Lee Chin Kok v Jasmin Arunthuthu Allegakoen

March 16, 2019 | Author: Freya Mehmeen | Category: Contractual Term, Appeal, Justice, Crime & Justice, Social Institutions
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Malayan Law Journal Reports/2000/Volume 4/LEE CHIN KOK  J!"MIN !R#N$H#$H# !LLE%!KOEN & OR" ' (2000) 4 MLJ 4*1 ' 11 !u+ust 2000 11 pa+es (2000) 4 MLJ 4*1

LEE CHIN KOK v JASMIN ARUNTHUTHU ALLEGAKOEN & ORS SUPREME COURT (KUALA LUMPUR) EUSOFF CHIN CHIEF JUSTICE, ABDUL MALEK AHMAD FCJ AND DENIS ONG JCA CIVIL APPEAL NO 02-3! OF "!! "" A#$#% 2000 Contract -- Formation -- Contract for sale of property -- 'Without prejudice and subject to contract' in correspondence from estate agent -- Token sum paid as sign of good faith -- Whether concluded contract between parties

$,e respon-ents ,a- t,ree propert.es w,., t,ey put up or sale t,rou+, an estate a+ent $,e estate a+ent wrote a letter mar3e- 5.t,out pre6u-.e an- su76et to ontrat to t,e appellant on.rm.n+ t,e appellants .nterest .n pur,as.n+ t,e property at RM218000 $,e letter onta.ne- t,e ollow.n+ terms an- on-.t.ons9 :.; t,e appellants were to pay t,e owner a to3en sum o RM
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