's life and for the first time unique beauty male intimacy, blood pressure surge, eyes wandering. "Birds of our God Phoenix, how reduced into chickens," he lovingly, gently her feathers, with three playful tone, "crowed? ” Huang Feng? Phoenix? Tian Zhen and see chicken Fusang trees that crowd, suddenly a "yangtiandaxiao go" impulse--who says that only the ugly duckling becomes a Swan, I'm ugly chick could one day become a Phoenix! White men smile: "Phoenix can stay chickens, I take you to places to go, OK? ” Tian Zhen nod more than. Sees white men to speak, suddenly stopped, turned to see the other side. Sea days, many sprinkled with black spot from far and near, neatly moves this way, stop outside the baizhang, it seems that many birds. Blink, a shadow to the eyes.

. That is a mighty big Eagle, instantly took wing, turned into a personal, but it is a 40-something and the General people, he slowly landed, respectfully toward the white man: "North Sea nine days down days rate kunpeng, see chaohuajun. ” Chaohuajun? Tian Zhen secretly write down the name. Chaohuajun shower, affectionately called him "great PengWang", and asked: "your Majesty points? ” Peng Wang hang day replied: "Yes, Lord made heaven, Decree of his Majesty, vertical adjustment coming back to the North Sea, Wen Hua passed by the East China Sea, is here waiting for you. ” Chaohuajun: "recommend you, you observing these years, and I am pleased that, God's birds in proud of you. ” Down day: "down days are expected to do everything, your Majesty, my Wang Xiao Ming. ” Chaohuajun nodded: "back. ” Down days to go back upstairs. Chaohuajun reminds you of a thing, called out to him: "there are only small Phoenix ashes, I think she was a fluke for the robbery, escape from life, but hurt color primaries, so losing nature into chickens, you come, bring her back to Phoenix in the North Sea. ” Vertical heaven was "Yes", came to Tian Zhen. Tian Zhen looked that sharp triangular eyes, and with a Chin beard, then looked toward the huajunjunmei face, turned decisively neck hair, Dr EAM wings, two front claws clinging at Embassy suite on. Chaohuajun couldn't help but laugh: "you don't want to go to

the North Sea? ” Tian Zhen nodded. Original is listening to this family people learn chicken called, through sound and to, see she confused reduced into chicken group, is heart with she go, but small Phoenix no half fix for also so pass spiritual, towards Embassy Suite more more has two points love, reaches supporting up she of Chin: "good cute of small Huang son, both unwilling to to, that will with I back feather Mo Temple cultivation's. ” O God! That smile too bright, Tian Zhen dizzy, feel this through the gentle words removed. When the bird well ... ... Chaohuajun in charge of the God's birds of tens of thousands of years, a heart of love people, know that Phoenix soul living in another, he waved Peng Wang to retreat, take the train to Phoenix rising. Light chicken wings fan, 8,000 in the moment, straight to heaven. . TMSC, wild is vast, which the cloud fog around, there is a mountain, mountain famous Shiva, towering, unseen, rocks and ferocious, very steep. Night cold wind disease sweep. Foot of the mountain, water sparkling, lifted a corner of the curtain of night. Previous delays, missed the trip, wild no Inn, travel inconvenience during the night, Embassy Suite Fire Phoenix landed in this great mountain, literally overnight. Fire Phoenix flight is tired all day, sitting on the rocks, close their eyes to rest.

Pearl light blue purple, exquisitely beautiful, but Tian Zhen always felt less than a lamp, that lack of temperature, only shows that the four-week cold. Chaohuajun held her on the ground, handsome face in shimmer shine a bit bleak, he watched silently in front of Lord Shiva, appears to be a trance. Internal hunger, Tian Zhen impatience. Leadership would raise birds? Bird to eat! Aware of her anxiety, Hua Hui, stroked her feathers: "Huang? ” Tian Zhen weakly groan, thinking about how to express the hunger. "Hungry yet? "Hua smile, let her go," to get it to eat it. ” Tian Zhen said, his arms and jumped down, walking up and down a few steps, start of nuts, which nowhere what we can find, no ... ... Looking at earth worms reptile, Tian Zhen shivering and finally got back to front of Embassy suite, watching him shaking his head – I don't eat worms, I'd like to eat ... ... Chaohuajun has long been seen to laugh: "Fortunately do not eat bugs, or chicken all day. ” Chickens eat, Tian Zhen low hum. Chaohuajun thought for a moment, a glistening mushroom out of the sleeve: "me no practice real, you don't want to look, here are the day before yesterday he sent jade Ganoderma lucidum, please eat, okay? ” "Will" to eat? See celestial bird treatment, Tian Zhen tears. Ganoderma lucidum broken pretty hands, with palms holding onto her lips.

Tian Zhen was too hungry, and pecked down piece by piece, and gave, kissed numerous times by the way led by the hand. Chaohuajun to see her finish and remove only a small pot from the sleeves and a Gold Cup: "this is the Sycamore Springs house wine sauce and bamboo leaves, for when spring water drink. ” Tian Zhen had two, and only fragrance infinite, so satisfied, he nodded his thanks. Birds to see Lord of the air, all bow, and this Phoenix is not afraid, Hua smile lifted her, softly: "to sleep, tomorrow, also on his way. ” Indulge in the gentle man, Tian Zhen to doze off. . Awakened by the wind, it was midnight. Water still exudes a faint cold light, Fire Phoenix on the rock not far from sleeping, neither side, but empty, missing people. Shiney through the darkness in the distance, sent to chill it. Tian Zhen stood up and looked around, still no chaohuajun, ran to Peck at the Fire Phoenix, Phoenix fire wake up, displeased, owners, a wings fan her somersault. Do not know Phoenix communications, Tian Zhen helpless and afraid to mess with it, had no choice but to try to Pat wings, due to feather damage, although barely able to fly, but it is very difficult. Bird care, let your job search! Shiva is very large, Hill has both Woods and stones, wind storm, shaking the trees such as ghosting. Mouth water, for fear of getting lost, Tian Zhen according to fixed routes, being careful around the foot looking for Lord

Shiva, quivering, already starting to regret--when Dapeng down Wang's superior, Hua was not low, is there anything, maybe just go out to walk too. Find the reasons for stopping, Tian Zhen courage immediately collapsed and decided to turn back, and at that moment, suddenly a Flash of red light flashed overhead. What thing! Tian Zhen jump and nearly fell from the sky. Blink red, and old trunk sitting in front of a small figure. It was a teenage child, small red robe at night particularly eyecatching, white shoulder and belt with red patterns, small feet are a pair of Brown boots, chubby face, fine eyes and full head of red hair loose shoulder chest, wearing a amount of fine silver inlay gemstone jewelry and hair ornaments, expensive gas, and lovely. Whose child is so beautiful! Tian Zhen was dumbfounded. Kids look at her sweet smile: "Oh, Phoenix! ” His innocent appearance, Tian Zhen maternity big time, can't help but nod, Hi, too! "Phoenix's nice! "The children applauded. Praise from a child, is the most enjoyable, Tian Zhen look feathered, uh, seem less ugly, it was kind of Nice ... ... Kids crooked head, and hand in my arms: "come here, I'll give you good eating bamboo and fruit? ” I don't eat bamboo fruit, but I don't mind too small is beautiful a hug, Tian Zhen really fly settled on his shoulders, took wing "touch" that cute little face. Children smiled and hugged her, I do not know where to touch cold shiny dagger: "birds of God Phoenix blood, healing panacea, finally met. ”

Fuck, this is what to do! Tian Zhen Jing. Innocent smile becomes evil, child unceremoniously carries over her neck, daggers, blood shed immediately, drop in small bottles of ready, a series of actions is clean and neat. Tian Zhen pain rolled his eyes flutter. Dead is dead! Abdominal heixiaozhengtai, vicious, terrible! "Such an ugly Phoenix, poor man," the boy sighed, caught her by the wings with sympathy, to stop her struggling, "don't worry, I just want your blood. ” Tian Zhen almost dizzy. Brats, mouth full of rhetoric and dare to put my blood! Child seriously took half a bottle of blood, lit it and wound for her, touch her head: "you're going to die, I find you next time. ” Tian Zhen had dizziness, have heard of "next time", a trembling, almost crying. Little devil, I do not provoke you into? "Road damage, what are you doing! ” . Hear that sound, Tian Zhen exultation, feebly wings for help. Lu Xiaocan, immediately left her: "Uncle good! ” Chaohuajun long sleeve Tian Zhen access my arms, a closer look, we understand what's happening, half reluctantly and half of anger: "both know me, and hurt my kind! ” Lu Xiaocan jumped down, got down on one knee for the ceremony: "small residual for the Phoenix blood, has not had time to tell Uncle, uncle and an apology. ”

Chaohuajun in thy longsuffering: "what? ” "I tell Uncle father, don't let the bird come to die," small residual stands up, patted his knee on the dirt, "this is my father personally, saying uncle on the surface, doesn't want to kill people of God plume. ” Serious, Embassy suite a sigh: "his Majesty you say personally, at his mercy. ” Lu Xiaocan smile: "ask Uncle gave me this ugly Phoenix. ” To keep our blood? Tian Zhen is stimulated, immediately looked toward the Embassy suite. Chaohuajun frown. "Calculate, uncle is cheapest, don't! "Small residual jianshibumiao, immediately turned into red light to escape. Take into account the identity, Hua really bad and he cares, bow their heads and called: "Huang? ” Tian Zhen hung his head in silence. Chaohuajun lifted face looked before the mountains, blame softly: "how to run! The steep precipice mountain was Lord Shiva, many immortal demon here ... ... Something's gone wrong. ” That you selected in the night? Tian Zhen secretly surprised, after all, too much blood, sleeping in the past. . --------------Thanks procrastinator students long review:) Really busy lately, we can't, just out of the half, or application the next day more

Wen Tianting secrets Voice melody, to shine the light of God, with the magnificent Palace, looked down from the air, a huge palace complex do not look to the side, countless towers high-rise, monochromatic tiled roofs, beautiful, spectacular. Outside the palace walls sparkle Tianhe, broad river, about two miles wide, flying over a white bridge River, directly opposite the gate, such as horizontal wave Rainbow momentum strong. Avenue on both sides have put gold practice rifles guard every ten steps, majestic. Fire Phoenix landed firmly on the bridge platform, as early as two waiters waiting on the platform, saw hua, came forward bowing ritual. Chaohuajun held under Tian Zhen Feng back, smiling: "guanjiu wait two days. ” Capacity is slightly higher that the waiter laughed: "his Majesty was informed that chaohuajun today, make God wait, Embassy Suite do not have to go to the main hall, now stars of his Majesty. ” While speaking, another waiter came up to lead the Fire Phoenix, and the waiter then chaohuajun go ahead, next to a half step behind to accompany yourself in, lead the way at the right time. Along the road into the Palace, two people shutting a large bird in the palace complex. This man into a bird, and everything is automatically enlarged several times in the eye, tall stairs, tall column of Beaulieu, the broad Plaza, land is clearly not your heaven, light house built hundreds of magnificent and dignified. I do not know how many bridges, turned the cloister, from second-last gate and went out. River day, high clouds.

"To play well," Hua Tian Zhen down and softly say, "do not go far. ” Can't let him take the bird to the Emperor of "his Majesty", Tian Zhen frustration, pacing the small child in circles, nodded in understanding. Next to the waiter sees exclaimed: "this little Crow good cute! ” Crow? Tian Zhen furring, Phoenix! I am the Phoenix! Chaohuajun couldn't help but smile: "that's little Phoenix, Rob born was an accident, breaking color primaries. ” Waiter was embarrassed, was excited: "God said crows have expensive gas, turned out to be of Royal lineage. ” Expensive gas? Tian Zhen turned to look at his grey hairs. Chaohuajun looked at her pursed lip compression, turn down stone steps up. The father smiled, radiance radiant, Tian Zhen stood aftertaste, feel sad for myself, at that moment, the ear all of a sudden there was a loud sound of hooves. Horses from far and near, deafening, a closer look and saw dust on the road across the River, numerous armed neatly lined up and marched proudly up the drive, or walk, or ride a horse, carries a flag, with the sword, bow ... ... See end for a long time. Tian Zhen was prospering under, quickly ran to the other side, jumping on bridge railings and watch. . "Actually, you fought it? ” "Words can't say that if Makai to women, he was not be. ” ……

Several riding was with the laughing, taunting one soldier, the soldier did not hear, bowed in silence. Heaven also has this kind of thing, Tian Zhen sympathy. Pegasus low hiss, followed by "PLoP" sound, that soldier's horse suddenly frightened, took him into the milky way, the team got into a mess. Fortunately, was with a little Mana, little strain quickly, toe water flying up and fall back to the shore. "This boy on horseback rode into the river! ” "A pair of women, fight! ” …… Because were close, the whole thing after Tian Zhen see clearly, is clearly next to those people makes him. Scattered finds, before a general hit immediately, barked shouted: "who make so much noise! ” Previously laughed at a few great company stopped, no one dared to say. Thanks to Bank the river is only flooded to the saddle, and that horse cross, still struggling, little hands tightly holding the reins in case it got away from, but in any case do not come back nor let go, had to awkwardly replied: "rhino accidentally frightened, fell into the river. ” "It was you, shit! "Generals head to give him a whip," worse than successes! ” Rhino does not differentiate. "Give me right! "The generals ordered out loud again order formation, then turned toward him scold," useless things, also does not give me back, army immediately started, missed the

aircraft, you denounce! ” Under the rhino Nono, lanama. Things development and imagine in the different, unexpected he so can endure, Tian Zhen heart those mercy change into has tribute, watch see he two eye, front a bright--this life have very beauty, jade surface Zhu lip, double eyebrow oblique fly into Temple, more rare of is, is was countered, was all mocked, is and no half points resentment of meaning, brow between always a indifferent peace of temperament. See force going far, that Pegasus in the water does not come back, Tian Zhen was also worried for him, and expanded its wings and flew next to the Pegasus, to lend him a helping hand. Rhino accidents: "Phoenix? ” Finally as taking my Crow, handsome guy, I will help you out! Tian Zhen to the Pegasus wings harder, driving to the shore. Suddenly, the Pegasus with a bad hum, disappears, but strong students starting from the water from the unit, fell back to the shore. Tian Zhen looked up, puzzled. Notes on leisurely pulled the reins, looking at her with a smile. This little great company was a master at hiding! Tian Zhen shocked, clearly have the skill, but such humiliation, people laugh at insults, there must be a secret ... ... Eyes, unfathomable, Rhino later to her God, don't know what I thought, a long time laughs in a low voice: "thank you, Phoenix. ” A small residual blood lessons, Tian Zhen will first of all consider its own security for everything, this guy when I was, if I know anything will kill birds kill? So she told this gratitude did not respond, Dr EAM wings into the bridgehead.

See that she's not in the least to fix for, but ordinary Spirit Bird, rhinoceros was unguarded, rolled over on the horse army to chase. Tian Zhen and watched as he disappeared, to jump off the bridge railing, stroll around a few laps in the vicinity, who harvest is not small, such as a God and a goddess of love, a God in charge of the Treasury pocketed a number of gifts, even some gold to harm another pregnant wife ... ... Celestial peace, only birds can find many secrets! Tian Zhen took the claw hold amount. In life, I'd like to do a not talkative bird. . "It's settled, I will Decree. ” Really walk back along the bridge, suddenly hear people speak, glancing toward the Embassy suite and a man standing under the stars, the man gold robe belt, tall, because the back side, see the appearance and several waiters stood respectfully behind him. Hidden, voice and gracious Majesty, is young, full of gas, he claims to be "open", identity is no longer necessary to guess. Chaohuajun: "your Majesty think twice. ” "Cousin Afar, earlier put the rest tomorrow," Emperor to interrupt him, patting his shoulder and laughed, "now in addition to cousin, which wastes no one can help me to share, can no longer evade, siblings come to you at a later time. ” With that, he decided to take a few waiters into the Palace, leaving only the Embassy suite and the previous way the waiter. The waiter smiled: "his Majesty's idea has been set, Embassy suite. ”

Chaohuajun resignation letter called "little Phoenix! ” Hear the call of tender, really loud, hurried past. Look at her two little legs on the ground ran toward the Embassy Suite laughing and picked her up: "to let you stay in chickens, and even how to forget. ” We are more used to walking, and really don't care. The waiter led two men into the Palace, walking: "Hua Dong won yinshan Supreme, solutions will certainly be able to sire of sorrow. ” Chaohuajun: "guarded by God himself, his Majesty does not need worry, but when I went to look at the situation, reassure the armed forces. ” The waiter smiled: "magic power of God, surely, God can only be set to trap him, is going to win the war, Hua was to come forward. ” Chaohuajun frown: "it is the unknown lies. ” Waiter: "pacified, confusion, these two words have come true, he went to the underworld was doomed, this shall be done in God's birds, several times before the Embassy suite and not win. ” Chaohuajun smile. People come to your site and killed tens of thousands of armed, and emerge unscathed retreat back, did you win? Lord chaos? Tian Zhen heard about. God, it must be magic, or what it was with the help leveling! . Heaven has a dedicated reception God of gardens, several maids already at the door, have short, China Grand room,

waiters to accompany said a few words, then returned. Maid taking practice real, Hua Tian Zhen put it on the table and motioned for her to eat, Tian Zhen and see small bamboo rice, no appetite, head-wings. Chaohuajun: "How does not eating? ” Feel concern, Tian Zhen to stick his head out, jumping two says nothing. She previously ate jade Ganoderma lucidum, Embassy suite will no longer talk, at that moment, two Maggie came as Li, Jiao track: "bamboo leaf springs are ready, please chaohuajun to bathe. ” Chaohuajun told Tian Zhen "in the play room, do not run. ” Bath? Field for the word, and suddenly hear a low laugh, but two hands on each other each other, Maggie ambiguous, then look out for a look, and two women wearing thin can ignore the light shirt, Tian Zhen was clear-the sisters, dressed like this, obviously you want to bathe, pull a beautiful male escort bath! Their volts, and China June innocent you don't care! Of course, maybe this person will be happy to ... ... Tian Zhen students promise themselves not interested in MUabsolute beauty leadership and heart just suddenly arises a strong sense of Justice and should research the life style of leadership. So she jumped down, skipping slipped out the door. . There are vast bamboo forest park, with white smoke rises in the forest, several tall plain screens out of the four weeks, have two Maggie holds things like clean clothes of Cap ply in her hand, smiled, and went in.

"Let it go. ” "His Majesty commanded, undecided waited on chaohuajun bathe. ” Tian Zhen wing over his mouth. Wow, this "sire" really considerate lower, before the war, knew to send beautiful comfort, also arranged for two, flying! Later, inside the Embassy suite's voice: "no, all of you. ” Two Maggie, the face of disappointment. Well, turns out that our leadership is being "God" gentleman, Tian Zhen with respect. God the King of the birds, good temper, doesn't mean you can in front of his unbridled, two women if there are not, and don't have the guts to break cover, bow, reluctantly took a few steps, suddenly catch a grey foot slipped from. "These ugly Phoenix went out! "A woman low. Another woman saw two eyes, stolen smiles: "I was chicken all Embassy suite and beautiful princess who, originally also had an ugly! ” Ugly, ugly, we are the Phoenix! Tian Zhen comfort, it doesn't show, our leadership is incredibly big Phoenix! And so on, NI Princess? Just listen to the corner outside, had a concubine to harm another pregnant concubine, the pregnant concubine like what NI Princess, we are the Phoenix, or to tell the chaohuajun to save her ... ... "Don't let it run towards the Embassy Suite inside it. "A woman to come and catch her, next to busy to stop and gestures, and two women took the hint, don't say anything. Let me in, good excuse you are looking for birds, male beauty bath way to accompany bath now! Tian Zhen found, walking up and down the road to close your eyes, mother, out of no.

See its NAP, two maids had to go. Screens in the faint sound of water, really itchy, eyes open looking at the screen for a moment, turned back – Amy's tofu with disgruntled, form is empty, I want to be a pure and noble bird ... ... A young woman holding a woman walked, followed by a few maids. The young woman eyebrow updo, Hairpin loop frontlet sparkling dress very luxurious, wearing gold embroidered Cape moire Chardonnay, seven beauty, three dignity. She took violet woman young, too pretty, face blushing eyes quietly looked this way. Tian Zhen alarm loud straight at attention, before wolves after Tiger leader you are the pieces of flesh! Young woman smiled to push the purple woman motioned, then led the maid away. No one around, female took the shy purple, suffused with a hint of subtle lips smiling, she looked down his body to check it again to ensure that the current in the most beautiful state, just look innocently walking towards screen. Professional beauty you act? Tian Zhen began to imagine the back of the plot. A gasp, beautiful woman covered her face, twisted little waist, stamp your feet, ran out and called everyone knows, and then first lady immediately jumped out, AI Jia for you Lord ... ... Conspiracy conspiracy! Perfect gentleman and girls well Alex, the problem is us that Phoenix leaders finish business, is to feed the birds, bath, did not plan to visit you, so may not like you, so the design is not too unfair to him? Tian Zhen into the screen. Leadership has sacrificed birds.

Warm atmosphere surrounded by the flood, is a white stone in front of the pool, water evaporation, is one person in the pool, high nose bridge, seen from the side lines more beautiful, chicken closed, looked serene, hair wet against my face and back, spring only flooded to chest, tight chest ... ... Discovered, he raised his face. Hot nose, Tian Zhen immediately look up to heaven, no more save points, I managed to patch up the blood ... ... "Small Phoenix? "Surprise. Tian Zhen was called God, think of something, quickly screen out shaking. God the King of the birds, Hua was familiar with a variety of songs to see what people have to say, unfortunately, Tian Zhen is counterfeit Phoenix, didn't know anything about birds, but Phoenix reborn is eons, something unexpected could happen toward the Embassy Suite No one suspected. Avian viewed her as an unusual spirit, Embassy Suite ignored they were bathing, softly: "don't worry, what do you want to say? ” Get up! Wake you up! Tian Zhen don't know how to express, simply roll over lay down on the ground, then got up and repeated signal. Chaohuajun frown: "unstable, Murphy was ill? ” He got up from the water, to hold their checks really hyped up, quickly looked at the day, Amy's tofu, I certainly didn't mean to, is you have to let me see, I still have to bird ... ... "Young Phoenix, how? ” I haven't been, is what you want, never in the water, girls will see exciting pictures! Very quick-witted, Tian Zhen to pick out the clothes before he lost, and then fly to the top screen,

happened to the purple woman was about to come in and want to spread your wings don't want to dive down again. Shadows over the purple woman suddenly was startled, turn pale, screamed back. To this effect, I'm a bird, birds do, is normal, beautiful sorry Ah! Tian Zhen completed difficult maneuvers, fall back to the top of the screen with satisfaction crouching, did not continue to play a trick on her, heaven, after all, everyone has a Mana, small birds is not a problem. Sure enough, Hua clothes neatly has come from the screen, looked unhappy: "do not call you back! ” He was still dressed in white robes with Phnom Penh, just head for the narrow Golden Gao Guanshu, looks more elegant and expensive gas. Tian Zhen look up close. Leadership is leadership, dressing speed is more than I can. Good birds destroyed purple woman was calm and quickly cover an awkward color, a look of surprise: "Hua? ” Chaohuajun recognized her: "constant Moon Goddess? ” Purple bow women Ying ying: "constant Tsukihime see chaohuajun. ” Chaohuajun boy with a gentle some: "How do you here? ” "Just come with the Tin Hau," constant months Ji Xiao amorous, infinite tenderness, looking at screens of Tian Zhen, "was walking casually, see this little Phoenix was cute, I really like, fear lest it get lost, so follow this, but Embassy suite. ” Love bird of beauty! Tian Zhen died almost vomiting blood.

Chaohuajun letters, blaming Tian Zhen: "told you to stay in the room, how running out, surprised the goddess! ” Nosy retaining others peach, music, deserves to be! Tian Zhen took the wings violently himself in the face, added jumping to the ground, bow their heads and made amends. Constant Tsukihime bent over, touching her head, smiling as Notre Dame: "one false step, toward the Embassy Suite don't scold it. ” Yes, Yes, I admit that I too, girls don't break my head! Tian Zhen looked sharp, long fingernails, hairs stand up and straight back to hide. Chaohuajun leaning the upper body as a sign: "Huang. ” Hear the call, Tian Zhen right wings flapping his arms. Chaohuajun Pat her on the back and ask: "Queen of what? ” Heng Yue Ji Mangdao: "waiting on the Empress Hall chaohuajun. ” His Majesty the Emperor Wen Tian Queen of heaven was sitting on the Office, Chao Hua Jungang door had a chance, she quickly stood up, came thanks to a bow: "cousin, never meet, faux pas. ” Chaohuajun Tian Zhen, gift: "just snubs, Empress forgiveness. ” "Yes, ugly little Phoenix! "Queen of surprise. Tian Zhen tears silently and walked to the corner. God, not that heart is the most important. Chaohuajun accident of her ashes under the Western Ontario explains, diva, diva has repeatedly let him sit, was willing to go, laugh at the constant Tsukihime: "sister have constant month to go, somehow a coincidence, he came back with the cousin? ”

Heng Yue Ji Xiao is not too natural: "having met Hua in the bamboo forest. ” See chaohuajun look as usual, days later secretly surprised, knowing that had an accident, and remove the subject, concerns: "cousin to deyinlong female message? ” Chaohuajun shook his head. See Phoenix's dismal color, corner field really surprised, deyinlong woman who is it? "His Majesty has been sent in the high mountains around looking for Lord Shiva," Queen of sighing, murmured, "missing since deyin sister, all in the past 20 years, cousin cannot always be so. ” Chaohuajun obviously does not wish to continue this topic: "NI Princess Empress is pregnant? ” Hear the word NI Fei, Tian Zhen immediately concentrate. "To tell my cousin about happy events," Queen of eye movement, with a perfect smile still on her face, her hand commanded all the maids, "out of it. ” Heng Yue Ji Yu maids went out Diva smiles quickly cools, croon: "Dutch Princess now very anxious, bianzhefaer please your Majesty, your Majesty recently went to her side, this temple is only worried about her days NI Princess can serve, and to health and accident in front of his Majesty to......" Chaohuajun gentle still, interrupts her: "Prince diligence and promising God's birds are expected to fully support, sire aware, Empress worried too much. ” "Chao hua, is indeed the worry," Diva and sure enough to crack, is around to this sentence, paired him with constant month Ji Ye want to deepen the relationship, referring to her son, her tone quite a bit complacent, "Feng ancestry, not base load, we can, and now highly valued by his Majesty Prince,

often came to this temple here. ” Stopped, and she was excited: "Port-au-Prince was to chaohuajun, his Majesty was temporarily called to. ” Chaohuajun: "Goddess born God of birds, look in the eyes of his Majesty, though never revealed what, but Empress as initiative of suspicion, less current is wonderful. ” "The House will understand," the Diva nodded, "this time to see, there is a task, now NI Princess got pregnant, all played on hearing the news, scrambled to send people, Embassy Suite does......" Chaohuajun did not answer, stood up and paced a few steps, suddenly: "NI Princess got pregnant, certainly wary, however she is the Phoenix clan people and neon the General's daughter, I had sent her to heaven, and if anything, I am afraid that people feel. ” "Towards Embassy Suite assured, I eat not came these vinegar, now also only Port-au-Prince this a expect," days helpless to laugh has laugh, "not she, is others, since people how many is a arm, but she on this Palace and Port-au-Prince also is faithful, times in Majesty before for Port-au-Prince Chair, as long as she anshoubenfen, this Palace certainly nursing they mother comprehensive, or also has who will for the we do. ” Chaohuajun nodded: "the Empress for the sake of the overall situation is good. ” Something about NI Princess may have been killed, Tian Zhen was disturbing, don't know if I should tell him, but hearing this dialog, a big hit – and also when listening to a corner from the scoop, he would have to think of it, was so gentle, uproar was a real piece of belly black! The God of all fine than a monkey, which I worry about small birds such as white! "New job......" "My own arrangements. ”

He said, days after their heart, and let the maids in: "when not earlier, this temple is back. ” Chaohuajun: "escort the Empress. ” Diva was excited: "cousin too much ceremony, from it. ” Heng Yue Ji Yan said: "his Majesty said that chaohuajun went to Dong won yinshan under in the morning, look to be careful. ” Chaohuajun thanks. . Maids on the meal in the evening, a rich table, colorful. Corner block of fist Pearl, ripples disappear, the gods deserted the night, Hua independent window, not moist in the Pearl face, back revealing a lonely barren. For a long time, he turned around. Shadow on the table, but Tian Zhen silently stood there blinking. "Xiao Huang is familiar with poor, sad," Hua smiled, sighed softly, "excellent woman missing, I've been looking for so many years, but without any message she ... ... Out of what? ” Thanks to Phoenix is the hair on your face, or he will be able to see Tian Zhen a blush. I'm not sad, in fact we are just waiting for you to eat, Tian Zhen mouth, heavenly foods like grains, no foul air, fragrant. Conscience smitten, she rushed toward the Embassy suite with a nod. Well, leading sad, I'm willing to accompany the sad, it's no wonder his nights in the mountain will say that Lord Shiva, who included his girlfriend in an accident deyinlong woman is pathetic, sad enough for some time.

In fact, from small to large "sad" for Tian Zhen is two characters fart, let go, so she subconsciously appreciate others, sad and eating are two different things, heart pain, stomach, it would have been even less worthwhile, so you almost too sad to eat, or I will eat first, and then continue to hurt? "I should have thought of her feisty temper, anger, would certainly have had an accident," Hua picked her, "for 20 years, 20 years, Xiao Huang said, I give up, maybe she had......" Dark eyes, like the color of the sky. Really moving, quickly closed my eyes. TV shows and magazines tell women, instead of trying to comfort a wounded man, otherwise the flashing glow of motherhood you will fall in love with him. Looking for a woman for 20 years, compared to the kind of Ma Tiandi, you have a big kind, feel the hand rigid, Tian Zhen really guilty, then closed his eyes, stretched out right wing in his face and slapped at random – I have pretty boy tofu ... ... She comforted, Embassy Suite half amazing half is like, and burst out laughing: "can you hear me? ” I know more than you think, Tian Zhen nodded. Sad most of digestion, Hua reached the temptation of solid feed her. Leaders cannot make special, you eat a meal, I eat this thing? Tian Zhen turned, struggled to jump out from his arms, meals on the table around. Thinking she was going to eat? Under chaohuajun Leng, temptation, I simply pushed their meals in front of her. Permitted, Tian Zhen joy picks up. Phoenix family practice are renowned for their solid food, meet

the exception, Hua quietly surprising, reached out and stroked her feathers, smiling: "Xiao Huang is eating. ” If not meet good temper, he let chickens and muddled on the day, Tian Zhen was the gentle look at a giddy, quickly took the claw to push a dish in front of him, and then go back to the other side he continues to eat. Chaohuajun understood as shy and wanted to for many years no one to accompany dinner today opposite the Phoenix was not only the person, don't laughed: "so smart, can practice in the future, it will certainly be able to mend the human form. ” Tian Zhen ignore this sentence. When people are too long is very rich, and when the bird man hold, the gossip, what's wrong? . God wills that night reached, Hua Dong won yinshan Supreme, the next morning before dawn, the Tian Zhen Hua took up the mist of sleep, with 5,000 troops escorted by General months leave. When the bird well, not have to work a natural sleep wake up, Tian Zhen hold wings rolling in my dreams, hundreds of happy days. Hooves crushing, body rocking ... ... Like in the car? "Do you carry Crow? "A clear voice. Why do these people see that my first words were not something new! Tian Zhen motivated woke up, good attitude and deflated by the barrage of combat, rapid eye, source to find the voice of anger, Crow, is a Phoenix! I am a Phoenix! Sitting opposite a young official, ordinary guards dressed up, but the attitude of leaning against the wall, clearly is Deputy leader, and again looks, unusual appearance imposing, long nose full of momentum, thin lips smiling, eyes hidden sharp,

places a gold belt ornaments revealed more expensive gas. "Only hurt small Phoenix color primaries. "Smile at Embassy suite, quietly hand, Tian Zhen erect hairs on the neck heal. The bodyguard was noticed, "Gee", and noted with interest looked at her: "it was mad! ” "General spirituality, what you know, not to mention his Majesty before, how dare it troubles," Hua Tian Zhen bow, trying not to laugh to comfort, "there is no color primaries are unimportant, Xiao Huang is small Phoenix, there is to much in the future. ” Your Majesty? Tian Zhen will soon be erected again Mao Fang, out there. His Majesty the Emperor disguised his close bodyguards, went to visit the work of subordinates, it's no wonder that was flooded with gas of the tortoise, those lazy below carefully. "Cousin aiminruzi. "The Emperor under the mouth, is just right. "Birds of God people, are also subjects of his Majesty and Ministers is obeyed. ” "So," Emperor of straightening up, since he had Tian Zhen in her arms, "I love love people. ” Were surrounded by great God breath, Tian Zhen began to tremble. Man holding is good, but God is absolutely not, the key is that he is a crush I, Embassy suite will certainly not revenge. "It is fear," Heaven eyes flashing in the light of risk, light way, "said did not understand, and I think it knows a lot are just annoyed me, at Embassy suite? ” Tian Zhen tears. Where do I annoyed, his Majesty said I am a Crow, I is the Crow.

Chaohuajun laugh: "even the humanoid is not repaired, but more Reiki, your Majesty, why should it frighten it. ” Found the body stiff and God laughed: "fun! Interesting! ” Indeed novels being poor, the Emperor of all not a good crop, Tian Zhen head-wings, funny ass, fun, don't let go! The emperor was Emperor, penny wasted energy is not easily, get her back to Hua's arms, tone is a bit cold: "Makai decline, who would have thought of today's climate, last time to her River, which is East of the original yin, I am afraid that day he was going to heaven. ” Chaohuajun: "God of war he had been trapped, relieved of his Majesty. ” "Where God reactive trapped him, but he was happy to stop! "Emperor sneer, half are helpless," he is the ancient gods forces trapped in nine days killed God too photogenic, reincarnation of God, were it not for that year four revolted and heaven in an emergency, the late Emperor is going to leave him, has become a great evil. ” Chaohuajun: "does not seal the way he did? ” God does not answer. Chaohuajun muses: "perhaps United celestial Majesty can......" "I would like to, but Guan Heyue is a waste, usurper in recent years, everyone takes the celestial, the verge," Emperor of croon, speed suddenly slow down, "I hear old Port-au-Prince of guanhe slightly went to the world, old courtiers in the dark to find the celestial, I do not know he has our God......" Chaohuajun understanding: "I will send people secretly find out. ” The Emperor nodded. Celestial old Port-au-Prince shut River months micro-when quite

Yin name, real for shut River months Wu mother family forces too big, eventually usurper, shut River months micro-forced fled out, now old Minister are is heart support, helpless Guan Heyue Wu sent heavily guarded celestial of door, shut River months micro-body fairy Emperor power and was seal has ten of **, to return, if found have he reached agreement, help he back celestial seizure, to Shi two territories teamed up against Magic territories, or can contain. . In God territories, dinner is not must, Pegasus endurance extraordinary horse can than, team line to noon, ahead has message came, yesterday stone General ordered to East original yinshan support, army passing green Maple Ling Shi met small unit magic army attacks, although casualties is unlikely to, but magic army flagrant in God territories provocation of behavior, greatly angered has Emperor, life towards Embassy Suite Herald down, tonight on in green Maple Ling camp. More details about the contents, Tian Zhen did not catch or a half interest, so that the Emperor his Majesty's whim to kill birds kill. After getting off, Embassy suite will let her go, let her play, Tian Zhen also know they want to discuss things, then paced around. Sky month, night. Phoenix instinct, Tian Zhen wings to fly, just felt extremely light. Green Maple Ridge area was desolate, surrounded by low hills, vegetation is sparse, unguarded General stone, who never imagined this place an ambush and, of course, in each other's territory, the demon army is not stupid to come second. People are getting the bird, with good eyesight, small foot under a dwarf tree, like there is light. The places in its people? It is strange that silent land.

A small Pearl of a weak light, reflecting the old trees and the injured man, that one day soldiers dressed up, and half-open, chest bloodied and injured does not, at the moment he is head down, reluctantly for wound irrigation, next to the ground and, with a knife. It feels ... ... A bit familiar ... ... Real efforts to search in memory, suddenly the soldiers suddenly lifted her face, straight to her, gone cold flashes in the eye, and then to surprise; "little Phoenix? ” Beautiful face slightly pale, clean-shaven indifferent temperament has changed. It's him! After Tian Zhen Jing, he bullied by patience, and hiding ability, became wary of--although the men are not as bad, but tell me, doesn't know what still continues to be a bird safe. So she stood on the stone, cocked his head to see him, said strange. See is not in the least to fix for only Phoenix, rhinoceros was surrender, feebly against the trunk, eyes closed. Follows army to the East in the original yinshan mountain, Qing Feng Ling encounters the demon world who pass by this little King of ambush, and they also saw an unexpected person, must avoid it, alone, was badly injured at the hands of Heartthrob, just listen to noisy over there and there was this little Phoenix, Embassy suite would be birds of God dynasty emperor under the, passed through here. For a long time, his open eyes, Chong Tian Zhen smiled: "Phoenix, you and I met twice, really means. ” Destined fate, Tian Zhen fan wings. "Said Phoenix to bring good luck in the world, what kind of luck you are for me? "Rhinoceros stared at her for a long time, whispered," so, you come over to my side. ”

Tian Zhen secretly sigh, when in distress, God would have blind faith, I was through bird, don't even know what they have luck. For many years insisted on, and finally from wounds little depression, say Rhinoceros react, could not help but grin a little fix for the Phoenix knows what, so he moved slowly away, face looking sky. In that case, to the wounded spirit is a must, Tian Zhen decided to do a good thing, flew to his side down. Rhino head JABs. Deep eyes gradually suffused with light and bright, to finally become streamer overflowing, besides surprise, joy, incredible, strong, vaguely there ... ... Big head? Tian Zhen Leng. Moments of change, while waiting for her return to God as you look, that vision again mildly indifferent, seems to be just what you see, is an illusion. Actually reached out and hugged her, eyes: "you ... ... If you understand me? ” That's bad! Handsome face suddenly magnified, Tian Zhen first Halo, nose hot, don't whine. I did not meet Deru lustful also confirmed that Confucius sayings, Wu Tian Zhen eventually contributes to the literature, they are nosebleeds, blood I come is nose and mouth at the same time! "Phoenix you......" handsome face steep is now happy, like I can't believe it. Tian Zhen inexplicable, looked down, suddenly shocked daze by front sight-Phoenix blood in his chest, hideous wounds squirmed, new breeds of meat wound gradually co-opted and heal ... ...

Short pause, shallow scars, and it looks good. Birds of God Phoenix leg is healing Elixir, rhino is not surprising, slowly up robes, stood up, holding her smile: "well a little Phoenix, I will treat you in the future. ” I ... ... I just donate blood, shed hundreds of CC? Tian Zhen, quickly looked at the day bleeding, well, more blood and medicine have become in the future, my anemia. At that moment, suddenly someone behind him: "Hey, there is a soldier did not die! ” Rhino smells the complexion changed, holding Tian Zhen, into the fields breathe sweet, the camp of the Hua DUN, obviously not very high but his Mana, just faded out not far away, torn down by the red. "Phoenix! ” Hear the peals of laughter, Tian Zhen stood up,! The body of King brothers Red small sleeves, red hair drooping, silver frontlet Ruby Pearl shine on glistening, Lu Xiaocan high in the treetops waving towards Tian Zhen: "Hello again, do you know me, Phoenix! ” So concerned is not a good thing, really wanted to cry, I don't know who you are. "You're the one that escaped from the my soldier? "Lu Xiaocan recognized the rhinos, big eyes filled with surprise," meet me at ten, didn't die? ” He quickly relieved, smiling to see Tian Zhen: "Phoenix, you cure him? ” Tian Zhen heart twitch. Secretive Rhino was injured in his hand, and ten tips! Little devil really badly to what extent? Today we have no sure

escape? Lu Xiaocan without mercy under the rhino commands: "you, do suicide! ” Rhino has returned to calm, smiling: "I also have no so stupid. ” Let go of me, I would commit suicide, Tian Zhen struggled to come out from his arms, what are stupid, let this sick little devil himself, that's stupid. Lu Xiaocan hands behind, swept in the treetop walk two steps: "don't try to play tricks, you can't run away. ” Without warning, your branch a sink, he suddenly jumped to jump, the two men came quick and sensitive, like taken off the cage rabbit, little hand spot light flashing, Palm Thunder straight rhinoceros. Rhino has taken precaution, looked at Tian Zhen back sharply, but the small residual ability far field is really unexpected, he chuckled, turning into Red lightning road over two, blocking way. Escape it escaped, not they are destined for hell lose here? Rhino secretly smile really is an act of God, can do nothing about it. He simply put the Tian Zhen: "Phoenix, thank you today, to go! ” Just by my wings, how far you can get out? Left and right are the result of a rather than saving, Tian Zhen sigh, bite the bullet and reversed course, rushed to a small remnant, ruthlessly going to Peck at his head. "Phoenix! "Rhino surprised, soon realized that she intended under hesitated and eventually turn into the fields breathe sweet escape. Lu Xiaocan was seized Tian Zhen, no longer chasing rhinos, released a small armed are no big deal, after all, he had Tian

Zhen fell on a large stone, "Gee", and picked up her wings: "it doesn't show you what big daring. ” Little rabbit sperm? Tian Zhen stared round red eyes, head to Peck, Peck ... ... Of course, confined to imagination. My nerve is very small ... ... Lu Xiaocan grin gave way, pulling the hairs on her neck: "dare to Peck me? ” Children are the pure devil, Tian Zhen cringe. She was afraid, small residual joy road, stopped his hand with satisfaction, wink: "kill you, Uncle Wah would be angry, father feather people said they would not kill God. ” I know, so dare who sacrificed their lives, and Tian Zhen said. Lu Xiaocan cocked his head thinking, "Although you are ugly, but I was kind of like, why don't you come back to the demon world with me! ” Devil, Devil boy! Tian Zhen roll, no wonder young age so insidious belly black, you are like me, or like my blood? Indeed immediately Lu Xiaocan said: "because of your blood will be very helpful! ” I went to your fork fork! Child, Tian Zhen first impulse to call foul language, the most painful is that a bird called out that the other cannot understand. It is clear that Lu Xiaocan not going to consider her feelings, with the idea of bird, he began to envision a series of problems that you may encounter, face showed fear a troubled look. "Take you back, my father would blame it. ” Lu Xiaocan troubles, Tian Zhen proud.

"I said that Uncle Wah was sent to me. ” Lu Xiaocan proud, Tian Zhen troubles. "But he won't buy it......" Yes Yes! "That I did not let him know! ” Kao! …… A few words, Tian Zhen heart was ravaged several times up and down, but Lu Xiaocan n ways to feel wrong, ultimately helpless children's mercy: "calculate, I will not raise birds, taking you back to a lot of trouble and chaohua Uncle well. ” Many good little too! Tian Zhen tears. "Phoenix of pure blood is too rare, left a little more to me. "Lu Xiaocan for their own pride, took out a knife, pulled her neck cut. Really take his aging mother when blood banks make? Your mother's blood! Tian Zhen tears. In fact, when birds are less well, at least not when Phoenix, if again, I went to when the Crow ... ... . Day, night, day, night ... ... Jolt, the warm embrace of the fragrance is faint, a hand gently on the back, preening for her from time to time, Tian Zhen hung his head motionless, Japanese Rhinoceros back news, Chao hua came to find her, Lu Xiaocan has left, and she was

confused feet to the sky lying on the stone. "The Fung family is indeed the origin, how's it going? ” "His Majesty asked Hong Fu, without anything. ” Emperor praised her bravery, hand to so indicate. Chaohuajun: "this time it hurt ... ..." Yes, I lost so much blood, dizziness heart trouble, can not stand you joked tossing, Tian Zhen hidden the body, claws hold DPRK Embassy Suite skirt. The Emperor raised his eyebrows: "I want her to see if her injury, cousin seems to be not happy? ” Yesterday, also affectionately called "I", the prototype Barb opening today is "I", and Tian Zhen close eyes not to hear, was cursed, is not the highest status people, you cow farts! Don't know your wife Dou Huan, the loyal cousin and actually secretly plan to Badger you. "His Majesty God birds people ought to serve, how dare to seek the prize," smiled at Embassy suite, Tian Zhen sent out, "I was worried that it was injured, faux pas in front of his Majesty. ” The Emperor suddenly laughed, raised: "just, business matters, back toward the Embassy Suite I appreciate she is. ” Chaohuajun agreed, and pull back the curtain, Tian Zhen handed immediately next to the rhino, and discuss business with the Emperor on his own return. The 5th Road, gradually flat terrain ahead, far known long contour of the mountains, mist hides murderous cupola, are not far off the East original yinshan war. XI asked with a smile: "Phoenix today better? ” Saving, these days he is no less care Tian Zhen, become more familiar with each other, Tian Zhen smells, indicated low

response. Rhinoceros eyes blinking: "you understand, right? ” Tian Zhen silence. This person is not simple, their interactions with chaohuajun where to hide from him. "But my business, you don't tell chaohuajun them, right? "Rhino patted her on the back," why do you want to help me? ” I never thought I would help you, Tian Zhen steal a glance. Rhino low laugh, and not ask: "you lazy Phoenix, except for sleeping and eating, and when can have human form. ” Tian Zhen. From birds to a man what's the big deal, I from birds to people, this is the worst! At that moment, a dozen armor man riding a horse in the distance flying, stopped in front of the team, dismount the previous months generals ceremony, said a few words, generals will lead the people to the front. "The end of thin, served the God of life, come to meet chaohuajun. ” Moment, Chao Hua opened the curtain, smiling: "war ahead? ” Thin respectfully replied: "Lord temporarily trapped inside the matrix, there is no movement, just before underworld King led troops arrived, with Ares to on, now the outcome is unknown. ” Chaohuajun glances at the car and said, "so, you and I went to a view. ” Under thin should go. Team again moved, Tian Zhen excited.

The two armies, populous II, I went to see was with the leveling! . Mountains rise and fall, back like molong, unseen inside, sparse vegetation, mostly rock black, occasionally with some Maple leaves are black in the cold land, seem to be losing more. Flags flying, mountain is densely packed with countless great company, licensed gun sword ready, under the banner of one day will be particularly noticeable, aged about 30, for a straight nose, brow head, looks mighty, majestic figure, armor to the magnificent, waist heaven sword, halberd holding Tony Fang painting. Teams stopped in mid-air, all the soldiers have looked. Official horse and shouted: "Hua for granted, to come to the Supreme. ” Curtain door open, China June walked out, white gold band shines. Gold headed God does not meet, only air hand clasping, luncheon: "military salute the inconvenience, you not blame toward China. ” "God of war any more," Hua falling rate team arriving, smile and say a few words to the Emperor praises that kind of thing, and then asked, "battle? ” Ares yaozhi opposite: "General string against the underworld Heartthrob. ” Fighting was too fierce, Tian Zhen have started to pay attention to get off from the opposite magic clouds billowing, clouds, arranged neatly with countless demon soldiers, lined a spear tip, tied up the two people in the front, stops shining air collisions, dust, sometimes accompanied by the deafening sound of explosion.

See who is that Makai Heartthrob, Tian Zhen began to feel dizzy, in spite of reduced neck. Chaohuajun concentration, and gradually frowned, also did not say anything, a long time will gaze over to the other side. Not far from the Hill, stay a black whirlwind. Large funnel-shaped tornado, tall almost connected to day, it can be said it is moving because it is rotating at an extremely rapid rate; can also be said that it is static, stagnant because it is always standing, not dissipate, one being enveloped by it, couldn't see what there is. Chaohuajun: "earth wind fire v God, wind, trapped him? ” "Yes," Ares lowered his voice and a wry smile, "a matter of Embassy suite, this array at best stuck his little little grasp God was......" Chaohuajun suddenly said: "General string back. ” Ares Leng Leng, and soon went down face, especially ZhengMing. Really surprising head with a low voice explains: "fighting, No 20 General string losing, recalled him at the moment, but in order to keep your celestial face. ” Look up, actually looked at her with a smile. This person will read your mind? Tian Zhenmo, looking back to the battlefield. Zheng sound, lightning break free, General string was returned. Lu Xiaocan there is no Chase, charge, hand laughs: "as my father said, heaven is a waste, var God, you did no one? ” Ares reactive to endure the wrath of God: "huangkouxiaoer, so rude! ”

"The end of May to, lessons of the demon World Juniors! "A will to plead. Tian Zhen in the next cool look, found this person is very familiar to me, without much spirit wanted it--it's not oceans met Peng Wang down day! God of war is difficult, several defeats at the hands of Lu Xiaocan heaven, humiliated, the other is a junior, cannot take the God personally, could volunteer in contention down days, suddenly exultation: "this general war is required to go can only win! ” He fought ji ordered: "da-Peng Wang down days, you, against Lu Xiaocan! ” Down under day, flying to the road opposite the small residual. Lu Xiaocan see him, eyes alert, mouth grinning: "bird, my father determined to forgive you, Uncle Wah to let you die? ” Down day "cursed the devil junior, inexperienced and dare to bluster! ” Lu Xiaocan "Hey": "look at my anger Poseidon killed. ” Voice down, hands flat launch set off the blue glitter like tide, wave after wave coming towards opposite to, apparent lack of diligence, offensive there is fierce, he is young, experience is rich enough, this is clearly a pre-emptive, and test each other's depth. Sneer down days, suddenly give birth to a very large Eagle wings behind. Leung Wing-light fan, set off a hurricane. Across the ocean blocked, tall and erect, the end was pressed back, back down the mountain. Lu Xiaocan have already moved to change the shadow to avoid back, again and again, without the opponent's weak case, had

to grab. Two dozens of you come to me to come round, silhouette Flash like the magicians on TV, and lighting effects, Tian Zhen dizziness, where tell, however, turned down the side of the chaohuajun, found he was business as usual, not snigger, abdomen black, victory or defeat will be installed. "Phoenix wants to hear it? "Rhinoceros touched her head," I tell you? ” Tian Zhen busy nodding. Shields was speaking in a low voice: "small remnant will be defeated. ” Tian Zhen without questioning his judgment, too excited to neck hairs stand up, staring at Lu Xiaocan eyes shine, Schadenfreude, my blood not flow in vain, bird, on behalf of my God birds pick up the little devil! Or even bleeding? Both the Vietnam war became more heated on the Palm, the moment, the three hills were leveled. Lu Xiaocan back several feet whichever hold, her lips seem to have blood coming from, he is not afraid, small hand casually in his mouth a touch, hands-in-chest, made a big blue ball, hit down days. Yo, young to be brave! Tian Zhen in silence, he was bleeding, instead of fear--look how smart people celestial God, seeing his defeat as soon as orders to retreat, this little child was injured, his parents would not hurt? Worry, you bleeding less? Tian Zhen cursed himself. Facing strong offensives, vertical, would not snub, shout, left hand is lifted up, an instant change in the world situation, flow rapidly to the Quartet on the move in his Palm. Take wind power, launched before the slowly towards his right Palm.

A white light projected, as thin as a sword, instantly penetrating light blue ball, ball exploding white light still does not stop, opposite the small residual hit the road. Lu Xiaocan spraying blood, managed to turn away. To see him hurt, Tian Zhen finally motherhood made – well, my Virgin, little asses, but can't run it? Yes, he was trapped in the matrix, and pity the poor, why didn't his mother out to save lives? Peng Wang down days, adults chasing children, you are not afraid of losing face? Look at chaohuajun, I was calm. Others give you men, now you see men son hurt others but do not stop, it would be terribly unkind ... ... Tian Zhen sighed, but also understands, his Majesty the Emperor of physically here, now who dares and Makai friendly relations in front of him?

"Small residues were not so easy to die," rhino patted her head and motioned for her to feel at ease, "you see he is small, but do not know how many people he has a headache. ” Tian Zhen smells let out a sigh. Also, seemingly too small is pretty harmless, abdomen black, fine than a rabbit. Opponents defeated, vertical day exultation, mercilessly hunted down, but after the more than more than 10, suddenly felt a harsh white light, sight blocked out of nowhere, suddenly shocked him back again and again, fortunately, his battlehardened, experienced heads did not react, hands has received subconsciously, condensed gas, before the road rounded screen trying to defense. Lu Xiaocan giggled: "stupid bird! ” Shoulder pain, blood spatter, and know down days are counted, Fury both hands empty fist, do not know where to change out a fire-red long knives, followed the sound down the road a small nail stump! Oh dear! Tian Zhen exclaimed. Clear FENGMING rings on the battlefield, hear all stupefied, Hua shook his head to look at her, like night's funny, and blame. Tian Zhen took wings, cover your mouth, but she did not intend to call. Lu Xiaocan is not dead, lying safe in one's arms. Be a Blu-ray drive down a long knife, turn, crash burst in midair, pieces disappear into thin air the moment, turned by the wind, turned into the breath of fire. Tian Zhen looked surprised that people have to say, Phoenix Eagle's eyesight is better, even if separated by Zhang, everything can also be clearly seen.

Save the small remnants of the road was a young war, purple shirt, silver hair flying in the wind, purple frontlet, face Chiseled, high nose, deep purple eyes glowing with a cold light. Silver with red hair, the underworld are artists, or loves to play non-mainstream? Tian Zhen emotion. Young purple road under the war damage, cold to hum: "birds of God? ” Lu Xiaocan stand, respectfully called the "elder brother". "Kings Road ice," God smile, was about to recall days down, suddenly the complexion changed, turned to see the other side, "is not good! ” "My son, to withdraw. "A man's voice. Deep, with a little twang, haughty, Majesty, it is in the heavens and the long echo, faintly revealing the murderous, the presence of all the great company of inexplicable fear, give birth to a feeling of depression. Sound not far from the black whirlwind. Body of heaven Qi Hear the sound, and ignoring what, JI ordered that loud as Thunder: "listen, speed back! ” Actually he ordered, great company, who had retreated. Rhinos are clearly aware of how dangerous things, holding the field really carried away. Seems to be a huge force to shake, black Tower began shaking violently, reminding us of the imminent collapse of the building, is no longer in the rules from the funnel-shaped, become fuzzy. God of war after all reluctant to give up, at this juncture to make clouds, from the sky, take wind power protection.

Wind back together, Act calm. Ares is relieved, then suddenly change color. Static cyclones, like black glass goblet, gradually showing cracks on the surface, one, two, three ... ... Vertical and horizontal cracks, full of light! No time to patch, God of great surprise, predicted the upcoming things, had no time to turn around, so straight it returned under the banner. Chaohuajun still stood firm Hill, did not retreat, seeing this, knowing he failed to repair, do not sigh, left hand, right hand arc his volley, led light with wide sleeves, modest, even more elegant look. Moment, a fire surrounded by a red ball of light over his body, then gradually expanded to the surrounding, eventually forming a strong giant ward. Meanwhile, next to Ares and wave painting halberd, sky, sky and lightning, as led by JI pointed white sparks dazzling, generates blue-and-white barriers. Birds God, God of heaven, best life, Mana, build a double barrier fighting against the evil powers of God. Explosion is deafening, cyclones, law breaking, the blue God of light, cold, harsh, air burst its banks and flood, carrying smoke and flying rocks, tumbling, overwhelming. Loud sound, two circle pieces. Everything but the blink thing. Expected that this result, Chao Hua and Ares is no accident, without injury, while back to Dodge, he men have greater power to protect, was with the dead, thousands of avoiding all the ashes back slower. Witnessed the unimaginable horrors of the trickster God, the rest of the great company of their complexion, all white, legs.

Thanks to Rhino Flash faster, shaking Tian Zhen. Wind and persistent, with whirling sand, dust, lost sight of all of the previous pressure more and more clear, more and more heavy, almost suffocating. In the blue light, shows a figure gradually. Tian Zhen quickly shake neck, dirt and shake hard to see. . A suspected 20 30 real man did not know thousands of tens of thousands of years, is significantly longer than ' ordinary ' people to tall many, black robe, loose sleeve block Phnom Penh, wind blowing up, black hair flying gangfeng, streaks of forehead down and lined with gold for jewelry and hair accessories, noble and dazzling. Gods of the East, or Western gods? Imaginary demons, kill God of rebirth, just stood there motionless, covered with murderous look was born, and dared not look. One eye, one eye is enough. Face line surprised material of soft, high straight of nose, thin of lip, lip angle micro-Yang, like laugh half, double eyebrow show narrow, oblique fly into Temple, if asked magic Kamui strict, do in narrow Phoenix accounts, long lids Xia of eyes, with said is confidence, than said is contempt and arrogance, that is a above six territories self-centered of momentum, regardless of people, also is God, in he before had are is so humble, so small. This image ... ... This image is so familiar it does it! Tian Zhen to shut his eyes, heart beating wildly. "That is the legendary Monster God Lucifer," the rhinoceros voice sighed, "Strongbow. ”

I'm sorry? Tian Zhen open eyes, with black line. He he he ... ... Lucifer! Lucifer adult? Too late to wait for her confirmation, the evil God's eyes narrowed, a low brow, Xiu flick, sudden outbreak of the supernatural power of the whole body, and thousands of armed gloriously into land at the foot of the fertilizer. Tian Zhenmo. Well, auditioned successfully, if the six wings, he played Lucifer adult ... ... Rhino look at the chaohuajun and not far from the Ares, with sound and she explained: "he is the first brother of Emperor heaven, one of the most famous King, unwilling to live in under the Emperor, under the anti-heaven, the demon Emperor. ” "Shake days territories late Emperor has seven child, eldest son killing transit is days by out, is Dang today Emperor, later ten years, days produced Xia seventh child, St unknown overnight into Palace surface see late Emperor, said he is ' has mess pacified, no mess health mess, killed God reincarnation, not Minister and go ', can at God territories four Department for anti-, heaven situation critical, late Emperor insisted on left he, gave name killing midstream. ” "Is said to have he original is ancient all God Heli trapped in too photogenic in of killed God, God Yuan reincarnation, sex good killed, not out a years Binh Dinh four Department of mess, since this no dare made God territories, later late Emperor degrees Rob died, killing transit ascended the, he will refuses to, anti-to magic territories do has magic Emperor, abandoned called without, since name Road West method, just should has St unknown words. ” Opposite the Lord made after tens of thousands of cannon fodder, and finally came to a stop. "Your Majesty. "Army of demons Qi Qi fell to his knees to

worship. Lu Lu Xiaocan and the front of the ice age, got down on one knee: "father. ” Hear these two words, Tian Zhen was choking, shaking, hair stand on end--the Road King are you sure? It really, really is your father, not your brother? Rhino without visible under the corners of the paper, said: "the trickster God is arrogant by nature, until the moment before coming out, will was the God words stress, that he was willing to remain within the array. ” Sure enough, the devil face, hair blowing in the wind blows on the Chin, deep voice reveals a contempt: "var God, I'll stay 15th in the array, you cannot hit me, go half a step, what to say? ” God of war without a sign of weakness: "it has been done, what a load of rubbish. ” Is clearly indirect defeat, Lord was pleased with "en", and not his stubborn: "kill transit, why hide? ” Word gets out, God of complexion changes, hurried look. "See me, is it time to call a brother? "The previous wagon, one lift the curtain slowly came out, all beautiful, smiling, tone even. Leadership and change clothes so fast? Tian Zhen admire complete prostration. Ares nearly lost his soul: "your Majesty! ” Chaohuajun rate. . Black wide cuff, Trickster god hand: "incompetent, not rescued. ”

This not only are welcome, it is extremely arrogant, so light, and God won't bear any more anger, as cold tone and eyes: "kill stream, you don't bully me too much heaven! ” "Well, then use your power, I surrender. ” Dark eyes narrowed, thousands of great company has become cannon fodder. Rhino was expected results back far, Tian Zhen huddled in his arms, sigh, your Majesty, Majesty, now there was a man you cannot play it, but your great company ... ... Look around the remaining armed, Lord adult eyes, don't want to die you Flash, found no law? Look at chaohuajun, is not wrong, in fact, we see Lord leveling? Final look rhino, which is a dangerous man, I hid away again? The Emperor stood on the Hill, watching everything that happened before, handsome face cold enough to freeze, hardly hold the sleeve end of fists up, but the opponents were too strong, there is no seizure of the capital, because right now even with the chaohuajun God of War III people working together, not sure I could win him, aroused his kill, heaven more cumbersome. Chaohuajun secretly sigh came up: "cousin, why do you, God, who has been for many years has committed no devil, even disappear, what benefits do you have? Apart from God, there is sin, monsters, ghosts and human, so, not simply benefit them? ” Tian Zhen could be heard laughing. Leadership you will engage diplomatic, kind word you said, heaven for many years not to the underworld and listened to as much of a gift, there is the great God, you can make it? Kill God reincarnated, warlike by nature, taking into account the gods died how many lost their fun, Trickster god of laughter:

"good people, let us give you the face. ” He: "my son, the hardest. ” Ludo, who had disappeared. Lu said, the ice age "withdrawn", together with Lu Xiaocan, together with tens of thousands of demons, disappear in the blink. Tian Zhen speechless. The Lord really ... ... Casual, dynamic call now, get other chickens flew a dog to jump, I led a few ruanhua in the end, he will be back. At this point, Tian Zhen realized that hundreds of thousands of armed works, it is acting as Lord cannon fodder at the practice level. . The wind stops, four-week silence. Ares took the painting halberd, bow, got down on one knee: "his incompetence ask his Majesty of mankind. ” As God the Lord of this humiliation in front of hundreds of thousands of armed, thought of gods existence in thought between each other, how to swallow it down the tone like the Emperor, sneered: "gods disappeared, not help him, disappear, well away! ” This who, obviously, Tian Zhen looked anxiously toward the Embassy suite, leading you to heaven avert a disaster, others did not appreciate it. Leaning chaohuajun: "his verbal gaffes, guilt. ” "The devil withdrew, but see chaohuajun, Hua face is not small. ”

…… While speaking, was with a man, but is Peng Wang down, eyes closed, if the gold paper, chest a bloody hole, extremely terrible, think it was just too late to Dodge, is the magic power of God hit. "Are your cousins give you face. "The Emperor of a glance, walks away to go. Ares Wei Lu fears color, chaohuajun, Embassy suite, we smile, motioned for him to follow. Tens of thousands of years of dealings with the cousin of his Majesty, who would not know his temper, willing to cross, but his heart without fear, if nothing of the kind happened, that would be bad. Chaohuajun look down days in a coma, and asked: "can save it? ” God favor replied: "this severely, the remaining one. ” Tian Zhen had jumped down from the rhino's arms, pacing the small steps and he sighed. Tens of thousands of great company into cannon fodder, but Peng Wang was not dead, obviously are a trickster God of God plume, restrained, it's no wonder that his Majesty the Emperor of angry. Found my gaze over to the leadership himself, she quickly pretended not to see, stepped aside. "Small Phoenix son......" soft voice finally rings. Really wanted to cry, leadership, voluntary blood donors must have a rest period, which was placed several blood in less than a month, I wanted to be a healthy bird ... ... She seemed reluctant, Hua squat body, reached out and stroked her head, softly: "dying day generals is a celestial good generals, loyal, and native subjects to you......"

Tian Zhen hung his head in silence. Loyal to him to turn off I do nothing, he was hurt by his Majesty the Emperor, not I, why not ask his Majesty the Emperor of blood donation, our body is very important! Rhino finally said, "she didn't hurt the day before yesterday, I'm afraid not. ” Rarely pure Phoenix blood, chicken King's blood is not negligible, not free to use Hua helpless, lifted her head: "Huang, you really don't want to? ” Smiling, as spring is shining. O God! Tian Zhen nose hot fate toward the down day in the past, it appears that this blood flow today anyway, don't waste it. Personally see new meat of the wound, the hospital repeatedly praise God good. Good ass, spread, not use za as blood banks for a long time in the future? Tian Zhen the foreseeable future, the sad lives, one heart begins to bleed. "Enough is enough," Hua personally to hold her in my arms, lovingly praised "good Phoenix, I knew you was so kind, would help. ” Are you forced me to kind of leadership, Tian Zhen rivers. God look down days, like: "General leaving aside still does not wake up and down days, but the injury has lost many, no danger of life. ” Chaohuajun said, orders to take down days, and step back to see the rhino: "brother's skill, it would be a pity in the military, commanding said little at the end of the day before yesterday a Royal bodyguard, Wang introduced, brothers, what do you think? ”

He saw that the communication notes on secretive? Tian Zhen surprises and great company around who envy, only a small armed, the God-King valued, luck is too good. Shields looked at him blankly, smiled: "Rhinoceros, fortunate, thank you Hua promoted. ” Emperor's car away for a long time, place not knowing when the other two more cars, carts are four white steed, Pegasus, chaohuajun ready. Two people from the car and actually stopped to Tian Zhen: "......" Tian Zhen gave dizzy, his wings, or hanging out with your security, leadership pretty, gentle, but it's father, maybe when he was asked to go to give blood. "A lot of blood, this King will take care of it. "Hua holding her wings. Each other, after all, are a feather, the God-King, has no right to ask, Rhino nodded in silence, get going. Seeing that there is no break, Tian Zhen immediately obey the leadership of devotion, fold the wings, made out to chaohuajun arms drill, genuine leadership can't offend, follow him to eat meat. Chaohuajun flickering smile looking at her eyes, fingers and smacks her head heavily. . Heaven solemn down, courtiers are can't silent, a slipped have fast, series 3rd deliberations magic God next to Shi of back enemy of policy, all including Ares zainei all shrink with head loaded turtle, Emperor Majesty of face Ah, on and that ink sample, also no wonder, magic God increasingly not put God territories eye, I gas how, you all have to I accompany dress grandson.

In the apse, the Emperor sitting desk, amount of kneading. Chaohuajun entered the House: "I see......" "No," the Emperor waved a wry smile, "I said no to these empty forms, cousin was blaming me slip the day before yesterday? ” "I dare not. ” "Sit down. ” Chaohuajun statement to the Chair. Pen stand silent Emperor staring at half, softly exclaimed: "I just remember when father taught, see celestial inheritance will now ruin in my hand, not in a hurry. ” He smiled: "I can't talk to those wastes temper, but you know who else I. ” Chaohuajun: "your Majesty has made too strong a trickster God ill always seal approach again. ” "The approach is there, but who knows. ” "In addition to anonymous. ” "Today you, for that matter. "The Emperor taishou, before suddenly appearing on a grain of Pearl. Flame red beads, small finger sized, Guanghua introverted and mundane. Chaohuajun surprised: "this is......" Emperor: "nameless do not intend to read the secret, knowing that he is killing God reincarnated, to besiege heaven changes, was rushed into the Palace to see father, helpless father bigotry, disclose such secret, unknown should be robbed and killed on the spot, leave this Dan only had time. ” Chaohuajun: "view of whether Rong Chen? ”

Emperor nod he took: "the father failed to realize the intention, eons has to, go when it is passed to me, but I struggled for many years, still nothing, feels like God of birds. ” Chaohuajun see the Dan, frowning, smells faces a wry smile said: "Yes, but not always, doubt and, as a result of his Majesty of God related to birds? ” "I was that love assumed people? "Heaven eyes glance at him, slowly," God's birds, but nameless died, said the last three words. ” Chaohuajun shook his head: "this word only, represents nothing, Inner Alchemy practice derived from refinery for many years, after the first fix for Dan, or natural God Dan, aura, which is equivalent to simply get a few years practice, also have human form, however the Dan Dan is dead, half-free Reiki, as waste. ” "I know," Emperor of calm, "then, is their heart. ” "His Majesty's wise. ” See him being sent back to Dan, the Emperor stop: "Dan and you take it. ” Chaohuajun: "these important objects, Nelson probably wrong here. ” The Emperor of an eyebrow, stood and walked a few steps: "today I suddenly thought, perhaps unknown to say those three words meant, when birds come from God and solve the mystery. ” Chaohuajun followed up: "his Majesty the mentally difficult, Chen asked incompetence. ” The Emperor: "cousin it is them? ” Hearing these words, chaohuajun no longer refuse, Dan income sleeves, smiled: "I still have things to bingming Sire, sire of

sorrow or solutions. ” Heaven eyes lit up: ". ” Body dancing tianyin Huang There after the monarch and two people in the House deliberations confidential event, here in the garden, sitting on the stone table in the Sun, before it was full of food, warm sunshine, trees were blown by the wind, the maids come and go, occasionally stopping to tease her. Was when bird played, really nothing bowed Peck, I need to rest, I need to supplement! A shadow overhead down. See the man, Tian Zhen wings, nodding greetings. Rhino is still a look of rain or shine, to the table and sat down on a stone bench, took her wing tip asks: "Phoenix family practice are renowned for their solid food, the book was wrong? ” Tian Zhen lazily nose brushed right in the book, but I am a fake Phoenix. Rhino released her wings: "the past few days also raise plenty of spirit, and does not intend to practice? ” Spiritual practice? Tian Zhen installed did not hear him. "Lazy Phoenix," notes on smiles, "I hear Phoenix built humanoid woman, beauty, you're not hurting color primaries, can take the adult, and the ash plume, nobody dared to look down on you. ” Beauty? Tian Zhen look twisted face their gray hair, a little yearning, this person really belly black, know me because this hair is influenced by a lot of ridicule, so using sex to lure, but then again, I've never been a peerless beauty, do you want to experience?

"Tomorrow, you're going to chaohuajun Mo Temple, pinnate, no words to say it with me? ” Tian Zhen already know this, the past few days, suddenly, respectively, is still a little reluctant, but since he has to remain in heaven is available, it is not difficult to meet, therefore not very sad Tian Zhen, wings clap his hands. Notes on touching her nose: "I'm looking forward to you taking a human form that day, not being lazy. ” Sorry sorry, Tian Zhen Fluffs hair, in order to meet the people's visual effect, we can consider it. Shields said: "only now, I do not know to wait for hundreds of years. ” More than hundreds of years? Tian Zhen to eat, then reconsider. "Lazy it anyway," notes on sudden Yang Chun-mei, "if I ... ... Certainly to find the bullet in the world for you, it makes you human. ” Confident face, as he did not like him, Tian Zhen three points, seven suspected. At that moment, one official as: "your Majesty in the rear, ordered God to guard the past. ” "Take care, Phoenix. "Lips smile faint, shields took her back, and stood up. Uh-oh, when his Majesty Emperor of condescension, with "please"? Tian Zhen dumbfounded sent him far away, long before God, when you misheard, bow their heads slowly pecked the fruit. A moment, a hand to take fruit. Slender hands, sharp nails flashing in the Sun.

Which practiced nine Yin white bone claw sister! Tian Zhen shocked Dr EAM wing sweeps plates the plates fall to the ground. Purple girl Kingston, hand fruit, attitude is dignified and elegant, eyes full of hate: "the bad ugly Phoenix, he is somehow still in the side. ” . Regret stop she peeped led shower has really forged beams, Tian Zhen silently falls back before her bow to admit, I was not bad, I led you bubble. Back pain, but was in the losing fruit and it bumped. "Fuck me," constant Tsukihime kicked her impatiently, muttered, "so ugly, the fire did not die. ” This woman is too toxic, like a bird so caring! Tian Zhen wrath upon me, and thinking strategies in the distance came the maids greeting voice. Familiar figure coming slowly. Robes and veiled, is worth painting Ascot, Phnom Penh, with wide sleeves, and long eyelashes to provoke a little sunshine, are dyed a pale gold, chicken mild, hidden emotions inside but no one read. Pride quickly became a gentle, constant Tsukihime sorting clothes, Hung MOU ceremony: "the Embassy suite. ” "Constant Moon Goddess? "The Embassy Suite looking at the mess on the ground in front of images intended to ask. Constant Tsukihime glanced Tian Zhen seems apologetic: "just to see it here, is very like and feed it to eat two fruits, but it was beginning to get to express, think not to its taste. ” Tian Zhen heard repeatedly sneered.

Great, is disrespect to our guests ' is wrong. Chaohuajun was to blame: "Huang is a faux pas, not an apology. ” Make amends? Tian Zhen looked at him for a long time, really slapped the flapping slowly, shook her neck, step by step walking up and down in front of constant Tsukihime. Constant months Ji Lian free dived to close it, Valentine: "it does not know what Hua not to blame ... ... Ah! Ah! ” Say half, she suddenly jumped up screaming. Tian Zhen pecked at an extremely fast rate down her hand, while her hand comes as bashing up her hair. Constant month Mahal anger, fingers cold flashes, was about to approach, they heard the cry beside the Embassy Suite "small Phoenix", and immediately react, quickly took the hand, repeatedly dodged backwards. Chaohuajun dismissed: "shall not be rude! ” I make you nice! Do you love birds, have the ability to do Ah! Tian Zhen trick in full swing, fast heart, refused to listen to, I'm now bird, I was rude, how do you put me, the sinister woman, really near us-led, I lead a better life in the future, will allow you to make a good impression today! Her body shape is flexible and has a master in constant Tsukihime afraid to hurt her, get hair is messy, what attitude and what style to disappear without a trace, shape quite awkward. "Nonsense! "Hua sleeves will sweep it down," not with the Goddess Atonement! ” In front of his face, constant Tsukihime turning away. Tian Zhen dropped to the ground roll, feel wronged, scrambled up a raised neck walking toward the Park. I was wrong, lead you

take lessons, big deal we go out single mix! Chaohuajun angry and funny, children of birds in front of the Phoenix King, who dares to be so rude! Just a little in front of the Phoenix didn't listen to orders, anger to go? His deep voice shouted "stop. ” Stern is more terrible the meek, Tian Zhen feet soft, started a guilty conscience. "Stop. ” Tian Zhen obediently stand. "To come back. ” Really out, constant Tsukihime may soon be solved, which dares to go, he went on, quickly take advantage of walking up and down in front of him. Chaohuajun bent down and picked up her, nothing is said, came into the room and sat down on the Chair. Tian Zhen eyes closed pretending to be asleep. Chaohuajun finally smiled: "she mess with you? ” Our leadership is wise! Tian Zhen immediately open your eyes, nod more than. Chaohuajun picked up her wings: "offends her, want to go out alone and let her see, birds are a little less of God Phoenix? ” So we didn't dare go, Tian Zhen crooked neck. "Rude to this King, found guilty of when driving out birds," Hua she threw on the floor, "said first-time offenders, to come to confess a crime here, the King would forgive you. ” Tian Zhen bow immediately convinced.

"Earlier tonight for dinner, rest, tomorrow leave Mo Temple pinnate. ” . The next morning, Hua Tian Zhen left by the fire chicken heaven, several days in guanfengtian Emperor gave out 80,000, actually did not come, Tian Zhen also expressed their understanding, he is now in command is available, which can as freely as before. War is resolved, Hua was not urgent, intentionally Tian Zhen tour experience, there are only around sensitive companion bird than ever had so much fun. Wide, chicken back, like a ship, sit on a Embassy Suite gives, slender fingers stick thin blade, is carving a piece of bamboo, it is passing qiongshan picked. Hopping about Tian Zhen, I do not know what he will do. Chaohuajun smiles, shakes her bamboo: "this is wonderful, you know. ” Blinking action with a few minutes of teasing, far removed from his eloquent image, Tian Zhen was surprised a moment, quickly looking down, quiet. Sword thing takes shape, but nice bamboo Shaw. White wide sleeves were tilted by the wind, and Hua slowly will deliver the flute to his lips. Xiao Sheng Qing Feng ming, fantastic through the clouds, with a singular charm, Tian Zhen spirit feel an earthquake, is sound in mind fans, the soul seemed to be pulling and body become light up her wings and flew up into the air, circle dance. Sound being peace, just like Lord of the wind, the Fire Phoenix also stopped, crane its neck and melody. Beautiful Phoenix, there was faint smile.

This is where, what ... ... Qu Bi, dances, sound clouds echo the line of Judah, Tian Zhen Luo tempered chicken backs, did not react, feel a sense of loss. Chaohuajun flute away: "native built humanoid Phoenix, feather on the desert temple to worship the King, Phoenix, Phoenix dance, Wang makes you dance a song today, shall we? ” Danced to leadership? Tian Zhen was the word-cleaving to God, embarrassed. Chaohuajun: "I enjoyed it, Xiao Huang was willing to dance a song? ” Tian Zhen will soon head out from the wings, tearfully shook his head, his mouth shut and will play, jumped immediately dragged him by the sleeve pulled. Chaohuajun laugh: "shy? The Phoenix natives sing and dance, and there is nothing to be afraid of...... " At that moment, something flashed in the distance. Post! Post missing! Tian Zhen quickly loose mouth, tweet motioned at him. Without batting an eye, smile does not change, but looks bleak, and Hua Xiao from his lips move slowly, no. Shortage in front, Tian Zhen came soon, shut up. "The last time," Hua reached out to hold her in my arms, looking at front fog whispered, "will you for the last time, if found, and also ... ... Bale. ” Tian Zhen said nothing. . Under cover of darkness, insects and birds are absent, the vast

wild silence. And compared to when they were last seen, Po Shan looks unchanged, majestically standing in the wind, black is a bit cold, a bit fuzzy. "This mountain was the ancient Lord Shiva Kamiyama, Moon Reiki nourishment was later abandoned by God, because of resentment born of many demon devil, extremely dangerous, but the above still has many rare Elixir, she is angry with me, and ran up the Hill to find medicine......" Chaohuajun Tian Zhen in the fire under the chicken wings, asked softly: "don't run, you remember? ” For 20 years to no avail, had plainly out-played, this is the last of the attachment? Tian Zhen bad block, and cannot be prevented, only nodded. Aware, Embassy Suite look sideways. Three white ground, into three official, people, home is more than 50 years old, face, and hair white-white beard, hand whisk white Buddhist block nine Bagua pattern, were flying in the wind, a kind of portray the feeling, like Lao in these paintings. "Could it Embassy suite? ” "Nine Harvard too? ” Recognize each other, toward the Embassy suite and old furniture away. Chaohuajun see the other two, smiled: "Yu Chen Shaogong. ” The dark-haired, dark purple handyman busy smiled: "Sen and is under instructions of the Queen's life work, passing through here, I met Chao hua, it happened that. ” He paused, and temptation: "Hua Po Shan, Murphy or for......" Chaohuajun did not answer: "return of the heaven, passing

through here. ” Nine too Alex shook his head. Yu Chen Shaogong smells he is unwilling to continue this topic, so smile at all a few words, said, "I, Imperial life in the body, to stay left, you don't mind towards China. ” Chaohuajun nodded: "Please give my regards to Emperor, his Majesty the emperor Fu boundless, and after a while the Queen will also sent envoys to fairyland. ” The three men also flattering the Emperor, then leave. Nine Alex too is a former veteran, celestial in prestigious, Yu Chen Shaogong is today's cousin Wu Xian Guan he month mother, Guan Heyue Wu sent him to ride with Alex too, is afraid too Palace took the opportunity to look for the old Prince of guanhe slightly, celestial chaos now, and everyone is looking forward to the old Prince's return, it's no wonder Guan Heyue so dread. Chaohuajun smiled, turned into the lights disappeared. . These people are from the celestial? Tian Zhen according to previously heard the emperor with his talk, has largely clarified the current situation, interest in gradually, the celestial gods were looking for guanhe slightly, and where has he gone? Late at night, Pearl Dim. Wind the night cold hit, fire chicken wings are very loose, Tian Zhen and small, hidden feathers below cover up, was very warm. Po Mountain so dangerous, I do not know chaohuajun there is no danger ... ... Let him love not forgotten 20 years, the Dragon is dead, and also the content.

Is about chaohuajun away, Tian Zhen didn't always sleep well, always is half awaken State, at midnight, a strange sound suddenly came from ear, startled she opened her eyes. Through the gaps between the feathers, she was seen parked in front of a pair of black boots. Chaohuajun boots are white. What people? Tian Zhen alert ears. "China Grand celestial God-King, Emperor of the most heavily, to draw on us a lot of good, he, your Majesty, why must he, it is strange ... ..." that people like puzzle, a long time laughing. Sound familiar, it really does not take much effort to think of it, it's not just that jade Chen Shaogong, too! He says what does this mean? To kill a chaohuajun?! This, surely, not overheard the secret, if it is found that, with predictable results, Tian Zhen and shocked and afraid and hid behind the chicken-wing atmosphere is not out until the pair of black boots disappear, has not shown himself so cunning. Long time, no longer around. Tian Zhen secretly took pecked the fire chicken, but the Fire Phoenix sleep heavy, did not respond, she quietly stuck, confirmed Yu Chen Shaogong away, then jumps out from under the chicken wings, because they do not know what do each other, and she fumbled around and did not find anything suspicious. To plot against hua, what is the most effective? Tian Zhen as possible for myself, my gaze over to the Fire Phoenix. As expected, the Fire Phoenix really slept, seems to be passive hands and feet. Tian Zhen on wings to fly to Phoenix fire back, carefully,

Phoenix's eyesight is excellent, it really makes her unusual – a unique little feathers. Feather-tip as sharp as a needle, Feng Jin Yu, mingled with fire, slight differences in color, if not see, almost indistinguishable to the naked eye. Too many TV's credit, have accumulated much experience in plot against Tian Zhen, knew may be toxic, if it hurts, the result will be very dangerous, so she carefully brush the feathers around, roots with beaks, and pulled it down. "Little Crow was bad! "Gloomy voice. He's back! Tian Zhen eat, subconscious Dr EAM wings screamed, that feather is falling from his mouth, confusion between Tian Zhen suddenly felt pain in right wing, followed by another, then the whole body becomes stiff, Feng rolled down the back. Right wing feather-tip needle, toxicity in the blood. Miyamoto has raised less yuchen, rushed out and down. This HIV is strong, is not enough to injury Phoenix King lives, towards Embassy Suite poisoning Hou, will will immediately shipped work, he, in next is is to took start, this to accident, Emperor certainly suspected not to celestial, only didn't expected thousand is million is also is is leak has, Fire Phoenix wings Xia also hid with only small of, all are was she see in has eye in. "Bad things end up dead, a Crow, saves me a hand. "Yu Chen Shaogong sneer. Just call, I do not know chaohuajun you hear? Tian Zhen secretly worried. Toxic plume drifting up from the ground, flying into their own jade Chen Shaogong's sleeve, Yu Chen Shaogong not silly, now has an accident, little Crow's death in the air disappear, Embassy suite has long been a savvy caution, may be taken,

under is never let him see the celestial hand, or food away the little Crow's body, quickly left the better. This thought is comprehensive, unfortunately, too late to everything. Sudden intense pressure, with many pitfalls, surrounded from all sides, people of breath. Heavy night, Matt Pearl, people like a dark bottomless caves. Loneliness, fear, breed gradually ... ... Indeed, there is a premonition of death. A sudden, Yu Chen Taigong was unjustly began to be worried, as was there, his legs became heavy, can't move half a step, not only was he, this climate of terror, Tian Zhen also perceive even next to the ground. "Behind the plot. ” Deep, slightly nasal voice out of nowhere came in long echoes between heaven and Earth, reveals a different authority, there is anger. This is ... ... Is ... ... Tian Zhen body hairs to stand immediately. Blink, two cubits outside with a tall dark figure, Phnom Penh black wide cuff, gold frontlet headdress, long black hair were scattered in the wind from blowing under the high bridge of the nose, flawless face half mask, it was kind of perfect darkness. Yu Chen Shaogong is obviously aware of his identity, voice immediately changed, horrified, "you ... ..." "Mean, you shouldn't be possible. ” A cold eye, eyes narrowed, wide sleeves, raising greater power strikes, Yu Chen Shaogong too late to react, the body has collapsed like Sanders.

Sand scattered with the wind in the body, Tian Zhen creeps, ashes, ashes! Moment, a tall figure standing in front of. Lord road ... ... Road ... ... Lucifer adult! Tian Zhen sweetheart shuddered and stared at the beautiful majestic strip of water hyacinth and began to pray, he he he is not in the habit of squinting? Lord low in my eyes she was, a long time say: "gray bird. ” Tian Zhen tears immediately. Even if I don't like the Phoenix, you can also call the Crow's ... ... Body Temple practice Lord above, feet, a gray bird. "Toxic gray bird, six States today, but I can save you. ” Hear "saving" words, Tian Zhen tears. Well, gray bird, gray bird, the description is appropriate, Trickster god power is invincible, contempt of our little bird is understandable. Lord "en", and: "loyalty to self-sacrifice, courage. ” Commendable commendable! Tian Zhen expectations. How do? Decisions do not need too much time under the Lord: "I will save you time. ” Says do it, Palm air since the end of the sleeve set off, beautiful right hand looms, under Tian Zhen joy, can stay. This is ... ... Plans to use Palm forced HIV? Realize that was wrong, Tian Zhen began to worry. This is the ancient God-killer reincarnated, blink of an eye you

can create thousands of cannon fodder, such awesome power if poorly controlled, we'll probably change with Yu Chen Shaogong ashes ... ... Idea, and pain. "Wow –" men cry, Tian Zhen fly two feet tall, fell to the ground, nose ear mouth bleeding. Palm winds, sleeves fall, Trickster god hand: "HIV has been forced out. ” Black blood blood shed, for a long time, and organs were crushed as, unbearably painful, and have more difficulty breathing, Tian Zhen lay on the floor dying, don't even have the strength to cry, only a little consciousness in the brain. HIV is forced out, I gotta go. Minimum strength of creating serious consequences, Lord does not think something is amiss: "little gray bird died in my hands, it is better to poison you to death. ” Tian Zhen honored vomiting blood, almost on the spot the ghost. Should expect to kill God not good at saving lives, such as treatment failure, rather than poisoning, can live at least for a while. A golden silent falling into human form, and originally Hua in the mountains, hear the sound just Fengming, so hurry, things really went wrong. See, Embassy Suite quickly picked up in the past Tian Zhen, a check, heart is cold, she is at the moment the five internal organs all crack just because Phoenix lost has a healing effect, which has not expired, but even so, is on the line, there is no chance of survival. "What does this mean, cousin? ”

Lord does not excuse letter: "and the race against the consequences of it. ” Chaohuajun how not to lose your cool, the cousin, who he really wanted to kill, would never have a serious situation: "birds of God cannot be defected from heaven. ” "Read in past my friendship, I tolerate the birds for many years God," Lord eyes chilly, sleeves, "but because you repeatedly to intervene in war, I God will no longer hold in the future. ” Chaohuajun sighed and said, "the cousin, being born of God, I can and should be guarding heaven is, why insist on fighting? If the return, your Majesty must reuse, are successful in the future, to be honored forever. ” "Intrigue, struggle for power, I am born to kill God, how can we protect these days," magic shenlue Chin, "I alone, that is able to create one day. ” Chaohuajun shook his head. Demon God: "it is said that birds will have lost my God man. ” Chaohuajun a wry smile: "that was the unknown lies. ” "King of birds chicken, even though repair 100,000 years, you may not be able to struggle between the three, who can defeat me! "Heavy laughter reveals a very arrogant," I'm looking forward to, confirmed Al-unknown prophecy. ” Strong winds rolled up, brushed with black sleeves, Trickster god disappeared. . Fire Phoenix had woke up next, for everything that has happened was odd, somehow looking at the masters. Chaohuajun sighed, noting that black blood on the floor, rough guess what happened: "poison? ”

Tian Zhen did not even have nodded effort, the immediate scene faded. Who would have a no fix for the Phoenix, the plot is clearly washed themselves, presumably accidentally to it, Embassy Suite eye blinking and raised a little objects dust rises from the ground, fly to his pocket. That is a fairy print. Chaohuajun accidental brows, a long time and looked dying Tian Zhen, look in the Phoenix complex. The HIV drug-free solution, even if he also want to exercise at least one or two hours, a slight delay, it cannot be saved, thanks to Phoenix's body of HIV being forced out in Palm of left, or really returned to the soul-free operation. Unfortunately, the reincarnation of Lord is born to kill God, such powers, how unusual body can withstand, du Qing, in addition, five Zang-organs are broken, or doomed to die. Is, after all, the Phoenix people, these days, Hua also delighted her spiritual, emotional, watched her die, can not bear, if simply died, but the Lieutenant died not die, make him more hesitant. To save, not no way. Chicken King blood, dead. Phoenix King is so important, however, is the King of birds gas condensate, and birds are probably doomed, began a drop tens of thousands of years, ancient God-King ascended the throne, succeeded this King Air, people practice the Quartet, also take traction, Wang qi is weak, feather family practice will be restricted. Life and death, the ancient God had instructed, even on an exceptional basis, will not be to save a little Phoenix. Chaohuajun sadly, quite helpless.

It had no practice who sacrificed their lives, and now as a member of the King, but to help. A drop of blood, not only for the loss of a King Air, and Millennium fix, really got the drop of blood, she can get out of thin air Millennium practice only once within a grain of Dan, they can shape ... ... Chaohuajun suddenly large earthquakes, and looked at arms Leng Leng Tian Zhen. . Wake up, Tian Zhen finds himself turned into a Phoenix! Of course, still a gray Phoenix. Alternatively, the big bad bird is more appropriate. Pakistan more than three feet long from start to finish! If you have a full tail feathers, I'm afraid she is on the larger size of the Fire Phoenix next 1 time! Tian Zhen with cold sweats, plumage root stood, such a growth rate is unacceptable, too scary, it feels like a pig dream wake up, he found himself suddenly turned into an elephant. Like last night was seriously injured ... ... Tian Zhen now chaohuajun, leader of save me? Chaohuajun is still gently smiling, touched her head says: "don't be afraid, Phoenix will soon become man. ” Charged with Millennium fix only once within a grain of Dan. Pick up life, very grateful that Tian Zhen, also grew up on their inexplicable wonder, feels that the body is full of energy and spirit good. However, these changes directly affect her well-being, the small gray Phoenix is ugly, still as cute and let the man hug, such tough shape now, and in any case they cannot top the

word cute, big bird, it is estimated that no man can hold around, if any, that scene must have been spectacular, and also very scary. Chaohuajun a look BA mountain, whispered: "come on. ” Traces still didn't find the couple, he is ready to give up? Tian Zhen sighs, suddenly caught fire Phoenix to see their eyes something strange, angry, aggressive. Tian Zhen soon learnt, patting it on the head with their wings. Big brother, although I get bigger, but you can rest assured that we will not be robbed of your job. Good, go back and find a way to lose weight, in case when leadership I look strong, riding ... ... Find Kinky. swing thoughts, Tian Zhen lightly cough twice, Dr EAM wing forward-bashing, a fan, a full flying 8,000 miles. . Stars in towering clouds along on a ladder, platform is a white marble floors and railings, no ornate decoration, simple, clean, not like the rest pavilions of the Palace. God hand, watching the front railing, looking not identified, isn't far behind stood a line of waiters and two silver armor guards. "Your Majesty. "Soft sound just right. "Queen. "The Emperor turned around. Diva smiles came up: "his Majesty the Minister qie chafanbusi in recent days, worried workers for fear of things over, so they prepare the Ganoderma lucidum dew, who come looking for his Majesty not asked about official known until coming here, his Majesty seems to be enthralled, his concubine did not dare disturb, not let them. ” Emperor face gentle some: "Port-au-Prince's emissary to

celestial, I am concerned that. ” Diva was excited: "mission is not playing, his Majesty too painful for him. ” The Emperor said: "this relationship is great, shouldn't have let him go. ” Days later: "this is his Majesty give him opportunities to meritorious, even had an accident, Guan Heyue dare not move him, near misses, and relieved of his Majesty. ” Heaven eyes fretting: "had failed, the Prince may become a hostage, you're not afraid? ” Days after a moment of silence, barely smiled: "the Minister qie only this one child, how can one not afraid, but Yao Fei with the side only the second Prince and blue Princess sister three emperors, if the right ... ... His eye are harem masters, how can you send them to take risks, said bias. ” The Emperor sighed: "I mean, who can blame you. ” Days later shook his head: "as Port-au-Prince, you ought to make an effort in heaven, if the Regiment, the Minister qie Ning this free, but this time he volunteered, intimidating said to my father, your Majesty need not worry. ” The Emperor moved slightly, and hold her in my arms: "If the harem and everyone like you is reasonable, I also don't have to worry about. ” Day obediently leaned against his chest, her lips a little faint smile, a long time and quickly straightened up, take a step back, look at the waiters, red faced anger: "his Majesty is, harm the Minister qie commit a breach of etiquette. ” Noodles loves see her, not as eloquent a dignified elegance and delicacy, the emperor was, laughs in a low voice: "Feather songs so often that year, ever ashamed? ” He called her first name, days later turned away.

The Emperor laughed, pulling her: "Queen's not angered, I would also like to try your dew of Ganoderma lucidum. ” Diva was whispered, "how good pulling, sire ... ..." God smiled and was about to speak, one of the maids walked on stage for the ceremony: "the Dutch Princess one last meal of his Majesty. ” Diva hand brushed his hand: "his Majesty or the past. ” "Ganoderma lucidum sauce is ready, I go now, not live up to your mind," Emperor ordered that maids to retreat, "I today went to Queen's, so she doesn't have to wait. ” "Dutch princess sisters, your Majesty so wrong......" "I and his Queen to dine, and what is wrong. ” "NI Princess sister pregnant, your Majesty, how to see. ” The Emperor raised his eyebrows: "you're driving me away? ” "The Minister qie can't," Queen of smile, "the Minister qie, there are actually two things. ” Emperor motioned for her to say. "Yesterday's contribution to the tributes of all nationalities, incidentally, sent 17 beauties, the Minister qie had been left, I do not know your Majesty intend? ” Sitting in this position, some calculations have to get used to, is also a form of monarch and tacit understanding, the Emperor laughed laughed: "recently, I am not busy, you first settle either is. ” Diva nodded: "matter is not small, the Minister qie recently perceived weak God King of birds a lot. ” The emperor was shocked.

"Everyone says the birds can defeat God Lord, now King of loss of gas, is likely to affect the people there," Queen of worry, "cousin will be a great things over there? ” The Emperor said: "you are born birds. ” Days later hanging: "this is the big deal, the Minister qie can't arbitrarily make. ” To hear her say, heaven is satisfied, at this time, one official walked on stage and presented letters, said Hua was the throne, emperor took the open a few eyes, complexion is gradually improving, he shook the stationery, whisper fairy spell, removed within reach confident, after confirmation, more complacent. Diva surprise: "sire such joy, there is cousin such a good thing? ” "It sent just in time, only to be the Prince's safe return," the Emperor laughed, turning the parties printed with her, whispered, "celestial master, I was worried about no excuses to send troops, which sent a. ” Days don't look will be printed next to the official, said "these events the Minister qie doesn't know, only know that his Majesty to linger, Ganoderma lucidum with not drinking. ” "The Queen's mind, I am not to be missed," the Emperor of good mood, took her hand away, croon, "cousin have always been cautious, its own reason, but the King Air loss, I can't see tomorrow then sent feather Mo Temple for a walk to see if he still dare to hide. ” "His Majesty to be sent, the Minister qie had a candidate. ” . Famous feather Mo Temple, it is a vague, non-stick, not days, Palace, clouds and fog, the entire Temple suspended in mid-air.

Palace, large House, rather than heaven, impressive enough, quiet and elegant, lush flowers and trees in the back garden, with large trees, and bamboo, Wu Pian Ying Sun, rain drops and the Indus at dusk, and bamboo swaying in the wind, sometimes broken shadow screen of gold to the moon. Along the main hall is a marble floor, usually toward the Embassy suite in the apse-do. Like a little Football Hall, really hard just to turn what is not, for a dinner of Phoenix, Embassy suite of clemency, her own meals together. Of course, Tian Zhen now is not on the table, she squatted silently in the corner, looking at the ground in front of food, there is a deep sense of shame. Chaohuajun comfort: "internal alchemy, it could be changed into human form. ” Tian Zhen was head down, was filled with decadent human temperament. Leading promotions, and Millennium practice Inner Alchemy is a very simple matter, but somehow, she didn't really take a full two months, really live up to the high expectations led, only proud of is that, all Phoenix feather Mo Temple are afraid to bully her, she has turned over a wing fan. "Small Phoenix son don't lose heart," Hua touched her head, smiling, "I'm looking forward to you taking a human form, you certainly can. ” Tian Zhen sad tears. Chaohuajun take the piece of meat cheese cake, feeding up to her mouth: "don't worry, take your time. ” Look at that handsome face, his face gray wool, Tian Zhen shook his head and walked out of the temple. .

"Rustling", too hard, Wu leaves the ground, sweeping the teeth of children and was about to fire up the order, but the King of this ugly Phoenix live, so are not hesitating to say. Millennium fix without internal controls, could result in such a consequence, Tian Zhen jump off the trees down along the wall two laps, finally decided to go back to the temple to find chaohuajun, then listen to it twice cultivation methods. Quiet in the Hall, Embassy suite is not. It can't get a day! Can't get it! Tian Zhen rolling on the ground, human desire has never been strong, God, give me a grain of Dan! "Flipped" something fall. It is a box, and somehow fell off the case, lid in the collision with the ground is in the process of opening, a grain of rolled out of the fire red Pearl. Xia bling, Hall is fairly bright. Shine is similar to a light bulb glowing Pearl, right? Tian Zhen stem neck with confirmation, stand up stand up, shake and went over to Pearl in its mouth, ready to put back in the box. On this moment, Pearl began to move! Seems to have a life, a small Pearl of unchecked down her throat to drill, and before she knew it, already roll into the esophagus. Tian Zhen shock. Yes, of its own motion, could this be a monkey, that sort of thing? Haven't had time to respond, bones began to ache all over. Things can't really eat, not is the Trickster god of death, don't

end up eating dead, Tian Zhen realized that no, they turned and ran, going out for help. Standing at the door, in the chicken looks complicated. The body of Angel Wings Shrinking behavior body skeletons, twisted, accompanied by pain, eye seems to have a problem, everything is becoming more and more of the temple, Shu ' an, Chair, vase ... ... And the truth is, Tian Zhen narrowed.

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