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January 21, 2019 | Author: Jagruti Nirav | Category: Consideration, Crime & Justice, Justice, Private Law, Government
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Lega Notice...


Ref: JD/101/2015 16th September 2015 By Registered Post A.D. / Speed Post Without Prejudice  To,  To, Soni Jys!"h## Shnti## Near Mama’s Chhipar, Palitana,  Taluko:  Taluko: Palitana Palitana District: Bhavnagar Dear ir,


&eg# 'oti%e

Referen%e: 1. (he )St"ht* )St"ht* + An Agreement to to se## of the &nd ,'on-gri%!#t!r# dted 1 th of A!g!st 201

!, the the unde unders rsign igned, ed, unde underr the the instr instruct uctio ions ns o" m# client client,, Shree

 Jg$inbhi &"shmnbhi mr#i, aged aged $% #ear #ears, s, &ind &indu, u, !ndian, 'ccupation: (etired) having its registered residential address at Bungalo* lo* No+ -, .ald ldh hara ! / Bungalo* lo*s, Near Pushpa hpak Bungalo*s, 'pposite: Bopal 0ram Pancha#at, Bopal, 1hmeda2ad , 0ujarat) !ndia, ! am addressing this legal notice to #ou, among other things, "or #our *il"ul "ailure and deli2erate action o" 2reaching the terms and conditions o" the agreement resulting into 2reach o" trust and "raud to*ards m# client+ Pge 1 of 5

1. That the details o" the 3and in dispute is enumerated herein 2elo*:


Non/ 1gricultural land *ith the vicinit# o" Bhavnagar

District situated at Palitana 0am, Taluka, Palitana 2earing (evenue urve# No+ %45 admeasuring 456+7% 8+ 9t+ kno*n as 0unoda# Puram’) out o" *hich "rom Plot+ No+ - to Plot+ No+ 6 admeasuring in total 6;74+7% have entered into the same kind o" atakhat’ *ith another person named Navinchandra himaji Nagda "or Plot No+ - to 66 "or the same propert# on ;7+;7+%;67+

3. That at the time o" agreement *ith m# client, m# client *as kept completel# into dark and has never 2een disclosed the in"ormation as to the same parties have entered into an agreement to sell "or the said propert# 2earing Plot No+ - to 66 and have also taken a valid consideration to that eect+ M# client is shocked to kno* that even a"ter a satakhat *hich e?isted earlier, the agreement *as entered including the said propert# *hich *as alread# promised to sell 2# *a# o" an agreement







2ecause the valid consideration *as also taken "rom Mr+ Nagda+

Pge  of 5

4. That upon realisation o" the same, m# client personall# visited the said land and to the at most shock and surprise, m# client came to kno* that upon the said land i+e+ "rom Plot No+ - to Plot No+ 66, the construction is alread# on the verge o"  @nishing+ M# client has all the reason to 2elieve "rom the investigation that, the said land is sold to some third part# *hich *as never a part or person interested at the time o"  atakhats’ in 8uestion+ The step/2#/step process undertaken 2# #ou all clearl# depicts the criminal intention o" #ou all and is in "acto sucient+

. That under the circumstances, !, there"ore, call upon #ou through this legal notice to e?plain immediatel# *ithin a period o" 6- da#s "rom the date o" receipt o" this legal notice, e?plaining the reasons as to *h# civil and criminal actions shall not 2e initiated against #ou, "ailing *hich m# client shall constrained to @le appropriate proceedings against #ou in the court o" la* and in that event #ou shall 2e responsi2le "or all costs, risks and responsi2ilities *hich #ou please note *ell+ indl# note that time is the essence and has to 2e complied *ith in strict sense+


 That m# client reserves all the rights and li2ert# to

mention the "acts and truth on record as and *hen re8uired along *ith the documentar# evidence o" them+ Please note that, this is a notice *ith a vie* to reconcile the talk on papers so that, the amica2le settlement can 2e *orked out+ &ence,

Pge  of 5

m# client reserves li2ert# to 2ring them on record in case needed+


1 cop# o" this legal notice is retained in m# oce "or

record and "urther necessar# action+


9urther, an# other kind o" harassment or silence or

inaction "rom #ou to*ards m# client andE or the parties to this notice or an# endeavour *ould 2e taken as mental harassment o" m# client resulting into litigation in the appropriate court o"  la*+

ind regards,

 Jgr!ti De"diy 1dvocate Managing Partner

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