Legal Notice--Reply-Insurance Company

May 26, 2016 | Author: rehanshervani | Category: Types, Business/Law
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Legal Notice --Reply--Insurance Company...


Legal Notice Reply---Insurance Company ======================

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-------------------------------------------ABC Khan Advocate High Court Subject: Reply Legal Notice---Theft Claim by Mr. Shah en route for Suzuki Mehran un-registered -Policy # MT-NTTTTN-1000000000026-0602009. Worthy Sir,

With due adoration, it is stipulated that our esteemed client ABCDEF Insurance Limited has directed us to serve upon you the reply aligned with the legal notice dated 20th July 2010, reference No. 02-7862010 as under: (1) That ABCDEF Insurance Limited is the reputed company well-known

and celebrated for its credibility, integrity, honesty and loyalty with its clients. (2) Your client has committed a breach of a pre-condition of contract by not getting the car registered with Excise department within 15 days from the signing of the contract, therefore, there exists a violation of precondition of insurance contract. (3) There exists, prima facie, no any locus standi against our worthy client. (4) The company has considered the facts and relevant documents of this case and has deduced that the company is not legally obliged to honor the claim of the claimant. Kindly convey your client that he has a wrong claim.

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