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May 16, 2018 | Author: Anonymous 0zrCNQ | Category: Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Argon, Gases, Atmosphere Of Earth
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Linde Field TRip Report...


Linde Philippines, Inc. ASU Plant, Km 57 Mc Arthur Highway Sampaloc, Apalit Pampanga Address: Apalit ASU Date Visited:  February 1, 21!


"apturing our Sa#ety, Health, $n%ironment an& 'uality (SH$') %i*ion in a policy that *er%e* the intere*t* o# our cu*tomer*, employee*, partner* an& *ociety at large+

Company Profile

in&e Philippine* i* a manu#acturer an& &i*tributor  o# in&u*trial, me&ical, an& *pecialty ga*e* an& pro%i&er o# a range o# relate& *er%ice* inclu&ing the in*tallation o# on-*ite  plant*, ga* e.uipment, pipeline* an& a**ociate& a **ociate& engineering *er%ice*+ "on*o "on*oli li&at &ate& e& /n&u /n&u*t *tri rial al 0a*e 0a*e*, *, /nc+ /nc+ Apali palitt air  air  *epa *epara rati tion on plan plantt wa* wa* inau inaugu gura rate te& & in 1 1++ /n 21 21,, "on*olo&ate& /n&u*trial 0a*e*, /nc+ an& Southern /n&u*trial 0a*e*, /nc+ rebran& to in&e Philippine*+


Figure 1. Linde Apalit  Plant 


Ra" Material

he air we breathe i* a mi3ture o# %ariou* ga*e*, each with it* own uni.ue  propertie* that are in%aluable #or *o many in&u*trial proce**e* an& me&ical therapie*+ Known a* atmo*pheric ga*e*, the component* o#  air  air inclu&e4  

Argon "arbon &io3i&e

  

Helium  itrogen 63ygen

Air al*o contain* a number o# rare ga*e* *uch a* 3enon, rypton an& neon+ Although the ratio o# thi* li#e-*u*taining mi3ture ha* %arie& o%er time, the component* ha%e remaine& unchange& #or many million* o# year*+

Finis#ed Prod$%ts

 Liquid Products 

i.ui& Helium Helium (He) i* a colourle**, o&ourle**, non-to3ic, non-corro*i%e an& noncombu*tible ga*+ /t i* mainly *ource& #rom natural ga* well*+ i.ui& i* i&eal a* a cryogenic agent #or a number o# cutting-e&ge me&ical an& phy*ic* application*+

i.ui& itrogen i.ui& nitrogen i* inert, colorle**, o&orle**, noncorro*i%e, non#lammable, an& e3tremely col&+ /t i* u*e& #or #oo& #ree8ing, pla*tic an& rubber &e#la*hing an& grin&ing, cooling, metal treating, biological *ample pre*er%ation, pul%eri8ation, other temperature-relate& application*+

i.ui& 63ygen i.ui& o3ygen i* pale blue an& e3tremely col&+ Although non#lammable, it i* a *trong o3i&i8er+ /t i* wi&ely u*e& #or in&u*trial an& me&ical purpo*e*+

"ru&e i.ui& Argon an& Pure i.ui& Argon Argon i* u*e& in critical in&u*trial proce**e* *uch a* the manu#acturing o#  high .uality *tainle** *teel* an& pro&uction o# impurity-#ree *ilicon cry*tal* #or  *emi-con&uctor manu#acture+

Compressed Gas Products 

Me&ical 63ygen /t i* u*e& in the management o# a number o# chronic an& acute health


/n&u*trial 63ygen /t i* u*e& in in %ariou* in&u*trial chemical application*+ /t i* u*e& to mae aci&*, an& other compoun&*+

"ompre**e& Air  9hen combine& with a #uel ga*, compre**e& air pro&uce* a #lame with a

lower temperature than an o3y#uel #lame+ An air-#uel #lame i* *uitable #or bra8ing, *ol&ering an& carbon coating lower-temperature alloy*+ "ompare& with an o3y#uel #lame, it gi%e* wel&er* greater control o%er the thicne** o# the carbon coat+ "ompre**e& air i* al*o u*e& #or pneumatic &rill*, pla*ma cutting an& metallurgical  proce**e* *uch a* &ie ca*ting an& bla*t #urnace*+

Other Products 

:ry /ce :epen&ing on the temperature an& pre**ure, carbon &io3i&e ("62) e3i*t* in three *tate* ; a* a ga*, li.ui& or *oli&+ $**entially, &ry ice i* *oli& carbon &io3i&e+
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