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August 6, 2017 | Author: Jamilah Ladagan Lasaca | Category: Poetry, Languages, Religion And Belief
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LITERATURE IN REGION VI (WESTERN VISAYAS) Provinces and Capital  Aklan - Kalibo  Antique - San Jose de Buenavista  Capiz - Roxas City  Guimaras - Jordan  Iloilo - Iloilo City  Negros Occidental - Bacolod City Hiligaynon is the lingua franca of the West Visayas in Philippines. The mother language of West Visayas is Kiniray-a or Hiraya. The popular literary artforms in Western Visayas are the binalaybay or poem, the paktakon or riddle, the sugidanon or story/folktale, the banggianay or debate, the hurobaton or proverbs, asoy or epic, amba or songs, and the komposo or traditional song. MYTH 

Tungkung Langit and Alunsina  CHARACTERS  Tungkung Langit  Industrious  Loving  Kind God  Alunsina  Lazy  Jealous  Selfish Goddess  THEME AND MORAL / LESSON Theme  The myth is about the two Gods who fall in love to each other but ended separated because they lose their trust and patience to each other. Moral / Lesson  Before you do a thing, think it a billion times so that you would not regret at the end.  Give trust to the one that you love.

EPIC (Asoy)  Hinilawod  ORIGIN AND SIGNIFICANCE The term "Hinilawod" means “Tales from the Mouth of the Halawod River". Hinilawod is an epic poem written by the early inhabitants of a place called Sulod in central Panay. Hinilawod is not just a literary piece but also a source of information about culture, religion and rituals of the ancient people of Sulod; showing us that ancient Filipinos believed in the “sacred,” in the importance of family honor and in personal courage and dignity.  THEME AND MORAL / LESSON Theme  The epic is about the exploits of three Sulodnon brothers, Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon, and Dumalapdap of ancient Panay. Moral / Lesson  Listen to the counsel of your parents.  Do not remove yourself from the right path.  Do not succumb to temptation for it will lead you to tragedy and failure.

RIDDLES (Paktakon)

Ang puno buko-boko Dahon daw abaniko, Bunga daw parasko, Perdegones ang liso.

May diotay nga kaban-kaban, Naga-abri keg naga si man, Ang sulod puro tul-an Kon kaisa nagadunlan.

The trunk is full of nodes Leaves like fans, Fruits like large wine bottles, Pellets are the seeds.

There is a small chest That opens and closes by itself The contents are all bones Sometimes it chokes. 

Kapayas / Papaya

Baba / Mouth

PROVERBS (Hurobaton) Mauntay ang sanga nga linghod, Ang gulang na, matuod.

Kon indi ikaw mag-antos, Indi ka gid magsantos.

A young sapling is easily straightened, But an old branch is brittle.

You can’t be a saint, If you don’t sacrifice.

Ang obra indi makapatay, Pero ang pagkasubo amo ang makapatay. Work can’t kill But worrying does.

FOLK SONGS (Komposo)  Si Pilemon, Si Pilemon  Dandansoy POEMS (Binalaybay)  Ang Ermita sa Baryo (The Chapel in the Barrio) by Magdalena G. Jalandoni  Fictionist and poet  “Grand Old Lady of Ilonggo Literature”  Best-known among Ilonggo novelists, the most represented in the collections of local and foreign libraries.  Republic Cultural Heritage Award in 1969 Meter Theme  Three stanzas  The poem is about the chapel in the barrio which is  4 Lines per stanzas maid of nipa, cogon and bamboo.  12 syllables per line 

Meter     Theme 

Diplomat Listening to the Speech of Another Diplomat by: Dominador Ilio  Isaias Topacio Domingo, Basilio, Crisostomo de la Cruz, and J.D. Ibarra  Poet and fiction writer

Free verse Two stanzas First stanza – 12 lines Second stanza – 8 lines The poem presents a story wherein the father cannot go out and enjoy special moments with his family because he is too busy working for his family's future.

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