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Livros da VET em PDF --------------------------------------------------------------------


A guide to Equine Injection and Regional Anesthesia (Moyer, Jim Schumacher and John Schumacher) - Anaesthesia for Veterinary Nurses (Liz Welsh) - Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals (Ross) Anestesiologia Veterinária (Flávio Massone) - Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner (Banfield) - Anesthesia for the Pet Practitioner (Will Novak) - Anesthesia of Exotic Pets - Control del Dolor en Pequeños Animales y Mascotas (Henke and Erhardt) - Fundamentos de Anestesia y Analgesia en Pequeños Animales 85% (Thurmon, Tranquili and Benson) - Guia practica de anestesia en pequeños animales (Vladimir Galindo Zamora) - Handbook of Equine Anaesthesia 2nd edition - Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia - Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia Third Edition (Paul Flecknell) List of Anesthetic, Analgesic and Tranquilizer Drugs (Bramson and Wagner)- Manual de Anestesias y Cirurgías en Bovino (Garnero y Perusia) Manual de Anestesia Veterinaria 85% (William W. Muir) Manual of Equine Anesthesia and Analgesia (Doherty and Valverde) Science of Sedation (Pfizer CD) - The Practice of Veterinary Anesthesia Small Animals, Birds, Fish, and Reptiles (Donald C. Sawyer) - Veterinary Anaesthesia (Hall, Clarke and Trim) - Veterinary Anaesthesia Principles to Practice (Alex Dugdale)

                   

 

Veterinary Anasthesia and Pain Management Secrets (Greene) Veterinary Anesthesia (The Practical Veterinarian Series) (CornickSeahorn) -


Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals Sixth Edition (J. Jerry Kaneko, John W. Harvey and Michael L. Bruss) - Color Atlas of Biochemistry Second Edition (Jan Koolman and KlausHeinrich Roehm) - Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry (Robert K. Murray, Daryl K. Granner, Peter A. Mayes and Victor W. Rodwell) - Principles of Biochemistry 5ª Edição (Lehninger) -


Afecciones Cardiovasculares en Pequeños Animales (Guillermo C. Belerenian, Carlos J. Mucha y Aparediso A. Camacho) Cardiology of the Horse (Celia M. Marr and I. Mark Bowen) Cardiorespiratory Diseases of the Dog and Cat (Mike Martin ans Brendan Corcoran) - Cardiovascular Disease in Small Animal Medicine (Wendy A. Ware) Consulta de Difusion Veterinaria - Electrocardiografía Curso Auscultacion Cardiaca - ECG Interpretation in the Critically Ill Dog and Cat (Thomas K. Day) Guide to Ascultation of Healhty and Diseased Heart - Manual of Canine and Feline Cardiology 4th Edition (Larry P. Tilley, Francis W. K. Smith Jr., Mark A. Oyama and Maeg M. Sleeper) Notes on Cardiorespiratory Disease of the Dog and Cat 90% (Mike Martin and Brendan Corcoran) - Rapid Interpretation of Heart and Lung Sounds (Francis W. K. Smith, Bruce W. Keene ans Larry Patrick Tilley) - Small Animal Cardiology (O. Linne Nelson) -

 

       

  

   

Small Animal ECG (Mike Martin) - Small Animal ECGS - An Introductory Guide - Textbook of Canine and Feline Cardiology (Fox, Sisson and Moise) Two Dimensional and M-mode Echocardiography (June A. Boon)


Abordajes Quirúrgicos en Traumatología Veterinaria (Carlos López & Jordi Franch) - An Atlas of Veterinary Surgery (John Hickman, John Houlton and Barrie Edwards) - Apostila Técnica Cirurgica - Atlas de Técnicas Quirúrgicas (P. G. C. Bedford) - BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Wound Management and Reconstruction - Cardiac Surgery in Veterinary Medicine (Theresa W. Fossum) Cirurgia de Pequenos Animais (Theresa Fossum) - Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery (M. Joseph Bjrab) Farm Animal Surgery (Susan Fubini and Norm Ducharme) Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents Clinical Medicine and Surgery (Katherine E. Quesenberry and James W. Carpenter) - Fundamentals of Small Animal Surgery (Fred Anthony Mann, Gheorghe M. Constantinescu and Hun-Young Yoon) - Guide to Canine and Feline Orthopaedic Surgery (Hamish R. Denny and Steven J. Butterworth) - Handbook of Small Animal Spinal Surgery (N. D. Jeffery) Handbook of Veterinary Nursing, 2nd edition (Hilary Orpet and Perdi Welsh) - Indicaciones de la Cirurgía Plastica - Instrumentos Cirúrgicos - Libro de Suturas - Manual de Suturas - Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery (Karen M. Tobias)

                 

 

Minor Veterinary Surgery (Julian Hoad) - Self Assessment Colour Review of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery (Stephen D. Gilson) - Small Animal Surgery 2nd Edition (Theresa Fossum) - Techniques in Large Animal Surgery (A. Simon Turner and C. Wayne Mcilwraith) - Técnica Cirurgica (Ney Pippi) - Textbook of Small Animal Surgery Tomo 1 (Slatter) - Textbook of Small Animal Surgery Tomo 2 (Slatter) - Transtornos Vertebrais em Pequenos Animais - Diagnóstico e Cirurgia (Nicholas J. H. Sharp and Simon J. Wheeler) - Veterinary Instruments and Equipment A Pocket Guide Veterinary Laser Surgery (Noel Berger and Peter H. Eeg) Veterinary Surgical Instruments 85% -


A Color Handbook of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine - Emergency Procedures for the Small Animal Veterinarian 3rd Edition Kirk & Bistner's Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment (Richard B. Ford and Elisa Mazzaferro) - Manual de Urgencias en Clinica Equina 80% - Manual of Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care Medicine Manual Practico Urgencias Medicina Interna - Procedimientos De Emergencia - Selected Topics in Canine and Feline Emergency Medicine Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care - Cases Studies in Client Communication, Morbidity and Mortality - Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care - Urgencias Respiratorias y Cardiacas - Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Procedures - Veterinary Technician Manual for Small Animals Emergency and Critical Care (Christopher Norkus) -

       

           


Farmacologia - Antibioticos de Uso Frequente na Clinica Veterinaria Farmacologia Veterinaria - Rubén Pérez Fernández - Farmacologia Veterinária da FCCA - Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians (Janet Amundson Romich) - Guía Básica Farmacoterapeutica - Pharmacology - National Veterinary Medical Series - Rang Dale 6 Ed - Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology - The Physiological Basis of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Veterinary Pharmacology (Amanda H. Rock) -


American Association of Feline Practitioners - Senior Care Guidelines Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook - Cats - Feline Behavior Guidelines - Consultations in Feline Internal Medicine - Deternimación de la Presión Arterial en Felinos - El Encantador de Gatos (Carlos Rodríguez) - Encyclopedia of Feline Clinical Nutrition - Expressões Faciais dos Gatos - Feline Behavior (Bonnie V. Beaver) - Feline Infectious Diseases (Katrin Hartmann and Julie K Levy) Feline Internal Medicine Secrets - Feline Medicine & Therapeutics BSAVA - Guias Enfermedades Urinarias del Gato - Guide to a Healthy Cat (E.Wexler Mitchel) - Howell Book House Cat Revised How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Sane La Naturaleza de los Gatos - Libro de Medicina Felina Práctica 2 - Períodos de Desenvolvimento dos Gatos - Problem Based Feline Medicine -

       

                 

 

The Cat Clinical Medicine and Management (Susan Little) The Feline Patient - The Secret Life of Cats (Claire Bessant) - The Ultimate Cat Treat Cookbook - The Utlimate Encyclopedia Of Cat, Cats Breed & Cat Care (Alan Edward) - Todo Sobre Gatos - Vacunacion en los Gatos -

Geriatria Veterinária

 

Canine and Feline Geriatrics - Geriatria e Gerontologia do Cão e Gato (Johnny D. Hoskins)

Oncologia Veterinária

         

Cancer in Dogs and Cats 82% - Cancer Management - Canine and Feline Geriatric Oncology - Decision Making in Small Animal Oncology - Introduction to Small Animal Oncology - Libro Oncologia Veterinaria - Small Animal Oncology - Tumors in Domestic Animals - Veterinary Oncology - Withrow and MacEwen's Small Animal Clinical Oncology

Clínica de Pequenos Animais

1000 Best Dog Training Secrets (Robyn Achey & Bill Gorton) 101 Best Businesses for Pets Lovers (Joseph Nigro & Nicholas Nigro) A Colour Handbook of Urinary Stones in Small Animal Medicine (Albrecht Hesse & Reto Neiger) - Adiestramiento Canino cognitivo-emocional 87% (C. A. López García)

   

  

                     

Advances in Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Disorders (Helio Autran de Morais & Stephen P. DiBartola) - Alimentacíon Enteral en Felinos (Marcela Valenzuela) An Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical Terminology (Janet Amundson Romich) - Atlas Clínico de Enfermedades del Oído, Nariz y Garganta en Pequeños Animales (C. Hedlund & J. Taboada) - Behaviour Problems in Small Animals (Jon Bowen and Sarah Heath) Black's Veterinary Dictionary (Edward Boden) - Blackwells's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult Canine anda Feline (Larry P. Tilley & Francis W. K. Smith, Jr) - Breed Predispositions to Disease in Dogs and Cats (Alex Gough & Alison Thomas) - BSAVA Guide to Procedures in Small Animal Practice (Nick Bexfield and Karla Lee) - BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Gastroenterology (Edward J. Hall, James W. Simpson and David A. Williams) - BSAVA Small Animal Formulary (Ian Ramsey) - Canine and Feline Behavior and Training (Linda P. Case) Canine and Feline Geriatrics (Ian Ramsey) - Canine Behavior Insights And Answers (Bonnie V. Beaver) Click & Easy - Clicker Training For Dogs (Miriam Fields-Babineau) Clinical Canine and Feline Reproduction (Margaret Root Kustritz) Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat (Michael Schaer) Clinical Procedures in Veterinary Nursing (Victoria Aspinall) Clinical Signs in Small Animal Medicine (Michael Schaer) Comportamento Animal uma Introdução à Ecologia Comportamental (Kleber Del-Claro) - Consulta Práctica Veterinaria - Control del Dolor en Pequeños Animales y Mascotas (J. Henke and W. Erhardt) -

                    

Convulsiones y Estado Epileptico (Xavier Raurell) - Critical Updates on Canine and Feline Health (Purina) Cuidados de Salud para el Bienestarde Perros y Gatos 80% (Caroline Jevring & Thomas Catanzaro) - Deafness in Dogs and Cats (George M. Strain) - Diagnostico Diferencial Clinico en Pequeños Animales 78% (Mark S. Thompson) - Differential Diagnosis in Small Animal Medicine (Alex Gough) Digestive Disease in Dogs and Cats (James W. Simpson & Roderick W. Else) - Dog Behaviour, evolution, and cognition (Adam Miklosi) Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook (Debra M. Eldredge, Liisa D. Carlson, Delbert G. Carlson and James M. Giffin) - Dog Training for Dummies (Jack Volhard and Wendy Volhard) Domestic Animal Behavior for Veterinarians and Animal Scientists (Katherine A. Houpt) - Dosificación de Medicamentos para Perros y Gatos (Wilfried Kraft) Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog - A Holistic Guide for Healthier Dogs (Deva Khalsa) - Ear, Nose, Throat and Tracheobronchial Diseases in Dogs and Cats (Anjop J. Venker-van Haagen) - El Encantador de Perros (César Millán & Melissa Jo Peltier) El Perro Agresivo (Joel Dehasse) - Etologia Clinica de Perros y Gatos (Moisés Heiblum Frid) Eutanasia en los Animales de Compañia (Mary F. Steward) Examen y Diagnostico Clinico en Veterinaria (Otto M. Radostits, I. G. Joe Mayhew and Doreen M. Houston) - Fluid Electrolyte and Acid-Base Disorders in Small Animal Practice (Stephen P. DiBartola) - Fluid Therapy for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians (Paula Hotston Moore) -

          

  

    

Guide to Antimicrobial Use in Animals (Luca Guardabassi, Lars B. Jensen and Hilde Kruse) - Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training - Handbook of Small Animal Gastroenterology (Todd R. Tams) Handbook of small animal practice (Rhea V. Morgan) Handbook of Veterinary Nursing (Hilary Orpet & Perdi Welsh) Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy (Aubrey H. Fine) Hills Atlas Vet Clinical Anatomy - Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets Second Edition (Patricia Schenck) Howell Book House Cat Revised How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Sane (Christine Church) - Howell Book of Dogs - The Definitive Reference to 300 Breeds and Varieties (Liz Palika) - Intestinal Failure (Diagnosis, Management and Transplantation) (Alan Langnas, Olivier Goulet, Eamonn M. M. Quigley and Kelly A. Tappenden) - Kirk's Current Veterinary Theraphy XIV (John D. Bonagura and David C. Twedt) - Manual de Comportamiento en Pequeños Animales (Debra Horwitz, Daniel Mills and Sarah Heath) - Manual of Clinical Procedures in Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Rodents (Steven E. Crow, Sally O. Walshaw and Jennifer E. Boyle) Manual Practico de Electrocardiografía en Pequeños Animales 81,7% (José Alberto Montoya Alonso & Enrique Ynaraja Ramírez) Medical History and Physical Examination in Companion Animals (A. Rijnberk and F.J. van Sluijs) - Medicina Clinica del Perro y del Gato (Michael Schaer) Medicina Interna de Animales Pequeños (Richard W. Nelson ans C. Guillermo Couto) - Mini Pets - The Book of Tiny Friends - Nutricion Canina y Felina 95% (Linda P. Case, Daniel P. Carey, Diane A. Hirakawa y Leighann Daristotle) -

                     

Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats 82% (The National Academies Press) - Principio Basicos Peluquer¡a Canina (Edgar Walter Saenz Montemayor) - Psicologia del Aprendizaje y Adiestramiento del Perro 2a Ed. (Antonio Paramio Miranda) - Quick Reference Guide to Veterinary Medicine 81% (William R. Fenner) Recent Development in Canine Cushing's Syndrome (Sara Galac) Renal Disease in Dogs and Cats - Comparative and Clinical Aspects (A. R. Michell) - Restraint and Handling for Veterinary Technicians and Assistants (Bonnie Ballard and Jody Rockett) - Saunders Manual of Small Animal Practice (Stephen J. Birchard and Robert G. Sherding) - Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff 85% (Lila Miller and Stephen Zawistowski) - Small Animal Critical Care Medicine (Deborah C. Silverstein and Kate Hopper) - Small Animal Care and Management (Dean M. Warren) Small Animal Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods Small Animal Ear Disease (Louis N. Gotthelf) - Small Animal Endoscopy (Todd R. Tams and Clarence A. Rawlings) Small Animal Gastroenterology (Jorg M. Steiner) - Small Animal Internal Medicine 81% (Darcy Shaw and Sherri Ihle) Small Animal Internal Medicine 4 ed. (Richard W. Nelson and C. Guillermo Couto) - Small Animal Medical Diagnosis 86,2% (Michael D. Lorenz, T. Mark Neer & Paul DeMars) - Small Animal Nutrition - Small Animal Pediatrics. The First 12 Months of Life (Michael E. Peterson and Michelle Anne Kutzler) - Small Animal Practice (Edward Boden) - Textbook of Respiratory Disease in Dogs and Cats (Lesley G. King)

     

        

Textbook of Small Animal Medicine (John Dunn) - Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Pocket Companion) (Sthephen J. Ettinger) - Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine Expert Consult, 7th Edition Vol 1 (Sthephen J. Ettinger and Edward C. Feldman) - Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine Expert Consult, 7th Edition Vol 2 (Sthephen J. Ettinger and Edward C. Feldman) - The 5 minutes Consult Musculoskeletal Disorders (Peter K. Shires) The 5-Minute Veterinary Consult Clinical Companion - Canine and Feline Infectious Diseases and Parasitology (Stephen C. Barr and Dwight D. Bowman) - The Complete Encyclopedia Of Dogs (Esther J. J. and VerhoefVerhallen) - The Complete Home Veterinary Guide (Chris C. Pinney) Topics in Companion Animal Medicine - Chronic Pain (Deborah S. Greco) - Urological Disorders of the Dog and Cat (Peter E. Holt) Veterinary Comparative Hematology - Veterinary Clinical Examination and Diagnosis (Otto M. Radostits, I. G. Joe Mayhew and Doreen M. Houston) - Veterinary Endoscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner (Timothy C. McCarthy) - Veterinary Pediatrics (Johnny D. Hoskins) - Veterinary Technician’s Daily Reference Guide - Canine and Feline (Candyce M. Jack, Patricia M. Watson and Mark S. Donovan)

Radiologia e Ultrassografia Veterinária

Abdominal Radiography for the Small Animal Practitioner An Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic - An Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic of the Dog & Cat (Arlene Coulson with Noreen Lewis) - An Atlas of Radiology of the Traumatized Dog and Cat (Joe P. Morgan and Pin Wolvekamp) -

  

                      

Anatomical Imaging Towards a New Morphology (H. Endo and R. Frey) Atlas de Anatomia Radiografica Canina y Felina - schebitz y willkens BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Abdominal Imaging Conceptos Basicos de Radiologia Reterinaria (Jorge Mendoza) Diagnóstico Ecográfico en Pequeños Animales (Nyland) Diagnótico por Imagem em Medicina Veterinária - Diagnostic Radiology and Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat Diagnostic Ultrasound in Small Animal Practice - Handbook of Equine Radiography - Handbook of Radiographic Positioning for Veterinary Technicians (Margi Sirois, Elaine Anthony and Danielle Mauragis) - Handbook of Small Animal Radiological Differential Diagnosis Handbook of Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasound Manual de Diagnostico Radiologico Veterinario - Radiologia Comparada - Radiologia Urogenital - Radiology Birds - Radiology of Rodents, Rabbits and Ferrets An Atlas of Normal Anatomy and Positioning - Small Animal Radiology and Ultrasound - Thoracic Radiology for the Small Animal Practitioner Thrall - Ultrasonic Imaging and Animal Reproduction Color Doppler Ultrasonography (O. J. Ginther) - Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging - The Dog and Cat - Veterinary Reproductive Ultrasonography (Wolfgang Kahn)

Variados em PT-BR

Apostila de Patologia Clínica (Adriane Pimenta da Costa Val Bicalho e Rubens Antônio Carneiro) - Aspectos Emergenciais na Síndrome Urológica Obstrutiva dos Felinos (Rodrigo Cardoso Rabelo, Juliana Abranches Soares e Renata Maria Castro Leite) - Atlas Colorido Histologia Veterinária (William Bacha & Linda Bacha) Atlas de Doenças dos Suínos (David Barcellos & Jurid Sobestiansky) Atlas de Osteologia Animal Veterinaria (Jean Jonathas) Bases Farmacológicas e Suas Respectivas Doses de Uso Corrente em Medicina Veterinária (Fernando Antônio Bretas Viana) Biotécnicas Aplicadas em Reproducão Animal (Paulo Bayard Dias Gonçalves, José Ricardo de Figueiredo e Vicente José de Figueirêdo Freitas) - Bovinocultura de Leite - Compêndio de Reprodução Animal - Comportamento Animal uma Introdução à Ecologia Comportamental (Kleber Del-Claro) - Curso Básico de Acupuntura e Fisioterapia Veterinária Curso De Odontologia Veterinária (Oscar Rodríguez Serrano) Dicionário de Veterinária Termos Técnicos-Científicos de Medicina Veterinária - Disciplina de Medicina deAves - UFRGS - Doenças Infecciosas e Parasitárias - Guia de Bolso do Ministério da Saúde - Fertilidade e Obstetricia em Bovinos (D. E. Noakes) - Forragicultura - Fundamentos de Terapêutica Veterinária (Fernando Antônio Bretas Viana) - Guia de Recolha de Amostras em Dermatologia (Pilar Brazis e Glória Pol) - Guia Para a Dissecacao do Cão - Miller (Evans & de Lahunta)

   

            

                      

Guia Teraputico Veterinário - Histologia Basica (Luiz C. Junqueira e José Carneiro) Homeopatia Ciencia e Cura (George Vithoulkas) - Imunologia Veterinária - Inseminação Artificial Transcervical em Ovinos (Luis Fonseca Matos) Introdução à Microbiologia - Livro de Parasitologia (Luís Rey) - Manual de Cirurgia (Ney Pippi) - Manual de Oftalmologia Veterinária (Olicies Cunha) - Manual Merk - Manual para Exame Andrológico e Avaliação de Sêmen Animal Melhoramento Genético Aplicado à Produção Animal (Jonas Carlos Campos Pereiro) - Necropsia em Avicultura - Novos Animais de Estimação - Pequenos Mamíferos (Jean-François Quinton) - Nutricão do Cão e do Gato (A. T. B. Edney) - Ovinocultura controle da verminose, mineralização, reprodução e cruzamentos na Embrapa Pecuária Sudeste - Parasitologia Veterinária (G. M. URQUHART, J. ARMOUR, J. L. DUNCAN, A. M. DUNN & F. W. JENNINGS) - Parasitologia Veterinária II (UFRA - Vermes Prática) Patologia da reprodução dos animais domésticos (Ernane Fagundes do Nascimento e Renato de Lima Santos) - Patologia Especial Veterinária de Thompson (William W. Carlton & M. Donald McGavin) - Períodos de Desenvolvimento dos Gatos - Semiologia Veterinária - A arte do Diagnóstico (Francisco Leydson F. Feitosa) - Toxicologia aplicada à Medicina Veterinária (Helenice de Souza Spinosa, Silvana Lima Górniak e João Palermo-Neto) Vigilância em Saúde Pública (Eliseu Alvez Waldman)

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