Lección número 01 de Pimsleur English for Spanish Speakers Nivel 3

July 6, 2017 | Author: William Gallego | Category: Leisure
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Aquí esta la transcripción con algunas notas de la lección 01 de Pimsleur Inglés para Hispanohablantes Nivel 3. Que lo d...


PIMSLEUR ENGLISH 03 LESSON 01 - Listen to this conversation. •

Oh, hi Daniel. Come in, please. How are you?

I’m fine thanks. And you?

Not bad. Would you like something to drink? Something cold? Maybe a beer?

• •

No, thanks. I ate at the hotel with my son. He arrived in New York last night.

Well then, can you and your son have dinner with me tomorrow?

Tomorrow we’re going to Washington. My son wants to see the White House.

And what are you going to do now?

Now I’m going to work.

O.K. see you later then.

ENGLISH 1. When did you arrive in New York? 2. Say that you arrived last night 3. I arrived last night 4. Your friend asks 5. Are you here alone? 6. No, my older son is with me 7. What did you do today 8. This morning we saw some friends 9. We saw the city 10. The city 11. And we bought a lot of things 12. Too many things 13. Then, we ate at a good restaurant 14. We spoke English 15. With the waiter 16. The waiter 17. Your friend asks 18. Do you know Boston? 19. Not yet 20. Yet 21. Say 22. Not yet 23. I don’t know Boston yet 24. Say 25. I’d like to go to Boston 26. It’s not a big city 27. Our younger son lives there 28. Your friend asks 29. Does he live alone? 30. Answer 31. No, he lives with some friends 32. Ask



33. And you? 34. Have you been to Boston? 35. Listen and repeat 36. Have you been? 37. Have you been to Boston? 38. She answers 39. Not yet 40. Listen and repeat 41. I haven’t been to Boston 42. I haven’t been to Boston 43. Haven’t / Have not 44. I haven’t been to Boston yet 45. I’d like to go to Boston 46. But I haven’t been there yet 47. I have a lot of work 48. And not enough time 49. Now your friend asks 50. Have you been to Washington? 51. Try to answer 52. Yes, we’ve been to Washington 53. We went to Washington yesterday 54. We saw the White House 55. We bought a lot of things 56. Too many things 57. And we ate at a Mexican restaurant 58. We spoke Spanish with the waiter 59. Would you like to see the city today? 60. Today I have too much work 61. She asks 62. Then, tomorrow 63. Answer 64. Maybe, I don’t know yet 65. Now she asks 66. Do you know? 67. Do you know the Park Avenue Restaurant? 68. No, not yet 69. I haven’t been there yet 70. Listen and repeat 71. A friend of mine 72. Of mine 73. A friend of mine 74. Try to say 75. There is a friend of mine / There’s a friend of mine 76. Listen and repeat 77. Name 78. His name 79. Listen and repeat again 80. His name 81. His name is Peter Johnson 82. Try to ask 83. What is his name? / What’s his name? 84. His name is Peter Johnson 85. Hello, Mr. Johnson 86. Try to say


87. My name is Carlos Montero 88. My name 89. My name’s Carlos Montero 90. Carlos is a friend of mine 91. I’m sorry 92. I have to leave 93. Have to 94. Say 95. I have to leave 96. I’m sorry. I have to leave now 97. I have a lot of work 98. Try to say 99. And I have to buy something 100. For my younger daughter 101. She arrived last night 102. And she needs a lot of things 103. Too many things 104. Try to ask 105. Do you have to leave now? 106. Do you have to? 107. Say that: yes, you have to leave now 108. Yes, I have to leave now 109. So, do I 110. Do 111. Listen 112. So, do I 113. See you later 114. There’s Leo Martinez 115. He’s a friend of mine 116. My name is Leo Martinez 117. Pleased to meet you 118. Pleased to meet you Mr. Martinez 119. I’m sorry. But we have to leave now 120. See you tomorrow 121. Where are you going? 122. I have to go into town 123. Town 124. Into 125. Into town 126. To go into town 127. I have to go into town 128. I want to go into town 129. Say 130. So, do I 131. Ask if she likes to go with you 132. Would you like to go with me? 133. Yes, I would 134. I’d like to go into town with you 135. In the morning we went to Long Island 136. Try to say 137. We saw some friends of mine 138. And we spoke a lot of English 139. A lot of English 140. I went to Washington yesterday 141. You friend asks


142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162.

Really? What did you do there? I saw the White House And I bought too many things I ate at a Spanish restaurant But I spoke English with the waiter Do you know Washington? No, I haven’t been to Washington You haven’t been to Washington? Not yet I haven’t been to Washington yet It’s not a big city But I don’t have much time Now say Excuse me. I have to leave now I have to go into town There’s a friend of mine His name is Marcos Lopez His a very good friend Excuse me, I have to leave now So do I See you tomorrow morning

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