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LEGAL MEDICINE & MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE C 1. One of the following is not helpful in determining the sex of the skeleton: A. Skull B. Sternum C. Cranial sutures D. Pelvis Chapter III–Medico Legal Aspects of Identification; p.80 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) B 2. The medico legal classification of death due to injuries inflicted upon the body by some form of outside force that is the proximate cause thereof is: A. Natural B. Violent C. Sickness caused D. Instantaneous Chapter VI–Cause of Death; p.183 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C 3. The body should be buried within 12 hours if this condition is present: A. Body was not embalmed B. Not subject of legal investigation C. Death due to dangerous communicable disease D. Death due to toxic fumes Chapter VIII–Disposal of thee Dead Body; p.221 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) A 4. Pedro attacked Juan using a bladed weapon. Instinctively Juan tried to fend of the attack and suffered wounds as a result of self-protection. What special type of wound did he suffer? A. Defense B. Self-inflicted C. Offense D. Patterned Chapter IX–Medico Legal Aspects of Physical Injuries; p.244-245 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C 5. Josefa does not intend to hurt her child, Jose. When she is drunk, she periodically batters Jose. She becomes remorseful afterwards and provides proper care in between her drinking spree. What type of child abuser is Josefa? A. Occasional child abuser B. Constant child abuser C. Intermittent child abuser D. One time child abuser Chapter XX-Child Abuse or Neglected Child; p.480 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed)


A 6. Josefa is 10 years old. She gave consent to have carnal knowledge with a male tourist provided she is paid money. Which is true? A. Josefa is a victim of rape. B. Josefa is a child prostitute and thus no rape occurred. C. There is no rape since Josefa consented. D. Josefa must be 12 years old to be a victim of statutory rape Chapter XXI-Medico-Legal Aspects of Sex Crimes; p.500 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C 7. Pedro calls people up on the phone in the early hours of the morning and starts using obscene and foul language to obtain sexual gratification. This sexual deviation is known as: A. Pedophila B. Masochism C. Coprolalia D. Exhibitionism Chapter XXI-Medico-Legal Aspects of Sex Crimes; p.536 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) D 8. Artificial donor insemination with the consent of the husband but without the consent of the wife may result in: A. Charges of rape against the physician B. Action for divorce against the husband based on assault C. A paternity suit against the donor D. Criminal assault against the physician C 9. Pregnancy may be a ground for the annulment of marriage when: A. Husband at the time of marriage knows the child is not his B. Wife conceals the pregnancy caused by her husband C. Wife conceals the fact the child is that of a man not her husband D. The husbands files for annulment 10 years from the discovery the child is not his Chapter XXII-Pregnancy; p.540 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) A 10. Which of the following type of abortion, whether performed by a health professional or not, is criminal and punishable by law? A. Intentional B. Spontaneous C. Consequence of a therapeutic act D. Threatened Chapter XXIV-Abortion; p.559 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) A 11. To obtain legal personality, a 27-week AOG infant must live for at least: A. 24 hours B. 72 hours C. 48 hours D. None of the above Chapter XXV-Birth; p.575 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed)


A 12. A female schizophrenic patient in a lucid state pushed a woman she did not know was pregnant down the stairs causing her to abort. The patient is liable for: A. Unintentional abortion B. Intentional abortion C. Accidental abortion D. Not liable Chapter XXIV-Abortion; p.559 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed)

A. B. C. D.

C 13. For a child to be legitimate, he must be born in lawful wedlock within these number of days after the dissolution of the previous marriage: 120 days 180 days 300 days 280 days Chapter XXVII-Paternity and Fiilation; p.588 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) B 14. Chingoy and Maria are Filipino Chinese with no history on both sides of thefamily of ancestors who are black. They got married and a child with dark skin, wiry hair and thick lips was born. The child is: A. Presumed legitimate B. Presumed illegitimate based on ethnic reason C. Definitely legitimate D. Definitely illegitimate Chapter XXII-Paternity and Filiation; p.592 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C 15. A man who had a sex change operation declared thereafter he was a woman. A marriage was contracted with a boyfriend of 10 years and solemnized by a minister who was aware of the change operation. The marriage is: A. B. C. D.

Valid Null and void upon declaration by a court of law Void from the start None of the above

Chapter XXIX-Medico-Legal Aspects of Marital Union and Dissolution; p.613 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) B 16. Dr. Pedro is single but keeps a married woman in his condominium. Which is true? A. Dr. Pedro is liable for concubinage. B. Dr. Pedro is liable for adultery. C. The mistress is liable for concubinage. D. Both are not liable. Chapter XXIX-Medico-Legal Aspects of Marital Union and Dissolution; p.619 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed)


A 17. An idiot is exempted from criminal liability. An idiot has an IQ of: A. 0 – 20 B. 40 – 70 C. 20 – 40 D. 70 – 80 Chapter XXXII-Disturbance of Mentality; p.643 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C. 18. Jose was prescribed a psychotropic agent for his depression. He developed an idiosyncratic reaction with hallucinations. He killed his spouse thinking that she was a three-headed monster. One of the following is applicable in this case: A. Jose is guilty of homicide B. The psychiatrist who prescribed the drug is guilty of malpractice C. Jose can claim temporary insanity as a defense D. The physician and Jose are liable Chapter XXXII-Disturbance of Mentality; p.627 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C 19. The most widely accepted method to measure alcohol and determine drunkenness is: A. Urine alcohol conc. B. Breath alcohol conc. C. Blood alcohol conc. D. None of the above Chapter XXXIII-Alcoholism; p.707 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C 20. The body vested by law to have general supervision and regulation over the practice of medicine is: A. Commission on Higher Education B. Department of Education C. Professional Regulatory Commission D. Board of Medical Education D 21. The specific body that exercise the power of regulation and supervision over medical education is: A. Commission on Higher Education B. Department of Education C. Association of Phil. Medical Colleges D. Board of Medical Education Chapter II - Licensure and Regulatory Laws; pp.8-9 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) C 22. Any person who performs any of the acts constituting practice of medicine but is not qualified to do so shall be: A. Committing malpractice B. Committing fraud C. Illegally practicing medicine D. Considered not to be practicing medicine Chapter III – The Practice of Medicine; pp.38, 48 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed)


B 23. Pedro Doctor graduated from the Medical School and immediately used the title MD after his name. He is: A. Committing malpractice B. Academically entitled to use MD C. Illegally practicing medicine D. Falsely using MD after his name Chapter III – The Practice of Medicine; p.48 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) B 24. A 60-year old male with prostatic cancer consented in writing to undergo treatment under a new drug. The patient continued to deteriorate and sued the physician. The physician was absolved under the doctrine of: A. B. C. D.

Common knowledge Assumption of Risk Contributory negligence Sole responsibility Chapter X –Doctrines Applied in Malpractice Cases; pp.253-254 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed)

D 25. Patient -physician relationship is not terminated when: A. Patient recovers from the condition being treated B. Physician considers his further service will no longer be beneficial to the patient C. Physician discharges the patient D. Physician abandons the patient Chapter IV –Physician-Patient Relationship; p.77 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) D 26. A physician issued a medical certificate in favor of a friend who was absent from work attesting the latter was sick when in fact he was not. The physician under the law is liable: A. Civilly B. Administratively C. Morally D. Criminally Chapter XVI –Liabilities of Physicians; p.187 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) 27.

Under article III of the Medical Act, citizens of other countries maybe allowed to take the Philippine Medical board examination if A. they promise to practice in the Philippines B. their countries allow Filipinos to practice there C. they give substantial donation to the Philippine government D. there is lack of Filipino doctors in the country 28. A physician who is subpoenaed by a trial court but failed to appear without justifiable reason is guilty of indirect contempt which is punishable by fine and imprisonment of not more than A. one month B. six months C. one year D. six years


29. One of the following is allowed limited practice of medicine in our country without certificate of registration A. postgraduate interns in hospitals B. graduates of medicine while awaiting results of board examination C. physicians from other countries doing medical missions in our country D. a registered physician who’s license is suspended 30. In which of the following instances is there a commencement of a physician-patient relationship? A. A patient called a physician’s clinic to make an appointment. The secretary asked what is wrong and the patient related her complaints. B. One night a patient called a physician by phone for consultation. The physician told the patient to take aspirin that night and see him the following day. C. While passing by the emergency room, a physician noticed a patient who is very pale. He asked the nurse to inform the resident physician to see and examine the patient immediately. D. In a mall, a patient met her physician. She made a casual consultation. The doctor told her to see him at his clinic a little later. 31. Dr. Lopez is a physician in a rural health unit. One of her tasks is to implement government program using artificial means of family planning. Being a devout catholic, she can only prescribe natural method. Which of the following is correct? A. She has the prerogative to choose treatment modalities B. She can invoke self limitation of practice based on religious beliefs C. She should ask to be transferred to a facility consistent with her beliefs D. She is liable for insubordination 32. A general practitioner referred a patient to a specialist. After treatment, the patient paid the specialist who in turn gave a share to the general practitioner. What is this called? A. Fee splitting B. Straight fee C. Retainer’s fee D. Contingent fee 34.

What criminal act is considered an administrative liability of physicians? A. Immorality B. Addiction to alcohol C. Unethical advertisement D. Issuance of false medical certificate 35. Mr. Santos falsified documents to get a certificate of registration as physician. If convicted, what is the penalty? A. Arresto menor B. Arresto mayor C. Prision mayor D. Prision correccional 36. The hospital is almost full and the only vacant beds are in the ward. An infectious case was admitted in the ward resulting to contamination of other patients. The physician who admitted the patient is liable under what doctrine? A. foreseeability B. last clear chance C. continuing negligence D. contributory negligence


37. Weapons, fingerprints and garments left at the crime scene are examples of what type of evidence? A. Real B. Ordinary C. Corpus delicti D. Associative 38. What does algor mortis refer to? A. Irritability B. Softening of the body C. Cooling of the body D. Hardening of the body 39. In contrast to ante-mortem clot, post-mortem clot is A. firm B. soft C. homogenous D. uniform 40. A missing person is presumed dead after how many years? A. 4 B. 7 C. 10 D. 15 41. Infanticide is killing of a child less than what age? A. 3 hours B. 3 days C. 3 months D. 3 years 42. If no physician is available, who among the following can sign the death certificate? A. City fiscal B. Judge of a trial court C. Municipal mayor D. Congressman 43. Physical injury is considered slight if the victim is incapacitated for how long? A. 6-12 hours B. 12-24 hours C. 1-9 days D. 2 weeks ___D__ 44.The test used to determine whether semen is of human origin or not is: a. acid phosphatase b. Berberio’s c. Florence d. Precipitin ___D__ 45. The crime of simple seduction is committed when the following elements are present: a. there must be a sexual relation between the offender and the victim b. The woman must be over 12 but less than 18 and single or widow of good repute c. The sexual act was committed by means of deceit d. All of the above ___D__ 46. The crime committed by a man who embraced and kissed a woman against her will is: a. rape b. simple seduction c. qualified seduction



act of lasciviousness

___B___47.Pedophilia is a sexual perversion where a person has a compulsive desire to: a. engage in sexual intercourse with an animal b. seek sexual gratification with a child of either sex c. be near a dead body for sexual gratification d. obtain sexual gratification by gazing at himself at the mirror ___C__ 48. The minimum gestation period compatible with viability of the fetus according to most authors and The Philippine Law is: a. 100 days b. 120 days c. 180days d. 280days ___B___ 49. The liability of a physician who performed an abortion in a pregnant woman upon her request but unfortunately, caused the death of the woman is: a. intentional abortion b. intentional abortion with homicide c. homicide d. murder ___C___ 50. What is the clinical type of abortion when there is hemorrhage with dilatation of the internal os and presence of rhythmical pain? a. missed b. complete c. inevitable d. threatened ___A___ 51. The elements of intentional abortion are the following, EXCEPT: a. the physician commits abortion without the woman’s consent b. the woman is pregnant c. a drug was administered or an instrument was used d. the fetus dies following the procedure ___D___ 52. Delayed untoward effects which may develop as complications of abortion is: a. sterility b. fistula formation c. pelvic adhesions d. all of the above __D____ 53. The medical evidence as a pre-requisite of the prosecution to establish infanticide is: a. that the child was born alive b. that the child who was born alive was deliberately put to death c. that the child killed was less than 3 days old d. all of the above ___C___ 54. The value of sex can be summarized in the following categories, EXCEPT: a. sex is a search of sensual pleasure and satisfaction, releasing physical and psychic tensions b. sex is a search for the completion of the human person through an intimate personal union of love expressed by bodily union c. sex is to perpetuate one’s bestiality d. sex is a social necessity for the procreation of children ___B___ 55. Because of the bad effects of inbreeding, the law made incestuous marriages void, and it is void and incestuous marriage when it is: a. marriage between stepfather and stepdaughter or stepmother and stepson b. marriage between collateral relatives by blood within the fourth civil degree c. marriage between the adopting parents and the adopted d. marriage between the grandchildren of two brothers ___A___ 56. What is the gestational age of a fetus who is 50 cm long; weighs 3 to 3-1/2 kg with nails beyond or at the level of the fingertips, hair on the scalp 5 m long, and lanugo is seen only on the shoulder: a. at term b. eight c. sixth




___D___ 57. The confession given by a defendant accused of rape that he had carnal intercourse with the complainant at the time and place mentioned is: a. involuntary confession b. admission c. voluntary confession d. extra-judicial confession ___B___ 58. A confession is different from admission because the latter is a. expressed acknowledgement of the truth of his guilt as to the crime charged b. statement of fact which does not directly involve an acknowledgement of guilt c. statement of guilt d. all of the above ___B___ 59. Physical evidence recovered from the crime scene such as a knife with fingerprints of the suspect is called: a. circumstantial evidence b. direct evidence c. tracing evidence d. corpus delict ___D___ 60. The evidence presented which corresponds to the precise point at issue and proves the fact in dispute without the aid of any inference, is called: a. hearsay b. circumstantial c. tracing d. direct ___B___ 61. A statement made by a dying patient to the attending physician in reference to the persons who inflicted injury on him is known as: A. privileged communication B. dying declaration C. hearsay evidence D. inadmissible evidence ___A___ 62. The result of a lie detector test may be admissible evidence in court if: A. there is prior stipulation by parties concerned that the test result will be considered admissible B. the test is done with full and informed consent of the person examined C. no force, intimidation or duress is applied on the person examined D. the examiner is accredited as competent and reliable

63. A couple was found dead inside a car in the basement parking area. The possible cause of death is: A. Asphyxiation B. Carbon monoxide poisoning C. Anoxia D. Carbon dioxide poisoning 64.

During autopsy, which among the following should be opened first? A. Cranial box B. Thoracic cavity C. Abdominal Cavity D. Pelvic Cavity After death, which organ putrefies last? A. liver E. Brain F. Lungs G. spleen

A. B. C.

What is applied on the dorsum of the hand of a person subjected to Paraffin test? Wax Nitrates Tattoo




A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D.

67. Cadaveric spasm Rigor mortis Loss of elasticity of the skin Post-mortem hypostasis

Flattening of the skin following death is due to:

68. Time of death Mental status Malpractice liability Court procedure

Curren’s Rule is used to determine the:

69. An injury sustained from a blow inflicted by the use of a sharp edged instrument resulting to a break in a bone is a/an: A. Hacking wound B. Stabbed wound C. Avulsed wound D. Fracture 70. Instantaneous rigidity of muscles which occurs at the moment of death: A. Rigor mortis B. Cadaveric spasm C. Death struggle D. Cold stiffening 72. What organ is tested for chloride in drowning? B. Brain C. Lungs D. Heart E. Stomach 73. The performance of caesarian section when the pregnancy is normal and uncomplicated is referred to as: A. Defensive medicine B. Overtreatment C. Right to perform a service D. Alternative treatment 74. A 34 year old female came to your clinic with chief complaint of severe chest pain. History revealed an abrupt onset after reading a text message from her husband’s former girl friend. Diagnostics revealed essentially normal findings, however physical examination revealed costo-chondral tenderness which is converted to a more serious disability or exaggeration of the real complaint. This known as: A. Fortuitous malingering B. Simulated malingering C. Fictitious malingering D. Factitious malingering 75. A. B. C. D. 76.

What is the basis to pronounce a person dead? Molecular death Apparent death Somatic death Clinical death For purpose of description, laceration of the hymen is considered superficial

when: A. B.

It is incomplete and does not reach the base of the hymen. It only produces congestion of the affected area.


C. When laceration does not go beyond one half the width of the hymen. D. When there is diffused abrasion of the affected hymen. 77. Before a physician carries out a physical examination of a rape victim, he must first of all: A. Obtain a complete history of the rape incident B. Get the bio-data of the victim C. Ascertain the date, time and place of the rape D. Have a written consent from the subject or from her guardian, if she is not of age

. 78. Strictly speaking, forensic medicine is: A. application of law to some medical problems B. use of medical science to shed light on some legal problems C. use of medicine to legal cases D. application of law in the administration of justice 79. If a person habitually drinks alcohol, there develops a certain degree of adaptation by the body thereby increasing the body threshold to it. Later, an increase in percentage and quantity of alcohol taken will be tolerated by the body, leading to diminution of its effect. This condition is called: A. Consumption tolerance B. Differential alcoholic threshold C. Constitutional tolerance D. Alcoholic non-reflex excitability 81. A medico-legal autopsy is performed to: A. Confirm clinical findings of a research B. Determine if the tissue changes are due to a criminal act C. Confirm the clinical diagnosis D. Explain sudden death of a person apparently in good health 82. In order to ascertain drunkenness in a driver involved in a vehicular accident, which physical tests can one conduct: A. Winslow’s test B. Macdonald’s test C. Romberg’s test D. Vital capacity measurement

83. The important distinguishing presumptive characteristics between the male and female body are as follow exceptt: A. Hips are broader in relation to the shoulder in females; in the male the shoulders are broader than the hips B. The female has generally a smaller build; the male larger C. The Adam’s apple in female is prominent; in male, is not D. Female pubic hair is straight and stop short above the mons veneris; while the male is thick, curved upwards extending up to the umbilicus

84. In determining whether wounds were inflicted ante-mortem or post-mortem, which distinction is not valid? A. Ante-mortem wounds shows marks of spouting of blood from the arteries; not found in post-mortem wounds B. Blood is clotted in an ante-mortem wound; in post-mortem wound is not clotted, if at all it is a soft clot C. There is no inflammation and reparative process in ante-mortem; but is present in post-mortem wound. D. The edges of the ante-mortem wound gape; not so in post-mortem wound unless caused within 1-2 hours after death. 85. A bullet that has penetrated the skin and hits bony tissue along its course may deflect and change its direction. Such change of trajectory is called:


A. B. C. D.

Russian roulette Ricochet of bullet Bullet sporting movement Missile disintegrating movement

86. Death several days after a criminal abortion is often due to: A. pulmonary embolism B. infection C. hemorrhage D. uterine trauma 87. Rigor mortis in the tropics lasts on the average for about how many hours? A. 24 hours only B. 24 to 48 hours C. 48 to 72 hours D. 12 hours only 88. Underneath the skin are dense networks of fibrous and elastic connective tissue fibers running in the same direction. Incised wounds inflicted parallel to it will appear narrow or slit-like while those perpendicular to it retract or gape. The pattern of fiber arrangement is called: A. Langer’s line B. Maginot line C. Avulsion marks D. Diffused network 89. According to Dupuytren’s classification, burns which involve the deep fascia and muscles which may result to severe scarring or deformity is considered to be: A. Fourth degree burns B. Fifth degree burns C. Sixth degree burns D. Seventh degree burns 90. When death by asphyxia is produced by compression of the neck by means of ligature which is tightened by a force other than the weight of the body is known as: A. Death by hanging B. Death by choking C. Death by strangulation D. Death by smothering 91. A person lost an eye after being physically assaulted. The offender is liable for: A. Mutilation B. Slight physical injury C. Less serious physical injury D. Serious physical injury 92. Who will be held primarily liable for damages or injuries sustained in an operation wherein the patient signed a waiver of non claim? A. Patient B. Surgeon C. Hospital D. None of the above 93. A physician who deliberately refuses to obey a subpoena issued by a court without any justifiable reason is guilty of: A. Direct contempt of court B. Criminal act of omission C. Indirect contempt of court D. Civil liability for damages


94. What is the liability of a physician who performed an autopsy without proper authorization from the next of kin or competent authorities? A. None B. Civil liability only C. Criminal liability only D. Both civil and criminal liability 95. A patient brought action against a physician for injuries caused by the physician’s employed nurse during the course of treatment. Recovery against the physician was sought under the doctrine of: A. Res ipsa loquitur B. Borrowed servant C. Fellow servant D. Captain-of-the ship 96. An otorhinopharyngologist was forced by an Abu Sayyaf member to do a caesarian operation on his wife. The physician agreed on the condition that he will be paid PhP 1M. The physician maybe held liable for injuries sustained under the doctrine of: A. Foreseeability B. Continuing negligence C. Assumption of risk D. Contributory negligence 97. A newborn child developed jaundice. She learned of the physician’s failure to drop silver nitrate into the child’s eyes at birth, the physician may: A. Be liable for criminal malpractice B. Be liable for civil malpractice C. Be liable for criminal and civil malpractice D. Not be liable at all 98. A physician may be presented in court as an ordinary or as an expert witness. He is only considered as an ordinary witness: A. When he is asked to inform the court of what he perceived in the course of the physical examination of the patient B. When he is asked to give opinions based on a set of facts C. When he is asked to answer outside of the issue in consideration of the court D. When he is asked questions regarding his personal qualifications as a witness

99. During an operation on a patient by a private surgeon, the resident physician assisting him committed an error which resulted in injury to the patient. Who is primarily liable for damages? A. resident physician B. attending surgeon C. hospital D. no one 100. A stab wound with serrated or zigzag borders due to alternative thrust and withdrawing of the wounding weapon indicates that: A. The offender had the intent to kill B. The offender was nervous and wavering C. The instrument is not sharp edged D. The wound is accidental 101. A. B. C. D.

The clinical records of a patient before and after discharge is owned by: Hospital Patient Attending physician The state or government


Under the Sanitation Code, who is not authorized to perform an autopsy? A. Medical officers of law enforcement agencies


B. Health officers of local health departments C. Medical staff members of accredited hospitals D. Any duly licensed physician in private clinics


103. A male intern had sexual intercourse with a female patient with her consent. Under what circumstance would this be considered rape? A. The intern promised to marry her. B. The patient is feeble minded. C. The patient is his wife from whom he is legally separated. D. The patient is above 18 years of age. 104. The right of a citizen of foreign country to be allowed to be admitted to practice medicine in the Philippines if their existing law allowed citizens of the Philippines to be admitted to practice medicine in their country is based on: A. reciprocity provisions of the medical law of the Philippines B. international law, in as much as the Philippines has adopted the generally accepted principles of international law as part of the law of the Philippines C. international convention, like the World Health Organization D. executive agreement between the heads of states 105. The doctrine which will bar a patient from recovering damages because he assents to the risks of injury: A. Doctrine of continuing negligence B. Doctrine of assumption of risk C. Contributory negligence D. Doctrine of sole responsibility 106. Which of the following is an official oath prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Registration? A. Hippocratic Oath B. Apocryphal Oath C. Administrative Oath D. Medical Practice Oath 107. An applicant in a shipping company sued the physician of a pre-employment company for negligence due to the latter’s refusal to prescribe an anti-diabetic drug for the” increased blood sugar” in his FBS. Which among the following is a valid defense to be invoked by the physician? A. Right to choose patients B. Right to limit practice C. Absence of physician-patient relationship D. Absence of consideration 108. A 35 year old lingerie model came to your clinic with chief complaint of foul smelling vaginal discharge. Examination revealed gram negative diplococci. She told you that the treatment should be kept in strict confidentiality. Furthermore, she revealed that she got her illness from her promiscuous lover. She placed rat poison in his lover’s tomato juice before she left to see you. You promised that you will keep it between the two of you. The following morning, you learned that your patient’s lover died of internal hemorrhage which can be attributed to a rat poison. What will you do if summoned to testify on the death of your patient’s lover? A. I will raise the defense of a privileged communication. B. I will raise the right of the patient for privacy. C. I will raise the issue of my right to limit practice, not in a medico-legal practice. D. I will testify.

109. This technique of interrogation is applicable when there are two or more persons who allegedly participated in the commission f a crime: A. emotional appeal C. bluff on split-pair technique B. Mutt and Jeff technique D. stern approach 1987 p. 35



Broken headlights glass found at the crime scene in hit and run homicidematbe associated with the car found in the repair shop is an example of: A. Corpus delicti evidence C. associative evidence B. tracing evidence D. deposition 1987 p. 16


A branch or division of law which deals with the rules concerning pleadings, practices and procedures in all courts of the Philippines: A. Remedial law C. Criminal law B. Civil law D. Speccial law 1987 p. 5


This is composed of laws which are produced by the country’s legislation and which are defined, codified and incorporated by the law-making body: A. Commonlaw C. Customary law B. Statutory law D. Case law 1987 p. 3


In determining the sex of the skeleton, the following bones must be studied except: A. sternum B. pelvis C. femur D. mandible p. 80


This test is positive to any substance containing hemoglobin: A. Takayama test C. Hemin crystals test B. Acetone-haemin of Wagenhaar test D. Teichman’s blood crystals p. 99


The following are characteristics of medico-legal autopsy except: A. consent of relatives are not needed B. correlates tissue changes to the criminal act C. notation of all abnormal findings D. must be specific for the purpose of determining whether it is in relation to the criminal act


Which of the following is not a characteristic of an exit wound: A. edges are everted C. paraffin test maybe positive B. does not manifest any definite shape D. tattooing is always absent p. 362-363


Which of the following is a test for the presence of powder residues on the clothings: A. Gonzale’s test C. paraffin test B. Walker’s test D. Lung’s test p. 380


Parents of this type often have personality disorders and are coolly indifferent to the destructive nature of their action: A. intermittent child abuser C. constant child abuser B. one-time child abuser D. ignorant abuser P. 480


Merely a corroborative proof of live birth: A. presence of heart sound C. diaphragm reaches the level of 6th or 7th ribs B. restlessness and crying D. stomach contains mucous, air bubbles and saliva p. 577 16


Which of the following are legitimate children: A. adopted children C. adulterous children B. natural children D. spurious children P. 587


Causes of stillbirth: A. immaturity C. accidents in the delivery B. congenital malformation D. all of the above P. 576


The following are appearance of the lungs if respiration takes place after birth except: A. lungs fill the thoracic cavity and overlapping the heart and thymus gland B. when squeezed between the finger and thumb they do not crepitate C. surface is covered with mosaic of expanded air vesicles, giving a marble appearance D. lungs are voluminous, with rounded edges and pink mottled color p. 579


It concerns the state in its sovereign or political capacity to enforce or regulate the exercise of a right, duty or obligation impose on the subject: A. criminal law C. law on torts and damages B. law on obligation and contracts D. private law p. 6


Criminal acts as ground for reprimand, suspension or revocation of registration certificate: A. insanity B. addiction to alcoholic beverages C. knowingly issuing any false medical certificate D. gross negligence in the practice of his profession p. 200


Which of the following is not a duty of a physician with regards to dying declaration? A. He must observe carefully the mental condition of the patient. B. He must avoid leading questions. C. He must immediately put down in writing the patient’s statement. D. He must produce the statement taken and decide by himself the relevant points and its admissibility. p. 452 Which of the following conditions must a medical witness comply with a subpoena? A. When the court issuing the subpoena has no jurisdiction over the subject matter and person of the case. B. When a physician is attending to an emergency and no one is available and competent enough to be his substitute. C. When the place of residence is 30 kilometers or less from the court issuing the subpoena. D. When the physician is suffering from an infirmity which may be aggravated if ever he complies with the subpoena. p. 461





Which of the following is not a requisite of the privileged information between the physician and his patient? A. That the information is confidential and if disclosed, will tend to blacken the character of the patient B. That the person against whom the privilege is claimed is one duly authorized to practice medicine, surgery or obstetrics C. That the privilege is claimed in a criminal case not in any civil proceedings D. That the physician acquired the information while he was attending the patient in his professional capacity p. 443


Which of the following is an administrative liabilities of a hospital? A. improperly administering a hypodermic injection B. keeping a hot water bottle too long on a patient’s body C. administering the wrong blood to the right patient D. failing to place sideboards on a bed after a nurse decided they were necessary p. 318


Which is a qualitative overtreatment of physician? A. indiscriminately prescribing medicine having similar effects B. hospitalization of patient for a minor ailment C. excessive testing D. longer period of treatment p. 297


An expert medical witness has the following qualification: A. duly licensed medical practitioner B. duly licensed medical practitioner with at least 5 years of active practice C. duly licensed medical practitioner who has specialized in a particular branch of medicine D. duly licensed medical practitioner who is a specialist in the line along which he is testifying p. 453


Ghost surgery is committed when: A. the physician who performs the operation is not the physician to whom the patient gave his consent for the operation B. the physician performs an operation beyond that which has been consented by the patient C. an operation is said to have been performed when in fact nothing was done D. an operation is performed other than that to which the patient gives consent p. 389


Failure to seek further medical assistance if symptoms persists: A.Doctrine of continuing negligence C. Doctrine of last clear chance B. Doctrine of foreseeability D. Doctrine of contributory negligence p. 248 Contributory negligence cannot be applied when there is: A. heavy sedation B. old age C. semiconsciousness D. all of the above p. 250



Operating without consent constitute an assault, and an assault, even without specific proof of injury resulting from it, entitles the plaintiff to this damages: A. liquidated damages C. temperate danagtes B. nominal damages D. moderate damages p. 374 135.

An administrative complaint was filed with the PRC against a physician who was eventually found guilty. This may result in: A. Reprimand, suspension or revocation of license to practice B. Imprisonment for criminal negligence C. Civil damages paid to the patient to compensate for injuries sustained D. Need to be re-certified Ans:


A gynecologist performed a total abdominal hysterectomy on a patient with myoma uteri. Before closing the abdomen, he discovered that the patient had cancer of the cecum so he referred the patient to a general surgeon to perform the resection. Three days post-op, the patient had to be reopened and a piece of gauze was found. Who may be held liable under the Captain of the ship Doctrine? a. The operating room nurse b. The second surgeon c. The gynecologist d. The anesthesiologist Ans:



As a result of the deformity he sustained from a facelift operation, Mary Juana sued Dr. Hanny Bal for mental anguish, social humiliation and moral shock. The type of damages she can recover as a result of these is; a. Actual damages b. Compensatory damages c. Exemplary damages d. Moral damages Ans:



Dr. Ola refused to render service in an emergency case in an NPA controlled territory. Which is correct? a. His license will be revoked b. He will be civilly liable for the injuries sustained by the patient by the patient for his failure to treat. c. He can refuse service if there is risk on his life. d. He violated his professional oath. Ans:




A patient suffering from a painful incurable disease asked his physician to give him lethal dose of poison. OUT OF PITY, the physician gave the poison which the patients swallowed and a result died. The physician is guilty of: a. Murder b. Homicide c. Giving assistance to suicide d. Dishonorable conduct Ans:




There is negligence in the following circumstance a. Not giving antibiotics in cataract extraction b. Not giving anti-rabies vaccine to a patient bitten by a dog c. Not giving tetanus toxoid to a patient who stepped on a nail d. Not doing a skin test before administering IV oxytocin Ans:


141. Originally there were railings on the bed of the patient. Mr. A, the father removed the railings so that he himself can sleep on the bed. His child fell with a broken skull. What is the doctrine applicable? a. Res ipsa loquitor b. Borrowed servant doctrine c. Contributory negligence d. Common knowledge Ans: 142.

When a body is the subject matter of a criminal investigation, it may exhumed: A. Anytime B. 3 years after burial C. 5 years after burial D. 10 years after burial Ans:




This type of injury need not be reported to police authorities under PD 169: A. Serious physical injuries B. Mutilation C. Slight physical injuries D. Less serious physical injuries Ans: C


Carnal knowledge means A. Knowledge about the nature of sexual life B. Rupture of the hymen C. Slightest penetration of the female sexual organ by the male sex organ D. Full penetration is necessary Ans: C 145.

Bumper fracture of the leg bones in pedestrian –vehicle collision is a consequence of: A. Secondary impact B. Hit and run injuries C. Primary impact D. Run over injuries Ans: C


This finding in death is not consistent and may or may not appear on a person ho died: A. Rigor Mortis c. Putrefaction B. Algor Mortis d. Cadaveric spasm Ans: D 20

147. a. b. c. d.

This finding suggests suicide: Indication of struggle Presence of hesitation cuts or tentative incisions Multiple wounds in different parts of the body No history of depression’



148. Disorientation, mental confusion, dizziness, sensory disturbances exaggerated emotional state suggests that the blood alcohol level is: A. 150-300 mg% B. 400 mg% C. 100 mg% D. 20 mg% Ans:


149. The prominence and coloration of superficial veins more visible among people with fair complexion during decomposition is called: Skin Arborization Venous Marbolization Venous visibility Ans: 150.

Tardieu spots are associated with: Hanging Manual strangulation Ligature strangulation Choking

Ans: 151.



The crime of mutilation is understood to mean: inflicting physical injury Rendering any part of the body useless Intentionally cutting off any reproductive part of the body Accidentally depriving



152. Fingerprinting is considered to be the best valuable method of identification. It is universally used because fingerprints, until decomposition, are not changeable from the time they are formed in the fetus during pregnancy in the: Second month Third month Fourth week Fifth month Ans:



153. A child born out of lawful wedlock where the parent eventually had a valid marriage is considered: Incestuous Sacrilegious Adulterous Legitimated Ans:


154. Physical injuries which develop on parts of the body when bone tissues are deep seated caused by forcible impact of hard blunt objects are usually: Abrasion Contusion Hematoma Lacerated wound Ans:


155. Evidence obtained regarding the issue of the truth serum is not admissible in court because: The information is obtained under duress The information given by the suspect is not voluntary since he is under the influence of a drug The truth serum is still in experimental stage The information is obtained through deceit Ans: 156.


Algor Mortis refers to: Irritability Softening of the body Cooling of the body Hardening of the body



157. When blood accumulates in the most dependent portions of the dead body, it is called Primary flaccidity Secondary flaccidity Post-mortem lividity Algor mortis Ans:


158. The following manner of death should be autopsied, EXCEPT; suicides death unattended by physician accidental death death occurring in natural manner Ans:



159. Its main function is the transformation of mechanical energy by the hit of the firing pin on the percussion cap to chemical energy: Primer Powder Bullet Projectile Ans:


160. When the color of the contusion changes to green, the contusion’s estimated age is 2-4 days 4-5 days 7-10 days 14-15 days Ans:


161. Cutis Galina or Washer woman’s hands and feet on the corpse signifies that: The body has been in water for sometime The body is that of a laundry woman The body died for drowning The body died for syphilis Ans:


162. The presence of weapon which is highly grasped by the hand of a victim of a shooting incident is an example of Rigor mortis Death stiffening Cadaveric spasm Cadaveric rigidity Ans: C 163. The most prominent sign of death is: Progressive fall of the body temperature Cessation of heart action and circulation Cessation of respiration Insensibility of body loss of power to move Ans:


___C__ 164. The crime of qualified seduction can be committed on a woman-victim above the age of 18 when: a. the sexual act was done deceitfully b. the sexual act was committed with force or intimidation c. the offender is the father or brother of the victim d. the woman is a prostitute __C___ 165.The liability of a school teacher enticing a16 year old girl who is a virgin into having sexual intercourse with him is: a. statutory rape b. simple seduction c. qualified seduction d. acts of lasciviousness


___C__ 166. A physician who fondled the breast of his female patient during physical examination may be charged with: a. malpractice b. qualified seduction c. act of lasciviousness d. moral turpitude ___A__ 167.The right of a husband or wife to have the right of society, service, companionship and sexual relation with the spouse is called: a. right of consortium b. husband’s right c. right of marriage d. wife’s right ___D__ 168.Which of the following marriages shall be considered void from the beginning? a. between the adopting father or mother and the adopted b. between the legitimate children of the adoptor and the adopted c. between stepfather and stepdaughter d. all of the above ___A__ 169.A form of sexual deviation whereby pain is the principal factor for satisfaction, either as a recipient or inflictor is called: a. algolagnia b. irrumation c. buggery d. bestiality ___C___170. A sex deviant who submits to surgery to change his or her anatomical sex is known as: a. homosexual b. intersexual c. transsexual d. transvestite ___B___171.A woman who was treated in the emergency room for bleeding from several lashes on her back incurred by her lover while having intercourse is a victim of: a. fetishism b. sadism c. uranism d. masochism ___D__172. The abnormal sexual act committed by a farmer who had sexual relation with his carabao: a. masturbation b. homosexuality c. pedophilia d. zoophilia ___B___ 173.A test to prove live-birth is when the middle ear of a child, before birth ,is filled with gelatinous, embryonic connective tissues but disappears after birth is: a. Fodere’s b. Wredin’s c. Wnslo’s d. Breslau’s ___D___174.One of the test used to determine life before death of a fetus is to float the lungs in water is: a. Wrendin’s test b. Icard’s test c. Breslau’s test d. Hydrostatic test ___A___175.Thefollowing are signs of intra- uterine fetal death, EXCEPT: a. HCG test positive b. Absence of fetal movement c. Ultrasound evidence of cranial bones overlapping d. No progress in the enlargement of the uterus


___D___ 176. The punishment for simulation of births and the substitution of one child for another performed by a physician is: a. fine of not less than P1000 b. prison mayor and a fine of not less than P1000 c. Prison mayor d. Prison mayor, a fine of not less than P1000 and temporary special disqualification ___A___ 177. Which of the following types of abortion is criminal and punishable by law? a. intentional b. post-mortem c. spontaneous d. therapeutic ___B___ 178. Which of the following may be considered justifiable ground for therapeutic abortion? a. German measles b. Congestive heart failure c. Minimal pulmonary tuberculosis d. Hypertension ___D___ 179. A woman who shall practice an abortion on herself or shall consent that any other person should do so shall suffer the penalty of: a. prison mayor b. arresto mayor c. prison correctional at its minimum and medium period d. prison correctional at its medium and maximum period ___C___ 180. Infanticide is the killing of a child less than: a. 3 months b. 3 weeks c. 3 days d. 3 years ____B__ 181. The crime committed by Mr. Aguilar who killed their baby a day after her wife delivered suspecting that his wife was having an affair with her officemate is: a. murder b. parricide c. homicide d. infanticide ___A___ 182. For a dying declaration to be admissible in court which statement is NOT valid? a. the declarant was not the victim b. the declaration must be with regards to the impending death c. the declarant was conscious of his impending death d. the declarant was in full possession of his mental faculties when he made the declaration

183. If a physician is convicted of an administrative offense, he can make an appeal within how many days after receipt of the promulgation? A. 7 B. 14 C. 30 D. 60 184. What is the minimum qualification of a physician to be accepted as expert witness? A. license to practice medicine B. ten years of medical practice C. at least 21 years old D. a certified specialist 185. Any person who performs any act constituting practice of medicine but is not qualified to do so is A. committing malpractice B. committing fraud C. acting under extraordinary circumstance D. illegally practicing medicine 25

186. Mang Ambo utilizes light and water in his healing sessions. What is he? A. naprapathist B. neuropathist C. naturopathist D. masseuse 187. A fiduciary physician-patient relationship is based on A. law B. court order C. mutual consent D. mutual trust 188. A patient who had an eclamptic seizure is in coma and is being treated by a team of physicians. What is the pattern of relationship between the physicians and the patient? A. active-passive B. guidance-cooperation C. mutual participation D. consensual 189. In a physician-patient relationship, what is expected of the physician? A. avoid errors of judgement B. possess average knowledge and skills C. be a specialist in a certain field D. act like an authority in the field 190. The physician-patient relationship ends when A. the patient has paid the physician B. the physician has left for a convention abroad C. the period specified in the contract has expired D. the patient says he can no longer afford medical care 191. A physician may choose patients whom to serve but he may not do so in A. places where there are no doctors B. situations when they have no valid reason C. cases of emergency D. he is the patient’s choice B 192. Blood that does not clot, acidic in pH, with the presence of epithelial cells and Doderlain microorganisms is probably: A. Blood from a hemophiliac B. Menstrual blood C. Blood from a person with metabolic acidosis D. Septic blood Chapter III–Medico Legal Aspects of Identification; p.104 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed)

A. B. C. D.

B 193. In a cadaver, the chemical change of body fat which takes place in wet conditions and results in a soft brownish white substance is known as: Mummification Adipocere formation Bacterial Putrefaction Lytic changes Chapter IV–Medico-Legal Aspect of Death; p.149 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed)


C 194. Dr. Pedro, the MHO of Aurora Municipio shall perform an autopsy on a dead body when: A. Requested by any relative of the victim B. Verbally directed by the police C. Upon order of the mayor D. Ordered by the Provincial Hospital Medical Director Chapter V–Medico Legal Investigation of Death; p.165 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) A 195. Head injury that may be found in areas of the skull offering the least resistance is known as: A. Locus minoris resitencia B. Countre-coup injuries C. Remote injuries D. Coup injuries Chapter XI-Injuries in Different Parts of the Body; p.301 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C 196. Petra scratched Juana in the face in an altercation. The doctor attended the injury that resolved in less than 10 days but a keloid scar formed. The legal classification of this injury is: A. Mutilation B. Slight injuries C. Serious physical injuries D. Less serious injury Chapter IX–Medico Legal Aspects of Physical Injuries; p.250 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) B 197. Sexual intercourse is not an element of this crime: A. Seduction B. Abduction C. Concubinage D. Adultery Chapter XXI-Medico-Legal Aspects of Sex Crimes; p.520-521 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) D 198. This will not cause hymenal laceration: A. Riding horseback B. Medical instrumentation C. Carnal knowledge D. Interlabial sex Chapter XXI-Medico-Legal Aspects of Sex Crimes; p.492 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) D 199. This type of prostitute works regularly in a prostitution den under the direct supervision of a mama-san. A. Hooker B. Call girl C. Pick up D. Factory girl


Chapter XXI-Medico-Legal Aspects of Sex Crimes; p.524 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) A. B. C. D.

C 200. The crime of infanticide is almost always committed in the: Nursery Delivery room Home Maternity clinic Chapter XXVI-Infanticide; p.584 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) B 201. Pedro is impotent yet her wife gave birth to a healthy baby while in lawful wedlock. Which is true? A. The child’s legitimacy cannot be questioned B. Proof of impotence will overthrow presumption of legitimacy C. The child upon birth can be declared illegitimate D. None of the above Chapter XXX-Impotency and Sterility; p.620 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) E 202. What causes sexual dissatisfaction after marriage? B. Dyspareunia C. Venereal disease D. Frigidity E. All of the above Chapter XXIX-Medico-Legal Aspects of Marital Union and Dissolution; p.615 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) D 203. Jose developed a massive stroke two days after contracting marriage with Josefa. Thereafter, he became physically incapable of assuming the obligations of marriage and the condition appears to be irreversible. Which is applicable in this case? A. The marriage is null and void. B. There is legal basis of annulling the marriage. C. Josefa can re-marry if after a period of time Jose does not recover. D. The marriage is valid. Chapter XXIX-Medico-Legal Aspects of Marital Union and Dissolution; p.618 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C 204. Dra. Petra’s homosexual husband left her for another man. Out of frustration, she had a one-night stand with a man she met in a bar. Her husband filed a complaint against her. She can be held liable for: A. Infidelity B. Concubinage C. Adultery D. Marital impropriety Chapter XXIX-Medico-Legal Aspects of Marital Union and Dissolution; p.618 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed)


B 205. Jose was found guilty of large-scale estafa and was to be imprisoned. He suddenly became insane. Which should take place? A. He should be sent to prison. B. His imprisonment should be deferred until he recovers. C. He should undergo another trial upon recovery of sanity D. He should be pardoned. Chapter XXXII-Disturbance of Mentality; p.627 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) B 206. This is an organic poison: A. Codeine B. Amyl alcohol C. Methamphetamine D. Phenobarbital Chapter XXXIV-Medico-Legal Aspect of Poisoning; p.727 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) B 207. Cutaneous stains in areas where the corrosive liquid has been spilled is seen in this type of chemical poisoning due to: A. Nitric Acid B. Sulfuric Acid C. Hydrochloric Acid D. Citric Acid Chapter XXXIV-Medico-Legal Aspect of Poisoning; p.732 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) B 208. Jose presents with gouty tophi and arthritis. Examination of the joints showed simple effusion. Jose works as a painter in the shipyard. He is probably suffering from: A. Hydrocyanic poisoning B. Chronic lead poisoning C. Rat poisoning D. Drug poisoning Chapter XXXIV-Medico-Legal Aspect of Poisoning; p.728 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) A 209. Glucose is administered orally or intravenously in poisoning to: A. Restore depleted glycogen B. Eliminate the poison C. Neutralize the poison D. Biotransform the poison to something inert Chapter XXXIV-Medico-Legal Aspect of Poisoning; p.721 Legal Medicine by Pedro Solis (1987 ed) C. 210. Specific supervision, control and regulation of medical practice is a function of: A. Professional Regulatory Commission B. Board of Medical Education C. Board of Medicine D. Dept. of Health Chapter II - Licensure and Regulatory Laws; p.8


Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) B 211. The non-issuance of a Certificate of Registration to a successful examinee may be due to one of the following: A. In trial for a criminal offense involving moral turpitude B. Found guilty by the Board of Medicine of immoral or dishonorable conduct C. Appears to be of an unsound mind D. All of the above Chapter II - Licensure and Regulatory Laws; p.35 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) B 212. This act does not constitute the practice of medicine: A. Physical examination of the patient B. Collection of professional fees C. Diagnosis and treatment D. Prescribing drugs Chapter III – The Practice of Medicine; p.39 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) B. 213. Beautician Vicky treats acne and dishes out topical lotions to clients. Which of the following is correct? A. Becky is performing a cosmetic function B. Becky is illegally practicing medicine C. Becky is administratively liable under PRC rules D. Becky’s parlor should be padlocked by the police authorities Chapter III – The Practice of Medicine; p.48 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) B. 214. Dr. Jose left a forceps in the abdominal cavity after an operation. The applicable legal principle in this case is: A. Doctrine of vicarious liability B. Doctrine of res ipsa loquitur C. Doctrine of contributory negligence D. Doctrine of forseeability Chapter X –Doctrines Applied in Malpractice Cases; pp.239-248 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) D 215. Securing the patient’s consent for treatment is an established standard of practice. Failure to secure it is malpractice. To be valid, consent must be: A. Informed and enlightened B. Obtained voluntarily C. Subject matter must be legal D. All of the above Chapter VI –Rights of Patients; pp.125-126 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) D 216. A patient-physician patient relationship exists here: A. Insurance eligibility examination B. Pre-employment examination to determine fitness for work C. Determination of sanity by a court appointed physician D. Attending physician refers the patient to another doctor Chapter IV –Physician-Patient Relationship; pp.69-71 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed)


D 217. This type of service cannot be offered in a patient-physician relationship: A. Emergency care and treatment B. Examination, diagnosis, and treatment of particular problems C. Examination, diagnosis and treatment of all medical problems D. Therapeutic abortion services Chapter IV –Physician-Patient Relationship; p.77 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) D 218. The patient-physician relationship does not contemplate one of the ff. promises or guaranties: A. Treatment will be beneficial B. Treatment will not be injurious to the patient C. Treatment will result in a definite outcome D. Treatment will be gratuitous Chapter IV –Physician-Patient Relationship; p.75 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) B 219. Burden of evidence needed to convict a physician for criminal malpractice: A. Substantial evidence B. Proof beyond reasonable doubt C. Preponderance of evidence D. Circumstantial evidence Chapter VIII –Criminal Liabilities of Physicians; p.199 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) A 220. Dr. Pogi’s wife filed an administrative complaint before the PRC against her husband who was living with a mistress for having abandoned her and her three children. The doctor’s immoral acts are grounds for revoking his registration certificate and classified as: A. Personal disqualification B. Unprofessional conduct C. Unethical conduct D. Criminal act Chapter XVI –Liabilities of Physicians; p.179 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) A 221. An OB-Gyne resident saw a patient in the ER complaining of left sided abdominal pain. She was given celecoxib and sent home. She came back in shock for ruptured ectopic pregnancy. The hospital is liable under the doctrine of: A. B. C. D.

Vicarious liability Independent contractor Borrowed servant Corporate liability Chapter XIII- Liabilities of Hospitals pp.327-328 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed)


B 222. Which of the following statements is valid: A. Hospital resident physicians have the option to do private practice in the hospital where they are training B. Private hospitals have the right to screen and choose the medical staff that may be allowed to practice in the hospital C. Any licensed physician can bring his patient to any government hospital and treat them there D. Postgraduate interns are liable for their errors while rendering medical care in the hospital Chapter XIII- Liabilities of Hospitals p.311 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) D

223. For purposes of establishing vicarious liability, one of the following is generally not regarded as a hospital employee: A. Resident physicians B. Staff physicians C. Chief of Clinics D. Post-graduate interns Chapter XIII- Liabilities of Hospitals p.327 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed)

C 224. Which cannot be sued and thus vicarious liability does not apply: A. Government hospitals with proprietary functions B. Charity hospitals C. Public hospitals with governmental functions D. Private hospitals Chapter XIII- Liabilities of Hospitals p.314 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) B 225. In a malpractice case, Dr. Procopio was ordered by the court to produce at trial the patient’s charts, laboratory and x-ray results and other documents under his possession and control. The process served on him to do this is called: A. Ordinary subpoena B. Subpena duces tecum C. Subpoena ad testificandum D. Court summons Chapter XXI –Medical Witness and the Court; pp.456-457 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) B 226. A physician treated a terrorist for gunshot injuries. In the course of treatment, the patient told the doctor he killed and beheaded hostages. When the terrorist was captured, the physician was called to testify. What should he do? A. Keep his mouth shut as the information is privileged B. Testify against the terrorist C. Invoke patient confidentiality D. Refuse to testify Chapter XXI –Medical Witness and the Court; pp.443-447 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) 32

C 227. A physician must appear in response to a subpoena if his place of residence is how many kilometers from the court issuing the subpoena? A. 100 kilometers B. 50 kilometers C. Less than 50 kilometers D. Must appear regardless of distance Chapter XXI –Medical Witness and the Court; pp.461 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) B 228. A family physician has a patient with a severe cardiovascular disease. What should be the most appropriate thing for him to do? A. B. C. D.

Refer the patient to another family physician who is more experienced Refer the patient to a physician whose specialty covers the case Refer the patient to a more senior consultant Exhaust all means to provide a correct diagnosis for proper management of the case Code of Ethics of the Medical Profession in the Philippines; p.476 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed)

C 229. A patient was dissatisfied with the treatment provided by his Dr. Jose. He transferred to another hospital to be treated by Dr. Juan. Dr Jose practices also in that hospital and filed a case against Dr. Juan. Choose the best answer. A. Juan should return the patient to Jose’s management. B. Juan’s action violates code of ethics as relates to another physician. C. Juan’s action if done in good faith is ethical D. Jose should be admonished by the hospital authorities. Code of Ethics of the Medical Profession in the Philippines; p.481 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) C 230. A 27-year old woman who has previously received no prenatal care presents with spotting at term but not yet in labor. On ultrasound she has a placenta previa, but she refuses cesarean section for any reason. What should the physician do? A. Operate since this is an emergency B. Respect the patient’s wishes C. Refer the matter to the ethics committee as this involves the life of the mother and the fetus D. The physician should get a court order to force a cesarean section Code of Ethics of the Medical Profession in the Philippines; pp.475-476 Medical Jurisprudence by Pedro Solis (1988 ed) ___C__ 231.A sexual deviation characterized by an obsessive desire to wear the attire of the opposite sex is: a. transsexuality b. homosexuality c. transvestism d. hermaphoditism ___D____232.A woman who develop menopause at 20 is in a state of: a. senility b. premature aging c. menarche d. climacterium praecox


___B___ 233. The operation done on a dead pregnant woman is: a. laparotomy b. post mortem Cesarean section c. classical Cesarean section d. primary Cesarean section ___D___ 234. Evidence not obtained from the personal knowledge or experience of the witness but derived from what he has heard or read about is called: a. expert evidence b. privileged communication c. associative evidence d. hearsay evidence ___A___ 235. The form of evidence given by the attending physician of a dying patient who related to him (Doctor) that his compadre killed his wife is: a. hearsay evidence b. dying declaration c. testimonial evidence d. deposition

236. A patient’s condition requires surgery but she refuses to submit to such procedure. What should the physician do? A. Seek another doctor’s opinion B. Politely withdraw as attending physician C. Ask other members of the family to give consent D. Simply abandon the patient 237. A professional fee was agreed upon by the physician and patient before the start of treatment. What kind of professional fee is it? A. Retainer B. Contingent C. Straight D. Simple contractual 238. In which of the following situations is medical practice limited by other sources and not self-imposed? A. A physician charges large amount of fee resulting to limited patients B. A physician limits his practice to certain days of the week C. A physician decides to practice only in the hospital D. A physician limits his practice because of dictates of conscience 239. Which of the following statements is true? A. Any graduate of medicine can automatically practice in any hospital B. A physician can practice in hospitals once he becomes a specialist C. A hospital is obliged to give all licensed physician the privilege to practice D. A hospital has the discretion to choose physicians whom to give the privilege to practice 240. In which of the following situations is consent not necessary? A. There is no one around to sign the consent B. The patient is unconscious C. The case is emergency D. The procedure is known to be safe 241. A patient diagnosed to have cervical cancer should be informed of the diagnosis because of her right to A. confidentiality B. treatment C. give consent D. disclosure 34

242. Manny, a 19 year old married was diagnosed to have acute appendicitis. If all of the following are available, who should sign the consent? A. Manny B. The spouse C. His father D. His mother 243. Confidentiality of information does not apply in which situation? A. Patient waives her right B. The case is interesting C. The condition is a rare case D. The patient has no relative around 244. A patient consulted at a physician’s clinic. He related his symptoms and the doctor gives treatment. What type of consent was used? A. Implied B. Oral C. General D. No consent 245. Mr. Santos falsified documents to get a certificate of registration as physician. If convicted, what is the penalty? A. Arresto menor B. Arresto mayor C. Prision mayor D. Prision correccional 246. A physician failed to report treatment of physical injuries to proper authority. What is the duration of imprisonment if found guilty? A. 6 months to one year B. 1 to 3 years C. 3 to 6 years D. 6 to 12 years 247. Being a graduate of Medicine is what type of circumstance to a criminal liability? A. Exempting B. Aggravating C. Mitigating D. Alternative 248. In which of the following circumstances is there definite negligence? A. Not giving antibiotics in cataract extraction B. Not giving anti-rabies vaccine to a patient bitten by a dog C. Not giving tetanus toxoid to a patient who stepped on a nail on the ground D. Not doing skin test before administering IV oxytocin 249. The doctrine of res ipsa loquitur applies to which of the following situations? A. Plastic surgery to remove a scar resulted to an uglier scar B. Diagnosis of appendicitis which turned out to be salpingitis C. Doing craniotomy in a dying victim of vehicular accident D. Burns during application of perineal heat after delivery


250. General compensatory damages include which of the following? A. Hospital expenses B. Funeral expenses C. Loss of earning capacity D. Drugs brought from outside pharmacy 250. The drug used as truth serum in detecting deception is A. meperidine B. hyoscine hydrobromide C. sodium amytal D. sodium pentothal 251. What characteristic of a living person can easily be changed? A. Mental memory B. Degree of nutrition C. Grade of profession D. Complexion 252. What is the gait of a person with tabes dorsalis A. Ataxic B. Paretic C. Spastic D. Wadding 253. Which of the following approximates a person’s height? A. Ten times the length of the head B. Three times the distance from vertex of skull to symphysis pubis C. Distance from tips of middle fingers with arms extended D. Two times the distance between supra-sternal notch and symphysis pubis 254. What is the most valuable method of identification? A. Handwriting B. Fingerprinting C. Dental identification D. Identification of skeleton 255. What is the art and study of recording fingerprints for identification? A. Dactyloscopy B. Dactylography C. Poroscopy D. Graphology 256. Diaphanus testwas used to determine peripheral circulation. How is this done? A. Place ligature around the base of the finger B. Spread fingers wide and view through strong light C. Subcutaneous injection of fluorescein D. Apply heated material to the skin 257. What is post-mortem caloricity due to? A. Temperature of surroundings B. Early putrefactive changes C. Clothings D. Dehydration


258. Which of the following hastens cooling of the body after death? A. Middle age B. Asphyxia C. Acute pyrexial disease D. Leanness of the body 259. What is the first stage of muscular changes after death? A. Lividity B. Muscular irritability C. Cadaveric rigidity D. Secondary flaccidity 260. Which of the following organs putrefy early? A. Heart B. Liver C. Kidney D. Uterus 261. Death by electrocution is to which of the following? A. Heart failure B. Shock C. Asphyxia D. Renal failure 262. According to the administrative code, an unembalmed dead body should be buried within how long after death? A. 12 hours B. 48 hours C. 3 days D. One week 263. When a blow to the forehead cause contusion of the eyeball due to fracture of the bone at the roof of the orbit, what is the type of injury incurred? A. Coup B. Contre-coup C. Coup contre-coup D. Locus minoris resistencia 264. Living in very high altitude may cause what type of asphyxial death? A. Anoxic B. Anemic anoxic C. Stagnant anoxic D. Histotoxic anoxic 265. What is the most tragic type of child abuser? A. One time B. Constant C. Ignorant D. Intermittent 266. What is the average time required for death in drowning? A. 2-5 minutes B. 10-15 minutes C. 20-30 minutes D. 1-2 hours


267. Which of the following acts of physicians is/are punishable as far as prohibited drugs are concerned? A. Unlawful prescription B. Unnecessary prescription C. Failure to record prescription D. All of the above 268. Which of the following should be tested in suspected cases of lead poisoning? A. Liver B. Blood C. Stomach D. Urine 270. Medical Jurisprudence includes: a. Rights and obligations of charlatans b. Resolutions, orders and decrees c. Physician-patient-hospital-paramedical relationship d. None of the above 271. The right to regulate the practice of medicine by the State is based on: a. Police power b. Power of eminent domain c. Medical Act of 1959 d. Constitution 272. Qualifications of those appointed members of the Board of Medicine: a. He is a duly-registered physician b. He is a citizen of the Philippines c. He has been in the practice of Medicine for at least 15 years d. He is a specialist and not connected with any medical school 273. Which of the following statements is/are true of faith healing in relation to the practice of medicine: a. If a person acted pursuance of his religious belief and the act is in accordance with the tenets of his church, it is deemed to be part of his religious freedom b. The Medical Act of 1959 exempts faith healing from the definition of the acts which constitute practice of medicine c. The faith healer can practice even without a certification of registration from the Board of Medicine. d. He can invoke his right to livelihood as the basis for his performing faith healing 274. Certificate of registration shall not be required on the following persons: a. Commissioned medical officers of other countries stationed in the Philippines within the limit of their own respective territorial jurisdiction b. Physicians from other countries called in consultation in all cases in any hospital after 38

securing a previous authorization from the Board of Medicine c. Filipino physicians practicing in foreign countries d. Dentist in relation to his practice of tooth extraction 275. The following are qualified to practice medicine in the Philippines: a. Those who have complied with the pre-requisites to the practice of medicine in accordance with Sec. 8 of the Medical Act of 1959 b. Commissioned medical officers of other countries stationed in the Philippines irrespective of its territorial jurisdiction c. Post-graduate medical interns during from-duty hours d. Those foreign physicians not covered by reciprocity 276. In his rights, a physician may be limited by the dictates of his conscience, and thus he may refuse which of the following: a. Bilateral tubal ligations b. Blood transfusion in emergency cases c. Prescription of sedatives in psychotic patient d. Intubation of a severely dyspneic and tachypneic patient 277. In which of the following is there a physicianpatient relationship: a. P.E conducted for insurance purposes with prescription b. Physician appointed by trial courts to examine and accused c. Autopsy examinations d. In casual consultations during conferences 278. A physician should never examine or treat hospitalized patient of another physician without the letter’s knowledge and consent except when: a. In case of emergency, the attending physician is not readily available b. The patient expressly asks him to do so in the absence of attending physician c. He is a relative of the patient d. He will not charged the patient a professional fee 279. A patient has the right to discharge the physician treating him at any time. On the other hand the physician can withdraw from the physician-patient relationship only if: a. The patient consents to his withdrawal and is given ample time to secure the services of another physician b. The patient intends to file a suit against him in court


c. There are other physicians in the locality who can treat the patient d. The physician lacks the facilities for treatment of the patient 280. In a. b. c. d.

which of the following is consent necessary: Consultation in an out-patient basis Compulsory procedure by law, e.g. vaccination In extreme emergencies Waiver on the part of the patient

281. Dr. Francis Duke, a government physician may not practice his profession within office hours. This is a limitation imposed by: a. Law b. Religion c. Hospital Rules and Regulations d. PMA 282. Which right of a. To b. To c. To d. To

one of the following refers to the inherent a physician: choose patients perform certain services charge professional fees hold certain public office

283. The Doctrine of Superior Knowledge states that: a. The physician has superior knowledge over his patient b. The patient follows the instructions of the physician c. The patient determines the proper course of action in the management d. The physician is in command and control over the patient 284. The receptionist in the hospital lobby receives a fee from Dr. Boll for referring cases to the latter. This fee, which is unethical, is called: a. Dichotomous fee b. Contingent fee c. Retainer fee d. Referral fee 285. Which one of the following is measured by the space of time provided by the physician and not by the quality and quantity of medical services rendered: a. Retainer fee b. Package deal fee c. Contractual fee d. Simple fee 286. By refusing to allow medical students to see her in her room, a patient is practicing her right to; a. Privacy b. Confidentiality c. Refuse treatment d. Disclosure


287. It is a common practice of hospitals to insert this clause for the purpose of making the patient assume the risk of operation: a. Exculpatory clause b. Conditional consent c. Blanket consent d. General clause 288. You evaluated a 65 –year old man with 3-month history of chest pains and fainting spells that you feel merit cardiac catheterization. After informing him fully of the benefits, consequences, risks, etc.’ he was able to demonstrate that he understands all of these and refuses the intervention. What should you do? a. Respect his choice b. Explore reasons for his decision and try to convince him again c. Consider the discussion ended d. Continue with the procedure nevertheless 289. A 60-year old patient has complaints of abdominal pain that is persistent but not extreme. Work-up shows hepatoma. He just retired from a busy professional career and he and his wife are about to leave for a round the world cruise. What should you do? a. Inform him of his condition now b. Exercise the therapeutic privilege and inform him later when he returns c. Inform him when his condition worsens d. Inform his wife first 290. Audric, an 18 year-old married male still living and dependent with his parents, was diagnosed with ruptured acute appendicitis. Who should give the consent for surgery? a. Audric b. Parents c. Paul’s wife d. Grandparents 291. Confidentiality of information in the course of a doctor-patient relationship may be breached in the following instances: a. When disclosure is necessary to serve the best interest of justice b. When disclosure of information will serve both public and private health and safety c. When disclosure is needed in a civil case to determine the moral character of a patient d. When information are being asked by police authorities 292. A resident physician followed the order of a consultant that was grossly wrong and resulted in injury to the patient. Which is correct? a. Both the consultant and the resident are liable for poor patient care


b. The resident clerk is not liable since he is merely a trainee under the supervision of the consultant. c. The consultant is not liable since the discretion lies with resident to either follow or not to follow his advice d. The resident is liable since he is the one who exercised the clinical judgment that injured the patient 293. Jericho’s inability to pay Dr. Abad his fees for services rendered may result in: a. Action for collection filed by the physician against the patient b. Automatic termination of the patient-MD relationship c. Lessened physician liability for negligence d. Abandonment 294. The following are acts considered as immoral or dishonorable conduct under the Code of Medical Ethics: a. Fee splitting b. Insanity c. Drug Addiction d. Conviction of a crime 295. These are damages imposed on a physician as punishment and to serve as an example or correction for the medical profession: a. Exemplary damages b. Nominal damages c. Compensatory damages d. Temperate damages 296. The venue where to file the complaint for immorality against physician is: a. Professional Regulation Commission b. Regional Trial Court c. Prosecutor’s Office d. PMA 297. Dr. Luthor performed a surgery on Mr. Kent despite not having the proper training. Negligently, he nicked the colon and cut the ureter while removing the appendix. Mr. Kent asked Dr. Luthor for monetary compensation. The nature of liability against Dr. Jose would be: a. Civil b. Administrative c. Criminal d. Ethical 298. Dr. Luthor performed a surgery on Mr. Kent despite not having the proper training. Negligently, he nicked the colon and cut the ureter while removing the appendix. Mr. Kent asked Dr. Luthor for monetary compensation. The penalty for the negligence of Dr. Luthor would be in the nature of: a. Damages b. Imprisonment c. Suspension to revocation of license d. Expulsion from membership with the PMA 42

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