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CASE HISTORY A woman was allegedly sexually molested by her boyfriend and was examined by a Medico-Legal Officer and was found with the following medico-legal examination findings:       

Contusion and abrasion at her face, right breast and right lower extremities Color changes of contusion, bluish, abrasion’s scab formation dry. Medico-Legal examination was performed immediately the following day after the alleged commission of the crime. Complete hymenal laceration at 6 o’clock Hymenal orifice admits calibrated test tube measuring 2.0 cm in cross diameter Positive for spermatozoa per vaginal smear Contusion and abrasions at inter-labial area with scab formation dry and greenish discoloration of contusion.

1. The possible crime committed by the assailant was a. Rape b. Simple seduction c. Qualified seduction d. None of the above 2. Injuries noted during the time of examination was compatible with any of the following a. Rape was committed on the alleged date of commission b. Attempted rape was committed c. Medical findings not sufficient with a medico-legal conclusion d. All of the above was correct 3. Was the following enumerated medico-legal findings sufficient for a medical conclusion a. Sufficient for rape b. Sufficient for attempted rape c. All of the above d. None of the above 4. Hymenal laceration noted was compatible with a. Rape b. Attempted rape c. Not sufficient for a conclusion of rape d. None of the above 5. Size of hymenal orifice noted on the subject is sufficient for a conclusion that: a. Vaginal penetration was completed b. Attempted vaginal penetration was attempted c. Attempted or completed vaginal penetration cannot be determined d. None of the above 6. Positive for spermatozoa per vaginal smear was a conclusive evidence of: a. Sexual intercourse was consummated b. Attempt to penetrate vaginal canal was noted c. Vaginal penetration was consummated d. None of the above

7. Physical injuries noted during the time of examination was compatible with a. Rape b. Attempted rape c. Medical findings not sufficient for a conclusion 8. Other possible sexual offense committed on this case was a. Simple seduction b. Qualified seduction c. Forcible seduction d. Forcible abduction MATCHING A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I.

Rape Qualified seduction Simple seduction Incestuous seduction Forcible abduction Consented abduction Adultery Concubinage Acts of lasciviousness

9. A married woman having sexual intercourse with a man other than the husband 10. Woman is a virgin between 12-18 years old 11. Unlawful sexual intercourse with a woman between 12-18 years old with good reputation 12. A married man having sexual intercourse with a woman other than the wife 13. Mashing of the female breast is an example 14. Sodomy 15. Insertion of foreign objects into the genitalia 16. Carrying away of a woman against her will with lewd design 17. Carrying away of a virgin woman between 1218 years with her consent with lewd design 18. A father having sexual intercourse with the daughter 19. Sex with an 11 year old prostitute 20. Carnal knowledge with a woman against her will 21. Forcing a person to perform oral sex 22. Forcing wife to have sex 23. A man having sex with a married woman and knows her to be married

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H.

Lacerated wound Incised wound Stab wound Punctured wound Contusion Abrasion Hematoma Hacking wound

24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36.

A large incised wound Caused by a sharp pointed instrument Contact with rough surface Ice pick, needle, syringe Caused by a sharp-edged instrument Description of its color is important Cut, slice Samurai, bolo, ax Bruise Blood tumor Lead pipe, baseball ball Caused by a blunt object Open wound caused by a blunt object or instrument 37. Caused by friction 38. Caused by an object with a sharp point and a sharp edge A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J.

Virgo intact Demi-virginity Defloration True physical virginity False physical virginity Superficial hymenal laceration Deep hymenal laceration Complete hymenal laceration Compound/complicated hymenal laceration Old healed hymenal laceration

39. Laceration of hymenal due to sexual intercourse 40. Truly virtuous woman 41. Laceration is up to the base 42. Laceration includes the cervix and anus 43. Laceration is over half but does not reach base 44. More than 30 days old 45. Hymen is intact and insertion of even the smallest finger evokes pain 46. Hymen may be intact but admits 1-2 fingers with ease or no pain 47. Permits all form of sexual liberties except intercourse 48. Laceration does not reach ½ of width

A. B. C. D. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58.

GSW point of entry GSW point of exit Both A and B None of the Above

Size is usually bigger May be positive for paraffin test Tissues are inverted Size is usually ovaloid or circular Tissues are everted Size is usually irregular or stellate shaped Always negative for paraffin test Size is usually smaller Always negative for products of combustion Contusion collar may be present

CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER 59. The Schonbein’s test is also known a. Kastle-Meyer’s test b. Phenolpathaloin test c. Gulacum d. Benzidine test 60. In the female cranium a. The styloid process is longer b. The zygomatic arches and frontal sinuses are more prominent c. The forehead is higher and more oblique d. The mastoid process is larger 61. It is the prominence of the superficial veins with reddish-discoloration in the process of decomposition which develops on both flanks of the abdomen a. Putrefaction b. Marbolization c. Maceration d. Adipose formation 62. A common law-husband who kills his wife whom he … 63. The primer is usually made up of: a. Lead, barium, antimony b. Lead and barium c. Lead and antimony d. Lead, barium and copper 64. To test for semen, a saturated solution of picric acid to the stained cloth and under the microscope appearing yellow needle shaped crystals are seen a. Forence test b. Paramen reaction c. Berberios d. Ganguli’s 65. Carnal relation with a female under 12 yeas is called a. Simple seduction b. Qualified seduction c. Act of lasciviousness d. Statutory rape

66. When the bullet transverses an organ filled with fluid, the fluid contents within the organ are displaced radially away from the bullet bath producing extensive laceration a. Hydrostatic force b. Bullet trajectory c. Muzzle blast d. Shock waves 67. Soon after death, blood begins to accumulate in the most dependent portion of the body giving rise to a. Petechiae b. Hematoma c. Hypostatic lividity d. Diffusion lividity 68. The part of a stab wound which serves as a guide as the manner of infliction is the a. Shelving b. Beveling c. Shelving and beveling d. Any of the above 69. Post mortem lividity has the following mechanism a. Hypostatic pressure b. Gravitational pressure c. Diffusion d. All of the above e. None of the above 70. The following statements are important in death determination. Which on e is not valid a. Civil personality of a natural person is extinguished by death b. The property of a person is transmitted to heirs, if not to government c. The death of a partner is one of the cause of dissolution of partnership agreement d. The criminal liability of a person is extinguished by death 71. Of the following kinds of death, which one is relevant to organ transplantation a. Somatic death b. Molecular death c. State of suspended animation d. Cellular death 72. In molecular or cellular death, is death of individual cells in: a. 3-6 minutes b. c. 3-6 hours d. 20-30 hours 73. the following terms are synonymous with post-mortem rigidity except: a. Cadaveric rigidity b. Post mortem muscular irritability c. Death struggle of muscles d. Rigor mortis

74. Which is true with regards to rate putrefaction a. Infants decompose later b. Skinny ones decompose more rapidly than obese persons c. Bodies of persons whose cause of death is due to infection decompose rapidly d. When the disease condition is accompanied with nasarca, decomposition is low 75. One of the statements below is not correct a. The civil personality of a natural person is extinguished by death b. The death of a partner is one of the causes of dissolution of partnership c. The ascertainment of death is a clinical and legal problem d. The criminal liability of a person is extinguished by death 76. The effect of the presence or pressure of gasses in putrefaction a. Extrusion of the fetus in a gravid uterus b. Fluid coming out of both nostrils and mouth c. Bloating of the body d. All of the above e. None of the above 77. The condition wherein blood merely gravitates into the most dependent portions of the body but still in fluid form a. Diffusion lividity b. Hypostatic lividity c. All of the above d. None of the above 78. How long can spermatozoa survive in the vaginal canal after sexual intercourse? a. 24 h b. 48 h c. 72 h d. All of the above e. None of the above 79. Tattooing is also known as a. Stippling b. Soot c. Smudging d. Tumbling movement 80. Condition of a woman who permits any of sexual liberties as long as they abstain from rupturing the hymen is called a. Demi-virginity b. Virgo intact c. False physical virginity d. True physical virginity

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