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1. List of Bodyweight Books UPDATED 8/24/11 I have started a list of various books that emphasize bodyweight training. Some of these are real books while others are digital products, those that you download. This is not a complete list and I am sure that I have forgotten some titles. It does not include all of the various "gymnastics" books or bodyweight training books written in the late 1800's and early 1900's, nor does it include titles emphasizing selfresistance, dynamic tension, or isometrics. I have included one title on "manual resistance" by Dan Riley. There are also quite a number of videos out there that are not on this list. I do not own every single title on this list but I do own many of them. That being the case I can't comment on the quality of those titles I don't own or haven't seen. This is just a reference list for those that may have interest. They are in no particular orderBodyweight Exercise Revolution by Adam Steer (digitial product) Tacfit Commando by Scott Sonnon (digital product) Tacfit Warrior by Scott Sonnon (digital product) Tactical Gymnastics by Scott Sonnon (digital product) No Gym Necessary by Virgil Aponte (digital product) The Muscle Experiment by Mike Thiga (digital product) Solitary Fitness by Charles Bronson Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade The Weightless Workout by Health for Life Hardcore Fitness by Steve Hansen Never Gymless by Ross Enamait Gymless by Alistair Ramsay (digital product) Dinosaur Bodyweight Training by Brooks Kubik Building The Gymnastic Body by Christopher Sommer 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups by Steve Speirs 7 Weeks To 50 Pull-Ups by Brett Stewart You Are Your Own Gym By Mark Lauren Bodyweight Exercises For Extraordinary Strength by Brad Johnson The Power of Push-Ups by Rodney C. Womack III Animal Workouts by David Nordmark Natural Fitness by David Nordmark The Ultimate Guide To Push-Ups by David Nordmark The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline Weight-Free Workout by Men's Health Magazine The Essence of Bodyweight Training by Juan Carlos Santana Max Capacity Training by Samy Peyret Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women by Eddie Baran Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne (multiple digital products) Monkey Fit: 21 Functional Bodyweight Drills & Exercises by Tim Jones Grinder Strength Pull-Ups by Brad McLeod (digital product) Fitness On A Swing Set by Karen M. Goeller Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development by Bill Hinbern The Ultimate Guide To Handstand Push-Ups by Christopher Logan Maximum Muscular Fitness by Dan Riley The Gravity Advantage by Paul Zaichik The Gravity Advantage Max by Paul Zaichik The Power of One by Paul Zaichik Ultimate Wrestling Power by Steve Preston (digital product) Workout Without Weights by Eddie Lomax (digital product)

Parallettes One (P1) by Ryan Hurst & Gold Medal Bodies (digital product) Rings One (R1) by Ryan Hurst & Gold Medal Bodies (digital product) Lean Hybrid Muscle- Bodyweight Edition by Elliot Hulse (digital product) Final Phase Fat Loss- Bodyweight Edition by Adam Steer (digital product) Primal Blueprint Fitness by Mark Sisson (digital product) Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey Working Out Without Weights by Chuck Gaylord NHB Strength Training by Lloyd Irving Wildman Training Manual & Course by John Grube The Body Weight Solution by Tim Bell (digital product) The Silverback Program by Tim Bell (digital product) The Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss by Adam Steer (digital product) Ultimate Gymless Workout by Eddie Lomax (digital product) Lightning Speed Fitness by Roger Haeske (digital product) Death, Taxes, & Push-Ups by Ted Skup Fit by Nature by John Colver The Navy Seal Workout by Mark De Lisle The Backyard Workout by Rhadi Ferguson (digital product) The Bodyweight Blitz by Brian & Shawn Fitzmaurice (digital product) TBK Fitness Program Tamir Katz Lose The Weights! by Erik Boudreau Gym-Free and Ripped by Nathan Jendrick Floor One (F1) by Ryan Hurst & Gold Medal Bodies (digital product) Bodyweight Power by Bryce Lane (booklet) Fitness Secrets of the Road Ninja by Bryce Lane (booklet)

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