Lessons From Lithuania

March 5, 2019 | Author: Ron Collins | Category: Ambush, Lithuania, Espionage, Naval Mine, Estonia
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A lengthly thread from the www.whenshtf.com training forum......


Lessons From Lithuania A few basic lessons from people with experience...

Note: This is not my information and I am simply compiling the data; this information comes from various sources & individuals whom I’ve had the pleasure of talking to & dealing with on both a personal and professional level. This information & this PDF is free use material so long as credit is given to the original sources.

Introduction Lessons From Lithuania; A Post-Event Look... http://westernrifleshooters.blogspot...ia-part-i.html Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Lessons From Lithuania -- Part I Extended a business trip to London with a detour to Vilnius, Lithuania and environs. Got back today. While in Vilnius, I went to the NKVD/Gestapo/KGB Museum, and on my last day, the massacre site at nearby Ponary/Panieriu. In between, I got a rental car and drove about 100 km to the west of Vilnius to a city called Kovno/Kaunas -- site of  the infamous 'Ninth Fort'. And no, the trip wasn't all death and gloom. In fact, I found Vilnius and its inhabitants to be charming and worthy of another visit. But I did draw a series of lessons from what I saw on my excursions; part I is below: 1) Government identification records are the clerical basis for mass murder and other atrocities: No, not every government ID scheme leads to genocide and expatriation. But for the collectivists of both the German Reich and the USSR, each victim's identity card was both part of the initial targeting and the final "production record". 2) Get to the forest early if you want to live: If you think they will be coming for you, you are probably right. Plan not to be where they know you work and live. Act early if you want to maximize your chances. You and your family will die if you are at your government-approved address. 3) The Bad People will have lots of help from your neighbors: The most disturbing moment for me in the KGB museum was not in the execution or interrogation/torture cells. It was realizing, while moving through the excellent exhibits on the mass deportations of Lithuanians after "liberation" by the Soviets in 1944, that most of the deportees (many of whom were subsequently executed or starved or died of exposure and disease) had been betrayed to the NKVD/KGB by their neighbors. 4) "Fascism" is not the only mortal enemy of freedom and life; the real enemy is collectivism in any form: At each of the memorials, one could tell the provenance

of any signage by its reference to "fascism". Mostly, such markings were from the Soviet era, during which -- not coincidentally -- many more millions of innocent human beings were killed by the "enlightened" Communists than had been slaughtered by the Hitlerites and their collaborators. While it is too much to expect the Soviets to acknowledge these facts, it is essential that freedom-minded folks grok that collectivism, in any form, can and usually does lead to the mass grave. 5) Never report en masse when ordered to do so: Nothing good ever happens to folks who do. 6) Food and ammunition will be the vital shortages you must address in order to live: Empty weapons and bellies a successful resistance does not make. 7) The Bad People will torture and kill those who help you: Get used to the idea. Retribution killing is a standard totalitarian play. Try to avoid jeopardizing your allies to the extent possible, but know that they too will be swept into the whirlwind. 8) The Bad People will torture and kill your family members: Sippenhaft ain't just a chapter in Vanderboegh's long-awaited novel. The KGB museum was filled with execution orders with notations indicating that not only had the subject been killed per order of the Party, but that "special measures" had or would be taken against the victim's family. 9)You must be prepared to fight until victory or death: Once you go to the woods, you are there for the duration. The Baltic "forest brothers" stayed out until they were killed or captured. More on them in the next part of this report. 10) If you think it can't happen here, you are wrong. The Polish and Lithuanian Jews who were ground into dust d ust by the Einsatzgruppen thought the same thing. So did the Lithuanians who couldn't believe that the Communists under Stalin and subsequent regimes would hold their passionate patriotism against them. Almost all of those folks who believed "it couldn't happen" died. A few survived by running into the woods, or by bearing up under the brutal realities of the Gulag, year after year after year. Each of them knows the single biggest lesson

from Lithuania: naked, brute force can and does triumph over kindness, love of  kin and country, and simple human decency -- often for decades or more. Lose your illusions. While there is still time.

Dealing with Resistance Operations & Survivalism These chapters while the work of Alfred Käärmann, and Kirjastus "Kajalood” in a unpublished book (Sissitegevuse käsiraamat.) käsiraamat.) were passed on to me from a friend at www.whenshtf.com www.whenshtf.com,, who translated the subject matter into what he calls his “Mediocre English” so that the information may be passed on to others. A special thanks must be given to ProPatria whom translated the work of  Alfred Käärmann & Kirjastus "Kajalood” so that we can all learn some basic concepts & insights from the experiences of others...

Sissitegevuse käsiraamat. Preface The struggle for the survival of the Estonian People is not over yet... Threats coming from the east, and arrogant demands. From the west, ridicule and (umm... no matching word here) suggestions to give the enemy what they want. As long as the world's mega countries act as big predators, the threat of dying exists to small nations. The only way for their survival is a (umm... steadfast?) undisputed will to protect oneself and his country, and the skill to wage sissisõda (Guerilla war, siss can't be translated) against the enemy. The experiences of sissisõda published in this book have been gained at the cost of the lives, blood and tears of thousands of Estonian and Latvian Forest Brothers and their helpers. These experiences will be true in the future also, because the enemy has been the same for a thousand years.

Of the name Military activity in the enemy ’s rear cannot have a common name. Communist movements in the whole world have called this kind of war partisan war. But because communist partisans all over the world have become infamous for their acts of terror against the local population, I'll try to use the name "Partisan war" in this book as little as possible. Estonia has experiences with "red partisans". In 1944, spring, a red partisan force, 500 strong, came over the ice of lake Peipsi and killed all the people and animals in Mäurasaare (Umm... again, no translation to talu) farm. Because of that, I think that military activity against the invading enemy in its rear should be called sissisõda, like the finns do. Modern Mega countries The mega countries are worried, that small nations once conquered by them, want to get out of their influence via national independence. "The right of people's self determination" they declared after The first World War, costs nothing in their eyes anymore. Instead of wars between each other, mega countries prefer "local wars", that is local national murders, like in Afghanistan , Tibet, Kašmir, Haiti, Panama, Kosovo,  justifying their armed invasion by "defending their citizens", "protecting democracy", "territorial integrity", "the fight against terrorism", "defending peace". "Racism" is being condemned, at the same time they sit by the same table with the performer of a national murder, speaking up for them taking part in Eurovision, and their participation in the Olympic games. Small guys are being dragged in front of the Geneva tribunal, the ongoing national murder in Chechnya "isn't worth democracies interest", interest", that is not against humanity?? Why? You can't condemn another "big guy", when Your own actions

are the same! Or, like we say in Estonia: A wolf does not shit on its tail. That's why the big bear is under the protection of the EU and it's cruelties are taboo. The secret war against the nations of Europe When in a public war the enemy’s invasion began with massive bombardment, then in a modern "secret" war it goes on via devices of mass information: in formation: the press, radio, TV and the internet. The ending of the cold war, crashing the Berlin wall, setting up democracy and the secret agreements of Malta, by which communist criminals are not punished, gave international communism an opportunity to conquer to world by a democratic way. All kinds of means are being used to defeat the European nations will of defense and patriotism. How is it being done?

The press constantly (disparages?) says bad things about everything in the spirit of Estonia: integrity of the people, the military, carrying of arms and the will to defend Your life, calling it "Nazism " and "Fašism"!!! At the same time, all of  Europe’s TV channels are distributing violence in their shows. Beating, torture, chasing, killing, explosions, destruction, fire and bodies are shaping the Young people’s understandings of the world. Sex, porn, betraying, disloyalty, meanness, greed and Moneyophilia (coined a term term ) shape shape a human human being being,, that that nothi nothing ng is sacred sacred to. Instead of music, pleasant to the ear, the radio transmits banging, and instead of  a song, there is an unending repeating of a sentence on TV, plus the wriggling of  the body, metal banging and flashes of fire! The words and tune of songs that have become dear in time, are being altered, instead of accompanying music they add "Euro-banging". And all of that mental pillaging must be paid for by the people!

A nation is composed of families. The objective of the enemy is to break the families. Then there won't be any more people to lead the nation. Instead of a nation, there will be a nameless, history less, memory less pack of slaves. The violence between students, and students and teachers is t he outcome of TVshows. "Don't hit the child" will end up in the child growing and beating it's parents. (Yes, I used IT'S) The using of drugs, alcohol and tobacco is the parents fault, that let their kids have too much allowance and let them hang about, not knowing where they are and with whom. The lawmakers have been paid for in all of Europe. The native people have been knowingly left without protection, life is ensured for murderers, the victims are not. "Hunger profits" paid for by the enemy will declare without shame, that farming isn't worth it. All the hardship of the past wars have been survived thanks to farming. The People survived thanks to their cows and garden, both in Estonia and Siberia. Democracy doesn't protect! An American, Bill R. Davidson has published a book called "To keep and bear arms" in 1969. It means "Hoidke relvad käepärast". This warning is meant for all honest people, whose lives and homes are not protected by the highly praised democracy. Unbelievably cruel crimes on peaceful people in democratic lands, also in Estonia, has made the author ask the reader: "Are You capable and willing to protect Your wife, Your kids, Your home and freedom, in times of distress, from assault?" From the conditions in Estonia, follows a second question: "Or is national violence pressed on by the "liberator" turned You into a defenseless and will powerless

(sorry, no better translation) being in the hands of all kinds of criminals?" After Germany was democratized, and freedom of movement was established, the land was flooded by all types of gangsters, rapists and child killers both from the east and west. Because You don't need to be written in, Nationality and origin cannot be asked, that is a violation of human rights, so they are hard to find. Laws don't protect the natives, unwanted guests have become a nuisance in every field of life, mainly the economy and criminal activities. The ancient truth has been forgotten, that has h as been there from the beginning of  time: "Life, Freedom, Family and Home must be protected by a weapon." For that, "authority must be expanded into every home" so that there'll be a pistol in the drawer or a gun behind the door. In the land of "example democracy"-Switzerland democracy"-Switzerland it already exists. The American Davidson says: "In Americas rural areas, where the under aged take part in shooting exercises, violence is much rarer than in cities. A weapon raises the wielders self conscience and responsibility, gives a sense of security, that protection exists even against a physically stronger person." Protectors of the Homeland will be those, that are used to guns since childhood, and to whom the gun will stay to protect him for the rest of their lives. When the "super smart" say that in modern war a marksman with a good gun has no value anymore, then they are deceiving themselves, and others. The more and more a unit is given fancy weapons, the more sensitive it is towards stubborn and well trained fighters. One well placed shot can take out an entire rocket, or the radar station guiding it. Proof: "Modern war" in Vietnam went over to partisan war, where the dug in locals came out as victors. Be prepared to protect the rear! Long before the enemy is going to invade, in the middle of peacetime, he will

work restlessly, seeding anger and distrust in his neighbors rear. With the purpose of undermining our self confidence and will to protect ourselves. He will do it unnoticeably, in a seemingly innocent way, with devilish needle strokes, with which we finally get used to, if we're not careful. Those that want us doomed, seed all kinds of doubt and fear amongst us. We must not believe them. All kinds of "scientific" theories about the downfall of  nations and cultures are a mind-weapon used by the enemy to paralyze our will to defend ourselves. We have gained peace and freedom. We must be ready to tolerate hardship for our happiness. We are not weaker than other nations and our forefathers. The invasion is followed by:

a) Right after the front forces, Smerš, that will take some near -the-woods farm with a massive cellar. The inhabitants will be driven away, the furniture stays. Smerš soldiers will roam around the countryside, catching locals that they will drag to be interrogated. They will want to know (Umm... again, untranslatable) the people with the Estonian mindset, (Sorry, the best I could translate it) that are to be imprisoned and terminated. The traitors will be allowed to go home. But those that were accused of something, are sent into camps or shot on the spot, like they did in 1944 august by the 54. army Smerš in Vana-Roosa Piigli talu. (Or farm for You) The slaughtered were buried in the Piigli talu pasture, where wh ere they still are- no one cares. The organizers of this massacre were the Leningrad front 54. army Smerš department commander polkovnik Jermolajev, major Djatšenko, war prosecutor Kirejev, detectives captains Hramõtskihh and Dojanovski... Who they couldn't get right away, then they sent the list to the headquarters of  Võrumaa KGB station.

b) The land conquered by the enemy already has a "government" ready! c) The obligatory accounting of the populace via writing them into the place they live. Also written down are missing family members, whose location is unknown.

d) The obligatory accounting of all food articles and establishing of a "hunger norm" to ordinary citizens, so no one can feed dangerous "bandits", that are not written in. e) The confiscation of all weapons and modes of communication from the populace, including radios, TVs, computers and "especially dangerous" copy machines. f) The seizure of all vehicles. g) The banning of all medical institutions-all healthcare is being subjected to the enemy. Every sick person is required to have a passport, to be written wr itten in, a place to live and work. In the purpose of finding bandits. Doctors are needed to report all uncounted patients to the enemy. h) The occupation of houses in the immediate rear of the enemy. For the accommodation of the enemy’s officers, headquarters, and other people. Usually the inhabitants are driven out of their homes. When the "victors" have moved on, the inhabitants get to come back into their pillaged and contaminated homes. An example of my own home in august-September 1944. My father wouldn't leave our home in Hargla. He packed new clothes and laundry into suitcases and hid with them in an empty potato cellar. While the battles were going on, my father was ordered to come out of his "shelter" between gunmen. When he was finally allowed to go home, the suitcases had been "opened" with an axe and my sisters dresses and other garments gone. When I got home in the 4. of October 1944, I noticed that our coffee grinder had a new drawer. "Why?" Father answered: "They took the grinder out, pulled the drawer and a Russian soldier shit in it." And that is not all that the t he "brave fighters of the guards division named after "Riga"" did in my home in Hargla. i) Smerš soldier took all the pictures that had uniformed people in it and took them to their superiors. They took those pictures to interrogations of local people and showed those to them and asked: "Who is this?" "What uniform is this?" "Where is this person now?" "You, local person, must know, don't lie!"

I was told by Tõrvase farm owner Alfred Peltser, a Kaitseliitlane (Wiki Kaitseliit) from the free time: "Before the Russians came in august 1944, I had spring cleaning. I hid the Estonian flag, all weapons and pictures with me in uniform, I took them all away from home and hid them separately, so if anyone found them, there would be no evidence of who hid them. Only a few good pairs of boot soles and a few boxes of Parabellum ammo were dug into the garden. After the from passed, smerš soldiers came, and they were like devils (again, translation impossible), went through the house, probed the whole garden. The bootsoles and parabellum ammo was found. "Who hid them?" "Don't know, before You came there were Germans and refugees here." Suspicion stayed. The smerš took a room into their possession. Over a day, they had greasy lamb meat, and then shitted for a whole day. After the front was broken in Koiva river, Latvia, they had the rich farms near Riga to rob and pillage, so they left. Big was my surprise, when I found a German P08 and a holster hanging in the spat and full-of-cigarette full -of-cigarette-butts -butts room the smerš had used. What the hell should I do now? Can't throw it away, people may come back for it, can't keep it here, Russian soldiers roaming around the place, and if they find it, then the whole families packing! So I took my old workers coat and covered "Gott mitt uns" with it. Two weeks went by, the room was not cleaned. One day a Smerš Willys drove in, a soldier ran into the house and grasped the P08. They didn't even say hello. The car drove away. I thought to myself: Look what clever trick they played on us. But "god was with us"." Let the experience of Alfred Peltser be a warning, that You shouldn't hide anything illegal on Your immediate property. The enemy’s and his servants of the devils manners have been the same for a thousand years. In the rear of the invading enemy, people must: People, that are not a part of the fighting, be silent. They have seen nothing nor heard nothing. By the law, citizens are not obligated to give occupying forces any information. No one is required to accept the cultural bait the enemy offers You. Y ou. No one is required to be friends with the enemy. The inhabitants years and years of silent resistance will erode the occupants morale and make way for a fight for independence. The enemy will work with all he has to break our inner strength. He will bully us with false promises, try to recruit as traitors, drive the people against elected leaders, against officials not cooperating with the enemy. He wants to drive us nuts, mess up our thoughts, intentions and doings.

We will hold, as long as we don't trust the enemy, see through his plans. All we see, hear or read, we consider thoroughly, how much of it is truth. We don't believe anything, about which we don't know, where it has came from. We will relay nothing, about which we don't have solid evidence. Local citizens and forest brothers The truth is, that without the support of the people, neither forest brothers or red partisans couldn't do anything during the last war. According to their mentality, they can be the "eyes and ears" of both the forest brothers and the enemy. Half a century of the enemy’s occupation have shown, that part of the forest brothers helpers, that have wished to be so, s o, have remained unknown to this day. On the other hand, the t he traitors working for the enemy, are all known and "their deeds follow them around". The support of the local populace is expressed by them "not seeing or hearing no one". This sort of neutral behavior is beneficial first of all to the populace themselves, and will keep them from the interrogations and torture of the enemy. The enemy will want to know everything from everyone, that has babbled anything anywhere. A colorful example. In a warm September night 1945, our squad moved through Hargla by railway. Kalli Helm's house was lighted up and the sound of partying sounded from the open windows. The forest brothers surrounded the house. Oskar Mölder, who the locals did not know, pushed the curtains away and yelled:"What's going on?" "It's Osvald Käärde's jubilee" "We came to ask the birthday boy what the hell does he want with the forest brothers, and why is he spying on them, asking around the

village?" The jubilees face went white, as Oskar pointed the Nagant at him. "Nnothing." "If it's nothing, then don't spy on us. This time, I won't pull the trigger, have Your party and stop spying." The forest brothers left, but the jubilee was so offended, that the security forces were so incompetent and "don't know where to look for bandits". This "criticism" about the enemy was known to them. Osvald Käärde was captured and interrogated. "Show us where the bandits are hiding!" Because Käärde "also didn't know", he got a good kicking from the tšekists, who thought that "if he speaks like that, then he must know."

Both the forest brothers and the enemy are ar e interested in intelligence about their enemies. Both sides want them to have the "eyes and ears" in the local populace. When the forest brothers get Intel from their personal Estonian spirited informants, then they must keep their sources in complete secrecy, even from their brothers in arms, just in case someone gets taken prisoner and that info is beaten out of him. My supporters in the years 1944-1952 are all still there, because no one of my fellow forest brothers knew "where Paul goes". I was a lone "wounded wolf", that had paid bloody school money for their experiences, I had learned to keep my assistants as safe as possible. The enemy recruits: His "eyes and ears" and doers of the dirty work in the middle of the local populace, that are dissatisfied with their fellow Estonians, like drunks, thieves, greedy wanters of others goods, that are found amongst every nationality. To make the local populace fight amongst themselves, the most effective way is to use the "Leninist way": "Take from those that have, and give to those that don't." This was used effectively by the enemy in 1940. They took all from the Estonians: Land, Homes, Shops, Factories and even Lives. The gathered goods were given to the communist party, that handed it out to

their supporters, newlanders (no translation there), badlings (here also) and members of the destruction battalion (here too). The result was the d estruction of farms, as those "that didn't have anything", couldn't keep the stuff they got without trouble, everything vanished and was converted to drinks. That kind of supporters were the enemy’s public supporters, and they were able to be avoided by the forest brothers, but the lists of deportation were written by the parish directives and there was no escaping that. Forced recruiting is used by the enemy amongst the Estonian people. Not all can stay sure to themselves, when they are face upon the question: "Will You stay as a collaborator, or will You be shipped to Siberia with all of Your family?" Nothing happened to those, that could answer:"I have nothing to do with people that You are looking for. I dare not to take up a responsibility, that I may not be able to uphold." The experiences of the bloody occupation show, that the enemy used "people that came out of the forest themselves" or "caught helpers" to recruit traitors and murderer agents. Those kind of people gave themselves to use by the enemy, by "regret" and standing down. The enemy later used them to murder their own companions. When waging sissisõda In the rear of the enemy, the leaders of guerilla groups must not use the way of  the Belarusian red partisans, "Погнят народ протйв немцев" I was told about this by a war-time Belarusian policeman in Mordva camp. "The Germans didn't intervene with the local life at first. They only put up village chiefs and policemen, and even those by the suggestion of the people. The communist fliers "Go to the forest and fight against the fašism!" had no effect. Then they dropped special squads into the forest, that knew what to do. The red partisans occupied a village, all villagers were required to comply in threat of death. In every house, they put 2-3 partisans, that the villagers had to

feed. They ate, drank and waited, there was a watch on the road, whoever came into the village was captured. The German cars riding through the village were fired upon- the soldiers killed, take the goods and torch it! The reds disappeared into the woods, but the wrecks remained. the Germans came with a large force, the villagers were blamed " that were hiding the partisans". The village was burned. The villagers had to run to the forest now..." These kinds of cruel behavior set the locals under the hammer. "That wasn't all" my fellow continued. "The reds dressed themselves up as Germans, robbed the people, raped their women and occasionally killed a few villagers. And upon all of  that, the Germans were blamed of it. And the confused people ran to the woods,  just to survive." The enemy sent red partisans to Estonia during WW2. Thanks to Omakaitse, that kept the danger of partisan war like in Belorussia away from Estonia. Let the aforementioned be a warning to all freedom fighters defending their homes. You cannot set the local populace under the hammer, or use the other guys feathers to look like them, do stuff in their name. That will not remain a secret forever. Besides, there's no need for that, as the enemy's "actions follow him for a thousand years". The battle of minds in guerilla war The mighty propaganda of the enemy has always done everything to  justify or deny the anti-human crimes of the Empire of Evil. The national murder in Chechnya was justified by Vladimir Putin by using terms like "животные" (animals) and "террористы" (terrorists). The duty of every resistance fighter is to spread the truth about the deeds and goals of the enemy:

1. Via words among other resistance fighters, their loved ones and supporters; 2. Written down as fliers, posters and slogans on the road and public places for the whole nation to see and read; 3. Fliers written in the enemy’s language, and put up on roads, walls, pillboxes at night, so the enemy’s soldiers could read for themselves, who they are and what kind of national murder they are forced to commit.

In fliers to Your own and the whole nation, one must stress on the cause of  liberty, love of the fatherland, the need to protect ones family and home for the survival of the whole nation. Publish the names and homes of the captured, tortured and murdered martyrs to the public, what exactly happened and who (namely) took part in the crimes done on that person by snitching, capturing them or by robbing their property. Call upon the populace to show cold defiance to the enemy. Call them up to not talk to the soldiers and officers of the enemy, not set up relations or help them. When they are interrogated with a translator, answer questions "I don't know" and "I haven't seen nor heard". On the principle, that sharing any info with them is betraying Your nation and country. From history: The German forces marching into Paris were greeted with empty streets, closed windows and doors. The insulted fuehrer left part of France unoccupied. Our enemy isn't so soft-hearted though. Here, the invading forces will be greeted by spies sent here, colonists, red army veterans and "formers". From somewhere You can hear gunshots and a tank blowing up... If General Einseln's command isn't annulled:"The invading forces must be destroyed, without waiting for an order from the higher positions."

The enemy’s countermeasures Not depending on the fact, if the forest brothers were fighting or not, the enemy has always used all means to destroy all that are Estonian minded.

By the deportation and destroying the homes of families, the enemy has made the population of Estonia sparse. The countermeasures are:

a) Using spies and provocateurs to collect information amongst the people about Estonian minded people. The guarding of the t he Forest Brothers homes, in the purpose of betrayal. The spies are recruited amongst the locals, that know the language, the people, the surroundings, especially Forest keepers (game keepers?) and other officials. The most dangerous spies are those, that are recruited amongst the freedom fighters themselves. b) Special strike teams with special training and the best weapons. Being supplied with radios and vehicles, they are very mobile and dangerous. The mining of  bunkers is very effective against them. Untiring vigilance and caution are also effective. c) Big raids using the army are very expensive to the enemy. The encircling and going through large forest massive demands great forces and can't happen unnoticed. These kinds of big raids are not as dangerous as strike teams. There are possibilities to sneak through the lines or break through in thin spots. Or dig in somewhere and let the bastards pass. d) In future wars the enemy is going to use Mushroom pickers, berry gatherers, bird watchers and tourists, supplied with a good map and a radio, that will go through all possible hiding places and report to a strike team stationed nearby. These kinds of agents, the enemy’s eyes and ears, reveal themselves by trying to go through the thickest bushes, and that they have a radio or cell and a map- that enables them to be recognized, interrogated and treat them accordingly. e) The enemy has always used guards in his rear. Troops on bridges, moving patrols on roads, control points in major traffic areas, trains, ports. Also, they search houses at night, under the sign of "passport control". The training of the siss

1. A good infantryman’s training is very important to the guerilla. Those that don't have that, must perfect the major skills: handling of weapons, including the enemy’s; shooting drills, learning to use the landscape, CQB with a weapon and without, CQB with a tank, the cooperation between a group of guerillas and a bigger unit. 2. A pioneers training, so that every fighter knows how to build barriers and stuff, do blasting, set mines and defuse them. As many men as possible must know how to do demolitions. All situations occurring in a guerilla war: living in the wild, taking cover, camo, night raids and travelling, night battles, all must be rehearsed. Movement in the day, night, adaption to things, ingenuity and a hunter instinct are far more important than pointless drills. The guerilla is a personality, not a sheep. 3. The use of the landscape and camouflage are for hiding from the enemy, deceiving him and outsmarting him, and in the case of possible discovery, offering the smallest and worst-to-see target possible. Camo from helo's and planes must not be forgotten. The uniform and camo-nets, tent color, head gear must blend in to the surrounding nature. All these things are learned under the watch of an experienced instructor. You should use the experiences of the Chechens, gained in the war against the enemy in modern war. The armament of a siss group The weapons must be light, not obstruct movement, yet still be able to spray destruction at the enemy, when the need arises. Most of the guerrilla group must have light automatic weapons, the rest be armed with self-loading carbines. Extremely necessary are hand grenades. Very necessary to every group is a long rifle with optics and a suppressor. In bigger raids, a group must have machine guns, Rocket propelled grenades, a mortar and a flame thrower. (Although the last isn't necessary, it's still fun to to have have ) The bigger bigger weapons weapons are not carried carried along, each weapon must have a container for it hidden in the ground. The automatic firearms must have the same caliber. To get ammunition (and weapons), a group will attack the enemy’s supply columns. Every group must have a sufficient supply of AT mines, various weights of explosives sealed in a watertight bag, Detonators, and Firing pin activated detonators, to make antenna-

mines. Every second man in a group must know how to use the bigger weapons and explosives. The men The siss must be marvelous, a fighter and a builder at the same time. The sissisõda requires a deep connection with the nature from him, he must be undemanding and resourceful, to use the few measures and opportunities available to him. With his attitude towards the local populace, he must wake up the people, make the freedom-loving people trust him and respect him. Cowards and traitors must fear him like the plague. It's important that as many men as possible know their AO, knows the language and even the local dialect. The schooling of radio operators must be done in the right time (before the SHTF, that is). The personnel of a sissigrupp

The makeup of the group depends on the enemy's presence in the AO, the mission and the terrain. Strongly guarded and on terrain that offers little cover, only very small groups can operate. When the need arises, these groups will join, give a joint strike (at night!) and disappear. On sparsely occupied terrain that provides good cover, bigger groups may operate, but they still must be placed dispersed in the AO, to eliminate the possibility of discovery from the air and encircling on the ground. The leaders Of decisive importance is the choice of leaders in sissisõda, and their training. A guerilla war cannot be led from a center of some sort, but the leaders of  individual groups must act on their own. The leader of a siss unit must be demanding to both himself and his "employees" during a mission and between missions. On the other hand, he must be fair and tirelessly take care of his men. This image of a "personal leader" greatly lifts morale. The bravery and justice of a leader must invoke trust in his men. TRUST IS THE BASIS B ASIS OF GUERILLA WARFARE. The authority of a leader relies on his personality, not his job or rank. The leader of a siss group carries the highest possible responsibility, and because of that, has the right of the captain of a lone warship in the raising of his staff and punishing

them. Including death penalty in severe cases. Besides his military knowledge and characteristics, the leader must also have political knowledge, and be able to pass it on to his soldiers. Sissisõda Sissisõda against the invading enemy is a very effective measure to a small nation with a clear political purpose- to survive. This, a sissisõda pressed onto a small nation, must be waged in a situation where You are outnumbered and with inferior equipment, using special ways of fighting and tactics. The better knowledge of the landscape, courage, bravery and decisiveness, smartness, smartness, deceit and a sole purposepurp ose- to survive, is the advantage of  siss fighters. Sissisõda is a way of modern war, not a passing fashion. In a desperate situation, sissisõda is the last resort to save a nations Life and Liberty from the enemy. Sissisõda is held everywhere, where possible, against the invading enemy in the forests, cities, towns, villages, roads, day and night. To the enemy, and his traitors, it must be obvious, that moving about in occupied land is DANGEROUS. Battles of sissisõda A meeting-battle is unexpected unexpected to both sides. It can happen in the day, while moving on closed terrain or on a road while driving a car. Or at night, in open terrain, in a settlement or a road. The chances of survival are better for the side that notices the enemy first, and can shoot first. A short action-filled firefight is followed by retreat, the forest brothers go back the way they got there. The enemy will take up defensive positions and wait for backup. Neither side knows the enemy's strength.

The Two Man Stakeout Expectations: o









They must fit each other. They have two main weapons: a self loading marksman's rifle with a scope and a normal Kalašnikov (In Estonia's case, anyway.) Both men must be able to handle both weapons. They get to the ambush site early in the morning, under the cover of darkness, silently, no smoking. The ambush site must enable hiding, disguising and have a safe and covered route out of there. Everything necessary for the entire stay must be brought along to the ambush site. They're foxholes are side by side, with a distance of 1.5-2 meters, so they can communicate via whispering. The marksman will observe the mark appearing, his mate will observe the surroundings with bino's. You must not look at the sun, or else the flash of the lenses might give You away. The way the enemy will be coming must be observable for a long distance, to avoid any surprises. Targets are: couriers, motorcyclists, local traitors, cars with enemy officers, fuel trucks, radio and radar stations on vehicles. (Plus targets of opportunity, and those of highest threat.)

The marksman will shoot a target either closing or riding away from him. (Hitting a quickly moving target from the side is a big IF.) An exception is the long fuel truck, which must be shot with an AP incendiary round. If the mark has been hit and killed, it must be checked, if the situation allows for that to happen. Anyway, You must leave the site hidden, and without leaving a trace. A good aid against  dogs is a mix of 1:1 petrol and turpentine smeared smeared across the boots. Or any  other non-organic smelly liquid. (Stressed by me)

Ambushing the enemy The ambushing will take place near his routes of travel, as far away from his greater forces as possible, and away from settlements, to spare the locals. An ambush site must have certain properties: o



To be able to come there, be there and leave there without discovery. Closed terrain, the woods, bush. To have open landscape towards the direction of the enemy, so You can see the size of it's forces from far away and decide upon Your actions. To be able to place mines in the road or near the road undetected, which will be detonated with electricity in the right moment.

The explosion of the mine means the start of the ambush. After that, You open fire on the enemy from all guns. From that moment onwards, the forest brothers are discovered and the clock starts ticking for the enemys advantage- he will have help coming. So You must act quick and decisively, take from the blown-up car whatever is good enough, weapons and intel from the enemys fallen. You must leave while keeping cover, in full order, leaving behind some antenna-mines and handgrenades for the enemy. Ambushes In an ambush, the victor is usually the side that stages the ambush. To avoid falling into an ambush by the t he enemy, the forest brother cannot betray their travelling routes by any way, not by moving and not by talking about it. The use of  roads must be avoided when possible, the same goes for houses and settlements, where You have been noticed. When moving ANYWHERE, You must not use the same route twice. All intentions of moving must be a closely guarded secret. Where, when and by which way, are known only by the masterminds of the scheme. The enemy must NOT be given a chance to ambush You. Attack from the ambush site Of decisive importance is the element of surprise- A powerful mine explosion and the following dense volley of fire by automatic weapons.

This may bring victory over an enemy of far more quantity and who might be better armed. But when the assault fails, and the enemy manages to gather itself, it can lead to major losses or even the complete annihilation of the sissigrupp. The forest brothers must never engage the enemy in a long lasting firefight, because the enemy will get help. If the first powerful blow cannot surpress the enemy, You must give the sign of retreat, which was previously agreed on inside the group. Retreating A perfectly timed and skillful withdrawal from the enemy’s forces after the end of  a battle or after breaking contact, is the main requirement from the sissisõda tactics. A good retreat avoids losses and gives You a chance to surprise the enemy again, someplace else.

The retreat is easiest in the case of You having destroyed the enemy. This must be considered before the ambush is executed- that You have the capability of  destroying them. When retreating in order, You must have pre-arranged meeting places 2 to 3 klicks away, where wh ere people will wait for those that are late for 1-2 hours. In the meeting place there will be ONLY ONE waiter, that will lead the late ones to the rest of the group stationed a small distance away. The meeting place must offer good cover and observation possibilities in the enemy’s direction, and where You came from. Following wi th dogs is possible, and the location may have been beaten out of a man that was captured. The "prizes" collected after a successful ambush, like unopened ammo canisters and canned goods, are not to be carried far away, they must be hidden in suitable locations by every man that carried stuff. He will hide his loot and come back for it later. That is the best way, based on experiences; a big stash hidden by a large group is easily discovered from tracks and stuff.

The weapons of an ambush o









AT mines or pipe bombs, at least with the power of 5 kilograms of trotüül. (Trotyl?) Directional mines with the power of a' 1 kg. A machine gun. MG-3. Self loading sniper rifles. Kalašnikov automatic rifles. Granatgewehr FN-40. Tank-killers. A portable flame-thrower. Hand grenades, F1 or RGD.

The experiences of sissisõda show, that not only the number of barrels is not decisive, but a good amount of ammunition for every gun, which provides greater firepower. Assault An assault is one of the ways of fighting initiated by a sissgroup or a lone fighter. The objective is usually an enemy unit standing away from the main units, strong points, comms or radar, storage facility, an establishment or the home of a traitor. Before the assault on the objective, thorough Intel gathering must be done. You must know the enemy's strength, armament, comms, everything related to their guards, transportation and the place of the nearest enemy unit, from where stalkers may come. The fact that You are going to attack anything, must be known only to the leaders of the group, Intel is gathered from people You trust "just in case", as well as from the members of the group watching the nearest roads. The day before the attack, the enemy's roads must be under continuous surveillance, to avoid any surprises. The assault will take place at night. That will confuse the enemy, the enemy can't get a clear picture of the siss-group's actions and location. The best thing is, that You can get near to the objective, and escape over open terrain. The guerillas will operate in fire-teams, at least one of them must know the surrounding landscape.

Destruction In the past war the Russian partisans stirred a lot of trouble for the Germans by blowing up railways. This very same activity can be very effective against the enemy. When big railway- and road-bridges r oad-bridges are heavily fortified by the enemy with barbed wire, trenches, alarms and a guard unit, they can't protect the whole railway like that. At night, the approaching train can be heard from a long distance away. When the tracks blow up 10 meters before the train, it will have effect. This can be done by 2 men, of which one has learned how to place the charge in the right place. (Also at night.) The charge will be blown electrically at the right moment. These two men can sneak up to the railway at their chosen spot, wait silently, when hearing the train approach fulfill their mission. The charges cannot be placed before, because the railway r ailway might be patrolled upon by forcefully recruited civilians or armed patrols. How the railway is guarded, must be determined before the show begins. The authors of guerilla war handbooks in the west say that You could blow up other stuff besides roads and bridges, like power lines, local power transformer stations, phone stations, comms lines and other stuff important to the enemy. But I think that when blowing up power related stuff, the local populace suffers the most, the enemy has generators running for his needs. Comms lines and phone stations must be blown up AFTER the enemy has collected telephones from the populace, leaving only his agents and stations alone! Let's not forget, that in the ENSV (ESSR) only red people had a phone at their house! Certain is, that cell phones are to be collected, the network will be used u sed by the enemy. With that, the cell phone towers also become targets, so the network would not work anymore and spies couldn't send messages from everywhere.

The mortal struggle The mortal struggle is the last type of battle of a sissisõda, initiated by the enemy. By engaging in the mortal struggle, the last siss groups were destroyed in the Baltics, for many years, only lone fighters were left, until they were snooped up and betrayed. Because decades passed and the much promised "X" day promised by the foreign propaganda never came... To avoid having to fight a mortal struggle, the forest brothers must keep their locations, and previous locations a total secret. There is a bloody rule: "With his tongue, a Forest Brother can cut the throat of  himself, his buddies, helpers, and everyone else that had the same views like him." The shelter of a Forest brother stays a 100% secure as long as he doesn't blab about it to anyone. Or as long as anyone has noticed his shelter. A Forest Brother living alone must disguise the hatch to his bunker, and place mines near it right away, when leaving "home", so that the unwanted guest would stay there, until the host returns. The same must be done when You are living in a bunch and go somewhere together. The experiences of the past prove, that to destroy guerilla groups, the enemy need Intel and that most important thing- location, where exactly the bunker or farm is at. The strength of a sissigrupp, it's armament and security is of little importance, only the existence of mines will slow down an all out attack. The enemy’s superiority is always 50 -100 times Your own. Even Heavy weapons and helos! To get that most important thing, the location, the enemy will severely torture captured forest brothers or a member of their family. In the enemy's arsenal is a thousand Years of inquisition, modern drugs and the liberty to use them. Because of that, every forest brother and their helpers must keep their mouth shut, so the enemy doesn't know who to "work" with. Only a person that really doesn't know anything, can't give anything away! Example: Janis Zvaigszne, the leader of the Latvian Forest Brothers, a comrade of  mine, said:"1952, September September 8. by the Riga-Pskov road in Trapene parish Krangu

woods a raid was conducted. In that raid died Arseni Dreialts- A teacher from Gauijena, Oskars Kaksis and Villis Rudkaste. We broke through the first circle. The snow was deep, ammo was running out... There were three circles, many trucks on the road, about 600 soldiers!" A day house What do You do in a situation when You don't have anywhere to rest? It was winter, deep snow, very cold and we were tired... The morning was nearing. We decided to use "the right of the uninvited guest", rest up at a local commies residence, hoping that they wouldn't know to search for us there. We also knew that he has no gun, so no shooting was going to happen. We knocked, the door was opened, we went in and asked if everyone was home, if there aren't any strangers in the house? They answered that only the family. So we said to the host: "I'm guessing You know who You're dealing with, we need to rest, we will stay here for the day. No one will leave the house while we are here. The hostess will tend the animals and cook for everyone. If any neighbors show up, You will say that the man of the house has left, went to the city. No one is to be told that there are guests at the house. If any of You leave without us knowing it, we will bring doom over this household. The host will stay under our guard, the rest of the family move into the living room. No moving about outside, the children will not go to school today." There were just the two of us alone in a hostile house, one of us was resting, the other one guarding the family and keeping an eye on the road leading to the house. We took off only our uniforms and boots, like on guard duty, with weapons right at hand. We ate with the family, the same food. The T he day passed calmly, no one came. When darkness came, we told the man: "We know Your political preferences, You are collaborating with a foreign power, who took Estonia's freedom and our homes. YOU have a family and home. If You don't want to lose those, do the right thing. Don't snitch on Your brothers, with that You doom them and Yourselves. It is best for You is You haven't seen nor heard anything. We thank You for the day house

and now we leave. Remember now and forever, all of You: "This house has seen no uninvited visitors."" Everything fell silent. Even we kept silent about it amongst ourselves. I have had these kinds of day houses in times without snow, and with a larger group. Then the guard duty is easier and You won't leave tracks when leaving. Using the "hospitality" of the house owner, the Forest Brothers gained a lot of  Intel about the whole "elite" of the parish, also who were the leading commies of  the county and that official mail was carried by paid couriers! Switzerland is ready to protect The small country of Switzerland located in the alps is known as a democratic country. During the Second World War W ar it managed to stay neutral because it didn't have neighbors like Estonia did. As You can see below, they are ready to engage in guerilla war against an invading enemy. The "silencing" of spies Be sure of the spies names. Publish their names everywhere.

Kill discovered spies, if You have the chance. That is not murder, it is self defense. Even in the resistance, the principle "Either You or Me" applies. The purpose: Working FOR the enemy must be as dangerous as working AGAINST the enemy. V. Dach: "Der totale Widerstand. Kleinkriegsanleitung für jedermann.

There are no neutrals in the future wars A personal danger between ideological wars doesn't depend on w hether You are a part of the resistance or not anymore. Leaving Yourself out of the resistance, saying "I don't have any part in this" doesn't help in the modern world. In the system put to use by the enemy (taking hostage, collective responsibility and collective deportations without choice, to everyone- fighter or not) nobody will help the bystander. The member of a resistance movement is protected by the organization, that is interested in warning it's members and finding a shelter to those that are threatened by the enemy.

"All those, that heritage, job or political mind threatens them wi th deportation or death, must "go underground" or "go to the woods" (run for the hills is said in America) I think, that means: join a resistance group."

"Freedom will grow only from the muzzle of a rifle" That, and the following have been said by Uncle Mao: "The fight begins with weak forces: it is the struggle of minority against superiority, which must end with the minoritys victory." "All principles of military operations come from one main truth: To hold Your forces with everything available, destroy the enemys. In revolutionary war, that main truth is directly connected to the purpose of war. This wars political aim is to banish imperialists from this country and the creation of an independent, free, happy fatherland." "The gun is important, but not the decisive factor in war. Decisive is the man, not the thing. The balance of forces are not determined by military and economic strength only, but also the relations of human reserves and their morale." The communists brought war to every family! Fighting nations in the first World War stood true to the main clausel of the Geneva convention: "The civilians not participating in military actions, actions, are under protection. The familys honour and their homes are to be protected." Communists, that started a civil war in russia, didn't acknowledge any kind of neutrality. They announced, that "Those that are not with us, are a gainst us." On the 11 of march, 1918, The red leader of the Ukrainian peoples republic gave the order to create partisan groups, whose objectives were: Terrorizing the enemy in their rear. The destruction of bridges, roads, railway lines, phone lines, telegraph lines and stuff like that. The destruction of food items. Getting reliable intel of the enemys strength and location. Killing the enemys morale via oral and written agitation. In the rear of their own forces: Creating fighting ready units for the red armys needs. Huge agitation for the reds. E liminating "class enemys".

Drobov: Partisans and varmints. Moscow 1931.

The names of guerilla warfare in Europe In Austria, Germany and Switzerland, they use the name Klenkrieg Klenkrieg.. Difference is made between the local resistance composing of  local people, in occupied territory- Widerstandsbewegung - and specially trained jaegers, that have been made into guerilla groups, or Jagdkommandos . To get siss-groups behind enemy lines: o

Small groups hide in prearranged, hidden and supplied bunkers and let the enemy pass overhead.

This possibility is useable in Estonia, against the enemy, but with the next criteria: the mentioned bunkers must not be located in homes, because the experiences of the past war show that the enemy will pillage and search every building, and probe the immediate territory around them. o


The guerillas hiding places must be outside of settlements, in closed terrain and the immediate territory around them MUST be mined. The mines must have electrical ignition, blastable one at a time, when the enemy stumbles on the bunker, with a dog or not. Guerilla groups will be parachuted in or flown in by helicopters, which is a better way- with battle gear.



Driven through the front lines with a tank wedge, that heads back as soon as they have dropped off the guerillas, bringing along captured enemy soldiers. Stosstrupp. The group "infiltrates" the front lines, at night, in a concealed place.

Dropping from planes in Estonias conditions is an old trick, it gives away the position, men and the equipment end up separately, gathering and finding the gear, hiding will take up a lot of time, because the landing zone must be cleared. Stosstrupp isn't doable, if You haven't got enough tanks. o

Landing on the shore at night, in this we have historical experience. Erna group 1941.

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