Lesson 6 Assignment for MTA 98_366 Networking Fundamentals

April 24, 2019 | Author: Tyler Kristian Courtney | Category: Remote Desktop Services, Ip Address, Data Transmission, Computer Network, Application Layer Protocols
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Lesson 6 Assignment for MTA 98-366 Networking Fundamentals...


Lesson 6- Assignment 1. Your Windows client failed to broadcast to all servers that it has accepted an IP address offer. What step is this in the four-step DORA process? a. Discover b. Offerin! c. Re"uest d. Ac#nowled!e

$. You are in char!e of settin! up a D%&P server to hand out IP addresses and other IP-related infor'ation. Which of the followin! cannot be obtained fro' a D%&P server? a. IP address b. (A& address c. D)* server address d. +atewa address

,. Proseware Inc. wants ou to scan servers for D%&P activit. Which ports should ou be loo#in! for? a. , and / b. 0 and //, c. $ and $1 d. 23 and 20

/. A co-wor#er as#s for our help in anal4in! anal 4in! a proble' with a D%&P server. 5he 5he server6s scope has been created and the IP ran!e appears to be valid et no clients are obtainin! IP addresses. What could be the reason for this? 7*elect the best answer.8

a. 5he server was not authori4ed. b. 5he scope was not activated. c. 5he scope was not authori4ed. d. 5he server is down.

. 5he I5 director has as#ed ou set up a co'puter to ac"uire an IP address fro' a newl confi!ured D%&P server. Which of the followin! is the best co''and to use? a. pin! -n b. ipconfi! 9renew c. ipconfi! 9release d. pin! :renew

2. You are troubleshootin! a co'puter that cannot obtain the proper IP address fro' a D%&P server. When ou run ipconfi! the address 12;.$/.$., shows up in the results. What service is assi!nin! the IP address to the client? a. D%&P b. WI)* c. APIPA d. D)*

3. You have i!ure 2-1$ for the details of the solution.

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