Legal Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence

November 2, 2017 | Author: Jo Anne | Category: Physician, Medical Ethics, Defamation, Negligence, Consent
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OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY LEGAL/JURIS MEDICINE 1. Patient was aware that physician was drunk yet he allowed the doctor to inject him: A. doctrine of continuing negligence C. res ipsa loquitor B. vicarious liability D. captain of the ship 2. Patient Mr. Lee promised to pay Dr. B one million pesos if he us cured of his cancer. The professional fee to be collected by B refers to: A. contingent fee B. package deal fee C. retainers fee D. simple contractual fee 3. HIV patient takes experimental drugs despite unknown side effects: A. doctrine of informed consent C. assumption of risk B. doctrine of foreseeability D. doctrine of contributory negligence 4. There is direct physical connection between the wrongful act of the Physician and the injury suffered by the patient: A. Doctrine of proximate cause C. “Sine Qua now” test B. “But for” test D. “Substantial factor” test 5. Principle applied when the medical fee is not specified: A. “Asumpsit on quanthum merit” C. “Dura Lex sed Lex” B. “Lex Loci contract” D. “Sine Qua now” 6. Article 365 which deals with imprudence and negligence is a provision of: A. Civil code B. Medical Act 1959 C. Revised penal code D. Criminal Act of 1970 7. To which forum can an administrative complaint be filed against doctors? A. Regional Trial Court C. Department of health B. National Bureau of Investigation D. Professional Regulation Comission 8. Reprimand is a sanction imposed against a doctor when he is guilty of what liability: A. Administrative liability B. Civil liability C. criminal liability D. no liability 9. If the license of a physician is suspended indefinitely, after how long can he apply for reinstatement? A. 3 years B. 6 months C. 2 years D. it will depend on the pleasure of the Board of medicine 10. What is the degree of proof/evidence needed to convict physician of a crime? A. Guilt beyond reasonable doubt C. Prosecution must prove that Dra. Gajardo got pregnant B. Preponderance of evidence D. Prosecution must prove that Dr. Gimenez is a medical doctor 11. The study of licensure laws, regulatory laws and physician-patient relationship, is known in medical school curriculum as: A. Legal Medicine B. Legal Ethics C. Medical Jurisprudence D. M
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